day 6

that morning

October 1st conversation coninues.


and ryuik? not everyone knows about the flab3 wikia, so they dont even know you have there names. ur stealing them, thats what your doing. and you know it.

maurice. 136: If your referring to impersonation, that is clearly not allowed and can result into a global block.

Nigel :me? or her?

nigel :if you guys would like an example of what its like for others   this - . 

go on to fly like a bird 3(a multiplayer game that alot of people play), look for your friends and for some reason they all hate you and everyone on the game wants you dead and you have to leave. all because some person went and used your personal name they stole and made all your friends hate you!

tell me how you would like that!

that is what ryuik is doing, and what she is helping other people do by posting all of these stolen names for all the world to see. 

and these names are "fancy names" which means they were personalized to try and stop people copying them. like this  -  ɴιgєʟ!_ᵗʰᵉ1&ⓞηƖу!   this is the kind of name that ryuik somehow stole from people. she is also possibly hacking the games files or something becaus she's got names from a realy long time ago.

think about this please.

nothing els happend that day 

Back to normal for now!


Oct 2 

ft sparkly

Nigel met Sparkly again and as usual she went on about "shadow". He also met babe(he and sparkly tricked her with the invisible house glitch) and told her about the chat file thing. 


The "butt poo poo head"

ft Angryswan, death, tee.

october 3 


Nigel went to cityscape 5 and found Death and peak(tee) trying to deal with someone named "deth, buttneck". Nigel instantly knew who buttneck was, the one and only angryswan.  so Nigel told angry to go to hill5, and when he got there Angry had names himself "nigelbutbut".   Death followed, so nigel asked him why. he replied "i dont know?" so Nigel told him "i was getting him away from you idiot". Death said "oh" and left.  Peak started to kill angryswan, so angry started yelling "stop!!! aaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!" so nigel cheared peak on saying "get em peak!!".  Angry said "noooooooo!" so Nigel said "yeeeeeees!".  Angry yelled "pee!!!!!" 

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 4.27.24 PM

After watching this for a few minuts,Nigel said "f__ it im going underground..." but before he could angry pooed on him saying "im pee!". Peak came to the rescue and killed angry for him.  Nigel thanked him and told him to go to hill3. Nigel unfortunatly went to hill2 instead, and found someone named "mmmmmooooo" there. he thought that mmmmoooo was either peak or angry in discuize but it turned out it wasnt.  when he finally got to hill3 he said "i went to the wrong place. i am stupid.  Angry killed Peak and laughed. Peak came back and attacked angry, so he yelled "aaaaaaahhh!!!!!!*randomgiberishthatimnottypingout*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!".   Nigel, meenwhile, went undergorund and watched them fight.  

while he was walking to one of the mountains, angry managed to poo on him and yelled "drown!!!!" "your a buttpoopoohead!".  peak then killed angry yet again.  when angry swan gone, nigel said "tee? why do i have to live through this?". Peak answered saying "i dont know tho..."  

someone named "an owl" then came on, and said "does owl stuff". Nigel said "peak, i think thats him" so peak went and killed owl. owl yelled "noooo aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!" and died.  nigel asked peak if it ws a swan, but it wasnt(if your not stupid like me, guess what it was :| ). as Peak said "it was an owl", Angry came back as "notanowl". Nigel said "or not".   Nigel then said "Well, dont mind me, im just a fat seegull".  Angry said "does not owl stuff".  peak then started killing angry yet again.  Angry yelled "pee!!!" so Nigel asked "and?".  Nigel was then brb for a minut

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 4.39.02 PM

When he got back, someone named "owo" had joined peak and angry.  Nigel said "back!" so owo waved at him. Nigel said "who the ___ is owo?". Nigel then crashed into a fence post and yelled "damnd fence post!!!!!". owo said "r i p".  Nigel then asked where peak and angry were, for they were being very quiet.  peak answered him, so he said "nevermind". Angry then said "?help my nest" so Peak said "?change ur name " for angry had changed his name to "tee", peaks other name.  peak then started killing angry, so angry said "i die" and left.   he came back as "nottee" but was killed by nigel. while nigel was kiling him, peak flew over to help but was somehow pooed on my nigel instead of angry getting it. Nigel said "how da __ did i even do that?". Peak said "party in a trash can!"

Nigel then had to go    

City madness

ft Cherie and others    


Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 5.11.13 PM

Nigel then went to city 1, where there were alot of birds. Cherie and donan were also there, being harassed by a pigeon named "chophisballsoff".  Nigel just watched.     

He then decided to leave after flying over to donna, who was sitting on a building, and saying "this city is crazy!".

