The return 

ft Noot, Random maaannn

On june 4 He went on and found a bunch of people had returned. but no one he knew had returned yet.  he found 2 people named "noot" and "random maannn" at a cityscape. He helped them with their nests and showed them the building glitch.   Someone named "emka" started pooping on Noot, and killed him and his nest. Noot was pissed off by this, so he refused to talk to people.  Nigel asked him to come and see him, for was underground at the time and wanted to show him the glitch but Noot didnt want to saying "im pissed off right now".  Noot and Random eventually left and Nigel found them at Snow 5. Random accidently pooed on Nigel causing him to kil random.  Noot asked Nigel to stop, so Nigel told him that Random started it. Nigel then refused to leave whe they asked him to.    Noot told Nigel it was a accident, but Nigel thought it wasnt. Noot said that he was with Random in real life, but Nigel didnt think this was true saying " you think i will fall for that?".

Eventually Nigel left them alone after arguing with them.  


The k word. 

ft Frost, winged, Cherie

Nigel had been at Cityscpae 1, where be met Frost again. She had the name "Juuzou Suzuya". Nigel handnt seen frost for a week, after the game stopped working. They went to Hillscape 5 together. Nigel asked her how she was and said "havnt seen you for a while. dam game stopped working". Frost said "good, how bout you?" Frost then said "I'm happy to see you again". Nigel asked her about the game, and if it didn't work for her. She asked him what he meant, so he told her about how the game haddent worked for a week. Nigel told her "it stopped working for a bunch of people" "why me not been on". Frost said "yup, i had the same problem. like everyone els." Nigel started telling her about emailing game vial, saying "they told me it was just me, so i made a list and sent it to them lol" "they shut up after that". Frost said "yeah, i read it on your wiki and what?" Nigel started telling her about the list again, seen as she didn't see what he had said. after explaining this he added "then they magically fixed the game" "never emailed me back though…." "to say fi they fix it". Frost said "after all… its great cuz the game prob is fixed". Nigel said "i hope" and explained how the game went on and off, for that morning it wasn't working, but the night before it had.  

Nigel thenasked her if she had seen Gamerz. Just as he was asking her she randomly left and Nigel yelled "not again!!!!!!!!!" for he thought the game wasn't working again. When he got back, after leaving to see if the game was still working, frost was there again. she was saying "damn xd". Nigel said "game just died". he then told her "check out city 1 lol 0 people". Frost said "mhm….. " to this. Nigel then told her "see what i mean? it go on n off". Frost then started talking about gamers, seen as that was what they had been talking about before the game crashed. she said she had, but never got to talk to him for the game had been lagging a lot. he also was still refusing to talk to her. She then mentioned that she had seen Silver and Shaddow the other day. Nigel asked "you did???". Frost said she would be right back, and left for a few minutes, while Nigel complained about landing in a tree, for he was having a hard time landing next to frost. he said "how hard is it to land in a dam tree?????  

While Nigel was waiting, a swan named "winged" came on. The swan was speaking Russian, and dint understand what Nigel was saying. Frost then returned, and Nigel welcomed her back. He told her "theres a russian swan" showing her Winged. For some reason frost wasn't answering, so he asked her if she was there or not. Winged then left, so Nigel said "well. by by russian swan" "lol". After waiting for frost to speak, she finally did and said "I talked with Silver and he told me not you use the word "k.i.l.l" i mean not the whole word. just like that "k.i.l.l" cuz its going to ban us if he say it without full stops." Nigel then was brb for a few minutes, and when he got back he said "what? kill?". as soon as he said this, frost departed. so he left and came back, thinking the game crashed again. When he got back to hill 5, Frost wasn't there, so he said "f__ dis game, dam". After waiting for a few minutes, frost returned, and nigel asked her "what were you saying???" "someone said no use killi word or something?". Nigel didn't realize what frost meant, and said the word "kill" again, so she departed yet again. once she got back she said "cuz you departed and it bought theres a prob with the game again". Nigel said "oh. you departed". Nigel then asked her "what was this about this word?" this time not using the actual word, for he knew by now what the had been saying before. frost answered saying "just silv told me like that. i don't want tot try cuz idk what will happen". Nigel asked her "what the word? you said before?". Nigel then stupidly said "kill or something?" and Frost departed yet again, for he used the word "kill". when she got back Nigel said "i say k i l l and you leave????". Frost said "hmmm?". Nigel then realized that the word "kill" for some reason had been blocked from use, but you could actually say much worse words then "kill". so he told frost "thats sad. you can say worse things then Ki ll." Frost said "you leaved too". Nigel then explained to frost that you could say various swear words, but not "kill". he then said "tf gamevial?"(the creators of the game, whom nigel often criticizes ). Frost said "yes, idk whats wrong with that. o.o " , and then left, because Nigel had said "kill" without realizing it. Once she was back, Nigel left and went to Snow 1 and tried out the "kill" glitch, and to his suprize it worked , causing the whole server to lag and everyone departed. Nigel went back to Hill5 and told Frost "lol, i said the word and it k ill everyone from snow 1" Nigel then said "what the f___ is wrong with this game? its retarded?". Frost didnt answer, so he said "ugh, now i have to be carful. lol".    

