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The name problems 

ft Nazli, Dragon tiger,

may 1 Nigel had been having a problem with the game. For some reason he couldn't use his name for some reason. If he went on multi player with his name, it would lag him out. Nigel later found that it wasn't his whole name, it was only the ! that was the problem. For some reason Gamevial blocked people from being able to use any symbols in there names. You also couldn't use spaces in your name anymore.                                                

Nigel was at City1 and was talking to people when he decided to see is Nazli had the same problem. Nigel explained what was happening, and told him how he couldn't use symbols, fancy letters, or spaces in his name. Nazli said he could use fancy letters, so Nigel told him to using the <i> </i> invisible code and see what happened. So Nazli went to try it out and Nigel said "soon we won't even be able to say hi anymore.." to Dragon tiger, someone who was there. Nazli got back and Nigel said "wb, and?" Nazli replied "you can't." Nigel said "See?". Nigel then asked Nazli "try putting a ! in your name, i want to know if its just me that can't use it." He went and tried, and couldn't. Nigel then started fighting with someone named Poo who wanted to kill him for some reason. Nigel then asked Nazli if he could use spaced in his name, despite being able to see spaces in his name. Nazli said "really nigel." Nigel asked "what?" and Nazli said "can't you tell from my name??" Poo then killed Nigel again, and Nazli was brb. Dragon tiger then said that she had lost her hacks, they had stopped working. But just as she said this poo killed her. Nigel had gone in a building as a swan, but poo used the corner of the building and got in to kill Nigel. Nigel became a starling so that it would be hard for Poo to kill him. Nazli then came back as "Shades". Nigel talked with him a bit then left.                  


Springs' here / the SoS 

ft Springtrap, Kot, Lefranciswolf, Rain, 98754357890, I f_ed your mom(at the time thought to be ariana, but possibly angry swan?)

On May 4 Nigel was going from room to room looking for people. No one he knew was at Cityscape 1, not even Lysa, whom had stopped killing him the day before saying "just ignore me". in the last few days, less and less people were playing Flab3, possibly due to Gamevial ruining the fancy names and chat codes. A lot of hackers had been disappearing as well, so it was possible that Gamevial was getting rid of them. Nigel also had dent seen Levi and Eren for days now. Its possible that they had left. Nigel just figured that people would come back eventually. This had happened before, people would leave and Flab3 would seem dead, but then a few months later a bunch of new people would show up.   

After a while of looking, he ended up back at Cityscape 2. Just before he left, he realized that someone named Tropical was there. Nigel remembered that Springs name was Tropical, so he asked if it was her. it turned out it was her, and Nigel told her to go to Hillscape 5. Nigel claimed "you been gone for ever now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said "i know, sorry" Nigel said "missed ya!" and she said "same". Nigel told Spring "almost everyones left now…" Spring said "I know right? i been looking for you". Nigel said "i havnt been on for a while, cause of lysa the b___" Spring said she had seen Lysa before, and Nigel said "i'll tell you what she did! : "so, 2 months back a was bored, so i dicided to test out some spam to use against ariana the cloner.    i spammed city 2 not knowing lysa was there. once.   so i saw her and apoligized and what not but she wouldnt fogive me. well. 2 months later dear lysa has made me lose almost all my friends, makes people not trust me and blames every single little thing that happends, on me!!!!!    she also tells ppl im a manipulater. and they believe it!!!" Spring didn't know what to say so she just said ._. then -.- . She then asked "she a hacker?" Nigel said no so she said "k good." Nigel continued saying "but everyone loves her!" Spring then said that Lysa had done the same thing to her, saying "I used to hack where she was and she cloned me and made everyone hate me." Nigel was mad at this and said "that b___" spring agreeing. Nigel then said "the sad thing is she been harassing me for 3 years now. i have to be careful around her and i wasn't." Spring said "omg" to this. Spring then said "hey, i can get the maker of the game to ban her". Nigel asked "you can??" she said yes but then nigel realized something and said "but she can just change computer.. or her ip.." "she's not that dumb" Spring said "oh darn…" when she realized what Nigel had pointed out. Nigel then said "oh, and game vial messed up the name thing.." Spring said ._. and Nigel explained saying "you can't use spaces or ! in ur name anymore." Spring asked "wtf" and Nigel said "Try it." So she left. While nigel was waiting someone named "Kot" came on and tried to kill him. Nigel was lucky and got away with only 1 life left. Nigel asked Kot to stop, and Kot started saying random russian gibberish. Nigel said "I'm just waiting for a friend!!" Kot finally spoke and said "i not speak engish, i speak russian". Nigel said "oh ok i english". "please no kill" "we be friend". Kot said he wouldn't kill, and left Nigel alone. Nigel said "I'm wait for friend here". Kot then said "i know speak english is school". Nigel didn't understand what he was saying so he just said ok and Kot said "gudbay" for some reason. Nigel asked what that meant and Kot left.    

Nigel then ended up having to leave, with spring not returning.   


Nigel was at cityscape 1 and he met someone named lefranciswolf. he remembered this person. Nigel was named felipe so he told him who he was. cherie was there too. There was a nonage who was saying "oh no not you again" Nigel, thinking this was ariana just ignored her. Nigel then left and came back, and when he got back the no name told him she was "rain". Nigel asked him "you were the rain who know shan right??????" She said yes. While he was talking to rain Lefrancis pooed on him for some reason, acting as though he didn't like Nigel. Nigel ignored this and kept talking to rain. Nigel told rain "omg hiii long time no see!" Rain and Nigel then went to hills cape 5 seen as lefrancis kept pooing on nigel.   

At hilscape 5 Rain said "I've made a new group". Rain had had a group a long time ago called "sapphire macaws" or something like that but no one joined, only her Shan and Crackerjack. Nigel said "its been like months since i was you last!!!!" Rain went on saying "the Sos, Society of Savers". "its a group to kill killers" "you wanna join?" Nigel said "sure… who is in it?" For he wasn't sure if Lysa was in it seen as she was a "kiler or killers". Rain said "mia, missie, and Wolfie". Nigel asked "no one named lLysa, right?" She said nope and asked why and Nigel said "she's a b___ thats why." "kills killers, but is a killer". Rain then told Nigel that her group had a sight and told him what it was. Nigel was then brb and a bird named 98754357890 came on and said "stop noname!" Rain(who was the no name) only said "????" and 987 went on saying "only idiots will join that". Nigel, who was now back imidiatly knew that this was Ariana or Vokun doing this. He asked "oi, what are you doing here??" before 987 could answer rain killed it, and when 987 came back Rain started killing it again. Nigel started saying "kill it kill it kill it!!!" over and over again, whilst rain chased it. 987 then fell into the river and Nigel laughed at her. 987 then started going on again saying "No name(rain) that group you started is for idiots!!!" Rain then killed 987 and Nigel said "hill 3. change name. " rain said yesss and left to go to Hill3. Just as Nigel was leaving 987 got back and Nigel said "hahahah good luck idiot!" and left.   

At Hillscape 3 Nigel met rain who was now using a Russian name. Nigel used the name "Blablabla". Rain told Nigel the link to her group page so he could right it down, and Someone named "If__edyourmom said "fine.. i'l join your stupid group.." Nigel, realizing who if_edyourmom was said "wait, it knows its us??" IFYM said "I'm not stupid" And nigel said "well dam. :| " IFYM then said "fine. i'll join in" again to Rain. Rain said she couldn't and she asked why. Nigel said "are you ariana" and Rain went on saying "to late". Nigel told rain "rain.. its ariana i think…" Rain said "kto yto" in russian letter and nigel asked "tf that mean?" Rain then asked "who that?" and Nigel said "the cloner." IFYM then went on saying "i said i'll join now let me in!!!!!" Rain asked why IFYM wanted to join and IFYM said "to see how stupid it is." Nigel then said "you can tell its ariana, the personality, it that sad. she can't even hide". Rain then had to leave, and told nigel to check the sight and sighn in. After this she left.     

Once rain was gone Nigel asked IFYM "now.. ariana?" IFYM said what and nigel said "ahahahhahahahaha ya fell for it, so sad!" IFYM pooed on nigel while he was brb. When he got back he said "why you have to be so annoying all the time?hmm?" IFYM said "no you are " Nigel said "how?" "I'm minding my own builsness, your the one who decided to tag along". Nigel then flew over to her and pooed on her saying "for s___ting on me". IFYM said "f__ you". and Nigel told her "idc ;)" IFYM then said "your the annoying one" so nigel told her "then leave and don't follow me". IFYM said no so nigel told her "well then don't complain." IFYM then randomly said "i wanted you to tell me about that thing you were joining?" "it sounds dumb like you". Nigel said " why should i say what it is? and i didnt say i was joining now did i? " IFYM said "cuz i wanted to join it". Nigel said "ya right! you'd be kicked out before the sun went down!" IFYM said "please just tell me!" So nigel told her "rain already said what it is" he didn't get ant answer so he went on saying "she did." then added "i can't help dat your deaf". IFYM said "ok can i join it?" Nigel told her to ask rain not him. So IFYM asked "where is she then?" Nigel told her "it aint my group and she gtg". "she be back tomorrow". "so good luck". IFYM said "make her let me in? she didn't when i asked her." Nigel said he couldn't and that it wasn't his group. He was then brb so IFYM pooed on him. Nigel said "hey!!!! A__hole!" IFYM asked "your still here?" Nigel said "i was brb.." IFYM sad "i hate you.." and Nigel told her "i got the sound turned up.. i can hear ya sh___tin on me you know.." IFYM then tried to Lag the game so Nigel counter lagged it with the <i> code and said " =) ". IFYM then said …… nigel: I'm gay" and made it look as though nigel said it. Nigel knew she did it and said "you said it not me". IFYM said "you said it." Nigel told her Nope "you stole that one from Gamerz didn't you." She did it again so Nigel did it to her saying ….. "if___edyourmom:I'm gay." IFYM said "no do it like this!!" Nigel did it again and said "like dat? IFYM said "no!!!!" "your never going to know how to do it" Nigel said "I'm doing it. ya blind?" IFYM said he still wasn't doing it so he said "I'm not falin for a trick that dumb." seen as Nigel knew that she was only doing it to make him think he wasn't doing it right, even though he was. Nigel then told her "brb 1 min.." and left. Nigel then cloned IFYM and went back to Hill5 and said "bahahahhahahaha". He then started saying stuff like "I'm gay I'm stupid hahaha" to mock IFYM. IFYM just said "wtf???" "stop cloning me!" Nigel told her "nope" "you cloned me n my friends, now its my turn >:) " IFYM said "your so annoying i wish you would just die!!!!!!!" Nigel killed ariana and when she got back she pooed on him. IFYM said "go away". Nigel told her "you go away. you started it". She told him "no you first!!" so nigel told her "what are you, 2? this sounds like something a 2 year old would say!" He then when on in mocking voice saying "you go away no you go away first *in winy voice*" IFYM just said "f__you" in red writing to this. IFYM then had enough and left, after Nigel told her "this is getting boring..".   


The fooled birds

ft Luigi, Unknown, Ignorethisbird, Rin,139,bapexka, Levi, Eren, Emma

May 5 in the morning, nigel was at cityscape 1. He met Luigi again, sitting on one of the buildings. Nigel, not liking Luigi, went over and just looked at him. He then said -.- to him which made luigi poo on him. Nigel saw someone named "unknown", so he asked if he know him/her seen as he recognized the name. Unknown just said "maybe". Nigel then went over to the power lines where a bunch of people were trying to go underground. A bird named "ignorethisbird" was teaching a bunch of people how to go underground as swans. Nigel went under after a no name pooed on him.

Fooled birds
Fooled birds 2

Ignorethisbird then said that you could go underground as a robin. Nigel went over to him and asked him how, and he told him to walk into one of the sidewalks, the one by the grey houses. Nigel didn't believe him, but he decided to try anyways. After a few minutes, Ignore this bird got a bunch of people trying it, but only he could get in the sidewalk. Unknown then caught Ignorethisbird fly out of the side walk and right into another. Unknown and nigel suspected hacks.

Ignore this bird then told everyone to go to the blue building and walk at the corner of it. Everyone believed him and tried to do it, but as usual they couldn't. Nigel by now knew that Ignorethisbird was faking it for fun, so he just sat and watched. After a while Ignore had Rin, Unknown, 139 and a few others fooled. someone named "bapexka" was trying to tell everyone that you could only go under as a swan but no one listened to him. someone told bapekexka "but we are going under as robins!".

