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main friends



Note: a lot of this is not updated, so some of these people may have left or returned. also, some may be listed as "friends" or "enemies" but this may have changed.

Main Friends


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2011 - 2017

Cherie was one of the well known birds in Fly like a bird 3. She first started playing in 2011 and would often stay at Cityscape 1 with her friend Donna. Nigel made friends with her pretty quickly, and even became her mate for a short period of time. At this time a bird named Mafia also wanted Cherie as his mate. Cherie eventually dumped Nigel and was mates with mafia. She eventually had enough of there arguing and said she wouldn't be anyones mate. Nigel and mafia would often try and impress cherie, both wanted to be her mate. Nigel and Mafia would often get into arguments and at one point mafia wouldn't even let nigel stand near her. Cherie didn't really seam to care about any of this.  

Eventually, in 2013, cherie and Donna decided to hang out at Industry 6, seen as people were always annoying them at c1. Nigel would often hang out with them and friends, but they often got annoyed at him claiming he was getting in the way and talked to much. Nigel was still trying to get cherie to be his mate, but she often ended up with someone els. Evevntually she got tired of everyone arguing over her and said she wouldn't be mates with anyone anymore.

Later in 2014 she was mates with thug, someone She knew for a while. One day at In6 a noname kept claiming that she was cheating(which she did a lot) and called her a sl_t. Nigel was trying to stop the Noname but cherie didn't seem to care that Nigel was trying to help and started accusing him of stuff he didn't do as usual. Nigel got fed up and claimed that he guessed she really was just a s__ and didn't care about anyone. Cherie then told him he had gone to far, and wouldn't except his apology for months.

One day(middle of 2014) a bird named Pic asked cherie at cityscape 1 if she would be his mate. Cherie already had a mate named thug, but said yes anyways. after this pic went and told a bunch of people how cherie was his mate and how she was cheating on thug and crap like that. Nigel tried to stop him, but he wouldn't. Thug had had enough, and fearing that Nigel would go around telling all of his friends for revenge on cherie, decided to break up with cherie. Cherie had actually been blaming Nigel for all of this, even though it was obvious it wasn't him, So thug decided to ask Nigel himself to find out what really happened. After this the two broke up at Industy 7 even though Nigel was there and tried to stop them.

They have had other times where they were pretty much at war with each other, but they often end up forgiving each other after a while.  one time was when nigel told donna to leave due to her constant depressing statements about the game, and so on.

(*his "mate" thing with her also ended for good when he found out she was actually 33 instead of 15 or something like that like she said..)

throughout the summer of 2016, cherie and nigel got into random fights. Often it would start when cherie blamed him for something, one excample was when Nigel warned cherie about the chat file problem on sept 11. Instead of thanking nigel for warning her about it, she said "well, you should watch what you say from now on" like she thought she was stopping him from being rude to her from then on.  she would do this as a "lesson" , blaming nigel and trying to make him not do it again.  she was known for doing this, turning the whole situation around so that the person she was talking to ended up at fault when they really wernt. 

She also hated Ryuik. a while ago, she and donna accused Ryuik of wanting tim, ryuiks past mate and Donna's boyfriend. Ryuik didnt want tim anymore and had told them, but they didnt listen to her.  By august, cherie had everyone hating ryuik, eventually making her leave the game. Cherie and donna would also accuse Ryuik of cloning them when it was really ariana doing it. Nigel had belived cherie at first, but found this was all lies later on. 

despite all of there arguing, and fights, they still really are friends in the end. Cherie once told Nigel (around the time that Flab3 was dying and pretty much all her friends had left) that he was the only person who she had known the entire time she had been on flab3 that she was still friends with, beside Donna, though, she and Donna seemed to have gone their separate ways. she pointed out to nigel that, after all of their arguments over the last 4 or so years, they were still friends in the end.  

she ended up leaving when Flab3 died, and seem to know about the Ravenwoods version.  

  • she is 34 years old.
  • she has a daughter who plays the game too. at one point she forbid Nigel from talking to her.
  • she is almost always with Donna.
  • one of her known mates was Thug.
  • she dosnt forgive people often.
  • over time, she seems to have gotten nicer, possibly realising how mean she was to others.
  • she used to have a "friends with benefits" club, which nigel despised.*hint hint*


lisa - add date from" a deal of one week"


Cherie's daughter



2012 - 2016

Donna at island 7 august 7 2016

Donna is one of Cherie's best friends, and apparently they know each other in real life. Nigel is sometimes friends with her but some times not. the main reason to this, is because she is very very dramatic.

on may 24 2016 she started a fight between nigel and a bunch of his friends. It started when she was blaming a random bird named shift for nothing. she told him to never talk to her again, even though he haddnt said a word to her. Nigel told her to leave him alone. Donna then started saying that nothing was happy in the game, so nigel told her to knock it off. donna would always say that she wanted to leave, and that she hated the game, so nigel told her to do it if she really hated it so much. unfortunately someone named "not fighter" returned the favour to nigel and started harassing him, repeating what nigel had told donna. this went on for weeks, and donna just sat there and watched. 

they were then friends again until june 11 when donna blamed Nigel for being friends with ryuik. she acted as though nigel had known that she was enemies with ryuik all along and was only friends with ryuik to get at her, when this wasn't true. Nigel told her it wasn't fair, but she didn't listen. 

  • Donna is very overreactive and sensitive, often blaming people for dramatic things, claiming that they "ruined the game" and other depressing statements. despite this, she often unknowingly is the one who makes things "worse". Nigel tried to point this out countless times, but only made the situation worse.  
  • despite all her complaining and depressing thoughts, she never has left flab3.  



- 2011 - 2013

(see cherie above) Shen met Mafia at Cityscape 1, when he tried to be mates with cherie. Shen wad mad at him for this and often got into arguments. Cherie seemed to like mafia more then Shen which made shen hate mafia even more. At one point mafia wouldn't let Shen go near cherie, not even stand on the same building. He would try to controle Shen. Eventually they were friends again. 

recently(may 23) mafia returned. he became friends with nigel.  

  • he is famous for his quote "hehehe". 


Valerie Swift

- 2012 - 2013

valerie swift often was the one who ended up breaking up fights between Mafia and Shen. She didn't see any point in fighting, but the two didn't listen to her at all. She was one of shins best friends at the time. She eventually left for unknown reasons. 

It is said that ≈•≈lord shen≈•≈ has a friend called Valerie Swift... She tries to help him to talk to Mafia becuz since that they were enemies so Valerie tries to help him because Mafia calls Valerie his sister, but Valerie didn't mind it much so she called him her brother... So LordShen asked Valerie if she would kill him, but Val said she wont so Shen trusted her to help him... But Valerie is sometimes gets confused when lord shen and mafia are face to face in c1, when LordShen shouted "Talk to mafia valerie!" but Mafia said "Let's kill him Val", so Val didn't know who to choose to help them, so she didn't help any of them... She had said something wise but nobody seemed to see it but a normal bird did, (this is me, the one who edited this wiki xd) She said "What's the point of killing the other? he will just come back and fight all over again, it's better to stay out of their way than to get sucked in it".....

But the bird named Han realised that none of the birds saw what Valerie just said, so he thought that he was the only one who knew about it and now shared it with the others...

by valerie swift May 1, 2013

  • she is often mentioned by nigel, he claimes that she was one of his best friends. 



2014 - 2015

Shen didn't like thug very much., seen as he was Cheries mate, but he realized that thug wasn't the same as cherie and they became friends. he would often hang out with thug and other friends at industry 6. One day(in middle of 2014) when him and cherie were set up by Pic, Shen found out and Thug feared that Shen would go and tell all of his and cheries friends about her "cheating" to get back at her. Cherie was telling thug a whole different story, that Shen was pics friend and that he set them up, but he didn't believe her so he went and asked Shen what his side of the story was. After all of this he decided to break up with cherie, Even though shen tried to stop them. He saw thug a fee times after this but never really talked to him again.

  • unlike many of cherie's other mates, he was actually nice to Nigel, and would listen to him.
  • he apparently broke up with cherie sometime in the summer of 2016 


Shaddowwolf -/finnish/

- 2012 - 2016

Shen knew him a long time ago. he hears about him every now and then but hasn't seen him. 

for some reason, Nigel seemed to hate him. but eventually made friends with him 

he returned in 2016 /not done/  


Ace Bandit /finnish, add about the fight with ice wolf and what not/

2014 - Present

Ace bandit was bird who joined fly like a bird 3 sometime in late 2014. he got popular quite quickly, and Nigel made friend with him. After a few months, ace was found to have been cheating on different girls. A lot of people got mad at him for this, often trying to kill him. Eventually ace got some friends again.. by faking that he had cancer. Nigel, not pleased with any of this, told people how he was lying, and they eventually realized he was right. People started turning on ace, completely shunning him from the game. Nigel felt a bit bad, and Ace felt betrayed by one of his best friends. Nigel eventually made friends with ace again, promising he would never do tell people again. Eventually it got to the point where Ace' only friends were Nigel and Dishyan. Ace finally got pushed to the pint where he left the game claiming that he committed suicide. he eventually returned, but was Chased away by Kapro and Blackwolfking, who had been told by people to get rid of him. Kapro and Blackwolf kept following Nigel and Ace everywhere not stopping until ace was gone. Nigel refused to leave. 

There are still rumors that ace as around, he is said to be lurking around as a Noname, but Nigel has yet to meet him again. not many people know that it was Blackwolf and Kapro behind ace's disappearance, most people juts think he went crazy or depressed and left. Nigel was the only one who saw him on his last day.

Just recently in may 2016 Ace bandit returned. Nigel had heard about him and learned that he was homeless and his girl friend was Popular girl. Popular was the one who told Nigel all of this. Nigel met ace one day at an island, and saw him a few days after. Ace was still in hiding though, for a lot of people weren't pleased with his return. 

  • It turned out that Ace was not Levi after all



late 2014 - late 2017

Kaprosuchus is a prehistoric crocodile; Kapro also goes by other dinosaur names as well as Broken Jaw. He likes dinosaurs and usually plays Primal Carnage Extinction on Steam or Lif on Steam. He is a killer and will kill when he is bored. Sometimes his name is invisible due to a glitch and it makes it all that easier to kill you. - intro by ryuik sept 2016

Nigel didn't know Kaprosuchus well, nor did many other people. He would often just lurk around not saying much. He also seemed to like killing and torturing others. Nigel really got to know him when he was sent by cherie to kill him in march 2015. Kapro hated Nigel for some reason so he took the opportunity . He would also stalk nigel , Following him and his friend Alphaundercat around. He had some kind of a tracker that he used to find people, so nigel couldn't go anywhere. He would even follow nigel to different games, frustrating nigel to the point where he told AUC that he was leaving the game for a week.

Eventually Kapro found a better way to torture Nigel, Kill all of his friends and watch him beg him not to. The two he was thinking to get rid of first where Alphaundercat and Ace bandit. kapro decided to target Ace first (seen as alphaundercat could talk to Nigel over the wikias and ace couldn't) and got Blackwolfking to help him. Kapro and Blackwolfking stalked ace and Nigel for weeks, not leaving them alone. Nigel begged kapro to stop and to kill him and not ace, but kapro continued, eventually succeeding in making ace leave, even thought nigel tried to tell ace not to listen to them. Nigel was devastated by this, and hated Kapro from then on. kapro then continued stalking Nigel and AUC for some time.

Eventually in 2016 Kapro decided to stop. Nigel and kapro didn't talk to each other much, still not really "friends". After a few months the two made friends. Kapro and Nigel would often hang out at hill5. Kapro still gets mad and Nigel every now and then, often when Nigel nicknames him "Kappy" for fun. Nigel isn't to keen on kapros violent nature, he often talks about killing people in gruesome ways.

He was using the name "Broken jaw" in august -september 2016

The crocodile thing from hell
  • He claims that he is a "kaproshuchus" i type of prehistoric crocodile that Nigel calls the "crocodile thing from hell".
  • he often uses names of prehistoric creatures and also ones from horror films (which he seems to like).
  • he also seems to hate someone named jared.
  • he was seen a few times throught september
  • on October 20, he showed up and killed Angryswan for Nigel and Hawky 
  • Nigel called him "Kappy" to annoy him.  

