The Zika infested pest 

ft Sparkly, Giggetygoo, Ace, Angryswan, emma, Aedes the mosquito.

September 1 Nigel found Sparkly doing her normal thing, despretly asking for sonic rpers. Nigel hung out with her and ice at city5.  Later they went to snow5.  Nigel made a joke when Sparkly said "do you want to "foreplay" to ice. Sparkly said it was "auttocorrect". doing that.    Nigel mocked him saying "*at city1* "hi random people, would u like to forplay?"".  SParkly said "im crying" so Nigel said "and then someone comes up to you and says yes. that is when you walk away..".  Sparkly said "your hilarious".  Sparkly then randomly left, so Nigel asked ice "us.. where did sparkles go?".  ice said " idk.. he or she left.".  Sparkly then came back after Ice left saying "8:00 for school -_-".  Blood(aka spirit aka giggetygo) came on as well.  Sparkly started to go on about "shadow" again saying he was "so handsom".  Nigel told blood, who had no clue what she was talking about, "shes in love with a hegehog i think :|".  Sparkly went on saying "hes such a cuty!".  Nigel then had to go. 

Later on that night, Nigel hung out with Ace for a while, running from angry swan as usual(he now used the name "i-kill-u" and "i-see-u". Nigel ended up losing ace, and ended up at City 4 where someone named "23" kept trying to spam 23 in big letters. Nigel kept stopping him using the reverse code < i >. 23 then tried to spam, but failed, so Nigel said "wanna see real lag? ;)" and lagged everyone out. when 23 got bak he said "what the hell was that?". Nigel said "real lag" so 23 said "hacker!".  Nigel told 23 that it wasnt hacks, and showed him the lag code. someone named "mighteagle" pooed on Nigel so he started killing him.  After killing mighteagle for the 10th time, nigel ended up with someone named "howbigisur__". She kept trying to make nigel do bad things.  Sparkly came on, and as usual she went on about shadow yet again. Howbigisur___ got bored and left, while nigel tried to tell sparkly to stop obsessing over shadow. 

then someone anmed "aedes" come on. he reconize the name and ask if it vespula. she said "oh.. nigel. you again". Nigel asked who she was, for he knew it was one of the wasps(they always use the latin names of animals, a tip on finding them lol).  He told aades, Sparkly and Emma(who is now there) to go to snow 5.  At snow 5 Sparkly started asking Emma to rp as "shadow".  Nigel, who had started arguing with aedes, told sparkly "hey sparkly, i can rp, watch this! *gets fly swatter* here aede aede >:)".  Aede said "OH NOT THIS AGAIN!!!!" so Nigel swatted her and killed her. After that he said "just how malecifrons went ;)".  

When Aedes came back, she Asked nigel to change to "aedes something" for it wasnt fair that he was a seagull. he told her "im not a zika infested pest thank you very much", for if you didnt know, aedes is the mosquito that carries zika.  Aedes said "its only fair..". Sparkly then changed his name to gottagofest(took me a whole f***ing year to realize this was a crappy meme..), someone nigel had seen around earlier and had accused of being angryswan.  Sparkly  started going on to emma about how he had looked "days and nights" for a sonic roleplayer.  Sparkly said "oh well.. nothing i can do..".    Aedes then asked nigel "aedes albopictus?"  which got another no from him. Aedes said "if were going to fight...." so nigel said "we're not doing to.  Sparkly said " i need my rpers to cheer me up but they busy right now."  aedes told nigel "no unfair advantages".   Emma said "aaaw... well i can try" to sparkly. Sparkly told emma to go and look up Shadow, and started going on about him again.  aedes asked nigel "how about culex piniens?" and got yet another no.  Nigel told her "how bout i be Larus smithsonianus ? ;)", the latin name of the "seagull".  Aedes said "unfair!" so Nigel said "nope".  meenwhile, Sparkly said "see what u think nigel u thought he was cute right?"  Nigel said "uh.. idk bout cute". Sparkly said "aaa hes got the sweetest personalirty and hes so edgy". Nigel then had to go, and said good bye while Aedes said *bits nigel*.        


ah what a pigeon can do

ft Chara, Emma, Bravedragon, Leonie10, Giggetygoo, donna, Nonaame, Master, Ryuik,

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 5.31.25 PM
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 5.46.53 PM

on september 2 Nigel met some friends at city 5 that day and taught them all how to go undergound. Chara, Emma, and someone named bravedragon were all there.  a Pigeon named "leonie10" came on with spirit(blood, gigetygoo) and started killing everyone. Leonie then laughed about it, so Nigel killed her for this. Everyone then teamed up and Killed leonie and her friends for what they did. Nigel, Emma and chara decided to get out of there and headed to Hill5. they were followed by spirit, who thought different of nigels "defence" againest leonie and her friend. He started killing Nigel, even when Chara and Emma told him to stop. He kept harassing everyone, upsetting Emma and enraging chara. Emma eventually left, upset, thinking that Spirit was her friend. he proved to the others that he wasnt a clone, for nigelw as hoping that it was only a clone.  Chara and nigel found emma and another hillscape. Nigel told them to change there names, but Chara refused to for she would lose her name if she did. Spirit found them again and started killing nigel. char tried to stop him but he refused to claiming that they wernt his friends anymore.  Spirit eventually left them, claiming "i will be back for you, nigel!".  Chara tired to comfort emma, for she was upset about what Spirit had done.  Brave dragon thn finally found then, for he didnt see where they said they were going.  they all hung out at hillscape 1 for a while, until nigel had to go.

later Nigel met Donna at industry 7, who was with a noname. The noname kept pooing on him, but eventually stoped and left.  Nigel was then confronted by Bravedragon, who was mad for he didnt tell him where they were going earlier.  Nigel eventually left, having enough of bravedragon who didnt seem to understand anything he was saying.

That night he met Cherie and donna and someone named "master". they were talking about past mates they had. Cherie claimed she wasnt loyal, so she wasnt going to do mates again. Master made a joke, saying "nigel x donna" so Donna killed Nigel for this. when he got back, donna was saying "i wouldnt be with you nigel if you were the last bird left".  Nigel told her not to kill him for something someone els said, so Donna apoligized.  he then found that Master had once been donnas mate.   Lizzi(ryuik) then came on, but refused to go to hill5 when Nigel asked her to, for he wanted to find out why everyone hated her. he then left.


the secret of the chat.

ft Kingslayer, Giggetygoo, Gamerz, jhub.

On september 3 Nigel met the "king slayer" dude again at city 1 after trolling people with the name "the mockin' jay". he told king to go to hill5, and when they got there nigel started ranting on about the day before. King claimed that it was a clone that did that, and not him.  Nigel eventually belived him and told him what Blackwolfking had done the day before.  Spirit then came on and started trying to kill nigel for he was mad at him. Spirit was aperantly "defending" his friend Leonie10 the pigeon.

Leonie had gone to city 5 when Nigel was teaching some birds about the undergound glitch, and because they were all swans, Leonie decided it would be funny if she pooed on them. so she did, killing a bunch of people and laughing about it. Nigel and his friends then teamed up and killed Leonie numerous times and told her off for what she did. unfortunatly spirit came on, and started trying to kill nigel for he thought nigel was the one at fault and not Leonie.  

Nigel told Spirit he only killed leonie to protect his friends, but spirit refused to belive this was why. so Nigel eventually became a noname so spirit couldnt kil him. They eventually got rid of Spirit by killing him and fleeing to hill1 before he got back. Nigel told king to go to hillscape 4 if spirit showed up, but instead of listning, king went to hill4.   Nigel went and found him and said "i said "if he comes" for a reason..".  

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.04.06 AM

They then changed there names incase spirit did find them, King changing to "jhub" and Nigel to "bubble". gamerz met them there and told King about Blackwolf as well. King said someone already told him, so Nigel asked him who, not realizing he was talking about him. King changed the subject by saying "who wants to know a secret?". nigel said "sure, i wont tell anyone". so King said "gamevial records everythign we say, and hackers can find it".  nigel, dumfounded by this, said "OK THATS IT. IM DUCKTAPING MY MOUTH SHUT FROM NOW ON!". King then went on saying "so the creators can chose what functions they want to have". Nigel said "thats creepy".  King said "hackers can see what they want". gamerz said "i dont belive this...." so Nigel said "i dont want to =(". King said "its gamevial game, they see what they want". Gamerz said "FAAAAAKAAAAA U GAMEVIAL!" to this. King then said "ok thats enough creepy stuff." while nigel said "hackers can find where you live!!!!! if you said something like that!!!!!!!!!". King told nigel to calm down, but he wouldnt and said "do you know how _____ed up this is!?!?!??!? i could die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". King asked nigel what kind of computer he was on, while he continued saying "THEY COULD BE TRACKING ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". gamerz said "dude chill, its just a game".  Nigel said "so thts how someone knew where i lived when i didnt tell them!!!!!!!!!" while gamerz continued trying to calm him. Nigel finally calmed down, while king said "i know right? thats enough panic.". Nigel said "i want to tape my mouth shut now =(". Gamerz said "then do it", clearly getting tired of nigel.  Nigel said "ok,*gets duc tape*". gamerz said "ill help you :)".  Nigel kept being annoying, saying "mm mmm m mmmmm m m i cant say anything =(". gamerz then tried some weird chat code, and said "oh well, i tried" for it failed.   