After this Nigel went on about how stupid game vial was, swearing and showing frost what you could and couldn't say. he then said "good job gamevial. you just one the stupid idiots award". He then realized something and tried using the invisible code with the word kill.(like this k<i></i>ill) and it worked. Frost didn't realize how he did it, and said "wtf???". he then said "kill" repeatedly and then in big letters. He then explained how he did it to frost. Nigel then told her he would email game vial(nicknamed "dumass's) that night and see what they said. Frost then asked if Nigel wanted to go to Cityscape 1, to see if anyone was there. So Nigel decided to go, seen as there wasn't much to do at Hill5.  

Thye then went to City 1 where they talked with a few friends. Cherie then came on and said that she had to leave soon. She then said she had been gone because she had been banned. Nigel told her that that wasn't the reason that the game wasn't working. He then explained about what happened, and also about emailing game vial. Cherie then had to leave for some reason.  

After talking with Cherie, he left.        


june 17 - Nigel's computer broke down

Nigels computer broke down so he left a message for everyone. he originally thought that gamer'z was behind it, but found out that he wasn't after they forgave each other. 

the message: 

i can't go on flab3 for a while for my computer broke down. i was on flab3 and i met Gamerz(ya... if its him... ___ him. ..........  ) and as i was talking to him my computer started going weird and won't turn on. when i go to turn my computer on the apple thing goes on(its a mac ) the screen but it never turn right on, it just stays like that. sometimes it got lines over the screen too.    

anyways, once i can get on again this will be updated again :)    

ah the joy of computers.... :|    

if you know any of my friends, please tell them this is why i am not updating this or going on flab3. and if you do see me on flab 3 then its a clone.    

thank you.    


The new day 

ft Donna, Gamerz, Viking, Silver,

On June 20 Nigel went to city 1 after taking a break from flab3 for a while. Donna was there as usual and trid to make him leave but he didn't. Gamerz then showed up and said hi to nigel and asked him how he was. Nigel was surprised by this for Gamerz had been mad at him a few weeks ago and haddnt talked to him since then. Nigel asked him to go to hill 5 but he couldn't for he(gamer) was poo fighting with someone named "viking". Nigel decided to leave, but just before he left he asked gamers "i thought you hate me?", for Gamerz had been mad at him for "taking advantage" a few weeks ago. Gamerz replied saying "new day". he then said "forget about what happened.".  Nigel didint know what do say to this, so he didnt say anything. Gamerz then said "we are friends again" apperently forgiving Nigel for what had happend between them a few weeks ago.  the two then forgave each other for what had happend a few weeks ago. Nigel then told Gamerz why he dissapeard for a few days.    After talking Nigel had to leave for a little while.  

When Nigel got back he met gamerz again. He ended up going to city7 with Gamerz and Gamer's friend Viking. They started poo fighting as seagulls after Gamerz sugested it.   Nigel said "if i am slow im sorry, im on my moms computer the keys are tiny dam".   Once they started poo fighting, Nigel saved Gamerz from viking, who was killing him,. Gamerz thanked Nigel then killed him. Donna and Silver then arived.   Nigel told Gamerz that he had to go soon, for he had to go to his "grandmas house for dinner". He then assured gamerz that he had 10 minuts.   Donna then for some reason started trying to kill nigel. this was probebly because she haddent forgvin him for what had happend a few weeks ago.  Viking told donna to stop, while Nigel told her "you have to be a seagull" for he had thought donna was only poo fighting. donna said "ok" and stopped.  

After talking and poo fighting for a little while, SIlver said "what you know about Flab4?". Nigel asked her "what?" "flab4?" but before silver could answer nigel was killed by Viking.   Once Nigel got back silver was saying "ya i gave them my idea....".  VIking started pooping on Nigel yet again. and Silver was saying "anything more?". Donna answerd silver for soem reson saying "no". Donna then said "it one big map". Nigel haddent seen what she had said before that for he was still poo fighting with Viking and Gamerz. Silver then said "you know it is coming sec 2016?". Nigel asked what she meant, and he went on saying "they have over 100 map and 50 birds".  Nige was going to ask SIlver what she was talking about, but just then Gamerz said he had to leave. Gamerz then left after saying "au revoir" to everyone.   SIlver started asking Donna "do you know what month it coming?" and donna answerd saying "no".   Nigel was then killed yet again by Viking.   