"well, theres going to be a new skull added to the collection soon"


(when nigel started talking about his secret gf)

kapro: "silence!"

Nigel imediatly shut up

Jeff: "like a king.."


(when kapro tried to change animals in rp)

Nigel:"retard, you cant change animals..."

kapro(glaring): "and then.. wait what did you just call me??"

Nigel: "Nothing :)"

Kapro: "you did the one thing i said not to do!"

Nigel:" uh.. what?"

Kapro:"PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!"

Nigel: "uh.. im.. uh.. very sorry.. i would../cut off by kapro/"

Kapro: "you get a 10 second head start... one.. two... three....."

Nigel: "oh... crud."/runs/"aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Nigel: "pls don't eat me.."

/no answer/

Nigel: "uh.. jeff? its just staring at me.."

Kapro: "id take your skull as a trophy. then eat you!"

Kapro: "did you just call me and it..?

Nigel:"uh.. no.. i promos!!!" uh.. brb one second!! :) "/runs away/


"and outside my trophy room I have skinned bodies hanging on the trees outside!"



- 2013 - 2016.

Nigel knew Clockwork from a long time ago. She left the game for a while, and returned about a year later. at first she was out to kill Nigel for she found out that he had killed Vespula. Clockwork was one of Vespulas friends, and was mad that she was dead. After this, they eventually became friends, for nigel convinced her that it wasn't worth fighting. they are now best friends ashnd often hang out together. 

she had a clone who often showed up claiming to be her in 2016.  



- 2014 - 2015

Cyborus(often called "cy" by nigel) was one of Nigels best friends. They would often hang out together at hills cape 5. recently Cyborus seemed to have dissapeard. She hasn't been seen anywhere since. She does have a clone, that Nigel often kills.    

  • someone stole her name and used it was there own. Nigel knew it wasn't really her for the bird doing it couldn't even speak english.     



- 2014 - present

Nigel met Alphaundercat some time in late 2014. AUC and Nigel made the Glitches on fly like a bird 3 wiki, and made a few videos together. some time in march 2015 The two were chased by Blackwolfking and Kaprosuchus after kapro was sent to kill Nigel . They would follow them everywhere, even to different games. At one point Blackwolf even possible banned them, for right after he said he would, the game didn't work for them for 2 days. Eventually Nigel made friends with Blackwolf and Kapro, but AUC hasn't said yet if he is or not. Right now AUC dosnt go on fly like a bird 3 much, Nigel talks to him over the Glitches on fly like a bird 3 wiki. : Kapro chasing Nigel and auc.(the video was deleted)

Shen and AUC also made a wiki called the

Alphaundercat seems to disappear and reappear a lot. He will be on for a few weeks, then leave. then come bad again then leave again. 



- 2015 - Present

Gamerz/Gamerzworld is one of the most well known birds in all of flab3, almost everyone knows his name.

Gamerz was one of Nigels best friends, they would often hang out together. but Gamerz would some times get mad at nigel, one time he even threatened to clone Nigel and make him look like an idiot. But most of the time they were best friends. Gamerz was known by almost everyone on the game. 

One day(in late may) Gamerz and Nigel became enemies. Gamerz accused Nigel for "taking advantage" of people even though he never knowingly did so. Nigel tried to asked Gamerz what his problem was, but he refused to answer him. Nigel had thought that it was because he left Gamerz with Cherie, and she told him something but it turned out it wasn't this. this was one of the only things Nigel was able to find out, for Gamerz often would just say "gtg" and leave. aperantly he wasn't just doing this to nigel, Frost, his mate, said that he was doing it to her too. frost eventually found out that it was because someone gamers knew in real life had died recently. Nigel still thought that was no reason for Gamerz to blame him for something he didn't do.

They forgave each other eventually. 

 on july 24  Gamerz met Ace and Nigel at hill5. he acted strange, killing them after nigel jokingly pooed on him. he talked differerntly too.  Gamerz claimed it was him, but ace and nigel wernt sure if it really was the real one. it was possibly a clone.  it is unknown if this was him or not. he was using the name polar at the time.

Some time in july - august he broke up with his mate Frost. it is unknown why this happend, but it had something to do with frost using him. 

  • he is one of nigels best friends. 
  • he is called "big G" by Eren  

Foxy the pirate


one of Nigel's friends, he often greet Nigel with "aye" or "ahoy"

he watched Pristobrycons death



2015 - 2016

She was one of Nigels friends, but he didnt see her much and she didnt talk much.

on april 17 she left the game for ever. 

she returned in september, but then left again 

  • some people hated her for some reason, but this was possibly because she was cloned alot.
  • not much was known about her.


Rain and shan 

- 2015 - 2016

Nigel met Shan and Rain one day when shan was mad at him for copying his name(Nigel had the name "lord shen" that day). Nigel was trying to tell him that he wasn't cloning him and had had the name for a long time but he didn't listen. Eventually the two were friends with Nigel and would often hang out together. They eventually left some time in 2016. 

they both showed up again in july 2016, Nigel made the "sos" with Rain.   



- 2015 - mid 2017

Levi april 25 2016

Nigel had seen Levi a few times but didn't really think anything of it. he was just a bird who played fly like a bird 3. But one day a Noname at snowscape started telling nigel that Levi "wanted him". Nigel didn't really think anything of it because no names can be weird. A few days later Nigel met Levi at a hills cape where he was claiming that a friend was dying of cancer. Nigel thought this was weird, because a Bird named Ace bandit did the same thing a year ago to get people to like him. Another thing that nigel noticed was Levi had a friend named Eren who he always wanted to be with, Ace bandit did the same with Dishyan and a few others the exact same way. Levi also changed his name a lot so it it would confuse people(but made up excuses why). He also seems to like Japanese stuff seen as thats where he got his name, ace did this too. So everything that Levi does, is what ace did a year ago. after thinking about it it all seemed to come together, Levi "wanting" Nigel, Complaining that no one liked him, Hanging out with another guy…ect. Nigel has confronted levi a few times asking if he is ace, but levi insist that he is not.

Levi is also a bit odd, His mood changes very fast, and he acts strange sometimes. He has claimed to have ran away from home once or twice, and he can get violent too. He also has claimed that he only stayes on Flab3 because of his boy friend Eren.  

(Although Levi seems to come off as a bad person there are reasons for why he acts the way he does. Levi has autism and a couple other mental disorders that make him the way he is. He doesn't like a lot of people around and he doesn't like feeling ignored. He has a bad history with his dad and currently lives with his older brother. Levi had loved a guy who drank too much and eventually died from liver failure. His cousin, who was also a flab player, killed herself and Levi started going downhill until eventually trying suicide by cutting open his arm length-wise. His brother brought him to the hospital and eventually he was all fixed up and had to be put in a home because his brother couldn't handle him much and he needed psychiatric help. One day Ryuik told Levi to leave flab because she thought flab was making Levi depressed and suicidal. Levi left flab and hasn't been heard from again.) _ by Ryuik sept 26 2016

  • he doesn't like crowds, even if its just 5 people.  
  • he often only talks to his friends.  
  • he apparently has bipolar according to ryuik. but she may have made it up.  
  • his mood changes very fast, one minute he's happy next minute he wants you dead.  
  • he has an older brother named Colin.  
  • he loves Eren to the point that he will go mad if Eren is gone for just a day.  

o ryuik and eren, about hating nigel. (april 6) (levi crisis part 4)

Levi: "oh dont worry, you would know if i really hated him!" 

Levi: "you two are f__ing lucky i dont hate you.." 

Ryuik : "well i could say the same to you". 

Levi : " you would never get away from me!".

Eren: "you..would kill us?"

Levi:"i'd be the last thing you'll hear from, the last thing you'll see!"

Levi: "bet your blood tastes good..."



-2016 - 2017

Eren is Levis boyfriend and best friend. He does seem to like Levi, but isn't nearly as extreme as him. Eren and Nigel became friends fairly quickly, and Nigel had given him advice once or twice on what to do about Levi when he gets out of hand. Eren even considered leaving Levi once, but ended up staying with him. Nigel had been the one to give him that idea. Eren also seems a bit suspicious about Levi, and who he really is, for he dosnt know him in real life. 



-2016 - 2017

Blackfire at first was mean to Nigel. one day she and someone named "ice wolf" killed Nigel's swan army for fun, and laughed at him and Springtrap. 

but over time they made friends, she had appoligized for what she had done. She had helped Nigel when he was trying to find Springtrap, for she was her sister. 

he would often see her, and they often hung out together with other friends. 

recently(june 25) it turned out that they weren't friends anymore. Nigel had been at a snowscape and a no name showed up and started killing him for some reason. the no name kept calling Nigel rude names and wanted him to leave. Nigel eventually told the no name to leave, so it did. right after it left Blackfire came on. Nigel, at first didn't realise that she was the no name, but found out soon after. Nigel wasn't too surprised that she was acting like this, for for a few days before she wasn't begin real nice to him, often not talking to or acting as though she didn't want him where she was. he asked her why she would do this, and she said "we were never friends.". Nigel left her there after telling her to "think about what she did before she got into real trouble". 

  • She is Springtraps Sister. 
  • she was apparently lying the whole time Nigel and her were friends. 



- 2016 - late 2017

Nigel met spring trap sometime in january. They would meet up a lot and had a running gag about Adels song "hello". They soon grew closer and spring ended up asking Nigel to be her mate. Once they were mates, Spring dissapeard. For all of march, she was no where to be seen. only a few people claimed to have seen her. Eventually she returned in april, and told Nigel she was at a cabin. The people nigel had seen had been clones. 

  • Blackfire is her sister and Souf is a father. 



- 2016 - 2018

Someone he often sees in Cityscape 2. He wasn't very close with her, but would say hi to her whenever he saw her. At one time Digital was enemies with Nigel. This was when Lysa was telling people not to trust Nigel. Nigel eventually found that Digital was only acting like this because she knew that if she was nice to him Lysa would kill her.

Later on in august they became friends again, often hanging out with Emma and Chucky. She also started stalking someone named "mufasa" naming herself "sarabi". Eventually she stopped this, and named herself Digi again.  She is often at city 1. 

after august and september, she claimed to hate nigel again, and has never been friends with him since. she often shows up randomly and kills him. 

  • at one point she believed Nigel had put a curse on her. it turned out that Angryswan had cloned Nigel and told Nazli to tell Digi that he was "curseifying" her. 



2016 - mid 2018


Nigel didnt think much of frost, he only really thought of her as a friend of friends. Until one day he met her and she revealed that she was "Fa Ni Sha" one of his friends from a long time ago. They would often hang out together at City 7 or Hill5, often after Nigel found her looking for Gamerz.

Frost also tried to help Nigel when Gamerz was mad at him. She would meet Nigel in the mourning at hill5 and discuss the problems. Gamerz was apparently ignoring frost as well, so she knew how Nigel felt. 

She and Gamerz then split up some time in july, possibly because gamerz blamed nigel for no reason. it was later found to be because frost was somehow using gamerz, he claimed that she wasnt as nice as she seemed. 

She is often hanging out with friends at city7. 

  • She was once Gamerz girl friend.
  • she apparently had no enemies, she claimed there was no reason for having them.
  • her names are Anika, Fa ni sha, Suzuya juzo, Tomoe, akashi seijuro. 
  • She is one of Nigel's best friends. 
  • she seems to have no enemies 



2014 - july 2 2016.

Nigel met Popular back in late 2014 or 2015. He would often hang out with her and other friends. She had left for a while, but then returned in march 2016.

On april 27 Nigel met her again at cityscape 1, and went to hill4 with her to talk about stuff.

She was later found to be Ace's girlfriend in real life. ace would tell Nigel about her.

on July 2 2016, Ace announced her death. she apparently committed suicide.