Niigel then went over to the building again and asked "why is everyone walking inti a building?" Unknown told him "i don't know". Nigel said "i know a better building!" and went to the blue building where everyone usually hang out at. only 139 followed him. Someone named "girlfriend bird" randomly said "can anyone be my boyfriend and even maybe maye with me?" Nigel just said :| to here. Nigel then saw that Luigi was back, and he was asking Ignorethisbird "who are you?" after Ignore tried to trick him with the underground stuff. ignore said "your grandma." Both nigel and unknown laughed at this. Luigi asked again saying "i said who are you?" So ignore said "and i told you!" Luigi was mad at ignore and said "i f__ your mom." But ignore wasn't stupid and said "so you cheat on your wife?" Luigi shut up after this

Meenwhile. Bapexka gave up trying to convince people that you could only go under as a swan and said "\_(ツ)_/¯" and walked away and went to make a nest. Nigel then got killed by "superbus" and when he got back Ignore was telling someone "do it again" Bapexka said "boooo" to this, and nigel realized it was still about the fake underground robin glitch. Nigel went and found Unknown and Ignore at a new building(the brown one) and said "oh, this one now?" Uknown said "hey nigel" Nigel then got killed by super bus again and when he got back Super bus had super egg hack and was killing people so he left.  

Levi's stitches

Levi n eren
Later that night Nigel went to island 6 where someone named "00100" was. 00100 said "nigel!!" Nigel said "uh.. hi?" and 00100 said "kan kan". Nigel asked "t f does kan kan mean?" and 00100 said "~kankri". Nigel realized that Kankri was the name that Eren used to us and said "omg hiii, Eren??????" he then said "i thought you were long gone!!!!!!" Eren said "were hiding" Nigel asked "why?" and Eren told him it was because of the clone. Nigel asked "she still at it? refuring to Ariana. Eren said "i guess so". Someone with a chinese name randomly said "i want them off!" Eren told this person to leave whatever he was talking about alone and Nigel asked who he was, even though he already had an idea. Chinese name then said "and now use semi yelled!" Eren told Nigel "its levi" "he got some stitches" Eren then told Levi "its because I'm irritated!" Nigel asked "whats going on?" so Levi told him "they bother me and get caught on things!" Nigel asked "what? what do?" Eren told Nigel "levi got some stitches in his arm and he wanted them gone.." Eren then yelled at levi again saying "just leave them!!!!!" Levi said "i hate them." so Nigel told levi "put a band aid over them" Eren agreed saying "yah" Levi then started saying "nobodies in the hall, and I'm too lazy to get up." Eren told him "then wait for someone". Levi said "then i'll have to f__ing buzz" and left randomly. Nigel told Eren "well. Levis acting like Levi, what can i say?" Eren then left. Once Eren and Levi were back(levi just changed his name) they talked for a little while, Eren talking about some geese he saw, so Nigel told him what kind they were (barnecal geese). Someone named "ALphablackwolf came in and said "howls" and left. Levi then said "i'll shoot your stomach kan" for some reason, so Nigel said "don't shoot me!" Levi said "your fine Nigel".

Eren then had to leave. Nigel told Levi "well, just u n me now." Someone named Emma then pooed on a tourist, and Nigel sad "wait, theres someone els here???" Levi said "she's been here just doing her own thing. " Nigel said "oh, i didn't know that.." "or she's a spy o.0 " After this Nigel had to go.


The glitches

ft Ruis, Shadowolf, Hitman, Gamerz, fake nigel,

The weird glitch
Did it
All the birds
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 3.29.23 PM

On may 6 Nigel went to cityscape 6 and met Ruis and someone named Hitman. he talked with them a bit, then someone named Shaddowwolf came on. Nigel asked "shaddowwolf??? your still alive????" Shaddow said "yes, at least i was last time i checked". After this Shaddow asked Nigel "are you happy? Nigel asked why and he said "the :| face, you seem happy?" Nigel said "nah I'm sad, waaaaaaaaahhhhhh" Nigel then said "nah, I'm being stupid". Ruis said "your not" and Nigel said "I'm being, not i am" Shaddowwolf then left saying "brb i see chocolate". Nigel was then brb for a minute then came back. Hitman said "welcome back" and Nigel said "ty". He then asked if Hitman was ryuik, but he didn't answer this and just said "who am i?" Nigel said "idk who you are?" to Hitman said "take a guess". So Nigel guessed saying "gamerz levi. vokun. eren. clockwork. ryuik. ariana.?" Hitman said "you are right" but just as he said this a clone of Nigel came on. Nigel said "you????" Fake Nigel said "what?" Nigel said "you fake…" Nigel then realized that it might be hit man doing it, and remembered that one of his friends also did this. so he asked "hit? are you Gamerz…." Hit said "nice guess". Nigel said "i could tell". Nigel then went over to the clone and started killing it saying "die thing!!!!!!" The clone then died. Shaddowwolf said "now theres one left, case closed". Nigel then went over to Gamerz, who was walking into the corner of a building. He then for some reason went up the side of the building. Nigel thought this was just the walking on air hack, but Gamerz insisted it wasn't. Nigel decided to try anyways. so he left saying "brb then. and you will show me." He got back as a robin and tried the glitch. He then asked Shaddowwolf and gamers "wait, i thought you were the same person?" Gamerz asked "me?" so nigel said "you n shadow". Shadow asked "whats with me?" and Gamerz told Nigel that they werent the same. fake Nigel(who had come back after being killed) then asked "that other me still here?" Nigel told Fake "f___ing fake*. Fake nigel said "your the f___ing fake!" so nigel told him "no you is". 

After a little while Gamerz tried one of the chat codes and said "good, still works". Nigel asked "the chat codes?" "game vial getting rid of them soon :( " gamers said "it still work for now". Nigel then finally did theglitch, and forgave Gamerz for saying he was faking. Shadow asked what happened, so Nigel told him "come here shadow!!" Shaddow said "say please…" Nigel said "… fine…. please" Shadow said "ok, which you?" seen as there were 2 nigels. Nigel said "the one by the building". Shaddow asked "which one by the building, seen as they were both by buildings. Nigel just said "me. " After a while of confusion Nigel got an idea and said "gamer? come here" He then said "shadow, go to the one by gamer!" Shaddow went to Nigel and saw the glitch and said "go thats a classic one!" Nigel said "it is???" Shaddow told Nigel "it happens on some other buildings". He then went to one of the blue buildings and said "like this one!" Nigel went over, seen as he had fell down from the other building, and saw what shadow did. He had done the same thing nigel did but in the corner of a blue building. Shaddow told nigel it was hard to do without invicibility. After a while of trying, Nigel finally did the glitch. Nigel thanked shadow saying" i never knew this could happen."

After a while of talking, Gamerz had gone to city 1 and back. He told Shaddow that there was a fake of him at city 1. Just then someone named "shaddowwolfzcl" came on. Shaddow wolf asked the fake "if i may ask, why the name?. after the fake answered he then said "i checked in the mirror, I'm me". The fake then started asking Nigel if he was "dd" for some reason. Nigel told him he wasn't. after a while Nigel left.

robbery | levi's stitches pt 2

later that afternoon Nigel met Kanky at industry 7. Eren? yes? hi!dam.. didn't work. o.o its a trick i try to do. want to learn at city 5? they go to cityscape 5 and Nigel teach him levi do it as a ringneck i didn't know you can do wither ingneck i thought only robin do it. They then discussed levi and Nigel told eren how he might be faking everything. about darren and levi the same person maybe. eren asked how his chickens r he told him good but one die. he then dare eren to look up a silkie. he does. they go back to industry 7 to wait for levi. After a few mins Nigel was brb when he got back he say " back omfg my mom just got back from my grandmas house and someone fu cking robbed the damned fu ckng houuse right next to ours(my aunts house). so yay. we got crazies runnin around out naborhood ! =)  Eren said "oh…. hope he dosnt come to your house". Nigel said "hahaha yay………." and Eren said "yah.. yay." Nigel then told Eren, "oh well, they be full of holes after they meet my dog!"

Levi then came on as "gam zee beat and started complaining about his stitches again. Nigel told him to "get over it" Levi then started acting weird(as usual)and asked Eren "give me your arm!". Eren said no so Levi told him "I'm seriously hungry" Eren said no agin saying "no is no!" Nigel didn't know who Levi was talking to so he said "don't eat my arm" Levi said "not you, i mean kan" and started asking Eren for a leg instead. Nigel said "I will.... stay out of this.." while Eren told him "no legs for you!". Levi asked "your heart?" so he told him "I have no heart". Levi then asked for his soul, but got no answer from either of them.  Levi then told them he had been "thinking about something", and told them "ya know how the mantas singing is cancer? well. cancer is also a crap."(talk bout random... :| ).    

while Levi went on about how cancer was a crap, Nigel asked Eren if he wanted to go to city5 to learn a new trick. They were inturupted by levi, who asked "crabs are marine animals, right?"  Eren claimed he was confused, while nigel decided to play smart ass and told levi "the giant land crab is on land".  Levi asked him "are you feelin it now? mr crabs" so Nigel asked him what that meant.(fun fact: its a creepy spongbob meme) Eren told nigel not to ask, so Nigel said "eh, dont worry, i wont".  Levi then started sating rude stuff, so Nigel told him "your discusting".  Nigel then left, and accidentaly came back as a parrot, so he started ranting about why he hated being a parrot.  

Levi then slapped Eren for no reason, so Nigel told him not to do that. Eren told nigel it was ok, claiming "dont worry, im used to the abuse!"  After this, Levi continued trying to torture Eren, so Nigel decided he would go. 


you dum dum + ace's return. 

ft Ace, Giggetygoo, Angryswan

On May 7 Nigel went to island 4, after he had been looking for people. He was just about to leave when a no name said "hey nigel". Nigel emediatly thought it was Levi, seen as the name was similar to what Levi would use.(it was a girl boy symbol) The no name told him that he was "ace" and Nigel said "wtf… h 5 now." Once they got to hill 5 nigel asked "Ace? from a year ago???" Ace said back "yup, the one and only". Nigel said "omg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. ok that was a bit much.." Nigel then said "you… i thought you was dead?????" Ace said "I've changed". Nigel said "i can't believe your back!!" Ace asked Nigel not to tell anyone that he was back, seen as a lot of people were out to kill him. Ace then said "heh, you haunt changed one bit" Nigel replied "came old nigel" Ace then said "I'm using pop's bros computer" Nigel asked how pop(popular girl) was, and ace told him she was fine. Ace said "she changed once i met her in real though." 

Ace then told Nigel that he was never going to quit, and that he wouldn't let anyone stop him from staying. Nigel then said "so… i guess you rant levi then" Ace had dent seen what Nigel said and said " although just sayin theres other ppl trying to clone me n sh__" Nigel went on saying "i owe Levi an apology" Ace asked who Levi was and Nigel simply told him "i accused him of being you." Ace asked again so Nigel told him "levi is someone i met a few months ago, i thought he was you, he acted like you." Nigel was then brb for a few minutes, for he was watching the movie jaws. Ace kept saying stuff but Nigel, not telling him he was brb, kept not answering. when he got back he said "I'm sorry, I'm watching jaws, good part heh" 

Ace then started asking if Nigel could see the symbols in his name. After not getting an answer, Nigel finally returned and said " back. i am sooo sorry, i am watching jaws n it was the part were the dude get eatin by a shark from the shark cage its too halarious to not watch haha! blood n guts o_o haha" Ace ignored Nigels stupid comments and said "your the only one who helped me stay alive, but i am still i little suicidal….. but I'm not cutting as much.." Nigel then taught ace how to swear using the invisible code. 

Someone named "giggetygoo" then came on and asked "are you Snarp?" Nigel knew what she was talking about, for he had joined a community the other day called the "Society of savers". Nigel had found out about this after his friend rain told him to join a few days ago. So Nigel told Giggetygoo that he wasn't Snarp. Gigetygoo said "i don't know if you aint him cause Snarp is a No name" Nigel then asked Giggety "Snarp? you mean from society of savers right?" Giggety said "ja, i am, but you can't know about it". Nigel told him "i already know it Dum Dum". Giggety for some reason didn't believe this so Nigel told him "i am singed up to it dum dum." Giggety asked "who's dum dum?" Nigel told him "you dum dum!" Giggety asked again and got the same reply. this went on for a minute.. 

Ace then tried again in asked Nigel if he could see his name and what it was, so Nigel replied this time and said "girl n boy symbol or something" Giggety for some reason said "or f_ _ck you." Ace corrected him on his spelling using the invisible code nigel taught him, so Giggety asked "want to see something funny?" Giggety then pooed on Nigel, so Ace killed Giggety. Nigel said "ty ace". They then tried to go to various servers, but somehow they ended back at Hill5.. Nigel said "right back where we started, dam!" Giggety then said "he's gone" to ace, for he thought that Nigel was gone for he had changed his name to "felipe". Nigel answerd Giggety saying "I'm right here.. dum dum". Ace then left and changed his name to "shapeshifter" Nigel then had to go for 5 minutes to take care of his pet chickens, so he told ace this.

Is that not scary?