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.08.19 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.16.10 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.16.10 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.06.59 AM

so why do gamevial record stuffgamer they shi.tty thats why to take out lag codes?gamer well, they not doin a good job if it is they created this game right?king yeagamer gamer come up to nigel uh.. hi? hi and games can hv fuction what eer creators choice ooooohh gamer yup o. king so.. someone could see what we said, for like the last 5 years? so if someone found a way to hack into it.....king no.king :) igf i just had the crist of the whole game i could change the way the game works. but that would require hacking softwheregamer lmao recoding have storang spacesking yea i guess. well i would need to be the admin of this gamegamer but u dont have the crist so thatking i could hack it but i need a fats pc n hack sofwhere to scan thisgamer not necisarily... a good brain..king vcan u just take screen shot of it? nope of what. the script thing wen u find it king. it is the way the game loads.. i said i mighthamer yea ikking r u guys goina try n hack the game? bub can i help if ya do?!? look i cant tell u everything i know in half an hour..king look at gamer creenshot could be java script gamrusing game engin. kignslayer left e.e and back nvm i be back later! nigel what? i said i cant hack the game cause of my pcgamer oh.. well, hget a new one!nigel bye!   

also  death cheat on ace blakcfire. 

will be done when i got time. 


someone's up to no good. 

ft Ace, chara , emma

On spetember 4  Nigel met Ace and hung out with him for a while. After hanging out with ace, Chara, and emma he told ace to go to hill5 for he forgot to tell him something.  he told ace about what Kingslayer had told him the day before, warnign him not to tell any of his personal stuff like his adress or phone number. he told ace he had already let some people know, Cherie, donna, and a few others. he said he was going to warn Emma and Chara later claiming he would let everyone know one by one, but do it carefully for King had told him not to tell anyone. Nigel claimed he could tell ace for he was his friend.  Ace then asked why the chat sometimes died, but nigel didnt know for this never happend to him. Ace wondered if there was a way to record it.   

Ace then said that it was like they were being stalked by gamevial. Nigel agreed and said "i dont know how i never thought of this before...."  Nigel then said "and this king slayer dude... i am sure hes up to no good, with his hacks n all...".  Ace claimed "i heard gamevial is going to take down Flab3 cause of all the hackers...." while nigel continued saying "he refused to tell me how he found this out... and he acted like he didnt want people to know about it... as though he wanted them to keep saying stuff...".  Ace said "very scary...". Nigel then saw what ace said, and said "wait.. what!?!?!?!?!". Ace answerd saying "i heard it from an old hacker, its on youtube".  Nigel then said "we should have a plan... for if this does happen. you me gamerz emma chara n all the rest of us". Ace said "shen.. what if all this isnt real?" so Nigel said "it might not be, but we should still be carefull...". Ace said "yea.. i hope its a lie.".  Ace then said that King reminded him of Souf, aka Blackwolfking, so Nigel told him that king said souf was once his best friend and they were identacal in personalities. he then told ace that he thought King was the once trying to hack into the games chat. Ace said that king was "f__ing creepy".  ace then said "souf did a hack that could take over the chat and..... oh god..".   nigel asked him what he meant so ace said "souf n king remind me of Tigerclaw from the warriors. Nigel said "not that s___........" while ace said "there like foxes.. they trick people." Nigel said "its scary." so ace said "very." Ace then said "i think i need mental help from this.  im legit scared ;_;". Nigel said "when i first heard about the chat thing i wanted to ductape my mouth shut :|". Ace agreed to this.   Nigel then had to leave.



next few days

ft Rain, Ace, Angryswan, Giggetygoo,

through the next few days, Nigel met rain and joined her new website called the "odyssey isle". they went to flab3, and hung out for a while. they got chased by both Angryswan and Spirit, but were able to escape this time using Rains website, they would go to it then say where to go so angry and spirit couldnt see what they said.

rain then decided to have a "race" at the industry, so they did. they used the long pipe things(i think thats what they are?) as the race track. Nigel then got the idea to have a walking race, it took them 10 minuts to complete the race. i counted. 

Later Nigel came up with the idea to race on the road in between the cars to make it more exciting. Rain named herself "roadkillgull" and Nigel named himself "splatgothebirdy".  

that evening they were joined by Ace. as soon as he showed up, he started going on about how he wanted to kill himself. Nigel told ace to stop talking about that and have fun for once. so Ace gave up complaining and joined Nigel and Rains race. 

the next day Flab3 stopped working for some reason. The multiplayer wouldnt work.


sept 10th - not finished. - add pictures.

meet gamerz and tell him bout multi player prob at h5  ik   make him say a color code after trying out size see wat gameveil was up to  would u wan to be an admmin  yes oh then u cna ban people cant u?   maybe     get rid of angryswan n ariana  ask the admin gamevia  nah    flab3 would be borin without them lol pirits here  spirit e.e     it owould be better if there were levers in the game  idk  brb  spirit pooed on nigel  spirit stop it getting old now  hide under gamer sace me  spirit sttart killing gamer dam  back   wb    gamer gtg byyyeeeee shut up spirit.     he left  spirit n nige   can u stop for once?      i dont think i can.  why?   i didnt even poo on u :/    u pooed on leonie.spirit  she started it.   dont u get it?  heh....sp   no.. theres newt to ger.spirit   she killed me n my friends so we killed her back         what do u mean?     nothing to get?     idk.. theaeres newt to get......spirit  what?    there is nothign to get about it... u asked dont u get it. and i dont.     i dont want to be enemies. spirit   oh ok     oh well. shoudve thoght before pooing on herspirit       she pooed on me i pooed on her      spirit. if i poo on u. u poo on me right?   i did the same to her she killed me i kill her  u know kahlen? spi   no. who is that  pip   i know pip    what about her?      look at screen shot     if ur friend pooed on her first, she has the right to defend herself   

not done


sept 11 

ft Emma, Kahlen, tee, Hotgirl(esma), Grunling, 4apa

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.09.58 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.21.06 AM

sept 11 Nigel met Emma at snowscape 7 in the morning. she was with two other birds named Kahlen and tee. Nigel started telling Emma how the words "wb" "gtg" and "brb" didnt show anymore in the game. Kahlen said the game had been laggin all day yesterday, so Nigel told her it was because gamevial was messing around with the servers, he also said "but there to lazy to update the game". he then said that gamevial only seemed to update the "lif" game, but no one played it because u had to pay for the updates. Emma said she used to play it but stopped, same with Kahlen.   Nigel said he feared that Gamevial was going to do the same with Flab3, for they had mentioned it a few times before. he told them that if gamevial did that, he had an idea. go on a "flab3 strike" and tell everyone not the play flab3.  Meenwhile, Kahlen started fighting with some russian birds who were trying to kill her.  a ringneck named"hotgirl" came on, and so did an eagle named "grunling"   

kahlen killed grunling before he could even speek. Hot girl walked up to Nigel and said "nigle.. hi rrrrr...".  Nigel ignored her, for Emma had just left. hot girl then said Hotgirl then said "my name is julia." She then said "nigl"  "i love you........" Nigel said "and, its nigel..... uh.... what the ____??!?!?!!?".  Kahlen said "you were the rude one yesterday hot girl? right?".  Nigel said "why do i get the stalkers. why." Hot girl then started saying "im so hot n sexy.." so the others started killing her. once she was dead, Kahlen said "ya dont wanna know what els she says nigel." so nigel asked what she said. tee said "yea..." for she must have been there the other day when hotgirl harassed them too. Nigel realized what the two were saying, so he said "oh.. shes one of those is she?o_o". kahlen said yes, so nigel said "for crying out loud why is Flab3 full of these stalking idiots!". Hotgirl, who had returned, said "yes!!!!!" for some reason, and flew over to nigel. Nigel said "i always get stalked. always -_-". hotgirl started laughing for some reason, so Nigel asked "can i kill it?". while he started killing hotgirl, Kahlen said "go ___ your mother your not hot b___!!!!!!!!". Nigel said "ya, run bich!!!!!!!!" to hot girl, who had started flying up to the houses on the hill. Just then Emma came back, so Nigel told her to get away from hotgirl calling her a "thing".  Emma asked what this "thing" was, not realizing what hotgirl had done. she had been asking hotgirl if she knew her or not, so kahlen said "i'd be suprized if you did". Nigel told emma "from that.. thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  so emma asked "oh, do you mean hotgirl?". Nigel said "yes o_o" so emma said "oh. um.. okay.  ehy". while Nigel told emma what Hotgirl had done, Hotgirl came back after being killed by Kahlen and tee. Emma, not listing to nigel said "tell me why". Nigel told her that he had told her already, but she was convinced he haddent. kahlen said "nigel,she stalks everyone".  Hotgirl started saying Nigels name over and over again adding hearts.  Emma said "hey hot girl, stop stalking people , its not good you know". Hotgirl said "ok." to this. Kahlen said "hey guys, guess what she did to my friend the other day!". They all asked kahlen when she did, so he said "she asked my friend to ___ her!". Nigel said o_o, emma said wooooooooooooow and tee said o.o  to this .   