  • She claimed that she cut her arm off due to some one named "hawky". it was later found to be a lie.
  • her death apperantly involved fire, as there was no body to bury and the house she and ace lived in was destroyed. 
  • she is the only person known to have left due to death in real life, ace was once thought dead but he returned. 


Joe Symon - Giggety goo, poltergeist, spirit ect. 

may 2016 - late 2017

His name september 6 2016
Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.49.02 PM

Nigel first heard about "Giggetygoo" when he saw his name on the "societyofsaver" website that Rain had made. He then met him at hillscape 6 with Ace, when he was asking if anyone had seen "snarp", the leader ofthe SoS.  Giggety turned out to be quite a nusince, he asked ace if he "wanted to see something funny" and pooed on nigel and laughed. he often pooped on people, and acted quite rude. He didnt even seem to care that he was breaking the rules of the society he joined. on Flab3 he seemed to have a bad temper, and would insult people quite often, even if they just said hi, or asked how he was.  nigel ended up reporting him to the societys leader,  and later getting him banned.

Nigel met Giggetygoo again on may 22. He had been killing Nigels friends and followng him around.  He had been using the name "brazen" at the time, but was stupid enough to tell Nigel who he really was. 

the next day xxZoomxx  was killing Giggety, who had the name "symonjoe". Nigel joined in and helped Zoom.  Zoom told Nigel that Giggety's other name was "joejoe". 

in July  Giggety returned and claimed to have left the SoS and laughed as though it were hilarious. Nigel thought that he seemed a bit more polite then before, but he was very wrong. 

in late july he started using the name "bloodwolf" and nigel thought he seemed a bit nicer, until he blamed nigel for killing him when it was infact a clone. he still didnt belive nigel, even when the clone showed up in the same room. eventually he stopped.  

he then went and changed his name yet again to "poltergiest" and nigel and him were friends yet again.  they would often poofight as owls at city7, for those seemed to be his favorite bird.  This friendship then ended when Nigel caught him with someone named "bella". After asking who this bella was, nigel found out she was his new Girlfriend. He had already claimed to be the boyfriend of "Bloodwolfgirl", so Nigel questioned him on this.  they got into a huge argument over this, and it got even worse when donna piped in and said she had "mated" with him. this ment that Giggety had been with 3 people in one week.  Eventualy they forgave each other, but as usual this did not last very long. the very next day, after fighting with angryswan that morning, the two were hanging out with Chucky and emma.  Chucky made a rude joke, so Nigel pooed on him for fun. But giggety didnt see this as "fun" so he started killing nigel. Even when chucky asked him to stop, saying he got the joke, he refused to.  Emma tried to stop the fight, but had no luck.   Giggety then followed Nigel to city 7 and started trying to kill him there. Eventually the others got him to stop, but Nigel and him are not really "friends".  

In early september Giggetygoo(now named spirit) was enemies with nigel yet again...... am i really suprized.. no. ^^    anyways, one of spirits @hole friends named "leonie10" pooed on Nigel and his friends for fun when they were trying out the underground glitch in the city. so nigel and his friends attacked Leonie and a few others who must have been a part of it, for they kept pooing on who ever pooed on leonie.  Gigety came on just as Nigel was finnishing off Leonie, and blamed him for killing his friends. Nigel, Emma(who was watching) and chara decided to get out of there and headed to hill5, so giggety decided to folow them.  he kept killing Nigel, refusing to stop, even when Chara asked him to. he told Chara and Emma that he "was no longer there friends" upsetting Emma and enraging Chara, for they had nothing to do with the whole thing and were suposedly his best friends. he eventually gave up, and told nigel he would be back for him and left.  Chara and Nigel tried to comfort Emma, who was upset with the whole situation  claiming spirit was her "best friend".   ah.. what a single pigeon can do.  :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|  

Nigel was then stalked for the next few days by Spirit, who still refused to belive nigel killed Leonie to "defend his friends".    

eventually they became friends again

he dissapeard around the first of october and hasnt been seen since. 

  •  his real name is joe symon, but Nigel often got it wrong, calling him "symonjoe".
  • he had actually been unknowingling seen by nigel a few times before they met, his name was bloodwolf at the time.
  • his names are in order: Giggetygoo(changed cause it was wrong,), Brasen(changed cause of ariana),spiritwolf(?),bloodwolf(unknown why he changed it), poltergiest(changed because eren made a joke out of it calling him "potter" and angry caught on and called him "potty"), mystic(changed cause nigel found out it was him), spirit(current). 
  • the name "giggety goo" aparently comes from the show Family guy. 
  • he told Nigel to call him "blood". 
  • he changed the name "poltergiest" because eren accidently called him "potter" so as usual both nigel and angryswan caught on to this new nickname. angry also altered it to "potty".  
  •  Zoom calls him Jojo.
  • he often answers saying "ja". 
  • when he laughs he said "jajajaja". 
  • he is scottish and speeks 9 different launguages.  
  • he was described as having black hair and being short by ace, but this might not be true, he described himself as being: blond and brown hair, blue eyes and a peirced ear.  
  • it was thought that he was possibly with donna but it was later found to be someone els. 
  • he also hates angryswan, and angry hates him. one day he was correcting angry on his bad grammer. 
  • he had two girlfriends in one day, Bloodwolfgirl and Bella. 
  • seagulls make him gag. 
  • he has so far betrayed most of his best friends, encluding Nigel, Chucky, Emma, Chara and a few others. 
  • one of his best friends is "leonie10" a pigeon who kills people for fun. he supported Leonie whenever she killed his friends. 
  • he is known for having a bad temper, he often would answer with insults even if he was simply asked a question.  
  • he was nicknamed "Giggles" by kingslayer  

"i had to eat a disgusting panini, it was rank!"

"wanna see something funny?"(pooes on nigel) "that."

"who's dum dum?" 

"f** you twat!"

"omg, your mum doesn't care what we do to her..... as long as we pay her enough!"




Ruis, august 2016

Nigel wasn't really friends with ruis at first, but he slowly made friends with her over time. He would often hang out with her at cityscapes with her, and sometimes island 5 when he had to tell her something important.

  • Ruis was one of the only ones who didn't agree what Lysa was doing when she wa sin control.
  • she also dosnt like Cherie, intact they became enemies once Ruis was friends with Nigel. Cherie was mad that Nigel had made friends, saying he only did it to take Ruis away from her. Ruis happily played along with it and ignored Cherie.
  • she is the only known person to be able to color her name.



july 31 2016

met her at Hill1 and they were arguing.  

in late august she made friends with Nigel and Emma. they would often hang out together.   

she is one of Emmas best friends, and tried to protect her when Spirit started harassing them. 

seen her everyone now n then. 

  • her other friends are "swappapyrus" "swapsans" "kayla". Nigel met the 3 one day at an island when they kept falling asleep, pissing chara off. 
  • she seems to have a short temper. 
  • she had red eyes
  • someone named "death" kept shipping her with sans, so she looked up the ship and cried at what she saw.


Chucky boy

august 28 2016

Last sighting august 14
August 28 2016 with frost

met him at city 7 when there was a huge fight. he asked him if he knew him, but he didnt. he would just sit on one of the buildings and watch the fight.  they later went to hill7 with frost.   later on that day he was clonned by angryswan, who made his gf browmwolf think he hated her. he then changed his name to have fancy letters to try and stop angry from cloning him again.

he next day nigel met him at island 7 and hung out with him and a few others eventually they got in a fight when blood(symonjoe) got mad at nigel for pooing on Chuck becaus he made a rude joke.  Chucky told Blood that is was only a joke, but blood refused to forgive nigel.  

Nigel often went to hill3 with him, frost, and digital.

a few days later he dissapeard. 

He then came back, and Got into an arguement with Emma and Digital after Joker set them up. He eventually forgave them, realizing it was the jokers fault and not theres. 

last sighting

on august 14 He was first seen at industry7, but left shortly after claiming the "super chick hack lagged himout of the game".  he was later seen at snow4, where he was sitting under the ice of the lake unresponsive. he then randomly left and he hasnt been seen since, even though Emma and Nigel keep looking for him. 

  • his names apperantly chuck and hes a boy, hence the name "chucky boy". 
  • he has a special hack that he calls his "dancing hack" that would make him spin around. he was known for this.
  • when someone enters he says "eeeeeeeeeey". 
  • his best friends are Emma, Digi and frost. 
  • his enemie is the joker.
  • he called everyone his "brothers" and "sisters".



august 9 2016

met her at island 6 and was hanging out with her, chucky and bloodwolf. she tried to break up the fight but had no sucsess.  later nigel accused her of leaving him with Blood, but later he forgave her.   

she often hangs out with nigel, and tries to stop any arguments that happen.  

  • she is probebly the most polite person of flab3. 
  • compaired to everyone els, she rarely swears. 
  • other names she has used are vanessa, stella and flora. 


ice wolf 

some time in june 2016 or earlier - Present

A good friend of nigel, he sees him often.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.13.18 PM

in september he got into an argument with ice and ace. Ace was acting as though he liked both ice and Nigel, so ice and nigel turned on ace.  eventually they forgave each other.  

on november 18, he was set up by angry swan(going by cool girl jess) on a date. he later found out who it really was and was disgusted by it.  

he ended up joining the pkg/av and was one of Nigel's best friends.    

  • Ace has a crush on him apperantly and Nigel hated this.
  • Kingslayer often got mad and him and Nigel for on the av site the two would constantly comment on Angryswan's hate pages, even though King told them to stop for it only encouraged Angry to make more. Nigel would post a rude comment and Ice would laugh at it.
  • Nigel was suspicius of him for he was in Cherie's "dark side clan".
  • his other name "bendy" comes from the game "bendy and the ink machine".
  • he's afraid of spiders.



- 2016 - Present

Nigel had unknowingly known King for a while, back when he had the name hades. 

In september,  Nigel and Emma met someone named Kingslayer. this kingslayer was eventually found out to be Blackwolfking so Nigel assumed that kingslayer was just one of Blackwolfs many names. 

A few days later he met the real Kingslayer and told him what Blackwolf had done. He told nigel and gamerz about the secret of the chat. 

he knows a lot about hacks, and told nigel not to spread word about the Chat files.  

  • he was eventually made the leader of the AV group.  
  • he often got extremely mad at Nigel whenever he did something stupid  
  • when Nigel asked him why Blackwolfking cloned him, he replied that it could be due to being a very thin line between his personality and blackwolfs seen as blackwolf acted(according to Nigel's account) just like he would when he got mad.  


- 2016 - 2017 October 

At first Nigel didn't know her very well, but over time has become good friends with her. He often would hang out at hill7 or city7 with her Levi Eren and Gamerz.  

in late 2016, he would hang out with her often  

  • One of her names was Ayano Aishi  
    • she seems to be a favourite of Angryswan, he often wants her dead, and has been seen mocking her on several occasions. some names he used were "ayano's feet" "oyano" "ayanothepiano" and "aranosushi" 



- 2016 - early 2018 

Nigel had seen Nazli before, and wasn't very fond of her seen had she had teamed up with Lysa. But they were eventually friends. 

in early 2017, Nigel hated her for she was weeds wife. he would call her a "pet" and kill her or lag her out of the game whenever he saw her. later on, she dumped weed and started stalking nigel, asking him to be her husband.  

  • they aren't really friends but not enemies either.  
  • Luigi said this is his sister. 
  • she is french and lives in lyon 
  • she's 12 
  • she has a special laugh she does "hahaheheh" 
  • she smokes "Chicha" 
  • she has a sister named "nisa"  



december 6 2017

met him on the Flab3 wiki

about him: "Hello. I'm Pigeonbee, who went around in the game for a bit. I've been known with quite a few names, but I currently go with Fluffybee in game. I'm hoping to revive the community with Bluestacks, as I miss the glory days. If it helps, it'd be great if you joined the discord I linked to in my articles, were we can talk a lot better.

I was also a crow that attempted and failed a succession war against the Macaw Republic, haha"


other friends

some more people that nigel knew, but didn't know very well.

