the return

ft Donna, Smallwhitehawk, Fake angryswan, Frost, Fighter, Gamers, Mirela the ringneck, number guy, Fedex freight, brad

Nigel finally got back on flab3!
Nigel had been hanging out with Donna, smallwhitehawk and a clone of angry swan, who claimed to do it for fun. Nigel told them all why he left, and not to tell others he had returned, for he had seen fighter was still at city1, hanging out with Frost. he was told by hawk that Fighter was aperantly the same person as weed, for he was now dating nazli, so Nigel had questioned this and got that as an answer. Fake angry told Nigel that Angryswan had been on earlier, trying to force people to by "air" from him, so Nigel and him joked about this. he also claimed Angry drove a broken down green car, so Nigel told him "well now I know what to burn when I see it!". meanwhile some ringneck named "mirela" kept spamming portugese gibberish, so Fake angry tried to comunicate with her, while Nigel claimed he only spoke English and "bird". she had started by spamming "iii" over and over, to which Nigel and Fake angry copied her. she then started saying "Tem" over and over. he also learned that Donna was now with someone named "Jeffthekiller" who's real like was Adam.

Nigel then had to go for a bit, and when he got back he found Fighter and Gamers there harassing Fake angry, so he changed his name to "nia" and hid to see what they would do.Fake angry was telling fighter that if they wanted to know who he was they would have to kiss him. Fighter claimed it was "Rape", so Gamers started joking that fighter was "yet another r*** victim". Fake angry started attacking the two, while Gamers claimed "my head is in!!!". Fighter and Gamers then started spamming !! over and over, while killing Mirela. Donna then asked Fighter where Nazli was, but didn't get an answer, instead getting "is Adam still active?" while games told her "Dat *** tho...." Nigel then decided to get out of their before a fight started.

that night



Nigel went to city1, where nigel and Nazli were, as usual nazli started insulting nigel, for anry was there as "nigel gull of see" and "nigel" cloning him and doing his usual nonsense. Nigel told gamerz and nazli that he didnt want to fight with them, but didnt care if they wernt friends. he just wanted to know why gamez was mad at him a few weeks ago, for he haddnt played for 4 months. gamerz told him ok to the no fighting, but didnt answer nigels question. it also didnt help that nigles internet was crap that night,so he constantly left. angyswan then caught on, and named himelf "internet" and started atacking nigel, spamming "I am the internet, I am evil!!!!!"   

later he found gamers again and asked if they could be friends or not, stating that he didn't care if gamers didn't want to. Nazli asked why he asked if he didn't care, so he told her he didn't care if gamers didn't want to be friends anymore. someone named "25496511", who later became known as "number dude" asked what they were talking about, so Nazli told him it didn't concern him. some crow named "r**pist started attacking Nigel, and he didn't get his answer from gamers.   

After his internet died yet again, he went back to city1, where gamers was telling someone to shut up, calling them a trans. Nigel asked gamers if they could be friends, so he told him he didn't know yet. he asked gamers why he was mad at him, so gamers finally told him - he was mad because Nigel had apparently made the hate pages about fighter on the wiki. Nigel told him that it wasn't him, and was asked who, so he told gamers it was someone named "lolol". Gamers said that Nigel had "said a few things", so he told him he didn't, he was the one deleting the pages, not posting the comments. Nazli then started her usual stuff, telling Nigel to "learn to lie", while Gamers asked Nigel "why would angry make a page about him?". Nigel told them he didn't know exactly who it was, telling them again it was someone named lolol. meanwhile 25 stated that it was very hot in the city, so Gamers told no one cared.   
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.23.11 PM
Nazli then told them that she was the one who made the "good" pages about fighter and a few others, and claimed Nigel had edited it to "fighter is useless and only sits". Gamers told her that Snowygirl was the one who did that, so she told him "yes, but Nigel continued". Nigel told her he was deleting the pages, not editing, while gamers told him that the "fighter is useful" page was just a joke. Nazli asked why Nigel deleted the pages, claiming they were nice pages about her friends, so he told her they were getting out of hand and told her that there didn't need to be 50 pages about fighter on the wiki. Nazli told him she only made one, and didn't know who made the others, and then left it at that.   

Nazli then asked Nigel why he left Flab3, so he told her it was because he didn't have the time to download "unity" to play it. she asked "so your lazy?" so he told her "pretty much". Nigel told her he also had stuff going on in real life, for she had asked "oh, so you have a life". she asked him what, for she didn't think there was much to do on an island except swims nigel told her that there was a lot more to do. she claimed she wanted to live in "mauritius". 25 then started pooing on someone named "Fedex freight"(I think thats his name?) who claimed he had a nest   

after that he just stayed at city1 with Nazli, who gave 25 a fake number claiming it was her own, for he was asking for it. some no name pooed on Nigel, and claimed that he wasn't a no name even though he was, while some random bird named brad kept asking if anyone had "Kik".   


Nigel the alien

dark knight, Aol, angry swan

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 8.22.40 AM
september 2

that morning, Nigel found Darknight at city1. the two headed to hill5 as usual, and there Nigel claimed "4 f__ing months! I am back! hi how are ya..?" dark claimed the was happy Nigel could play again, and then asked him how he did his "Fancy name".

after a little while of just simply hanging out, and discussing the Fighter problem(she claimed kidlat told her that him and gamers had betrayed him), someone named "aol" came on and randomly attacked them. Dark told him to stop, while Nigel asked who he was. aol claimed he was Icewolf, so Nigel told him who he was, wondering if he couldn't see his name. aol stopped the attack, so Nigel asked him why on earth he was doing it, so aol told him he didn't see his name. he then claimed he thought Nigel as ice wolf, so Nigel asked him why he claimed to be ice wolf if he wasn't. Dark started guessing who he was, "Vincent, Gamers, King", but didn't get any answers. Nigel then had to go for a bit.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 9.33.24 AM

look I can drown!!!! ~angryswan 2017..

when he got back, he went to city1 for he had been a lot longer then he thought he'd be, so dark had left, and found Darkknight there. back at hill5, he told her he was sorry he left, and asked if she found out who aol was. instead of answering, dark told him "I knew it all this time... your an alien!". Nigel asked "um....." while dark continued "now.. go bak to your planet!". Nigel asked if this was some sort of joke, so dark asked him "are you from earth?" by now Nigel had realized that this wasn't the real one, for it kept going on about Nigel being an Alien, claiming he was "just making sure" and "being certain he was from earth". Nigel told her "its me, Nigel, dark.stop actin weird", for he wasn't sure if she could see his fancy name or not.
Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 9.34.08 AM
    instead of getting an answer, Dark flew down to the river and claimed "I know how to down!". Nigel told her "nice to know", while Dark started showing Nigel what she could do. after this dark asked Nigel again if he was an alien, claiming "you dont seem like someone from the earth. you seem like an alien". Nigel told her" I'm not.. but know someone who's acting like one." dark asked Nigel to answer a question, asking "have you ever owned a space ship". Nigel told her no, so dark asked "if you could travel from your home planet so earth. then how would you do that? are there others? where did you land." Nigel told her "your a bit dim, eh?" so dark told him "answer it." dark started asking Nigel if Nigel intended to invade earth, while Nigel asked dark If he was really angry swan, which was a dumb question because it was pretty damn obvious who it was. dark didn't answer, and asked if Nigel could signal his planet from earth, and asked what the "advanced technology" he was wearing was. Nigeltold him "what, my feathers? there very advanced.." dark ignored this and said "I knew it all along, your planning to take her! that yellow beak looks mighty suspicious.."     

