ft Angryswan, Ace, Gamerz, Thronfox,

on july 1  

Nigel(named felipe) met Ace again at cityscape 7. together they went to hill5 after 2 ringnecks killed them. someone named "someone" followed them there. ace asked who it was, so it said "im.. someone (o_o). Nigel reconized the way it was acting so he said "which one are you....?". he then listen a bunch of names including ariana and angry swan. Someone said "...felope?" so nigel said "angry it is!". ace said "that whore". Nigel started killing someone and laughing at it. someone said "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" and flew away. someone said "you bish"   and then said "felope wake uuupppppp". nigel said "its felipe". someone named "thorn fox" was watching all of this, so Nigel told him "welcome to flab3". Nigel accidentally called him "horn fox" for he couldn't see the t in his name. thorn said "its thorn" so nigel said "looks like horn.". Someone then left and changed its name to "notsomeone"(....why......just..whyyyyyyy). Thorn said "at first i thought you called me "hornyfox" "some call me that". not someone laughed at this. Thornfox then left so Nigel said to ace "it does look like horn, don't it?". ace for some reason said "son of a b___" and pooed on nigel then left. Nigel asked "wtf??" when ace got back. ace said "burn in hell you s___" so nigel asked "wtf.. me??". Ace said "no, angry the b__".someone named "courtey" then came on and started looking for a boy. ace was brb for a minute.  

after a few minutes gamers came on so Nigel said hiiiiii to him. Ace said "holey f__" while nigel asked gamers "arnt you happy to see me?" for gamers wasn't saying much. Gamerz said he was happy to see him while thorn fox, who had came back, said "uhg my mind is blowing up". Gamerz said "i just came back from town I'm tired". "i fainted today". Nigel asked why, but was interrupted by someone who was "go r___pe someone horn fox". Gamerz said "yea i fell on the concrete". ace for some reason said "I'm a loner". while courtney said "i think its a girl"(she was talking about someone). nigel told her "its an it, not a girl". Gamerz said "someone is a she male". courtney said "don't believe". Someone then randomly said "felope has no parts.... i checked". ace said "dafuq?" while nigel said "weird people...". ace said "r__pist go burn your family you don't deserve to live". Someone started repeating what he had said so nigel said "can you not shut up?". ace said "after all your a no body, your name says it". ace then said "go die, leave and burn". Nigel said "i agree with ace". Nigel then asked ace "wanna kill it and hang it?". Ace started killing someone, while nigel cheered him on saying "kill it hahahahahah". after killign someone, they left to hill4 to get away from it. they changed there names, but unfortunately someone got there first and said "i saw you speak >:o". someone then pooed on nigel and said "accident sorry" so nigel said "shut it liar". someone asked "which one is hornyfox?" so nigel, now named "bob" , said "non of them". ace had named himself "mew" and thorn had named himself "adeline". after someone crashed, they fled to hill 7. one of them was named "invisible bird" and thorn was named "mourning". ace named himself "player of bandits" so nigel told him to change it for someone would easily reconize it. Nigel then said "if it come act like you can't speak english k?". they then found out that someone was there already, named "invisible bird". after a little while of arguing with someone, nigel had to leave.     



ft ringneck family, Frost, ace, silver, chibi(angryswan.?),easterling, Dj, Ariana

on july 2 Nigel met frost after he had been harassing a ringneck family at snow 1. they headed to hills cape 5 together. nigel said "god dam i hate those ring necks". frost said "o.o, what go on?" so Nigel explaind to her what happened. he said "rignnecks tried to kill me" "they wanted me gone". Nigel then said "anyways, how are you?" . frost answers saying "good, you?". nigel told her he was good. frost said "so boring all day". nigel told her "i went out in my boat, and went for a swim". frost said "I'm happy cuz i met an old friend". nigel asked who she had met, so she said "darknightslayer". Nigel told her that he didn't know dakrnightslayer, after frost asked him if he did, but he had heard of the name before. Nigel and frost then started discussing there moms. ngiel said his mom was to nosey. frost said hers wasn't as bad. Nigel said "You lucky, my mom acts as though I'm on a dating site or something". frost said "well, parents, you know there curios to know what you doing". frost then said "i feel happy somehow". nigel went on saying "my mom is so dum that she really believes that im on flab3 single player the entire 2 hours im on the computer" he then added "I'm not 5". he then went on saying how she didn't know about the flab3 wiki and all of that. frost asked what he would do if she found out one day, so he told her he would make up a lie about it. frost asked "and she believes you about this?" so he said "i don't know". "she dosnt know i go on multi player flab3". nigel then added "if i tell her I'm chatting with people she would say don't cause they can kill you". Frost said that her mom wondered why she still played saying "parents logic -.-". Nigel said "my mom won't ever tell people her name". Nigel then said "one time someone asked her her name on one of her games so she stopped playing the whole game". frost asked "what if someone asked her her name?" so ngiel said "read what i said". Frost asked what games she was playing so he said "some quiz crap or something". he then said "like knowing ur name is going to help someone murder you? ". Frost said "so mysterious mother....". Nigel then said "those dam trees, they keep crashing into us, don't they?" after frost crashed into one. Frost said "I'm trying to fly fast". Nigel said "dey need to watch were dey going!". Frost said "the trees rant moving" so Nigel said "thats the point of the joke". 

 someone named "lone wolf" then came on and said "guess who i am?". Nigel guessed ace, and he was right so he said "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" "how r ya?". ace said he was horrible for some reason, so nigel asked "what happened this time?". ace said "i thought i got banned.. from a person who knows us...".  Nigel asked who, so ace said "#noname#".   Nigel asked "noname?" so ace said "yea". Nigel said "i knew him?".  Nigel then said "brb something hit my window" and left for a minute.  

when he got back he said "another dam morning dove >:(" so ace said "damn those doves". nigel said "they so stupid". silver then came on, so nigel told her who he was. silver asked who "ace" was so nigel said "ace. the guy who cheats on people(no offence ace)". ace said "non taken". silver then talked about her gf a bit. Ace then randomly said "...pop died...". silver said "you will see what will happen to you". nigel then saw what ace said and said "wtf ace????". ace said "she died yesterday... by suicide..". silver said "Are you kidding me?" "she is talking to me right now". frost asked "who did?". ace said"she dosnt even know you" to silver. Nigel told frost that it was "popular girl" who died. silver said "ok i got it wrong". Frost said "that bad". silver asked "who is died?" so they told her "popular girl". ace then said "and now I'm suicidal again". frost asked "why she do it?". ace said "she had a note beside her." so nigel asked him what it said. there was then silence, for no one spoke. frost said "silence...." while nigel said "i think ace died..". ace then read the note to everyone, so nigel said "damn that harsh...". frost said o.o then "idk". fros then said "idk._.". Nigel asked ace "did you call the police and whatnot?" so ace told him he did. nigel asked if it was in the news, but it wasn't. silver said "god thats horrible" while nigel said "terrible". ace told then "she bathe in kerosene with glass and she lit herself...". frost said "and all that cuz of a person that hurt her".  

everyone waited while nigel left to talk to ace.  

when he got there he asked ace "you not going to.. kill yourself.. are you?". ace said "yes" so nigel said "i can't watch you kill yourself again". he then said "ace don't please...". ace said "she died...." so ngiel said "but.. it dosnt mean you have to die too...". ace said "she said that herself so i won't...". Nigel asked ace "what will you do now? in real?". Ace said "i dunno, she worked at a dummy place, you know where they build things that look like people.. the ones she did looked so real...". Nigel asked ace "do you work anywhere? but ace said he didn't. he also said that he lived in an apartment, but was going to move in with pops brother. Nigel asked if there were any jobs where ace lived, but there wasn't. Nigel asked him where he lived, but didn't get an answer. finally ace said "north america".    

someone named "chibi" then came on and said "lol wtf" and left. Nigel decided that they better head back to hills cape 5, so they did. once they got to hill 5 nigel told them he would brb and went to hill6, for he saw that there were people there. the two birds named easterling and dj killed him as soon as he got there. so back to hill5 he went. when he got there, ace was saying "i ship those 2 btw". Nigel said "wtf e.e" to this. ace told nigel "legin" for some reason so nigel asked him what he meant. ace then spoke a weird language and left. Nigel asked "where he go?? he just left???". ace then came back and told nigel to look up "legin" so he did, and when he got back he said "all it have me was a bunch of women's pants? ty ace e.e". ace laughed at this and said "no i meant look up nigel backwards". Nigel said "yay, so my name means wemons pants backwards". ace said "it does?" so nigel told him to go look it up. once ace left to look up "legin" nigel said "rip ace". Nigel then asked where frost was, for she had randomly left, but silver wouldn't answer so nigel just said "ok den they both gone". ace got back and said "nothing came up for me", so nigel told him to look in images. ace said he couldn't for it would lag seen as his apartment wifi sucked. ace asked if they should go to another server, but nigel decided they should stay. everyone els had left. Ace then said "I'm used to seeing you as a seagull", for nigel was a macaw right now(he had the name felipe). Nigel said "I'm being lazy, didn't want to get my fancy name". Nige then decided to get it, so he left for a minute.    