Fasty's mate/ feathers mate

2009 - 2010?

an eagle he would often meet in the hills cape, one of the first birds he made friends with

fasty's / feathers daughter


him and fasty's mate's daughter


-2013 - 2016

Shen didn't know dinosaur well. he just knew her as another hacker at cityscape1. She left for a while but returned on jaunuary 15 2016. Shen was suprized by this and was happy to see her again. 



- 2013

He only saw him once or twice on the Game, but talked to him over the Wiki. 

his quotes from the wiki were - " Lord Shen sounds like quite the character. I'd love to know more about."  ~Quil   

"Ah, thank you. I love learning about history! I thank you for that".~Quill 



- 2013

someone from the wiki 



- 2013

someone from the wiki


~ ♥ fan_ni_sha ♥ ~ 

2013 - 2014

one of his friends from a long time ago. they would talk over the wiki. He met her again(see frost)

her quotes from the flab3 wiki - "Lord Shen do u were the no name in hill? If u were okay. Oh and have a nice day too !!!" :) ~ ♥ fan_ni_sha ♥

"and yes i really don't like  no names or  hackers cuz they r cowards ^^ and today were nice to meet you Shen white beautiful peacock" ~ ♥ fan_ni_sha ♥



 ? a long time ago

a seagull Nigel would often meet up with back when he was using the name "lord Shen". they were good friends.



2012 ?

some Roleplayer Nigel would often annoy along with her friends

  • he would mock her, saying things such as "looks like the chained husky's got off its chain!"



- 2013 

someone from the wiki 


Shockwave the owl

2014 -?

an owl Nigel was friends with and would often meet up with.

  • he claimed his name originated from "transformers".


King (not to be confused with Kingslayer)

- 2014 - 2016

King was one of Nigels friends. He wasn't a very close friend, but they would hang out together, often with Cyborus. King stopped playing for a while, but is seen sometimes. It is possible that it is just clones that are seen. 

He showed up a few times in late 2016.  


Thunder Demon 

2015- 2016 

Thunder first met Nigel when he taught him how to lag the game. he told Nigel not to tell anyone, but instead of listening nigel went and told all of his friends. He met thunder again at Indystry 7 when he was with Pip and Silver. Nigel mocked him calling him an "abusive parent". 

he returned in early november, at industry6 where he and Nigel harassed cherie when she was "Talking" to mmmmm.  



- 2015 - 2016 

Nigel had seen Pip around before but never really talker to her much. But one day in november 2015 he met her at Industry 7 with her daughter silver. She was threatening to put silver up for adoption again. Nigel and Silver teamed up against her and thunder. 

Eventually she and Nigel forgave each other and were friends. 

Nigel dosnt see her much anymore, and when he does they don't talk much to each other. 

she showed up again in august - september 2016, but didn't speak to nigel much. she could be found hanging out with some of her friends.  



- 2015 - 2016 

Nigel met Silver at industry 7 when pip was threatening to put her up for adoption after she did something. Her and Nigel teamed up against pip and Thunder. 

Later in 2016 he met her again, but this time she was mad at him for some reason, possible because of one of his clones.



- ? 

a former roleplayer of a forever lost clan, the MoonClan. *has left flab3 now, find this at here.


lyo lay loya 

- 2015. 

Nigel would hang out with her and thunder demon at industry 7 sometimes. 



- 2016 

a bird Shen met at city2. he taught her the underground glitches at city, industry and hills cape. he only saw her one more time since then. 


golden fist(venum) 

- 2014 - Present 

a person who was gamerzworlds friend. Nigel sometimes sees him every now and then with Gamerz. 

Golden often met Nigel and Gamerz in september - october 2016. he was one of nigels best friends.  



- 2016 

Nigel only saw cracker a few times, He was one of Rain and Shans friends. 



2015 ?

someone Nigel thought was with the wasps, possibly a spy?

she then seemed to split up with them.

in 2016 she could be seen hanging out with a small group, mostly crows.

she didn't speak good English.



2016 - late 2017 

Nigel had seen anya quite often but often didn't think much of her. But there was one time(some time in january or febuary) at city 1 when he watched her and someone named "Enya" fighting. Enya had named herself that to mock anya, and would constantly kill Anya. After enya left, nigel continued this, naming himself Queen enya, and would annoy Anya.

After this he didn't see her much, but one say in april, she teamed up with Lysa to kill him.

she hung around for the rest of the year, but didn't talk to nigel much.

  • it was angryswan named Enya....



2015 - 2016. 

Nigel would see Silverwolf every now and then but wasn't really good friends with him. quite a lot of people hate silver wolf for unknown reasons. 



Yum Soda 


Yum Soda was someone who Nigel met on jan 29. she claimed to be making a youtube video. but turned out to be lying. when Nigel checked out her youtube channel all he found was a bunch of my little pony crap. 


Stormy the falcon 

- 2016

Nigel met stormy at city 5. Stormy was going on about how Nigels name was from rio. 




Nigel sees her sometimes, but isn't close friends with her. 




Nigel met Greentea at Hillscape 5 when she was jealous of his Gull clan




Jared is a hyena who is enemies with Kaprosuchus. Nigel got mad at him once because he did something bad to spring trap. He if often seen at Hillscape 1 or Industry 1. 



- 2016

someone nigel met at city6. not one of the wasp clan.  


Ice claws

- 2016

someone who joined the Gullclan.



- 2016 feb 3

Nigel met Jewel when he was pooping on her and blu. They kept fighting, and once nigel stopped kiling her, she wouldn't stop killing him. Thye eventually were friends, and hung out at Island7(where blu made them go) with spring trap were they role-played that they were watching a movie. Jewel also had a little sister named Flora.



- 2016 feb3

Blu was Jewels boy friend, Nigel met him one day at island1 when he was trying to kill them for fun. blu was able to get Jewel and Nigel to stop fighting. 



- 2016

a bird Nigel knows. Nigel met her again in april at City 2 when Lysa was trying to kill him. Lysa tried to get her to kill him, but she didn't believe any of what Lysa said and refused to kill. She teamed up with Nigel claiming that Lysa was the one lying. 



- ?

Nigel heard about Rookie a few times, but had yet to meet him. 



- 2016

he dosnt know him/ her very well. he just sees him when he's chatting with Gamerz Levi and a few others.

he was later seen in sept 2016 where he claimed to be blakcfires new bf, thus starting a fight between him and Ace.            


Eyeless jack 

- 2016

Nigel dosnt know Eyeless well. He only saw him every now and then at random places while looking for people. One day him and Levi were arguing, Eyeless being quite rude to levi. Nigel is friends with him so far. he acts quite arrogant some times. He saw him again recently(march 2016) at cityscape 7 with a bunch of people. 

  • recently he found out that he knew eyeless all along, for he was Blackwolfking.



- 2016

apparently the son of Levi, someone who was being cloned a lot. He sees him often with other people 



- 2016

He meets 4949 sometimes, but not very often. He once get in a fight with him for he accidentally killed him when he was a Noname. But they are now friends. 



- 2016

Nigel knew faith, but not well. She eventually became a target of ariana for cloning. Nigel would get confused between the real and the fake, often leaving the real one to be blamed for nothing. 




Nigel is friends with her, but dosnt see her that often. He often meets her when she's at a cityscape. 




Nigel didn't see Fallen a lot, he only talked to her every now and then.

She showed up again in september 2016 but didn't talk much to Nigel at all. she continued staying round into november.  



2014 - 2016

Alphababy cat is one of his friends. She returnd on march 27 after a while of not playing. He met her around the same time he met Alphaundercat. 


Skipper and Live 


Nigel met Skipperand live one day at island 1 on march 26 when Live told Skipper to kill everyone but herself. Nigel got mad at them for this and got into an argument. after a while they were eventually friends. Live and Skipper were possible partners or mates for they stayed together a lot. 




Nigel met Gaze on march 26 at island 1 where he challenged nigel for a fight. After that they were friends. Gaze claimed they were brothers. 




Nigel met Zoey at hills cape 1 on march 27. Zoey would try and kill Nigel at first, but they made friends eventually. Zoey had a friend named "iheartrealzoey" who would follow her around. 



2015 - 2016

Nigel met purpleguy a while ago hanging out with someone named Faith. He wasn't really friends with Nigel and would often poo on him. Nigel would often just see him somewhere when he was with friends or looking for people. Recently he found purple and someone named dawn at hills cape 3 (in march 29). Dawn kept trying to make purple guy kill nigel but he refused for a while. He ended up trying to kill Nigel but failed. it is unknown if they are friends or not, for nigel just left telling him "your lucky I'm leaving". 




Nigel met dawn on march 29 at hill3 when she told him to leave because he was a macaw and not a crow. He told her she was racist and followed her and her friend purple guy around for the rest of that day.   




Nigel met Cortika when she was killing Lysa at Cityscape 2. She would lag the game and kill Lysa constantly. Nigel was friends with her, and cheered her on when she killed Lysa, but got fed up with her lagging, because Lysa was blaming it on him. He eventually was able to use a counter code and prove it was her lagging at not him. 




Peridot is someone he knows. He dosnt know her very well, but is friends with her. He see's her every now and then at cityscapes. 




Nigel had seen Luigi before, but never was really friends with him. One day on April 24 Nigel was at city 1 and Luigi started blaming nigel for killing someone. Nigel and luigi got into an argument, and tried to kill each other. After this nigel wasn't friends with him.

  • according to ryuik, he is A 33 year old guy(at least that's what he said) looking for a wife in C1 occasionally.



April 23 2016

Nigel met her when he was hanging out with cherie at industry 7. she was quite nice.


"hello, i am chocolate ice-cream!"

"City1 is like defcone5"

"just the highest alert in most country"


yandere chan

2016 april 24

Nigel met her at city 1, when there was a big poo fight. 



 ? - 2016

Nigel had known grey a long time ago back when he had the named Lord shen but he never saw him again. Until one day (april 29) he met him at city 1. 




A russian bird Nigel met on may 4 when he was waiting for spring trap. 

he sees Kot every now and then but Kot never seems so remember him. 



april 2016

At first Nigel didn't like bola for she was one of Lysas helpers but eventually they were friends



 ? - 2016

One of Nigels friends. He has heard a lot of bad stories from other people about her.



may 2016

One of his friends, he met him at city 2 one day along with wither wings.



may 23 2016

Nigel met zoom one day when he was killing people at city 1. he had a bit of a problem with Zoom, for Zoom thought that Nigel and Felipe were to different people. he liked Nigel, but hated Felipe. Nigel didn't know what to do about this.



June 4 2016

Nigel met Noot at a cityscape one day and taught him one of the glitches. Later Nigel and him started arguing after random maaaaan pooed on Nigel.

  • he was one of the first people to return to Flab3 after it broke down in june.


Random maaannnnn 

June 4 2016

Noots friend. 


Lola mint 

may 2016.

Nigel often sees her at cityscape 1, but dosnt really know her. She seems to like him, often saying "hi nigel!" whenever she sees him. 


bantomchicken and Eaglechick

June 24 2016

Nigel met them at a Snowscape, and made friends with Bantomchicken after talking about there pet chickens. 

eaglechick was bantomchickens adopted son. Bantom aperantly found him "freezing to death outside". 


Judy hopps 

june 23 2016

Nigel was bothering her for she was trying to Roleplay from "zootopia". 



June 23 2016

he is one of Gamerz friends. 



june 26 2016.

Nigel met Oneshotkiller when Oneshot was killing him and Frost at hill5. Him and Frost poofighted at City 7 the same day. 

  • he his probably Polskawarrior or angry swan. 



June 26 2016.

Nigel met Nutral at Hillscape 5, when he was with Gamerz. Like Gamerz pointed out, Nigel and Nutral made friends very fast and seemed to get along great. Nutral turned out to be someone named "Virus". Nigel had heard of this name before but never knew him. 


Mr. Mercedes 

June 26 2016

Nigel met Mr. Mercedes at Industry 6, where mercedes was asking if Nigel had seen Levi. Merceces refused to tell Nigel who he was and seemed quite mysterious.