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 5.11.23 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 5.12.00 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 5.11.47 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 5.12.08 PM



secret - not done

October 4th 

Nigel met with Cherie and talked about _ secrete__ stuff. 

then - do u like andy  who is angy  donaldduck   oooh him   i dont know him much :/   hes realy nice.   ok :)   ive kn him for years now     do u know him in real life? or just the game   fb too   i dont go on fb  my mom would hang me     i do to and lisacherie  who is lisa? my daughter   i forgot :/  my memore is turning into crap      i have short term memory or something now :/    ah lord cnan i ask u a few things?     i'll remember it later, but for an hour after something is said i dont remmeber  sure personal things  i just wanna be clea on few things first.cherie     what questions?nigel  skin  white :/     im not racist  im not either. religin  idk :   to tell u the truth       ok   r there any problems u have?cherie  what do u mean   like tspeacial thingscherie    um, i dont think so?    cirtan things upset people words n stuff.      well, i get mad if people hurt birds and what not  like if u sayexample  say        say?      i hpope u die of cancern stuff       i hate when people say that kinda sutff   when u lose someone  n they dont say   or a mum   or dadcherie   it always best to know those thingscherie  ya      then u know not to say that.cherie   yea.nigel   both ur mum and dad alive?   yea good          but there anoying :|  all perents are     i will tell u what my mom do to be anoyine. im typing    so, we have a pet cat, and its anoying.   it jumps up on the table and hara.sses me when i do my homwork. and what do my mom do? she give it treats!!! so the (((((( cat keep doing it!!!!!   cause it thinks thats good cause it get rewarded!!!!!    did that show   i got the first thing u typed   u mean botut eh cat     that im typing  dammit      explain   then - they talk about cats. after that he gtg "see you tomary"  "tomary? am i on drugs?" "  bye! 


oct 6 - not done

NO ONE PLAYS NOT EVEN GAMER TO ACE  LOGN STORY SHORT, RYUIK STOLE EVERYONE SFNACY NAMES AND GAVE THEM TO HAVKERS AND ARIANA :| OH..    SHE GOT UR NAMES TOO!!!  ryuik? ya her   can u see theisace yesnigel     what is my bird doing?ace     um. staring at me?nigel    


Nigel, Eren and Peak

ft Eren, Peak,Raz, Popcorn

oct 7

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.32.53 AM

at city 5 Nigel met with Eren and peak in the afternoon. he found them after talking with someone named "Raz" and someone els named "popcorn".  after talking for a little bit, Eren said he could see a chick with no nest. nither nigel nor peak could see it, but eren insisited it was there.  Nigel then realized that it was Raz's chick, but she had left randomly a few minuts ago after popcorn said he had to leave. Eren, also realizing this, claimed he could "see dead people".

after this, they talked about stuff including Eren's pet snails that he claimed were "swimming around", so Nigel asked him "snails swim?" eren said "sliding i guess? what ever snails do!".  Eren then talked about his back problem called scoliosis, to wich nigel said "that must hurt". Nigel then told eren about the time he fell on a flower pot and broke a rib.


Ryuik war aftermath

ft Dj(same guy as weed?), Frost, Ryuik

oct 8         

Nigel was just hanging out at a hillscape when Dj came on and randomly started killing him. he asked him why he did this, so he said "you deleted Ryuik's page". Nigel, realizing who this dj was(ryuiks friend), told him that Ryuik stole everyones names.  Dj had the idea tht Ryuik had done this as a "rememberance" of everyone who played Flylikeabird3, and claimed that she only had the names of people who left. but Nigel knew that she also had names of people like gamerz, ace, and a few others who haddnt left.  Nigel told dj that ryuik had stole peoples names to give them to people such as Ariana and Angryswan, but he refused to belive nigel and started killing him.  Frost joined them, and watched Dj and Nigel fight.    Nigel told Dj that he would continue to delete Ryuik's page, but dj didnt seem to listen. 

Nigel and Frost then teamed up and started killing dj, eventually going to city 7 and continuing this.  Ryuik then came on, cloning nigels name.  Nigel told frost, "see, this is what ryuik does!", for she had told him that she didnt hate ryuik or dj. Ryuik told Nigel that he couldnt edit her Profile on the Flab3 wikia anymore, so he went and had a look and found that he could, so he did(lol fail) and went back and told Ryuik. Ryuik didnt seem to care, and said that she wouldnt blank nigel's page again anyways because she would just get banned(aka nigel would go and get her banned).   After arguing with Ryuik, Nigel and frost decided to leave and headed to island 7. Nigel explained the whole story to Frost, and told her that anyone could clone anyone now. 