when he got back he said "de seagull is back!". ace said that he needed to leave soon, and then said "you haven't changed... wow. has it been 2 years since my "suicide"?". Nigel said "1 and a half, it was in april i think". Ace said "I'm scared of that guy though... he said he stalks me". Nigel asked "what guy?". ace told him the "no name guy". Nigel asked if it was angry or ariana, so ace told him that she name said "no name". Nigel said "ooooh, noname2?" Ace replied saying "no, just no name". Nigel asked what it acted like, so ace told him it was "surprised at everything". nigel asked if it said ">:o" a lot, for that would mean it was angry swan. it didn't, so nigel asked what ace meant by "surprised". ae said " /;^), it put a ! at everything". nigel asked "it did that face?" but ace said that that was his face, an original. ace then commented on how nigel typed very fast. Nigel asked if the no name thing said anything els, but ace had to brb for a few minutes.   ace got back, while nigel was complaining how bad his typing was. Ace then had to go after this, so nigel headed to cityscape 6.    

at city 6 he found easterling and dj, the two birds from the hills cape earlier. they had killed him there. Nigel said hi to them, but he got no answer. dj was saying to easterling "no wait". Nigel went over to them and saw that they were doing the underground glitch. nigel laughed at them saying "ahahaha you do the swan glitch" "i know that one". dj tried to kill him for some reason, so he yelled at him and killed him. when dj got back he said "why kill me???". dj ignored nigel and said to eatserling "you remember the place before this?". easter asked what place he was talking about, so dj just said "find me" and left. Nigel told eatserling "he's at hill 6 you know". Nigel found dj at island 7, and said "i mean no harm i promos". dj said "i don't like no names" but nigel wasn't a no name. dj then left. Nigel went to snowscape 6, and to his surprise he found ace there. ace said that he forgot to tell him something. ace said he would be on later and left. Ariana then came on named "gamers" and started trying to kill nigel.     


ft Lea°,Breeze,
Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 7-1.37.17 PM

Later on that evening, Nigel met someone named "lea°". he was talking to her and her friend breeze about there pet birds. lea° brought it up, for she was planning on getting some cockatiels one day. nigel told her that they weren't the best birds though.(trust me, they suck :|). someone named hawk eye was also there, but he didn't speak much. lea° had been making a super chick(a chick that grows huge).

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 7.40.36 PM

after a little while, breeze said "if only the volcano had lava in it??!?!?!" "i would go in it and die". Nigel said "that would be awesome". Breeze then said "that chick is huge", so nigel told her "they fed it to much" "waaaaaay to much". breeze said "ya but how tall is it?". Breeze then led tot go play "mariokart" with her friends. Nigel asked lea° "what you want to do now?". lea° said "no idea" so nigel asked her what her favourite song was. - -she said "omg i could never chose a favourite song" so nigel said "idk what mine is". Nigel then asked her what her favourite movie was, she said "not sure lol but i like horror movies". Nigel said "I've seen jaws, is that horror?" lea° said "well, the last one i watched was above and below, which is kinda a true story". Nigel asked her what it was about, so she said "its about tunnels under paris". Nigel asked her "wait, do you mean the catacombs or whatever the hack there called?" "or is that somewhere els". lea° then said "if you watch it everything you see is real, all the bones and whatever".

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 7-1.44.35 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 7.39.48 PM

later lea° asked "so, r you going on instagram?". Nigel said he didn't, and his mom would kill him if he did. Hawkeye then left, so he said "wheres hawky go?" lea° said "the chick is so big!". Nigel said "can i take a  -- picture of it?" lea° said "the claw touches the water omg". someone named "allie gs" came on and said "big chick you have". nigel said "she feed it something, idk what, wasn't me".    lea°'s chick then died, for she hadnt kept the nest made. Nigel said "you neglect it dont lie!!!!!>:o". he then said "lol poor chick, abusive parent you are".  Allie laughed at this, and nigel reashured lea° that he wa sonly joking.  Nigel then decided to take a picture of the island.  lea° then left and became a starling.  she said "cant wait to get back home, i miss everyone so much". Nigel asked her "where are you now?". lea° said "im in washington right now, but 4 years ago i moved to alaska so every sommer i come and visit my family" "i thought it was cool intil i figured i lost eveything".  Nigel said "you live in alaska??" "awsome!!!!!!"  he then told her where he lived, and told her a bit about it.  lea° told Nigel that that was the kind of place she wanted to live in, but instead she had the opposite : cold, snow, ice. nigel asked her "but you have summer no?". she said "i do but like i said, im never really there for the summer, and also winter lasts long".  Nigel asked her "isnt there alot of wildlife?". lea° said "i can make sounds like a dog, cat, raven , seagull and goose". she then said "if i get it right i sound like a parakeet".  she then told nigel "theres moose and bears but i havnt seen any bears". Nigel asked "are the bears a problem there?"  lea said "a lady was ate for work cause of a bea on her porch". Nigel said "imagin walking outside and a bear sitting there like "yo this is my yard now".  they then talked about magpies, nigel didnt know that they were in north america.  he then had to go.



ft Alphababycat, Darknightslayer, Frost, giggetygoo(named bloodwolf, i didn't know it was him at the time), nazli, Gamerz, Nelly, 

On july 3 Nigel was at cityscape 6 in the mourning. he was with a noname and courtney.  just then alphababycat came on, so Nigel asked her if she was the real one, for there were clones occationaly. Alphababycat said "uh yea... why?". nigel told her that he had seen clones before.   frost came on and said hi to everyone.  the noname then told everyone that he was darknightslayer.  Nigel Frost Alphababycat and Darknightslayer all went to hill 5. when they got there nigel asked alpha is she was the real one again, for he only hafl belived her before. ABC said "yea, ask me anything".  Darknightslayer finnaly got there, so frost welcomed him. ABC said "like my bf was babyhawk".  Dark asked ABC if she was the real one, so ABC said "yea  ask anything i'll prove it".  Dark asked why she had been gone so long, so ABC said "suicide....".  Dark laughed at this, while abc continued saying "and physical reasons....".  Nigel pointed out "if it was suicide, wouldnt you be dead?". Abc caid "im back since 4 weeks".  Dark asked "4 weeks?" so abc said "yeah".    Dark then saidhe was bored, and abc agreed. Nigel asked "what you want to do?". Dark then asked frost if she was on, for she haddent said a word since they got there. frost told him "you dont worry, im usually like that".      ABC then asked frost "how do i speak your new name?". Frost said her name was "suzuya", but assured abc that she could call her frost too.       frosst asked if she was missing letters from her name, and it turned out that abc and dark couldnt see the z in it. nigel said that he could see the z. dark said "thats (s)".   nigel asked if everyone if they could see his full name, but it turned out the e was missing.  nigel said "oh, so thats why people call me nigl".   

after this, darknight at abc were fussing about how some of the trees were green(the trunk). Nigel didnt think it was at first, but then saw that it was. nigel said "yup, you guys are right".  Dark said "that means the tree is entirley coverd in leaves". Nigel pointed out that it could be moss, but then he added "or gamevial is just messed up".     Frost said that she was bored with her song, so she left to change it.  they talked about different songs after this.    Nigel then left for a minut to listen to the news, and when he got back he reported that "a boy fell off a cruise ship or something". frost was saying "yeah me too" but then realized what nigel said and said "oh wow".  Dark said "poor guy".   Nigel said that it was near where he lived. frot said that it was sad news.  Nigel told them where he lived, so frost did the same saying "bulgaria". Nigel asked "you do?" but frost said "eh no...".   Dark said that he was in romainia.    Frost then randomly left, so nigel said "bye?".  Frost came back, and asked "you leaving?" so nigel said "i said bye cause you left".   Frost said "lol say hi now" so nigel said "ok then,  hi".  Dark said "hell no" but then corrected himself saying "i meant hello".        

Frost asked Nigel if he was ok, for he wasnt saying anything. he said he was fine, but she said "hm  are you sure....?".  dark asked nigel "anything new in the news?" while a weird noname was speaking some foren laughuage.   Nigel reported that a bird had hit a plane.  dark laughed at this, and said "i cant stop laughing".  someone said "not funny" while frost asked what she missed.   Nigel said that the bird was an eagle or something.    dark told her "nigel said a bird hit a plane".  frost asked what happend to it, so nigel said "it.. didnt make it". he then said "it was cut in half acutally".  frost said "o.o  i dont understand how an eagle got killed by a plane". nigel explained " it was flying minding its own buisness and a big thing came out of nowhere and killed it lol "   dark said "is it blined, dont watch where it flying".     nigel told them that a plane was alot faster than an eagle, and it was the same as  crossing a highway.  he said "you dont see it coming".   dark then asked is any of them played "slither". nigel had heard of the game, but never played it.  frost haddent either.   nigel claimed "i seen that game before". a noname said "courtney deustcher?" for some reaosn.   dark asked everyone "who listens to this song?"  she then named the song, and frost said "meeeeeeeeeh".  frost claimed that she loved the song and she listen to it alot.  the noname said "is it even a song". dark asked "you listen to metalica?". noname asked nigel "are you sos?" meaning socioty of savers. nigel had an idea who the no name was, so he didnt tell him if he was or not.  frost was asking dark "do you like this song? hasly colors?"  dark said he didnt.   noname said "you listen to some weird music.....".  Nigel asked noname who he was, so he said he was bloodwolf.  Frost and dark continued talking about songs, and noname left.  Nigel asked them who that noname was, for he didnt belive that it was bloodwolf. frost and dark didnt know.     