Once Nigel got back(it took a while for his computer was veeeerrryyy slow...) Silver was saying "lol nigel.... out of rio" to someone.  Nigel said "lol silver". SIlver said "well" so Nigel asked her "well?"  SIlver said "well well". Nigel said "i am back?".  SIlver said "never come back" for some reason".  Nigel flew over to the building that silver donna and viking were on and pooed on Viking saying "for s__ing on me".  Silver and donna started pooping on Nigel not realizing that Nigel was only getting back at Viking for poo fighting.  Nigel said "hey it was a poo fight".  Nigel then asked why they were pooping on him, for they wernt stopping. Silver said "cause your diot". Nigel asked "tf is diot?" SIlver then said "where is find...?"  SIlver then killing Nigel. WHen nigel got back SIlver asked "where you find the info?" for some reason. Nigel asked her what she meant, for he didnt get what she was saying. He also wonderd why everyone had just turned on him for some reason, for he saw that Donna, viking and Silver were all flying twords him to kill him. They wouldnt stop, so he decided to leave before it got out of hand. so He told them he would be back, and left.   


bothering the rabbit. 

ft Judy Hopps, Digital, Noname,

on june 23 Nigel had gone to see if anyone he knew was on but no one except Digital was.  so he headed to City 2 and met a few people. one of the people was someone named "judy hopps". there was also a no name who kept asking Nigel, Judy, and a few other people if they had something called "kik". Nigel told him he didn't and to stop asking people about it. Judy then started asking people if they had seen someone named "nick wild" and Nigel realised she was trying to role play from a movie(zootopia). Nigel told her he had seen someone named this somewhere els, but for some reason she didn't seem to care. Nigel started talking to the no name again, then left. 

Later, Nigel went to snowscape 1, seen as no one was on, and Judy Hopps showed up again. Nigel was bored so he started to annoy her. he told her "still looking for nicky?". Judy said "his name is nick." so Nigel told her "i know, but its cute :P". he then added "I'm sure you call him that". Nigel then went over to someone named "seetahdlva" who was standing on a building, but because of a glitch the building was invisible. Nigel was talking to her and Judy tried to kill him. so he said "you wanna die rabbit?". Nigel started killing her. Judy then tried to kill nigel again, but nigel was typing. Nigel mocked her for this, saying "i was typing, that was poor". Judy finally killed Nigel, so Nigel got an idea. he changed his name to "nick wild" and decided to see what judy would do. when Nigel got there he said "hi everyone, I'm looking for my girl friend". Judy, obviously realising who this "nick wild" really was, wouldn't speak to Nigel at all. Nigel told her "speak or i eat you!!!!!!!!!!". Judy for some reason then said "i was looking for you". this was the last thing she said. after a few minutes, nigel said "you know... rabbit do taste good......." and left.      


The liar? 

Ft Bantom chicken, Eagle chick, Cherie, Sunset, blackfire(ariana clone)

on june 24 in the morning Nigel was hanging out at snowscape 6 with someone named "bantomchicken". Bantomchicken was taking care of someone named eagle chick. Eagle chick was apperantly found by Bantom and adopted by him.  Bantom had first called nigel and "evil bird" but they were friends after talking a bit.   they got mad at each other again after Nigel pooed on eagle chick for calling him a girl. bantom was mad at nigel for this and wouldnt let him in the barn(i guess?) for this. they eventually forgave each other, after they started talking about different chickens. Bantom was telling Nigel about what types of chickens he had, so Nigel told him the ones he had.

After a little while cherie came on for some reason. Nigel was surprised to see her, and asked her what she was doing. she said "hi donna" for some reason. Nigel thought she was talking about the person named "sunset" who had been there the whole time. she then said "nvm" and left.

after this, Nigel and Bantom chicken were talking about there pets and eagle chick claimed to have a pet "bald eagle chick". a no name came on and started talking with them.

after this he left.

later that night Nigel was at snowscape 6 and got pooed on by an eagle (name forgotten). a no name randomly entered right when nigel pooped on the noname back, and started killing nigel. Nigel told the no name that the other bird started it, but the no name didn't seem to care for it said "dosnt matter b___". for some reason, the no name kept calling Nigel rude names, and tried to make him leave. Nigel asked the no name why he was going this, but it just said "cause of you b__". Nigel finally told the no name to leave, for Nigel had been there first(the no name had told nigel to "leave first"). so it did, surprisingly.     

after the no name had left, Blackfire came on. Nigel realised that she had been the no name, so he asked her if this was true and she said it was and laughed. Nigel asked her how she could do this, and that he thought they were friends. Black fire told him that they were never friends, and never would be. Nigel wasn't too surprised that black fire was acting like this, for the week before she was acting strange, not talking to him and acting like she didn't want him there. but he was upset that Blackfire had been lying to him the whole time that they were friends. Nigel asked her if they could just stop fighting, and told her that there was no point in being enemies but she refused. so nigel told her to "think about what she did before she got herself into real trouble". Nigel then left her there without saying anything els.  