They then went to hill2, for ryuik and dj kept trying to spy on them as eagles with differnet names.  At hill2, they chatted a bit about how gamevial never updated the game. This conversation started because Frost made a comment that Nigel's bird looked like it was wearing lipstic.(seagulls have red on there bills) Nigel said that it was because Gamevial didnt know how to make birds, so the two started critisizing all the birds.   After a little while of talking, frost had to go. 

The hole

ft Shadowolf, Cherie, Donna, Angryswan, jeffiline
Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 8.02.21 PM

Nigel went to cityscape 1 and found Shadowwolf there. He was suprized to see him, for Shadowwolf rarely went on anymore. He was talking with Cherie and Donna for some reason.   Nigel decided to ask him about the name situation with ryuik, for she had mentioned that Shadowwolf helped her. SO Nigel told Shadow to go to Hillscape 5.   Meenwhile, Angryswan was Harassing people as he usualy did, now with the name "you=butts". he must have seen what Nigel said to Shadow, for he followed the two to hill5 naming himself "shadowbutt".

Speaking to shadow
Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 8.04.37 PM

At Hillscape 5, Nigel asked shadow "why did you help her steal those names??" so he said "i dont know..".  Angryswan, who had just arrived as "shadowbutt" asked "names? where?".  Nigel told him "none" while he kept asking "what names?!?!?!".  Nigel told Shadow not to tell angry, for if angy got into the names he could cause seriouse problems.  Shadow said "shut you mouth ive had enough of you!!!!" refuring to angryswan.  Angry said "tell me now! i have a banana!" (i have a banana? gvbhjuhbjuh?) Shadow reasured Nigel that he would not tell Angry, and proved his point by superpooing angry to death.  Once angry was dead,  Nigel said "i hate Angryswan". Shadow said "i havnt been around for a while.."   Angry then returned and said "what names/?!?!!" again. Nigel said "where not telling you angry" so Shadow said "what?!?". SHadow then said "well he aint goina leave.

Angry then miraculously left, but Nigel was suspicious, so he told Shadow "dont say anything, hes got invisible hack or something...."  Shadow said "he dosnt hack.." so Nigel said "he does...".    Angry then came back, now named "The Hole" (hbhnjiujhbn????), but was killed right away by shadow. Nigel cheared him on and said "kill him when he comes back!" Shadow asked "so, what have you been doing so far shen?" so nigel answered "not much. trying to stop ryuik :|"   Angryswan then came back, stil named the hole , and spammed "it is a dark place........ where the sun shall not shine.........." refuring to his name.  Shadow said "nice copsplay" and killed angry again.

Nigel then left for a minut, and when he got back Angry had changed his name to  "Shadbutt", and was saying "with extra "shads......  oh..".  Shadow told Nigel that a guy enterd with the name "nihoe" when he was gone, so Nigel told him that it was angryswan who did that. Angry said "no o_o" to this.  Shadow wolf then asked Nigel where he went before, and while he was asking this, Angry crept up behind him an said "behind you....".  Nigel told Shadow "i have to deal with this idiot every day.. :|". Angryswan, having been ignored, said "look behind.....", so SHadowolf did, and killed angry.  While he was killing angry, Nigel flew over(they were at the corner of the house oposite the one that had the trash can by it) and was accidentaly pooed on by Shadow.  Angryswan, who had been killed, came back named Nihoe, and yelled "it hit him in the shads!!!!!!!!!!!".   Nigel said "one day. i will kill myself :|" to this. 

Jeffiline then came on named "ayano, aishiaka" and said hi to Nigel and Shadow.  Shadow asked her where she had been so she said "i was taking a shower". Angry, who had died and came back right as jeff said this, did a (o_o) face to this. Jeff said "what?".   Angry then lagged the server, so Nigel did the reverse code and found that he had spammed "i have hacked the game you have 39 minuts!!!!".  Angry then noticed that Nigel had ruined his spam, so he said "for it failed".  Shadowwolf, having seen angry's spam too, said "nihoe shut up before i hack you!!!!".  Angry then went over to Jeff an started trying to kill her, but ended up getting killed himself.   Shadow said "b u t t s it him".   Nigel asked Jeff if she was her or frost, for frosts name was very similar to hers. she told Nigel that she was jeffline, and said "frost-->luka".  Angryswan, who had came back said "onaya?" for some reason.    Shadow then told nigel "i read the shaddowwolf wiki ages ago, and yours 2"    Angry asked who "shaddowwolf" was,so jeff told him(HE'S NAME SAID "SHADOW-WOLF, GOD KILL ME RIGHT NOW). Nigel said "oh, you did?o_o" to shadow, so he said "yes i did". 

