Nigel's beta fish story

ft Darknight(now named swat rifle), Kingslayer, Betafish2883, Blueflame, Death, Etolie bleu=3, petite plume f,


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Nigel met Kingslayer and Darkknight(not named swat rifel) at city 5. they were discussing weather "mates" was a good thing to call two birds who were together, king claimed it was "old". this started when Nigel asked wether Death and Blueflame were mates. Nigel told king "fine then, there husband and wife" and they continued arguing over it. they finally settled on "couple" as the right word.

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Someone named "bettafish2883" then came on, so swat started telling them about her bet beta fish in real life. she claimed to have had a "red one, then a blue one then another red one followed by another red" but they all had died. Nigel told them his "beta fish story", he once had two beta fish and had them separated but then the red one jumped into the blue ones side and ripped its eyeball out. King did a o_o face, while swat said "ouch". Nigel told them "it died. " Swat told them that she had boght a female beta but the male had killed her due to chasing it around all day. Nigel asked "running?" for swat had used "running" as the way the fish got around, so swat told them "swimming" "or the fish have legs". Nigel said "or you have reeeeeeeeeeealy rare fish?" Someone named "etoile bleu=3" then came so King and Blue went an killed him/her/. Swat went on about her beta fish, claiming that one had lived for 1.5 years and died when she was doing her homework. she told them she cried a lot for that fish, so Nigel told her "poor fish". Meenwhile, Blue and King continued killing Etoile, who was asking them to stop. Swat asked if they really needed 3 different people to kill 1 ringneck, for King and Blue had now been joined by death.

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Someone named "petite plume" then came on, as well as "beta fish" returned. beta went over to swat and pooped on her, killing her last life, so Nigel said "kill da fish!>:)" and they all started to kill beta. Swat came back and finished beta off, while nigel said "haha we goina have fried fish!". Swat asked how they would ever eat a beta, for they were so small, so Nigel told her that "seeguls ate everything". King decided to asked nigel if seagulls ate poop, so Nigel told him "NOT THAT EVERYTHING!!!!!". King told him "you said, so i asked". Nigel said "anything edible" so swat said "poo is edible", and started telling them a charming story about a species of lizard that ate is own sh_t. Death pointed out that rabbits did the same thing, so swat told them she hated rabbits for some reason. Nigel then had to go, claiming he would return later.

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ft Ice, God is black, Angryswan
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the murderer

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Later that night be met Icewolf who had finally learned how to make his name fancy. Nigel told him it was easy, so he told him he didn't know he could copy and paste stuff into the name thingy. someone named "god is black(a hacker who often hung out at city1 and killed random people with poo hack)" then started murdering someone named "lol" so Nigel hoped it didn't go after them. ice then went over to god, so nigel told him "don't go near it!!". god started superposing ice to death, so nigel said "well, i can only say i tried.". Ice then claimed that he didn't know god was black. Nigel then had to go for a minute.
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Nigel then returned, to find god killing lol yet again. someone named "god penis" also showed up, and nigel had a good idea of who it was.(i will give you 500 bucks if you can guess too ^_^) After watching God go on a killing rampage, Nigle and ice decided to head to hill5.
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save us..

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at Hill5, nigel found someone named "nigel2" was there. he said "oh f__ no." while ice did a o.o face. Nigel, realising who this was, claimed "oh not this again..." while ice tried to hug him to cheer him up. Nigel2, now known as "angry swan" started yelling random things in this order: i am nigel! i am nicrap ! i am poogul! i am niballs!. Ice deiced to hide under Nigel, while Nigel told Angry to go **** himself. Ice told Nigel that he couldn't help but laugh at this, while Angry continued his insults : i am nihoe! i am hoegul! i am nip__is. Nigel told Angry to go away and go do and things to ariana and leave them alone for once, but it did not work. while Angry continued his "i am" crud, Nigel said "its always me... always....". Ice hugged nigel again, while Angry yelled "i am t__stigul! i am niass!" Nigel asked Angry to go away, but didn't get any answer, while ice said "angryyyyyyy stahp plz........" instead of stopping, angry continued, " i am crapygull! i am nipeethepeegull!" Someone named "Sara wolf" came on, so Nigel asked her to save him and ice, but she left when she saw what was going on. Angry then said "i am Nogul! Icewolf then left for some reason, so Nigel flew over to Angry and killed him while he yelled "I AM AHHHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!! Nigel then left,

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The curse

ft Nazli, Digi, Spirit

feb 3           

Nigel had been at city1 arguing with Nazlia nd Digi. Digi and Nazli had both started calling nigel various insulting names for fun, and then blaming it on him. Spirit was also there, but didnt know who to support. they eventually ended up at hill5, for Nigle had brought up Weed cheating on Nazli, claiming nazli liked the fact he did so.           

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i just sat in this tree the whole time, Digi seemed to damned lazy to fly 3 feet to kill me

at hillscape 5 Nazli started denying that weed ever cheated on her, and told Nigel she never would like him doing it anyways. Nigel, who was already pissed off with her for as soon as he got there, she flew over and pooped on him saying "oops, sorry", told nazli that she just didn't want to know the truth about her "husband". Nigel then asked Digi why she hated him, for a few months ago she would hang out with Nigel as though they were best friends. she told him "then why did Nazli tell me that you put a curse on me?", so said "i don't know?" implying that Nazli was out of her mind. Digi said "yea yea" while nigel told her "well, i didn't. it was most likely Ariana or Angryswan(i highly guess angry, for I've seen him doing the "curse" thing before) behind it." Nazli told Nigel that she wasn't dumb and remembered seeing him talk about it, so he told her "i don't make up curses like some child?" Digi told him she found it hard to believe him, so Nigel said "so you would believe some childish s___ that some cloning idiot made up? great. now i really know you." he then called them both idiots. Nazli told him "like your mom, believe what you want". Nigel told her "i am not the one who "cursed" you", so Nazli told him "Digi just said brb and left". Nigel told her "i saw, idiot."

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Nazli then started going on about how she didn't like weed cheating, again, claiming that when he did she didn't talk to him for days. Nigel stated that he would personally kill weed if he was in the same situation. Nazli then said that weed didn't, but when he said "bad stuff" she didn't like him, so Nigel told her again that he would kill him, before asking her where exactly she saw the clone. She told him it was industry7, and told him the clone was a "Fast talking seagull", still convinced that it was really nigel who did it. Nigel told her "angry swan does that too you know?" so Nazli said "i can recognise pds like you"(I'm not even going to bother looking up what that "pd" insult means..). Nigel told her that she couldn't even tall angry swan from ariana, and asked her how she even knew it was him, if it even was him. Nigel then decided he had had enough of Nazli and Digi's nonsense, and told him "Well, i don't have time for this. now i actually do feel like putting a curse on you two ***s! your really too stupid to tell the difference between a clone from real? shame on you!! shame!!" before leaving the two, claiming "bye :)".           


the joy in your life

ft Angryswan, Kingslayer

february 4           

Nigel found Kingslayer that mourning so the two headed to hill5 together. once there, someone named "king sayer" showed up, so Nigel, knowing who it was, said "oh yay, 2 seconds and its found us already.." King told Nigel to go out of the server, so Nigel did. After that they went to Hill4, Nigel named joy, and King named "jamielannister".           

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 8.35.31 AM
At hill4, King sayer found them, so Nigel told king he gave up, knowing that king sayer(aka angry swan) had a tracker and would find them. Angryswan then randomly said "the jig is up boys! >:)" and lagged the game. Nigel said "f's sake" while angry told him that he would always be found. Kingslayer then pooped on Nigel and started telling him not to call him "dum dum" so Nigel said he didn't. King told him that he just did, while Angryswan was telling them to "have some joy with there lives, with his poo". Angry then started cursing at them as usual, while King told Nigel that he had done it again, so Nigel told him that he really haddnt called king a dum dum(trust me, that ones reserved for someone else). Nigel aid "no really , i didn't? king, you just left and came back and started s___ing on me?" so King said "you did it again!!!". King then told him that it wasn't the "dum dum" part , it was the fact that Nigel had kept giving his name away to angry swan, so Nigel realised what he had done. Angry started laughing, while King told nigel "yea, you got it real early.." Angry said "I've got the power to confuse >:)" so King told him he had the power to be gay and to shut up. Angry told king "now fast my doo-doo!" while Nigle told king that Angry knew it was them anyways. King told nigel "yea, due to you" so nigel shut up. Angry then started going on about how being gay was ok, so King told him that he was straight, and it wasn't.           
Im faaaaaliiinnngggggg!

im faaaaaalllliiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!

as Angry and King argued over being gay, Nigel got bored, so he decide to do some "sky diving". He flew up really high then fell down yelling "i falliiiiinnngggg!". Angry said that he was falling too, so King told him he would fall into his own s____. Angry then started asking nigel to "kiss" him, while Nigel told king that he wasn't sure if this really was Angryswan, for he seemed a bit different. King ignored him, claiming that it was hilarious, so Angry told him "so is your face." while King was going on about his amazing face, Nigle started stating why he didn't think it was angry. King then asked Nigel to leave the server, so Nigel asked king what he thinking. King then realised that he had called nigel by his own name, so he corrected him self, while nigel scolded him for going against his own plan. Angryswan then started telling nigel "what you need is some "joy" in your life, that'l perk ya up." Nigel told him "i do have joy in my life, I'm named after it you idiot!" and left.           
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who is who?

after a little while, Nigel decided to head back to hill4, but found that they had left him. Just as he was swearing about this, King came back, and told Nigel to go to in2 and change names. Nigel, now named felipe, got there and fuond someone name "who" was there. he was suspicious, because angry swan was known to have used this name before. it turned out it was in face king, and he told Nigel to go to in3. so once at in3, Nigel changed to "the eagle" for Angry had seen them for a split second before they left. Nigel then had to leave for a minute.           
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 8.53.56 AM
when he got back(still named "the eagle"), he found king an Angry at hill3. Angry told Nigel to "stay still" but was ignored, for Nigel was yelling, saying "would ya stop changing servers and leaving me?!" Angry told Nigel to leave, while Nigel was asking if King was even there, for he hadn't spoken at all. Angyr started telling nigel that he would "end" him an king, so Nigel asked him how he ever thought he would do that. Angry told him that he would use "poo in there faces" so Nigel told him that he couldn't end the life of a damnd fly, claiming that the fly would fly away laughing at him. Angry told nigel that flies would swarm around his face, for they mistook it for dog doodoo, so Nigel told him "well they probably like landing on you and doing bad things to you cause even just your name stinks like sh__" Angry said "your right... kings name is sh.__y!" for he was still cloning him. Nigel then decided to go, wondering why he was spending his morning insulting a "low life swan".           