  • Nigel had yet to find out who he is.  
  • I'm very mysterious... -мʀ. мєʀcєᴅєs -September 22, 2016

Mr. Mercedes is a murderer from a Stephan King novel. His name is Brady in the novel and stole a Mercedes; he used the Mercedes to run over people and kill them. He is a very sick person but you wouldn't know it from looking at him because he is a very cheerful guy who drives an ice cream truck. ~ by ryuik sept 2016



july 2 2016

Nigel met her at hill6, where she and her friend dj killed him. he found her later at city 6, but she wouldnt talk to him. 


july 2 2016

a friend of lea°.


lea° (add date that they got into fight*)

july 2 2016

Nigel met her at an island one day.  they made friends after talking about there pet birds.  

he saw her a few days later as well. 

They got into a fight once, Nigel and lea were hanging out at an islandscpe together, nigel helping her wither nest and what not, when someone named "champ" came on. Champ claimed he "was" leas mate, implying that he had already dumped her. Nigel, not knowing that lea already had a mate, got mad at her. Lea got upset at champ, for his comment about "was mates". Nigel then left for he didn't want to start a huge fight with champ. it was assumed that Champ and Lea broke up.

  • she has a daughter names Hotwolf


therealpoke and paczaji 

july 11 2016.

Nigel met the two at snowscape 6 and called them "lovebirds".


Galactic dragon

july 23 2016

met him at Snowscape 1, after berry had been harasing him. he thanked Nigel for killing berry. 



july 22 2016

Nigel met him/her at industry6. she was showing off her hacks. 



june 2016

a friend of cherie. 



july 22 2016

met her at in6. 



july 24 2016

Nigel met her at hill7. Imnotalone was harassing her.  it is unknown what went on between the two before nigel met them

she was later killed by Nigel and friends after she accidentally went to hill5 at a bad time.


Maleowl and female owl 

july 28 2016

Nigel met maleowl at snow 3  first and asked him why he was sad, for he said he was. He claimed his friend ariana left him. you know how that goes.

His mate Femaleowl, aka ariana, turned out not to be the real ariana after all. they made friends after this. 



July 31 2016

he made a giant chick at an island



some time in july 2016



august 8 2016

Nigel met him at industry 6 when he was hanging out with Gamerz Eren and Blackfire.


Nigel:" my moms dog wouldnt stop barking, sorry"

Vinnie: "thats why we have guns"

vinnie: "sorry, im very american". 

Nigel: the naibors were in the other yard thats why".

vinnie: "guns work on the niehbors too". 

  • Eren made fun of his name because Vinnie is aperantly the name of a talking horse in a kids show. 
  • hes american.
  • he hates icecream.
  • The name Vinnie was given to him because he was a noname and couldn't come up with a name to use. Ryuik named him Vinnie when she met him and wished to know his name.      



august 15 2016  

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.19.30 PM

He was first unknown but later found to be "ryan". nigel was mad that he never told him.


Hotwolf(lea's child)

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.24.21 PM

August 17 2016.

hotwolf is Lea's Daughter. She watched Nigel and Lea argue over Champ at island 5



Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.51.25 AM

august 2016

Nigel sees her every now and then, often at cityscapes.  

she often goes by "Heb".



August 13 2016

ben randomly showed up At island 7 one day when Kidlat was telling the story of the pkg. Blood(gigety) thought he was Brownwolf, but he wasnt.  he eventually left, not saying who he was. 

  • possibly blackfire. 


wolfie singer

late august 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.37.56 PM

Wolfie is one of Nigels friends. Nigel had seen her around quite a few times before he actually made friends with her.

Alot of people belive she is "in love" with Gamerz. this was started by "lifeofboris". Nigel would play along with it, and got into fights with Wolfie sometimes.



August 27 2016.

Someone who knows wolfie. he is convinced that wolfie is in love with Gamerz. 

  • he appeard out of the blue, and nigel still dosnt know who he is. 
  • Angryswan mocked him using the name "lifeofdoris



 ? 2016

He sees her around but dosnt talk to her. 



Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.36.31 PM

some time in august.  2016

Nigel sees semi often at cities 1 2 and 3. '


Kahlen and Tee 

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.01.15 AM

september 11 2016

Nigel met them at snowscape 7 when Hotgirl was stalking them.  

  • kahlens a girl and tee is a boy



Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.07.46 AM

september  11 2016

An Eagle Nigel met at snow7 before he was killed by Kahlen. she thought he was russin, but he wasnt.



Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.01.53 PM

sept 13 2016

and eagle hacker who made a giant chick at city1 fo fun.

  • he did the chick for a bird named blu, and also for everyone else. 



sept 13 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7-1.43.06 PM

Nigel met him at city 1. Blu was first see asking an eagle named "muhammed" to make a giant chick for him.

he then argue with nigel, not done



Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.20.02 PM

sept 13 2016

she/he broke up a fight between nigel and blu.



Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 4.03.22 PM

sept 2016

Nigel saw her around every now and then. 


Bill cipher

november 2015

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 9.03.56 AM

Nigel met bill in mid 2015 june- november at city 1. he didnt actually talk to him much, just saw him alot. he seemed to get a bit popular at city 1, but then dissapeard some time in november. he didn't talk much.

Nigel found him again in september 20 2016 . he was at snow1 sitting on a rock underground. he refused to say anything, then left randomly.  Nigel asked frost if she knew who he was, but she didnt. he then came back and started killing people. 

  • his name apperantly originates from a show called "gravity falls"



sept 26 2016

someone who helped nigel stop Ryuik. 

  • Nigel called him "papadimdim" to mock him once.



2015 ?

Nigel first met Sannse when he went to wikia central to ask for help when EnderoftheEnd banned him.  He ended up getting banned himself by her when she refused to help him, so he said "i will kill ender".   

in 2016 He asked for her help yet again. see "ryuik war"



oct 17

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.29.46 AM

Nigel first met red2 on October 17, when he helped him kill Blackwolfgirl and her annoying friends at snow1. he would see him around often, but he rarely remembered who Nigel was. he seemed to like hanging out at snow1 or island1.  

Nigel met him again on feb 22, and named himself "red3" as a joke. red2 was hanging out with some no name, at the time, but yet again didn't remember who Nigel was. someone else caught on and named themselves "red1", and kept getting into fights with red2 and no name. Nigel would keep trying to break it up, telling them they were the "red team" but red2 didn't seem to want to listen. eventually they ended up with red4 red5 red6 and red7 joining them,  

 in january 2018 he was seen again, this time with a friend. the two were named "Trap" and "illuminati". his spelling was horrid.       
  • Nigel aksed him if there was a "red1" just as a joke. Red2 got mad, acting as though red1 was bad. Nigel told him it was just a joke but got attacked anyways.  
  • nigel would often name himself red3 for fun, for at that time there seemed to be a thing going around where someone would name themselves "_something_2" and someone else would be 1 or 3. this eventually ended when Angryswan found out, you know how that goes........  
  • Nigel has never found out what happened to red1 until feb22 when he met him.  
  • the no name he was hanging out was possibly "kinsaayer", a kingslayer clone Nigel met earlier that day.  



oct 20

a hypocritical Albatross who belives birds shouldnt be "birds that they are not". he tried to kill nigel before making friends with him and realizing he was wrong for he himself was named "albatross" and was infact a starling. 



Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.48.23 AM

oct 21

a noname Nigel taught the underground glitch to.  he heard about nigel from Kinglbsniper. 



 nov 10 -

Nigel and Kapro killed him on there killing spree at island1



nov 19 2016

a friend of nigel,

not done_



nov 19     2016

Gamerz brother


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 7.33.15 PM


december 2016

Someone who Nigel often saw at city 1. she was a friend


Dangerous girl


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.09.01 PM

Nigel had first mistaken her for Kaprosuchus, for her name's symbols were like something he would use. he asked her who she was, and she said she was just dangerous girl. he found it suspicious that she was always a swan.

possibly angry swan? Nigel had seen her around lately.



december 5

one of 3 birds nigel met at city 7. she helped nigel kill Angryswan when he trolled the place with the name flab3@dmin. she seemed to be the leader of the group.



december 5

Someone who was rachels friend. she hated Angryswan after meeting him and helped nigel kill him. she then turned on nigel and killed him too and started swearing.

  • Nigel had seen someone with this name quite often at different cities, though it may have been someone else.



december 5

a friend of Stella and Rachel. she seemed to be the most peaceful of the group, offering to care for the others chicks and get twigs for nests. she did not like angry swan though, and told him to leave her friends alone.


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.03.09 PM

John Laurens

december 5

someone nigel met at in2 but didn't seem to know?.  



december 6 2016

someone who tried to defeat the *...* ring necks.



Dec 6 2016

an owl Nigel met at city3. he and seen him around, but didn't speak to him until he met him there. he at first thought he was angry swan, but he turned out not to be. he was a russian owl, who just wanted to make a nest without being pooped on.


Dark shadow

december 6 2016

a friend of Darknight slayer


nightmare foxy

december 6 2016

a friend of Darknightslayer


prince jaron

december 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 7.35.23 PM

someone nigel sees around but dosnt really know.



December 26 2016

a pigeon who nigel met the day he got back on Flab3 at city2. He was making a nest in mid air somehow. he didn't answer nigel when he asked him how he did it.



December 27 2016

Her name-0

Someone nigel met at snow1. She was making a nest with Josh, but ended up getting murdered by Nazli.


Theblueghost and Theredghost

Jan 20 2017

Nigel met the two at city 2 and joined in naming himself "the yellow ghost" and told them that all they needed was a purple ghost and a green ghost.



jan 20 2017

Randomly went to hill5 and said "ima pigeon" and left.



february 2017

someone Nigel met at snow1 when he was cloning red2. the two became friends.


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.35.46 PM


Feb 8 2017

apparently on Queen's team. Nigel met her at city4 when he was mocking queen.



february 13 2017.

Someone who at first was seen as an enemie. she followed Nigel and Matrix around, but stupidly fel for there tricks to get rid of her and Skyler. she earned the name "dumber" by nigel for this.

a few days later, she apologised, claiming she only wanted to be friends, and didn't really mean to cause trouble.



february 17 2017

Nigel met bubbles at hillscape1, where he turned out to be some random bird nigel knew a long time ago. Bubbles turned out to be very strange, claiming he liked "biting" himself and "cheating". he would also say something, then say something to contradict what he had said, like "i was friend of spring trap. wait. i was?! i was a friend of spring trap? no i wasn't!", as if having a conversation with himself. he also turned out to be a hacker , he showed nigel his poo hack he could do, but then randomly stopped, claiming it was bad.

when nigel had to leave, bubbles told him they could never meet again, but had no apparent reason why.

  • he claims to have only one friend named "xanax".
  • his fancy name was "ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔⓢ", I guess to make it look like the letters were in bubbles to match his name.


Bored no-name

february 17 2017

a no name who got so bored at city5 while frost and Nigel were poo fighting, he threw popcorn at them yelling "boring! booooooo!"



february 17 2017

a bird who gave nigel a full on description of herself when he was asking someone named "ekko" who he was.



feb 17 2017

a bird who seemed to know who nigel was, and the AV. Nigel sent him to tell Kingslayer and the others about what Fighter had done.



feb 18 2017

nigel dosnt know who he is yet



february 18 2017

a random bird who met Nigel and desperately asked for help as though the world around him was dying. he told Nigel later that kings layer was bad, and that him and some dude named "white" was hacking his computer, and planning "bad things". Nigel didn't even half believe him.



March 11 2017

a random bird who Nigel met at island 1. he speaks weirdly, jumbling up letters or talking backwards.


Corne the swan

before march 2017

a random swan hacker who was seen around the time Flab3 shut down. he would do random hacks for people, showing off. he rarely spoke, and was assumed to be Russian.

he is a known hacker and is "the one to go to" if people want to learn how to hack. despite this, his instructions are usually confusing and hard to follow(usually takes an hour just to understand what he's saying). one time darkknight tried asking him about a particular hack but ended up leaving more confused instead of learning about the hack. Corne gave up and eventually told her that he couldn't actually make her do the hack, to which she sarcastically thanked him.