Nigel then tried to make a nest, but forgot he didnt have a twig. he said "dammit i thought i had a twig".  there was then about  minut of silence.  nigel asked "uh.. you guys there?".  they both said yes,  then there was more silence.  nigel asked why it was so quiet, so frost said that dark was listening to music.  fros tthen left for some reason. courtney returnd,  and asked everyone how old they were.  they told her there ages, so courtney told them she was 15.  Nigel then had to leave.     

later that morning Nigel was at cityscape 1 with frost and gamerz. they were having a nice time, but nazli decided to ruin it. Nazli kept killing nigel because he was a seagull. Nigel, frost, gamerz and nelly decided to go to hillscape 5 to get away from Nazli.    Once they got there, nigel was asking gamerz if something was wrong, for he wasnt talking much. gamerz said nothing was wrong.   after a few minuts nelly said "its to quiet......". Nazli then showed up and said "really nigeeeeeel".  no one said anything, so nazli went into the house and pooed on nigel. Gamerz killed nazli for nigel, and nigel thanked him. Nazli came back and told nigel he was dead for this. Nigel asked "what did i even do?". Nelly told Nazli "if you __ on him your dead". Nazli said ok, and killed nigel.  when nigel got back he said "can you stop already?". nelly told nazli to leave nigel alone, so nazli stopped. gamerz said "just lag it out".  Gamerz then lagged Nazli out,but unfortunatly killed nelly too.  Gamerz thanked Gamerz for killing nazli.    

gamerz then asked nigel if he knew someone named "edward". Nigel said no, so Gamerz said his other name was "f__".  Nigel said he knew f__.   Gamerz said "he was on today".  Nelly said "eeeewww"  to this.   someone named "niker vos meres" then came on and started to kill nelly. gamerz said  "whats your problem nelly is my bff in real life".  Nigel asked gamerz "was f__ the person who said b__ hahahahah over n over agian?". Gamerz didnt answer, so ngiel asked him why he kept not answering him. Gamerz said he couldnt see what nigel was saying.   Niker then said that she was Nazli, and for some reaosn became a seagull.   after this nigel had to leave.     


Donna's Message

ft Donna,

july 5 Nigel met donna at cityscpae 1. she asked Nigel to go to industry 6, so he went, thinking that something had happend.   Nigel asked her what happend, and she said that ace was back.  Nigel told her that he knew he was back, for ace had been around for atleast  a week now.   Donna said that ace had been looking for nigel yesterday, so Nigel asked her what time ace was on.  she said he was on around 8 her time(i have no idea what time it is where she live...).  Nigel aksed her what ace was saying, so she told him he just asked her if she had seen him.  Nigel told her that he had seen ace yesterday afternoon, and told her he was going to look for him today.  Nigel then told her that he had to go, and asked her to tell ace that he would be on later that day.  he then thanked her for letting him know about ace looking for him.     


the "thing".  

ft Ace, Angryswan,

on july 7 Nigel, named felipe as usual, met ace bandit at city1. a lot of people were there. ace had the name "tracer" and told nigel who he was. Nigel told him "h5" thinking he would understand what he was saying, but he didn't. do nigel said "hill 5". they went there, and once there nigel said "do you not know that hill 5 mean hill5?". ace said he was poo fighting. Ace then told Nigel that he had a gf. Nigel asked who it was and said "now, your not going to repeat what you did last year.. right?". Ace said no he wouldn't cheat on people again, nd told nigel that his gf was Blackfire. Nigel was surprised, for blackfire had told him that she wasn't going to have a boyfriend(though it was possible ariana who did this). someone named "felipe" then came on, and nigel thought it was ariana at first, but it left so he decided it was just a one off. but sadly it came back named "felipe=b__". Nigel said "oh yey... ariana?".   Felipe=b__ killed nigel, so he got an idea. he waited 2 minuts, and then went back.  he thought his plan worked, for felipe=b___ wasnt there when he returned. he said "heh. i think that made...nvm" for felipe=b__ came back.  Felipe=b___ spammed "f__ you nigel" in big letters. Nigel did the reverse chat code, and ace did the same thing, ruining felipe=b__'s spam.  Nigel asked f=b "angry?". f=b stupidly replied yes, so nigel said "ha" "so it is you". f=b said "no" "im no one". Nigel said "dont be stupid", and ace said "yea. ur a nobody". ace then said "so leave". f=b said "make me leave!!!" so ace told it "try me".  Nigel asked ace "why i always have to deal with the stupid people?". ace replied "well, they come on then".  ace said to f=b "make your move". Nigel then had to leave, and asked ace "take care of that "thing" pls?". 


July 10

ft cutthroat, Easterling, Digital,

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 3.54.05 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 3.47.17 PM

On july 10 Nigel met someone named "cutthroat" at cityscape 1. he had seen this name before, and thought he remembered talking to someone with this name a while ago. so he asked her who she was. Cutthroat said that he/she knew nigel.  she then told nigel that her name was "shadow". Nigel asked if she was "shaddowwof" but she wasnt, saying that it was just shadow.  Nigel then asked if it was "shadow the owl", someone who pooed on him a while ago. it wasnt him. he finally rememberd who it was, after cutthroat.  told him some more about her.

after this, nigel tlked with Easterling, digital and donna. they all stayed on one building. Easterling -told cutthroat about a new horror game called "undertale". she told everyone about it and what it was about. Cutthroat wanted to play it, so eatserling started telling her how to get it.   Nigel made a nest, and donna helped it with the supertwig hack.   

after a while of talking to everyone, nigel had to leave.  


ft Ace, Frost,
Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.06.12 PM

Nigel went to cityscape 1. ace was there with the name "tracer". there were a lot of people at city 1, including cherie, gamers, donna, and a few others. Nigel and ace decided to go to hill5. for some reason, ace took a while to get to hill5, so when he finally showed up nigel said "well finally". Ace said "my game crashed". Nigel half believed ace about this, but decided to leave it at that. he asked ace how he was. ace said his game crashed because he was trying out speed hack. Nigel didn't know that ace hacked, so he asked him about it. ace said he did, so nigel said "didn't know that 0.0". Ace then said "I'm thinking about someone....". Nigel asked who, so ace told him "fire...". Nigel asked him why, so he said "her lives rough like mine". ace then said "i also passed collage". Nigl asked ace if he knew Blackfire in real life, but he didn't. Ace then told nigel "my had cut had a half of my face covered and my eye" "i look emo with my hoody and  and people look at me weird lol". Frost then came on, and asked if she could stay because city 1 was apparently boring. Nigel said "you can stay!!!!!" and then said hi to her. Ace said "nigel.. I'm cutting again.". so Nigel told him "don't, its stupid". ace said "I'm thinking about my parents death". Nigel didn't know that ace's parents were dead, so he asked "there dead??". Ace said "although i hate them..." "yea...". he said "they deid when i was ten...". Frost said "so sorry.. thats sad.". Nigel asked ace "how did they die..." but didn't get an answer. Ace went on saying "my mother was close to me... i was ten.. i started to cut... i ran away". Nigel asked ace how they died again, and he said who he was talking about. nigel told him who, but ace didn't answer. Frost then had to go.

Nigel and ace and gamer
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after asking again, ace finally answered nigel after saying "i told you two times...". he told nigel "my mother died from abuse". Nigel said "I'm so sorry.... :(". Ace said "its fine.. i was ten then and i watched it happen.... i was frozen with fear...." Ace then told Nigel that he had "alter egos". Nigel asked what it was, so he told him it was "split personalities". Gamerz then came on. Nigel said "hm.. i knew someone els with that....." for he did know someone who had recently left flab3 who was like that.  