Hide and Seek / the confusing hour.  

ft Frost, Oneshotkiller(angryswan, known as "angry bird" at the time. at the time it was thought it was Polska but it turned out not to be),Nutral, Gamerz, Female macaw, Digital, Donna, Mr mercedes, 

On June 26

in the mourning, Nigel met Frost again at cityscape 1. She had thought he was a clone, but found out that she was wrong about this. Nigel started telling her about how he and Gamerz were friends again. she said that that was good.  they went to hillscape 5, seen as people kept pooping on them, and it was hard to talk in city 1.  when they got to hill5, Nigel started complaining about how his computer broke down. he told her he was on his moms computer.   Frost asked Nigel if he had seen levi, but he haddent, saying "nope, havnt seen him for days now.".  Levi and Eren never returned after the game had problems(not letting anyone play for a week), so Nigel just assumed that they had left.  Frost said "ok thanks".  Nigel then was brb for a few minuts.  

when he got back he said "back, sorry, there was a weird noise all mourning". Frost said "noise? like what?". Nigel answerd saying "its like an air plane or a boat, but constant." Nigel then told her a bit more saying that it wasnt constant, but went on and off. he also thought it was weird because the noise only happend on cloudy days.  Unfortunatly, someone named "oneshotkiller" who had been seen by nigel at city 1 earlier, came on and started causeing trouble. he killed Nigel, and started arguing with frost.  Frost asked if they could go and fight at city 7, for she did need some practis. so they went to cityscape 7, and Nigel went in a building so that Oneshotkiller couldnt kill him. Frost started killing oneshot and Nigel laughed saying "get em frost!".  Oneshot left and came back, but Nigel didnt think anything of this. Oneshot said "hahahha" and Nigel said "wait it talks...?" not realizing that Oneshot was a swan. One shot got into the building at started killing Nigel.  Nigel said "frost, save me!!!!", but oneshot was to quick and killed nigel before he could get away.

when Nigel got back Oneshot asked "noname?"(nigel was a noname at the time, his idea to get away from oneshot). Nigel said "and?".  so Oneshot went on saying "do you have a.... stick o_o".    Frost said "omg its that person!" seeming to reconize oneshot. Nigel asked her who, and she said "angrybird". Nigel said "frost? you know who that is?" frost said "no, and i dont want to know...".  Nigel said "i bet its angryswan... you said its angrybird right?". nigel thought it was angry, for angryswan used angry infront of most of his name such as "angryswan, angryeagle and angrybird". Frost said "now i think its polska....". Polskawarrior was another annoying person, apperantly told by ariana to harass anyone he met.  Nigel then realized that Oneshot was like polska, for he said "hahaha xd" alot. Polska did this alot too.   so nigel said "your right.. it does the hahahah xd crap". Oneshot said "i poke you with my stick o_o".  Nigel then had to leave, and told frost "sorry i have to leave you with that..that thing.  bye".  he then left. 


female eagle changed from eaglequeen. asking for a mate lol. nigel killed her and say "wanna bet if she will come back with a new name?"  they keep killin her lol

later on  Nigel met Gamerz at Cityscape 1. the two headed to hill5, and met someone namd "nutral". Nutral turned out to be someone named "virus", someone nigel had herd of over time.  Nutral claimed that he had heard of Nigel from the wikia.  Nutral started asking Gamerz if he could join a group. Nigel alsked what this group was but never got an answer.   They then ended up trying to find Nigel, who was a noname, after he asked gamerz to try and find him for he was bored.  He hid in one of his favorite spots that Gamerz didnt know about.  the two started looking for him, and Nigel asked "find me yet?".  Gamer said no, so Nigel said "i give you a clue." "i am in a hillscape".  Gamerz said "well thnx e.e" and Nigel said "your very welcome!".  Nutral said "such a hint".  gamerz then asked nigel "give me a real hint".   Nigel then had to brb for a minut. 