  • he often used float hack while explaining things to people, guess to make himself seem more dramatic?


Rook and Holla

april 15 2017

2 birds that dark knight met

"i also came by 2 strangers one named rook and one named holla  they started saying "av is our king" and i was like what the f*ck than i told them to go away ,holla got mad and he started pooping on me i pooped on them both, i killed them and they came back and they said "av ur cursed" and than they left but idk who tf they were they also said that they sent 19 nonames to protect av and now we betray them idk something like that i really dont know what the actual f*ck happened im in city6"



spet 1 2017

a bird known as "number guy" who Nigel met at city1. he kept pooping on him, nazli, Fedex and Gamers for fun. he eventually left them alone after nazli gave him a fake number, claiming it was her own.   


Fedex Freight

sept 1 2017

someone who Nigel met at city1, he kept getting into fights with Number guy.   

he later got in a fight with dakrknight, for he had asked if he could have a "wiki" after hearing about Nigel, but dark told him he couldn't, claiming he was weak and pathetic. gamers got into the argument, and defended freight and blamed Nigel for supporting dark. she eventually forgave dark and so far she's still friends with Nigel. she joined the "X" clan on September 9.   



sept 1 2017

a random bird who kept asking if anyone had Kik at city1.   



sept 2 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.40.22 PM

Maggie and Nigel first met when she broke up a poo fight at city5 between him, gamers, and a few others. she would ask them if she could join, but then get upset if they pooed on her. she also started cloning people. she proved to be really annoying, and earned the name "the maggot". she was later seen at hill5, where she was acting like lisha, using "____" for a name, and hiding under Nigel and aol. she then started spamming "_____" in different colors like Lisha did with the flowers.

Nigel often calls her "the maggot" whenever he see's here, and a lot of birds dont like her, often claiming "oh not the maggot...." when ever she enters.



sept 9 2017

someone Nigel met at city1, he claims to be the leader of the "x" clan.

he gets quite annoying, lags the game and claims it wasn't him even tho its obvious.


Fighter jb

sept 4 2017

an annoying bird who Nigel met at city5, where he spammed "Snobbing" over and over, calling Nigel "snobbing" as well. he doesn't seem very smart, he doesn't defend himself when attacked, and is always a ringneck.   



sept 2017

a friend of Fedex, who claims to be the leader of the "furious wolf" clan   



sept 13 2017

a bird Nigel and Darkknight harassed, talking to her as though she was literally the moon


meowing potato

sept 14 2017

Nigel saw him at city2, and claimed "well, thats a new one" after seeing his interesting name.   



sept 15 2017

a bird Nigel often hangs out with, she is often found with Blueflame, Ebony and others. her main language is Spanish and she speaks poor English.


That one bird

sept 15 2017

an eagle who Nigel is good friends with, she often hung out with him and dark knight. she is friendly, and doesn't like other birds fighting, so she often tries to break up fights, such as when she broke up one between Nigel and baby hawk.

  • she has a pet pigeon in real life named "poofy" that she raised.



sept 17 2017

an annoying ringneck who would poo on people. Nigel set out to kill her with a team of atleast 10 other birds. everyone in city1 hated her.


Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.18.58 PM


sept 2017

a bird who is often in city1, sometimes he's nice sometimes he's not. he hacks.



Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.19.51 PM

sept 17 2017

a bird who helped with killing Ninfa, he seemed to be the one to start the killing.


You like Jazz

Sept 19 2017

a bird who asked Nigel and Blueflame if they liked jazz.


Chris Evans

sept 2017

a bird he often hangs out with



Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.22.42 PM

sept 19 2017

a bird who decide to kill all the eagle at city1.



sept 19 2017

an owl who killed Nigel at city1



Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.24.53 PM

sept 2017

a friend of Nigel, she often hangs out with Blueflame and Chris



sept 22 2017

a bird who helped kill eagle soft at city1



sept 22 2017

helped with the killing of eagle soft


Mysterious noname

sept 23 2017

a no name who refused to leave hill5 and insisted he wasn't spying on dark and Nigel.


Ebony blue

sept 2017

a bird who is often found at city1, he claims to be only 8 years old and lives up to it. he can be annoying and naive, at one time asking what numerous rude things were, demanding Nazli and Digital to tell him. Nigel had told the two to explain it to ebony, for they were the ones who brought it up in the first place. ebony also acts childish, often lagging the game for fun and annoying people. even though he's anoying, he's still a friend of Nigel.

he also makes up very exaggerated stories, such as one where he "Broke both arms and was abandoned at the hospital by his parents".

  • he uses his age to an advantage, shaming people for "doing bad things to a 8 year old".
  • he calls other birds such as Nigel and friends "annoying teens".
  • he apparently likes to "hiss" at teens in real life. I'm not explaining that. :|
  • a lot of birds hate him, for he lags the game when he's pooed on, even tho is immortal. 



sept 29 2017

a hacker who makes weird nest at c1.

(add photos)


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 8.17.28 PM

voy a ver y ya

October 1 2017

Nigel met him at city 2 while hanging out with cherie, he kept apologizing to Nigel for no reason. Nigel called him "voy a ver-y long name"



september 29 2017

a bird who mistook the word "horses" for hores. even after a few days, he still didn't get it right. after 3 days he eventually got it right, but still acted dumb. he asked Nigel how to make faces on the game, and left convinced that to make faces you had to stare at the screen and teleport them into the game.  


little Kelly fan

sept 29

hates nigel for telling hores off about his name.


sofia = h n 

oct 2 2017

a bird who asked if Nigel and Kingalbsniper could be her parents. Kinga tried to scare her off in his own way..


green budgie

October 4 2017

a bird who told Nigel to stop being dramatic over Springtrap


Bella and Allkill

october 4 2017

2 eagles who killed Nigel after he made there nest for them. they died after that :|



Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 4.55.57 PM

October 17 2017

some robin Nigel often sees at city1. he seems to know cherie and donna. he hacks.


The roast bird

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.03.51 PM

October 18 2017

a very bad tempered bird who did nothing but sit and insult others for fun. he told Nigel to shut up when he asked what his problem was, and later told him to "slip into a coma".



October 21 2017

a bird Nigel met at city1. famous youtube was making fun of his name, calling him "pisso" instead of piso. he started getting annoying, telling Nigel he hated him and joined in when I no name started insulting Nigel for no reason.

  • he's named after one of his 7 cats.


some time in the summer

sparkle, also known as rubies cube, is blackwolfghosts sister. she once went missing in september- October, and black wolf almost killed herself over this.

  • she hates candy, and refuses to eat it, claiming it causes tooth decay. she doesn't celebrate halloween because of this.


enemies are only added here if they are serious, not just birds who poop on people such as Ninfa or others


2012 - 2016

Lysa is one of those people who you either hate or love. some see her as a queen, whilst others see her as a criminal. She seems to guard cityscape 1 and 2, killing killers and helping people with nests, or so it seems. whilst many people don't realize it, Lysa often ends up being the killer. She will often pick one person and pick on them throughout the day. people also had to be very carful around her. If they made one mistake, she would kill them for the rest of there time on Flab3 unless they were very very lucky. 

Nigel had known Lysa from a long time ago. Throughout time she accused him of different things, calling him a coward and a liar. At one point they made friends again, and it stayed like that for a while. 

she dissapeard some time in 2014 and didn't come back until 2016. 

Recently Nigel became enemies with her yet again. it all started when Nigel was bored one on april 5 and decided to test out one of his spams to use against Ariana the cloner. He went to City 2 to see what the reaction would be from people. He haddent gone to city 1 seen as people he knew would be there, and he didn't want to get into a mess with anyone. SO Nigel spammed the chat, and then saw that Lysa was there. Nigel had seen Lysa just hours before and had talked to her and what not seen as they were friends. Nigel knew that Lysa hated spam, so he said he was sorry, and explained that he didn't know she was there at the time. Instead of forgiving Nigel, Lysa was infuriated by this, and started trying to kill him. She claimed that he was a coward just like Mafia had said. Nigel thought this didn't make any sense seen as Mafia had played 3 years ago. Nigel tried to reason with Lysa, but she wouldn't forgive him, saying she would never trust him again. 

Over the next 2 months, Lysa would tell anyone that Nigel knew not the trust him. She would tell them that Nigel was a manipulator and a coward. unfortunately a lot of the people sided with Lysa, and went along with it. Nigel lost quite a few friends, some of them being  : Digital, Whitewolf, Nazli and a few others. But he found that most of them were just doing it because they were afraid that if they were nice to him, Lysa would kill them. Nigel knew this was the reason because when ever Lysa wasn't around, they were nice to him and acted like friends again. it was only when Lysa was there that they werent friends. 

 Even though Lysa tried to get rid of all of Nigels friends, a few people were still on Nigel's side. Black fire was one of them. Black fire was friends with Lysa, so she tried to ask Lysa to stop. But Lysa still wouldn't. Two other people who tried to hep were Silver and Epustia. They also tried asking but Lysa wouldn't listen to anyone. Eventualy Lysa refused to even talk to Nigel, and would just ignore him or say "coward" or "manipulator". Lysa was also accusing Nigel of Cloning people, even though he had dent. Another thing she hated was that he used a lot of names. Nigel tried telling her that a lot of people used different names but she refused to believe that other people did this.

This went on until may 2. Nigel asked Lysa to stop and for some reason she said "just ignore me". Nigel wasn't sure what she meant by this, possible she had realized that what she had said was wrong. 

  • Lysa seems to be one of the most controlling people on Flab3. She is probably the only non hacker who could control and in tire cityscape. Almost no one could kill her and even hackers found it difficult. She also manipulates people into following her. 
  • many people are afraid of her, even though they don't show it. One account was when She told people not to trust Nigel. Even though they were his friends, they ended up siding with Lysa for they knew that if they didn't, Lysa would kill them. A lot of people would treat her like a queen. 



 ? - 2016 -

Bop was a russian spammer who was well known for spamming cityscape 1. He would often spam "___ is a b*tch ___ is a b*ch ___ is a b*tch…., often including people like cherie donna and ryuik. Bop hated Nigel and would often try and kill him whenever he saw him. Nigel tried to make friends with bop, or at least stop fighting, but all he often got back was "xaxaxaxax". Bop didn't seem to speak english very well, for nigel often had to use a translator to talk to him.

Just recently in april 2016 Bop was said to have returned by Gamerz, who saw him the day before.



2013 - 2014.

in 2012 Dapple frost was the Leader of the Shadowclan, and claimed to own snowcape 4 along with all of her clan members. One day Shen decided to try and join her claim, but he was kicked out pretty fast for he didn't agree that they were trying to be cats on a bird game. He was mad at her and would often kill her when he saw her. She got mad at him for this and told all of the other cats to kill Shen when they saw him. She also let the other clans know too so they were out to kill him as well. Shen hated her for this, and would often spam snow4 whenever they were trying to rp. Eventually She and all of the cats left Flab3 realizing that no one want them there anyways. 

on 23:59, December 28, 2015  Dapply apologized to Shen over the wiki, her message being Lord Shen, I would like to apologize for my childish actions when I was young. I have changed now, I have logic in what I say and think, sooo. I hope we can put the past behind us. - Dapplefrost. 

the two are friends now but don't see each other on Flab3 anymore. 



2014 - 2016

Nigel first heard about Frodo in 2014 when she claimed that she was making Fly like a bird 4, seen as game vial wasn't ever going to. he believed her, and was excited for the game, often going to her wiki and trying to help her with the game. She then changed the name to "World of Birds" instead of Flab4 seen as game vial threaten to sew her for it. one say she posted a video called "a quick little demo" that she claimed was from the game she was making. But nigel realized this was from a different game called "Birds:the game. He knew this because the had played this game a lot. He asked her why, and told a bunch of people about this. Frodo, intend of owning up to her lies, Made a whole different account called "Sidiona crow" and Blamed that for it. Everyone believed her, but nigel wasn't stupid and asked her why. She ended up trying to ban him from the wiki, but this didn't work. After a few months, She stopped the game, claiming that it was no longer being made and that some "hackers" ruined it or some crap like that. Nigel was devastated, but not suprized. it was only 3 people working on the game and they never showed any real pictures, only fake ones from other games. Nigel tried to tell other people about how it was nothing but a hoax. people eventually found out how it was fake. in march 2016 Frodo returned, much to a lot of peoples suprize. She went on about the game and how she wasn't lying and whatnot but no one real believe her.