Angryswan then said "and names? what names?" trying to find out again what Nigel and Shadow were talking about earlier.  Nigel said "nonames" while shadow said "you guys aint getting nothing".  Nigel then got an idea, and said "i was talking bout the nonames, right shadow? ;)". Shadow, catching on to this said "yea you were". Angry asked "what nonames?" so Nigel told him "i was saying how to be a noname, shadow dosnt know how right? ;)".  Shadow said "nope, i dont" to this.  Nigel then had to go for a few minuts.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 8.18.31 PM

when he got back, jeff asked if anyone had seen icewolf, but none of them had. Nigel told her "not for weeks".  Shadowolf then told Nigel the days he played flab3 : twice a week, only one on the weekend though.  Angry then left and came back as "buttyano buttshi" and killed Jeff.  Jeff came back and killed Angryswan, who then came back as "nibutt".  Angry flew over to nigel who was sitting on one of the mountains and pooed on him.  Jeff said "he mustve quit, but i saw him on friday last week", concluding what must have happend with icewolf.  Nigel then died due to angryswan, and when he got back he cursed at angry.  Jeff said "hes gone" refuring to angry, while shadow said "~shen?" Jeff then added "hopefully".  Shadow said "he will come back" and right as he said this angry returned, now named "butty-butt"  Nigel was saying "well, we could try changing romes and na..." but said "nvm" when he saw that angry has just come back.  Shadow asked what "nvm" meant so Nigel said "means nevermind, its for people who cant spell out words because they are too damnd lazy, e.g me".  Shadow said "i just say nm" so Nigel said "congrats shadow! your even lazier then us, you dont use the v."  They then killed Angryswan, so Nigel sugested his earlier plan : go to hilsape 2 and change there names.  so off they went.

One at hill2, Jeff named herseld "blackness" and Nigel named himself "bubba".  Shadowwolf haddnt changed so nigel said "shadowwolf change ur name!!!!!!!!!!" Shadow claimed he couldnt for the name thingy(whats it called again?) wouldnt let him.  Jeff said that she found that weird, for she could change her name when it was fancy,  Angryswan then came on named "i-find-you"(see? this is what i mean. how the hell can the little !@#$%^&*() find us just like that?!) so Nigel said "well damn. :|"  Shadow said "i have vanished" for some reason, while Angry said *slaps you with butt*.  Nigel and Shadow then killed angry together. Nigel then left for a minut.      

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 8.29.52 PM

Ass wolfs name. the fancy stuff leads away from angry, so who the hell was this. ariana?.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 8.30.13 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 8.32.00 PM

when he got back, angry was gone so nigel asked "where did sh__head go?" Shadow said "ded ;)"  so Nigel said "shadow? make sure angry dosnt find out bout those names, he there will be hell to pay if he does - we will all die".  Jeff said "i hope not" while shadow said "i will make sure he never knows".  Shadow then said that there was a clone of him(fact= it was ariana or ryuik herself doing this). Nigel went on saying "ryuik will probebly tell him though.. shes already givin em to ariana".  Jeff then said "die.. the word..." for soem reason.    Someone named "Ass wolf" then came on, and everyone expected it to be angryswan, but for some reason it didnt speak.  Shadow said "thats why had those.. dammit".  Asswolf then tried to kill nigel, and then left.  

An evening chat.

Angryswan then returned named "bubba butt" so nigel(stil named bubba) said ...... to this.  while nigel fighted with bubbabutt, Shadow commented on nigels name saying "bubba is a bit weird..". Nigel asked "how am i weird?" so shadow said "just the name, its like hubba bubba the bubble gum".  Nigel said "well, i had to pick comething people wouldnt guess :|".  Angry said "bubble-butt"  while shadow said "uuuuumm  deeznuts? thats easy". while jeff laughed at shadows name, angry corected shadow saying "deezbutts".  Jeff said "your not funny" to this.   Angry said "butt*" to jeff said "stop it!". Nigel said "my name is bubba not bubbabutt" but then it fould tunged it.  wait wtf wy are u all about butts?shadow lololjeff nigel kills angry ahahahhahahahahahhaha! hes backdamn butts wrong with you?bubbabutt(-_-) e.e jeff hhahahahahahahhahahahahanigel hahahahahahahahhaangry change ur name angry putting music on brbshadow samejeff buttingmusic on*angru i turned it on lolblakcness shadw is back what music u playing? show meshadow iu know it right? no on? what an awsful name for a songangry it was pausedblack but it sooooo coolahdow butt its sooooo coolangry <i>lols brb im hungerjeff slaps bubbas butangry :/ chanses name to bubble :/ shadow glitching he flying up and down fast wth are u doing shadow like bubble-butt is any better..........angry my names not bubble but it is bubble pilishing his butt... its shnye..(o_o)angry ...? sorry if im not listing its this song is so coolshadow ok what song? no answr shadow. what song?! no show meshdow ɴιgєʟ! i gtg be bakc tomarow i wont see u next weekshadow'