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.21.58 AM

meenwhile, Hotgirl left and returned with the name "esma". Nigel had seen this esma persn around a few times before, and even gotten into a fight with her when she killed him for no reason. Esma insisted that Hotgirl was her sister, but they all knew she was lying. Emma asked esma "then why did you spell nigels name like this "nigl?" thats how hotgirl spell it".   Nigel said "we know its you, everyone knows it. stop tryna cover up yo dum___" Esma kept trying to say that Hotgirl was her sister, but no one belived her.  Emma asked again why she spelld nigels name wrong, but she wouldnt answer.  Nigel said "its because people these days dont know how to read ma damn name".  Esma then left, so Emma said "i bet you shes goina come back as hotgirl or another name". Tee said "she had the same name yesterday, and kept saying that stuff".  Emma said "i was wondering how she knew me". tee said "she just randomly choses somone".  just then a Pigeon named "4apa" came on and started trying to kill people, so Nigel killed 4apa for everyone.  nigel then had to go.   

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 8.43.56 PM
Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 8.42.25 PM

(not done)

later he met icewolf but didnt stay with him long at h5   

that night nigel found cherie and took her to in6. there he told her about the chat files n what not  also bout the brb n gtg thing   

cherie tried to take it on nigel saying "you should watch what u say"........ uhg.

this aint done


Turn around

ft Cherie, Guardswan, rrrrr,

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.01.53 PM-0

Nigel(as a noname) hung out with Cherie at cityscape 1 that evening. Cherie had been arguing with someone named "rrrrrrr"  who claimed to be thug. the two were aruing over who was more loyal, cherie or donna. Nigel decided to stay out of this one, so he turned to killing someone named "Guardswan", who he suspected of being Angryswan.  Guardswan kept saying rude things to Nigel and cherie(things i will not repeat), so Nigel, having enough of it, chased him down and kill him.   Some eagle named "muhammed" then started making a giant chick for someone named "blu". Cherie didnt realize this, so when nigel told her to "turn around" on the building she was standing on, she was suprized by what she saw.

Nigel vs blu! 

ft Blu, wildicekiller,
Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.20.15 PM
Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.23.26 PM
Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.32.12 PM

Later on, Nigel got his name and start killing blu, who was there before. the two killing each other, with a Noname ringneck trying to break it up. Nigel chased blu all through the city, pooing on him constantly for fun. Blu and Nigel started arguing and continued pooping on each other, with the ringneck pooping on one of them occationally.  eventually it was stopped by someone named "wildicekiller", who killed both of them. The two refused to stop, and it got even worse when some russian bird started spamming the chat. so Nigel told Blu and Wildice to go to island 5.  While he was waiting for blu to show up, he asked wildice if he knew him/her, but he didnt. Wild claimed "i only met you 10 minuts ago".  blu finally showed up and challenged wild to fight him without hacks.  wild told Nigel and Blu to stop fighting or he/she would kill them both. Nigel started killing blu again, and when blu tried to fight back nigel became a swan and hid underground, mocking blu and Wild for they couldnt kill him. he told them "kill me = $2000 ;)" just to mock them.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.52.12 PM

eventually they stopped fighting, and forgave each other after wild threatend to kill them both.   Nigel said "ok, sorry blu... i got a bit to carried away.".  Wild said "ya think?" to this.  Blu excepted nigels apoligy, and asked "why are you nigel?". Nigel told blu he has had that name for a long time,  so wild said "ive seen you around nigel, when i started playing 3 years ago".  Nigel said "ive been on the game since it was made".  Blu said "oh god." so Nigel said "and im not planning on quitting >:)".   Someone named "killer baby" then came on and started causing trouble.

h last remaining blu macaws i the wolds w actually notblue i was around back when it was nothing but the cityscape crows pigeons n seegulls killerbaby come on. kill people lol why is he trying to catch us?blu what blu? ownsers im sayingblu i dont have owners e.e why are u still trying to catch us to us?blu im not a stupid pet:P wgobaby anyways gets not go into that againblu im soo tired.wild into what?nige the reserch topic to catch usblu ;/ i dont wanna catch u oh anymore no point yeablu ok ima go take a nap before my bf gets come so ya bywild the frog fell in love in rio 2 movie proebly isnt that so? i dumped her ^^ fu king trash cans hai what now. who is this mad?blu tokillerbbay its not a man its a bbay duuhhhhhh nigel brb 5 min  


Sept 14 - not done

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.43.54 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.26.45 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.27.16 AM

h5 with acey!!!!!+0 i havnt seen u for every!!!! where ya been?? ....inhellace o.owhy shen digis hell. shes been annoying y? yeeeeesss i lost my aim well tell her to fu ck off :) why she mad at u now? she wasnt very nice to me when i first met her, she wasnt nice. she teamed up with lysa and what not. then she was all of a sudden nice when i would hang out with her emma chuckyboy, frost. ect. then when they stopped hanging out, she is mean again :| starclanace ya, as soon as that chucky dude left she turned mean again. o_o whats starclan? a clan of dead cats its from a saga of books there not coming to flab3 again r they? oh ok whos not? the cats i hated the cats :| ya what about cats? they came to flab3 a while ago n started kicking people out n tried to run the game themselves hacker is here i thought they were called catnip lol so it hacksace wel... it has a name called hacker babeishere do u know lost nestace so it talks it talked? russian gibberish oh ohnigelnace russian hacker :| yeaabe hide me..ace lol *hides ace* blinks greatfully at shen :) aw babe nigels a noname now wwwwwwweeeebbbbaaa tttttttyyyyyyyy hacker dude gone that fave gave me a _____ace what face lolbabe the face....ace what face?!?!?!?! yea same!!!babe the face u did when u leftace who babe oh. u mean ;) ? lolbabe yeeess that faceace lookatmebabe :| u... ok.nigel yeeeesshhhh?babe kill love espanol yay 

babe dont want it dead? espanol back dammitace yolobabe :| brb i hate wensday!!!babe my nightmare!!!!babe :| ace keep kill espan shes weird no we no stop ok why?babe shes weird yes it isace one time she followed me around when i had the name felipe. stalkerace aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa swan!!!!!!!!!babe it dies finallybabe its back aaaaaaaaaababe ace and nigel kills it again a reason thats whyace nnlookbabe im nigel ik lets be friends?sp no kills it. lol nigelace murderer. ace kills it again i mean.. what kind of an idiot would be a pigeon? lolbabe mewace :| reipu aisuace uh.. ok? espan is back >:) kills it again ty shenpaiace ;) ace kills it now lol kill it as a ringneck wy should we stop?ace stalkerbabe not ut two. lmao an eagle? rlly? 

Revenge sweet revenge 

ft Rain, Chara, Death, giggetygoo(spirit).

nigel hung out with rain, chara, death  in the late morning.  at one point rain chara and nigel were all noname eagles lol.   nigel kept saying he was chara to make it confusing.

later, spirit showed up and started harassing everyone.  chara left  

and spirit n death went to poo fight at city 7

Nigel n rain fed up with spirit, got an idea.  to spy on spirit and death for nigel was afriad spirit would "feed lies" to death to make him hate him.

so off they went to city 7,nigel named "bubbles" a name he had already confused spirit with once before, and rain named some russian name.  together they spied on spirit and death.  spirit ended up saying something he shouldnt have, and death promised not the tell.   rain and nigel revealed themselfs and said they could tell people for them.    nigel n rain then left to hill5 to discuss it.    

rain said go to city 1 and spam for alot of people spirt knew were there.  they then went n spammed city 1  about spirits dirty secret and told people to tell belle. spirits mate. 

they then met up on the society rain made and nigel gave rain the spam so she could spam it all day. 


birds in a bin. 

ft Emma, tee, Frost

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 2-1.58.33 PM

Sept 16 Nigel met Emma at hill5 that afternoon. they were joined by Tee and Frost. Emma told them about her problem with Kahlen - Ariana had cloned emma and gone and told Kahlen that she thought the two(kahlen and tee) loved each other.  Tee pointed out that he was a boy, for Emma and Nigel both thought tee was a she. Nigel told Emma he would try to talk to Kahlen, for maybe she needed someone els to tell her it was a clone, for emma saying it  herself seemed like she was trying to make an excuse.    Emma then said that she was thinking about leaving the game, so Nigel told her not to, saying "just cause one stupid person is stupid enough to fall for a clone dosnt mean you have to leave".  