When he got back Gamerz said "wena". Nigel asked "wena?" and Gamerz corected him self saying "weba"(a short way of saying "welcome back"). Nigel laughed at him.   gamerz then started looking for Nigel again, Nigel saying "want a hint?". Gamerz said he did, so Nigel said "ok then, im in a tree".  Nutral, for soem reason, asked "are you in the field?" so Nigel told him "i said in a tree".   Gamerz hen found Nigel and said "boooo".  Nigel asked how so Gamerz said "magic!". this just earned him a -_- face from Nigel.  Nigel then left and changed to a ringneck, and hid yet again. when he got back Nutral was saying "i listen to my music so i cant hear noises".  Nigel said "find me now".  Gamerz said "hint?" so Nigel said "a tree".  so Nutral headed to the field again and gamerz searched the trees. Someone named "female macaw", who had been there earlier and Nigel and Gamerz had killed her, said "i got the baddest computer in the world". No one listend to her.    Gamerz asked Nigel "am i close?" and Nigel said no. Nutral asked "are you moving from tree on tree?" so Nigel said no. Nutral asked "really?" so Nigel said "no" no realizing what he had said. he then corrected himself saying "i mean yes really".   gamerz then said "i came close, i cam smell it".  Nigel realized what he said and said "wait, you mean i smell??". they laughed at this.  gamerz said "no, as in sense of smell".   Nutral said "i am very close now" which he was, so Nigel said yes.  Niel was holding his breath, for gamerz and nut were just over in the other tree right next to his. but even then they still didnt see him.  they kept flying past him and not realizing he was right there. Nigel said "your right near me dum dum". so Gamerz said "your camaflage". Gamerz then flew right over Nigel, so Nigel mocked him saying "you flew right by me lol". gamerz then found him, so Nigel decided to try a different bird 

 he decided to try and hide as a pigeon seen as they would blend in with the rocks on the hill.  when he got back he said  "let me find a place, dont look k?".  Nutral said "he's a pigeon".  Gamerz told him not to look, so nutral told him "i cant see myself its so dark".  Nigel chose his hiding place behind one of the rocks and told them he was ready, so they asked him for a hint, but Nigel said no hint for that would give his hidinh place away to easily.  Nigel was talking away, when he turned around and found both Gamerz and Nutral were right there behind him. he said "f__ you -.-" Gamerz asked "you got scared Nigel?" so Nigel said "no".   Nigel then went and changed birds to hide again. he became a robin and hid in the house(the things you can fly up on but its really hard to do). Nutral asked for a hint, so Nigel said "no, to easy".   Gamerz went to search the river, and Nutral looked in the trees.  Female macaw kept flying by Nigel, so he pooed on her, afriad that she would give hsi hiding place away.   Nutral said "i will find you." so Nigel said "good luck".   Female went near nigel again, so he pooed on her. Nutral said "you". Nigel said "me?".  After this they found him, and then Nigel had to go.  he told them to wait for 20 minuts for he had to do "homework" and left.    

 when he got back, he went to city 1, seen as Gamerz told him to meet him there. Gamerz was there, so they talked a bit and Nigel watched him poo fighting. so Nigel joined in and killed Gamerz, much to his suprize for Nigel was a seagull and gamerz was a starling. Nigel mocked Gamerz for this.   Digial said he couldnt kill her for she was a robin, so he flew over to her(she was sitting on a building with nazli and a few others) and pooed on her.  SHe started chasing him and killing him for fun, with a few other friends.   Blackcatzcl was also there and kept sating she had to leave, just for attention. but no one listend to her.    she decided to start killing Nigel for fun, and when he asked her why she was doing it she said "cause i dont like you". Nigel told her to get over it.    He then left, seen as she had ruined a nice time and he didnt want to get into another fight with her. 

He headed to Industry 6, where someone named "Mr. mercedes" was.  he asked her "have you seen levi?" Nigel asked "eren?" for he thought that mercedes was possible him. Mercedes repeated what he had asked, so Nigel said "not in weeks".  Mercedes asked "wy havnt you seen him for weeks?", so Nigel said "idk why".  Nigel then asked "who are you?" so Mercedes said "i dont wish to say".  Nigel said "im nigel" incase Mercedes couldnt read his name, but Mercedes knew his name already.  Nigel asked "why are you looking for Levi?", so Mercedes said "reasons".  Nigel asked "are you ryuik?" for that was the kind of name Ruik might have used, and she did like Levi and often wanted to see him. Mercedes said "i wish not to say."  so Nigel said "well then.. im leaving.. bye" and left. 