Nigel and ace then tried to say hi to gamers, but for some reason he wasn't answering. they finally got him to answer. Gamerz asked them "can't you hear me?" they both told him no. Ace asked gamers if fire was on, but he hadn't seen her for a while. Nigle told ace that ariana had been cloning blackfire recently. gamers said "that is a good thing" for some reason. while Ace was telling Gamerz about his hacks, someone named "hawky" came on, which was strange for Hawky had left a while ago. Hawky crashed into a tree, and gamers said "nice crash" to her. Ace started trying to kill it, while nigel asked "i thought she left?" . ace said "sadly". Nigel said "she told em she quit a while ago?" so ace said "probable a lie". Nigel said "didn't see her since then". ace then killed Hawky, and nigel pointed out that this "hawky" was probably a clone. Ace said "i don't trust it..." so nigel agreed. ace then said "Hawky x nigel though..." so Nigel said "wtf?" "you weird >:(" and pooled on ace then flew away. Purplepaws then came on surprisingly but nigel had to leave.     


july 11

ft Cherie, Donna, Lysa, Therealpoke, Paczaji, Grace,

On july 11 Nigel(named felipe so i use that) went to snow 6 after checking if anyone was at city 1.  only cherie donna and lysa were at city .   at snow 6 he met someone named "therealpoke".  someone els was with him named "paczaji". felipe said to therealpoke "your name... :|".   TRP asked what was wrong with his name, but felipe didnt answer.   Paczaji  asked why people always had to go to where they were(her and therealpoke) so felipe realized what she was saying. he called them "lovebirds" for this. therealpoke sweared at felipe for this.   

after a few minuts felipe asked the two, who he found out to be "iga" and "viki", if he knew them. they said they didnt, so he told them his other name.  for some reason therealpoke acted like he was suprized and knew him, but then said he didnt.  Felipe suspected he was lying, and said "if your lying.....".   the two then ignored Felipe, and started making a nest.  Felipe said he was bored, and someone named eris came on and started talking to iga and viki.  someone named "audrie" then came on so felipe asked her if he knew her. she said "my names grace, pleasure to meet you". Felipe had known grace a long time ago, so he told her "im nigel .-.". "i know you right?". Grace said "oh... o.e" "yeah".  Felipe said "my other name is lord shen".   Grace said "lord sh_t?".   Felipe said "oh your one of those... how nice.... *roles eyes*".  grace grinned at him and said "lorrrrrrrd shet".   Felipe told her "im not fallin for that crap" "so you know".    Grace then changed the subject and asked Felipe  if he had seen cy(cyborus). Felipe haddnt seen cy for over a year, so he told her that.   Grace then randomly left. 

Donna causing trouble.. yet..again........ 

ft Cherie, Donna

later on that day Nigel headed to city 1.   Cherie, donna, lysa,mufasa and a few others were there.  after a little while Nigel ended up standing neer donna, and started talking to her. she asked if anyone had seen lizzie(ryuik) around recently.   Nigel said he had seen her about a week ago, and asked donna why. donna said she hoped no one had seen her for some reason.  Nigel said that ryuik was his friend, so donna pooed on him and killed him for this. Nigel haddnt known that Donna hated ryuik, so he told her this.  Donna, Lysa, and Mufasa tried to tell nigel not to be friends with Lizzie, for she was nothing but trouble, but Nigel told them he wasnt going to go started a huge fight with her by telling her he wasnt her friend anymore.  Nigel tried to reason with donna, but she didnt listen to him at all. Lysa didnt help, throwing in her usual insults.  Donna then ended up leaving, as she usually did when people "botherd" her.   

Cherie came back finnally, so Nigel told her to go to industry6 . she asked him why and said that it better not be about lizzie, so Nigel told her it wasnt.  when they got there he said it was kinda about lizzie but asked her to stay. she said "oh no.....".  Nigel asked cherie to ask donna to leave him alone. he said "she acts as though i knew all along and do this for fun when it not that way???" . Cherie said she would ask but that was it.     Nigel then left, and cherie went to city 1. 


the "stick".

ft Angryswan.., Icewolf, Noname,

on July 13 (its actually my birthday today... this is what i get on Flab3... f___.) 

Nigel met a no name who said he had heard about him over the wiki. after talking with him for a little while, someone named "i ♥ ur stick" came on. Nigel immediately reconized him as Angryswan, for Angry had just been going on about "sticks"(and not the tree kind) a few days ago. I ♥ ur stick started going on about "sticks" and acted weird. Nigel told the no name, who hadent been on flab3 for very long, "welcome to flab3". No name said "oh no, not the stick". Stick then left, and renamed himself "fire wolf" as a mock to Icewolf, who had been there the whole time. Ice stupidly fell for it, so Nigel told him "its stick dummy". ice said "oo" to this. fake fire then started trying to "melt" ice wolf. 

Ice wolf left, so Fire turned back to "stick". Nigel tried to kill stick, but it got away and yelled "she pooed on me!!!!!!!!!!". Noname said "this is madness!!!!!!!". Stick asked no name "do you have a........................................... name?". No name said he didn't. Nigel told nonane "this is someone named "angry swan" so you know." "he is famous for being an ___hole". Stick then killed Nigel. when nigel got back, no name was asking stick to fight him. Nigel called stick a "child" while stick refused to fight no name. Ice wolf, who had returned, said "angry the w___ rot in hell" so nigel told him "i can agree with that ice". Noname said "woa" possible because of ice's swearing. Stick told ice "you will melt in hell!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahahahahahah!". Nigel then had to leave so he told ice and no name "i wish i didn't have to leave you with the "thing" but i have to go, bye!" and left. 



ft Shiva, Tweetee, Eren, Gamerz,

On july 15 Nigel, named "felipe"(so i will use that because i had been using that a lot ) was harassing someone named "shiva" after she pooed on him once at city 5. he followed her and her "boy friend" tweetee around. felipe kept calling her "shivo" and "shevi". after bothering them, felipe headed to cityscape 6 where he found someone named "stormy". Felipe asked him if he was someone called "stormy the falcon" but he wasn't. Eren then came on to his surprise, so he headed to hills cape 5 with him. At hill 5 Felipe asked Eren, "ooommmmmmmgggggg is it you???". Eren said "i been looking for you!". Felipe said "long time no see!!!!!!!!". "how r ya?". Eren said he was good, and asked felipe the same. Felipe said "i thought i'd never see ya again". Eren said "i been playing for some weeks now" which was strange for felipe hadn't seen Eren since the game had problems. Eren said he had also seen Levi twice in 2 weeks, so Felipe asked "levi's still around o.o?". Eren said "ya, i saw him yesterday i think". Felipe told Eren "i haven't seen em", so Eren, not understanding asked "em?". Felipe told him "lazy was of saying him". Felipe asked eden "is he still same old levi?*you know what i mean*". Eren said "yup". Felipe then had to brb for a few minutes. 

when he got back   the two ended up talking about owls, after Eren said that he liked drawing them. Felipe said "is this enough like a barn owl?" and made the face (o v o). Eren said "yeah" so Felipe said "or a weird barn owl (o ^ o)". Eren laughed at this, so Felipe said "or a weird barn owl ( o – o )". Eren then told felipe that he had seen ace a few times, and he though that ace was pretty funny. Felipe continued his "owl faces" and said "a confused barn owl ( o ? o )". he then said "(o ! o)" "idk what that one wold be". Eren said "it looks like a mask or something". Eren then said "you got me inspired". Felipe then said "a rude barn owl (o $ o)". he then made more faces including (o | o ), (o_o) and ( - v - ) . he called the last one a "sleeping owl". Felipe then had to go for 20 mins to do "home work". 

once he got back he found Eren and Gamerz together at city 7. he had told Eren to wait there. Thye went to hill5 together. Felipe and Gamerz started arguing over who got to hill5 first, for they both thought they got there first. Felipe told gamers, "me first dum dum", after gamers said he was first. Gamerz said "no me". Felipe said "i was here first". Eren said "ah, I'm last". Eren then told them not to argue over it, but they didn't listen. Felipe said "then why when i come here you wasn't here then you come here 2 second after?" to gamers. Gamerz replied saying "i didn't". Felipe said "you did". so Gamerz said "you came 5 seconds after me". Eren said "hold on, what if its a glitch?" so Felipe said "the games f__ed up". Gamerz pooped on Felipe for some reason, so he said "don't poo on me e.e". Gamerz said "i can if i want to". so Felipe asked "do you even know who i am?" for he wasn't sure if Gamer remembered who he was. Gamerz said he did. Felipe then had to go for a few minutes for the "water truck" was at his house. Gamerz said he had to brb for a few minutes too. 

When Felipe got back, Eren was asking Gamers if he could called him "big g". Felipe asked "to gamer or me?". Gamer answered eren and said "yea sure". so Felipe said "hi big g" to gamers. Eren said "big g sounds better". Felipe asked "what you goina call me?". Eren said "little f?". Felipe said "thats not nice :| ", so Eren said "i was joking". Felipe said "little f, you evil -.-". Eren said "i take that back". Felipe told Eren "fine, i call you little s ;)". Eren said "o_o. well my name is simon so it fits well". Gamerz said "little s__ lol". Gamerz then said "you can call me "gta"". Felipe said "now, what you really goina call me besides little f?". Eren said "little n?" while Felipe added "and don't even think about calling me fefe". Gamerz mocked him and said "fefe and the flower tops" "fefe forget me not". Felipe then had to go for a few minutes. 

Once he got back, Felipe and Gamerz got into an argument when gamer pooped on Felipe and refused to say sorry. instead, gamers said sorry to Eren. Eren told him to say sorry to Felipe, but he still wouldn't. Nigel then had to go again. 


ft mew, Mewlover, Giggetygoo,

Felipe met "mew" and "mew lover", two ring necks at a city. Felipe thought that it was ace, for he used that name, and mew lover was possibly blackfire. thy said they weren't, but didn't sen very convincing, for they only pooed on him and told him to leave. so Felipe left and came back as a no name to see if they would fall for it. he spied on them, hiding behind buildings so they couldn't see him. it turned out it wasn't ace, so Felipe started killing them, for they had killed him earlier. Giggetygoo surprisingly came on and started killing the two ring necks with him. Felipe then had to go, and told Giggety to wait ag city 5 for him. 