    Nigel was starting to get bored of Angry, so he asked him "your bored in real life.. arent you.? so Angry told him "no, I'm investigating an alien invasion", and then claimed to be calling the FBI. while angry described that "a large strange creature" had landed on earth, Nigel told him he wasn't tricking him, so Angry told him he was the real dark. Nigel told him wasn't even convincing any more, so angry told him "your "not an alien" act isn't working". Nigel told him "Well then were even, admit your angry and I'll admit I'm an "alien".(yea I had gotten preeeeeeeetty bored at this point..). Angry told him "begone!!! go back to your planet!" and then claimed "I will do no such thing until you take off that clown costume!". Nigel told him as a seagull, and claimed angry was the only "alien" there, stating "ya sure act like one". Angry then attacked Nigel and claimed "OW HEY!!!!", a quote he often got wrong, thus proving his true identity. Nigel then mocked him and left.    


He's Angryswan!

ft Fedex, Arctic fox, Angryswan
Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 2.24.24 PM

later Nigel (named bubbles) was hanging out with Fedex and Arctic fox. Fedex was making a super chick while Nigel and arctic played a song guessing game - arctic sung the lyrics and Nigel would guess them. for some reason Fedex seemed to know Nigel , he had played the game for a while, but wouldn't give Nigel his other names for some reason, like he was trying to hide them. nigels internet also continuesly died.  

after a bit, Angryswan showed up with the name "boobles", how he found Nigel, I have no idea, but thats angry swan. Nigel tried to kill Angry before he started anything but accidentally killed Fedex instead, along with his superchick. while Nigel screamed at Angry, telling him to leave, Fedex told them "getting along means everything ,you know?" so Nigel told him "GET ALONG...? GET ALONG WITH THAT.. THAT THING?? HES HORRID!! HES..... ANGRYSWAN!!!!!!!" and started killing angry. Angryswan then named himself "he did it" and started asking Fedex to "mail him nigels dead body"(haha.. I get the joke...), while Nigel apologized to Fedex about the chick. Fedex then left, and Nigel was left with angry - now named "bubbles2"      
Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 2.43.41 PM
after that Nigel found Babyhawk at city1, but Hawk didn't believe it was really Nigel, so he ended up having to prove to her it was really him. Babyhawk claimed Angry was the last one to claim he was the "Real Nigel" so Nigel told Babyhawk about what angry had done. Babyhawk decided to ask Nigel her favorite color to prove he was real, but Nigel had forgotten as usual and told baby hawk he had a bad memory.      
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Whos AOL?

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 7.35.16 PM

ft aol    

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 7.34.15 PM
Nigel met Aol again at city1, and asked her who she was. she asked him "first off, who are you?" so Nigel told her who he was. someone named "spy bird" kept asking if Nigel was talking to him. Aol then started listing off names she had, but Nigel didn't realize that was what she was doing, and asked her to go to hill5, for people kept attacking them. before they left aol asked Nigel if he knew Silver, so he told her he used to know someone by that name. she told Nigel that Shadow was Cuttroat, claiming that she was his sister, so Nigel told her he knew him a while ago.
Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 7.43.21 PM
at hill5, some no name showed up with the name ___, so Nigel asked who he was, and got no answer. Aol finally arrived, and told Nigel that she hated her phone. Nigel asked her if she had any other names on Flab3, so she told him "balquees, Mel, Queen candy, Marshmallow and Katail". she claimed she had seen Nigel any times, but never spoke to him. while Nigel and Aol were discussing how long they had been on Flab3, ___ started walking under Nigel and Aol, and just sitting there. Aol asked "omg who the hell is this?" s Nigel told her "Maggie, aka the maggot", Maggie had been at city1 earlier ruining a poo fight between him n some others, she would sit there complaining that she wasn't in the fight but then when someone pooped on her she'd cry. she earned the name "the maggot" after this incident. Nigel realized that Maggie was acting similar to someone else he know, so he asked her if she was in fact "Lisha" the stalker. Nigel of corse didn't get an answer, and aol asked "didn't you say this dude is Maggie?". Nigel told her that it was probably both, and then told her about Lisha's "flower language", and calling her the "flower thing".

after this Nigel got into a conversation about fighter, telling AOL what he had done and what not, she claimed she thought that Fighter and Icewolf were the same person for some reason, claiming that that was why she had attacked Nigel and his friends earlier. Nigel told her that Fighter and Ice weren't the same, and continued telling her what "fufi" had done.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 8.00.00 PM
Maggie then left and got her name and after this asked Nigel if he threatened baby hawk. Nigel told her no, not knowing what she was talking about, so Maggie asked if he had people pretending to be him. he told her about angry swan, so she told him that angry swan had stalked her. meanwhile someone named "I love aol" came on and started harassing aol, who claimed she was already taken. Maggie claimed that Angryswan was a "deep web hacker" so Nigel told her he was just a creep. He then had to go.


ft Fighter jb, Darkknight, thatonebird

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.46.24 AM
on september 4th, Nigel was hanging out at city5 with dark when some dude named "fighter jb" came on and started killing them. They thought it was fighter, but Nigel pointed out that it didn't act like him. Jb stated to repeat the phrase "snobbing" over and over, so Dark and Nigel tried to figure out that the hell it meant. some eagle named "thatonebird" was convinced that he meant sobbing instead, but couldn't seem to read the "n" in it.
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.49.28 AM
Nigel decided to go look up what the actual meaning was, while Dark laughed and told Alphadarlie about "Catching an ant on duct tape". when Nigel got back, he told them the meaning. "a person who imitates, cultivates, or slavishly admires social superiors and is condescending to others. 2. a person who believes himself or herself to have superior tastes and is condescending toward those with different tastes: an intellectual snob." Alpha Darlie claimed "well I gtg", and left randomly, so Nigel said "Well. she got bored pretty fast" thinking it was about his "story". dark started getting mad for her ant had escaped, while jb returned, for he had left after Nigel told the meaning. Nigel claimed "well look who's back" while jb started spamming "snooooooooooooooobbbbbbiiinnnnnnnggggggg" over and over. while dark started killing jb, someone named "Nigel" came on, and Nigel instantly knew who it was, and claimed "oh christ... no...." while fake Nigel spammed hi over and over, dark claimed "oh.. my.. god..", realizing who it was. Nigel attacked the clone, now known as angry swan, so angry decided it would help if he spammed "ow hey"over and over. Jb decided to join and and started spamming snobbing over and over as well. while Nigel killed angry, dark claimed "if he clones me... I swear...." angry then died, so Nigel told them all to get to hill5 fast, so they went with dark, leaving angry to spam "uuuuuuuuuu>:o I bery bad!!!!!!!!" and jb to spam SNOOOOOOOOOBBBBIIINNNNNNNGGGG!"   
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.52.56 AM


unfortunately they found angry had followed them, so they went back to city5, where dark told him to leave, anciently spelling it as "kleave". Angry caught on, and told her "no. I will not "kleave", so dark told him she had corrected her self. Angry told her "you "kleave" kuz I not "kleaving". Angry then hid in one of the buildings, so Dark and Nigel stood outside of it, Nigel claiming "f'er.." "hiding like a child..". this must have gotten to Angry, for he spammed "aaaarrrrggghhhhh!! thats et!!!! tyme to dye!!!!" and flew out and tried to attack them. dark mocked his bad spelling, claiming she wanted to "dye" he hair purple, while angry told her "how daired u!!!" "I gunna git u!" he then spammed "I gonna hert u so bed u guna "kleave", so Nigel told him to shut it. Angry told them that no one was to speak "chikin" language, while dark claimed she would slap him until he saw double. Angry told Nigel "you better die liegull" and then died.   
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.50.18 AM
dark and Nigel decided to go to hill2, changing there names and hoping angry fell for it. Nigel started telling dark the usual drill "I he comes..." but stoped when angry entered and yelled "I HERE IM NOT DUM!!!!! I SEE U ALL!!!!!" and then started spamming "I seeeeeee u seeeeegul!!!!" dark tried attacking him, and got insulted with "dye fartknight, u not even a know!!!" Nigel got an idea and told Dark to go to the site that angry didn't know about, and on there ehe told her to go to snow1, but again they were found by angry. while angry spammed "ahah I found you!!!!!!! u no hyde!" dark asked how the hell he found them. Nigel told her he had no idea, and told her he hoped he didn't know about the site. angry started spamming "u loveturds" over and over, so Nigel and Dark decided to go.   