buttyano butshi   butty-butt"


the very short night

ft Cherie, Donna, Jeff, Angryswan

October 10

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 9.18.14 PM

Nigel went to city 1 late that night and met cherie.  someone was there cloning her name "hell'sbitch" so he asked who this was, thinking it was angryswan. Jefflin said hi, so nigel said hi back to her. Cherie said that she didnt know who this was, so nigel was about to say "maybe its angry" but someone named "ayano's feet"(hiding in a building) piped up saying "they smell". Nigel, realizing who this was, said "oh god....". Jeff(ayano) said "you smell" back to angry.  Nigel then decided to get out of there, and said "ok thats it, im done here for the night bye!" and left.

he then went back, and atempted to kill angry, who was saying things like "your feet smell" "wash them". but failed, so he left for the night after telling jeff who angry was.       


october 12

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 8.51.14 AM

ft babe, Angryswan

see gallery here

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 8.51.27 AM

Nigel had been with babe, and the two were followed around by some noname. after losing the noname,  babe asked "who was that noname?". Nigel said "is it angryswan?", babe said she didnt think it was angry, so nigel said "but it was a swan at hill7?". babe said "no, he will find us" just as someone named "babebish" came on. Nigel said "omg" while babe said "lets go!". so nigel told babe "hes got a tracker thing so he can find us, theres no point". babe said "o.o to this so nigel said "ya..". babe started killing angry, so angry left and came back as "craphead".  Nigel said "i'll take care of craphed for ya k?" for babe said that she had to go. Babe said "ok, i go now" and left. Angryswan then left, while nigel said "f__ this" for he was now on his own with angry. angry came back as "nigel!thebutt" so Nigel said ..... to this. babe hen came back, claiming "i better not leave you alone".  Angry said "felope shut!" so babe started killing him.  Nigel told babe that he didnt care if babe was gone, claiming that he had delt with angry before.  Babe decided to stay anyways, while nigel said "every, damn.. day.."    Angry then left and renamed himself "xxbuttxx" to mock babes name. babe started swearing because of this, while angry yelled "BUTFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 8.52.07 AM

angry being killed

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 8.52.15 AM

angry being killed....

.  Nigel and babe started killing angry, and when he died he came back as "kissmyass". babe said "what a name" to this.  they then killed angry again, and he yet again came back, named "bish".  they killed him again, and both said yay at the same time. babe said "500 score xd" while  nigel said "lol, ima go in da house". walking to the house, angry returned named "dirtydiaper". Babe killed angry, and then flew over to nigel. she asked him how he got in the house, so he told her he used "magic".   Nigel then said "now that ___ cant get me!" while babe still tried to get in the house. Angry then came back named "owmybutt" so Nigel and babe both said "wtf".  Nigel said "dont let it get in!"   Angry then died and came back as "boob" so babe said "angry is a fag".  Nigel then asked "angry, why ya not talkin today?" for amazingly angry haddnt said a word.   Angry didnt have time to answer, for he was killed by babe again.  babe then pooed on nigel by mistake, and said "yay 1000 score!!!!!".    Angry then came back as "shutupfelope" but was killed again.   Nigel said "i hate angryswan" once he was dead.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 8.52.21 AM

angry being ki..... ah forget it!

Angry then came on as xxdiexx" while nigel told babe the story of felipe and felipe. Angryswan was then killed by nigel and babe, and continueslly came

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 8.57.47 AM

back with different names : Crybaby, nicrap!thebith, xxweekxx, and others.  Nigel then left for a minut, and when he got back angry was saying "reely? grow a spyne!!!". Babe killed angry, who then came back as "xxfatxx".   babe said "i know your fat" to angry, so angry said "stop!!! you!!!". babe said "nope" to this anf killed angry again.     Nigel started cointing down, and on 11 angry came back.  babe said "what ddi you just call me?!?!?!?!!?!?! your fat!!!!!!!!!!" and killed angry yet again.    Nigel just sat and watched, while babe continued killing angry. babe then said "my poo-o-meter lol".  