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 3.14.57 PM
Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 3-1.07.30 PM

Later on, Emma told them that someone named "Death" loved her. both frost and Nigel had seen death going around telling people this, Nigel had caught him saying "emma + Death = 99%" to spirit the other day when he and rain spied on him. Emma claimed that she didnt love death back, and she didnt know how to tell him. Ruis came on, and asked who death was, so nigel said "a weirdo".  Emma then left, claiming she would be back later.  Nigel asked the others "ok, why are we sitting in a trash can?" for they were.  Tee said "i dont know" and frost said "dunno, party in a trash can i guess?". Nigel said "cause.. it kinda stinks in here." Ruis said "maybe its me" so tee said "gosh.....".  Frost said "what??? siis e.e".  Nigel said "sunny(a random bird who was there) probebly thinks we are idiots". Frost said "we all stink now....".   Nigel then had to go for a while. 

tee is pee

ft tee, angryswan, giggetygoo, death,

Nigel went back to Hill5, to find only tee there. he hung out with him for a while, and was about to leave when someone named "tee is ___" came on. nigel said "who the fak is that?" while tee said "who is that?!??". tee is __ said "tee, fill the ___ in." Nigel, already knowing who this was, said "if thats angry... im killing myself...". tee went into the house where TI__ was hiding and killed him.  Nigel said "angryswan piss off" while tee said he was confused. Angry said "i will ___ when you ____". Nigel told tee "Meet angry swan, flab3's troll. he mocks peoples names and trolls people as you can see.." Angry said "I CAN NOW FILL IN THE ___! and left to go chaneg his name. he then returend, now named "tee is pee". Both Nigel and Tee didnt say anything, and after about a minut nigel said "no comment". Tee said "me too". Death then came on, so Nigel said "dies". Death then left, so Nigel said "thank god!".  Angry said "doth! leave or i'll ___ you!". Nigel said "doth? thats new", so Angry said "sorry, its dooth".   Nigel told tee "and now you see what i have to go through".  Tee claimed he was "just staying silent", so Nigel told him he could leave if he wanted to.    Spirit then came on and instantly killed nigel, while Nigel said "ah f__ noo!!!!!!!!!!!". Nigel then spammed giberish and died. 

When ge got back, he was a swan and tried to get undergound, but spirit beat him to the rock where the glitch was. Spirit told Nigel "say my secret no more, i'll stop".  Nigel, not beliving hi, said "hey angry!" and was about to tell angryswan Spirits secret, but was killed by spirit before he could.  WHen Nigel got back, Spirit said again "say you wont, and i'll stop.. and maybe even apoligize". so nigel told him "ok fine.. i wont." Spirit then said "Wait,  who... did you tell..?". Nigel told him "i.. kinda spammed it in city 1 and told rain to do so as well.. please.. have mercy". Spirit said "crap.. i bet you told loads, didnt you!" he then said "idk, its who i am, if people dont like it then ___ them!".   Angry then asked if Spirit was a girl, so he told him he wasnt. Death then came back, so Angry said "dooth!". Spirit greeted death, while Nigel appoligized for what he had done to spirit. 

Angry and Spirit then got into an argument. Spirit said "warem nicht?" so angry said "no!". Spirit said "lustig". Angry started spamming "rule 39!!!!!!!"  so Nigel said "just ___ off for once".  Spirit said "ih weib nicht 'rule 39'", so angry said "no!" so Spirit said "Ja!". Angry then spammed "No" in big letters" so Nigel ruined it by using the code. Tee then spoke finally, and said "what is ur fccin problem?".  Nigel asked what this "rule 39" was, while spirit said "damn!!!!!!" Angry said " no german or other english laungage".  Death said "i should maybe quit this game if emma dosnt forgive me....".  SPirit said "ja nur deutsch"(yes only german) in big letters, so Angry said "no" back. Sprit said "ja" in big letters to this. he then said "damn!!!!!" for Nigel had stopped the codes again.  Angry said "rule 38: no <i>!" so SPirit said "nein ich habe rule 38".  Nigel then decided to go and look up this "rule 38" but couldnt find anything

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 3.50.03 PM
His name september 6 2016
Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 3.42.51 PM

about it. 

When he got back, Spirit and Angry were still arguing, so nigel told them that there was no rule 39.  Angry said "any room below city 0 i own!". spirit said "hahahhaa das ist lustig dank nigel jetzt deutsh nur!(thats funny, thanks nigel. now german only!)" Nigel said "um.. i dont think i want to know what ur sayin in german".  Angry said "rule 27: obey the king!(myself)" so Spirit said "lol, nein". Nigel said "king of s___ more like it". Spirit said "jaaaa king auf sheiber!". Nigel said "if angry is king.. the world will die".   

srry tee, but i dont know the full english launguage. my angus is way differentspirit    dont refur to this thing as tee...tee  ok... piss.spirit   refure eventee                    rule 48: refure to me as teeangry     tee is piss's real name is angryswan         someone lags the game        lyria is here bigel stop the laglyr       angry change ur name    rule 79:king will not hangeangry.       nigel gtg 5 min  


Top secret 

ft Digi, Kingslayer,

sept 17

Nigel faught with Digi in the morning at City1, for the day before she had followed nigel around, cloned people, and killed him and ace for fun.  Thye eventually stopped and apoligized to each other. 

he then met Kingslayer at hillscape 5 and talked for a bit. they were joined by frost, but she didnt talk much. Nigel asked king if hecould ban people, asking him to get rid of Ariana but leave angryswan alone for he planned to try and "change angry".     

he then told King, after forst left, about how he and AUC were banned from Flab3 back in april 2015. 

they then talked about the chat file thing,  Nigel growing even more suspicius of King for he seemed to want it to continue. King told Nigel to stop telling people, for he had alreayd spread the word, so nigel told him it was important to tell people for they could get hurt if people found there adresses and what not. 

King then told him some history of Flab3, but he didnt want it told to others. 

so, i will not say any more - maybe eventually, but not now. 


sept 24

ft Frost, Tee, Angryswan, Ariana, spirit,

Nigel, frost, tee  and kahlen met at hill5. Nigel commented on how flab3 seemed to be "Dead" for no one was on anymore. a few days ago there were only 2 people at city1, a server that was often full.  They were then joined by spirit, and unfortunatly, ariana.  

after arguing with ariana for a while, Angryswan started randomly coming in and leaving using names such as "ihatemuslims" "bombislam" and "killislams". at the time they didnt know who it was who was doing this, so they kept on arguing with ariana. Ariana kept cloning nigel, so Nigel went back to using the name "nigel_thereal1".  

After this, Angryswan came back, now named "pee-ak" to mock tee's new name peak. he then proceded to go on about pee, claiming that he "ate it" and that it was "good for you". Nigel and spirit argued with him, trying to make him shut up, but nothing worked. Angry then started to go on about other things saying "fact: your inhaling spiders right now". Spirit  had enought and left. Angry then started obsessing over things, telling nigel to look up different parasites.  tee ended up leaving, feeling that he had started it for it was his name being mocked. 

Angry then went and named himself "be afraid" a name he had been known to use before. he started obsessing over parasites and other "Scary things". Frost, who had left, came back and asked Nigel "why didnt you come with us?" so Nigel told her that no one told him where to go. She told him to find her somewhere, so he told angry "first one who finds them gets $50". 

Nigel found them at Snow3, so he told them to change there names.  they then ended up runnign from angry the rest of the day. 

The Ryuik war 

Te next few days wouuld prove to be hell for nigel. He thought ryuik was a friend. good god he should have listend to cherie and donna. 

  • this was over the corse of a few days to a week, from "ryuiks a problem". 

Day 1 

a bad mistake 

ft Ryuik, Dj,cherie

sept 25

Nigel met Ryuik and dj at hill6. dj was making a giant chick for ryuik, so nigel started joking about it.  He then found that ryuik was telling dj why cherie and donna hated her - the 2 had accused  ryuik of still wanting her ex bf birdie aka tim, who was now donnas mate, when she really didnt. ryuik also told nigel that donna and cherie had made up things about ryuik just to have something to hate. They would also blame Ryuik whenever someone cloned them, even when it was obvious that it was ariana.  Ryuik revealed why Donna wasnt cherie's friend anymore, something to do with cherie asking tim out when he was donna's mate. donna must have realized how unloyal a friend cherie was, and stopped being her friend.  Nigel had realized that cherie was by herself recently, and not with donna as she usually was. the last time he saw the two hapily together was (not added yet ).

so Nigel started ranting about cherie and the bad things she had done, dj and ryuik throwing random thigns she had done in as well. After talking about this for a while, Nigel decided to go to city1 where cherie was (named "hells bitch" o_o) and tell her off. he told her to "stay the f_ away from ryuik", blamed her and left. He then had to go, so he told ryuik he would be back later. 

when he got back,  he found cherie at hill6 with ryuik and dj. Cherie was mad at what nigel had done, and started killing nigel, dj joining in claiming he was bored. Nigel got underground, so cherie told him to "stop hiding". she then told him "you can hide all you like, but stay the f out". he said he could go city 1 when he liked, and told her she didnt own flab3, so she ignored him. Nigel told her "let me tell you this, i dont just watch innocent people get blamed for fun"("innocent" ahahahahahah, if only I could predict the future!!!...... oh the irony....). Cherie then said she was "leaving, maybe for ever"and left. Ryuik, upset at what nigel had done told him to leave, for he had only made the whole thing worse. Nigel told her he was sorry, for he never ment it to happen. ryuik threatend to clone him with his name. he told her it didnt work, so she said "some dont know" and left. Nigel then left shortly after this, for dj didnt seem thrilled about this either.  

day 2 

Ryuik's reality. 

ft Mafia, Cherie, Donna, Ryuik,

sept 26

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 12-1.38.59 PM

Nigel was suprized ot find Mafia at city 1. He started telling Mafia about the new problem with cherie, for mafia had asked if cherie had been on recently. Nigle decided to go to Hill5, for it wasnt a good idea to tell everyone in city1 about what cherie had done.  it was also getting a bit crazy, random birds pooping on them and what not. They then went to hill4,for Luigi, some swan dude and a few others had followed them.