When he got back they went to hill3 and got rid of Giggetygoo. Nigel and ace changed there names so that Giggety couldn't find them. Later on Nigel showed ace some of his spam codes at industry 7. One of them(pictured to the right) caused the spam to move saying "warning you have been banned……" Nigel asked "is that not scary??" Ace said "as f__" After this someone named "falope" followed them to Hillscape 5 for some reason. Falope was someone from a while ago who mocked Nigels name "Felipe". Felope asked "you??????" Nigel(still as felipe) said "meeeeeee?" Falope said "yooooooouuu????" again and Nigel said "yeeeeeeeeees" "as in ɴιgєʟ" Nigel then told ace "its one of the wasp ppl i think.." Nigel and Falope both then got underground, and Nigel asked her "are you ariana?" Ace asked "da wh__?" Nigel said "yes ace, da wh__re" Falope tried to threaten them saying "shut up or i will lag" So Nigel told her "you can't lag us, you taught us the <i> code" :) for she had just done that to them minutes before when nigel had tried to lag her out. Nigel started laughing at her, so Felope said ">:O nigaaaaaaaale" for some reason. Ace said "niiigiiiiieeeee" and Nigel said "Levi don't go along with it!!!!!!" Ace said "levi?" And Nigel said "wait, did i call you levi?" "so sorry, I'm used to accusing him of being you." After a little while they ended up talking about grammar for some reason ace saying "thats because of the bad grammar" So Nigel mocked this saying "ym gramemr is perfacto!" Falope said "i suck your grammar >:o" for some reason. after this Nigel tried to lag Felope out, so he said no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<i>" but he finally was able to kill her

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.44.20 PM

After this They tried to go to hill6 and chang there names. Nigel said "if it comes act like you don't know english!" he then said "i hate that ___ ariana!" Ace started speekign in some language saying "watashi ai kimi wa…." Nigel asked "what dat mean?" "i don't speak gibberish" Ace told him that it was japanese for "i love you"

Later on Ariana found them again and started trolling as usual, and Nigel n ace talked a bit. 



ft Gamerz, Bola, dracula

Gamerz and Bola

on may 8 Nigel went to cityscape 1 where he met Gamerz and someone named "bola". Bola later reviled that she was "polina". someone nigel knew a while ago. They all went to city 5 after they got pooed on a number of times by random birds. Nigel told Gamerz that he better leave city 1 before Lysa showed up. Gamerz told Nigel "i know where she lives…" Nigel said "you do???" gamers told him "yes!!". Nigel asked gamers "can you kiler her for me please???" Gamerz told him "sure, i hate her too." Nigel told Gamerz " good then. kill her, n hang her up to rot!!!" Gamerz told him "will do!" For some reason Bola disagreed with all of this, and gamers wanted to know why. Nigel said "Gamerz? she been brainwashed." Gamerz went back to Bola after Nigel told him this and asked "you friends with here?" Bola said yes, and Gamerz surprisingly said "well.. i don't blame you." Nigel then remembered something and said " one time when lysa was kiling me bola killed me.... now i remember -_-" Gamerz went back over to bola and asked "bola. is this true?" Bola wasn't answering so Nigel said "it is.." "when Lysa was telling ppl to hate me.. bola killed me…" gamers said "don't worry, whisper hates it too(it is there name for Lysa lol) Nigel forgot who whisper was for a minute, but then rememberd. Bola then said for some reason that she was Russian, and Nigel remembered seeing her with a bunch of russian people months ago. Gamerz said "nice russian.."

After a little while gamers said "a noname came spying on me at h4 a few day ago then said "run for ur little life"" Nigel said "one word, Ariana". Bola for some reason said "c:" and gamers asked "you got something to do with it?" Bola started laughing, so gamers asked "you know that nn?" Bola asked "nn??" So gamerz told her what nn meant, Nigel pointing out "we just got to lazy to type it out." Gamerz asked Bola "was it you???" Bola just said "like". Nigel then asked Gamerz "i don't trust bola… she's with Lysa.. and I've known her before too…" Bola then started saying that Nigel was a girl for some reason so Nigel told her "Nigels a boy name Dum Dum…." Nigel then told Gamerz "i was thinking if Bola had something to do with the wasps…." "it act like den" Gamerz asked "bola know the wasp?" Nigel said "polina was a kind of name they used." Nigel then said "I'm pretty sure that ariana was one of the wasps." "and hydra" He then told Gamerz "ariana, vokun, lisha… all seem the same" Gamerz said he didn't think it was the same person, for he knew that Ariana and Polska warrior were a team. Nigel said "i mean Ariana and vokun and Lisha.." gamers went on about ariana saying "Ariana tell where we are and Polska go and kill them" Gamerz then said "poo hack no work anymore". Nigel said "i saw someone using it today tf??" gamers asked who it was, Nigel said it was just some random hacker. 

After this, Someone named "dracula" came on. Gamerz asked "who is that??" Nigel said "who?" SO Gamerz said "over here, who are you?" Nigel said "me? I'm Nigel" Gamerz said "no, him". Gamerz then killed dracula. Nigel then tried to teach Gamerz the building glitch he was taught the other day, but Gamerz already knew it to his surprise. Gamerz was then brb for a minute, so Nigel tried the glitch as an owl. surpizingly it worked so when gamers got back he said "look gamer!" When gamer got over he said "Hoo hoo I'm an owl!" Gamerz then showed him an invisible poo hack he had just found. Nigel then left and tried the glitch at a pigeon and it worked again. After a few mints gamers killed him by accident, so Nigel said "pigeoff!" as he died.

Nigel then had to leave. 


the warning 

ft Dishyan,

may 11 Nigel met Dishyan at City 3. He said "dishyan??? ace… he's back!!!" for he knew that Dishyan was one of Ace's closest friends. Dishyan asked who he was seen as he had the named Felipe, so He said "I'm nigel!!!!!!" he then said "ace is back!!!!!" Dishyan then said he knew, much to nigels suprize. Dishyan then said "I'm playing on my tablet so…" Nigel then finished it saying "stay away so i don't get pooed on?" Dishayn said "yea probably but i got a keyboard so i think you can get close". Nigel then said "anyways, how did you know ace is back?" Dishyan said "you told me, and I've sort of been on Lif" Nigel said "well, i met him a few days ago" Dishayn asked "did you tell him about me?" Nigel said "erm… i forgot…" Dishyan then asked if Nigel had seen Blackfire, Nigel said he had so Dishyan said he wanted to talk to her. Nigel said "well, idk where she is now". Dishyan said "crap" and Nigel said "she usually just randomly appears" for she had done this to him jet a day ago. Dishyan then said "do you know about Lif1?" Nigel said " yes. everyone know that game.   it the game where u get killed within 2 seconds!" Dishyan said " ok if u see her tell her i play that". he then left. 


Swift and Wither 

ft swift, wither storm,

may 12 Nigel met Witherstorm and Swift again. He had met them a few days ago. Swift and Nigel started poo fighting for fun, Swift as an owl and Nigel as a seagull. Nigel yelled "seagull vs owl!!!!!!!!!!!" and they started trying ti kill each other. After this they went to snow3 but some russian people started kiling them, so they went to hill5 to get away from the russians. Once they were there, Swift asked "whats our back up?" Wither said "in7 i guess" while nigel said "a whole lot of bird crap." Nigel was brb for a few minutes, and when he got back Wither was saying "nooooooo" for some reason. Nigel asked "what happen? someone die?" Swift said "just no loving me or anything."

Nigel wasn't paying attention to wither, who was now telling swift "you can get off me now". Swift said "and i can't say no cause i feel mean". Nigel told them that he was "watching tv" when wither asked nigel "whats wrongs?" After Nigel answered, Wither asked him again saying" mr c.o.c.k.a.t.o.o. whats wrong?" while he gave nigel "puppy dog" eyes. Nigel said "oh sorry, i was brb" and Swift said "don't give me those" for some reason, even though it was obvious that wither was doing it at Nigel. Swift then told Nigel "Nigel i totally forgot to tell you about my family on Lif". Wither asked "tf is going on?" and Swift told him "shush child". Nigel asked swift "you got a family?" Swift said "in Lif game vial i got a family!" meanwhile, Wither said "pokes nigel" "Nigel?" Swift went on saying "meaning a lot of my friends are like family". Swift then told Nigel about his "bruder" named "forebear" Nigel recognized the name and said "I've seen him before i think.. Swift said "very cool dude" and explained how fred was a hacker. Wither then said randomly "I've met king macaw". Nigel said he had seen king before, so Wither asked if he was in the "macaw army". Nigel said "i joined his macaw army when it first started a year ago". Swift said "you were in his group" while wither said "very easy to get mad" refusing to king macaw. Swift asked wither "you angered him didn't you….." Nigel asked "me?" thinking swift was asking him but wither said "i did not mean to…" and Nigel got who Swift was talking to. Swift said "lol its ok buddy". He then said "nigel will teach us how to not piss people off". Nigel laughed at this and Swift said "pardon my bad language if your 10 or younger". wither then said "I'm just going to make my name buddy cus you won't stop calling me it lol". Swift said "but then people will call you that…" to this. Swift then went on saying "i only get to". Wither told swift "sony make me call you Swifty again…" Nigel played along with it saying "swifty" Swift meanwhile was going on about fred bear again saying "like how i named Fredbear "Fre" on his bday" He then realized what Nigel and Wither had said and glared at them saying "don'!!!!!!!!" Nigel didn't listen and said "swifty…….." after swift pooed on him. Wither said "bad bird!" He then told Nigel to fly for swift was now chasing him. Nigel flew up in the sky to get away from the now angry swifty. Nigel then got an idea, and spammed the chat with "swifty" in big letters. Wither laughed at tho but swift was unamused. Swift said "I'm now pissed at you."  

After a little while they forgave each other, and wither was brb for a few minutes. When wither got back he saw Nigel saying "whyyyyy" Wither asked why and Nigel said that swift had to go soon. Swift was telling Nigel "and i won't talk with you for friday and the weekend". Nigel told wither "he gtg soon.." and Swift said "I'm a f.ucking she nigel!" Nigel had forgotten this so Swifty say "We just talked about this yesterday!!!!" Nigel then had to leave so he told them. Nigel said "my moms yelling at me now, i really gtg" so Swift said "oh ok. by niggy!". Swift was trying to get back at Nigel for calling him "swifty". Nigel said "niggy???" "how dare you >:(" and wither laughed. Nigel then left saying "by by SWIFTY" doing the swifty part in big letters.


yet another argument with cherie and donna 

ft the famous donna and cherie.......

may 12 Nigel met Cherie and Donna at city 1. Nigel asked how donna was and she said not good. Nigel asked why and she said "anyone i talk to lets me down" or something like this. Nigel told her to stop and that he was fed up with this. Someone named topaz then turned out to be cherie and they got into a huge argument over donnas behavior. Cherie then said she had cancer and Nigel told her to stop and that "someone with cancer would be on a game". they argued a lot      


may 13(will never be done/ just text from the chat.) 

may 13 aces return will be done soon

This is only the stuff from the chat it aint done.   

☀felipe One of her well known named is "angey swan"(about ariana)

felipe uhg brb

Zero/ace : question, i forgot how to aim shit at people can you teach me? and ok.

Felipe(back) back and sure 

zero wb

felipe ty

zero np

zero im use to putting enter down instead of clicking it realy bothers me but i'll live with it

felipe u just press space to kill ppl not enter :/

zero  no for typeing lol

felipe ooooh ok lol

Zero  also, pop was lying about her arm(she told nigel she cut it off)

Felipe  anyways, when do you want to learn to kill ppl?

zero  as in now xd 

felipe yea... i didnt really belive her. 

felipe ok city 5 see if theres ppl there

zero  although she isnt the one to lie it bothers me that she did and ok

zero dn felipe go to cityscape 5 

(no one is there)

felipe city 3.............. 

zero xd  departs 

(no one at c 3)

Felipe city 2....................

at city 2

zero lag 

Felipe watch me kill someone first k 

cool boy  hi

zero depart  

felipe   what?

musti  the boot

zero back

felipe wb!  

Felipe  want me to lag the game?

aceb/zero  im going to brb into my actual name realy quick


ace back with his no name name

felipe wb 

ace ty  

Felipe  wanna learn a cool trick?  

ace yes 

felipe  be swan

ace brb  

cool boy sorry for disturbing you guys.

felipe its fine

ace back 

felipe ace over here 

felipe now this looks stupid but trust me, its not.

cool boy  i am going  

cool boy drparted

ace  ik this trick i think.

felipe watch.   poo on me!

ace  yea ok

nigel goes underground   

ace  o.o tf you go?

felipe   down down down :|

ace brb

ace back   

felipe wb 

Nigels underground on the wire   ace can only see his head n nec hes a swan

felipe   hi

ace lol

felipe =)

ace  i started to cuty myself again but po caught me....

felipe :|

feipe  why would you even do that?

ace  and then she gave me a lecture.  and  because me and pop are broke.

felipe :|

ace and she cant go to.