Ryuik • - MAIN ENEMY / Finnish this and add about the ryuik war.

2012 - present

Ryuik was around back when a lot of people would hang out at cityscape 1(2011 or 12). She knew cherie and Donna and all of those people. She was sometimes friends with Nigel but sometimes enemies. Eventually they were friends, and would hang out often. 

In 2016 she would hang out with levi, often acting like his girlfriend, much to Erens displeasure. 

i have not finished this, so wait. you will find out why she was so evil..


Blackwolfking(i'm hot | ur not, Souf, Eyelsess jack.) 

- 2014 - present

when blackwolfking first started playing, he would often go around trolling people. he first met Nigel when he joined Kapro who was sent to kill him in march 2015. Him and Kapro successfully got rid of Ace bandit and tried to do the same to Nigel but he refused to leave. he even possible banned Nigel and Alphaundercat from fly like a bird 3 for a few days. When this happened, AUC's and Nigel's games wouldn't let them on multiplayer. At first they thought it was just game vial doing there updates, but AUC's friends didn't have this problem. it was only the two with it. Eventually they were able to get back on, But Blackwolf still tried to kill them. well, he didn't actually kill them, but he tried to get on there nerves until they went mad and left.

He named Nigel "Lord sh*t" and refused to call him anything els. he had nicknames for pretty much everyone on the game often envolving "sh*t" "b*tch" or "f*ck". Nigel still remembers one time when he was at industry 7 (some time in the middle of 2015) and Blackwolf was arguing with Fighter. Black wolf would all Fighting "finger" and his "black slave". He called Nigel "oreo" for a period of time too.

But one day he seemed to change. Just randomly he started being nice, to calling people named and whatnot. Now he uses the name "Souf" and sometimes talks to Nigel.

(BlackwolfKing also went by the names: SnakeEyes, Souf, Soufiane, Im Hot | ur Not, and probably others. He would lure girls to his fake Facebook profile William Scrol Anderson; this guy likes to date young women and cheat on them, do not believe anything he says. Currently his ex Kayla will take him down if she ever sees him.) - ryuik sept 2016

He returned in august 2016, cloning Kingslayer, and causing trouble yet again.

  • like everyone els, as soon as he returned he was mocked by angryswan. angry named himself "ur fat | slap that
  • it was unknown weather Nigel reallybecame friends with him, for sometimes Blackwolf was nice to him, and other times he was mean again.



2014 - 2016

knew her a long time ago. she returned july 11. he mostly heard about her from others. didn't really see her much. 

She returned in the summer of 2016, and for some reason, she seemed to dislike nigel greatly.  


Vespula and her trio

(Finnish this, add when she returned in july after july is done)

- april - may 2015


Vespula was the leader of the wasp clan. she hated Nigel, but never really had a reason. she told him that it was "meant to be". Nigel and her would often get into fights. Nigel tried to be friends with her, for he didn't see any point in being enemies, but vespula told him they would never be friends. Vespula would do anything to kill nigel, even going to the Fly like a bird wiki and messing up everything(it was her or her followers, or maybe both). Nigel eventually ended up killing Vespula. 

she returned in august 2016, and threatened to take down the pkg, but failed, and wasn't seen for a while.  

more to be added) 


"the pkg will suffer!! queen blackfire is dead from your stupidness!!! she's not b enough!! we will fight!!!!!!"

Malicafrons - the leader of the trio

Malicafrons was the 'leader" of the trio that vespula picked to kill Nigel, she often came up with the plans on how and when they would kill him. she met her end at hill6, Nigel tried to turn her around and get her to realize vespula was being an idiot, and was secretly using them, but it didn't work, so he splatted her with a fly swatter.

Nigel often would bring up her death when ever Vespula discussed taking down the pkg, to mock her.

Polesties - the idiot

Polesties was Malicifrons best friend, and often was sent along with her and dominula to kill Nigel. she wasn't very bright, and often was part of the cause of there failures. when Nigel murdered Malicafonds at hill6, she watched in horror, then ran away and was never seen again.

Dominula - the weird one

Nigel first saw Dominula one day at industry1, where she would try to corner someone, then go on about different ways animals "mated". 

later nigel met her again, an ended up being friends with her(I think I was really bored that day..). 

unfortunately, this friendship did not last, for he found out she was working as an undercover spy for Vespula, she was one of the 3 vesupula had picked to"finish off" Nigel. she would be sent, along with Malicafrons and Polesties to try and kill him, but failed


Pristobrycon(has a lot of names) 

- 2015 - 2016.

Nigel first met Pristo on december 17 2015 at hills cape 5 after she followed him and kapro around. Nigel and Kapro ended up torturing her for fun, seen as she was acting stupid.

the next day at island 7 She found Nigel, and tried to kill him for what he did to her the day before. Nigel was sure she was one of the wasp rpers seen as she acted exactly like them and later confirmed it when she mentioned the wasps. pristo hated Nigel and kept trying to trick him by naming herself after the latin name of different fish. Nigel outsmarted her by looking up each name and telling her what they were. She got frustrated and started calling him names like "dirty rat" . Nigel eventually chopped her up(in rp) and made her into sushi and served it to ryuik and foxy the pirate.

  • He sees her every now and then, and they are still enemies
  • she was possibly an early version of ariana or angry swan, for at the time she was around both ariana and angry wernt. ariana showed up a few months later. the two acted very similar.



- 2016

Nigel really met emily one day at a snowscape when someone named Silver=Cunt was accusing her of being a spy. Nigel eventually found out that Emily was the leader of the wasp clan after Vespula. Nigel hated her for this. Emily refused to believe that Nigel killed Vespula, Malicafrons and Polesties. After this the two hates each other. then one day Emily started stalking nigel. She would also make clones of herself to get peoples attention and make people feel sorry for her(other people were being cloned so she wanted the attention). When she was stalking nigel one day she made 3 clones of her self and made them surround nigel. She also told him that he was her mate and had no choice not to. 

She is possible Ariana .     


queen Enya (early version of angry swan)


Nigel only met queen Enya once when she was mocking Anya. Queen enya would try and kill Anya constantly. But she wasn't very smart and would only be a swan. Nigel copied her name after this and would annoy Anya. He never saw her again after this.

  • Queen enya was most likely Angryswan, for she was a swan and refused to be anything els even if it meant she would be killed. she also talked like angryswan.             
  • it was later proved it was angry swan, for he admitted to it, and also used the name a few times in late 2016.             


Silver = c*** 


As said above, some people really did not like Silverwolf. one of those people was Silver = c_nt. Nigel met Silver=c at a snowscape on jan 29 and Silver = Cnt was going on about how he hates Silverwolf. Silver=c was possible a Noname earlier that day at the same snowcap.The Noname was first telling Nigel that "Levi"(this was the first time nigel heard of levi) wanted him. The Noname then called Nigel fat and left(this was possible pristobrycn). Silver=c then came on. and acted similar. he was also going on about SIlverwolf and how he hated her. 

Silver also seemed to hate Emily. The same day he was telling her she was a spy, and that he hated her. 



- 2016

Vokun is someone who hates Nigel. He had seen her a few times before, but one day he found her after Levi told him she knew stuff about ace. at hills cape 5 Vokun found out that nigel had helped ace. She told him her plan to kill all of Aces friends to get back at him for killing her family. So she tried to kill nigel. After this he met her another time when she again tried to kill him at an island. She still hates him and tries to get other people to kill him, but they never listen to her(thank god). 

she left sometime in 2016 

  • She is possible with the wasp or arian. or both. 
  • she is now thought to be angry swan, she did similar things. she hated Nigel with passion and would try to "kill" him, often taking it to the extreme. she also liked to throw random objects at people, exactly what angry does. she also did the "something notsomething" crap. 




Nigel first met ariana a while ago, when she was cloning people. He didn't think much of her until she started cloning him. He only got into little fights with her and nothing much. A few weeks later or so, he met her at Hillscape 1, when he was using the name "Felipethemacaw" and made a deal with her. She promised not to use his name ever again, and so far she hasn't used it since. SHe often gets into arguments with him, and he finds it annoying that she's always using other peoples names. She has a pretty bad reputation in the game, people can even tell its her by the way she talks and acts.

Ariana is also possible related to, or is Vokun. Vokun and her both act very similar. She likes to "role-play" like vokun and they both hate Nigel. 

 she continued cloning people all through july and august. Nigel found out her weekness : clone her name and she gets mad and leaves.  Nigel also cloned her once and started saying things like "i love nigel" "hes my bff". she hated this.

  • She was also possible connected to the "wasp" clan. She does act very much like vespula would. she has mentioned them a few times. 
  • She and Nigel for now are enemies, but some times she acts nicely to him. One minutes she hates him, and the net minute she's friends with him.
  • she has cloned almost everyone in flab3.


Angryswan - see main page here

december 8 2015 or earlier


angry swan is known by most people as an idiot. he often trolls servers and lies about stuff. He Mocks peoples names using swearwords, and follows people around.  he is now well known throughout all of Flylikeabird3. he was possibly the Noname from March 11 , for his activity started around this time.




Lisha aka ✿✿✿✿✿✿ is Nigels stalker. Nigel met Lisha on march 22. She was using the name ✿✿✿✿✿✿ and would only talk using that symbol. Lisha would follow nigel around, claiming "✿✿✿". She then started telling Nigel that she loved him, and that she wanted him. She seemed to not give up easily, for she continued to follow him telling him "i want you". Nigel met Lisha a few days later, and she did the same thing. Nigel often would go along with lisha just to make her shut up. He now sees her every now and then and right know she thinks she's his mate. 

One day in april, Lisha was found to be cheating on everyone. After this she dissapeard. 

she then showed up again in late 2016. she would chose one person and follow them around, often standing underneath them and just.. sit there. she rarely spoke at all.  

she possibly returned as "Maggie" In September 2017. they both did the exact same thing.  

  • Gamer told him her name was "lisha" and seemed to know her.
  • Cherie made friends with her and seemed to like her, oblivious to the fact that she stalked all of her friends



2016 (april 11)

Polska is someone who Nigel didn't know well until She/he started trolling him and Gamerz at hill5. he had seen polska before.

he is one of the only birds that has no friends at all. people hated him for he did nothing but poop on people and spam "haha xd rofl lol". whenever he entered, someone would often yell "noooooo not the Polska!" and almost everyone in the room would leave. he hated "fancy" names for some reason, and would often leave people alone as long as they got rid of theirs. he never really talked to anyone.

he stayed around until flab3 shut down

  • he was apparently Ariana's helper at one time, when she him and angry swan teamed up. this eventually ended when one of them betrayed the other.
  • Polska always quotes "hahah rolf xd" to anything that happens.
  • Polskawarriorxd will kill anyone with a fancy name because the fancy letters are all from different languages and give him a headache.
  • he rarely spoke



april 12  2016

possibly ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀



April 18 2016

Nigel first met her at Cityscape 5 after she followed him and amir from city 1. he thought she was someone named "duchess" from a few days before. She was quite rude, asking innapropreat things. 

she returned on july 22 at industry 6. 


Shadow the owl 

May 20 2016

Shadow is a barn owl who kept pooping on Nigel for some reason one day. he said it was for "revenge" but nigel didn't know what it was for. 


the joker 

may 20 2016

Nigel met the joker one day when he ws hanging out with levi. he saw him a few days after. he didnt really think anything of him othee than he was annoying. 