Nigel and Springs break up

ft Angryswan, Fedex, Springtrap

Nigel had been at city1, arguing nonstop with Angryswan as usual, for he had cloned Nigel and was claiming to be him, while Blueflame watched. Nigel had been trying to talk with Fedex freight the swan, but couldn't, so he headed to hill5 to try and get rid of Angry. at hill5 Angry showed up and claimed "hey stop cloning me!!" so Nigel told him "go away!!!!!" and got the answer "STOP!!". Nigel asked where Fedex was, for he hadn't showed up, while someone named "rehema" entered. Nigel told angry "got dammit stop cloning me". Nigel changed his name to "Real Nigel" while Angry got nigels "Fancy name", so Nigel told him to stop cloning him. Angry claimed "I got fancy" while Fedex, who had finally showed up, claimed that angry was the real one for he had the "Fancy name". Nigel told Fedex "I changed idiot", while Angry spammed "I'm real!" Fedex asked "where are you real Nigel.." and left.              

Angry decided to challenge Nigel, claiming "fine then, prove me wrong. I am 16!" so Nigel told him "I'm 17... I had a birthday...." so Angry told him "17 is to old motherf**er". Angry started going into a rant, so Nigel told hi to calm down, but got the answer "I am not angry! I am you!!!" Fedex then returned, so Nigel decided to apologize for leaving him earlier that day, telling him it was his "bad wifi". Fedex asked him how he knew that, so Nigel told him it was because he was the real Nigel. Angry told him "he's fake I'm Nigel!!", while Fedex said "your not real..". Nigel told Fedex about what happened that day, trying to prove to him it was really him, while angry copied Nigel claiming "yea. remember? I taught you sh*t." Fedex again asked "wait how do you know that?" so Nigel told him "because.. I am the real..". Angry claimed "no. I'm real. memememememememememmememe!!!" while Rehena finally spoke up and asked him "hey Nigel let ****". Nigel asked her who the heck she was, while angry did the same, so she told him "I'm ur wife, remember?". Nigel, thinking it was nazli, told her to stop, so she said she wasn't nazli and in fact Springtrap. Nigel claimed "well sh*t." and left to go get his fancy name to prove to Fedex he was real.              

when he got back, they got into a spam war again about who was who, while spring asked "why do u wan to break up with me?" Angry told Nigel "Stop trying to steal my girlfriend" while spring asked "why did you cheat on me?" Nigel told her he didn't, claiming it was angry swan, but she didn't believe him. spring told him he had cheated with 40 girls, while angry spammed "I'm the real". Spring told Nigel "ok Nigel I break up", so he told her why he was gone, explaining the whole leaving flab3 and everything. Angry started spamming "donttttt break up with meeee", so Nigel told him to f** off. Someone named "lupen" did a .-. face and left, while spring told Nigel "dont lie! excuses!". Nigel told her he wasn't lying, but then gave up, claiming "fine then believe him. to stupid to believe me.". Spring claimed she was tired of the game now, but then asked "wait, I'm stupid now?" so Nigel told her "Im sorry I didn't mean it that way...." Angry started spamming that he loved spring, so Nigel told angry that he didn't, he loved Ariana, while spring told Nigel that "he loved someone other then her". Nigel tried to explain to spring yet again why he had left and all, but she still didn't listen, claiming "ok, but bye for ever I loved this game but I'm tired of you Nigel. and this game." Nigel told her "its angry... ignore him,. please.. he's cloning me.." so she told him to prove he was real. Nigel told her "fine we met in February.. we used to do bird armies. we accused Levi of being ace and I made you swan armies on valentines". Angry decided to try to convince her himself, claiming "I was a seagull and you were a starling... and sh**t.. and... i... made you a chocolate chip cookie!". spring claimed the bird armies where "so cute" while Nigel told her "and we used to make fun of Adels songs.. remember?" Spring told Nigel she believed him, but decided to leave anyways and did so. Nigel started screaming at angry swan, who was now laughing evily at him, claiming STOP COPYING ME YOU PEICE OF NO GOOD *** JUST F*** OFF AND GO *** YOURSELF. YOU WORTHLESS SH**HEAD!" and then left.              



ft blue flame
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 7.23.01 PM

  Nigel then left, and started looking for people, but couldn't find anyone, so he stormed into City1 and asked where the *** everyone was. Blueflame asked "hey Nigel whats up with you?" so he told her "angry swan. thats what!" and stated ranting about what angry had done. Blue told Nigel she couldn't help him, claiming she had no advice for she wasn't a dude, so he decided to leave, still angry at the swan.  


the argument (its Flab3, what did you expect.)

ft Dark, Gamers, Bantom, Fedex

september 5th Nigel had been at city5 hanging out with Darkknight, Bantom chicken and Gamers. as usual, a fight started when Bantom accidentlaly pooped on Gamers, who decided to kill bantam for this. Nigel ended up having to try to break it up, but it didn't work, and ended up getting blamed for "going against" gamers. he tried to reason with him, claiming gamers would do the same If someone attacked fighter, so gamers told him he wouldn't care. the mention of fighter then brought up even more problems, for gamers went on about how fighter wasn't as bad as bantam was acting, while Nigel listed off the bad things Fighter had done.

meanwhile, Fedex freight asked Nigel if she could "have a wiki" for Gamers had claimed something about Nigel's wiki, but instead was answered by Darkknight, who told him he was "weak and pathetic" and didn't deserve a wiki of his own. Nigel, who had been talking to someone named death, who claimed Nigel had said he knew someone named "Haru" which he didn't, was surprised that dark would act like that. they started arguing, Nigel telling dark not to be mean to others just because of things like that. dark ended up telling Nigel that she didn't care if she was friends with him anymore.

Gamerzed decided to side with Fedex, and told dark that he hated her. Dark told him she didn't care, claiming it was just a game, while Nigel said "Dark, what the **** has gotten into yo??? your acting like an *** all of a sudden??!!" Fedex claimed "I might not be the strongest of birds on the game, but that doesn't mean I'm not a good friend", while Nigel asked dark "what would you think if I decided to hate you cause your "weak" at poo fighting?". Dark told him she wouldn't care, so Nigel told her "ye right....."

meenwhile, Bantam was now cloning gamers, who decided to go and get his "Fancy" name. when he got back he claimed "next time you do something to bantam I'll try protecting dark, but Fedex is a kid, so I'm sticking up for him". Nigel decided he had enough of the arguing, and claimed he was going to leave, so dark told him "do I look like a care?". Gamers asked Nigel to wait, while he said "what the *** had gotten into you dark? I didnt know your mean like that. bye.. and what?", and asked him "don't you think dark is an *** for this?" so he told him he didn't know what to think of it, claiming he didn't know dark was like that. dark decided to leave, while Gamers and Nigel told Fedex they were still his friends. Nigel asked "why is everyone on this game turning into ***holes...?" so gamers asked "I am?". as usual, this started yet another argument, Nigel asking gamers why he kept hating him. gamers too him he "kept getting involved" with bantam, so he told him he was sorry for trying to stop the fight. after this Nigel left, claiming he would ask dark on the site if she was infact the real one.