Felipe  you dont have to cut youself just cause of that.

felipe dam(accidecntly come above ground again)

ace what?

felipe  i out of the underground

felipe if dat makes any sense

ace  ok

Felipe  poop on me

ace its ok my grammar is horrible too. c i cn do dis 

felipe  ym grammare is wundful!

ace ok now can you teach me sir shen? dna sey ti si

felipe uh.....  

felipe wtf

felipe wait i didnt read it right i stupid

ace  i saw your profile on the wiki bro.

felipe what

felipe  oh you did?

ace yes

felipe what you want me to teach you?

Felipe  i can take it down if you want(about the wiki)

cool boy  what story?

Ace and i want yu to teach me how to kill people

ace and nooooo about the wiki

felipe ok :)

cool boy i think you guys love each other

felipe ya i keep all of the history of flab3 on the wiki

cool boy starts being rude and calls them gay

ace kiled cool boy

felipe "well , theres your sh*tting  leson"

cool boy departs

ace  nice pun there 

cool boy enters 

felipe lol

cool boy  are r u mad no really i say sorry but 

Felipe i didnt say sorry

ace tf it knows my name?

felipe idiot

felipe  it may have seen me sayin it :|

cool boy what everyone knows your name

ace nuuuuu o.o

felipe  dont listen to it

felipe its faking

wisper come on  

ace no shit 

felipe frost?

whisper hmm?

felipe hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

whisper hi

cool boy  hi

whisper nigel?

felipe duh.

ace hello whisper, nigel who's frost?

felipe frost is whisper      

whisper hey

ace  i have amnisia still

cool boy no hes not

felipe  she a friend

ace oh ok

felipe ima be a macaw brb *leaves*

Nigel then come back and frost said brb

so he tells ace who asked "u know her?"

whisper comes on but no one sees this 

felipe shes gamerz gf

felipe dont tell  her a said that 

whisper xd

felipe  ur here?

ae o.o

whisper  you really?

felipe :|

ace ...

whisper omg, hahah xd 

whisper  no dont worry

hades comes on

felipe  i thought...... u gone?

ace .............

felipe  dam

whisper  .... i came back just when you said that nigel.

felipe lol

ace she reminds me of when pop used to play.

hades o.0

felipe faiiiiillll........

ace  for the first time in for eva   

ace and who is hades?

felipe  ima get my normal name *leavs and be nigel*

whisper .. ok ok so you say that to everyone of your freinds? xd 

hades to ace  your dad

introduction please. my dad died with my mother.

felipe back!

ace wb  

whisper welcome

ace np

ace hades the

felipe whore*

ace xd 

few mins later

ace fu ck this shit im out.\

whisper ,-,

felipe what???

hades  ok bi thc

felipe wait i still got this name???

good come in 

felipe dammit

ace xd

felipe im... idk what to say.

felipe leaves n become niel

Nigel  that better

ace wb

nigel   wat. 

ace 0.0

nigel hads.

hades yo?

nigel i know you?

ace  ship xd 

nigel  wtf ace

ace sorry

hades idk... nigel

nigel :/

Nigel  to hades  i know your name

hades u do.... great.

Nigel  can i not?

Ace whats it's name? 

nigel no i mean i know the name hades :/


nigel if i leave randomly stay here.

ace heh

ace ok

hades sure...

nigel  my computer dies randomly sometimes.

whisper xd  

ace ik

hades lol dies?

nigel its old..

hades how old... the 90s?

ace afk

nigel its fine

later on 

hades   guys... did anyon e notice the chat cods dont work anymore

Nigel  they do.

Nige i just laged city 1. :/

hads mhm?

Hades lel

ace back 

whisper wb

Nigel they no work in ur name

ace and afk

Nigel again

hades ikr

Nigel you cant use ! in ur name. 

hades leave n try

Nigel but this still works (in purpe writing)

ace back

ace <size=-777> like this?<  


Nigel fail

Nigel do it

ace it worked for me

nigel lol

ace whisper you on?

whisper yes

ace thought you died lol

whisper lol....

Whipser brb

Nige ima spam the chat  

this will never be done for i lost the other half of this when my old computer broke down.



ft hades

May 15 Nigel met hades at city 1. they then went to island 5 and discussed ace bandit. the rest of what they discussed is classified. 


The very looong day.  

note- this was the beginning of the gamers problem

ft Goldie, Neon, clockwork, Ruis, Frost, Shadowolf, XXXXX(angryswan), Nightfox, casey, vlad putin, 

On may 17 Nigel(using the name felipe so i use that) went to an Island where he met 2 swans named Goldie and neon. they both wanted Felipe to leave. Felipe asked why they wanted him gone and neon started speaking in german. Felipe asked "hm?" neon said "you can't speak german. Felipe said "you don't own this island!" Felipe then said "i don't care if i can't speak german" Then saying "what if you can't speak english?" "that mean you can't go anywhere?" Neon said he didn't care. Felipe then started chasing Neon saying "run little swan!!!" Felipe then killed Neon and started going after Goldie. he finally caught up to goldie and started killing him at one of the huts. Neon then came back and said "Run little macaw!" seen as he was now a robin. Felipe tried to escape but neon caught him just before he got away. After being pooed on once Felipe managed to get away and said "retard……" Goldie then finally got back and said "f__ you to Felipe, so Felipe said "f__ you too :)" neon then said "nah" "guys" as though he was going to say stop fighting or something, but Felipe was already killing goldie. Felipe said "what?" and then continued killing goldie. Neon then killed Felipe to save his friend.

When felipe got back Neon was saying "i think were quit now" but before nigel could give him an answer someone named "Clockwork came on. Felipe had known someone by this name for years, but it was odd seen as she had not fancy letters in her name. so he asked her if he knew her. meanwhile, Goldie and Neon took the chance and left. Clockwork ended up being the clone that Felipe had met before, and she refused to change her name. Nigel told her "well, everyone will be mad at you then". and left

Later on Felipe met Ruis,Frost, Shaddowwolf(named night fox) and someone named casey at cityscape 6. Someone named "xxxxx" who was later found to be lisha kept pooping on him speaking nothing but "xxxxx". After fighting with xxx for a while and no one helping him, Nightfox told Felipe "well, if your a small bird try using me as a meat shield." for he was an eagle and could protect Felipe. Felipe thanked him and started to fly to the building he was at but got attacked by xxxxxx again. He asked for help but no one helped him, so he died. When he got back frost was saying "the meetsheild is moving too much" Nightfox said "is that bad? ;)" Felipe went over to Nightfox and said "save meh". Nightfox was telling Frost "just rotating" and xxxxx was saying "xxxxxxxxxxx!!!!" in red writhing. Felipe said "lisha fu___ off" He then said "Nightwolf will save me" ;)" He then corrected himself saying "i meant to say fox" Nightwolf said "shaddowwolf or night fox" "pick one of both" Felipe said "i am stupid". He then decided to call him Shaddowwolf. Meenwhile xxxxxx was trying to oil Ruis and was saying "x." for some reason. Someone named Nine tailed fox started killing xxxx for them.

After being killed by XXXX for the forth time Felipe decided to be a starling so he could hide under Nightfox. When he got back Nightfox was saying "I'm not a good meet shield am i?;)" he then said "i walk around a bit too much ;)" Felipe said nothing but "@#$%" to him. Ruis then told Nightfox "you just spin". Someone named Casey then started telling Nightfox that she loved him for some reason. So runs laughd at this and Felipe said "casey wtf?" Nightfox said "i wouldn't try that". "i bite". XXXXXX then started saying "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" in red letters, so Felipe used the reverse code to annoy her. XXXXXXX then killed Ruis and When she god back Nightfox said "webuskula!". Felipe said wbfgygfvbhjiuyghbjniuhgb there is that good?" SO Nightfox told him "no, it has to start with Weba" "and you have to be able to say it" So Felipe said "ok then" "webaghbjuyghvbjiuyghvb jhbhj". Meenwhile xxxx said "xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx" for some reason.        

Nightfox then asked everyone if they could get out from under him, So Felipe told him that they went under him they were on top of them, for Nightfox was half underground. Nightfox then started trying to get people to move away from him, first trying to get Nine tailed of to move. Casey then became an eagle and said "now i am also a shield!" Nightfox then asked Felipe to move and said "step aside and xxxx is dead." Felipe said "if i step aside xxxxxx will kill…. oh" He then moved after realizing what Nightfox was getting at. Nightfox then killed xxxxx. After a little while Casey started asking Nightfox if he would be her mate. Nightfox said "i don't do mate thingies" Casey asked him "please, and why not?" No one answered her, so she asked "who will be my mate?" felipe said "not meh" and no one els would be her mate.  

vlad putin 

ft Cazzo, Vladputin

Felipe then got bored at city 6 so he left and went to city 1, after finding nothing els then some pigeons at a snowscape trying to do the rock glitch. At city 1 someone named "Vladputin" was saying "blah blah blah" to someone els named vladputin who said "real putin will but russ words." Fake Vladputin left, leaving just the real one. Felipe asked what was going on after Vladputin said "i don't know thy russian words!" . Vladputin then said "but i am the real putin!" Someone named "cazzo" then said "putin a love rusia". Felipe then said "just what we need, crazy russian". Cazzo then said "i love putin". Putin then went on saying "donald trump for president!" and Felipe gave no answer. After this vladputin started laughing at his reaction so Felipe said "dude, if he's president the world will blow up." "and die". Vladputin gave him a :o face and then said "exactly". Felipe then said "he's an idiot" refuring to donald. he then added "for sure". Vladputin said "f*** donald trump!" and Felipe agreed. Cazzo then started telling vladputin that she loved him again, so Felipe said "lol vlad you got a stalker". Vladputin said "i know" and Cazzo said "strong president". Felipe told Cazzo to go away and said "he sony love you". Vladputin said "remove thy peasant from my presence" so Felipe asked Vlad if he was a "peasant" Vladputin said he wasn't.        

Later Vladputin and Felipe ended up going to Hillscape 5 , and Felipe started asking him who he was again. as Felipe was guessing named Vladputin said "i am the unknown". Felipe had known someone named "unknown" and asked Vlad if he was this "unknown". Vladputin didn't answer and said "if i told you who i was you really wouldnt know me". Someone named "ruis stalker" then came on and went over to felipe so he said "Ruis stalker? thats new". After this Vlad told Nigel his other named and then they went back to city 1.  

Felipe vs Felope  

ft Angryswan, King j, Gamerz, Cherie, Eren, Levi,
Felope was Angryswan, I call it a she in this one, but I don't think it really matters, seen as Angry claims to be both :|

Later on that day Felipe went to cityscape 6 after looking for people. He ended up talking to someone named "king j". Felipe told King j that he was bored, so that was why he was staying. After talking a little while felipe was saying "no one i know is on so I'm bored" "as f___" King j said "i know right, imma single dad" as a joke for he was the only one there and had an egg in his nest at the time. Just then Felipes dear friend "Felope"(this is called sarcasm..) came on, and Felipe was dumfounded to how Felope found him for she seemed to know he had been there. (Felope was someone who Felipe had met a few days ago, she had the same tracker thing that Kapro had allowing her to find people without them knowing.)     

Felipe completely forgot about King j and said "omg???" "wtf???" . Felope said ">:o" as soon as she entered upon realizing that Felipe was there. Felipe went on saying "wtf wtf wtf???" "how?" "how u find me?" . Felope only said "dye >:o" and started flying at Felipe. Felipe flew saying "you weren't even here??" as Felope started chasing him. Felipe almost got away but Felope managed to poo on him, but couldn't continue to kill him for she was a swan*hint hint*. Felipe started flying away and Felope started laughing at him. Felipe then said "you… you creepy!". He then landed on the telephone wire and added "thing!". Felope seemed to ignore this comment and said "i kill u egg >:o" . Felipe said "not my egg" "it his". So Felope started killing King j, and Felipe said "yup. him not me". King j managed to get away from Felope and started flying away while Felipe said "ty king for being here" "but . you shall be missed". basically telling him that he stood no chance against Felope. Felipe then told King "By by". Felope then went back to King j's nest and said "i killded eggggggggg >:o". Felipe didn't answer. Felipe then started asking who Felope really was, going through a few names he knew. He ended up saying "vokun" and Felope repeated this so Felipe said "so you are?". Felope said "noooo!!" so Felipe called her an idiot and said "I'm not dumb"      

Felipe then started asking Felope how she found him, but Felope was only saying "noooooooo". Felipe said "stop saying no" "its stupid". Felope said i……….." so Felipe said "i what?" Meenwhile, King j came over to felipe and stood by him. Felipe got no answer so he said her name to see if this could get her to tell. Felope finally said "I'm not tellingded u". After Felipe called her various names. They then started repeating "I'm not telingded you" and "idc" over and over again until Felipe said "this is stupid.". Felope said "u stupedder" so Felipe asked "why do u have to stalk me???" he then asked "can't you stalk gamers or levi?" "why me..?" Felope only said "fewlope >:o" completely ignoring what Felipe had just said. After arguing over Felipes name, Felope said "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu". Felipe said "meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" So Felope said "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >:o" again. Felipe said "ok >:o". After Felope kept repeating "uuuu" over and over Felipe asked "now, why were you here?" Felope asked "wut?!?!!!" Felipe then got to the building that Felope was in, after making his way over, and tried to poop on her. But Felope got into the building to quick and said "aaah!!" Felipe then realized something and said "your angry swan aren't you." Felope, being figured out, said "uuuhhh…." so Felipe said "u are aren't u." Felope confirmed Felipes suspicion by saying "Maybe (^_^)". Felipe said "so its u." Felope then asked "Wut u want!?!! >:o" So Felipe said "idk?" "you the one who came here?" "to see me?" "i guess". Felope called his name and he asked her what she wanted. Felope then pooed on Felipe and laughed. Felipe flew away saying "real mature….." Felope said "i kill uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >:o". Felipe said "and? what you want a medal?". Felope didn't listen to this and asked felipe to "cumded clowsur >:o". Felipe didn't get any of this so he said "I'm sorry. i don't speak idiot." King j meanwhile asked "can i make a nest without anyone pooping on me please?" No one listend to him. Felope said "!??!??!??!!!!!!! >:o" So Felipe said "i said i don't speak idiot". Felope said "u kill u nests >:o" completely ignoring Felipe. so Felipe said "ya def too?".      