met king after he told me off about the name calling lol                  

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 9.16.41 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 9.14.50 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 9.12.09 AM
                  king?  dont say the name. oh right.  change ur namejosh   why?joy    change ur nameking    what should i change it to, im running outa ideasnigel   o.0   ok ok  now im felipe! better?!felipe   u chaned to felipe lmaoking  o.o    brb back mom being anoyingfelipe  okjosh  an  what bout my name felipe?nigel   u used it infront of the swanking oh, right.. i wont forget felopee_E   brb!   now ive changed to bubbles better?    alright soking   so whatnigel   lol idk   killer fink is here?   this nme ok to use?nigel  who's thatnigel   loljosh   lol guess    um idk?nigel a hackerkiller  loljosh    i thought u were asking who nazi isjosh   rlly, who si it.nigel   i will show u if u wantkiller   oknigl   man keep what ever it is to urselfking   he poo hacks  like ive never seen dat before *claps*king   u dnt understand ukiller  can i see againnigel he was doing superhsi.itking  its getting old killering  i 

the trashy birds

ft Sky and Rocky
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.44.02 AM

Nigel met Sky and Rocky at hill5, 2 birds he had met the other day at snow7. that day they and originally hated nigel, sky claiming that Nigel had been seen going around telling people that he hated jews and muslims, so Nigel told her that it was Angryswan who did that. Sky eventually realised that Nigel was telling the truth, and apologised for blaming him. she had also believed Nazli and Digis stories about Nigel, but then found them to be false.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.49.57 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.48.25 AM

At hill5, he started chatting with the two, but then they stopped talking and it went randomly silent. after a while, Sky asked them both what they were doing, so Nigel told her he want doing much, just sitting in the trash can. Sky said "where you belong, don't kill me" so he asked her why he belonged in a bin. she told him that she belonged in one too, so she told him that they were all trashy. so Nigel, Sky, and rocky sat in the trash can together, Nigel calling them the "trashy birds". Sky and rocky then started spamming "lo" over and over, so nigel spammed it in big letters telling them "your welcome". sky then started attacking a suit, every time she hit it, there would be an explosion of feathers as though she had crashed into something. Nigel said "feathers everywhere" while Rocky told them she had turned her hack off. Nigel then decided to go look for Kingslayer, for that was what he had been originally doing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.48.31 AM

Who is queen?

ft Swat, King, Legendary queen, Spirit

Nigel went to hill5 with swat rifle, and they were waiting for kings layer, who was taking an awfully long time to show up. Swat and Nige started talking about "teleporting" pizza, for where the pizza was for nigel, it was somewhere else for swat. They then started swimming in the river, and trying to kill the fish that lived in it. Finally king showed up, so Nigel told him "couldn't have taken ya 5 more hours could it?". Swat then had to go.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.52.00 AM

Someone named "legendary queen" came on, so Nigel and King questioned her to who she was. She claimed she was looking for someone named "sapphire". she then told them she was the leader of a group called the "legendary gems", so nigel told her it sounded more like some girly crap a group of 6 year olds made. Spirit joined them, while King and Nigel question queen, for she claimed to know everything about the AV. she told them "i'll disclose... I've a spy system in my team through them i hear all going on". King said that she seemed somewhat like Angryswan, so nigel, realising this too, agreed, claiming "oh, didn't think bout that". Spirit started saying that Angryswan was nice, so King and Nigel both told him that he was wrong. Nigel claimed Angry was a r_pist creep, while King said he was a freak show. Spirit told him he was nice and hilarious, but only got the same descriptions again. Nigel then had to go for a minute.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.41.37 AM

when he got back, he found that Queen had left, while Spirit was bragging that he should have an oscar award. Nigel, thinking the two we're about the right as they usually did, told them not to, while spirit said "intact, and oscar x 2!" Nigel told them that he thought they were going to argue, so they told them they wouldn't. Spirit then claimed that even if they did, he knew he would have the last word in it. just then, polska came on, so Nigel said "oh crap." Non of the others seemed to realise, but Nigel decided to leave anyways.

Centipede facts!

ft Digi, Angryswan, Stella, Xanax, Cherie, Donna,

Nigel had been at City1, where Angryswan was cloning cherie and donna, adding "2" to the end of there names. at one point, some others caught on, so cherie had 4 different clones all named 1,2,3 and 4. Nigel eventually decided to leave, when someone named "nigel stalker" came on.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 6.39.57 PM

Nigel ended up at Snow1, with 2 birds named "Stella" and "xanax". Digi also showed up, as well as angry, who kept using innapropriat names. eventually, angry swan decided to continue his "Facts" saga, and named himself "centepeid facts". he started by saying "fact: centipedes are venomous". Angry then said "fact: centipedes are the only animal with venomous for-legs". Stella told him to go away, while Digi started following angry, getting ready to kill him. Nigel told them all that compared to other "facts" angry had done, the one he was doing now was "mild". Digi laughed at this, so Nigel told her "i wish i was making that up..." Rose love then came on, so everyone said hi to her. Angry continued his facts claiming Centipedes were the largest scolopendrid, and they ate rodents and bats. Rose started asking where everyone was , while Angry started spamming the fact. Digi told rose that everyone was probably not on right now, while she asked if she had missed something. she then asked if "rose2" had been killed, so Digi said i had. Nigel told them that Rose2" was right with them, and pointed out that Angryswan was rose2. Rose then asked everyone if they want dot go to city1, so Xanax and Digi decided to go. Stella wanted to raise her chick first, while Nigel decided to stay too. Angry continued on about his facts, claiming "centipedes are poor climbers, yet they still try anyways", so Nigel asked him "so, centipedes are idiots, your saying?". Angry started that because of this, they would drop off ceilings onto peoples heads. Angry then told them that centipedes where solitary and territorial. Nigel told him that he wasn't scaring them, claiming that his attempts were pathetic. Digi agreed with Nigel. Angry then claimed that Ice wolf was supposedly afraid of centipedes, but got nothing back. Nigel then decided to go, after xanax returned claiming to have "killed love" for he seemed to hate rose love.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 7.06.34 PM

Nigle went back to city1 and found blackwolf there, but he didn't seem to know nigel anymore?


This is war

ft King, Lisha, Queen, Oooooooooo, Swat

January 5

Nigel had been with King in the morning. Nigel ha got the idea to change there names in advance, so that no one could get the chance to follow them. Nigel named himself "joy" in russian" while King also changed his name. Nigel was a swan and Kign was a robin, so King started calling nigel "Fat". Nigel told him he was no where as near as fat as the "other one" refuting to Angry swan.

Nigel's plan then

failed, for both lisha and Legendary queen found them and started following them. Queen refused to get out of Hill5, claiming it was her place, so Nigel and King went to City5. Queen followed them there and refused to leave. She eventually tried to apologise, claiming she she just got angry with them, so Nigel told her he didn't give a crap if she was angry, and told her to get the hell out. King started killing her, while Nigel called her a number of rude names. Queen eventually left, while King told her "you can't even imagine the things i'll do to ya!!" while Nigel said every. damn. morning. the same thing..."

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.55.26 AM

She eventually left, but returned, now with Swat rifles name. Nigel, first thinking it was the real swat, asked her to help them kill queen, while King asked her if she knew who he really was. swat, now found out as queen, said "how dare yo be rude with the queen! you know who she is?!" Nigel told king he would let King deal with it, while queen told king that she would have to kill everyone unless they said sorry. King and Nigel then left and got there names, so queen, being the idiot she was, thought that Nigel and King were actually other birds cloning themselves. King pointed out that she was a clone herself, while someone named "ooooooooooooo" joined them. Nigel then crashed into a building, so he started cursing at it, while king continued fighting queen. Queen then tried appoligizing again, asking them to forget about what happened and claiming she could be angry too, so Nigel told her he didn't care and told her to leave(actually, the wording was no where near as polite as that). Nigle then told king she cloned an Av, no murcey on her!" Queen then left

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.57.31 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.58.09 AM



King then started killing oooooooo, while Nigel asked who it was. King told Nigel to put Queens name on the "kill list", so he told him he would do. Lisha then flew over to nigel and said hi, so King told her to shut it, which she refused. King then told Nigle to move, so he could kill lisha, but Nigel ended up getting pooped on by Lisha, who figured out what king was planning to do. Lisha said sorry but nigel didn't believe it. Queen then returned, as well as Swat rifel, so nigel told swat what queen ha done. Swat didn't know if Nigel was real, so He told swat to go to the site and he would explain. queen trie to get back at nigel, claiming "well Jaja and open are cloning king and nigel" so Nigel told her "we are them you idiot, we were using the names so bitches like you wouldn't find us and follow us!!!!!!!" He then left.

later spring was spamming city1 about random stuff lol

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.14.04 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.12.22 PM

☀h5 spring omg!!!spring how r ya!??!nigel good you?!?!? im good!!!nigel whyw ere u spamming city 1?nigel my borhter dared mespring oh right before i forget i will tell u the website for the avnigel ok this is the linknigel yes u can go on there and sww when ppl are on flab3 n what notnigel im ariana was clonign u againspring she n angryswan both been cloning me non stopnigel waitspring do u remember the other day in city1 named spammer no? was ue name nigeltheseegulspring i dont remembernigel og then it was a clonen i was here fridayspring she pooed on me lol hey sorry oh ok be right back moms being anoying nigel weba ik how u feelspring lol



Nigel had been at city5 arguing with Nazli and Sky. Spirit was also there, trying to help Nigel. Nazli kept accusing Nigel of dating ariana, while Nigel accused Nazli of making up stories about him, claim that he did not go around making up "curses and spells" on people. Sky seemed to be on Nazli's side, unfortunately. After arguing for a while, Nigel finally left with spirit to hill5

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.36.51 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.40.37 PM

hill5 aftr arguing with nazli, sky suports her even hen she makes up what was all thata bout?Spirit god i hate those twonigel ok let me explain nvm there both ehre now sto follwoing i love unazli ur acting like ariana nownigel dont startdark start what? chocolatesky summa with nigeldrk ur lucky its nightnazli man i wish i was this gaysky what could u possibly do to me?spirit so u two hate ariana, yet u act like her by following people and trolling. nigel i dont hate anyone i folowed cause im vored andl onelysky yea dork understandssky no, u followed bcause ur trying to be a troll and anoy usnigel my wife i brb 2 secs ok pedalnazli like u arnt onenazli im rlly lnely thoughsky i have ym babynazli no jus bored dorksky hill1 island1 she followed fine ill just leave, byesky snow1 spirit u here? dark name change nownigel dude gil!!!!! im polterspirit change name nownigel nahh its fine. finenigel i hate those twonigel i can tellspirit they make up fu cking stories about me, they follow me around, they act liek bitches!nigel wanna pf in c4?