At hill 4  Nigel explained it all to mafia, from why cherie hated ryuik, to now. After this, Nigel told mafia about who ariana was, for he had said that "ariana was the one cloning and not ryuik" for cherie had blamed it all on ryuik. He also told mafia about angryswan, telling him his different names.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 5.23.43 PM

Later on that day nigel went to city 1 where cherie and donna where. Cherie started killing nigel, who started mocking cherie for she kept missing him when she tried to poo on him.  Donna, wanting to know what was going on with the two, told Nigle to go to industry 6. At in6, nigel told donna "i told her to leave ryuik alone, thats all", so donna told him that it wasnt cherie who did it but herself.  Nigel, realizing his mistake, said "why did you do that to her..?". Donna said "and i will cary on" "she tried to split us up".  Nigel said "it wasnt her who was cloning you, plus she dosnt even want tim like you said" "she told me that it was a clone of her doing that".  Donna said "you know nothing" "she told me on facebook not here."   Nigel then realized that this wasnt just going on on Flab3, but in real life, so he said "oh..  i dont know who to belive now." Donna said "she told me that tim wank over her baby picture so i leave him". Nigel said "i will leave cherie alone.. sorry..." while donna went on saying "tim wouldnt do that over a baby picture".  Nigel asked "so.. this is going on not just on this game?". Donna didnt answer, and said "me and tim are planning to have a baby". Nigel said "Wait.. in real life?!?!?!" so donna said "yes, in real life" Nigel said "oh..  so you know him in real life?(tim)" so donna told him "yes, i go out with tim in real life". Nigel said "i thought this was just over suff on this game, sorry".  Donna said "and he dont play anymore."  Nigel then asked Donna if she knew ryuik in real life as well, but she didnt, only on face book and herte.  Nigel said "so shes trying to get a guy she dosnt even know in real life" so donna answered saying "yes, and who is twice her age".  Nigel said "oiugfvbhygvnkhgbn ok thats weird" to this. he then said "well, she told me she dosnt want him anymore" to try and cover up for ryuik one last time.  Donna said "yes.. so why she try and split us up?"  Nigel said "Sorry for being a pain to you n cherie.. i was so stupid". he then said "i will stay out of this from now on".   Donna said "i will leave when i get pregnant" so Nigel asked if she was married to tim. she said she wasnt but was going to one day.  He then said again that he was sorry for being anoying, so donna forgave him. he then left saying "now i have to deal with cherie". 

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 5-1.42.18 PM
Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 5-1.41.01 PM

Nigel then headed back to city1, where he apoligized to cherie. cherie forgave him suprizingly.  Cherie then said "speak of the devil" for some reason, so Nigel asked what she was talking about.  Cherie said "do rrrrr wanna play with the devil?" so Nigel realized who she was talking to.  "rrrrrrr" was a bird who cherie acused of being thug, but nigel didnt know much els about what went on between the 2.  Nigel went and looked to see where rrr was, planning on killing him. but he found rrrrr was flying high up in the sky, so he gave up and said "rrrrrr's in the sky". Donna and Cherie both said "i know" at once.   After this, Nigel flew around the city for a bit.  Cherie then randomly said "i dont excist" so nigel decided to leave saying "um.. i think i'll go"

day 3 onward 

Ryuiks a problem

ft Ryuik

sept 27 

Ryuik had asked nigel to make a page on the flab3 wiki called "names". so he did, thinking he would do good.  when he did, Ryuik revealed that she had been secretly stealing peoples names, even ones from 5 years ago!. She went and posted them on the page, and as soon as she did, ariana got to them. so he asked her to take it down, saying "ehem..  ryuik..   i dont think we want to be "giving out" names. cough*ariana*cough*".  however,  She refused to take it down  acting as though this was all a part of the plan. she said "Ariana will get names either way plus I doubt she goes on the wikia anyway. Also you said you are not worried about anyone cloning you anyway.-Ryuik ".  Nigel then asked ryuik if  he could use the names on his page(this one), but she refused to let him asking him to link it to her page. she then told him she would delete his page if he did anything with "her names".   this is there wonderful conversation : 

No, you cannot put them on your page. That would be like me making a page and putting everything of your page onto mine.-Ryuik

i can report u to.

how would u like it if someone stole ur name and posted it somewherE?

and i said im only putting ones i knew, such as springtrap and frost who are both close friends

Then I will take it down and no one can see any names. If I see a name on your page that I got through hard work I will report you.-Ryuik

do not take down my page,  and im only putting ones like frost and cyborus who were close friends. ok? 

I don't care, if you want to put a name instead put the link to my wikia page or don't put any names or anything on yours. This is your last warning.-Ryuik

fine i wont. e.e   

and, i will put a like with the name, is that a deal?    like when i put the name "springtrap" it will be higlighted in blue as a link to ur page. is that good? or just dont do it?

it wold be like this  -  springtrap

yes, you can make their normal name in blue as a link to my page. Otherwise all the work I put into this page would have no meaning if they could just see everything on your page.-Ryuik

ya but they dont know to go to my page,  my page is just a record of everything mostly for me to remember. so names of people are records too.

i wont for now ok? 

just  leave my page alone it took 3 years to make

You better never put them on your page without my permission. If I ever give you permission it will say on this talk page.-Ryuik

but, can you take this page down.  its fine if u keep em just for u,  but i dont think people would be happy having there names here.   if hackers find out ur in big trouble o_o

I'm not really worried about it. If they don't want their name here then I will take it down.-Ryuik

ya but they dont know.  thts the thing!!!   thats like me stealing ur name and randomly putting it somewhere

Then if you want you can try finding everyone on that list and asking them. Although, most of the players are gone and I know rarely anyone visits the wikia anymore.-Ryuik

ok fine..

can you please take any of my names off please?

Okay, I will.-Ryuik

how did u get all these names in the first place o.0

That is for me to know and for you to never find out (;.-Ryuik

wait...  you dont know that chat files hack thing do you..??????!?!?!?!?!

oh, and what is it you have against me using the names on my page?  i can put something like (name found by ryuik) or something like that.   its just cause ive been trying to get others names on there either by pictures, or other things.  

the names -    

  1.  ҈₳͏cι҈d͏u͏s͏҈
  2.  «αℓ∂υιη™»
  3.  αleχтнєкιllєя
  4.  ₳ⱡḭɇŋ
  5. ąℓℓγ ɧεąŗŧş <ɜ
  6. ♥◊ αηgeℓ◊♥
  7. ✪☪αиɢяyxρвɪяɒ ✪
  8. ♐͏➳₳̶p̶o̶łło➳͏♐
  9. ♒♛αquαяιus♛♒
  10. ɑquѳʀ
  11. ♡λяɨάηα_ɮɨṭçɧ♡
  12. ₳ȿ†ŗά
  13. ⚡♀∿ღ ₳ℽℽℽᵰyã➳♬⚡
  14. ★♥☻βαβγ☻♥★
  15. βαḋ βơγ
  16. ßáĵáńğúŷ
  17. ϐαŧ₥αŋ
  18. вerry
  19. ♥≈βεψøñđ≈♥
  20. ~:bill cipher:~
  21. ♬♪♀★ßirdy☆♀ ♬♪
  22. ♥ßłaçk pânțher♥
  23. ♔błα¢κ★sтαя♔
  24. błαcкωσłƒк!ηg.
  25. °•βłixtαя•°
  26. ❄ɮɭɨʒʒαɽɖ❄
  27. вℓσσ∂ вαяσиess
  28. ♥ɮʟōōɖʄʊʀʏɢɨʀʟ♥
  29. ❥вℓσσ∂увαявιє❥
  30. ♡bluebird♡1981
  31. βøʍβøʍ
  32. ♀ߤττ¤ϻs ʊρ™
  33. bяiλппλ
  34. ♀Ͼλκεֆτ¤яϻ™
  35. çαтɯоɱαɳ
  36. ✴✴¢£|€§†✴✴
  37. °•cɧı cɧı•°
  38. ♪¢нℓσε14♪
  39. ĉļǿĉķŵǿŕķ
  40. çọçkαṭɽɪçɛ
  41. ¢σℓє↜єαятн.иιnj
  42.  » cɾɑʙ «
  43. ⓒⓡⓘⓜⓢⓞⓝ ⓦⓞⓛⓕ
  44. ✖✔çŷßørü§✖✔
  45. ♡《●€¥₩£●》♡
  46. ✘{dä®₭ äñgël}✘
  47. δαякfιαмιηφβιяd
  48. 回ɗαякк нυ₪тєя回
  49. δαякkı((εяβιяδ①
  50. †∂αякиєѕѕ†
  51. đαякηφнтsιγεя ♥
  52. dαrĸrαι
  53. ☣ɗαякяαι☣
  54. ▴₯₳Ϟ₭§₳₲₳▾
  55. ºðǻζζƪǐɳǥº
  56. <i>刀乇丹丁廾</i>
  57. <i>刀モ丹丅卄</i>
  58. ♛ḓḝßøῷ♛♚♚♚
  59. ðeνιℓѕαηgєℓ
  60.  %*d€vgîrl×}*
  61. ╰devil's✡son
  62. ♀のιgιtαℓツ
  63. đⓘℓαⓡα
  64. ●♪∂ј ωøℓƒ♪●
  65. ⓓ⒰ɣℊữ™
  66. ❤ ºel¡ßæº❤
  67. °●♥●ɛɱɪɭȳ●♥●°
  68. ɛɱɪɭȳ
  69. <◀°•◇£p!c◇•°▶>
  70. faithicecat
  71. †.₣αℓℓεŋ.†
  72. ♛ƒḁ̂♏øц$¥øцтєr♛
  73. fiğħŧerᵜᵜ➳∞
  74. fiηη※тぁэ※huмаη
  75. ☪☯♀fisty♀☯☪zcl☪
  76. ♥ ∮ ℓ ů ∮ ∮ ɤ ♥
  77. f|ʊ|α
  78. ϟ✘f҉r҉o҉s҉t҉✘ϟ
  79. ʓ∆₥ξ ₥∆§τξя
  80. ɢαℳεℜʐѡøяł⊒™
  81. gαмєяzωσяℓ∂™
  82. ♂♂ⓖⓐⓨяуαη♀♀
  83. ɢʜ̿̿⊚s̿τʙ̷ɪ̷ʀ̷đ
  84. ɠσι∂εη ƒısτ ™
  85. ɠσι∂εη ƒısτ
  86. •●gǿłđэŋ ƒưяע●•
  87. ♂gooeymacaroni♀
  88. ♔☣gυмβαłł☣♔
  89. gυη™
  90. ♅☣н̷̷α̷d̷̷є̷s☣♅
  91. ~♡←Haley→♡~
  92. º◆♥♡←Haley→♡♥◆º
  93. ϟђαɾley♛quıɴɴϟ
  94. ♦hαяℓeу♦qυιηη♦
  95. ☠ӈєլլƨ♀ɓɩƭƈӈdsc
  96. ⅰς∑ щ◊レモ (;
  97. «❝iɔε※шσłƒ™❞»
  98. im hot | ur not
  99.  »iмραçτ«
  100. ❄jαуƒєαтнєя❄
  101. ♀◆●j€ff|l|π€●◆♀