After a while Felipe ended up finding out that Felope was "xxxxx" from earlier. Felipe continued to argue with Felope. And Felipe ended up saying to King j "i can say one thing. welcome to fly like a bird 3". Felope then started to clone felipe, and ended up making three of them. Felipe got bored of this so he left and saw that there were people at Cindustry 6. He saw that there were two birds named "Topaz and Lol" there, so he headed back to the city. Back at the city he told Felope "I'm going to in 7 to harass lol and topaz bye." and left.     

When he got to In 7 he said "ello birdies" and just as he said this Gamerz came on. Felipe told Gamerz who he was and talked to him a bit. After this he found out that Topaz was Cherie but he didn't know who Lol was. Lol was telling cherie what people had told him, so cherie was trying to tell him that these things were incorrect. But Felipe knew that most of it was true so he tried telling lol this claiming "I've seen it with my own eyes." Just then Angryswan came on again named "gaymurz" a mock name of Gamerz. gamers said "wow really?" and Felipe said "yay its u this time not me bravo gamers!" Angryswan started doing the same thing to gamers as he had done to Felipe, and Gamerz got mad at Felipe not getting the joke. Gamerz said "rlly nigel -_-?" Felipe asked what and Gamerz pooed on him. Gaymurz said "i kill uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:o" while Gamerz started killing felipe. Felipe tried to tell gamers that he had been stalked all day but gamers still killed him.        

After this Felipe got in an argument with cherie as usual and mocked her for being 33 and on a "kids game". Cherie asked him to "please but out" and Felipe asked "why should i?" "this games for everyone". Cherie said "cuz" and gaymurz said "Fite 0.0" thinking that they would get into a big fight. Felipe told cherie "cuz. you don't want then to know the truth." Cherie tried telling felipe "this convo is not for you". Felipe said "ur just spreading lies again!!!!!". Meenwhile Gamerz tried to get Angryswan to leave but he refused. Just then Levi came on so Felipe and Him went to Hillscape 5 seen as Felipe had made things at In 7 get out of hand. at hill 5 Levi was asking about Eren since said he haddent seen him since friday. So Felipe told him not to worry for it could be something that Eren couldn't control. So Felipe told him "Give it a week then start yelling at him". Just then Gamerz randomly appeard and said "We are not friends anymore ok nigel, cya". Felipe was dumfounded by this and didn't know what to say. He then realized that he had left gamers with cherie so maybe it was cherie who had told Gamerz something about him. so back to in 7 it was.

At in 7 he started demanding Cherie what she told Gamerz but she said she didn't tell him anything. So he gave up.        

Later he met Eren at an industry and asked him if he had seen Levi. He told him that Levi was going mad for he haddent seen him for a week. Eren explained it was because he was playing with his new Xbox. *not done*        

Later that night he met cherie an apologized.


may 19(not finished) 

ft Levi, Maleringneck, blackfire,The joker, Bazook

Nigel(using name felipe) met Levi at a Hillscape and discussed Eren again. Felipe told Levi why Eren wasn't on. Later on a bird named "male ringneck came on and asked Felipe "are you a boy or a girl?" Felipe said "I'm a boy don't even try" thinking that maleringneck was just another bird looking for a mate. Maleringneck said "don't worry I'm not gay". Felipe then said "ask him not me" refuring to levi. Male ringneck went over to levi so levi said "don't touch me ._.". Male ringneck said "its a game how can i touch you". Felipe, who had been brb asked Maleringneck "did you ask him?" "he's pretty nice". maleringneck said "no I'm straight". Felipe flew over to Levi and Maleringneck but Male ringneck pooed on him, so he flew away saying "hey!!! wtf???" Levi started kiling Male ringneck for him so Felipe thanked him. Levi said "don't even dare!" and Maleringneck said "bored" giving the reason why he pooed on felipe. Felipe told maleringneck "then go sh__ on some traffic wardens" " not us". Male ringneck said "nah" so Felipe said "yay..nice people.. i see… . Levi suggested to maleringneck to go to City 1 for there were plenty of targets there. Felipe added "plenty of girl birds there too!". Male ringneck said "i have a gf haha idc if your a guy or girl." so nigel asked "then why the hell were u asking me am i a boy or girl?". Maleringneck answered saying "because its a girly name" while felipe continued saying "thats how they always start it….." He then realized what Maleringneck said and said "its not girly, idiot!" "felipe is a boys name". Maleringneck said "its unisex" but felipe was still unconvinced. so he said "felipa would be girl".

After a little while maleringneck left, and Felipe was left with Levi again. After a little while of talking, mostly about where Erenw as, Blackfire came on. Felipe was in the middle of telling Levi about Eren saying "helot an x box and he's obsessed". Levi said "I'm crying now". Felipe said "dude, you a bit obsessed with him". Levi said "because he makes me happy". So felipe asked "don't i make you happy?""n blackfire?" Levi continued saying "i like being happy". Levi said yes they did make him happy, so Felipe asked "den why the hell you want Eren all the time?????". levi said "i would be lost without al of you guys". Blackfire said "i thought i made people mad and said ._." and Felipe pointed out "says the person who said he only likes Eren.." Felipe then told Levi that he told Eren to look for him. just then eve said "f__ this!" Felipe didn't know levi meant. Felipe then said "uh… what?". He got no answer so he added "the f___." Levi said "so an electronic means more then i do. ok", refuring to Erens xbox. He then said "i see now.." Felipe said "dude, he can have a life, no?" Felipe then said "he just got it as a gift, so he play with it :/". Blackfire then started asking Felipe is he knew that game Eren had for his x box, but he didn't know. Levi continued on saying "i'll just not even bother then…" Blackfire then asked Felipe to ask Eren what the game was, seen as she had an x box as well. He told her he would.

Felipe then left for a few minutes and when he got back he found Levi telling Blackfire "if he told me himself i would understand, but noooo he tells nigel. Blackfire was trying to reason with Levi saying"trust me, an xbox is really addicting but once he gets bored of it he will be back". Levi continued saying "which i am ok with." "but he couldn't have told me". Felipe asked "what the f__ is going on?" Felipe then tried to tell levi that Eren couldn't find him when he came on. He told Levi that Eren had been on an hour after he left. Felipe then tried to get Levi to use another way of communicating with Eren, seen as they only used the game and it got confusing. He told Levi that he could us the Wiki that him and AUC went on. Someone named "iamnew" then came on and pooed on Felipe killing him. When he got back he said "dam owl". Levi killed iamnew for Felipe. Blackfire then changed her name to "xxgayloisxx claiming "since I've given up on the guys". They then discussed Levi and Eren using the Wiki for communication.

Levi blakcfire n joker-1

Someone named "the joker" then came on and said "hello guys". Felipe said "if ur just going to troll us then leave pls" seen as he had met someone with this name before and they were annoying. Levi said "man i need a hug now :(" So Felipe hugged him and said "there, happy?" "you got ur damd hug". Levi then asked Felipe "can i thank you for being a friend of mine?" Felipe answered saying "of corse :)" Blackfire asked "should i go?" but Felipe wanted her to stay so he said "no you can stay!!!!!" . Levi also wanted her to stay, so she did. the joker then said "welcome to the party hahaha to blackfire, so she said "ok ._." Levi then told blackfire "thank you too for being a friend". so Blackfire said "*salutes* no problem!. Joker then said "come here to give your s___y friend a hug hahah". Felipe said "uh…. " while Blackfire said "wtf e.e" . Felipe finished saying "tf?". Levi then said "i am s__y though…" for so reason, so Felipe told him he wasn't. levi and Blackfire then both pooed on Felipe by accident, so he said "what is this? everyone crap on nigel day???" the joker then said "i need a hug and no one cares hahahaha". Levi said "i know no one cares", and Blackfire said something rude. Levi and Felipe both said "Wtf" to blackfires comment at the same time. She just laughed at them. Blackfire then said "sorry, I'm drunk". Levi then started asking if he should even wait for Eren, so Felipe told him he should, while blackfire said "eh, you should at least look once". Felipe then had to leave saying "i gtg my moms forcing me to get dinner so i be back in 10 mins ok?" he then left.

when felipe returned, Blackfire was saying "your so horrible…" to someone. felipe was greeted back by everyone, and then noticed Levi had dent said anything. he asked where the was, so Levi answers saying "here". Blackfire said "dude x.x" for felipe had been staring right at levi but haddent noticed. Felipe asked her what still not noticing so Blackfire said never mind. Levi then said "i'll just find something els to do now.." so felipe said ok. Blackfire said she was bored, so Felipe agreed for he was bored too. Blackfire then said "and I'm tired……e.e" Felipe just gave her a :| face. Blacfire then said "no one rlly likes me lol" Both Felipe and Levi said they liked her, but she told them "no i mean like.. like like. ._." so Felipe said "ok, me no." Levi then asked Felipe "your gf?" so Felipe said "gf?" Blackfire said "omg that makes me feel so much better Nigel e.e" for him saying he didn't "like like" her. while Levi said "and kinda the same now too" refuring to Eren not really liking him. Felipe then told them "ya. i haunt seen springcrap for a month now… so yea…" "so much for that…." Blackfire lauhged at his rude nickname for Springtrap so Felipe said "well. it rhymes.." 

Blackfire then started saying that she was probably going to leave in a week. Felipe had been talking about spring traps sdissapearance saying "perfec timing eh?" he then realized that he said that right after blackfire said she was leaving and reassured her that he wanted her to stay. he told her to stay, but she said "but i don't wanna stay here." so felipe said " well… it will just be me.. again. Someone named "Bazook" then came on while Felipe claimed "IM NEVER LEAVING!!!!!!". Blackfire said "no one will notice that I'm gone .-." so Felipe told her that he would, for she was one of his best friends. Levi said the same. Blackfire still wasn't convinced and said "nahh.. no one will remember me". Bazook then said "aaaaw Bri, don't leave him :')" for some reason. Bri was apparently short for Blackfires real name, but Felipe didn't know it at the time. Blackfire was dumfounded to how he could know her name, while levi said "I've just irritated and disgusted people here." Blackfire asked "who are you??? how do you know my name?????!!" Felipe asked Bazook if he was gamers,but he wasn't. Felipe then told Blackfire "ooo you gotta stalker". Blackfire asked if Bazook was Ultra. Bazook said "i wonder who is that could be" for some reason , and Blackfire said "he's a pigeon ._. so I'm guessing its ultra". Bazook then said bye and left randomly.

Blackfire said "wtf…." while Felipe said "this game.. random.." "so.. so random". Blackfire said "Mhm……" to this. Blackfire then asked "i don't get it.. who the hell was that?" so Felipe said "well, at least its not ariana" "or angrycrap". Blackfire agreed to this saying "oml(oh my lord)". Felipe asked what it meant so she told him what OML meant. 

discussing angryswan

Felipe was then telling them about Felope for some reason, telling them how he followed him around everywhere. Blackfire said "creepy e.e" Felipe said" this is the second time he do it". Just then someone named "anna" came on. Anna started pooping on Levi, who had stopped talking for some reason, and Blackfire said "yea… I'm definitely leaving within a week….." after hearing about Felope. Felipe told her "oh, u can tel when its angry cause his spelling is crap and he do the >:o all the time." Levi then said "ty" sarcastically to Anna who had pooed on him. Blackfire then said "I'm leaving if i don't see ultra within a week". Someone named "ripper" then came on. Bazook said "aaaaw lol" randomly, but no one seemed to notice that he just randomly appeared. Felipe noticed this and said "um.. its back?" while Blackfire went on saying "i miss him so much.. idk what i could do without him." Ripper said "hey, who wanted to talk with me?" but no one listened to him. Anna asked blackfire who she missed, so she told her. Felipe asked what was going on, seen as things were getting confusing. Bazook said "lol i thought you will miss vent :d"" to Blackfire, and left again. Blackfire said that Vent was gone, while Ripper started to get mad that no one was answering him. Felipe then asked "tf is going on? while Blackfire asked Ripper who he was. Anna asked Felipe what was wrong, so he said knighting was wrong, everything was just so random. Levi then asked "should i just.. leave?" Ripper then said "he said someone here wanted to talked to me" so Nigel asked him who the heck was "he". while Anna was asking who Levi was. Blackfire asked "who are you dude ._." to someone, so Felipe said "me? I'm felipe" to be annoying. Bazook then revealed who he was saying "don't worry Bri, you had already met ultra right now lol" but this ultimately failed, for right as he said this, Blackfire left, not seeing what he said. Ripper then said that "joker" had told him, and asked "are you playing me?" Levi asked "I'm confused" while Nigel said " this…is..sooooooo…random…..". Anna said she was confused too. 