When he got back, Giggety wasn't there. to he went and looked for him and found him at city 4. Felipe asked him "so.. why didn't you wait at city 5.. hmm gg?". Giggety said "oh, nigle?" so Felipe corrected him saying "nigel*". Giggety said "my spelling of cirten word arent good". Giggety then said "i had to eat a disgusting panini" "it was rank!". Giggety then asked felipe "so, are you still sos?". Felipe told him "i still go on the web site". Giggety said "oh.." so Felipe asked "why? you don't?". he only asked this to see what Giggety would say, for he knew that Giggety had abandoned it a while ago. Giggety, instead of answering, said the websites name, so Felipe told him "no.. really?" Giggety then said "i used to be part of it" and laughed at this. he then said "ask snarp". Felipe told him "snarp left". Giggety said "i used to be a part thats how i knew the website". Felipe said "someone els is in charge now". Giggety asked "so he's not sos anymore?". Felipe said "i know you were i saw you on there, and no. snarp is gone" "and he's a she". Giggety asked "so who's in charge now?". Felipe told him "i think its someone named "miasos". Giggety said "oooooohh what really a girl?". Giggety goo then left saying he would be back soon, but never came back. so Felipe asked some birds who were there to tell Giggety that he left. 


the lil' parrot 

ft Bloodwolf, Giggetygoo, Eren, Ammar, pikchu, Gamerz.

note Giggety had claimed that someone named "bloodwolf" had given him the name bloodwolf, which he used later in the year. this person was possibly the real bloodwolf and not the clone claiming to be him that showed up later.

on july 16 in the afternoon around lunch time Felipe went to Hill5 with Eren again. He had been at city 7 helping Bloodwolf and Giggetygoo fight someone named "ammar" the pigeon.  When he got to hill5, he found that everyone had showed up there. he said "yay.. everyone follow".  Giggety asked eren if he was "sos"  so Eren asked "sos?".  Felipe told Eren "sos is societyofsavers, its a website someone made .-.". Felipe then said "i joind just to keep an eye on things :)".  Giggety left and went back to cityscpae 6, so Bloodwolf followed him.  Felipe asked eren "do you know him?". Eren said he had seen Gigety a few times. Felipe said "he seems to be less annoying then when i first met him".   Eren said "yeah.. but gamerz hates him". Felipe said "the 2 hate each other lol". "the first time i met gg the 2 were fighting". Felipe then had to brb for a few minuts.

When Felipe got back, Eren made the (o v o ) face. Felipe did the (o-o) face back to him. Eren said "i want a barn owl e.e". Felipe asked Eren "what would a macaw face look like?". Eren said "lemme think" while Felipe saw what he said and said "i want a pet crow.".  Pikachu, someone who had just joined, said "i need a trainor". Felipe just did a :| to him.   Eren said "(/o \ parrot face". Felipe didnt get this and said "...?" to him. Eren said "beak to the left" so Felipe said "oooh ok".   Eren then said "so.. whats up?". Felipe said "nothing much" so Eren asked him "what have you been eating today?". Felipe said "uh... i ate a bread role and a yogurt :|".  Eren asked "only that?" so Felipe said "im not hungry (plus my mom dosnt go to the food shot much e.e)".  Eren said he didnt go to she shop very much either for he had "social phobia". Felipe asked him what that was so he explained.  Pikachu asked Felipe and Eren if they would make his nest for him, so Felipe told him to make his own nest.   Pikachu started crying and said "me wanna help nest".  

Felipe flew around a bit then landed by Eren and said "hi owl (o vo)". Eren said "hi parrot" so Felipe corected him saying "ima macaw ee". Eren said "lil parrot". so Felipe said "dont even try -.-". Eren asked "try what?" so Felipe said "callin me a "lil parrot".  Eren said "how tall are you?" so Felipe answerd saying "IMA MACAW!!! THATS NOT A TINY PARAKEET!!!!!!!!!!!!".  Eren laughed at this, so felipe said "macaws are big!!!". Eren said "owls are tiny..". Felipe said "not if its an eagle owl". "or a great grey". "but sawwhets are tinnnnnnyyyyyyy". Eren asked Felipe if he had seen a harpy eagle, so he told him that he had only seen a dead one once. Eren said he haddnt seen a live one either.  Eren then randomly said "oh my sister gave me chocolate".  Felipe asked if he could poo on pikachu, claing "its just... sit there". Eren said yes, so Felope went and started kiling Pikachu, claing "pikadead >:)". Pika said "dont" but Felipe continued.  After pika died, he came back as "zapdos", so Felipe said "we not stupid". Eren said "another pokenom". Felipe asked "whys it have to bother us?". Eren said he didnt know, so Felipe said "cant it just go play that pokemongo crap".  Pikachu, now named zapdos, said "dont poo on Pikachu". SOmeone named "roko" came on and started killing people, starting with eren first.  Felipe said "stop pooing on us e.e". someone named "ho-oh ex" then came on. Felipe commented on his anme saying "some name?".  Eren and Felipe then left and went to Hill4.  

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.25.35 PM

at Hill4, Felipe claimed that he would be talking slow for he didnt want to be caught by his mom.  Eren asked Felipe what he was eating, so he said "bread n butter and some ham" for he had left to get something to eat before goignt o hill4.  Eren then pointed out that Felipes tail "wags" when he walked. Felipe claimed "game- -vial had some weird ideas with the things they put in the games :|".  Felipe then walked over to one of the trees, and decided to ask Eren about the color, after he had been arguing with others if the tree was green or brown. . He said "i know i sound retarded, but does this tree look green? or brown?".  Eren asked which one, so Felipe showed him saying "is it green?". Eren said "yes, or brown green, or mixed". Someone named Sarah then came on and said hi. Felipe told Eren "i was asking bout the tree cuz me n gamerz were arguing over if it was green or brown a few weeks ago :)".  Eren said he thought the tree was mixed, so Felipe said "yay im not retarded".    Felipe then got an idea, and told Eren to go to industry 5 so off they went.  

At industry 5, Felipe asked eren if it was nightime. Eren said it was day, so Felipe told him to follow him and led him to a tree(one of the veeeeery few). He showed it to him and said "see how this tree isnt lit up like it should be in the day? its kinda dark". Felipe then said "wait for night n see what it do ". Eren said "lol ok" while Felipe said "one of gamevials many errors". Eren said "cant wait too see" and started staring at the tree. After a little while of waiting, felipe asked Eren "want me to tell you what it do, so we not keep wating?". Eren said yes, so Felipe said "it glows.". Eren said "o_o glows?". so Felipe answerd "yes glows."  Eren said "omg creepy". Felipe said "it lights up like it should do in the day". It then started turning to night time, so the two waited. unfortunatly the tree didnt glow as much as it usually did, Felipe claiming "before it would be bright green". "Eren said maybe later it do it?", so they waited. It didnt, so Felipe said "f__ing hell it not glowing!". he then said "it did a few weeks ago when i showed someone els???". Eren said "maybe it was a glitch??". Felipe then said "i bet gamevial read about it when i wrote about it and fixed it e.e cuz they fixed it right after i did". Eren said "oh damn them then". Felipe then claimed "every time i write about a glitch it magicaly dissapears somehow".  Eren said "they stalk you o_o".  Daytime then came and the tree haddent glown like Felipe had claimed it would.  Eren said it might be because it was a specific bird that could see it, but Felipe had been a seagull at the time he saw it, and some others were robins and seen it too.   Gamerz then came on, but didnt talk much as usual.  Eren said "hes dead o_o". Felipe claimed "rip". Gamerz then said "hello!" randomly, so the two said hello back. Felipe claimed "yay he not died".  Felipe then asked i Gamerz knew who he was, and he did.  Felipe then had to go after this      



ft Ace, Gamerz, Balckfire, ABC,

on july 20 Nigel met Ace, Gamerz, and Blackfire at cityscpae 5. Blackfire started pooping on Nigel for some reason. he asked her to stop but she wouldnt.  Nigel told ace to go to hill5, so he did. once they got there, Blackfire followed them. Ace told nigel that is was ariana, and not really blackfire. After trying to get away from Ariana, they ended up at industry 7, nigel had changed his name to "poop" and wanted ace to change his name too so that ariana didnt know it was them. Alphababycat and gamerz met them there.   Nigel was mad at ace, for he said he couldnt change his name to hide from ariana. Nigel said "so you want it to stalk us????".  Ace asked Gamerz "you ditched smile?" for some reason, so Gamerz said no, but then left quickly saying "wait brb!!!!".  ABC then said "nah i wanna know whats going on. ace is back. nigel gone & my sis.". Nigel, told ABC that he was nigel, but ABC knew already some how.   Ace told ABC who he was. ABC asked ace "where is fire?" so ace said "i dont even know dafuq i missed you".  Ariana then lagged the game causing ABC to leave. Nigel said "well dere goes abc". Ace asked nigel "eeer  who is she?". Nigel told her " abc? i think alot of people hate her though i dont know". Just as he said this ABC came back, so Nigel said "crap". Ariana lagged again, killing abc yet again. Nigel said "phew, she gone" "that was close".  he then said to ace "i dont know her well".  Ace said "i only remember her name, not who she was". Nigel asked "was she one of your many gfs?". Ace said "damn you car accident".