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.43.40 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.47.05 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.44.18 PM

back lets go to c4niel  howd to talk to qucik?spirit idk i just can lo nigel ok seagull figth n c4? ok go c4  nazli si here  eh i see a pdnazli wheres skynazli hiiii deathnazli   left cos of uspirit  how r u long time no seenazli   heeeeeyy duudeeeespirit  im going to hill5.nigle  bye.nigel 


the waiting game

ft Weed, Digi

weed had been lagging city7 nonstop, causing Nigel and others to be lagged out constantly. Nigel eventually had enough, so him and Digi went to hill5. Weed followed and continued lagging. eventually they ended up at snow1, Nigel named "random eagle" and Digi named "yayourt". Weed found them, so Nigel and Digi pretended to be random birds. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 5.04.55 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 5.03.49 PM

after a while, Weed kept telling Nigel he wasn't weed, and that he knew random eagle was nigel. Nigel still didn't speak, and made a nest, ignoring Weed. Weed kept asking nigel to say something, getting fed up now, but Nigel still ignored. Weed then tried lagging, but even that didn't work. after about an hour, weed left, so Nigel and Digi went to city3, only to be found again. Nigel finally gave up, and said "i did pretty good, amiright?"  

snow1  ok i give uplala  loltameredigi    nigel...?weed go awaylala  lol let himdigi  damn teee i like u nigelweed  go fu ck urself, ariananigel its not arianadigi  who else "loves" me.?nigel  lol meh  jkdigi 

ill Finnish this later when I'm not pissed off



Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 8.55.45 AM

hill5 with spring n fighter f offnigel o.0king off? ^_^sifgher fighter killed me. i need a bag of pf candyspring u wanna see pf?fighter oh heck nospring aftr i finnish my candyspring why s this bish joining avfighter nigel stop recruiting people like thisfighter nigels gking i can recruit her, fighter, shes mt mate e.enigel shes his hfking actuallyking u cant if i say noking that dosnt mean shizfighter can she pls staynigel well seeking ur just being mean now :(nigel nigel this isnt ur playgroundfighter let her stay for now, but u dont tell her our codes yetking ok what codesnigel good lolking u lostking r u lost?king srry, my memories bad.nigel more then badfighter do u foget everyhthing u hear?king but some thingsnigel lol manking e.eking i cant remember anything thats recently been told to me. idk whyniel what has happend to av anywaysfighter i havnt been playing attention n it seems to have gone to kidlast been gone and many members havnt been activeking there are like ten members who r activeking on game and on sightking all of them are like this springtrap i betfighter not allking shut itnigel we got hrnrey right?king lmaoking spring dont listen to themnigel and nigel u better respect mefighter loolfighter yea man respect ur homeisfigher yeh, respect someone who poos on me so they can watch me say "hay stop!!!?" nnigel lol?king its caled raggingking yes.fighter brb back he cna be such a wusfigher shut it someone just barked who was is?king some doggi i thinkking webaspring e_enigel ah gaydigi ah doggieking ah gaydigi spring wanna go to hill4nigel e.edigi sure ok hill4 dont listen to them there just being meannigle didig is here she pooing on me nou digi king n fighter!!! i died.. sstop oh nvm digi's gone hey kingnigel king? what? why r u two so mean to spring?nigel fluffy is here lol mah dogking here boyking who?nigel u mea fluffy?nigel here boyking fluffy is killing king island5 there anoyingnigel yesspring they arsping sorry bout thenigl fighter is here stop followingnigel lolfighter king is here too spring left why u keep following menigel it is a habit of urts to run from problemsfighter i dont like starting fightsnigel let him typeking lol u dont seem to ahve toruble starting onesfighter when theres a fight dont runking ye true but we all do thatking remember kidlat me gamers and king are leasers of the clan oen of is isnt on fighter but every time i ge tin a fight something stupid happens and i end up getting blamed for it allnigel i then gtg


"Setting Finger"

Kingslayer, Legendary queen

feb 8

that morning Nigel emt King and Legendary queen at island 7. King was questioning her to why she harassed them at city5 the other day. she acted like she didn't know about it av base and crap, like she was innocent, claiming to be new, so nigel told her not to pull crap like that.Nigel claimed she said that she did it cause she was "angry" but she continued saying she was new n what not. Nigel ointed out that Angry did this crap as well. Queen also tried saying that the av was her "friend", so nigel told her that the av, being king and nigel, would be her friend if they god damned wanted to.

she then told them that av had problems, and asked them why they were always angry, and also asked why Nigel sward a lot. King and nigel told her that if she thought Nigel was bad, then she should meet angry swan. they then told her she was the one with problems.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 8.34.23 AM

He asked her why she cloned Swat, so she said it was her "sister". Nigel told her "oh, the sibling blaming, seen it all to many times...". she told him nf King , who told her he would do bad things to her sister if she clones again, that she would "set finger" to things. she then corrected herself and said "fingerprints"(thefuck) while king and nigel asked her if she meant "fire".

Nigle then had to go, telling king to be careful for queen would set "finger" to things. king told him not to trust queen lol.

Nigel later found her at city4, and mocked her, asking her how her "finger setting" had gone. She was with some other bird named "windy, who kept asking about poo hack.


feb 9

weeds cheating again.....

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.09.09 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.18.29 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.07.58 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.08.59 AM

found stoner with digi at city5     then king on  i got news!!! hill5 weed's usin the name stoner n cheating on nazli with diginigel  not reudigi  yesnigel oh ncieking hahahahahaking  belive what ou want little kiddigi  stoner is cheating with diggie?king not my falt if ur stupiddigi doggie*king  u seen dark?king   lol, we should tell nazlinigel   he was on i thin  do u mean swatnigel  she was ona  min agonigel  gamerz is here  heeyy  king os going to look for swat  guys whats the new aerial bolt siht called i cant find itking  screne shot/  lol theres no new siteking  cant find it gamer   just the old one i cant tell hereking why notgamer   thunderbirdsgamer     lkin  u said itking  just type in aerial voltz and the site should be tjerenigel  u said itking   alright.. says the link to the fomking  got it?king  repeatgamer  ok lolking  just type in aerial voltz in google and it should be therenigel   ok?king no it wontking   no it wotnking  does for me?nigel   :/nigel   gamerz  got it?king   that?  ya dont say ti muchking  lol  okking  i tried searching it toogamerz  its ther eman jusy type the adressking   bbr go check site  back bck  baaaaack!igel put a -king yeahgamer  webagamer  voltz then?gamer then bvoltking   yea then..king thengamerz  then free forumsking  puta  dot before itking  found it!gamer  yaynigel lolking  go see kings video! brb its soem game of thrones crap lmao  back  aand they left me>:(  kings back weba cool video!nigel  dark was asking who kingslayer was so i showed herking u watched it so quick?king  does he kill kings?  and no, i just had a look, ima watch it in a bit  gamerz is back brbk weba gamer weba  ty  ty lol lol  hey broking  u got the site?king a noname came and went  gamerz loves merve will come on justw atchgamerz   yea i did thanksgamer  lol its colking so nigel what did ya thinking gamerz copid him   i havnt watched the whole video yetnigel   bro is that ur chanal?gamerz  no broking   lol ur name is theregamer   its a tribute video to kignslayerking  kingslayer is a characterking       real name= jamine lannisterking thats not mah channalking  ill be backgamerz left  ok   now whatnigel  be riht backking  king left :/    there back  webnigel  gamerz left?  its soem game of thrones crap lmao  back  aand they left me>:(  kings back weba cool video!nigel  dark was asking who kingslayer was so i showed herking u watched it so quick?king  does he kill kings?  and no, i just had a look, ima watch it in a bit  gamerz is back brbk weba gamer weba  ty  ty lol lol  hey broking  u got the site?king a noname came and went  gamerz loves merve will come on justw atchgamerz   yea i did thanksgamer  lol its colking so nigel what did ya thinking gamerz copid him   i havnt watched the whole video yetnigel   bro is that ur chanal?gamerz  no broking   lol ur name is theregamer   its a tribute video to kignslayerking  kingslayer is a characterking       real name= jamine lannisterking thats not mah channalking  ill be backgamerz left  ok   now whatnigel  be riht backking  king left :/    there back  webnigel  gamerz left?  


feb 10  

Nigle got into a fight with fighter(haha) and argued with him. Fighter had accused nigel of attacking him earlier using the name "Chucky", while Nigel accused Fighter of hanging out with Nazli, the AV's enemy.  

nigel then met cherie that night and talked to her about stuff. she claimed to have some illness that disabled her ability to walk, but nigel thought she was joking. he appoligized about this, and told her he was really sorry. Cherie then pointed out that after all there arguments, they still were friends. they then chatted about this  


the fish-birds

ft King, Frost, Eren, Taya, Legendary queen,fighter,

feb 11  

Nigel had been at hill5 with kings layer and frost that morning. King was suggesting that Nigel change his name, for nigel was upset about fighter following him around and killing him(fighter had been doing this the last few days, telling nigel that he would kick him out of the av, and also accused him of spying with the name "Chucky"). Nigel didn't have any ideas, so King told him he would think about it. After trying the names "orange", "joy" and "ihavenonameideas", Nigel gave up and started complaining about it. King told him "how about "unspeakable?" so Nigel told him "ha ha.. very funny."  