Nigel and Frost's discussion. 

ft DJsava, Flatty, Kot, Ruis, Frost, Bloodwolf(giggetygoo?), Energia(shadowwolf),deltawolf, Robin, Shadow the owl, eren,

The super chick

on may 20 Nigel hung out with a hacker named "DJsava" his friend "flatty" at and island. at first Flatty wanted nigel to leave for some reason, but he refused to. flattys reason was "its a server for Klane". but Nigel didn't know what this meant. Just then he realized that "the joker" was there and said "you again…" Joker said "hahahah meeee? Nigel only have him a -_- face. Djsava said that "Klane" was "clan of bird". SO Nigel told him he was not leaving. Djsava then started flying around really fast in circles and showing off his hacks. Later on Kot joined them, but still didn't remember Nigel. Djsava did a giant chick for everyone. Nigel hung out with them for a while then left after Djsava left and killed the Giant chick.

Later the day he was hanging out with some friends at cityscape 6. Energia(shaddowwolf) Ruis, frost, and someone named Bloodwolf were there. Nigel had been telling bloodwolf his other names to see if he knew him, but he didn't. Energia pointed out that his name "lord shen" was easy to clone. Nigle told him that that was why he changed it. Later Energia was telling Ruis how to do a weird chat code. It allowed you to use a different name in the chat to the one that people saw in the game. He made this to fix the fancy name problem, for no one could use a fancy name anymore thanks to game vial. For some reason Energia was refusing to tell Nigel the trick as well, using the excuse that it wouldn't work on his computer

Ruis then had to leave for she "had to do homework" and said she would be back in 5 minutes. Frost said "if homework could be done for 5 mins…." Energia said "depends how much homework there is" and Nigel said "and how easy, or crappy it is". Someone named Deltawolf then started trying to kill Nigel for some reason. Deltawolf then left after pooping on nigel who was now cursing at him. Deltawolf then came back as "robin" but Nigel didn't see this. Energia said "nah, he seems nice enough" and Nigel, seeing he was talking about delta wolf said "ya, crapping on me. thats nice???????" Robin said "you were saying?" thinking they were talking about him. Energia then said "all a matter of opinion ;)". Robin then started pooping on Nigel killing him for he had one life. When Nigel got back he yelled "STOP SH___ING ON ME!". Energia said "i guess I'm the only one getting the trick ;)" So Nigel, thinking that this meant that Engergia was the one behind this, said "its you??? you ____" After getting no answer to this he said "Energia?" "how can you???" still not realizing that this was not what Energia meant. Robin then told Nigel "you quit the insults, and i quit the sh__ing". Nigel didn't get what he meant, seen as Robin had pooed on him before he had started cursing. Meenwhile Energia said "that should hardly be a surprise right?" Nigel said to Robin "what insults??" "i never insulted you until you killed me!!!" Robin said "the a ss hole thingy" answering Nigel, so Nigel told him "not that, you killed me, that why!" Robin then pooed on him again, so Nigel told him "if ya didn't crap on me i wouldn't call ya an a__hole." Robin told Nigel "physical payback" while Energia said "you kno what guys, lets call it a draw, nigel dosnt swear, delta dosnt kill, thats fair enough?" SO Robin stopped, but unfortunately someone named "shadow" whom Nigel met before started trying to kill Nigel. Nigel tried to escape but Shaddow didn't stop. Nigel departed and When he got back he said thank you to Frost who welcomed him back, and told her that Shaddow was killing him earlier that day. Robin killed Shadow for Nigel, so Nigel thanked him once Shadow departed. Frost then asked Nigel to go to Hillscape 5, so he went to hill5 with her.

Shaddow kil Nigel

Nigel vs Shadow

≈•≈Lord Shen≈•≈-0
Nige vs shad

At Hillscape 5 Nigel asked Frost why she wanted him there, but she didn't answer. Deltawolf(Robin) followed them there, but just ignored them. Nigel tried asking frost again, but just as he did Shadow showed up and said "Not bad" Nigel forgot about frost and started chasing Shadow to try and kill him. he ended up trying to get him in some trees but shadow got away and flew over to one of the hills with Nigel still chasing him. Shadow said "i will have my revenge" then kept flying from Nigel. Frost then for some reason said "back" and it turned out that she had been brb for a few minutes, but she hadn't told Nigel for some reason. Nigel forgot about chasing shadow, letting him get away, and went over to frost. he then started asking why she wanted him there again. but before he could answer Shadow pooed on him again, causing him to fall off the tree he and frost were on. Frost then asked Shadow and Delta "guys, would you like to go somewhere els? i want to ask Nigel something". SO Nigel got the idea and told her to go to Hillscape 4, so they went and when they got there Nigel told her to go to Industry 7. Nigel changed his name to Felipe and told Frost to change her name too, but she already had, to "Kill". Nigel told her "if they come act like you don't know them, and you can't speak english". Nigel then asked "so, what did you want to ask me?" so she told him "so… i wanted to ask you if you've seen Eren around?" Nigel told her "just 2 days ago". he then asked why and Frost told him "oh… because levi is trying to find him.. Levi thinks that even thinks levi for dead" Nigel said "i know" "i told Levi why Eren not on already". Frost told Nigel "i saw levi yesterday and he was upset and worried". Nigel said "now levi thinks that Eren hates him. :/ " he then told frost "i saw him last night". Nigel then told Frost why Eren wasn't on, explaining that Eren had just got a new Xbox, and he was obsessed with it. Frost said "cuz levi is missing Eren too much" so Nigel said "levi is a bit too obsessed" "Eren can be gone one day and Levi is gone mad". Frost said "i understand levi" so Nigel said "yea.. but. he's a little.. weird". Frost told Nigel "and i want to help him" Nigel continued saying "he can't leave Eren alone". he then told frost he did want to help Levi. He then said "but he dosnt give Eren a break". Frost said "no. he just loves Eren a lot. and i don't think thats weird". Nigel said "yea.. but its just weird" "he dosnt even know him in real life". Frost said "so maybe thats why Eren dosnt want to come back to him?" Nigel told frost "well… i think Eren is a bit sick of Levi to tell you the truth.." "he told me that a few weeks ago". Frost thought this was sad. Frost then told Nigel that levi had told her he was leaving if he didn't see Levi by june. Nigel told her that Levi had told him he was leaving yesterday. Nigel then said "just wait a ween n he wil turn up". Frost said "huh… you just can't understand how levi feels about it." Nigel asked what she meant, so she said "Just like me and gamers… i always want him to me". Nigel then said "i understand that he loves Eren and all, but i wouldn't go cutting myself over a damned date on a game. it would be different if this was real life." Nigel then told her "he told me he just wanted a break from the game, he got a life you know". Frost said "yea.. levi will be kinda hurted". Frost then asked Nigel if Eren still had feelings fr Levi, so Nigel told her that he did, but he also had other things to do. Nigel ended up telling Frost "his(levi) life don't have to revolve around a damned computer". 

After discussing levi and Eren, Nigel asked Frost if she had seen Gamaerz lately, seen as she had mentioned him. He wanted to ask her if he really did hate him. Frost said "yesterday" so Nigel asked "you did???" "did he say anything about me? that he hates me?" Frost then left for a few minutes, meanwhile Nigel said "i sure f__ing hope not". about the Gamerz problem. Frost then came back and said "i saw Gamers and asked if he hates you". she then said "he said he do". Nigel asked why and she said "because your trying to take advantage of other people". Nigel said "i am not!!" so frost said "thats what he said". Frost said that she was confused by what gamers said and Nigel went on saying "he thought that argument between me and cherie was taking advantage!?!?!?!?!!" "wtf????" Nigel then realized something and said "oh, i bet.. its cherie who told him that…." Nigel said "I WILL MURDER HER AND MAKE HER SUFFER SO MUCH!!!!!!!" while Nigel kept ranting about what cherie did, frost asked "are you sure she did that?" Nigel said "well, thats the only reason he would think that!" "i never told him anything". "he just saw me argue with cherie then i left hime there.." Frost said "don't do the wrong things but think first". Nigel then realized that gamers may have been spying on him. He told frost this and also said "well, he did say that when i was talking with levi, but i wasn't taking advantage???". Nigel then said "he just randomly came to hill5 and said "we are no longer friends nigel" and left? like he had been spying". Nigel then told Frost that all he had done was ask levi to ask Gamerz why he hated him, if he even saw him. Frost told Nigel what she thought saying "ask Gamerz on your own, don't make others do it". Frost then said "i really hope you solve the problems".

Nigel n frost

Nigel then told Frost that Gamerz had no right to be spying on him, and he also told her that Gamerz could be watching them right now saying "FOR F__ SAKE HE COULD BE WATCHING US RIGHT NOW!!!!" "its not fair". he then said "i can't say or do anyhting without someone blaming me". After this they discussed gamers a bit more, then they talked about how frost didn't have any enemies. Frost said that there was no point in having them. Nigel told her that the only real Enemies he had were Kapro Blackwolf and vespula claiming "those one were out to kill". He said that Vokun, Ariana, Lisha and angry swan were just plain stupid. Nigel then had to go so frost asked him "ok Nigel cya! and bet, is it a good idea if i tel Levi what Eren thinks about it?" so Nigel told her she should just stay out of it for now. Nigel then left.


gamerz problem continued 

ft Shadowwolf, Bloodwolf(giggetygoo? or a clone? o.0), Giggetygoo(now named blazon), Kot, ferrarro,

may 21 in the morning Nigel met 2 people named "Shadow wolf" and Blood wolf" at industry4. Nigel had met Bloodwolf before. for some reason the two wanted him gone, so Nigel asked why. Bloodwolf said "holy sh___" for some reason, so Nigel started to mock her saying "you mean s__" using the invisible codes. Shadow told him "dude, we are 'having fun' wink wink". Nigel realized what they were doing so he said "love birds, lol" and left. 

Later on he met someone named "Blasen" whom he learned to be "giggetygoo" from the Society of savers website. blasen/giggetygoo proved to be quite annoying, as Nigel had also learned a few weeks ago at hill6. He would often break the society's rules, and often acted as though he didn't even care that he joined it. Nigel got back at him telling him "wait until i tell Snarp(the owner aka rain) about what you've been up too". blasen still didn't seem to care. 

. Nigel then left, and changed his name to "Kot" the name of a known russian owl and went back to industry 4 to spy on Bloodwolf and Shadow wolf. Blood wolf and Shaddow wold left, and went to hills cape 7 after Blasen showed up and started trying to kill them, so Nigel followed. He named himself birdy, so they wouldn't know he was following them. Once everyone was there, no one was talking. it was just dead quiet for at least 5 minutes. so Nigel left and got his name Felipe again and went looking for other people, for if he went right back they would find out it was him. after searching he finally found someone named "stella" at an island. he said hi to her but only got pooed on instead.


After looking Nigel was suprized to find gamers at cityscape 6. Nigel said hi and tried to pretend that nothing had happened, but Gamerz said "not talking to you". Felipe asked him "what did you mean by i was using someone? i really don't get why you are mad at me?" Someone named Ferraro was also there and was trying to convince gamers to help his nest. gamers told Nigel "don't ask" for some reason, so he asked "was my clone on again???" thinking that by any chance it was Ariana or Angry again. Nigel then told gamers "i thout your were someone i could trust….." after not getting an answer. Gamerz again didn't answer and flew away from the building Nigel was on. Nigel added "not to spy on me….." "or was it cherie" "who told you something stupid?" . Gamerz finally answers and said "no one did." Nigel asked him "then… why……?" Ferraro for some reason said "haaaa chery?" Nigel then told Gamerz "i thought we were friends…. good friends…" Gamerz said "you just like taking advantage of people, cya ferro" and left. leaving Nigel dumfounded. Ferraro said "i met him yesterday talking to felipe" while Nigel(named felipe) broke down yelling "HOW??? PLEASE??? HOW?????" ferraro said "i mean Chery" and Nigel told him "IF CHERIE DID THIS SHE WILL SUFFER. BADLY" and left ferraro by himself.


the Mafia's back?

ft Mafia, Zoom,


on may 23 Nigel met someone at cityscape 1 "si". Nigel had been hanging out with someone named "zoom" he had recently met a few days ago. Si then claimed the be "mafia" someone Nigel knew from a long time ago. Nigel told si to go to cityscape 5 so he did. Nigel questioned mafia but it turned out it was probably him. one thing that showed it might be him was he went right to the old blue building spot where everyone used to hang out.

