uh.. I thought your not continuing to make flab3 and stuff? o.o


I'm not, just showing you one of the sketchs i found in my files i made during the fly like a bird 3 game :]

oh ok, cool, peegulls are my favorite flab3 bird :)

is flab3 not working now or is it just me, cause all I get is a blank screen when I try to go on :|

There is but one explanation! *SCARY MUSIC PLAYS* 

just stop it angry swan, its not even funny....... 


yes Fly Like A Bird 3 has shut down, along with all our other games and our website. we kept our promise on keeping it up for as long as possible, but its time to move on. we are sorry and hope you liked our games. 2008-2017, 9 good years :]  

Many thanks,  

-Pete ;] 

you said you'd keep it up for 6 -7 months its been 2 wtf. 

can you somehow give the game to someone else to run? ik someone who might want to ?     

oh n can you post a message on the flab3 wiki so ppl know that the games officially down?