Nigel then said "lol, i bet hes making a new name now" so babe said "o.o". Angry came back still named "fat", and said "clean u before ya grow fold mold!" Angryswan then changed his name to "notfat" while babe said "i grow up cuz im spart!". babe said "ur eating chips and pezza and ur not fat?" to angry, whilest killing him.   Angry came back as "usmell"  and flew over to the house. he then mannaged to get in the house by some mirical, and said "I WIN!!!!!!!!". Nigel, realizing what angry did, said "AW COME ON!!!!!!!" while babe said "you scared of me?" babe then said "you win? look at me i have 1020 score!".  Angry said "what? enywey, bebe, tyme 2 bathe!" whilest throwing a bar of soap at babe.  Nigel said "is this realy a "winning" game?" while babe said "uh... i took a bah".  Angry said "i win, shut it fe-lop-0eh!".  babe said "you win not bitchy kid" while nigel said "i got idea brb". Angry said "you smell, and im gonna shove that soap where it hurts!!!!" so nige, who came back, said "shut the f__ up".  Nigel then said he would be right back for he had something for angry,, so angry yelled "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! laaaagg!!!!!!!!"  thinking that it was lag that nigel had in store for him. nigel told him " brb, and its not lag that goina hurt".  Nigel then went undergound and told babe "now i must concintrate", and started towards angry, who was still in the house at this point.  Angryswan started going on about his usual crap again saying "you smell of the fowlest cheese!!!!" so babe said "ok thanks? why i have friends fatty?". angry said "more like stink" so babe said "and your name? more like imabitchykid".  Angry spammed "armpit" babe said "kid..". Angry said "wut??? did ur jest call me a kid?!?!??!??!!?". babe then flew over to nigel, who was still undergorund(i have to write all this down too ya know.) so he told her "dont tell him", fearing that babe would let on what he was about to do.   babe then said "i know your ryuik!" to angry, so Nigel told her that this was not ryuik. babe for some reason thought that angry was ryuik. Angry started spamming "?!!!!!!!!?!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!! im not a kid u......stinkhead!!!!!!". Nigel then got into the house from underground and yelled "SUPRIZE F____ER!!!! and atempted to killed angry but ended up getting killed for he had one life. when ge got backhe said "you ___bad....e.e".  Babe then started killing angry, who came out of the house for some reason.  babe and Angry then started arguing over who "won".


The rules

ft Ariana, Peak,Boop, Nazli,

october 13, Nigel and peak were followed around by a mysterious noname. They tried to get away, changing scapes and names, but failed to. the noname eventually left them alone, claiming she would be back for nigel later.  They started guessing who this noname was, nigel guessing the usual birds :ariana, vokun, angryswan ect.  someone named "boop" then came on and started spamming "boop" over and over again. Nigel asked if he was ace, for ace was known to do this, so boop said he was. 

so Nigel and peak guess who this was.  a bird named "boop"(now known as angry swan..) also followed them and said he was "Ace". he would spam "booooop" over and over again. (ace was known for this kinda stuff :|)

noname returns so Nigel asked who it was. she said guess so he did and when i guess "ariana" she said "yes". 


a piece of crap

she turne out to be ariana and she asked nigel to be her "bf".  Nigel had an idea and made rules lol- 1. no cloning 2- be polight 3- no lagging.  she constantly broke them lol.   Nazli came on and Ariana kept killing her, so Nigel keep reminding her "rule 2".  After a while he is left with Airiana.   after that he was at city 7 with a few people and angryswan came on as "nicrapthe7&many" and attack him lol  so Nigel left  


Who farted?!

ft angryswan, Jeff, Wolfie, Cherie, Springtrap

oct 16

Nigel met Angryswan as usual after hanging out with cherie as eagles at city1. Nigel did one of the building glitches for fun, and showed Jeff and Wolfiesinger. while nigel changed his name to "Eagle:|" for accidentally being an eagle and being made fun of, someone named "felipe" came on. Wolfie and Jeff were sent after this clone and killed him.
Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 8.43.47 PM
Later, Angryswan came on with the name "whofarted?!" so nigel told him to go to hill5 so he wouldn't bother people. Angry started going on about "Facts", including pee, farts and parasites. Nigel, deciding he didn't want to go through this, headed back to city 1, which was currently being lagged by some random no name. some random bird was trying to explain what was going on, and about the lag, while nigel tried to figure out who was doing it. some no name was ranting about "stupid hackers", when Tropical came on. Nigel, recognising the name, told her to go to hill5.
Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 8.43.03 PM

Tropical then dissapeard, so he went bcd to city 1 and found her there. someone started lagging the game so Nigel told her to go to hill5 again. unfortunately Angryswan followed them, now named "Felope", and started killign Spring. After killing her, he told her "u lostded yer lyf now!", so Nigel told him to stop and told spring to fly up. Angry, who was now in his house, said "boo i see u" and then started spamming "cna" over and over again. Nigel then had to go so he asked spring if they were still mates, so she told him they were. Angry started spamming how it was gross and love was a bad thing.