King's gone mad

ft Kingslayer, Darkknight, jahub, Mel

sept 9. Nigel had been at city1 in the morning, where someone was continuously lagging the game, so as usual he used the counter code to stop it. it turned out to be someone named "kingslayer" which Nigel thought was just Ariana cloning him, for he was using "size 80000", an Ariana classic. Nigel asked "king" to stop, but only got the reply "Niggy", so he guessed it was in fact a clone. Nigel named himself "stop<I><I><I>" , but ended up giving up and leaving.

Nigel met up with dark at City5, and told her what had happened, claiming king wasn't acting the same and suspected it to be a clone. while he was explaining, King showed up, so Nigel said "uh... hello". King asked "so.. talking behind my back now?" so Nigel told him he was just explaining to dark what happened. King started getting mad at them, swearing and what not, so Nigel told him to stop, claiming he thought he was Ariana. Dark claimed "your language is rude", while Nigel asked him why he was acting weird. he told him "dude you anti lagged when I was killing a Bish" so Nigel told him he thought he was Ariana, for the lag was the same. King told him "you saw mah name" so dark told him "Ariana can copy your name?". Nigel told him "Ariana has your name you know?" so king told him "it was e. you a**hole." Dark told him Nigel must have a reason for think he was Ariana, and told king to stop insulting, so king told her "you may wanna be the one to stop, dark?" King then told Nigel that he always "assumed s***" so Nigel told him he was only trying to help everyone at city1. king then told him to stop flying up, for he had been, claiming he would've lagged hi dead if he wanted to kill him. Dark told king "if he lagged and you thought he was Angry, he would have forgave you" but then King lagged, killing them.

when Nigel got back, he told I'm to stop lagging, while dark told king his lag was weak for she didn't die. king told Nigel not to tell him what to do, calling him a "sh**tgull", so Nigel said "Jesus Christ is someone having a bad day......??". dark told them to stop, claiming the enemy was fighter and angry, and not Nigel, so king said "your joking, right?" and lagged them again. Nigel asked king what had happened, wondering if something happened in real life that was causing him to act like this, so he told him "like I said. DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR I'LL LAG YOUR FACE TO PULP!!!!!", this only earned a o_o face from Nigel. Nigel then tried apologizing again, telling him that he really had thought it was Ariana, but he was ignored, king claiming "I'll do it. and gamers and angry will be the least of your problems!!!!". dark finally got back, and claimed "my poor pc.... crashed by my own friend intentionally.." Nigel asked king "so you hate me more then those two?" and got the answer" how about you say "lol" again??" Nigel then decided he didn't want to argue anymore, and decided to go to island5 and left king and dark to argue about darks comment on the lag.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.18.31 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.18.45 AM


at island5, dark decided to join, while Nigel complained that every day people were fighting and arguing, but again was cut off when king showed up and claimed "bitches here!". Nigel told him to stop following them, while dark asked him what he just called her. king then left, so Nigel claimed "he better not ban us from the site", knowing king was able to do that. someone named "jahub" showed up, and Nigel suspected it of being king as a spy, but it turned out he wasn't. king then came back, and claimed "got something better", and started killing Nigel, so Nigel and dark fled to Hill2, changing their names to hide from king.
Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.24.56 AM
at hill2, Nigel named himself "bobby" and Dark named herself "fighter jb" scaring Nigel for he thought it was the real one. dark asked what was wrong with king, claiming "he called me a bitch, I'll show him a bitch!!!!". she then wondered if it was something in real life that had made king upset, while Nigel claimed "that or he has serious anger problems?" Dark claimed she wasn't forgiving him, while Nigel warned her not to go getting herself banned from the av site, telling her they should find out what was going on first before the went "getting rid of him". dark agreed, but claimed she was staying far away from him. Nigel told her that he didn't want to go losing another friend, claiming that if king hated him he was "f**ed up" for he knew king was a hacker. dark claimed that if king hated her she would hate him, if he pooed on her she would poo back, so Nigel told her to be careful, claiming king could hack and steal personal stuff from them if he really wanted to. dark told Nigel that the thing that bothered her was that king always acted like he was the boss around her and Nigel, so Nigel agreed telling her it was annoying, but claimed he was going to find out what was wrong before he went getting really mad at him. dark claimed "now the only friends he'll have are dragon, gamer and Henry, good for him he'll have less things to worry about"

after this Nigel hung out with Mel and Dark, chatting about their favorite songs and what not, Mel claiming she was listening to "smack that", so Nigel and dark joked about it, Nigel claiming "smack that - when a fly lands on you".

later on the site, Kin and Gamers started going on about how they thought Nigel was an ***hole, king posting this lovely description!

"Todays topic is: Nigel

 Nigel, ladies and gentlemen, is a self absorbed, asshole, who has a problem of not listening to other ppl and assuming whatver it is in his puny mind. Like today he assumed i was araina. Even tho i had my fancy name. (I really dont care nigel if araina has the capabilty to clone fancy names) He seems to catagorize people on two categories: Angryswan and Ariana, he is simple minded. A bit too simple minded and is what is called a numbskulled retard. Once he thinks something he keeps onto it. In his case too much. And we all know too much of everything is bad. Right nigel? Of course it is(dont agrue with daddy, nigel, daddy knows best.). There are many shit details about nigel but i would not waste my time too much on writing about the stupidities of a lipstick-wearing-dumbass-retarded-"seegull". Or as my brother gamerz said: peegull. 
Thank you. Have a nice day. 

nigel : f***ing hell talk about overreacting.


Attack of.... spirit?!

ft Legende, Chris, spirit? , angry swan

sept 10, Nigel met Legende at snow 1 who told Nigel that kingslayer was crazy. Nigel asked if he had been lagging, so some bird named chris told him "ya he was lagging city1". Legende claimed this was true and told Nigel he only respected Gamers because king was his friend in real life, then claiming he would f*** him from his nose. he then asked what he did to gamers, claiming gamers was really mad at Nigel. Nigel told him it was because he stopped gamers from killing bantam the other day, so legend told him "its a game". Nigel asked "then why should he care if he help my friend?" so legend told him "I don't give a sh_t if someone kills my friends, they should be immortal""if there not their dummyz".

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.01.38 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.09.59 PM
Nigel then went to city 5 with dark night, and some guy with a face for a name came on and started attacking them, so they asked him who he was. dark added "I think his name is "idiot" so far..".  the face guy told them "you deserve it", so dark started guessing who it was. Nigel asked hi "how do I deserve something if I don't even know who you are?" so Face dude then told them "you lied to my gf so she broke up with me, remember?" so Nigel, realizing who it was, said "ooooooooohhhhh, why ello spirit!". Spirit(I'm pretty sure its him..) told them that wasn't who he was, but Nigel was sure it was him,1. he did make him "break up", 2. he used faces for names a lot, 3. he liked pooping on people for no reason. spirit then left, while dark claimed that spirit was nicer then this, so Nigel told her what spirit was really like, claiming "one time he tried to kill me for days just for pooing on him once". dark claimed that spirit had helped her once, while Nigel said "I bet its him.. I did make his "mate" break up with him cause he was cheating on her.". Dark said "no way.." to this, so he told her what had happened : "back last year (exactly now that i think of it jesus crist time goes fast) spirit had this mate called "bloodwolfgirl" but then went off with some other girl named bella, so i asked one day "dont u have another mate?" and bella heard and broke up with him lmao. then he hated me for ever  but then we forgave eahc other so idk why hes brought that up again" . dark asked why he would act like this if they had already forgave each other, so Nigel told her spirit was known to act strange, claiming one time spirit killed him for a week just because another friend had made a rude joke and Nigel had jokingly pooed on him to tell him off, even after they all told him to stop, he refused, ruing a bunch of friendships. dark said she didn't know spirit acting like that, so Nigel said "well, he was weird." "he would get mad at friends for no reason, he had anger issues I think."
Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.16.33 PM

if only that car was a little bit closer...