On August 13, Joker blackmailed Emma into getting digi for him for aperantly Digi knew someone named "sara". When Digi was unable to bring sara to Joker, he told emma that he would make Chucky boy hate her and digi. He went and found chucky and told him that he knew where he lived. Chucky got mad at emma and Digi for he thought that they were the only way that Joker would be able to find out where he lived. Chucky eventually realized that it wasnt because of them after Nigel pointed out that Joker could be spying on them.                                                                                   Nigel hated Joker after that.

  • He often laughs after he says something.


Weed - main enemy at this time. continue this nigel

 ? 2016

Nigel had known DJ for a long time. Back when he would hang out with Cherie and all those people at city1.  

he often got into fights with nigel for some reason. 

In september 2016, Nigel found out that he was one of Ryuiks friends, and that he supported her "name stealing", claiming that it was a "remembrance" to everyone on fly like a bird 3.  

he would often poo on nigel randomly and follow him and friends around to kill them.  

it started on December 10.  

.weed pooed on nigel, claimed nigel lied, named himself "nigel=bitch", liked ariana, followed Nigel and Emma around,  

Nigel and Weed started off being enemies as soon as Nigel found he was a drug dealer. Nigel told people about this, causing weed to lose a few friends. Nigel also accused weed of going around claiming he was "better then everyone and everyone else was stupid".  

dec 11  

weed fight with nigel, even though all of av is there and he was av too. later claimed that it was his mission to get rid of nigel : nigel spied on people and told Angry and Ariana there weakness  


Sells drugs nigel tells others weed loses av status, weed makes his own clan the "Death gang", nigel accuses him of treating nazli like a pet, weed says he dosnt, nazli is too stupid to realise, tells people that nigel "con trolls all of the clones, trolls ect.  

jan 12   

weed uses name "Stoner" and follows nigel around, stoner showed up randomly and killed nigel yelling "Death gang". Nigel accuses him of being weed after him and Gamerz find him at island 5 and ask him to get weed for them, he claims he "Cant be in the same room ever". stoner insist he not weed but both gamer an nigel don't believe this crap. Nigel warns the av, king agrees weed is a problem tells other avers to keep an eye on weed.   

beebo leaves and joined weeds group, Nigel told the others. eventually king tells nigel to leave the weed situation alone so he does.    



July 23 2016

She was at Snow 1 harassing people. Nigel thought she was lysa, but she probebly wasnt. she was very rude to people, telling them to die of cancer and so on. Nigel killed her for everyone. 

  • she seems to be immune to lag. 



july 24  2016

Nigel met him at Hillscape 7. he was harassing someone named "wercia121". he then started stalking nigel and changing his names. he also cloned Nigel, who told him to "Go back to Poland where you came from.."  

  • his names are Imnotalone, Youdonotell and solomon.
  • he is polish. 



Cherie and Jack, July 27

July 27 2016

Nigel first met jack at industry 6. He at first seemed nice, until he stated killing nigel claiming he was bad.  He then revealed that he hated Nigel because he knew Lizzie(ryuik).  Nige l tried to reason with him but this didnt work.

he is also Donna's friend, they are often seen together, and tell people to leave when they go to the same place they are.  Nigel met jack again on july 28. he seemed to like tormenting people, for he asked nigel if he wanted to stay, then killed him for fun when he said yes and mocked him. he seemed to do this all behind donnas back, but she didnt seem to know what to do when she did find out.  He seems to have a hatred for Nigel, and is especialy bad when hes around Donna. He never answered any questions that nigel asked him, like how long he had been on flab3 , only replieing, "that is non of your buisness".   

Nigel then accused Donna of cheated on tim with jack. this is possibly why jack left a few days later for he didnt want to get in a mess with donna and tim. it turned out that donna had only said that they were doing close thing to make nigel leave, but he still didnt belive her. eventually he realized it was because of this and stopped.   

jack then left on august 8, donna claimed he acted strange that day and then left. 

  • he could be donnas new boyfriend, even though she said he wasnt, for they do very close things together. 
  • Nigel described him to cherie as "creepy, insane and disturbed. 
  • he left august 9
  • donna said he acted odd the day before he left.



july 28 2016

Nigel met Glimmer at nowscape 4 where she was harassing someone named boo. she seemed very arrogant, claiming that she was beautiful, and told nigel to leave as soon as he said hi to her. She eventually left after being mocked by nigel and boo. 


"y'all gross n ugly! 



Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.17.32 PM

august 2016

Someone nigel sees around. dosnt know him well.  he was often at island 1 pooing on people

  • he didn't speak english



august 17 2016.

Champ was apperantly Lea's past mate. Nigel hated him for this and continuesly killed him. 

  • Lea probebly broke up with champ after he claimed that he "used to be" lea's mate, implying that he had broken up with her without her even knowing. this was possibly because he found Nigel hanging out with lea, and he assumed that they were together. 



late august. 2016

nigel had seen Leonie around every now and then but didnt think much about her. one time he got in an argument when she pooed on him, but left it at that. 

in september Leonie had gone to city 5 when Nigel was teaching some birds about the undergound glitch, and because they were all swans, Leonie decided it would be funny if she pooed on them. so she did, killing a bunch of people and laughing about it. Nigel and his friends then teamed up and killed Leonie numerous times and told her off for what she did. unfortunatly spirit came on, and started trying to kill nigel for he thought nigel was the one at fault and not Leonie. because of what leonie did, spirit followed nigel, emma and chara around everywhere killing them and saying rude things about them. 

Nigel tracked leonie down a day later and told her to tell her "__bag friend" to leave him, emma and chara alone. leonie told him she would.  

  • acording to spirit, shes German and cant understand english, but she seemed to undestand Nigel when he talked to her



september 11 2016

a pigeon nigel killed for Kahlen



sept 13 2016

someone who said rude things to Nigel and Cherie at city1. he ended up being killed by nigel.

he said rude things, claiming nigel couldnt get a girlfriend, and other rude things like this.

  • he was thought to be angryswan but probebly not. too good of grammer. 


bajan guy

late 2016

someone nigel had seen before but never really met untill oct 17. he followed him, spring and jeff around killing them. he never spoke at all.



oct 17 2016

Nigle met her at snow5, but just as he came on she said to her 2 other friends "go, go" and they all left. he found them again at snow7, where she told him to leave. Firewolf, her friend, killed him for some reason, so he killed her back. Blackwolfgirl tried to kill nigel for this, so Nigel and Red2 teamed up and killed her and her friends.



oct 17

the friend of Blackwolfgirl, someon who killed nigel, but later apoligized


cool girl jess(angryswan in disguise)

nov 18  2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.17.37 PM

Nigel first heard about "cool girl jess" from angry swan who claimed to be her brother. he told Nigel to go to city1 and get her, but never to mention him to her for "bad things" would happen. When nigel got to city1, she was there, and was spamming about "shin bones". he took her to hill5, where she seemed clueless about Angryswan and who he was. Nigel just assumed that she was in fact Angryswan.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.21.47 PM

she was then found by Nigel, now with fancy letters in her name. he asked her if she was angry swan, so she threw a tantrum, accusing him of saying she was angry swan and what not.

eventually, it was found that Angryswan had cloned her quite convincingly, but nigel was still unsure weather or not this was th true story.

Later in the year, Angry admitted to being coolgirljess all along, and also told Nigel he was secretly dating weed using the name. Nigel encorraged him to continue this, hoping to get revenge by somehow letting on to Nazli that her boyfriend was cheating on her with Angryswan.

she seen spamming bout "shin bones", "she" tried to cover it up when Nigel found out but failed.

"she" also dated icewolf. all i can say is R I P.


(after Nigel tried to warn her that angry swan cloning her, she instantly went into a rage, and started ranting.)

"no. shut the f*** up. you accused me from the get go. now your trying to be all nice and ***. well, kiss my *** you bitch! and for you all, don't mess with me, kids. I'm ****ing more powerful then you think!"


see about her here


the *...* ringneck gang

dec 6 2016

a gang of Ringnecks who were harassing city2. Nigel and someone named Protector tried killing them, for they kept killing innocent birds. it started with one ringneck, but they kept multiplying, using the names *...* and similar faces.



december 6 2016

a pigeon who tried to kill Nigel and Angry.



Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 7.27.30 PM

december 6 2016

a russian hacker who tried to kill nigel after he asked him who he was.




Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 7.18.30 PM

Someone who harassed Nigel and Emma. Nigel had seen her before, and thought she was Angryswan or Ariana.

  • she claimed to be 24, much to the disgust of others.



jan 20 2017

Spammed city2 about how she "robbed" blue flame. started a spam war.  


Legendary Queen

february 4 2017

She was first seen at hill5, by Nigel and King. they questioned her to who she was, but she didn't tell them.She did how ever tell them that she had a group called the "legendary gems", and claimed to have a spy network that she used. King thought she was angry swan, and nigel agreed to this.

she then showed up on jan5, and follow King and Nigel around, refusing to leave city5 even though it was Av's territory and also accusing nigel and King of being clones of themselves. She also cloned Swat rifle, making king declare war on her group.

she then showed up again on feb8, at island5. King and Nigel questioned her to why she refused to leave city5, so she lied, telling them that she was a new player, and didn't know about the av, when she had infact claimed to be the av's friend a few minutes ago. she eventually left island5 after claiming she would be "setting finger" to things



february 2017

someone who Nigel and Matrix think is Ariana. she hangs out at City1 with her friends Skyler and Snowflake.



february 13 2017

an enemy of Matrix, she often followed Nigel and her around, telling them to "go away". she was however a bit dim, she would often find Nigel and matrix with different names, and asked them where "nigel and matrix" were, and stupidly fall for it and go wherever they said they "were".

Fighter - continue this, add what he did to the av site n what not -

-2014 - 2016

Nigel never really knew Fighter until one day at industry7, when Blackwolfking was calling him "finger" and his "blackslave". Nigel tried to stop Blackwolf, but for some reason, fighter didn't thank him for this, instead he seemed to think Nigel was doing bad. since then, they weren't really friends, but not exactly enemies either.

they became enemies again, when he started hating nigel for what he had done to Donna, mocking what nigel had said and making the events turn on him. he would tell nigel to "leave if bothers" and "its just a game".

in february 2017, they started getting on each others nerves again. it started when Nigel and Golden insisted fighter went to the Aerial voltz site and look at the "movie posters" nigel and made. instead of liking the joke, fighter called it foolish and childish, and refused to ever go to the site again, even though he was an av member himself.

it then continued, when Nigel got suspicious of him, for he was hanging out with the av.'s enemies such as Nazli, and Angryswan. he would also show up and poo on nigel making him say "hey!", an automatic thing nigel did when he was attacked fighter would poo on him and say "hey ^_^" to nigel.


idiot baby

2016 - 2017

an annoying bird who would poo on people at city 1


God is Black

2016? or 17? don't know if I added him

a hacker who often hung out at city1. he was known for his name.


John aka Legende and chainsmoker

sept 2017

gamers brother who hates Nigel, and often calls him "gaygull", and insults Nigel to the point where the insults are so dumb he just get ignored by others.

eventually he stopped and became Nigel's friend.


eagle soft

sept 22 2017

an annoying eagle who claimed to love Nigel for no reason, and when he did eventually give reasons they weren't very appropriate. he also seemed to think Nigel was a girl.


Bad no name

sept 2017

a no name who likes lagging city1, and following people. on sept 23 he lagged Gamers Digi Fighter and Nigel out of industry 1, and followed Digital and Nigel. he can be told apart from others for he used <b> instead of <I> in his name. his lag size is 60000 x or something, it just freezes the chat and not the game, but still kills.



October 3 2017

an eagle who killed Nigel. he ended up getting killing by Boogaloo and donna.


notes for Nigel -

did I add bikem!n - the hacker eagle who often started wars at city1 using super poo/egg/floating hack combined.

   scratchy  nov11.  

alpha darlie,  nov 17     a

lphawolfy  nov  

add the fight between him niazli.

 cool girl jess - nov 18  seen spamming bour "shin bones".  

angrys sister?  

gemerx, aka brandon - seen throughout 2016 met him on nov 19    

gamerz bro charlie  nov 19