the confusing hour 

ft ruis, frost, mew(ace), king, donna, noname2(angry swan), marcelpl,blackfire,

later that day Nigel met Ruis and frost at city 1. thye headed to hill 5 and ruis asked "your computer works again?" for Nigel had told everyone that his computer broke down.  Nigel told her "im on me moms :| ". Frost asked "Nigel, have you seen Eren around?".  Nigel was talking to ruis and didnt see what she said so she asked "eh nigel?" "have you?". Nigel asked "have i what?" so she asked the question again. Nigel said "nope, they dissapeard" refuring to Levi and Eren. the two had seemingly dissapeard after flab3 wasnt working for a week. they never returned.  Frost said "well levi is in in6". Nigel was saying "after the game was having problems they....   the f___?" when he saw what frost had said so he went to go see after frost said "hes waiting for eren".  Nigel got to in6 where a ton of people were so he told everyone to go to hillscape5.  Nigel went back and someone named "mew" and "king" joind. once everyone was at hill5  nigel asked someone named mew if he was Levi. Mew said "nigel xd". so Nigel asked "are you?????".  someone named suzoya said "hey mew".   Mew told Nigel "its your old friend". Nigel started guessing while Mew said "name begines with an a and ends in e".  Nigel asked "ace?" and it turned out it was ace.   

Donna then randomly showed up and asked Nigel if she could talk to him.  He said yes so she started saying "sorry for pooing on you and all.....".  Someone named "noname2" started yelling "nigels a girl!!!!!" for some reason. so Nigel asked "wtf?".  Noname2 then said "ur a girl?" so Nigel said no. Noname2 asked "you have a branch or a tree?" so Nigel told him to "shut the hell up" for he knew that Noname2 was being rude.   Ace(mew) asked Nigel  "remember the last time i saw you?"  Nigel said "yes".  Noname2 asked "branch or tree?" again so ace said "shut up its getting annoying...".     


Donna then said "its over nigel. sorrry for pooping on you, i wont ever again." so Nigel said "its fine donna, i deserved it".  Donna said "no you didnt, not all the time".  after the two apoligized to each other, Polska warrior came on. King yelled "NUUUUUUU ITS THE POLSKA!!!" right after he enterd.  Polska then started kiling people and causing problems as he ususally did.  Gamerz asked Ace "wait your not vent?". Before ace could answere Noname2 said "ace n dishpan".  ce told Gamerz, "im living with vent and pop".  Polska started pooping on nigel while noname2 said "tell him to make a video of you".   Ace then left for some reason so Nigel asked gamerz where he went. gamerz said he didnt know.      ace then came back, renamed "banditofplayers".  for some reason he said "go to hell dish".       

Nigel, ace and gamerz then left and went to hillscape 4. once there, Noname2 said "stop there you bish!!!!!!"  to no one inperticuler.   Ace then had to go for a few minuts for he had to "go to the market".  Gamerz had left to, so Nigel was left with Noname2 who started asking innapropreit things.  someone named "Marcelpl" came on so Nigel asked him to save him from nn2. Noname2 said "my brother nn1 asked......" while Nigel went on saying "save me from this thing".   Nigel then left to go and look for anyone who was still on.

Nigel saw that there was someone at hill5, so he went there, but just ashe entered, ruis left. Nigel said "perfect timing eh?" and left, but just as he left ruis came back. so Nigel went back and found she was still there.   He said hi to her so she said "heijisan", her was of greeting people.  Noname had found them there and said "herrow nigellllll" for some reason.  Nigel didnt even answer to this.    Noname then said "wheres cyyyy6?".  Frost then got back, so nigel mockingly said "long time no see".  Frost said "yeah you missed me me friend".   Nigel said "im being stupid by the way".  Frost asked "lol everythings all right nigel?" so he said yes.  he then said "it was just so random what happend a few minuts ago. ace returning. everyone coming to hill5. just..soooo..random....." frost said "ikr". Nigel said "welcome to flab3 :| " Frost said "a good day for you".    Nigel then said "well, now i have to wait for ace to come back."  Frost and Ruis said that they didnt remember ace so Nigel told them   "ace is the guy who cheated on 26 girl friends n cut himself :|".  RUis said "wow....." while frost said "what the hell...".  Ruis said "sounds like tropical". so Nigel asked "tropical????" for Springtrap (his gf) had used that name alot.   he then asked "tropicals a girl????" Frost said "i think i remember her". Nigel said "wait, how long ago was this?". Ruis said "his first name wasnt tropical". "i dont remember his others".   Nigel asked if springtrap was another name of this "tropical" but luckily it wasnt.  Ruis said"his other name was like this zootopis".  so Nigel said "oh.. i dont know him then".  Ruis said "always when i see him he has a new girlfriend o.o". so Nigel said "or his gf change names alot?".  Frost said "i dont have that luck with bfs". so Nigel said "i never get gfs. im still stuck with that springcrap idiot :|".  