after this, they just chatted, Nigel told Dark the "cherie story", after that somehow got brought up. dark then randomly left after some bird named "pigeon" showed up, and announced "I am pigeon! my name Is pigeon." Nigel, realizing who this was, said "angry..?" so Angry told him "no, pigeon is my name." Nigel claimed "yay.. just what I felt like doing.. arguing with swanny..." Angry decided to get right to business, and said "the person you are contacting is not here at the moment, please leave a message!" Nigel told him "alright, how about "f*** you?" so Angry told him "We are sorry, your message couldn't be recorded, try again." Nigel screamed into the phone and said "F'ING GO WAY YOU PEICE OF S__ SWAN!!!! GO AWAY NOW!" and threw the phone at a wall. Angry told Nigel "message had been recoded - sent to: Nigel's mom". an then asked him if he wanted to order something, so Nigel told him "yes, I would, ONE DEAD SWAN!" and left.
Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.19.46 PM


talking to the moon

ft moon, dark, digi, snowflake

the 13

Nigel and Dark were were stalked by Digital for the morning, she claimed she hated Nigel now and would kill him all morning just because she could. dark asked "we finally get to meet in 3 days, and this happens" so Nigel told her "welcome to flab3!" and got hit by a car.
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.34.05 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.38.57 PM

she laid an egg!

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.39.11 PM

the two ended up at snow1, finally getting rid of digital, Nigel named "f**digi" in Russian, and Dark named the same but in Romanian. some eagle named "moon" showed up, so Nigel and dark watched her. she started trying to make a nest, so Nigel claimed "now she's going kill herself with a trash can", while dark claimed "Ima kill her", but then decided against it. dark(must have been bored)then asked her if she was "made of cheese". Nigel caught on to the joke, and asked "is there a man in you?" they kept making irritating and dumb jokes as moon just ignored them, only talking now and then. Nigel asked her how she was doing, asking if she had "said hi to earth or Venus yet", while dark said "she laid an egg lmao!". Nigel asked "wait, moons can lay eggs?" so dark told him not to kill her, claiming she wanted to see a "baby moon". after chatting for a bit about someone named "blackwolfghost", Nigel walked up to moon and asked "yo moon, said hi to the sun for me yet?" some seagull name "kawaii br" then tried to kill moon, so Nigel and dark murdered it. Dark then said "look at her" to the moon, so some bird named snowflake asked them what they were doing. Nigel told her "were talking to the moon!, no were not crazy." Nigel then named himself baby moon, and started annoying moon even more.


Angry still at large

ft , you guessed it.

sept 15

another beautiful morning on the FLab3 wiki! 
Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.32.23 PM

eft trying to lag city5.l

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.32.31 PM

Gamers the liar?

ft Fedex, one bird, Esmerald, gamers
Nigel had been poo fighting with a bunch of friends, when gamers came on and told Nigel "I'm not friends with you, I'm just going to be nice", so Nigel asked hi why they weren't friends, claiming he already apologized for "getting in the way" the other day, and gamers had forgave him. games told him "it was a clone" so Nigel told him not to lie, for it was obviously him, he even had his fancy name the day. Gamers told him it was Ariana, and left, but Nigel still didn't believe him, calling him a liar.
Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.04.03 PM
Gamers then tried lagging the game before he left, so Nigel told everyone to spam <I> every now and then. Onebird, who had been calling gamers rude names, said "I have another word in mind", while esmerald asked if she could be the one to spam. meanwhile Fedex claimed "if Fedex and ups conjoined, would it be called "Fedup?" and then claimed that he loved gamers after Nigel claimed to hate him. Nigel asked him "so you love someone who hates your friends?" so Fedex told him "not nessicerily". Esmerald claimed that Gamers was nice to her, and told the she thought gamers was a girl, while Onebird claimed he was so confused he didn't even care. Nigel then hung out with them for a bit, then left.
Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.04.54 PM


the Nigel rumors

ft, angry swan, Gamers, The chainsmoker, Digital, Maggie, Onebird, Babyhawk

sept 16

flab3 wiki mornings...

"welcome to Bermuda!"

How i arrived in this foul, torturous place i still dont know. It is run by the ones in white... the ones with the yellow beaks. Their cold, unforgiving eyes seemed to stare outwards continuously, not ever blinking. The only words they knew were "ow hey" and "go to hill5!". Their ever staring eyes grew creepier by the second. No matter where you went, no matter how much you hid, the would always turn to face and stare at you. Even at night, they stay wide awake staring at you, they don't sleep. They would always be watching your every move monitoring everything you do. As they stare, they remain quiet. You could get within inches of them and they would only stare. As creepy as they were, the Seeguls were not very bright. Every few seconds one would die from drowning because it tried to walk on water. One after another, they drowned, and the bottom of the ocean around bermuda is covered in a thick layer of seegul bones. The stupidity was creepily continuous, if one seegul bumped into a rock, the others would do the same. But they never stopped staring, even as they died. I could not stand to spend another second on Idiot Island. As i tried to make my escape and fly away from bermuda, a rock hit one of the seeguls on the head. "OW HEY!!", every seegul on bermuda then flew around screaming, they then all exploded and died. the end.


I dont even want to know how he did this.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 12.36.26 PM

n a

after that.

Nigel had been at hill7, bothering gamers and his brother "the chainsmoker". he was joined by digi and Angryswan, and they refused to leave for Gamers and Chainsmoker were acting as thought they owned the place. Angry started his usual crap, trying to role-play rude things while cloning Nigel, while digital just kept insulting the two. after that he ended up with Onebird again, and they were followed to snow2 by Maggie, who was cloning Sparkle and refusing to stop. they eventually lost her at city5, and they named themselves "_first name_ " and "_last name_" for fun.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 5.11.39 PM
later some bird named "little parrot" told Nigel that gamers was telling people the rumor about Nigel wanting yo shut down Flylikeabird3, which had first been spread by Babyhawk. Babyhawk somehow magically showed up a little while later, so Nigel asked him what the deal was with this rumor. Onebird told Nigel to stop, and asked Baby if he remembered him, so baby told him yes, after claiming "thats a lot to take in at once" to Nigel. Nigel asked him why he had made a video about him on youtube, so baby only said "yep", so Nigel claimed "well, I didn't want it to shut down." Onebird asked the two when they met each other, so baby said it had been so long he didn't even remember. One bird then asked them how the problem had happened, so baby told him "I put the video up because Angryswan was being you one night and I didn't know it was you". Nigel told him that now a bunch of people thought he wanted to "shut down" flab3, so baby told him he would have to edit that part of the video. Onebird asked how gamers got involved, so Nigel told him that gamers probably saw the video and decided to use that against Nigel, for at the moment gamers and Nigel were enemies. baby hawk then let go to check something, while one bird said "Niger, I think I found the problem!", anciently misspelling Nigel's name, a thing he did a lot. Nigel told him it was ok, claiming a lot of people did that with his name.
Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 5.21.01 PM
baby hawk then came back, so Onebird told them they should have a "code" so they knew who was the real one when ever they met up, so Nigel told them it wouldn't work claiming he was forgetful. baby claimed he had a lot of codes, so Onebird told him "then tell him and discuss it". baby asked Nigel to come to him, claiming he had a "Serious question", and asked "so you said Gamers hates you right?" so Nigel told him he did, so baby told hi that gamers hated him as well, telling Nigel he wasn't the one saying bad things. Nigel then had to go, so baby told him he would edit the video, while Onebird asked him to wait, claiming "wait niger!!!!". Onebird asked the two if they were friends again, so Baby claimed they never really were enemies.