riana was then commenting about Nigel's name for some reason, so he left and got his name(felipe) and told her "your welcome". Ariana said "f__ you" to him, so he said "heh take dat areana". he decided to call her "areana" just to mock her.  Ariana told him "felipe... ace said he loves you...". Nigel said "i dont fall for that crap". a noname who had joined said "its dull".  Ace then came back, after being brb for a few minuts. Ariana then said "felipe: r__s ace".  Nigel called her a b___ and ace said "r___s arian, there even!". Nigel laughed and said "hahahah good one ace!".  Ace then started asking nigel if he could get kik, so he told him he couldnt for his mom would kill him.  Nigels comment was "my mom treats every website i go on as though its full of stalkers".    Ace and Nigel then headed to city 5.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.38.43 PM

At city 5 ace commented on Nigels fast typing.  While they were talking about this, Ariana(still named blackfire) said "r__s ace".   Nigel was saying he kiled to type fast but accidentaly said "Fats" instead of fast.  Ace said "fats?" so Nigel old him "fast!!! i ment fast!!!!".  Ariana mocked them and said "fats*".  Nigel then asked "so what now?"  ariana answered him saying "you die ".  Nigel asked her "why you have to be so stupid?".   Ariana then randomly left, so Nigel told ace to go to hill4. when they got there, Nigel had named himself "bubu".  Ace, for some reason, didnt change his name, and Ariana found them. Nigel asked ace why, but he didnt answer him.  Ariana said "blackfire:has departed". Nigel told her "we not that dum". Ace said "sorry, i was going to act like that was fire lol". Ace then left for some reason.   Nigel said "Crap" "acy?". Ariana asked Nigel "why r you so annoying?" so Nigel told her "ask yourself, areeana". he then started mocking her saying "ariiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaannnnnaaaaaa".  Ariana then said "bubu:r__s self".  Nigel said "idiot....".  Nigel then said "blackfire :kills self" heh".  he then called her "ariama" for fun. She said "no" so he spammed "ariama" over and over again.  Ariana left after this, so nigel left too. 


july 22 

ft Cherie, Donna, Donald duck, ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀,Muffie,

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.58.56 PM

on July 22 nigel(named felipe) met Cherie, Donald duck and Donna at industry6.   Nigel was suprized to find that "♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀ ", someone he met before, was there too.  Nigel asked cherie why she was talking to the Noname, then told her that Noname was a stalker.  Noname told Nigel that he was wierd so he said "im not the one who begs people to f__ them".  Cherie and the others got mad at noname, and donna killed her. when he came back - Nigel asked why they were mad at her  " she pooed on people then lied about it" donald    yup  it the same one   cherie told it to stop, for she would get into trouble one day.   Nigel was brb for a few mins, and when he got back someone named "muffie" said "hi new person". Nigel said "hi, i know you?". noname said "felipe.. do i know you?" so he told her "my other named nigel". Muffie didnt know him, and said "this is funny, wanna watch?" Muffie then said "yay for pedestrian". Donna said "hey, you was keeeping me warm" for some reason. Nigel asked her what she meant, and she said "hi lord" only just noticing he was there.     Nigel then asked Noname if she was "duchess" someone he thought she might be.  Everyone els thoght that noname was Lizzie(ryuik), but Nigel knew it wasnt her. Nigel told them it wasnt, and Noname said "why does everyone hateme today?".  Nigel told her "cause you a stalker, ur that duchess ___ arnt you?" she said she wasnt, so he said yes you are". she said "no I'm not -even a hacker". Nigel then told her "noname.. remember? i tricked you about getting into a building lol".  Noname thn pooed on nigel and said "accident, sorry". Nigel told her "yea right".  a different noname said "leave my friend alone!". so Nigel asked him who he was talking about. other noname said "you upset her you have to deal with me".  Nigel, thinking noname was talking about him bothering noname, said "you dont know what she does, if ya only knew...".  Someone named "cocktail, who had been there, left.   Nigel realized that cherie haddent been saying anything, so he asked her if she was there. other noname then said "you dont come near my friend again symbols".  Cherie said "im going to be up early now"(and so the complaing begines :| :| :|).  Nigel asked other noname "oh wait you talking about her?" and he said he was. Other noname then said "sorry peeps for the language".  Noname then said "no ones here?". Nigel told her "you a bit blind no?".  other no name then left, and cherie left too leaving nigel with ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀. she told nigel "you can go too". so Nigel left. 


Im not alone  

ft Im not alone,  Wercia121,

on july 24 , nigel(named felipe so i use that) went to hill7 in the morning. someone named "imnotalone" and "wercia121" were there. Imnotalone said "your not alone" as soon as he enterd. Felipe said "uh...  im uh.. what?".  Imnotalone said "you do not tell...". Felipe asked "tell.. what?".  Imnotalone then told him "not you" so felipe asked "me?". Imnotalone said "no" and left, following Wercia121, who had left a few second before.  Felipe left, but saw that one of them had gone back, so back he went and found "youdonottell" there this time. Felipe said "uh.. yay.. new name huh?".  youdonottell said "yes...". Felipe asked him "who are you e.0".  youdonottell said "i am angry at wera121".   Felipe asked him "do i know you,  why?".  Youdonottell said "probebly not xd".  Felipe told him his other name, but Youdonottell didnt say anything. After a few minuts, Felipe asked him if he was still there, so Youdonottell randomly said "lets me friends".  Felipe said "i said do i know you"."my other names nigel". youdonottell said "yay?" so Felipe said "you deaf????". "do you know someone named nigel?????". Someone named "felipe" then came on, so Felipe said "a clone?c come on! reeeeel funny e.e".  other felipe pooed on Youdonottell, and said sory, real felipe said "Wasnt me :)".  Felipe told Youdonottell "i know its you" for it was obviously him. Youdonottell said "im sorry i dont know english". Felipe said "dont clone me e.e".  Youdonottell said "i am polish" so Felipe told him "then go back to poland and stop cloning me e.e".   Youdonottell then left, and fake felipe told real felipe "i love you, kiss me". Felipe said "why... why do i always get the stalkers... :(".   Fake felipe walked up to felipe so felipe pooed on him and flew away. Fake felipe died, so felipe laughed and said "yes!! it died!".  Someone named "solomon" came on, and said "ok ok sorry". Felipe said "i know its you n idc if ya sorry" and left.          


ft ace, Frost, wercia121,

ater that mourning felipe went to hill5 with frost and ace. ace asked Frost "what happend to jason" so felipe asked who jason was.  Wercia12 was there, so the decided to kill her. Felipe told them that he knew her saying "she was beign harassed by a polish guy called "yournotalone" earlier".  Frost said "o.o" so felipe said "ya. then it started to harass me". Frost and Felipe then started killling wercia and someone named "rainbow12".  they continued doing this until the two left. Felipe then flew up really high just for fun and noticed that ace's superegg hack glowed. he told ace, saying "im high up in the sky and i can still see your super egg thing". "it glows".  ace said "o.o its holy ____". Felipe said "i took a pic of it". Frost then flew up really high so she could see it too.  

later that day

ft Ace, giggetygoo(now named bloodwolf), gamerz, digital

Felipe found Ace at hill7, so he asked him "why r you here all by yourself?". Ace said he was "practicing". Ace told nigel to follow him and showed him a new hack he had learnd.  ace said he couldnt see the chat when he did it so nigel said "that weird o.o". Felipe then told Ace to wait there for a minut and left.  when he got back he said "sorry, th shelf thing in the kitchen broke so alot of things broke dam it scared the crap out of me o.o".  Ace asked "what" so Felipe said " one of the shelf things in a cubord thing broke my mom was getting something n it broke so everything crash down.". ace said "oh.." while Felipe said "scared the crap out of me though". Ace asked nigel if he was ok so he said he was.   Someone named "monsta" then came on, so Felipe asked "oh ___ who's that?". Ace said "duno it hacks". Felipe said "better not be a spy....".  Monsta said "i dont spy, i just bored". ace said "then why you standing there like a stalker?".  Felipe then left for a minut and when he got back someone named "bloodwolf" was there. Ace asked Felipe if he knew hi so he said he thought he did. Bloodwolf said that he was the now renamed giggetygoo.  Felipe said "yup i know em".  ace said "wat?" so bloodwolf said "i changed my pic". Felipe asked "where?" while blood said "to my guineapig". Ace said "kik" so felipe said "he has kik..?" Bloodwolf said "yes i have kik" so Felipe asked "what was his picture before..". Ace said "his face o.o". Ace then said "terrefying".  Felipe then asked Bloodwolf why he had changed his name, so he said "ariana, she cloned this one two".  ace said "i hate her".