Nigel ended up telling Mafia about what Lysa had been doing, seen as he was supposedly the one who started it all, telling Lysa that Nigel was a coward. he asked him "scan you pls tell Lysa so leave me alone? seen as she listens to you?" "she been harassing me for 2 months now". Mafia said "np, but why she poo on you?" so Nigel told him about what Lysa had done and why saying "she said she hates me cause "mafia" told het that I'm a coward." he then added "and she been telling ppl not to trust me n i lost a lot of friends due to her!!!" as Nigel went on about Lysa saying that she picks one person out and so on Mafia gave him the famous "hehehe". Mafia then said "i'll tell her.. promis!" Mafia said he would see Lysa that night, so he would tell her then. he said "I'm friend with her bro" "in real life". Nigel was suprized that Mafia actually knew her in real, so he said "you do???" mafia said "np i'll talk with her". mafia then said "now c1 hehehe" while Nigel said "well, can you tell her I'm sorry for what ever she thinks i did?" "n ask her to leave me alone". They then headed to cityscape 1.

When they got to city 1, Zoom was still there killing random people. nigel tried to stop him killing Si but gave up after a while. he then left after that. 


Nigel's big mistake

Frost and Nigel

ft frost
Nigel n frost-0

On may 24 Nigel had been hanging out at Snowscape 1 with a few people. All of a sudden everyone departed, and Nigel figured it was Gamevial messing stuff up again. After this he went to City 1 and met frost.

At Hill5 Nigel was telling Frost that it was the game, and not someone lagging it. She said she knew, while Nigel told her about what happened at snow 1. Frost said that she thought it was annoying, and Nigel told her he thought that it was Gamevial doing something to the game. 

After discussing this, Nigel asked her if she saw Gamerz again. She told him she had dent while he said "i saw him and he refusing to talk to me???" Frost asked when he saw Gamerz, so he told her "just 2 days ago". Nigel then said "he just hates me all of a sudden". Nigel then told frost "he hates me" "and he won't tell me why". Frost asked "he just says bout that advantage but nothing els?" Nigel told her he did. he then added "its just… so random". Frost told Nigel "usually he never explains whats the problem to people he don't like for some reason" and Nigel replied "but… he was my best friend…" "i thought he wouldn't go hating me all of a sudden with no reason???". Frost said she felt bad about the two. Nigel continued saying "he was my best friend, it better not all be for fun". Frost told what she thought he should do saying "you should keep asking him whats wrong if not.. just stop. don't make him tell you, if he wants he will". Nigel said "how is it fair??? he just hates me now for no reason????" he then added "plus he must be spying on me.. how els would he find out that ever he's mad at." Frost said "i understand how you feel. next time, ill talk to him if i see him. maybe he'll tell me." Nigel said "i just don't get it." "he was like me bff, and now he hates me." Frost the explained that she had heard about how he didn't get the joke Nigel made at the industry, the one about Angryswan stalking gamers, and asked if that might be a reason. Nigel told her it could be, but he thought that gamers would get a joke like that saying "he know what Angry do". Frost then asked if it was also because Nigel left Gamerz there with Cherie, but Nigel said "i told him where i was going!!!" Frost said "well, i will talk to him =.= i really hope i see him cuz he is missing me a lot too"

Frost then asked Nigel if it was possible a clone, but Nigel thought that Gamerz could tell by now, seen as both Ariana and Angryswan were really obvious who they were(really, you can just tell by how they talk). Nigel also said that he had asked gamers wether it was a clone, and Gamer said it wasn't. Nigel also said "plus i haunt seen a clone, and no one els had. so idk". Frost said "don't worry bout it. my bro is a good person. he'll understand an you will be good friends just as before". Nigel said "unless… someone told him i did something i didn't do -.-". He then saw what frost said and said "i hope we can be friends…" while Frost asked him "like what?". so Nigel explained saying "i don't know, if someone made up something and he was dumb enough to believe it!!!!". "like cherie!!!!!". Frost realized something and said " what if he's spying on u right now and readed that "dumb" word? :d" while Nigel went on saying "i did leave him with her.. which was stupid." Nigel said "thats the scary part, no privacy anymore" to frost. "not at all". Frost said "oh yea. ikr….. ;-;". Nigel said "he could be watching u… what ever ur doing…" Frost said "well. usually i don't mind if "he is spying on me"". Nigel then realized that it could be due to him complaining about spring trap all the time, about the fact that she never came on. so he told frost "hm…. i wonder if he mad about me n spring?" "if he thinks I'm using her?" Frost asked him "using her? how so?" so Nigel said "i don't even see her… so idk." he then said "i joke about how she's never on. idk how that is "using her". Frost said " don't think od it so much. we can only understand if we ask bro". Nigel went on saying "plus we were more like friends, not really mates."                   

Frost then explained to nigel how Gamerz waste really talking to her much. she said "last time i saw him i wondered whats wrong with him.. i asked how is he and he said: I'm ok. and then said" btw gtg". She said Gamerz left her after this. Nigel told her "weird". and she said "weird, yea." Nigel then told her that Gamerz had done the same thing to him. Frost said "is he mad at me too?" "I'm worried about this…". Nigel said "he's just acting weird now.. like he changed". Frost said "because i never wanted to hurt him. all i wanted is he to share with me". "i don't know.. I'm really worried bout him". Nigel then got another idea and said "unless something happened in real life and he taking out on us. how nice e.e".

After discussing this Frost ended up saying "but i can only say i fully trust gamers". Nigel said "yea… i did too… I'm to sure about now". Frost sighed at this. Nigel then had to leave.  

The mistake. (this is very long and contains a lot of arguing)

Nigel meets cherie and donna again. it dosnt go well. his own words go against him.
ft Cherie, Donna, Kyraa,  Shift, notfighter

Later on that evening, Nigel headed to Cityscpae 1 to see who was there. As usual, Cherie(topaz), Donna(blackcatzcl), and a few others were there. Cherie had been talking to someone named "Shift". Nigel flew over to the building where everyone stayed and said "hi everyone". Donna for some reason started killing Nigel, even when he asked her to stop. Nigel came back and said "hey! tf was that for????". Donna said "yes" but he wasn't sure if it was to him or not. Someone named "notfighteratall" was also there. but Nigel didn't think anything of him at the time….. Nigel just continued complaing saying "stop sh*tting on me!" to donna. Nigel then flew over the building and pooed on donna for revenge. he then flew off. Nigel went over to the telephone line where he usually sat, but noticed Donna was following him, so he flew up before she had a chance to attack. he flew past a building where "Kyraa" was. He knew her from a while ago.   

Donna then said she was leaving, for some reason. Donna then said "shift never talk to me" for some reason to Shift, a bird who was just hanging out and helping people make nests. Shift asked what she meant, and she said "dont ever talk to me again" as if accusing him for something. Shift haddent even talked to her.  Nigel said "uh..." not knowing what to do. for he could see she was being unfair already. Shift said "i did nothing, but ok". "if that makes you happy".  Donna then started her usual crap and said "nothing happy on here". Nigel, having enouhg of her crap, said "donna?" "get over it.. you make the game depressing".   Notfighteratall said "dont add feul to the fire ok?"   Nigel answerd saying "i wont. but it is true". Just then donna started pooping on him.   when he came back he said "no one realizes it".  Notfighter asked "dosnt realize what?" so Nigel told him "the truth."   Notfighter asked "whats the truth?" so Nigel said "im not saying it again". Cherie started complaining as usual saying "lord you always but in"(lord short for lord shen).  Donna then said "that lord shen gay" for some reason. Notfighter said "keep to yourself!". Nigel then left for a few minuts.    

When Nigel got back, Donna started pooping on him again. He told her "f__ off!!!!" and flew through the city trying to escape her. Cherie said "lord ur a trouble maker. you always interfear!" Nigel told her "I'm not I'm just telling your friend to stop being depressed, it gets annoying". Meenwhile Donna said "everyone says I'm evil ", which was a big lie, for no one said she was "evil". Nigel told her "i didn't say your evil?!??! i said stop being depressed!!!". "n stop complaining because you made yourself depressed". Nigel then noticed that Donna was flying twords him so he flew away before she could kill him. Cherie said "you don't own people" so Nigel told her "i know". Donna left for a few minutes . Notfighter said "as i said don't add fuel to the fight nigel". Nigel ignored him and said "don't go acting depressed and blaming it on others!!!" for this was exactly what donna had been doing. Cherie said "time you learned that things don't always concern you". Nigel said "she keep blaming it on other people". Notfighter said "you'l do more bad then good" but once again he was ignored. Shift said "lmao Lord didn't change at all". Nigel then started ranting saying "cherie? this is a multi player game, you wanna talk about private stuff go on a dam phone or something". Notfighter agreed to this, and Nigel went on saying "this games for everyone, not a private chat room!!!!". "so get over it". "or leave". Cherie said "so don't give you rights to but it". Nigel then told Cherie and Donna to "leave" if they were bothered. this would prove to be a fatal mistake.     

Cherie then told Nigel "imma kill you". but Nigel wasn't daunted by this, for Cherie wasn't the best of killers out there and she didn't use super poo much. Nigel was still ranting on, and Notfighter told him " i could say the same to you Nigel. keep quiet or leave". Cherie said "things don't concern you". Nigel was telling Notfighter "I'm saying, don't do private stuff". Shift asked Nigel to come down for unknown reasons, for Nigel was flying hight up in the sky. Notfighter said "its non of your concern". "stfu all ready". but Nigel continued going on, saying "and if people ask you stuff, don't keep it private!!!!!!!".     

Fighter then had enough, and started pooping on Nigel who was still flying high up in the sky. When Nigel got back he said "Wtf??" "what was that for???" as if he had never said anything earlier. meanwhile Donna was still complaining(yes.. this is typical donna…) saying "i can't play anymore!!!!". cherie pooed on her for this. both Cherie and nigel told her that yes she could play, but donna said "i can't". so Nigel, fed up with her constant negative attitude said "then don't .-. ." Cherie blamed him as usual saying "you make people want to leave" even though donna had been the one to start it in the first place after pooping on Nigel and claiming that everyone hated her. Nigel just ignored her comment. not fighter just sighed at this. Nigel then realized what Donna had said and told her "don't go blaming your depression on other people -.-". while donna said "its better for everyone…". Cherie told her "no don't" but Donna ignored her saying "lord, drop dead". Not fighter told Nigel "just let her do what she wants. nigel." so nigel decided to leave her alone and did. so Notfighter said "good.". fighter then said "u know u can't change people.". Nigel then said "people will never understand that this is a multi player game…" . Fighter said "have some empathy." to Nigel. Nigel said "i do, but when she blames her depression on me…" Notfighter said "i know but try to understand". Nigel then said fine. i give up" ad flew over to fighter who was sitting on one of the buildings.     

Cherie then said "you don't care lord, only about your self, remember thug n what you caused cud you had to but in?" this was just a big lie, for Nigel had actually helped her and thug, for it never was him who broke the two up in the first place. they were set up by someone named "Pic" and Nigel had tried to tell them to not fall for it, and to stay together, but thug ended it anyways. Cherie , instead of realizing the truth, blamed the whole thing on nigel, even thought Thug had believed Nigels side of the story. Nigel was dumfounded to why cherie would say something like this, for he had thought that she had gotten over this and wouldn't bring it up again(this had happened a year and a half ago). so he told her "i care about other people" while Fighter said "just drop it..". poor donna had enough and said "brb i can't handle this".(kinda pathetic i know.) and left. Nigel told her "its a game don't be so dramatic." for she was being very. Cherie pooed on Donna for this. cherie said "you need to beak so do" while fighter said "your one to talk." Nigel said "got. ppl don't realize that this is not real life". Notfighter said "who shouts heyyy when someone pooes on you?" Nigel asked fighter what, and while he was explaining cherie said "your giving me a migraine lord beak it". witch was utterly stupid, because HOW IN FU CKS NAME CAN YOU GET A MIGRAIN OVER A GAME?" ok that was a bit much. Nigel told her "cherie? this is a game, not real life, its not like someone is screaming at you". Cherie said "shhhh" to donna who in turn told cherie to "shut up". Nigel then went on saying "Crist, how can i give someone a head ache in real life over a game?" Fighter said "its not as simple" while Nigel said "when someone bothers me, i leave n take a break". Donna then randomly said "your as jerk lord". and fighter for some reason agreed and started pooping on him. Nigel yelled at him to stop it, but he wouldn't, even when Nigel fell off the building. Nigel flew away saying "what i do now??" while fighter mocked him saying "don't be so dramatic". Nigel said "I'm not" and flew off, for he was lucky to escape. Cherie then complained yet again saying "god he's made my head worse". Fighter then mocked Nigel again saying "its just a game not real life". Nigel said "she's the one being dramatic!!!!" refuring to cherie, who was still complaint about her "head ache". Fighter said "you are" while Nigel still insisted he wasn't. he then asked fighter how he was dramatic, while cherie said "beak it lord". Fighter repeated "don't be so dramatic" Nigel then said "she's the one saying she got a damed head ache over a f___ing game!!!!!". Dona then killed Nigel, who had one life anyways.     