no one spoke for atleast 2 minuts after this. a very loooong 2 minuts.   Frost finally boroke the silence saying "oh favorite silence........"  Nigel went on about spring again saying "havnt seen spring for a whole month now.  new record for her".  Ruis said she had seen her, but nigel told her it was a clone.  Frost then thought that she had to leave, but it turned out she didn't. she said "wait, maybe i can stay for a few minutes". Ruis said "what a luck". Nigel said "yay!!!!!". Nigel said "so what now :|. Frost for some reason said "I'm so happy today", then asking nigel "so what you want to do nigel?". Nigel asked her "is Ruis dead?" for she wasn't moving or saying anything, and she hadn't said brb or anything. Frost said "or her chat?". Nigel decided to wake Ruis up so he said "*slaps Ruis* stop sleeping!". Ruis left right after this so Nigel said "yup, she died.". Frost only did a o,o face to this. Ruis then came back, so Nigel said "omg its a ghost!!!!", Ruis didn't know what the heck he was talking about so she asked what this was about Nigel told her "never mind". he then turned to frost and said "um.. was frosts idea not me ^^". Frost said "ah you...xd".

after this there was a very long amount of silence. Nigel said "uh....." so frost broke it saying "again....". Ruis said "yup". Ruis and Frost were then just standing staring at nigel, so he said "i feel like you two are all of a sudden going to jump up and kill me or something". he then said "you just.. staring at me". Frost said "idk bout ruis......" Nigel didn't know what she meant so he said "uh......". after this Nigel said he was bored, and Ruis said the same. Frost said "oh well" "and I'm the only one that never gets bored". "so weird". Nigel then had to leave to go to his "grandmas house for dinner again". he added "woo hoo" sarcastically to this and left.  

later on that evening Nigel met Ruis again and a nonane. Noname  

igelw as hanging out with rues, and a nonane(the one who keeps asking about "kik") . nonane 2 came on and nigel knew that he was trouble. so he scared Noname 2 away with a chat code(the one that spams the entire chat, his said "leave or your computer will be backed in 10 seconds). it worked and noname2 left, and hasn't been seen since. Ruis said that was mean, so Nigel explained to her what noname 2 had done to him.  

Blackfire then came on named "touka chan" and Nigel found out that the "blackfire" from a few days ago was actually ariana. Nigel said "and i fell for it"*slaps self* to this.  


the new glitch

ft Ryuik, Gamerz,

New glitch!!!!!!-1-1
New glitch!!!!!!-1-1

on june 28 Nigel(named felipe) met Ryuik and Gamerz at industry 4. he talked with them a bit, and after a while he was bored. he started flying at the red thing(the reed cylinder things) for no apparent reason, and surprisingly he go inside it, discovering a new glitch. Meenwhile Ryuik said that she was leaving to"play a new game". gamers went over to Nigel to see this "new glitch" and tried to do it. (you had to be a macaw). Nigel sat and watched. After this Nigel and Gamerz started poo fighting as macaws for fun.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 5.42.20 PM



ft Levis, Donna,

Nigel meets Levi's clone and Donna discusses how much she loves ryuik.

on june 29 Nigel(named felipe again(i get bored of just nigel all the time-_-)) went to cityscape 1 and met someone named "Levi's".  Nigel didnt realize that his name was Levi's and not Levi, and made levis go to hill5. at hill 5 he told Levis to stop using Levi's name for it was confusing. Levis proved to be annoying, for h acted as though he didnt know who Levi was.   

Donna then came on for some reason. Nigel asked "donna?" "tf you doing here?" for it was rare to see donna away from city 1.  Donna asked "have you seen lizzie?", so Nigel said that he had seen her yesterday.(lizzie is Ryuik).  Nigel told her where and when he saw her and all that.    After this donna said "i plan on getting banned" for soem reason.  Nigel said "you cant get banned", so donn told him "i can".  Nigel asked her how, so she said "i cant have a friend with lizzie here".(yup, here we go again.......o_o). Nigel had to brb for a minut, so donna said "it 11:30 i dont have all night".  when Nigel got back he asked "how come you hate lizzie?" while donna was going on about getting banned. donna said "she try to split me and tim up".  Nigel said "there is no way to be "banned"", and then saw what donna said and said "she did???". he said "who?" "lizzie?", so donna said "i hate lizzie".  Nigel asked "wait, is lizzie ryuik?". it tuned out that this was Ryuik they were talking about so Nigel said "ya, she's weird..." "she tried to ___ me a few days ago".  Donna said "she told me to screw tim". Nigel added "she was dating Levi" "and made him cheat".   Levis, who had been throwing rude comments and being annoying the whole time  then randomly left. Nigel asked "wheres fake levi go?".  Levis then came back.    for some reason donna wasnt saying anyhting, so Nigel said "you there?" "donna?" "hello".  Levis started saying "i had to rename???".  Nigel not understanding what Levis was asking asked him what, so Levis repeated what he said. Nigel said "i dont know" so Levis said "haha your friend clone".  Levis then killed Nigel.     