Kill Ninfa.

ft Amaraa, Nazli, Blueflame, Roulette, Esmerald, Darknight, Ninfa

sept 17

name of the day!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.38.27 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.08.58 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.44.34 PM
Nigel had been at city1 all morning helping a group of birds kill a Pigeon named "Ninfa", who would kill others for fun. she ended up having almost everyone after her, including Amaraa(the one who started the killing), Blueflame, Nazli, Roulette, Esmerald and more. meanwhile two no names argued over who was who, for one of them was nice, while the other claimed to be doing bad things to children. Nigel told Esmerald "welcome to Flab3, all I can say" after she questioned what was wrong with the no name. eventually Dark came on, so Nigel and her went to city5 and were joined by Blueflame and Esmerald.
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.49.13 PM
At city5, Nigel told Dark the story of Ninfa, claiming it was funny killing her, while Esmerald added nice little details, such as "Nina's just a little b***", and more. Dark told them that Ninfa meant cockatiel in Romanian, so Nigel told her that Ninfa was the wrong bird, for she had been a pigeon. Blue said Ninfa meant nothing to her, while Esmerald mockingly said "poor Ninfa"
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.55.17 PM

chatting bout ninfa

Nigel then asked if they wanted to go back and kill her, but dark decided not to, while Esmerald claimed Ninfa would never learn. Emerald then said "all are killing and she follow killing, I have bad English" so dark told her she could see that. Nigel told her "stll nt as bda as mne", while Esmerald told them her main language was Spanish. after this Nigel had to go.
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.56.21 PM

ya like jazz?

ft Chris Evans, Blueflame, Silver, You like jazz?,

the 19     name of the day!    

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.37.16 PM

just... no.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.47.58 AM
On sept 19, Nigel was at city1 with Chris Evans, watching a bunch of eagles make nests. some no name asked what was going on with so many eagles that morning, for there were probably 10 eagles each with nests on one single building. Nigel told no name he didn't know, and asked the no name who she was, but didn't get an answer, so he started guessing. No name finally gave him a clue, and he eventually got it- blue flame. Meanwhile some bird named silver decided she would take it upon herself to murder every eagle there was.    
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.46.22 AM
some bird named "you like jazz" then came on, and started asking them If they "liked jazz". Nigel, realizing what he was trying to do, said "oh f not this s__..." while blue simply didn't talk to Jazz. (you like jazz is a stupid meme thats spread everywhere..) eventually Jazz left, so Nigel said "thank god", while Blue asked him if he hacked. He told her he didn't, and went back to the eagle building where Chris was watching some poor eagle kill itself because it couldn't lay an egg in its nest. they then started killing a bad eagle called "blood eagle".
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.52.35 AM

some bird named "blackwolfghost" then joined then and started roleplaying with Blueflame, trying to "steal her soul and throw it in a trash can". some owl named "Olma" started killing Nigel, so he started killing her back Kingslayer then came on, so Nigel headed to city5 with him           

Dammit olma

dammit Olma..



ft Kingslayer, Thatonebird,
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 9.31.49 AM
at city5, Nigel hung out with Kingslayer, who told Nigel about Weeds return, and his lie about being thrown in jail for drug dealing. Thatonebird then came on, and then left, and king seemed happy that she had gone. Nigel, who was telling king about stupid names he saw recently, such as "meowing potato and Ya like jazz", told king not to kill Onebird if she came back, thinking they were possible enemies. King told Nigel he wouldn't, and so the arguing began, king claiming Nigel assumed things as usual.
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 9.34.09 AM
Blackwolfghost then showed up nd told them that a bunch of birds were hanging out at snow3, so Nigel and King decided to go with Onebird and wolf ghost. at snow3, Chris Evans, Silver, and a few others were there. when Nigel got there some bird named "noodle" showed up, so Nigel said "please don't tell me thats who I think it is", but it was confirmed when he saw that it was a seagull. Angryswan then left and Named himself "thatoneturd", and started the usual crap that he did, while everyone tried to kill him.
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 9.34.19 AM

Hurricanes | clueless seegul

ft darkknight, Devil, Kingslayer.

           sept 20
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.04.07 PM
           Dark met Nigel at city5, and asked hi if he was ok, and told him she was worried because of Hurricane Maria. Nigel told her that the island he lived on wasn't in the Caribbean like a lot of people thought, and that he wa safe for the moment. Dark asked why the hurricanes had names, so Nigel said "I don't know, I guess so you can say "oh sh___ _____ is coming!!!!!"". Dark claimed that there was storm heading for Romania, where she lived, and that she was exited, claiming that the last storm "pushed a sofa across the garden". (wait, is she implying she left a god damn sofa in the middle of her garden in the middle of a storm..?) Nigel told her "pushed the sofa in the middle of the garden? thats all it did? the last hurricane that hit our island made my grandmas front lawn look like the sea shore and smashed the basement so that the downstairs fridge was moved into the downstairs bedroom." dark claimed "daaaaamn" while Nigel told her "and that was a "topical storm" not even a hurricane.."           
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.22.18 PM

right in front of you

after that they chatted about a "Lamborghini car" that dark claimed one of her friends had, when Kingslayer came on. King asked Nigel if he had "taken the s*** of the site lately", so Nigel asked him what site. King told him "you know", so Nigel asked him "you mean the Peepz one?". Kingslayer got mad at Nigel, for someone named Devil was there, and Nigel wasn't supposed to let others know the names. Nigel, not knowing Devil was here, stupidly said "what? its not like anyone saw." so King sarcastically told him "would you like to go spam it in city1 now?". they then went through a confusing argument, Nigel trying to apologize, saying things like "sorry I'm forgetful" while king yelled at him. Nigel told king he didn't see that devil was here, so King said "ya blind? he flew right past you, if you don't know". in the end king gave up telling dark "see what I'm dealing with, Allah give me patience!" Dark started telling a story about her Grandma to Devil, claiming "my grandma had a cow and she knew a storm is coming, and the cow was on a Feld and she says "nah, leave the cow shell come back home by herself" so my mom kept shouting at her to go now and get the cow because stone might be too late". King then said he had to go, and said Nigel's name, so Nigel asked him "what" ignoring the fact that King just said he had to go. King told Nigel to check the site, and fix something on the wiki, so Nigel said he would, and king left.               


the eagle who loves people

ft Chris Evans, Gosia, Eaglesoft, random no name, Chocolate!!!!

sept 22

name of the day!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.39.40 PM

that morning.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 11.57.27 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 8.32.13 AM
Nigel had been at city1 watching some Russian birds fight, so he said "aaaaaaaaand the fighting and arguing begins, morning everyone!". Chris Evans joined him, while some eagle named "Eagle soft" kept telling Nigel he loved him, and saying rude things. some bird named "Chocolate!!!!!" joined them, and decided to help kill eagle, while some no name started trying to kill them as usual. eagle said another rude thing, and laughed about it as though it were hilarious, while Chris and Chocolate just said "huh?". some bird named Gosia kept telling Nigel he was an eagle, so he told her he wasn't, and went back to killing eagle. Eagle then left and named himself "Nogil", and started spamming this, so Nigel told him "get it right" and left.
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 8.37.02 AM

Killer noname on the loose!

ft Gamers, Fighter, Digi, Bad no name, mysterious no name, Darknight

the 23.