Nigel then started going on about what fighter had done, listing off all the bad things had done in the last few days. King, having enough of listening to Nigel's ranting, told him "if you want to keep on blabbing on, i can happily go change my car oil". Nigel told him he would be quiet, but king left anyways. he asked frost "he didn't really go to do that did it?".  

Eren then surprisingly came on, so Nigel and frost started talking to him. Frost was talking about some birthday party, while Eren talked about a party he had been to last night. Eren then left for a minute, and King returned. Nigel asked king what he was doing, for he still didn't believe King would really go change car oil, so king told him "changing my car oil." Nigel told King "oh.. you missed my important story about fighter.." sarcastically, and then asked king "you really did that?" King told him that his car was low on oil and water, and was told that he was "mean" by nigel. Nigel then told king that he was sorry for being annoying, an claimed that he wouldn't do it again, but got no answer. King then asked Nigel what his fighter story was, so he told king that he was joking when he said that.  

Someone named "Taya" then came on so Nigel asked who that was. King flew over to Taya and killed her, so Nigel said "oh well, dosnt matter now :|" Eren came back, and told them that his computer had gone all black and frozen, while Taya startd speaking some weird language, "Vem da si ti brina". Nigel asked Eren why it did that, while Eren told them that it would probably do it again, claiming it was the damn memory card. Taya then yelled "bbbbbbrrrrrriiiiinnnnnnnaaaa" for some reason, but was ignored by everyone. Eren then started telling them about a party he had been to last night, and also a "qx gay parade" he went to after. King said 0_o while frost asked "omg rlly?" so Eren told them that people have out awards and sang songs at this parade.  

Nigel then saw that Frost had fallen into the River, so he said "hey look, frost is swimming!", so Frost told him "no, I'm drowning". Nigel told her "Well.. i can't swim" and asked King to save her. Eren, who had gone in the river to, claimed that they were floating, while King randomly threw them cookies and Nigel claimed he wasn't going to go swimming today. Frost asked why king had thrown cookies at them, while Nigel caught on to kings joke and said "feed the fishies!". Eren and Frost started saying "nom nom" and "blub blub", while Nigel asked king if he thought they would want some fish food. Frost told them she was a smiling fish, while Eren said "throw it in i eat everything". King said "everyone? oooo" while nigel, remembering what happened when he told king he ate everything, told Eren "don't tell him that! the last time i did he started asking me if i ate.. stuff."(stuff i won't repeat) King them gave the "fishes" some milkshakes, so Eren asked him why that. Eren then claimed that they were now sharks, while King said "lmao, someone loves themselves". Nigel told Eren and frost, who were claiming to "eat everything", "yay, now i really wanna swim.." so frost told him "cute but deadly. go jump in!"  
Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.20.49 AM

the swimming fish-birds!

Legendary queen then came on, and said "why hello, my dear friends!" so Nigel said "crap..." Queen realised what they were doing, so she said "yay.. swimming.." while nigel started "well that just ruined the fun." Frost told queen that she was brave for swimming with sharks, so she told them that baby sharks didn't bite. Eren told her that they did, while frost said that if they were hungry they bite, so queen said "ooh, then i'll run away" and left. Nigel then had to go.    

Later that day, Nigel went to hill5 with King, but was instead followed by Fighter. Fighter started attack nigel, saying "hey^_^" to mock what nigel usually said when he was pooped on. Nigel told him to go away, but he refused to. King finally got there, so Nigel asked him to tell fighter to stop. King asked Fighter why he was doing this, so fighter told him "nigel knows.." Nigel claimed he didn't do anything, so fighter mocked what he said. King said "alright alright, what happened?" while fighter asked nigel "is that all you say nigel?" Nigel told him "what is there to say? you just follow me around and s__ on me for fun." Fighter asked nigel "what did Chucky do ^_^", so Nigel told him it was ariana who did that. Fighter told nigel that he was using that as an excuse, so Nigle gave up, saying "just leave me alone!!" and left.       


the king-sayer

ft Rapidssnake, Swat, Angryswan

i was was actually going to ask King, or who ever i met where angry swan had been lately, for i haddnt seen him for like weeks. well.. i didn't have to in the end!

february 13 

Nigel had been at hill5, hanging out with Swat rifel and a new bird named "rapids snake", who's name Swat mistook for r__pist snake. Nigel and swat were telling him a bit about Flab3, Nigel claiming it could be weird. Swat then asked Nigel if he had known a guy named "sniper pkg", for he had seen him earlier, so Nigel said he did, but he didn't remember who he was. They decided to go to hill5, where Nigel told Swat that he had known Sniper, for sniper had had another name and then told nigel about his new one. Nigel then wondered if it was Angryswan but swat said it wasn't, claiming that Snipers Aim was way to good. Sniper had apparently claimed to be "training for his leader kidlat", and was fighting with Swat. Nigel agreed, claiming that Angry couldn't hit a fly if he wanted too.

Rapidssnake decided to leave, claiming he was getting something to eat, while Nigel continued trying to remember who Sniper was. Swat claime to hate her memory,so Nigel told her that he hated his as well. he claimed that it only brought up crap when he wanted to remember something. Swat then suggested that they ask on the av site about it, so nigel agreed. Swat then told Nigel that she saw Spring a few days ago when fighter had been killing nigel. Swat claimed to have wanted to save nigel, but she had been to scared at the time. After talking about this, someone named "jessica" came on, so Nigel asked who tf this was. Swat was asking nigel how old his computer was, for he had been complaining about it was usual, so jessica randomly told them "boi, my pc is like 8 and still good!". They asked her who she was, so she claimed to be "john cena" .

Nigel then left for a minute. When he got back, Kingslayer was there, and swat was telling him to wait for Nigel would return. King asked nigel if he was a girl, so Nigel asked "is that the real king..." Swat

computer died lol back  damned computer  how can u probe it o.oswat   ok  prove what?nigel  lol nigel leaves king comes then king leaves nigel comes   :/nigel kingsayer is her....  noo.. just no.nigel not kingswat    i know who it isnigel it lagged the game  hey no lag!swat   i think its the swan..nigel  swan dosnt lagswat  right?swat  idk he used the name kignsayer thoughnigel  king(me) does!ksayer  yea its swan...swat   oh the joy.... -_______________-nigel  kingsayer left who is that? merve?swat     a seegul is hre........   f.cknigel hi ima a seegultoo!angry yup, its swanswat    ima seegul! go away swan, we dont want you herenigel  ima nigles cousinswan  lol u dont get it nigel is the only segulswat   no name is here  aaand now we have a no  name .. yaynigel  whos thatswat    i also a seegulangry lolswat  sparklenoname  i have to talknoname to me?swat      owangry gets killed   i want to say goodby swatnoname    murderyd!!!!angry  u leabe?swat  im goina miss u..nonam  hes leaving?!nigel   ur my best friend where ru going?swat  dmaybe well meet some day in our livesnoname   nigelngry   u toononame  where r u going?!?!swat     dont goswat   this is our last momentnoname  *plays sad music*nigl  why what hapend?!swat  u creeping me outswat  i dont know im tired of thisnoname  ur tird of me?noname   n.  do u know springtrap did.. itangry u habe messenger?swat nononame    i have facebookjessica  i dont know uswat    she found the av siteswan   woooow u dont say nigga"jessica     ur not goina leave meswat  shes been telling everyoneangry  who? nigelangry    angrys yeling that spring told everyone bout av  nigle gtg  bye noname wh ever u arenigel..

  • sniper = blackfire - justa thought


National Hate Day!

ft Sky, Angryswan.
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.24.56 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.26.06 PM


Later on that day, Nigle went to island5, where he found Sky. Someone named "45565" was there, and was talking about rude things. He reconized him as Angryswan, and told sky who it was. Angry then changed his name to something rude and started trying to do rude things(I'm not repeating it..). Nigel told Sky who he was, and her about him. Angry started trying to force Nigel and Sky to join the legendary gems group, revealing that he was Legendary queen. Nigel told Angry that he wasn't going to join his group, let alone one that sounded like it was named by a group old 5 year old girls, and sky agreed. Angry left and named himself "av burners" , and started telling them that they had no choice but to join, or they would die. Nigel told him to make him, so Angry flew over and started killing nigel. Nigel died, and when he came back he told angry "lame, i was typing."
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.22.57 PM

Angry trying to force them into LG group

Angyr told him "as you asked for, friend!" and then randomly left. He then returned, now named "Dapplefrost", so Nigel, knowing what angry was getting at, told him "I'm not falling for it." so angry left. Nigel decided to guess what angry was goina come back back as, while sky said "whats his point, i don't even get it?" Angry came back as "letseatnigel!" and started roleplaying that he was eating nigel. Sky called him a cannibal, so Angry cut out her stomach and drank from it. Sky laughed, and said "gory" while nigel said "well. now you know Angryswan..."

Angry then left and returned as "i hate arabs", and looked at sky, while Nigel said "arabs now? first muslims, then jews, and now arabs?!" Sky pointed out that he pretty much hated everything, while angry said "lets gas them!" he then "killed" sky and left, so sky said "um.. am i supposed to be dead or something?" so Nigel said "omg, bravo! so amazed...." and rolled his eyes. Donald trump then came on, so Nigel said "no.. just no." Angry started doing rude things again, so nigel told sky he thought they needed to get him to a mental hospital. Sky agreed, and said he needed help, so nigel said "yea.. before he dies of what ever illness he's got". Sky claimed that it would be said, and stated that she would cry, so Nigel claimed they would cry until the world drowned. Sky said she would never play fly like a bird 3 again, while Nigel said he may kill himself. Sky claimed she would get crippling depression, and agreed to the suicide. Angry left and changed his name to "weed", so nigel said "nice name, if only it wast stolen!" while angry started trying to kiss him. Nigel then got a knife and cut angrys head off and shot his body to be sure he was dead, so Angry left and went back to "trump". Sky started wondering if angry was some "spooky fan girl" of nigel, while nigel threw angrys body in a dumpster and threw it in a river and set it on fire. Angry left and changed to "i hate you" and stated "FEB 13 IS NOW NATIONAL HATE DAY!!!! F*** YOU ALL!!!" and left. Sky said "wow, right before the 14th? thats sad." and left as well.