when Nigel got back  he tried  to kill Levis and said "peice o crap".  after killing levis he said "ha! take dat!!!!".  Donna then talked again, saying that her pet lizzard had gotten away.  she had a leopard gecko. as Nigel and donna were talking abotu there different pets, Levis said "felipe, talk to me me clone donna". Donna asked Levis "you viking or not?" for donna had suspected that that was who levis was. Nigel said "it probably ariana or angry i bet....". Donna said "just making sure" after levis said that he was viking, but Nigel didn't think it was so he told donna this. donna said "whats my Facebook name?" to levis, to see if he could prove that he was viking. Nigel asked "you have Facebook?" for he didn't know this. Levis killed him, and when he got back he asked donna what her Facebook name was. she said it was "Donna barber".   

after levis killed nigel again, he decided to be a no name. when he got back to hill5 he said "kill meh now" to levis. donna said "do you still hate" for some reason so nigel asked what she meant. levis said "did you never see the name levis". Donna answers saying "yes but a year ago". Nigel said "levi was just around last month". Donna said "i haven't seen it" so nigel told her "its a he, not an it". Nigel then told her "for an "it" see ariana :)". Donna then asked nigel "do you talk to lizzie?". nigel said "me? yes" "i see her every now and then, why?". donna said "i don't want to see her she lies". Levis then asked donna "you seeing levis any time". donna said "not for ages". Nigel was then brb for a minute and Levis asked him "listen felipe. do i have change your name by donna?" donna said "go back to shotgun....." to levis for she was getting tired of him. levis said "ill often here". Nigel said "kill it". Levis said "me change back change name". Nigel asked "does it speak english?". donna asked "who" who nigel said "it". donna then said "english hard to speak".

after this nigel had to go.


The banning of Giggetygoo 

Nigel finally had enough of Symon Joe.

Nigel was also a member of the Society of savers groupd that rain had made. he had been keeping track of Giggety, who had also joined, and decided to ban him after he had been causing trouble on Flab3. 

on june 30 he said : just a warning. that gigetygoo guy is a bit of an   __hole. i met him on FLab3 a few weeks ago and he was killing people and being very rude. he was also breaking the rules and seemed oblivious to it.  his other names are blasen and symonjoe i think.     and no it wasn't a clone.   just thought you should know.. keep an eye on him.

the new leader of SoS Miasos replied : Thank you so much nigel you are being a very good sos member! I will definitely take what you said in mind and maybe even kick him out of sos if he keeps it up!

Nigel then replied and said:  i met giggety a few days ago and he said he had left? idk if he has or not but he told me he used to be a part of this.

Then on August 5 Nigel said "well, i met him a few days ago and he said he had left the SoS and was laughing about it as though it were hilarious, he now has the name Polergiest.

During all of this, Nigel was made the new leader of the SOS. 

Mia responded saying: okay, well that is good to know that now that you are leader. I hope he dosnt cause trouble for the SoS". 

Later on (august 5) Nigel asked rain (named snarp on the sos): is there any way to ban a user on here who breaks the rules.  that idiot gigetygoo  was saying he left the sos and was laughing about it as though it were hilarious.  he's also been killing people and blamed me for nothing    so. if theres any way. please do let me know.

Rain got back to nigel on august 6 and said : Don't worry, he's been warned at a high level. Tell him this and if he continues doing this he will be banned forever from the website AND SOS

(august 7) nigel said : he has left. i don't think he will be reading this any time soon. so should i just go ahead n ban him?plus i caught the ____ cheating on 2 people today. ban him? don't need that c__ coming on the sos website. if he does decide to come back.

so on august 9 Rain made a poll on weather or not they should ban Giggety. she said on the poll " Giggetygoo has been killing users, cussing, and laughing about it, Nigel has reported.

Therefore we have banned him permanently. 

Do you agree with this decision? 

Nigel told her: just ban him.  reasons: 

he has killed people. 

blamed me for something a clone did cause he was too stupid to tell the difference. 

cheated on 2 people in one day. 

his name is just wrong.(dont look it up :|)


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