Bloodwolf then endded up triyng to kill nigel, so ace told him to stop. Blood said "maybe i will maybe i wont". Felipe said "ace...? superpoo time......?" so Bloodwolf said "see if i care b___" Felipes computer then died, and when he got back he told ace why he left. Bloodwolf  started pooing on nigel again, so ace told him to stop it already.  Ace then tried to Lag blodwolf out, but Felipe thought it was bloodwolf, so he did the counter code. Felipe realized this and said "oh.. fail.". Blood said "well that just wrecked the moment".  Ace then killed blood with lag, so felipe thanked him for this. Ace said "it died o.0".  Felipe then asked ace "wait, you did that.. right?" so ace told im it was him. felipe said "ok, just checking, i hate that ____", pooing on me how dare he?". Felipe then asked ace "whats his name on kik?" so ace told him it was "joe symon". felipe left saying "ok brb >:)".  when felipe got back he said "i could only find stuff on facebook, what did he look like?". Ace said "scarey.......". Felipe asked "give me a decription so i know if i got the right one". ace said "black hair, shot, scottish, there" "dont hurt him". Felipe said "how old ou think?" so ace said "about 13.". Felipe went and looked but didnt find anything. he started to say "i cant.." but then realized that bloodwolf was back, so he said"nvm".  Bloodwolf started kiling nigel again, and said "take that ___ that was just to warn you " Gamerz then came on s nigel and ace said hi to him.  Bloodwolf said "dont text me" to felipe after he found out that Felipe knew his facebook and kik.  Felipe ignored him asking ace to do the egg hack while he flew up really high. Ace said "gimmie a seck im trying to find the nest". so Felipe told him "no i mean egg on the ground so it glows like before". Ace said "i need to add twigs" so nigel said "ooooh ok".

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 6-1.27.50 PM

Bloodwolf then came back. gamer then pooed on nigel for some reason, so felipe said "gamer? wtf?". gamer said "yes?" so felipe asked "why you poo on me?".  Gamerz said "i didnt mean to..".  Felipe said "3 times? ya right....".  Ace went over to gamer and started to super egg on him, so gamer started pooing on him back. Ace then lagged gamerz out using the size=800000>.<  code.  Felipe decided he would try too claiming "when he piss me off......".   Felipe then decided to go and try it out at city 1 so he did, and everyone who was there died. when he got back gamerz was saying "oh i get it you like  nigel". Felipe said "wtf?" while ace said "what?". Felipe then said "i just tried your code thingy at c1 and everyone died lol" "instantly kill!".  gamerz then tried to kill ace, so Felipe asked him why he was doing that. they got no answer so felipe asked ace "why he mad at you".  Felipe got no answer so he asked"what was he saying before "oh i get it you like nigel?".  gamerz said "you both dunno huh?" so they both asked "know what????". gamerz said "lags".  Felipe said "i know lag,  just killed everyone at c1 with one". Digital then came on and said "fighter is at city 1" and left. gamerz callled fighter "finger" before thanking digi. Felipe asked gamer, "what you goina go fight da fighter?". Gamerz said "you sure ace clueless".  Ace said "fighter x gamerz" to mock gamer, so gamerz said "Tracer x nigel" to get him back.  Bloodwolf then came back again and said "hey my hacks off". Ace lagged both him and gamerz, so Felipe thanked him for doing it.  Gamerz then came back and said "stop hiding you little p_ssy where are you at?". Felipe asked "me?" so he aid "who els -_-".  Felipe asked "gamer? you wanna murder me? why?" "im hiding in plain sight"gamer then came back but was lagged out again. Felipe asked ace "why u keep kill them?" so ace said "the murderer gone and yea?".  Felipe then asked "who do you think that gamer clone was?" Ace said "err, dunno, you?".  Felipe said "kapro or blackwolf""the fact that he called fighter finger kinda proves it as blackwolf".  ace said "blackwolf scares me". felipe said " he chased you way last year. didnt he?" so ace said "yea.. him and crapo(kaprosuchus)". felipe said "i remember we was at snow6 or something n u left for good".  Bloodwolf then returned yet again and was lagged out yet again.   Ace asked felipe "what did you said something before?" so felipe said "i said you were chased away at snow6 or something n you left for good".  Ace said "what? your chat died" so Felipe told him "i said blackwolf chased you away a year ago didnt he?" ace said "yea.. and the guilt, and crapo". Felipe said "i was there when you left for good, at snow6 or something, i remember, everyone was out to kill you".  ace said "you and abc did". Felipe went on saying "i tried to stop kapro n blackwolf but they didnt stop, n wtf?" Ace said "you n her helped me or something" so felipe said "no, alphaundercat, me n him was being chased at the same time, i was trying to get them to go after us and leave you alone".  ace said "im sure it was abc" so felipe told him again that is was AUC saying "we talked over the wiki thing alot, i still have comments from when we were being chased lol". Ace said "heh.." so felipe said "what?" ace said "abc said stuff about the past but idk if it was real now..".  Nigel then had to leave. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 2-1.55.17 PM


july 25 

ft Blackfire, whiteface, semi-wolf.

Nigel became the new leader of sos! 


I only got the script from this.  

and go to hill5 after city1 was too crowded.   blackfire go to hospital but unknown why yet.  hill5 with whiteface n blackfire.   can u check if she still stuck in that dam city?  she come n leave vvmm.   she back!.   

whiteface: heh, slowpoke  

blackfire: looks at u. 

semi-wolf:  that nn was annoying at city 1    

whiteface: so did you have a cuncossion after that cement?backfire?         

nigel : what happend?? 

black pooed on nigel, so he pooed on her back 

whiteface : she's typing 

nigel :oh :/ 

whiteface : i do that when i type 

nigel : i dont 

black fire: eeerrrr.. well, it wasn't to much of an injury but my mom is weird about little accidents.. but it technically fell and hit me right below my eye so i gotta whear and eyepatch so i don't look all weird ._. 

 Whiteface: ouchh   i really cant belive that. how bad can ur luck be? 

Nigel:were u hurt badly?     

Blackfire: its just a lil swollen and i looks red but as long as i can act like ciel...heheheblck    


july 27 

ft Frost, ace, Gamerz, Polar

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.21.59 AM
Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.21.53 AM

Nigel went to hillscape 5 with ace and discussed things. they were later joined my frost. this was also the day that polar attacked them. Gamerz blames nigel for no reason yet again?  

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.05.15 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.02.33 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.05.58 PM

i kinda lost the idea of what the hell was going on, so it was left in script forum.. go to "july 27 scrip" to see it.  


ft Jack, Cherie, ace, wings

Nigel was at industy 6 earlier with someone named jack, whom seemed to hate him. Nigel was just randomly walking along a wall, and jack attacked him, piping on him until he died. After asking why, jack finally told him it was because he knew "lizzie". Lizzie turned out to be ryuik, one of nigels friends. Nigel asked Cherie, who was watching the whole thing, to help him, but she wouldn't as usual. Cherie finally ha enough and told Jack to stop, but he ouldnt, repeating "he's bad" over and over again. Cherie left after that.  

Nigel told Jack not to hate people just because they liked someone he didn't like, and left jack. He went to city 1 where he told Cherie and donna, who knew him, to "tell him to act right". and then left to go to hill5 with ace. At Hill5, they were followed by Donna, who asked where jack was. Nigel told her "he's at in6 if you really want to see him, but he told me he hates me just cuz i know lizzie". Nigel followed her to in6, to make sure jack was there(or els that would give donna a reason to start a fight, blaming nigel for him not being there) and luckily jack was still lurking around there. he told donna "there, see?" and left. 

Back at hill5, someone named "wings" was saying "woah buddy, come on!!!!", while ace yelled at him saying "DIE!!". Nigel said "Uh.. what is going on here? so ace told him "death.". Nigel asked "of whom?" but was answered when ace went over to wings and super-posed him to death. Wings came back, and got killed repeatedly by ace, so Nigel asked why ace was doing this. nigel never got an answer from ace, so it remained unknown what went on between ace and wings while he was at in6 with donna. Nigel then left to "go eat at his grandmas house".  


july 28

Felipe vs Bloodwolf vs Angryswan.  

ft Giggetygoo(bloodwolf), donna,

on july 28 Nigel(named felipe so i using that) had been arguing with Bloodwolf(the renamed giggetygoo) at cityscape 6 for a while. Bloodwolf blamed him for pooing on him when he haddent, for it was probebly a clone. Felipe eventually left and went to industry 6 to talk to donna. Bloodwolf unfortunatly followed him there, to cause trouble.  Felipe asked gim to stop following him. Bloodwolf said "you shouldnt poo on me then".  Felipe said he didnt, claiming "you blamed me for something a clone did".  Bloodwolf started pooing on Felipe, so he asked him to stop saying "i came here to talk to my friend leave me alone". Blood said "i blame yo for summat you did". Felipe said "it wasnt me leave me alone, go somewhere els if ya hate me so much".  Blood said "tha grain agam ort", so felipe, not u again but he wouldnt lenderstanding, said "speek english".  Blood said "make me b__h".  Felipe said leave again but he wouldnt, so he called him a jerk.  Felipe then tried to appoligize to donna for Bloodwolfs behavior, saying "hes been bothering me all afternoon, i didnt poo as he said before".  Blood said "you did" so felipe said "it wasnt me". Blood said "hahaha no for like 10 minuts".  Felipe said "you been pooing on me" so Blood said "we met in c5 literaly 10 min ago".   Felipe said "oh well. when did i poo on you then?". Blood wolf then left,  and donna came back after she had left for a few minuts.  Felipe told hr "so sorry, he been blaming me for something i didnt do.". Donna said "Aww". Felipe said "damn clones, oh well". "he was a bit of a jerk anyways but 2 friends blame me for nothing in 2 days wtf". he then told Donna about what happend between him and gamerz the other day.  Donna asked him if he had facebook but he said he didnt, claiming the only things he went on were the "flab3 wiki" and the "Societyofsavers".  Donna said she had seen him on the flab3 wiki, so he told her he was on it alot. Donna said she only went on once. 