Dumb and Dumber

ft Matrix, Girl, Spirit, Snowflake, Skyler, Angryswan

Later that night, Nigel was arguing with "girl" at city1 with Matrixwolf. they were accusing her of being ariana, for she acted like her, but she kept trying to convince them they were wrong. Spirit started getting tired of the arguing, so he killed all of them. some no name named "Skyler" was confused as to who ariana was, while some other bird named "snowflake"(just a snowflake symbol) joined in the argument against girl.

Matrix and Nigel eventually got tired of it, and decided to go to island5. Girl, Snowflake and Skyler all followed them, so Nigel and Matrix started blaming them for this, and telling them to go away. Spirit showed up and started killing Matrix an Nigel, so they headed to hill1, and changed their names. At hill1, Nigel(now named joy) told matrix(now named fear, lol) the plan for if they showed up - he would say "go" and they would leave for 2 minutes, then return with new names. after a little while, the 3 showed up, so Nigel and Matrix decided to go to snow1. Meenwhile, some bird named "nest helper" caught on, and started following them...

SnowFlake and Skyler eventually found them at snow1, so Nigel gave up, an started yelling at them to go away. surprisingly they didn't catch on who Nigel, now named eagle, and Matrix, now named Mily, were, and started asking if they had seen Nigel and Matrix. Nigel told the two that they were waiting at hill5 for them, and they fell for it. Nigel and Matix started laughing at their stupidity, and decided to go to island1 incase they came back.

At Island1, Nest helper revealed he was angry swan, and started spamming "you know, i really Hatrix the Matrix (-_-)". Matrix started arguing with Angry, telling him to go away, while Nigel decided to check if Snowflake and Skyler had really gone to hill5. amazingly, the two were sitting around at hill5, waiting for Nigel and Matrix to show up, while Girl had been sent to search for them, with no luck. Nigel returned and told Matrix "believe it or not, but dumb and dumber are still waiting for us at hill5!", while Angryswan went on about rude stuff again.

eventually, they ended up back at snow1, where girl, snowflake, and Skyler finally figured them out, so Nigel decided to leave for the night.


valentines day. in the most very wrong way!

ft Cherie, Icewolf, Angryswan hdhdhhhdd,

That day, Nigel had been going around spamming "happy valentines day!" at all the cityscapes.

he then found Cherie at island4 with these things.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 6.38.51 PM

first nigel found cherie n her daughter n blakccat at island 4. with... these things.

Nigel eventually met Icewolf, so they headed to hill 5. Nigel decided they should change there names, explaining what had happened the previous day with Matrix, Snowflake, Girl and Skyler. After changing there names, someone named "ass-wolf" came on. Ice(now named Kewl) asked who it was, so Nigel(now named joy) asked ice "Really... really?!!?!?!?!?!!" Ice asked again, so Nigel told him "who is the now who replaces peoples names with swear words?" Nigel then realised that he had found them without even seeing them with there names, so he asked ice how the hell he knew they were even there. Ice face palmed(or wing-palmed? heehee ._.) and asked nigel if they were supposed to reveal who they were. Nigel realised what he had done, so he told Ice to "go". They both changed there names, ice to "appleseed" and Nigel to "bubbles" .   



Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.18.14 PM

the rest of ice's comment was about r___ and stuff.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.19.43 PM

Angry was still there, so Nigel gave up, knowing it was practically impossible to get away from the swan. Angry, who was in his house now, started spamming, as he usually did, while Ice told Nigel that he stole some dude named "Brown"'s old name. Nigel asked Angry if he could leave them alone, for just one day, but was ignored. Angry spammed "crunchy balls" instead. Nigel then left and changed his name back to "joy", claiming "I'm not having him mock that name again." Angry then randomly left, so Nigel and ice fled to Hill1. At hill1, Angry had already gotten there before them, so Nigel said "what the f..? how....?" while ice said "jesus christ!?" Angry told nigel that he was going to put a curse on him, so Nigel told him "go away or well do bad things to you, and doth start with the curse crap again, you already did enough of that with nazli and Digi!" Angry told him he was "Majikal" so Nigel tried doing a counter curse that would make angry's head fall off. Angry spammed something about ice and Nigel being "cursified", while ice told him "to angry from is with lots of love, i will r___ you!" Nigel told Ice to do it, for it would "teach him a lesson", while angry changed his name to.. well.. a rude name, and started spamming "now give me that banana!" Nigel told ice "do bad things to him! meanwhile. ima run away and watch..." Nigel then left and changed to a no name, while ice told angry to stop, claiming he now felt weird. Angry started saying rude things, while Nigel suggested they go and hide in a cave. Ice asked if angry was talking to himself, so nigel said "probably is. he's crepy". Angry told nigel he was speaking to him, but was cut off when ice went into his house and killed him   

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.26.13 PM

my cave!!

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.27.22 PM


Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.27.12 PM

random owl.?

Angry came back with the name "donald trump" so Nigel said "of f no.........." while ice just didnt comment. Angry started saying more inappropriate things(things to do with r--ing ice.. thats all i will say), so Nigel told ice "um.. about hiding in that cave.. i.. i think i will do it now!!!!!!!" and ran to the cave. ice started yelling at nigel for help, for angry was now trying to r__ him. Nigel told ice he was staying put, while angry continued the rude comments. just then, an owl named "hdhdhhhdd" showed up, and went into the cave they were hiding in, so Nigel said "um.. hello random owl?" but got no answer. Ice asked the owl to save them, while nigel told him he had to go for a bit. he claimed he had to go eat dinner, and hoped he wouldn't puke it all up.   

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.44.09 PM
Nigel returned to ice telling angry, now named nigel, that he wasn't tricking him. Nigel claimed that he haddnt lost his dinner yet, but quickly took it back when angry started the rude comments again. They then tried to go to snow1, Nigel now named "eagle man", but angry found them, and asked nigel to "touch him". They left and tried Island5, but were found yet again, this time told to give angry some real "joy".   
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.00.07 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.59.26 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.54.40 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.48.08 PM unszipsangry  slaps angry  noice   angrys being rude    why tf is my name joy it should me "discusted"   :/nigel backs awayice    anhald my dongangry   nowangy  angry does rude stuff  jowangry    watjoy put it indonald   pins angryice   im not answering thatnigel  angry do rude stuff   he says rude stuff about liquifying stuff   o-oice  o_onigel   o.oice  o.0nigel  o//oice  o;oice      slaps joys assangry  tf?joy      inhale my dongangry    so far.. im not feelin any "joy" today.  why tf am i named after it?nigel  angrys being rude   ice left nooooooooooooooo dont leave menigel   angry continues   cuts angrys head odd and burns himnigel    angry leave n come back rlly fast   how tf did u do that so fast?!nigel   angrys rude  im leaving.. ohice  .o   hiice   joy.angry watjoy  ice attacks him  aaaaahhh!!!ice   a.ssholeice  angry go away for oncenigel     hes rude  go away idc hgo away nooooow or il kick ur ass lol heheice  angrys rude  nigel spams shut it  my names now this is gross lmao   thought it suits the situiation ia bit better ;)nigel    it tastes goodangry ice at a butterflylol   ice? find me!nigel nigel kills love   im baby hes mumbird lol   ok were safe!nigel   sees bigbanana  oh..nigel   o.oice   how..nigel i killed it snow1?  ok if he comes island7 but come back here instead l)barnynigel  ok  >:)nigel  yound macaw is here  ok go.   ok plans in action lol    back ur a robin?   hi lillia     ima starling better  whos that?  hackers grrrrlillia   ice killed it ahahahaice angryice  da angry swannigel liliia is back         igtg   






















Merve's a Perve?

ft Merve, Spirit, Nazli, angryswan, Matrix, Skyler, Icewolf

feb 15   

Nigle had been arguing with spirit over wether Angryswan was a friend or not. Angry kept cloning Nigel, and friends, such as spring trap, Kapro and Cherie. Spirit kept insisting Nigel be "nice" to angry, so nigel told him "he followed me and ice wolf around last night and tried to r__ us. being nice is the least of my concerns when it comes to him!!!!". after a while Nigel eventually gave up and left.   

he went to Hill5, and found.... this.   

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.49.26 PM

it was apparently meant to spell "crotch" but she missed out a c. ? o_0


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.49.15 PM

Nazli came on, and asked what the hell this was, so Nigel told her "don't ask me!!??o_0" Nazli started asking where Fighter was, while Nigel said "ok. its official. Merve really is a Perve", for Merve was the one behind this. Nazli told Nigel she wasn't, so nigel said "she spelt out "Crotch" with seagulls!?" so Nazli started repeating "no". Nigel told her "i really wish i could say no.. this once.." Merve then started spelling something else out, so nazli told nigel she thought it would be "pee-gull" Nigel decided to get out of there, saying "mature.. so very damned mature!!!?"                           

Later Nigel had been hanging out with Matrix and Ice. Skyler was lurking around, being annoying, so they went to hill5. she came on, asked where they were, for they changed their names, so they told her city1 and she fell for it.                           

They went to hill1 and changed names again, and Nigel claimed "yay, were safe ;)". just as he said this, Angryswan came on. Matrix yelled "noooooooo" while Nigel said "how?!?!?!???!!! just how?!" Ice told Angry to go away, claiming he was already mad, while Nigel said "this game should be called 200 ways to make you mad". While matrix started telling angry off, who was now named "bonnie-butt" to mock ice's named "bonnie", Nigel stated "thats it, I'm officially changing the name of this game to "get pissed off like a bird" . Angry then left and changed to "nigel-av-seefart" and then again to "time4r__" Nigel said "tf..? just. tf???" while ice told angry it would go the opposite way. Nigel then decide to leave, after angry started yelling that he would "r__ify" them.                           