  1. ᴏʜᴛᴀᴊᴀ
  2.  »jυѕτιςe«
  3. кαкαʂɧɪ
  4. †.kaneki ken.†
  5. #k@ t¥~
  6. 卍♔ƙєɲ☣ƙƛɲєƙɩ♔卍
  7. ~κ∆קяø§υ©θµ$~


  1. ₹~k¡||$tª®
  2. ∆¶к∅мет@✔✴
  3. ◇★kristina★◇
  4. «.̙k̙yrα̞α.»
  5. ☽♦£apidot™♦▽●
  6. ℓαzυяι нєηтαι♀
  7.  %*£€pär çøñhè
  8. ︻╦̵̵̵͇̿̿̿ ˡᵘᶤᵍᶤ
  9. ︻╦̵̵ʟυıɢı╤───
  10. ♀✫мãçя<℃.℉>✫♀ ☿
  11. ɱαƒια
  12. ♂mάğī¢♂
  13. °•ʍaɢɨċɮɨʀɖ•°
  14. ✺❋❊мαgι¢ωσℓf❊❋✺
  15. →măřšhmâ||ø₩♥←✌
  16. мʌʂτεr шσʃƒ ●.●
  17. ♫♏єяνє♫
  18.  »мя.ωσn∂eяfυʟ«
  19. χʍu†suκιχ
  20. níðhöggr
  21. <i>ɴιgєʟ!</i>
  22. ɴιgєʟ!
  23. ɴιgєʟᵗʰᵉ1&ⓞɴʟʏ
  24. иιиe тαi|e∂ føχ
  25. ησятн●ρσℓє☾☆
  26. ๖ۣۜɴʏx
  27. <i>囧rz</i>
  28. ₱̷ᴀ̶̷ɪ̶̷ɴ̶̷-ᴘᴋɢ
  29. ¶aw❤
  30. ✪ⓟⓔⓟⓟⓔⓡ❤♏│✘ﻉℜ
  31. ♡periquita♡
  32. ρєяѕιαи_єχ
  33. ρέϯάιώȟίϟρέƦ(ℱ)
  34. ♀ρнαηтσм♀
  35. ««™1piece™»»
  36. †ρïṉќαṃεṉα†
  37. ❆poʟαr❆
  38. pømpërmåÿer
  39. ×× pøøp düd ××
  40. ♀p҉ʀ҉ʊ҉p҉e҉l҉™
  41. ★♔queenβεℓℓα♔★
  42. ♞♫qʊɛɛη ƈǟηɖʏ♫♕
  43. ⓡⓐⓘⓝⓑⓞⓦ ⓓⓐⓢⓗ
  44. ♤язd ßαгøи♤
  45. ♤язd§¢øлριøи♤
  46. ♤язd ѕιлэп♤
  47. яøck¥ρǻciƒic×
  48. ๖ۣۜʀᴜɪs
  49. sabrekittyx
  50. ❤❤ⓢⓐⓛⓣⓨ☯☯
  51. §ç⊕për
  52. §c⊕ρεяß⊕ψ
  53. ʂɛx♥ɠọɗɗɛʂʂ
  54. ʂɛx♥ɠọɗ
  55. ѕнα∂σωиιgнт_ρкg
  56. ☬ѕнα∂σωиιgнт☬
  57. sнα∂σω sηιρεя
  58. ♚§нø¢кωανє™
  59. ❆❅♔ֆɪł̶v̶ễr̷♔❅❆
  60. ∞♀ѕιℓνєяωσℓƒ♀∞
  61. $k¥
  62. ★§øℓо₥øη★
  63. ♂.soʊƒ.x
  64. Sσʋƒ !αηe.
  65. ❄❄§nœwølf❄❄
  66. §þ®ïñgt®æþ
  67. ✁ sprîη♀⊥rªp ✁
  68. ✖✖§tar✔✔
  69. §тøʀмɮłλɖε
  70. ϟтσямʟᴀяк
  71. ʂʈɽαωɧαʈ™
  72. §wξξtg¡®l
  73. ☪☽sωeetℊirℓ☾❀
  74. ⚡$ω¿£7_b!®|}™⚡
  75. тαуℓσя♥
  76. √»toffix«√
  77. •°tøx¡¢ wølf°•
  78. ♨♂♔υłτrакίłł♔♂♨
  79. uṧἆltṹra_pkg
  80. √alçrø
  81. νєℓσ¢ιяαρтσя
  82. ♡《○₩€¥○》♡
  83. ° ₩ħī†ė 尺øŝė °
  84. wh¡tewølfg¡®|™
  85. ♂ώīήđ♂
  86. ◀♂☣♔ώīήđ♔☣♂▶
  87. ψ¤lƒƒr¤ɱțh£ɱ¤¤ñ
  88. ωσℓƒу
  89. x✘ ₣яσsт ✘x
  90. x.Soʊƒ.x
  91. yossarian
  92. ϟϟz͋͋є͋͋υ͋s͋ ϟ

Effect of Ryuik

ft Ariana

Nigel then headed to city5 that evening.  there, he found kaprosuchus, so he told him to go to hill5 becauase he wanted to warn him about ryuiks sceme.  When he got there and told Kapro, kapro said "dont stop her". Nigel asked him why, so Kapro said "this is a good thing".  Nigel said it wasnt, and said "what the crap do you mean its good?!??!?! now everyone can be cloned?". Kapro just said "dont stop it.." so Nigel asked "why???".  Nigel said "she got ur names too kapro!". Kapro said "lets make it bigger.." so Nigel asked "what do you mean?" Kapro said "add more names.. lets clone more..".   Nigel finnally caught on, and realized that this was not kapro, but ryuik herself.  Nigel asked why she would do this, so "kapro" said that she wasnt ryuik.  Nigel asked who she was, and said that he was going to delete ryuiks page. fake kapro said "no!" so nigel said "yes e.e".  Nigel said "ryuik, im telling you. keep this to yourself, not for other people".  Kapro then said "dont delete, im not her!!!!!" so Nigel asked, well then.. who are you?".  Kapro did the size=800000 lag, Ariana's signatrue lag. Nigel realized who this was, so he said "CRIST IM DELETING IT NOW" and left.   

more arguing

ft ryuik, papadimmi, sannse


Odds are she saved everything here already, also She makes her own names so I don't know how she found this page.-Ryuik

well, now she has em all. so get rid of this please, ~Nigel

After Ryuik refused to get rid of the names,   he then went to Wikia central and made a post

: so, there is this game called "fly like a bird 3" where people be birds and what not.   this person named "ryuik" has come to the Fly like a bird 3 wikia and posted a bunch of copied names that she must have spent time copying. the names have fancy letters and are personalized, so there special to the original owners.   now that she posted this, someone els who trolls the game had gotten ahold of the names and is cloning a bunch of people.  

i need help banning Ryuik . i deleted the page, and told her off.  she is only doing this to cause problems on the wikia and games, and start fights. 

so, thank you for your help.  im not an admin, but i prety much run the wikia now because the owner abandoned it :| 

also, she wasnt being fair,  for i wanted to use some of the names on my page that keeps all of flab3 history(they were my friends names), so she told me that she would delete all my pages if she saw one name on my page.  