Nigel was at industry 1 after gamers told him to meet him there, the two had been chatting before about a project gamers was going to be working on(involved birds and guns). at industry1, Nigel found Fighter there who started killing him claiming Nigel had pooed on him with the name "Felipe" the day before. Nigel told him he was lying, and asked Gamers why he brought him here if he knew fighter was only going to kill him. Gamers told him he didn't know, and kept repeating "leave him. he's a cute one". Nigel told fighter to stop, so Fighter told him to apologize for pooing on him with the name Chucky, so Nigel told him to stop using that one was an excuse for it happened almost a year ago. fighter also told Nigel he had been posting lies on the site, so Nigel told him he knew fighter was the real liar.  

after a while of arguing, the two decided to stop, and started poo fighting with Digital and Gamers. some Russian bird also showed up and tried to kill Nigel for no reason. After a little while a no name came on and started lagging the game, refusing to stop, telling them all to die, so after trying to stop him by counter lagging him, Nigel and Digi(the only ones let) left and went to snow1 where they tried to hide with different names. eventually they gave up, and Nigel left for an hour, leaving No name and Digi at city1.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 10.53.08 AM
when he got back, the No name was still at city1 lagging the game, so Nigel, who saw Dark had just arrived, started spamming to go to hill5. at hill5 Nigel told her what happened, and who he was(he had the name bubbles at the time), so she asked him if he was friends with Digital and fighter. He told her he was friends with Digital, and Fighter had stopped killing him for now. Nigel then said "anyways, ya. killer nn on the loose!".  

some no name then showed up, and told them he wouldn't Lag the game, claiming to be a "good no name". Dark asked who he was, but didn't get an answer, telling them "no questions." Dark said she thought it was fighter then decided to try going to hill6 to see if it would follow them, even though Nigel was sure it would. when they got there they waited, Nigel claiming "if it comes you owe me 1000 dollars" and if on cue the no name showed up and said "well you got them!" Dark told Nigel she didn't have dollars, but had euros, so Nigel told her "what ever. pay me." dark then asked no name who he was, and if he was spying on them, so No name told them "you guys continue your work, I'm not any spy." so Nigel said "translated: you guys continue hanging out here while I sit staring at you like some creep!" no name told them to understand that he was just "Sitting", while dark asked him what work he meant. Nigel asked why the hell he wanted to follow them, and dark told him she felt uncomfortable with the no name here. No name told them he could go anywhere for it was his choice, so dark told him "who ever you are, I wouldn't follow you around, its just good manners". No name told them to show him a "rule book" where it started that he couldn't be there, while Digi joined them with the name Supreme.      

after that Nigel and Digi taught dark how to see who was in the room by pressing m, for she didn't know. they then got lagged, for the bad no name had joined them.      


lil rocket bird

ft Lil rocket man, Digi, Turkish bird, icewolf, sea, no name.


name of the day!
Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.02.57 AM

how did I know this would spread to flab3....?

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.06.37 AM

its a swan.. hm...

That morning Nigel had been fighting with some bird named "lil rocket man", who's first name I will not mention, for it had something to do with the current "president" and "him doing stuff to people"(hint, angry swan would approve of the name). Rocket man was killing random birds, so Nigel and Digi decided to kill him, and so the poo fighting began. Rocket man then left and named himself "call me daddy", and got killed yet again. meanwhile some Turkish bird kept spamming crap about digital, for he thought she was his girlfriend.

ice wolf then came on, so Nigel and Ice went to hil5 together. Nigel decided to go to hill2, for he had suspicions that Rocket man was Angryswan, and he didn't feel like running from angry again.(we know how the last "incident" with angry and ice went.) Ice told Nigel he hadn't been on Flab3 for a while, claiming to be busy in real life. he then told Nigel angry had cloned him recently, and told him to go to hill5 as usual. Angry had apparently decided that Nigel had cursed Hill5, so Nigel told ice that Angry thought he was a wizard, so he had told angry he put a curse on him. some bird named Sea then showed up, but didn't do anything. some no name then showed up, so Nigel started spamming <I>, claiming "don't even think it". No na told them "eeeeeh, goodbye guys" and left, while ice claimed "he better not be a friend trolling us". Nigel told ice about the "good no name and bad noname", telling him how to tell them apart. (bad one is <b> for the code name I think, good one uses invisible symbols so the name can't be seen even with the counter code)
Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.08.51 AM
ice then started talking about his brother being annoying, but said he was happy for his aunt was now out of the shower so she would have to take care of him. Nigel said "lucky her" so ice said "very ._.". Nigel then asked ice if he was still in the AV group, and told him about the problems with fighter claiming "so fighter betrayed the av and thinks hes the leader, so he left and made his own av and keeps trying to make ppl leave the real av, such as gamerz who has left now and he also has digi n nazli on his side.   king and fighter r enemies now n fighter also hates me n uses he as excuses to hate the av clan". ice asked "So he's making his own group? he's retarded I swear.." while Nigel told him he didn't know the name of fighters group yet. ice told Nigel he missed the PKG, so Nigel agreed, telling him he missed it too. Nigel then told ice about the rumor of kidlat possibly supporting fighters group, but he claimed he wasn't sure if it was just made up. after this they just hung out.


The 3 bubbles | another Nigel mystery.

ft bubble, bubble, you get the idea. kingslayer

sept 25

name of the day!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.40.44 PM

because, why not.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.28.32 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.27.46 AM
Nigel had been at snow7 fighting a bad no name as usual, he had been hanging out with some birds named Coldplay girl and maroon5, and had been joking "what is this, name your favorite song day?" when the no name had attacked and killed maroon5. Nigel and NN started fighting, so Coldplay girl decided to leave. after this Nigel decided to head to city1, where he met Bubble, a bird he had seen quite often at city1, though he didn't talk much. Another bird named himself "bubble" as well, so Nigel decided to join in and named himself bubble as well. after a while bubble1 started telling Nigel he was stupid for no reason, and started acting odd, while the other one simply made a nest and stayed silent. bubble 2 then finally realized who Nigel was and asked "wait you changed your name to bubble?" so Nigel told him "duh..." Nigel then left after telling some crow that they ere "too lazy to think of names themselves, so they just copied each other".

Nigel then met up with Kingslayer at city5 where he told him about a weir noise he heard last night. he described it was being a "bing" noise followed by electronic like trilling 4 times(like, bing ererere erererre ererere ererere, gettign quieter on the ererere's.). king thought maybe it was a humming bird so Nigel told him it was way to loud to be an animal, and sounded man made. he also said there weren't any parties on or events so it wasn't a loud speaker anywhere. Nigel also described it as "flying over" it started at one side of the house then moved to the other, and it had to have been going extremely fast if it was moving.

king told Nigel that this meeting was like another time he went to city1 and said "hill5!!!", so Nigel asked him what he was talking about. King told him "read it" so Nigel asked what he meant. king told him never mind, so Nigel went on about the noise again, saying all he could think it could be was a drone someone was flying. he asked king if they made those kinds of noises so king told him "might be". Nigel told him "but it would have to be going really fast and also who tf flies drones over an island at night?". he also told king that it couldn't be a animal, claiming he couldn't even imitate the noise.

flab3 then stopped working for no reason, so Nigel told king on the site that someone had spread rumors the other day that flab3 would be shut off for "updates" and how he found it creepy that it was actually happening. (not shut off, but just multiplayer not working..)


sept 25

Flab3's down again. guess who's not happy?.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.46.55 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.47.12 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.47.49 AM


Sept 26

name of the day!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 5.33.36 PM

Gamevial fixed flab3 after Nigel asked them to on the wiki.

back to city1, nazli wants to marry Nigel and no name spammed the game :)

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 4.36.55 PM


The fake Noseybonk

ft noseybonk, bad no name, azmariah, ebonyblue

sept 27
Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 8.21.41 PM
name of the day!
Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 8.09.42 AM

That night Nigel was at city1 where some bird had cloned the famous hacker "noseybonk". Nigel didn't believe it was the real one, telling him the real nosey didn't talk to people, was a seagull, and only repeated "redrum" over and over. Nosey got mad and told Nigel "well, now I do. stupid f****I", and started spamming it and became a seagull. some no name started killing Nigel for no reason, and cursing, while some bird named "azmariah" went on about her baby pigeons. Ebony blue then joined and helped Nigel kill the no name


r i p ebony.

ft Kidlat, Ebony blue, Kingslayer, 911 is fake, Linkin park,

sept 28

name of the day!