When the swan found out.

ft Swat, King, No name, Lol

jan 17                                

Nigel had seen earlier that Angryswan had apparently discovered the Av site.                                

Nigel found two birds at Snow 1, who told him to go to hill5. Papi turned out to be Kingslayer and Masterofpupets was swat. At Hill5 Nigel asked them what the story on Angry finding the site was, while Swat asked Nigel "tell me you can ban him please...." Nigel told him he could and left to do so, but found that Angry haddnt made an account, thus making it impossible to ban him or block him from the site.                                

when he got back, he found Swat asking king "but he made the site, why not?". Nigel told them "i can't.. he's not signed up, he's a guest." Swat repeated "he's a guest..." realising the problem, while nigel said "guys, i know i control the site, but i can only ban people who actually log into the site." King told them that Angry had been spamming the link to the site all morning at city1, so swat said "we are in deeeeeeep s__ right now.." Swat claimed to be scared about what happened, while king said he was just pissed about i. Swat then told them she would tell them her "idea", after she came back, for she was going to eat breakfast or lunch or something.                                

Swat then returned and said she thought she knew how Angry found out, claiming that he typed it in, or someone told him. Some random bird named "44" then came on, so king went and mudered him, while Nigel said "r.i.p!" Swat then asked if fighter knew about the site, so King claimed that fighter would never do such a thing. Nigel told them he wouldn't be surprised if fighter was behind it, claiming that fighter always hung out with Angry and friends. Swat asked "what if he told swan bout this?!" while Nigel said "even if he didn't, i hate him either way." so King decided to stop the fighter blaming, and said "anyhow.. the swan knows." King then claimed that Fighter wasn't one to compromise the AV, so Nigel countered him claiming that Fighter hung out with the D.g people, the AV's enemy. Swat then pointed out that there was a "silent no name" for infact, there was a silent no name in the room. Nigel said "wait, what?! ok, EVERYONE SHUT UP!!!", while king told them to go to hill3 to see if it followed them.                                

At hill3, the No name showed up, so king said "yea.. knew it." Swat asked if it had been following them the whole time, while Nigel said "5 minutes on the game - already a stalker... gotta love Flab3 eh? :/" King told them that they "said nothing of value" and looked at Nigel and told him "and were keeping it that way." Swat stated she wanted to leave them game if they continued going through this. King told them to leave for a minute, and lagged the no name out.                                
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.30.30 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.34.23 AM
When Nigel got back, they went to industry5 to try and get away, but the No name and someone named "lol" both beat the others to it. King thought lol was Weed, while Swat asked if it was them. Lol told King to go to City7, challenging him to a Poo fight. so they all went to city7 to watch. Lol King an swat all started fighting, while Nigel decided he would sit and watch. Nigel announced the game, while Lol and Swat complained about their laggy computers. Lol then told them all that he was Gamerz, while Swat decided to watch the poo fight from the roof with Nigel.                                


Bubbles the strange bird

ft Bubbles, Omar, Tiger, Frost, No name,
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.40.16 PM
Later Nigel went to Hillscape 1 and met some bird named "bubbles". Nigel had been seeing a lot of birds named Bubbles, and even himself had used the name at times. why? the world may never know. this bubbles turned out to be "Mi Mi", a bird who used to like to watch Nigel make his bird armies back when he did that for Spring trap. Bubbles turned out to be quite weird, claiming that she/he? liked "biting" himself, and claimed to want to commit suicide. he then left, claiming that he would "cheat".                                
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.42.27 PM

hahaha see what you did there with your name -_-

Some random bird named "omar" walked up to Nigel, so Nigel said "this games gotten weirder and weirder. Bubbles then returned, and claimed that she had pictures from when Nigel made a bird army, but he then started acting strange, saying "wait, i was..? was i a friend of spring trap? i wasn't?!" while Bubbles went on saying bizzar things that made no sense, Omar asked them "guys, are you gay as heeeell?" and left. nigel then reconized the name, and asked "wait, gamers?!" but realised he had left. Bubbles started acting as though he were happy that Omar had left, but then randomly started acting sad, while nigel cursed at himself for not realising it was Gamerz sooner. Bubbles walked up to Nigel and said "i was able to kill" and smiled creepily, but then left again.                                
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.43.59 PM
Bubbles then returned, and started doing poo hack, yelling "enough" over and over, while Nigel just watched the bizarre sight. Bubbles then told Nigel that they could never meet again, so nigel asked him why. Bubble told him "you know why?" as though it were obvious, so Nigel told him he didn't know what he meant. Bubbles repeated what he said, so Nigel asked him why again, but got no answer.                                
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.53.20 PM
Nigel then had to go for a minute, and when he got back, Bubbles claimed "i was just singing no more!". Nigel said "uh.... okay.." so Bubbles told him "i was thinked it would be longer.." Nigel decided to ask Bubbles why his name was bubbles, for he had seen a lot of birds using the name recently, so Bubbles told him it was because a friend knew him by that name. Bubbles then claimed "and as little cheater" while Nigel just guessed that the name was popular. Someone named Tiger thence ams on, and asked Nigel if they wanted to be friends. Bubbles said "lucky you. i don't have friends exept for Xanax.."                                

Nigel then left hill1, having enough of bubbles, who had started acting weird again. He headed to city5, where he found frost with some Noname. The no name told nigel to shut up as soon as he got there, so Nigel thanked him just to irritate him. Nigel and Frost then started to chat, but were interrupted by the No name, who threw popcorn at them while yelling "boring! booooooooo!!" Nigel then had to go.                                


Burn joy.

ft Angryswan, Ruis
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 2.43.45 PM

oh... the joy.... :/

Later on , Nigel went to in5, where he was immediately found by Angryswan, who named himself "lets burn joy". some other birds tried to help kill Angry, but eventually gave up, as angry kept going into buildings and spamming his usual garbage.                                
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 2.50.44 PM

Nigel then met Ruis at City5, and was surprised to see her, for she haddnt been seen for months. She claimed she had almost forgotten Flab, and asked if any of her friends still played. Ruis then asked Nigel if he still was enemys with Angry, for his name at the time was still "lets burn the swans >:o" so nigel told her he was, and told her what angry had done recently.                                                                    


Later he met up with Icewolf, and discussed Angryswan, laughing at how Angryswan had made everyone question every single swan that was on the game. someone named "owl wing" had come on as a swan, thus bringing the topic up.                                                                    


The culprit.

ft Donna, Fighter, Ekko, Angryswan, Merve, lillyasviel"
Nigel then met Donna at city2, and took her to hill4 to question her, for she claimed she "couldn't kill angry swan" and also something about being mad at him for killing Angry last night. some how, she thought that if Nigel killed Angry, she got the blame for it. After discussing angry swan, and warning donna about the bad he did, and telling her to stay away from him , Fighter came on, and seeing that nigel was there, said "ooooooo". Fighter started following nigel, trying to poo on him to get the nightly "hey!", while someone named "ekko" thought Angryswan was in the room with them. Fighter killed ekko for this, while Nigel asked Fighter he if he told Angry about the sight earlier. Fighter told him "me? guess what. i don't care for your little forum you created foy yourself. yes ^_^" , while Nigel claimed "yea, your the one who hangs out with the enemies." Nigel told fighter he would tell King what he had said, and left.
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 6.13.24 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 6.12.10 PM
When he got back, someone had cloned him. Merve was there, so Nigel said hi to her. she asked weather Nigel had seen Nazli or Sky, so he told her sky had been at Snow7 earlier that day. the same bird named Ekko was still there, and started telling nigel that they need to "finish it" somehow. Nigel asked who it was, but instead got a full description from a different bird named "Lillyasviel" . Ekko finally answered, after Lilly, and told nigel he was the one who had been attacked by angry, and claimed he knew how Nigel felt. Nigel started naming random birds, to see if Ekko was anyone he knew, but was ignored. Ekko said "but this needs to end", so Nigel asked him how. Ekko then decided to go look for King and the others, so Nigel waited for him. Nigel claimed "well.. this is just f'ing great" while his clone started saying "hi, I'm nigel the evil seagull!". Nigel told him "seegul" so the clone told him "sea my poop in your face" but ended up dying after nigel attacked him. Ekko then returned, and had had no luck with tracking down the others. Nigel then had to go, and told him "if you see any of the others, tell them the AV no longer trusts Fighter, and he's a traitor." and left.                                                                     later on Nigel and Matrix met up, and were followd around as usual, this time by some no name who refused to reveal who he/she was. some eagle named "azure blue" also joined them, but seemed to be nice.                                                                    
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.20.50 PM

Later on, Nigel went back to city1, and found matrix telling ice about what happened earlier. Ice asked where Nigel was, but was answered when Nigel spammed "back!" over and over. He told the two to go to hill5, and once there, told them "hill1, change your names, you know the drill.." Nigel told Matrix, now named Cocacola, to get another name, for the No name had seen her use that name earlier. she said "Food!" and left. Ice named himself "doofus", but then left to go get something to eat. Matrix came back as "spaghetti", so Nigel joined in and named himself "pancakes" and said "because, who dosnt love em?!?!?!?" after chatting about food, Nigel asks how long ice would take, calling hims "damn wolf". Matrix told Nigel that Ice wasn't a wolf any more, claiming his name was now "dice". Nigel claimed that he didn't know a dice could eat, while matrix told him that ice was named after some show called "sam & cat". Nigel went to look it up, and found it to be some crap about 2 teen age girls. He then had to go for the night, so he asked Matrix to say good by to ice for him.                                                                                                                                        


february 18

ft Kapro, Destinythewolf

not finished, still stuff to add.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 8.04.21 PM