The Bajan guy.

ft Red2, Blackwolfgirl, Firewolf, Springtrap, Bajanguy, Jeff, ..., Youtstinkbitch, alesdont,

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oct 17

Nigel(at snow5) had been hanging out with someone named "red2" after he made friends with him. red2 was being killed by someone anmed "blackwolfgirl", "firewolf" and someone els. they started killing nigel too, telling him to leave, so he killed the 3.  he hung out with red2 for a little while after this, going to different scapes. 

He then went to city 1 and met Springtrap, now named tropical, again. they went to hill5 and were attacked by someone named "bajanguy".  Jeff also followed them, and started fighting bajan.   Nigel meenwhile told spring "i missed you so much whe ya was gone!!!!!!!". Spring said that her tablet was dying, so she would probebebly leave randomly. she then told nigel that she and her family had extended  there trip, so she couldnt play flylikeabird 3. a noname told Spring "put it on a charger and play" while Spring told nigel she had been on flab3 all day since 3. Spring then told Nigel that her family had doubled the amount of time they were on vacation, while jeff said that this reminded her of her and Icewolf. Nigel told Sping that he was glad she was back, so she told him she was happy they found each other again. Spring then said that the no name was being chased, for he was being chased by Jeff. No name asked jeff to stop, so she did and said that Noname could never catch her.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 6.51.20 PM

Bajan then died, so they went to Hill3 and changed there names, Jeff changing to Darkblackness, Spring to Blackswallow, and Nigel to Bobthebird. Nigel told Sping that he liked her new name, while Jeff said that she didn't think Blackswallow was her. Nigel told Jeff "then ask her a question" so Jeff gave up and said " "are you tropical"". Bajan then found them and started chasing them again, so Spring and Nigel went underground. Nigel told spring he knew it was her, so Spring said "this is going to be my disguise to hide from the crazy dude.." Nigel said "haha so true" to this.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 6.32.49 PM

Someone named "you stink bitch" then came on, and someone else named "alesont" also came on. ysb started kiling them, so Nigel sid "oh.. christ.... guys i think Angry is here.." Spring then asked Nigel about his bird armies, but he couldn't do them any more, while Jeff tried to kill Youstinkbitch. Jeff found that YSB was Imortal, so she said "yo its not angry". Youstinkbitch said "i can't anymore:(" while Spring and Nigel went underground. Nigel said he thought it was Angry for it was a swan when it first entered. Jedd then randomly said "oh great, another one, and not you.." so Nigel asked her what she was talking about. Spring started "dancing" while Jeff said that angry was "disguised". Spring then started telling Nigel about how she met Angry yesterday, and he had told her that he would ___ someone named Kai. She told Nigel that she could tell ti was Angry for it was using crappy language and called nigel "nogel" . Nigel asked what she did, so she said she gave him the "Evil robin stare". Spring then showed Nigel how she did the Evil stare, and said she was going to "black out". Jeff asked "black out?" so nigel told her "don't ask me?". Spring said "wait, no. I'm going to look like I'm dreaming!" so Jeff said that was the same thing. Spring said "so specific aren't we?" ... then came on, so Nigel tried to kill it but found it was imrtal. Noname said "I'm can't not die." so Jeff said "you don't make sense". No name said "I'm not scared of starkings" so jeff corrected him saying "starlings". No name then said "stinklings" and killed Nigel. Nigel then had to go.


Albatross the hypocrite and the mighty crocodile from hell.

ft Albatross, Hawky, Angryswan, Kapro

October 20

Nigel was at City1 using the name Lordshen, for he was bored of using nigel at the time.  someone named "Albatross" told pooed on nigel and claimed that he "didnt like birds trying to be a bird that they wernt". he then claimed he was "very hypocritical'".  Nigel pointed out that he himself was not an albatross and infact a starling, and told albatross to shut up.   albatross said he was sorry and the two became friends.  just then, some bird named "lordp__is" came on and started yelling "lord shen is an apple", for nigel had been telling someone that he was really nigel.   Nigel, who was talking with someone named "coot hoot" realized who lordp___is was, the one and only Angryswan.   Coot hoot, also realizing who it was, told nigel to meet her at Hill5.'' ''

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 8.33.28 PM

At Hill5, Coot was asking who was the real nigel, for angry was now named nigel too.  Nigel  finally got to hill5, for he had been delayed(slow computer) and saw angry saying "hawky!!!!!!!!(o_o) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!".  Coot was asking "who's the real nigel?" so Nigel asked her "why the hell did you fall for.... that?!?!?!?!?!?".  Angry answered Coot first saying "i am!(not)ha-ha!", which got no comment from nigel or coot.  Angry then left and changed his anme to "poot hoot<i>" to mock coots name. Coot said o.o to this, while nigel said "w..t..f..?".  Angryswan went over to Coot(who was really hawky) and started killing her. Coot said "im immortal :)" help"   so Nigel went over to see what he could do.   Coot then left randomly, so Nigel yelled "noooo she leeeefftt meeeeeeeeeee!!!!" but then angry left too.  unfortuntly, angry came back as "lordsh__" so Nigel, who was hoping he had left, said "oh christ.....".   