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.10.12 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.11.29 AM
that morning Nigel hung out with Kidlat at city1, along with Ebony and some seagull. Kidlat was showing off his spam hack while Nigel and ebony watched. meenwhile some bird named "911 if fake" killed random birds. Kid then told Nigel to go to the "base" so the two headed there. once they were there kid asked if there was any new crap he should know, so Nigel told him there wasn't much. kid asked about the game closing, so Nigel told him it would die in 5 - 6 months. they then stated talking about backup games, kid suggesting Sherwood dungeon. Kingslayer then joined them, and the chatted about Sherwood for a bit, kid claiming "I see sherwood as a place where we start our new beginnings".
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.11.49 AM
kid then asked about Ebony blue, claiming that he acted like he was "daddy" when he was at city1, and had told kid he would ban him from the game and lagged the game a lot. Nigel told them that Ebony was supposedly 8 years old, while king asked where he was at. Nigel and Kid told him, so King went off the City1 . Nigel and Kid laughed at this, Nigel claiming "r I p ebony!". once king got back, Nigel asked "did you beat him up?" so King told him "yea, with a nice lag!" while kid said "that child thinks he can man me lmao". kid then told King to stop teaching people lag, claiming it messed the game up, while Nigel told them about the Lagging Noname. King told Kid he didn't teach ebony, claiming he probably found out by himself, so kid said he knew how ebony found out - when king lagged, someone would spam the anti code, so ebony probably saw what the lag was. King also said that it didn't help that mr Weed was back(sh_t I just realized something, nn lagger n weed use the same lag... hmm). Nigel pointed out that Ebony could also probably look it up, while king said "8 year olds... no."
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.26.18 AM
Nigel then left for a bit, and when he came back he claimed "omg the news these days, first its being helpful talking about where these hurricanes are going, then it switches to some old lady talking about her s** life". kid and King laughed at this, while Nigel said "and this is nbc!!!!!!". kid told him to watch CNN instead and said "news like norkor going to bomb the us" so king said he hoped that wouldn't happen, claiming it would be WW3 if it did. Kid said that the leader was F***ed up, while king said "Donald aint much of a pretty fight either". kid lat then had to go.
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.47.26 AM
some bird named Linkin park then showed up, so king asked who he was, thinking he saw him at city1 earlier. Linkin refused to answer, so King went after him an eventually killed him. Nigel pointed out that Linkin did say he was from city1, so king told him he knew, but he hadn't answered the first question.
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.46.58 AM

I'm only 8!

ft Ebony, Bad no name, snpnr,
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.07.20 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.07.16 PM
That night Nigel headed to city1, where he found a lovely scene. Some no name was trying to tie ebony to. bed while Ebony screamed at Nigel to save him, claiming "everyone here wants to ____ me!!!! and I'm only 8!!!!!!" Nigel said "ahaha... I came here at a bad time didn't i... f flylikeabird3..." while some bird named Snpnr told him "its very weird here, I'd bail". Nigel told him "Welcome to flab3' while ebony continued screaming about only being 8.

No name then tried to stab Nigel, so Nigel asked "rlly?" while some bird named "pain killer" started killing people. No name told Nigel to die, so he told him "nah, I'd rather not today ty", while ebony told him "he's crazy right?!?!" No name then tried to throw Nigel at a wall, so Nigel said "hi angry swan" after he realized who this no name was. No name then stated trying to kiss Nigel and Ebony, while some other good no name told them "its not me, he's crazy!!". ebony said "no name is such a child, he's 12!!!" so Nigel said "still older then you". No name then started trying to "tounge kiss" people, so Nigel decided he'd had enough and left.


devil problems

ft Darkknight, Volk, Gawek

the 29     

Name of the day!     

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 5.25.05 PM

Dark met Nigel at city1, and headed to city5 as usual, and told him about how Maggie the maggot had followed her around all morning trying to hug her. Nigel told dark he was sure she was Lisha, so dark asked who that was so Nigel told her about the Lisha problems a long time ago. Nigel claimed Maggie did the same things as Lisha.     

after this Dark told Nigel about a problem with some bird named Devil. Devil had apparently been darks friend, but after Flab3 had shut down and been put back up, Devil had told dark that he was sad about his friend "Male robin" and then left. Male robin had aperantly been a good friend of Devil, and taught him how to poo fight. dark found Male robin at city1, and found It odd how Male robin spoke exactly like Devil, and also poo fighted like him as well. Dark later asked Sparkle about this, and Sparkle told her that the two were the same person, so now Devil was going around telling people about this "amazing male robin" while he was really taking about himself. Nigel said "I guess he really likes himself?" to this, and then claimed "the or he has a split personality.".          
Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 11.46.26 AM
dark then told Nigel about a problem with her Keyboard, claiming she couldn't do certain fancy symbols, such as ' ; , or anything like those. meanwhile some bird named Volk stated killing them while a pigeon named Gawek made a nest. Volk started flying up in the sky, so Dark told him "cya blyat mother f**er, come down and I'll wipe you off the face of Flab3!!".          
Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 11.50.25 AM



ft Hores, Littlekellyfan, Crow noname

that lovel  

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 5.30.23 PM

y afternoon Nigel met a bird named "Hores" at island 2, and questioned his name. he asked if he meant to spell his name as "horses", so a bird named littlekellyfan told Nigel not to make fun of her for she was only in first grade. Nigel said "first grade? and she's named Hores? sounds legit." Kelly told him "she loves hoses" so Nigel told her "um.. hoses arnt hores. Kelly told him "just leave or get meadered"(no idea wtf that means?) while Nigel told her "hores are... uh... idk if your old enough to know." Kelly told him she was 17. so Nigel told her "and you don't know what Hores are?" Kelly told him "do you know how to spell" so Nigel told her "yes, and her name clearly says Hores". Kelly told him "your weird, bye" so Nigel asked her "and am I supposed to leave?". Kelly told him to shut up, and then left.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 5.24.55 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 5.27.47 PM



september 30

ft Darkknight, pigeon noname

sept 30

name of the day!

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 6.01.46 PM

its not just a cute name.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.55.38 AM
Nigel met with Darkknight that morning, and she claimed to be having a bad day. first her CD that she had worked 1 hour to get her favorite music on wouldn't work, then she broke her headphones. she claimed she had only had them a year, and said that when she broke them she just sat there for one minute simply staring at them. she then told him she was to lazy to go buy new ones. Nigel then asked Dark if she found out any more about devil. so she told him she had, saying "and the story was... about him. I'm to lazy to type." after that she told him the real story : "ok so he told me that his original name used to be male robin, but he changed it to devil because some guys were tracking him down and pooping on him for a very long time. he said that he was sad because he lied to be about saying that devil and male isn't the same person. he said he feels bad about that tho, if I were him I wouldn't. pretty stupid reason right? she told him that they were friends again, while Nigel said "flab3 always gets the weirdos.."
Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 11.03.12 AM

they then chatted about ebony, complaining about how annoying he was. Nigel told her that the other day he was able to trick ebony into thinking the the <I> code made lag work even better, so ebony added it to his name and was confused to why his lag never worked again. dark said that he lagged the game because he got pooped on, even though he was immortal. Nigel said "he's irritating, thats for sure." while dark called him a "dumb bich", claiming he didn't even lag the people who killed him. Nigel and dark then started poo fighting. at one point dark claimed that Nigel almost gave her a heart attack, after pooping on her, so he asked her if he needed to call a hospital. some no name showed up, but wouldn't speak, so they started guessing on who it might be.