Nigel was at snow1, where he was asking some bird named "leoni" if she was the same bird as leonie10. it turned out she was, and nigel was about to kill her when Kaprosuchus came on. Nigel and him headed to hill5, where they chatted for a bit. Nigel then asked Kapro if he still liked "killing people", so Kapro told him he did, his method was to "rip their spines out". Nigel said "uh... sounds fun..." and then asked Kapro if he could do something for him. Kapro said yes, so nigel asked him to do it to Angryswan, telling him the problems Angry had caused in the last few days. Kapro said he would, claiming he was easy to kill for he was a swan. Someone named "destinythewolf" then came on, but refused to say who he was.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


february 19                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

hill5 eiht kings clone king? you have a clone.nigel i know but its a clone right?king goodking what it has ur name?nigel i know dudeking want me to lag it outking surenigel alring go out for a while il stay lag dosnt affect menigel oh?king just do itnigel  :/ i ate a fishnigel lolking u can probebly just kill it. its an eaglenigel why botherking well then just ignore itnigel u read the comment?king nonigel lyria is here. read it and hey lyria whes gamerzlyria idk he got lagged out lyria killed me. stop!!!nigel back i killed nigle caue i hate himlyra dont poo on menigle dont souch him or il kill uking ty king.nigel im not joking lyria she pooed on me again. lyria killed me. last chanceking stop itnigel oklyria king u kill me?lyria no answer yes ok i kill nigellyria well ur dead nowking stop he didnt even answer idiotnigel king u kill me i kill nigellyria ackima noname ;) someone lagged?nigel well look who we have here.other nn hye gamerz oh its uking  :/ in7king there was another nnnigel seenigel u felt sat boy?king u mean the lag? sat? no ive been flyingnoname yes.nigel u said lag dosnt workking who tf is thatnigel ok fine i liednigel heheking i tell lies too ok im lyingothernn i see uking put a name dudeking hill5 im uothernoname im getting a name. b u better not clone me nnnigel i dont clone.noname i said better notnigel angryswanking :/nigel u also talk like him. mcuh more then i do.noname ...? admit it ur angrynoname ackima noname ; im not angyr, im happy ^_^nigel no, king.noname no, im pretty satisfied being myselfking whatever see yanigel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

king lagging city7 bishesking uh.. king?o_O tf u doing here?nigel i was waiting for uking but u said u hadto go do stuff?nigel bro u said thatking u said thatnigel and yea ido have to goking in a few seconds but i be back in en mins like in 3 seconds 3... 2.. 1.. nazlis here what the?!nigel king, i counted to 3 and nazli showed up tf?!nigel hey frost magic!nazli froostiees its cereals!nazli crap.nigel omg r u nigelpushi yea?nigel oh forgot i had this anmelmao im joy can we talk? hill5. nigel u have to help mepush who r u?nigel im a rando player i played this game previous yeats and ur firned kingpushi what bout him?nigle plsu have to help mepushi u know him?push yea hes my bffnigel plz help mepusha ok brb. back ur firend king is not what he seemspush plz help mepush u think hes good but hes not.push how is he not how he seems?n ya ya pls help mepush hes somet part of something biggerpush like?nigel if i tell u they will head and kill me..push who would hear?n plz help!!push them those peoplepush how can i help..?nigel i dont know but im scared of them and most of all kingpush omg someone is here!!!push hill4 away from krital who followed. i am legit scared.pushi wait.. ur not levi are u?nigel ace?nigel hes ur frend so i wanted to tell upush no nopush i must tell upush tell me what?nigel there is a grouppush a big onepush u mean the av..?nigel king and his friends created it.push no not avpush a groupd of dangerously powerful people.. hackers and killerspushi king and his friend white. brb back pls dont say anythign about this to king not a wordpushi okjoy i beg u nigel help me in tispusha i cant tell u id u go and tell kingpushi hes bad.pushi well if u dont tell me "how" then i cant "help"nigel im scaredpushi i knew things srry, i was drinking hot chocolatnigel o.opushi what, its good ?nigel anyways how do i help he hacked my pcpush                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


The Foot!

ft 232(aka the well known angryswan), Golden robin, Freddy, Maddie.

february 20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Nigel went to island1 and got.. this. i am really starting to lose faith in Fly like a bird 3 and its birds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 7.52.01 PM

The foot worshiper.

some dude named 232 told Nigel(named joy at the time) to get off the island for he owned it. Nigel asked him what he would do, so 232 said he would "use the foot". Nigel asked him what the __ that was supposed to mean, so he said "you don't wanna know!" "be warned!". 232 then started making rules, claiming "rule one. don't touch me!!!", so someone named "silver wolf" decided to have fun and said "lets test that shall we?" and attacked 232. 232 told him to leave or face the foot, so nigel told him "Do it do it" wanting to see what this foot thing was all about.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 7.58.40 PM
Silver left, claiming they were "mean", while 232 still threatened with the foot. someone named "maddie" and "freddy(male) came on, whole nigel was asking 232 if he realised how retarded he sounded. 232 told him "don't talk! you!" while freddy and maddie tried to settle down and make a nest. 232 then started telling nigel that the "foot" would "consume his soul", and then started yelling that nests were forbidden on his island. Nigel asked him "uh.. your a bit f___y in the head, no?" and told him "yup... f__y in the head" after he replied "you want the foot? it wants you!" "it will take you!" "it sees all". nigel told him "o my god, the the foot of doom is going to come and eat my soul.. I'm soooooo scared, ima go and hide.. :/ now. go make up a god damned horror story that actually makes sense. retard!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Meen while, some dude named "golden robin" started murdering freddy and maddie, and followed the two to island 3. 232 told nigel to wait a minute, for he was going to go "communicate with the foot" and then came back claiming the foot said "leave or be footed". Nigel asked him f he was angry swan, finding this foot worshiper very similar, but he told nigel he wasn't. 232 then started yelling at golden robin to get off his tree, while nigel just watched. he then told nigel "you know.. footication occurs around this time.. you will now join the foot army!" Nigel told him "i am not joining a "foot" army. that is the most retarded sounding thing since.. never mind." Golden robin the returned, claiming that madie and fredy got "owned", while 232 kept going on that Nigel was "servant of the foot" . nigel told Golden that 232 was weird, so golden said "trolololololololol" , while 232 said "you now must wear the hat!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Golden then claimed that he had "laid a golden egg" so Nigel told him he must be magical. 232 told nigel it was "initiation time" and said "you must now lay your tounge on the royal foot!" Golden, obviously creeped out, said "aaaaaaaaw no.. would you look at that.. i.. got to go bye!" and left, so Nigel said "aaaaaand. he left me. yay. just. yay. " 232 told him he must now surender his powers to the "great and powerful foot", so nigel told him "i am not surrendering my powers to some made up mighty foot. I'm just not". 232 told him "now, lick the foot and join!!!!". he then asked "made up?!" so nigel told him "yes, made. up." so 232 claimed "the foot. is our only way of life!" Nigel asked him "our..?" while 232 said "the foot is all knowing, all powerful! all great!!!!" before claiming "yes, to all in footland".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Nigel decided that he had had enough of 232's Foot nonsense, so he threatened to "cut the foot off". 232 told him "wepon??? put it down!!!" but got the answer "nah.." in return. Nigel told him that he had forgotten to mention that he was the "Evil joy" (he was still named joy), while 232 threatened that the food would "consume" him if he didn't stop. Nigel ignored his threats and "cut "the foot" off" , so 232 screamed "nooooooooooooooo" "foot!!!' "noo no no no no nooooooo". Nigel told him that he was done, so 232 said "you monster!!!!". he then told nigel "left little bits though", so he asked what the hell that was supposed to mean. he didn't get an answer, instead 232 continued his screaming, calling him a "demon" and a "creature", before continuing to spam "noooooooooooooooooo". he then claimed that he would avenge his mighty foot, while nigel said "this monster? if you thought the food was good, wait till ya hear about the hand!", before saying "lmao... i better not have started something there o_o". luckily 232 didn't catch onto the new "hand god" and instead told nigel that he would destroy his "might ruler". nigel, being the forgetful idiot he was, asked "who exactly is that?" while 232 continued, claiming he would enslave his army. "where is your kingdom? speak now!". Nigel told him "i have 3 words for you.. good, f___ing, and luck." 232 seemed to give up, and just yelled "LONG LIVE THE FOOT!" Roulette then entered, so Nigel asked him "do you know the closest mental hospital? i.. i think i have em a new patient..." while foot told nigel to "destroy the intruder". "foot army!!! attack!!!!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Nigel then got an idea,and left, renaming himself "the mighty foot"(i.. i have no life..) and told 232 to "bow down to the great and mighty foot". he asked "your.. your alive?" so Nigel told him yes. 232 said "my ruler." so Nigel told him "NOW SERVE ME, SLAVE!!!!!" 232 told him about their new enemy, "joy", and how they needed to find his kingdom, so Nigel told him "you.. you FOOL! we dont make enemies with emotions.." "now get your head straight, my slave!". after a little bit of silence from foot worshiper, nigel got an idea, and told him that they had to leave the "nigel chucky joy" alone.(angry get trolled.) so 232 told him that this person wished to kill him, and that he would be back soon. Nigel told him "I AM IMMORTAL. I DO NOT CARE!" so 232, still looking for excuses to kill nigel, told him "but... he will... destroy our island!" "our army will be reduced to nothing!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 8.17.54 PM
Nigel ignored him, and decided to ask why 232 worshipped feed, but was answered with "uh.. well", so he told 232, "see, even you think its stupid". "i have something... to tell you. WE DONT WORSHIP FEET, THATS WHAT RETARDED S****Y F***CKHEAD DO!! AND I AM NIGEL. HAVE A NICE NIGHT, SWEETY! AHAHAHAHAHA".(yup, thats where i went insane ._.). nigel then changed back to his usual name and killed angry several times. he then left after yelling "see ya.. and dont forgot to.................................BOW DOWN TO THE FOOT!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

wtf is this game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


jan 21 aces return!    