He then told ryuik he had an idea,   Take pictures of the names so that people couldnt copy them straight from there.  she didnt listen 


Nigel" i have the names saved incase u didnt.  so i can give them to u if u need them

Ryuik: I have every name saved, including a lot I never put on the list (;

Nigel :like what?

Ryuik then spammed the talk with everyones names she had copied. 

Later that night

after a while of going around to different wikia's nigel finnaly got someone named "papidimmi" to help  Nigel deleted the stuff on Ryuiks page, and Papi mistakingly  fixed it.  this followed : 

Forum:Names edited by PapiDimmi 45 seconds ago diffSummary: Cleared page.edit 

Forum:Names edited by Nigel flylikeabird3 1 minute ago diffdiscussion page

User talk:PapiDimmi edited by Nigel flylikeabird3 2 minutes ago diff

Edited the section: Untitlededit Forum:Names edited by PapiDimmi 2 minutes ago diff

Summary: Undid revision 49889 by Nigel flylikeabird3 (talk)discussion page

User talk:PapiDimmi edited by PapiDimmi 3 minutes ago diff

edit Forum:Names edited by Nigel flylikeabird3 3 minutes ago diffedit Forum:Names edited by PapiDimmi 5 minutes ago diff

Summary: Undid revision 49886 by Nigel flylikeabird3 (talk)edit

Forum:Names edited by Nigel flylikeabird3 5 minutes ago diff

edit Forum:Names edited by PapiDimmi 8 minutes ago diff 

Summary: Undid revision 49876 by PapiDimmi (talk)—Never mind.discussion page  

Talk:Names edited by Nigel flylikeabird3 9 minutes ago diffedit Names 

He then went to Papi's message wall and explained to him why he had to stop fixing the page 

so then papi cleard the page

nigel thanked him

the end. 

asking for help

ft sannse

he also went around asking different people for help.  

one instance was this between him and "sansse":

how to protect this page

Nigel flylikeabird3 : this is the page, it is on the flylikeabird 3 wiki -≈•≈Lord_Shen≈•≈

i have worked on it for years, and people keep threatning to delete it and have done in the past.  i really dont want to lose this page cause it took alot of work to make.  i know its a bit messy dont delete it pls. 

is there any way to protect it or something

2 days ago

Nigel flylikeabird3:  aka is there any way that it can be only me who can edit it.   or can i move it somewhere where people cannot edit it

Sannse :

Please keep to one thread, and wait patiently for replies.

  • Annabeth has answered this question. You can't protect a page unless you are an admin.
  • Only admins can delete. If someone just blanks it, you can get it back. Ask for help if that happens.

Nigel flylikeabird3 : ok thank you so much!!!!   this person named ryuik stole a bunch of peoples names from the game flab3 and is ruining it!!!!!  people can clone people now and make there friends hate them :/  n these r fancy names not just normal names

Sannse:I asked that you keep to one thread. Since then you made three blogs. That's not okay and I am going to delete them.

Please edit this thread and don't create any others about this situation.  No more new threads - that means none on blogs, forums, or message walls.

I want to understand the problem a bit more.

You said Ryuik stole names. Does that mean that she wrote them on the wiki? How can people clone others with just a name?

Nigel flylikeabird3 : i am saying, these are "fancy" names. they are personalized names that people made for themselves on the Flylikeabird3 game. its a popular game with me n my friends.

now, this ryuik had gone and somehow copied all these fancy names either by hacking the game or something els. i think its hacking because she has names no longer used by people. there is some way these people can get into the games "chat files"  old files somewhere from the flab3 chat. 

she went and posted these names on the wikia so that people can get to them(they normaly cant because only one person owns them and there hard to copy). now some other person names ariana got them all, and is going around making people think there friends hate them. 

please understand.  im sory i was anoying earlier, i got panicked because she started deleted my stuff on the wikia for "revenge". 

his request for ryuiks banning: 

so, there is this game called "fly like a bird 3" where people be birds and what not.   this person named "ryuik" has come to the Fly like a bird 3 wikia and posted a bunch of copied names that she must have spent time copying. the names have fancy letters and are personalized, so there special to the original owners.   now that she posted this, someone els who trolls the game had gotten ahold of the names and is cloning a bunch of people.

i need help banning Ryuik . i deleted the page, and told her off.  she is only doing this to cause problems on the wikia and games, and start fights. 

so, thank you for your help.  im not an admin, but i prety much run the wikia now because the owner abandoned it :| 

also, she wasnt being fair,  for i wanted to use some of the names on my page that keeps all of flab3 history(they were my friends names), so she told me that she would delete all my pages if she saw one name on my page.  


others trying to reasure nigel theres no problem: 

oh, i have another question,

Nigel flylikeabird3:can no one but me edit my user?  like on the flab3 wiki   my user -nigel from flylikeabird 3   is that only mine?  like if i put stuff on that  no one els can delete it or anything?

Nigel: cause someone is threatning to delete a page i made, and it is more personal so i want to put it on my user instead cause its about me

Annabeth and Percy : I think you'll have to contact Staff here regarding it. And might I also suggest that, since the admins are inactive, you consider adopting the wiki?

Nigel flylikeabird3 : nooo im not

i am trying to explain

i have this page on the flab3 wiki called "lord shen" and its about me(a player on flab3) more then anythign so i think it belongs more in my user "nigel flylikeabird3". so if i move everything there, does that mean only i can edit it. like if someone wanted to delete all the stuff, could they or not

Nigel flylikeabird3 :because people constantly threaten to delete ithe page, and i have spent 3 years working on it.

Nigel flylikeabird3 :thats why i want to move everything to my user profile instead. but i want to make sure no one can delete it.  get it?

Nigel flylikeabird3 :what i am asking is is there anywhere on "wikia" i can put stuff about me that no one can delete.

(ok yeh i kinda spammed them. hehehehe ;))

Nigel flylikeabird3 :can you please answer

Nigel flylikeabird3 :what do you mean??  can you just answer please,   is there somewhere i can make a page and not have others edit it

Sannse : You can make a wiki to put it on, otherwise it's down to any admins on the wiki to decide whether or not to delete

Nigel flylikeabird3 :i have this page on the flylikeabird3 wiki that people keep threatning to delete. i worked on it for 3 years!!!! i dont want to lose it.

Nigel flylikeabird3 :but this person isnt even an admit who wants to delete it

Annabeth and Percy :Can you please be patient for a response?

And no. Those other users have no more rights on that wiki than you do. They do not have the ability to delete a page, which is why I'm suggesting you to consider adopting the wiki. That way, you'll become an admin, and you can protect the page from being editing by any one other than admins.

Nigel flylikeabird3 :well, this person said they can delete the page.   and,  i own a wikia, how do stop others from editing a page?

Annabeth and Percy :Don't take him seriously. He has no rights. He would've already deleted it if he could but he can't.

I already told you what you can do to stop other users from editing it.(huehuehue.. ya right. e_e)

i lost the one where i got really desperate and pissed them of, sannse deleted it e_e.


day 4

sept 28 - not finished add pics

Nigel met cherie n dona and told them in 6. there he told them about ryuik and said he was banning her. cherie said ryuik had been at it for a while. no suprize. thug is problem too but donna will take car of him lols i bet you will from yhr screen shot aw i dont hink sodonna papaisjake hi cherie u changed ur namejake i wasnt asure if it was ujake backnigel jake just to warn u im hated nowcherie what?jake im hatedcherie who hates u?nigel i dont hate youpapa ik thug lizzie n meny nowcherie im ur frend just nt been on for a long time.jake ryuiks such a problem now :/ ikjake yesdoonna im ur friend too. cherie ik lordcherie ur the only 3 friends i got nowcherie im not going to be stupid or anoying anymore. aaaaaw cherie we love ya!!!!!!!!!pap blackim alwayshere ik i love u allcherie who thatdonna back - bak im so hotcherie the seegull is back oo loldonna hot mamapapadopalis lol i got high temprature lol i wish cherie im gonna bring back to waleslolpapa im gonna marrieyou lmao lmao jake u cantcherie she has a husband i thinknigel and u already married and it a joke bwteen me a cherielmaojake backdonna ok how the hell did this conversation just go that way? jakes different lolcherie i trust not manyblackcat :| lord yeescherie? jake was neerly a goner but im good nowpapa r u against same sex peoplecherie what what they all saydonna im not, ok u nearly died hakecherie eagle is here ...? who is thatnigel roni girl is on ..? whocherie themnigel idkcherie :/ omgeagle wbdonnapapa im kinda bored okeagle guys can we go to hill or island5 island 5? yea or no. no answers lmao no lizzie goes therecherie oh. then island 4? dasdasdasrepeatedeagle hello :)eagle can we go to island 4 pls waiteagle kill ronjgirl hahahahhhahah :/ backcherie can we go to island 3 or 4 i dont likeit here :/ its evilcherie ....? what u mean? whats evil? in here is evilpap look at the skycherie i shouldnt be hererdonna thats cause people poluted the sky i guess lol lol lord cherie now be right back back -