When Nigel got back, he was a swan and tried going into a building, but Fighter killed him, for he had a hack that allowed him to get into the building as a robin. Nigel asked fighter to stop but he didn't saying "chill". Cherie said "1 that covers is none of your business" for some reason, while Fighter started repeating what Nigel had said earlier to mock him. Fighter said "chill" again while Nigel called him various swear words. Nigel said "i can't, your sh__ing on me!!!!!" Once Nigel got back after being killed, he was a starling, thinking that would be harder for fighter to killl. Fighter continued mocking saying "leave if your bothered" while Nigel said "dude fu__ off". Fighter then told Nigel "stop whining". Nigel told him "I'm not" "i m telling you" "to fu ck off". Fighter said "yes you are" Cherie the said "got he's making my flood boil n my migraine worse" witch was stupid because by now Nigel was leaving her alone and only arguing with fighter. Nigel yelled at her telling her to get over it, while not fighter pooed on him again.  

when Nigel got back after fighting killed him, fighter was saying "take your own advice nigel". Nigel said "i stopped???". Fgither pooed on him again, so nigel startd swearing at him. Fighter ended up killing Nigel yet again. so when Nigel went back, he decided to be a starling, for those were harder to kill then a seagull. he started telling fighter "f__ off" "you piece of ___". Nigel then decided to lag the game, for fighter was still kiling him. Nigel said "want me to lag the game? and kill you all? it will be your fault". fighter said "stop trolling and do it". so Nigel said "fine" and lagged the game. as soon as Nigel did this, Fighter used the counter code and stopped him.  

this went on for a while, Nigel would get pooed on by fighter, who wasn't stopping any time soon. Nigel eventually changed his name to "swanny" and went underground. after a while he got bored so he left.  

later on 

ft Cherie, Jeffiline, Notfighter(possibly gamerz???), fake clockwork,

later on that day Nigel found Cherie with someone named "Yandere Chan", who Nigel found out to be Jeffline later. there was also a no name, but Nigel didn't know him. as usual Nigel got into an argument with cherie. Nigel also wasn't sure if Yandere was on his side, or cherries. Yandere told him that she was still his friend. Cherie for some reason laughed at this. Nigel then decided that fighting with Cherie was just stupid, so he decided to apologize to her. he said "Cherie? i said I'm sorry. you can forgive me or you don't have to. but i am not fighting anymore. this is just stupid. you know". Cherie was telling Jeffline "jeff, its don't hate you, but this is between us". Not fighter then showed up and pooed on Nigel yet again. Cherie then told Nigel "no i aint this time". Nigel had heard this every time he did something wrong to her, so he said "you say that every time" "cause you don't care about anyone but yourself". fighter then killed him. 

when Nigel got back he said "ya never did anyways". about the forgiving. cherie said "yea yea…" while Jeff asked if Nigel could leave her out of the argument. Nigel then went on about how he had done everything for cherie, but she only treated him like s___. Cherie said "no you never" so Nigel told her "i did, for 3 f___ing years!" Notfighter said "Stop being so dramatic" mocking Nigel again, while nigel went on saying "you just don't even realize it! no suprize…". Fighter then said "its just a game" "get over it nigel or leave". Nigel said "you just don't care". Cherie the started lying about her and thugs break up saying "you tried splitting me and my mate up cuz i wouldn't be mates with you". Noname then started talking saying "nigel, you care about no body, cherie is a very caring person". Cherie thanked no name while Nigel said "i didn't try splitting you up???? i was trying to stop you from splitting up!!!". for he had been there and tried to stop all of it from happening after someone named "Pic" set Cherie and thug up. Not fighter started killing Nigel again, after he called cherie an "idiot". Nigel said "i was there" for he had been there throughout the hole break up but cherie still denied it saying "nope". Yander said "cherie is really not" while no name said "so why don't you just do one". Nigel then said "when you split up with thug i was there trying to help!!!!!!!!" Cherie then started saying "you but in on convo's that don't involve you". Noname then kept on saying that cherie was very caring and lovely. Not fighter then pooed on Nigel, killing him again.   

when Nigel got back he said "just stop!!!!!!" while fighter was telling everyone "damn he's dramatic". Nigel started to go crazy saying random things and speaking gibberish. Evevntually he calmed down and asked fighter to stop, but fighter gave him the same answer."chill nigel it just a game remember". Noname then said "Nigel you were not there to help you were there to gloat" which was not true. Nigel told Noname "i was helping them idiot!". Fighter then told Nigel "your a double faced idiot". Nigel didn't listen to this and went on about helping cherie saying "i tried to stop you from breaking up!!! when pic set you up!!!". Nigel then said "you didn't even realize it!". someone named clockwork, who nigel had already met earlier and told her to stop cloning his friend, came on. Nigel added "did you". Cherie said "nope" stupidly confirming that she never did realize. Nigel said "see??? you never even realized it!!!!" Noname said to Nigel "your just an idiot nigel, nobody lies you anymore". Nigel told the no name to "piss off" and said "you went even there!". Clockwork said "oh burn" for some reason. Fighter started telling nigel to "chill" again, so Nigel asked him how could he, for fighter was constantly killing him. fighter started saying "its a game" again. while Nigel asked again, Fighter said "if your "bothered" leave" mocking nigel for what he had told donna earlier. meanwhile non name said "you piss off idiot, just go and do one" to Yandere chan who was correcting his bad grammar. Nigel told fighter that he wasn't leaving and asked him to leave him alone. Yandere then said "your need grammar practice seriously you do" to someone. Fighter then said "isn't that what you were telling donna?" to try and mock Nigel, so Nigel told him "i was saying if she needed a break". Cherie then told Nigel "I'm done talking to you lord". Nigel ignored cherie and said "i didn't mean it that way…." while Noname told him "del you should leave no body like you your a horrible person Nigel". Fighter said "well I'm saying you need a break". Yander said "he's not leaving" to fighter, hoping she could get him to stop. Clockwork told Yandere "he is to". Nigel told them "your just trying to make me leave! for fun!" "i never did that to donna!!!" "did i?" trying to reason with them. Noname said "he needs a permanent break…." Fighter said "lmao true" while Nigel went on saying "i never wanted to make anyone leave" for he never had, he was only giving donna some advice. fighter was trying to make nigel leave for the fun of it. Nigel then said "i just want the game to be fair""for once".   

They then started arguing about being fair, Cherie telling Nigel "i saw what you did tonight". Nigel asked her what she meant. Noname said "you talk about fair. sure your not fair." Nigel asked "how am i not fair???" while Cherie told him "you but in on something that don't include you". Not fighter told Nigel "stop whining".  

after all of this, Nigel argues with Cherie and Not fighter for a while. they argued over who was right and who wasn't. Notfighter also refused to stop killing Nigel saying "cherie makes that decision". 

note : this will never be finished for i lost the rest of the script when my other computer broke down. the rest just was more arguing and what not, nothing exciting :|


the deal of 1 week. 

ft Cherie

On May 26 Nigel went to Cityscape 1, only to be killed by Fighter yet again. So he left there, and went to Industry 6, after seeing cherie leave the city. he doughted she would be there, but he decided to try anyways and to his suprize found her there. so he decided to apologize for what he did to her 2 days before. He told her "I'm sorry… for what i did yesterday…". to cherie. he then said "i get it. i was an a_hole. and stupid". Cherie, who had been AFK said "what?" so he said he was sorry again. Cherie didn't seem to ntice this and said "i just went to a loo". Nigel said "do you even know who i am?" thinking she didn't know who he was for he was using the name Felipe to hide from Fighter. She said she did know who he said, calling him by his old name "lord shen". Nigel then apologized to her, saying "i am sorry for being an a__hole, i did get way out of hand.. you should have to go through that…". he then added "or donna" for he had been mean to her too. Cherie said "hmmm". Nigel then said "you don't have to forgive me… but i am sorry. i won't do it again, and i will leave donna alone". Cherie said "I'm not forgiving you, but i won't kill you". Nigel then said he better leave for Fighter would probably be out looking for him again. he then told Cherie what Fighter had did to him at Hill5, thinking she didn't know, but she had some how found out. Nigel asked her "how is that fair???". Cherie told him "well, theres a saying". Nigel asked "what saying?" so he told him "if you can't take it don't give it, maybe you should bear that in mind". Nigel said "yea… i should have known not you be so stupid..". Just then a Noname came on while Nigel was saying "but fighter also needs to learn that." Cherie said "thats not down to me" but Nigel remembered what Fighter told him and said "he said he would only leave me alone if you said". Just then the Noname said "topaz: I'm gay" for some reason, to make seem like cherie was saying this. Nigel mocked him saying "you forgot the hearts" for cherie did have hearts in her name. Cherie got an idea and said " i'll give you a week on here with no batching or trouble from you, then i may decide to forgive you. deal?". Nigel said he agreed and said "deal" "so next thurseday". Cheri added "and tell fighter to leav you alone so thats the deal". She then said "1 week". Nigel agreed to this . Nigel then had to leave and said "well.. see ya.". Cherie said "see you". so Nigel left.    


a new problem. 

Flab3 shuts down for a week

ft Frost, Cherie's daughter,

through the next few days , Nigel talked with Frost again often meeting her in the mournings. He discussed Gamerz with her, for he was still upset with Nigel for some reason. He refused to talk to anyone, so it wasn't just Nigel who was taking the blame.                 

He also met Cherie's daughter and made friends with her, which cherie seemed to be ok with.                

But then on May 29 Flab3 stopped working. the first day the Servers said "0" people were there, only once or twice did one have someone in it. The next few days more and more people joined again but when you went into the server the people would leave the game all at once after a few seconds as though someone lagged the game. Nigel at first thought that this was hackers, possibly someone banned him again,after what happened between him and gamers it was possible, for Gamerz is a hacker. Fighter was also a hacker, and he was mad at Nigel too. .                

but then it turned out that almost everyone was effected by this. There was a report on it in the Flab3 news as well.

Report from the Flab3 news 

               The report : As of late may, there have been reports of the servers being down or not working. it only says "0" people. Even if there are people, they leave right after you join.                

so far 3 people have officially reported this happening to them.

One report was : Message on the 1st of June 2016 "It appears that as of a few days the multiplayer seems to be taken offline or to be glitched. When entering a room it either appears to be empty, or shows people for a few seconds before disconnecting. For as far as I can tell, this has happened to multiple players over the course of the last few days. If anyone else encounters this problem, leave a note in the list below so we can tell the developers about this problem, in the hope they are able to fix it." -An anonymous poster

Another person claimed: " Hey, I'm having the same problem as you are. The servers seem to be almost full but when I enter, there is not a single person in there." - random player

Nigel emailed Gamevial using the old Community things which still worked(amazingly) and said : i don't know if this thing even works anymore, but oh well. fly like a bird 3 is not working for some reason. all the servers say 0 or very few people. when i get on, if someone is there, they leave within 10 seconds. and its not just them leaving, its like the game lagged or something.   i think its happening to other people for some of my friends have not been seen since this started. anyways,  just so you know.  i have no idea if this even work anymore but it worth a try.

Someone named "James Flowerdew" answerd saying "It's working, you may have a dodgy connection to the internet."

After a few tries, Nigel couldnt convince Gamevial that it wasnt just his computer with the problem, so he started a list of people who had the problem.   

The page with the list: ok everyone, if you have been having this problem where the servers only say zero, or as soon as you join a server people leave, please let me know.

I have emailed Gamevial and they answered saying that they thought it was just my computer. but so far i know a few others have this problem as well.

i will update this when more is known.

but let me know if you have the problem

so far i think 3 people confirmed it.

i'll be sending this list to game vial if they still don't believe me.

UPDATE(june 2)

so far game vial hasn't answered me after i told them it wasn't just me. who knows why. but its still not working for me.


Gamevial still hasn't decided to respond so we still waiting. :/ i sent them another email.

add your name to the list

  • Nigel
  • Anonymous poster
  • whitebeard--pretty sure they messed it up while updating it.
  • Alphaundercat 

Nigel was planning on sending this list to Gamevial on June 4 , but ended up never doing so for Aplaundercat told him on the "GoFLAB3 wikia" that it had been fixed. Nigel went to check and found that it had been fixed

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