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 6.34.36 PM

found him at cty1 ace hill5  is it rlly u???!??!?!?!nigel  yeah?ace is it rlly u???!??!?!?!   yea it is nigelslade  hiiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!nigel long time no see omg hiii!!!!! i missed u!!!!nigel   ace left.   ace  hes back  webanigel   the reason why i havnt been on is bcause my pc broke  where the hell have you been??? oh. oknge  well welcome back!!!!nigel  how r ya???  also ive been studying poerty as well,  and ty   im horrible you?   are never not horrible..? :/nigel  i was joshin ya    sloiace  ive got ce back what?  cheat engin_          


The return of The Foot!

ft Kingslayer and the one and only foot.

February 22          
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.28.46 AM
Nigel went to hill5 with Kingslayer, who claimed to be eating oranges at the time, soNigel started joking about that. after about 5 peaceful minuts, someone named "foot servant" came on, and nigel and kings peace was no more. Nigel said "oh not you again.....!!" for thefoot had claimed "rigel!!!!!!" Kingslayer left, while the foot told nigel "we meet again!!!!!". Nigel told the foot "well, i see that. i just got up, and this is what i get." nigel then told it to go away, but only got "rigel" as an answer. The foot then started telling Nigel that the foot "see's him, and knows him", so Nigel told it "i don't care if the foot sees me, it is impossible, feet don't got eyes.          
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.29.18 AM
Kingslayer then returned and lagged the foot out, and yelled "hahaha how'd ya like that? pathetic!" the Foot returned and asked "HOW DAE YOU INSULT THE FOOT??!?!?!?!" "NO ONE INSULTS THE FOOT!" meanwhile, Nigel asked king why they were always the ones who had to deal with the "weirdos". King told him "there are haters. and thats what they do." The Foot told them "you will now get the foot real bad!!!" "it wants you!" Nigel, now renamed "thefootisstupid" told him that he didn't care if a god damed "foot" wanted him, while king kept trying to lag the foot out. The foot then asked "slayer of king" to stop lagging the game, claiming he would get the foot if he refused to stop, and then went on randomly about how the hillscape stunk. Nigel told the foot to go smell the industry if he thought that the hills were smelly, claiming it was "baaaaaaaaad" . the foot told nigel "it hears all.. sees all.. controls all!!! FEAR THE FOOT!!!!!!!", so Nigel sarcastically told him he was terrified. The foot then started spamming, while nigel claimed "i am afraid of few things, and "the foot" is not one of them.."          


The red team!

ft Red2, Red1, red4, red5 red6.... miss bird, icebird, kingsaayep
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.29.46 AM

fed up red. ahahahahah it rhymes ;)

Nigel had been at city2 later that morning, bothering Red2 again. when ever he saw Red2, he would name himself "red3" for fun. red2 didn't seem pleased about this, but eventually made friends with nigel and decided to team up with him and some no name to kill other birds. someone named themselves "red1", but red2 seemed to have enough and started attaching him. Nigel told him to stop, claiming they were supposed to be a team, so no name told him "no, he wants to kill us. plus he tried to kill people" . No name then asked if red1 came in peace, but red1 attacked him, so Nigel said "i take dat as no..."

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.38.24 AM-0

we're a team, no?

Red1 and red2 then started fighting, so Nigel told them to stop, reminding them again that they were supposed to be a team. no name told nigel that red1 wanted him dead, so nigel told him "but, were a team? remember? yes? good. were the red team!" red2 told nigel that red1 was to "Aggressive" to be on their teem, so nigel told red2 that red1 said he was sorry. someone named red4 then joined in, while some bird named "miss bird" started going on about her chick and how cute it was.
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.38.02 AM


Red2, red1 and no name then started killing some bird named "ice bird", who had tried to join the team but failed. Nigel told them to stop, so red2 told him he would leave ice bird alone, and fight red1 instead. Nigel told them "we are friends, so stop", so red2 said "we kill other birds?" Nigel told him that red1 was a part of their team, and told them all to leave him alone. Someone named "kingsaayep" then got into a fight with the two, while nigel suggested they went to island 1 to try and stop the fighting. while king tried to get away, Red2 and No name both said no to the island idea, while someone named red5 joined them. Kingsaayep yelled at nigel to help him, while Nigel said "yaaaay.. another red.." for they and now been joined by red 6.
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.43.33 AM

yup.. the teams working reeeeeeel good.

Nigel ended up accidentally killing red2, for he got in the way while he killed some other bird, so red 2 decided they were no longer friends. red2 started killing everyone, while nigel yelled "what happened to being a team?!?!!?!? -_____-" after this, they all ended up killing each other, until only Nigel and red2 were left. Nigel then left.
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.41.35 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.44.19 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.34.00 AM

Swat quit?

ft swat rifel
later Nigel met Swat rifel, who decided to leave the av. she claimed she was leaving, for the leader left, and others were leaving as well. Nigel, upset with this, told her "good luck" and left her at hill5.
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 2.49.07 PM
Nigel then found her again, and tried to talk her out of leaving. she asked if they weren't friends anymore, so he told her "well... um.. you know king. he probably won't trust you anymore or something?" Swat told Nigel that she was useless in the AV, and also said that gamers had called her stupid. Nigle told her Gamerz himself was no genius either these days, for he had been hanging out with nazli and friends. Swat told nigel that she didn't know what to say, saying that the av was falling apart, for kidlat had left. Nigel told Swat that she wasn't useless to the av, reminding her of her job as recruiter, and told her she was the one who spread the word about the av to others. Swat said there were just bad people now, and claimed that she caused problems. nigel told her "yea.. and the Av fights against them." she asked nigel if he wanted her to join back, so he told her she didn't have to if she didn't want to. Swat told nigel that one of the rules kidlat had made was "always have fun". she stated that she was not having much fun, if any at all. Nigel didn't know what to say, so swat decided to leave. some poo hackers came on, so Nigel decided to go too.
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 2.40.04 PM

the nightly facts lecture.

ft Angry, Nazli, Matrix

feb 23
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.29.58 PM

you know the nights going to be s__ when you see a name like this.

Nigel had been being harassed by Nazli, who now wanted to marry him, and ended up at hill5 with Matrix. Nigel realised that someone else was in the hills as well, and when he decided to find out who it was, he found a bird named "moth facts". you can guess who that was. Matrix told nigel that he had been spamming earlier with the name "P--nis", while nigel said "the nightly facts lecture. yay..."

Nigel asked him "oh.. so its moth facts tonight?" so angry told him that it was moths, then spiders. nigle told him sarcastically that he was very excited, so angry started the lecture, claiming some kind of moth could reach a foot in length. Nazli, named "ily nigel !" then found nigel, and acted all happy she had found him. so Nigel told matrix, who was a bit confused for nazli and nigel were known as enemies, "she wants to marry me." Nazli started scolding nigel, for he haddnt told her "welcome back", while angry got bored and decided to skip right to the spider part, knowing matrix was not a fan of them. he told them "the barking spider! it makes a low hiss or snarl by rubbing the pedipalps together."

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.28.42 PM
Matrix decided she would tell them her own "horror" story, and started : "mad dies bf came to her house, and she's hurt, but still in her house." meanwhile Nazli flew down to the river Nigel was in, and claimed "yay were swimming together! ^^" while angry started spamming the same fact over and over. Matrix continued her story: mad dies bf is now dead. almost. but she can't hear!" Nigel and Nazli started listing to the horror story, while angry told them "now. look up barking spider!" Nigel told him he didn't want to, so nazli decided she would, and left. Nigel called nazli and idiot, while matrix continued the story : " first she banged on the door, and then he looked back then the killer stabbed john in the neck and she watched as he bled out!" she then dropped to the ground". Nigel told her "sounds fun..." while matrix continued :"she then tried to get him, he dropped again, to the dace, and grabbed him!"

Nazli returned, and screamed "oh my god my eyes!!!!!" while nigel was telling matrix that he didn't need a good nights sleep that night anyways. Nazli asked him if he could sleep with her, while angry told them "now. the giant huntsman spider." Matrix told him to shut up, and continued her story: "he sounded like a... monster" so angry continued his story as well: "can run extremely fast when approached!" Nigel then claimed that he wasn't scared of spiders, for nazli obviously was, so Matrix told him "yea, cause your called Chucky"(the names from a horror movie), for he was named this at the time, for he had been trying to hide from nazli. Nigel started going on about how he wasn't scared of anything, so nazli asked him if he could protect her.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.35.30 PM

and of ghosts?nazli   the killer then used a rock to smash his face!!!!nazli  they run quickly after thee prey which includs small spiders!angry   sorry if i stop talking im eating .nigel   lolmatrix    giant huntstman spider. look it up!angry  lol u cat eat cause of angry.naxli  shes talking in her mindmatrix         is that even possiblenigel nazli left     theres another self of her laddiematrix  yes i can toomatrix    the austrailien funnel web spiderangry    what the hell its the size of a toilet!?nazli brb

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.44.10 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.45.53 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.43.27 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.29.54 PM
back in ears.nazli my looovvveeenazli -_-nigl a huntsman spider can lay 200 eggsangry screen shot of matrix story angrys spider facts now u still watching it?o.onazli yes.matrix sounds fun. :|nigel and then stepped on the armmatrix screne shot kappy is here!!!!! i think crushing the gand of fingers kraposuchus (-_)angry kapro muders it hes crying. matrix yay, crocodiel thing shall save usnigel bloodmatrix aw if nigel dies ill cry too all nightnazli nigle what will u do if i die?nazli i dont know, but i aint paying for the funeralnigel lol kapro killed angry lolnazli my name is nice ?nazli chucky! look up spider-tailed viper!angry im looking it up back that aint scary nazli is nigel myhusnand and ghosts?nazli im not afraid of themnigel she got up then wrote "do it on the doormatrix


feb 25

Nigel met fighter, who still hated nigel for "attacking him with the name Chucky". Fighter started telling nigel that fire him from the av, claiming that he was the leader. Nigel tried telling him about kings layer becoming the new leader, but fighter started spamming "your firrreeedd" over and over.

later, Nazli started following nigel around, for she had a "change of heart" for him. literally. She followed him around the in tire afternoon trying to "marry" him. she wouldn't leave him alone, even if he told her he hated her. this went on for the whole night.