Nigel vs ryuik

Nigel then went to Hillscape 5 and found Ryuik there all alone. He finally let it out and started yelling at her saying "RYUIK?? YOU ___BAG HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Nigel started killing ryuik, while she said "go away". Ryuik then died and cmd back as "kk". Ryuik said "oh really brush...?" so Nigel not realising who this was said "uh.. what". ryuik said "you shouldn't mess with me." so Nigel asked "who are you?" KK then killed nigel, so he became a swan and went underground and yelled "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHH!". Ryuik then said "i mean a website" so Nigel, knowing what she meant told her "i saw. so get the ___ off the flab3 wiki". Ryuik continued saying "and now you can no longer edit it!". Ryuik said "your names are on " so Nigel said "as long as its not on the flab3 wiki i don't give a f___". Ryuik said "is it the place you think you own?"(bahahah i do own it soon lmao) "cuz its not.". Ryuik then said "i will keep undoing my page" so Nigel said "i don't like you going around stealing peoples names for fun and giving them out to bad people like ariana, and i'll keep stoping you. I've already got it arranged for you to be banned :) so good luck :P.

it is the place u think u own?ryuik cuz it isant no im saying i will keep undoing my page btwryuik i dont like u going around steeling peoples names for fun and giving them to random people like ariana. i dont like u going around steeling peoples names for fun and giving them to random people like ariana. and ill keep stoping u ive alreayd gt it arranged for u to be banned :) so, good luck :P" Ryuik asked "you think you don't do things like this before? id love to see that happen, then i will create a new user". nigel then left saying " i dont got time for this, ima go hang out with me real friends and not trashy idiots like u."

this would prove to be a stupid mistake, for in retaliation, ryuik went and blanked nigels page. Nigel went into a panic and went to Wikai central and started spamming blogs asking for help.

Ryuik continued her assault, editing nigels page every 7 seconds so he couldn't edit it himself. she also did this so that the undo thing would be all blocked up, and would take for ever to fix.

After this, Nigel transported all of the stuff from the lord shen page onto this one. it took him 6 whole hours. this is aka" i don't have a life"

Nigel and Ryuiks final conversation over the past evening and day :

(starts off right from where she ruined my page)

ryuik please stop, ive stoped editing yours, so u stop editing mine.  ok?  im sorry. 


And why should I? You've kept editing mine when I told you to stop so why should I stop if you wouldn't?

Ryuik (talk) 16:50, September 29, 2016 (UTC)

i told u i will stop. so dont edit mine. and i wont edit yours.   

i dont care anymore.. 


No, I'm sorry but I cannot let you continue your page. If you want you can make another from scratch or make your own website on Sorry but I have warned you enough and now you must pay the price.

Ryuik (talk) 20:30, September 29, 2016 (UTC)

you dont own this wikia you cant decide if i keep my page.

  • u also cant go
  • harassing others,
  • stealing names,
  • being rude,
  • editing others pages. 


i have something in store for you. just wait a week >:)

oh, n ps, ive saved the page so idc if it gets deleted, i can always return it here =) 

~ your bff nigel

Fine with me, let's wait a week then (; Ryuik (talk) 22:10, September 29, 2016 (UTC)

sure sweety :P


lols wait till i own the wikis, she's in for S__________________t!

and so here we are.

have a good day.



Day 5

sept 29 

ft Cherie, dj

Nigel met Cherie and told her what Ryuik was up to, but Ryuik turned out to be spying on them named "killer3". She and her friend dj then stated cloning Nigel for fun and threatening to kill him. Ryuik claimed to "know where nigel lived" and said she would hunt him down.(blablablalol). 

Cherie decided she couldn't trust Dj cause apparently he was texting her daughter. so Nigel told her not to, for dj had just been saying things like "i hate myself, i f__ my mom and someone kill me" using nigels name to make it seem like nigel said these things.

Nigel then followed cherie to City 1 and told her again, so some other noname said "you can't trust dj?" "i 

 can help with that!". Nigel then had to go, so he yelled "Ryuik is stealing all your names and is planning to use them against you!!!!!" and left. 


Ryuik meanwhile decided to copy Nigel and went to Sannse's wall and said "Hello, my profile is constantly being edited by PapiDimmi and flylikeabird3 Nigel flylikeabird3 and the pages I have made which are names from old and or current game players. I wanted it to be a community thing and if people wanted their names taken down I would've taken them down upon asking me. So I have made a website and post it on my profile since everything kept getting deleted and it is still being taken down. Any help would be appreciated thank you. ^-^

so Nigel got back to her before sannse could and said :1 you didnt ask for the names 

2 you stole them

3 u theatend to kill me

4 you blanked my page. 

give me 3 reasons they shouldnt ban you?

oh n 5, you and ur friends are using the names against others for fun

Nigel then went and asked for help again saying: "can someone please get rid of ryuik" She's still causing trouble on the Flylikeabird3 wiki.

she deleted my page

she threatend to hunt me down and kill me(she told me this on the game flylikeabird but im sure she'd do the same on the wikia if i gave her the chance.) 

she stole stuff from other people and posted it on the wiki

shes going around teling people to hate me


Nigel and Papi the signer.

ft Papidimmi

Later, Nigel started to get annoyed for Papidimmi kept on signing his name for him. this was there conversation : 

papi what is up with you signing my names for me? you got an obession with it?

~signed now so you dont have to! - nigel —Preceding unsigned comment added by Nigel flylikeabird3 (talk • contribs) 14:45, September 30, 2016 (UTC)

It is against the rules not to sign your posts. To sign your posts, place “Nigel flylikeabird3 (talk) 15:16, September 30, 2016 (UTC)” at the end of your posts.

PapíDimmi (talk | contribs | twitter) 14:46, September 30, 2016 (UTC)

wait, so i would get banned if i dont sign posts o.0 ?

~Signed here so you dont have to! ~nigel

(did u notice he signed the signed posts. lmao)

day 6

telling people

that day he met babe - 

with babe at hill5  the problem -  so, this _bad word_  Ryuik idiot had stolen everyones names from the game and its giving them all out to people like ariana, and what not.  so, everyones being cloned now    she even got gamerz name! and .. and.. everyone!  babe dd that show   what whos shebabe     someone nameed ryuik had everyones names from the game    wtf seriously   i know herbabe   n she's using them to clone people  and i know her!!babe    she gave them all to ariana!!!    she was in c1 not nowbabe     now.. shes goina make people hate there friends.. for fun..     tell everyone u know about this   bird wisperer is on   hi     wat is her namebabe   ryuik bout whatbw    she took everyones names even from 5 years ago  and     posted them all on the flab3 wiki for everyone to see  babe leave she back   i have a theory    what?babe    there is this "chat file thing" idk if u heard bout it?   there is this "chat file thing" idk if u heard bout it?  byebwleaves    so yesbabe i think ryuik hacked this to get the names   now im scared abe    if u find someone names kingslayer tell him i need to talk to him      kinga is c1  no  kingslayer let tell himbabe  i dont want everyone knowing bout the chat thing  only bout ryuik         babe then left?


that night

the argument continued!

Ryuik: I blanked your page because you blanked mine first and you got someone else to keep blanking my page. I didn't threaten to kill you. My friends took your names and are killing you with them because I personally contacted them and gave them your names due to the fact that you keep blanking my page and got someone else to do it for you. Also, if they wanted their names taken down they could've asked me to instead of you just destroying the work I put into the page. Then on my talk page you begged me to stop touching your page and in return you'd leave me alone and I actually felt bad until you went to try to get me banned.

Sannse: Okay, that's enough.

To both of you, it's not okay to blank each other's pages.

Ryuik: If anyone asks for their name to be removed from the wiki, then that name must be removed. That includes Nigel flylikeabird3's name and anyone else you don't like.

Nigel flylikeabird3: Leave name disputes to the people concerned. If they don't ask for their name to be removed, it can stay.

If Nigel flylikeabird3 becomes an admin, Ryuik will have to copy and paste the text off that wiki. I will help with that if needed.

Any issues that are not on Fandom will need to be discussed off Fandom.

Now both of you need to move on. Thank you.

Ryuik : Will he be able to ban me if he becomes an admin?(ya think? ... not dumb at all... lord give me strength) I have a feeling he will ban me because he hates me and because he wants me banned and has threatened to do so. Also, what wikia do you mean in here "If Nigel flylikeabird3 becomes an admin, Ryuik will have to copy and paste the text off that wiki. I will help with that if needed."?

Sannse :Yes he will be able to ban you if he is an admin (only from that wiki)

He will also be able to decide if the stuff on your page is okay for the wiki. And we both know what he will decide then!

So you will have to find another wiki for your page. I suggest you make one of your own and copy the page there.

 Nigel flylikeabird3: sannse? is it really ok for ryuik to steal peoples names without them even knowing it? please tell me this in truth. 

these people dont even know, and people are now cloning them and what not. 

Nigel flylikeabird3 :and ryuik? not everyone knows about the flab3 wikia, so they dont even know you have there names. ur stealing them, thats what your doing. and you know it.


Nigel putting some sense into sannse

sannse? do not go heping ryuik "move stuff" somewhere els. she stole a bunch of peoples names and they dont even know it.  she is tricking people into thinking there old friends have returned when they havnt. making people hate there friends when it was clones.

if you played Flab3, you would know how annoying it is to be cloned. 

so go play it, have someone take all your names without knowing it, then all of a sudden have all your friends hating you and you dont even know why!

tell me how you would like that!

think about this please!

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