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 8.34.50 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 8-1.34.47 PM

as Angry atempted to kill nigel, Coot returned, now as a noname, thinking it would help to kill angry. Angryswan, now a swan, said "hoe-key shuit it!!!!!!" while Nigel killed him.  Once angry was dead, Nigel said to coot, "i have to go through this every day.. help :|". Angry , who returned, said "ur gunna pey for that!!!!!!!!" and started towards Nigel and Coot.  Just then, Kaprosuchus enterd, so angry yelled "rrrruuuuuuuuunnn its krapo!!!!!!!!!!!". Kapro, obviosly having delt with angry before, said "oh.. its the pest.".

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 8.40.16 PM

Nigel and coot said hi to kapro, for thy were suprized to see him again, for he rarely showed up anymore.  Angry continued spamming "aaaaaah!!" over and over again, while nigel "t<i>he mighty crocodiel thing from hell will save us from angryswan!!!!!, now do your job. kapro!" (kapro is named after a "kaprosuchus", a type of giant lizard thingy, i think its a cross between a crocodile and a dinosaur?  nigel always calls him the "crocodile thing from hell" to anoy him) . so kapro went over to Angryswan and started killing him over and over again. Angry yelled "krapo!!! noooo!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!" but kapro didnt stop, he just kept on murdering the swan. Angry tried again, saying "stey beck!!!!!", but he was ignored. he then tried going into the house, but what he didnt know was that Kapro had some hac that allowed him to go into houses. Angry yelled "aaaaaaah eeeowowowowowowowowoowowowow!!!!!!" while he was being killed,  and Nigel and coot cheerd kapro on, always saying "yay!!!!!!!" and laughing when Angry died.  Nigel said "go kapro!!!!!" while angry yelled "u stop it!!!!! >:o", still being killed by kapro. Nigel said "the mighty crocodiel thing will save us!!!!!!" while angry said "YOU PESKY LIZARD!!!!!! >:o".   Angry finally left, so Nigel and Coot thanked kapro.  They both then had to go.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 8.40.04 PM


Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.38.28 AM

I'm rising from the ground o.0

The rising swan

ft No name, bad no name spring trap clone.

October 21. 

in the morning, Nigel met some Noname who claimed to know him. The noname told Nigel that Kingalbsniper had told him alot about nigel, and said that kinga told him nigel knew the Underground glitch.  Nigel told noname that he knew all the glitches, so noname asked nigel to teach him the City underground one.   unfortunatly, the noname couldnt do the glitch himself, for he couldnt be  a swan. so Nigel just showed him how to do it.   

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.38.34 AM

the no name with the block symbols, not the .. one

After he did it, he showed the noname a cool trick,  he stood on the wire underground and walked up it untill his neck was above ground.  he told the noname "im rising from the ground o.0".  Another noname then came over to see, and ended up pooing on nigel, killing him.   

Later that night. 

Nigel had been hanging out at city1 for quite a while, just flying around, pooing on random people and talking with cherie. he was also helpign jeff kill a noname who kept lagging them game.   jeff mad at cherie for she no help she said "i got lagged out 8 times already tonight im not doing anything" for nn lag her lol.  nigel tell her add <i> to name.  SOmeone named "chara" said that she thought all robins were "hystericaly dumb" so that earned her 1000 pounds of bird crappon her.  he helped kill her.  


Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.40.32 PM

he was...   Nigel was at city1 hanging out with differnt birds, and poo fighting with a noname who kept lagging the game.  after a little while, angryswan came on as  buttshadowdscl  while nigel was talkin with albatross.

Nigel then went to hill5, and albatross followed, as well as jeff. Nigel asked Jeff if she was the real one so she said "i am ananoa", but then corrected herself. Jeff then left, and came back as "spring trap". Nigel asked her if it was really her, but spring wouldn't answer. After trying to get her to talk, spring said "sping" and "stalker" and started repeating these words over and over. Nigel told her to stop repeating herself and asked if she had "gone mad or something" but spring continued saying "sping!" Nigel then realised this was not spring, and in fact a clone. Spring then finally said "I'm not spring!!!!!!!!!" so Nigel said "so f__ you. i don't got time!" and left.