Bloodwolf then returned, while felipe was saying "no one really goes on it much anymore, the owner abandoned it". Donna said "aaww" again.  Felipe realized that bloodwolf was there so he said ".. why are you back?".  Blood said "coz, i wanna be". Felipe said "ya... just to cause trouble." Blood gave him  a e.e face to this.   Felipe said "go poo on someone els jerk" so Blood said "ghalla".  Felipe asked donna if she hacked, and she said that she did, so he asked her to super poo Blood to death.  Blood said "hes the only "nothacker" refuring to felipe. donna said "hes a hacker", then she said "hes ok". Felipe, realizing what she meant by this, said " so you like people who torment your friends?".  Blood, also seeing what she meant, said "ok......thats...i guess ;)".  donna told felipe "you get trouble because of lizzie". so felipe asked her why the hell she was bringing lizzie into it. Donna said "you know i hate her" so Felipe asked her again saying "why the hell you bringing her into this? this has nothing to do with her??????".  Blood said "the way you speek makes me want to poke my eyes out" to felipe.  A noname then came on, so Donna asked him who he was. Felipe asked Blood to leave again, so he said "make me". Donna said "lord i can gey in". Blood wolf said "hes a noname genius" to donna.  Felipe ased her what she meant, so she said nothing.  Just then the Noname said "felope?" and Felipe instantly knew who it was(i give you the count of 3 to guess.1...2......3.. ).  Felipe said "aw hell no" while Blood laughed at this. Noname said "aaaaah its you..".  Felipe said "c.r.a.p........". Donna asked who this noname was, so Felipe told her that it was angryswan(if you guessed right you get 100 dollar). Blood wolf said "ap*" for soem reason.  Noname said "Felope?" so Felipe said "ignore it". Bloodwolf asked "ignore what? or who?" so Felipe told him to ignore the noname, claiming it was a stalker. angry said "ignore your dumb mother, felope".

Felipe and angry then started arguing for a while, angry claiming that felipe was a stalker when angry really was. Felipe said "i dont even want a gf, or a mate". Angry said "a r____ and a stalker, wow, i thought you couldnt get worse".  Bloodwolf laughed at this.  Felipe said "says you".  Blood wolf told felipe "no... you ruined the moment, then.".  Felipe said "my gf dissapeard, havnt seen her since" refuring do springtrap, someone he knew a few months ago.  Angy started saying "look out that felipe is a r____ (o_o)".  Donna said "try it and you die". Felipe asked her "ur not really beleiving them are you.". Donna answerd saying "it ok" so felipe asked her "are you?". Angry said "he lies alot".  Felipe said "..  i dont, your the person who is lieing". Felipe then told donna not to belive them.  Angry said "i dont lie", so Felipe said "then why you stalk me all the time" "if you are the felope idiot".  Angry said "you dont even know me". he then went on chanting "felope is a teenager who likes to play with children....(im not saying the rest for its very innapropriate, you can guess the rest e_e )".  Felipe said "i think imma ignore you dum__sses from now on".

After this, cherie randomly said "im from england", so Bloodwolf said he was from scottish.  Felipe left for a minut, and when he got back Angry was saying "now i'll take his place" and left.  Bloodwolf said "felipe ditched you again" to donna, not realizing that felipe had returned, so Felipe told him "im right here". Angry then returned with felipes name. Blood said "oh dammit" while felipe told him "see, thats what pooed on you".  Blood said "hahahahahahahhahaha no thats the noname" so Felipe told him "he could have cloned me n pooed on you, see how easy it is for people to clone people and make there friends hate them?".  Angry started saying rude things again, while felipe decided he had had enough. so Felipe lagged Bloodwolf and angry out. 

Once the two were gone, Felipe said "thats better, right donna?". he then asked her "your not really siding with him.. r u?" so she said she wasnt siding with anyone.  Angry returned first, now named "felipether__ist". someone named "aqua bullet" also came on, and told them he was icewolf.  ice said "hai angry", while angry was spamming rude things again.  Felipe said "and this is what i get on flab3".  Bloodwolf finally returned put was quickly lagged out again by felipe.  Aqua said "dont r__ me" to angry, who was still going on about this.  Angry replied saying "oh no... i only r__ babies".  Aqua said "wait what?".  Frost came on right as angry was saying this, so Felipe told her "bad time frost. bad time.". Frost asked what was going on, so Felipe told her to ask them and not him. Aqua said "everything.." "angry r__s babies". Frost said "so thats angry", so Felipe told her "da one and only".    Felipe was then brb for a minut 

when he got back, Angry said "felope" so Felipe used the counter code to mock her. Frost told nigel "you know angry always do this nonsense.. just ignore it".  Felipe told her "i know, its kinda entertaining though...".  Frost then left.  Aqua said "im just going to be quiet....".  Angry said "no he ____ babies".  Donna finnaly decided to be helpfull (it took her half an house saddly) and super pooed Angry to death. Felipe thanked her for this, so she said "he lies and had a go and cherie". Felipe said "thats angry for ya".  Bloodwolf then came back, so frost(who came back) not knowing what he did greeted him. Felipe lagged Bloodwolf, killing him again.  Felipe said "to kill bloodwolf" to everyone. Frost asked why, so he said "he blamed me for nothing today". Aqua said "i hate laggers" so Felipe said "i hate bloodwolf just the same". Angry said "*points at felope*......lagger...". Aqua asked Felipe "just stop lagging pls". Frost asked Felipe why blood had blamed him, so he told her "he told me i pooed on him when it was a clone and harassed me the whole afternoon".  Angryswan said "laggingbabyfarterrapist" to felipe. frost said "Errrr".  Felipe then decided he had had enough, so he told them not to listen to bloodwolf or angry, and left.


ft Ace, i♥felipe, Wolfgirl, ✿✿✿✿

Felipe went back to indystry 6 and found donna and jack there. Felipesaid "i needed a break from that". Frost welcomed him back, and said "oki lucky he leaved for now".  Felipe said "i hope he stays gone".  Frost said "if you dont say anything to him he gets bored and stops.". Felipe told frost that he had hoped that angryswan had left for good, for he haddent been seen for days, but he obviosly hadnt left.  Frost asked "how old is that guy" so Felipe said "i dont want to know". Frost then said "ace is in city1 just so you know". Felipe was saying "well, his spelling was better.. wait what???" and left for city 1 after hearing ace's name, leaving frost at industry 6.  he told her he would be at hill5 before he left. 

Felipe found ace and the two went to hill5, and frost was there waiting for them. Felipe pointed out to a- ce that he could only see the symbols in his name and nothing els. he told ace he would take a picture of it for proof and did. Ace asked if it was normal in the chat, and it was, so frost and felipe told him.  Ace said "thats abnormal".  After this there was a long silence. Felipe broke the silence saying "why's it so quiet". Ace said "dunno".  Ace then told frost "were becoming like you" for frost was known to say nothing for a while.  Frost said "there is nothing ineresting to talk about".   Ace then asked felipe what happend to him, for he wasnt talking mutch. Ace said "you changed somehow, i can tell by your energy". Felipe said it was just because he was tired.  He then said "after what happend at in6, im tired..". Ace asked what happend, so fros ttold him about what angryswan was up to.  Felipe said "angryswan. you know the rest.".  Frost said "dont take it so seriosly you know he annoys everyone". Ace asked "oh.. was i there?" but he wasnt.  Felipe went on saying "ya.. but donna was stupid enough to belive him..n if she does, cherie does, then everyone does".  Ace then said "frost you female o-o?".  She told him "how many times do i have to tell you that?".  Ace said "dunno" so Frost asked him "what e.o". 

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.38.31 PM

After chatting for a bit, someone named "i♥felipe" came on. Felipe asked "whyyyyyyy why do i always get the stalkers????".  Ace said "dunno, think they like ya nigel". he then asked felipe "nigel help, she called my acey how do i deal with it?".   felipe didnt answer for he was trying to ger undergound so that i♥ felipe couldnt kill him. someone els named "bareface(or bearface idk i forgot) was also tryng to kill him.  I♥ felipe ended up killing felipe. when he got back, he mannaged to get underground so no one could kill him.  he said "heh, yes, kill meh now!".  Frost then left, so ace asked felipe "how do i deal with females like frost?" felipe said "you already got a gf dont you?" so ace said he did.  Felipe said "then dont try". ace said "im not." "my old self is gone nigel.". Felipe didnt listen, only doing  a e.e in big letters.   ace said "it was hald demon after all.....".  felipe did an even bigger e.e to this.  Ace aske "do you know "her"?" so felipe said "her?". so ace said "no, her". felipe asked who he was talking about, so ace said "locket...".   meenwhile, wolfgirl killed i♥ felipe and yelled "fcken kid!".  i♥ felipe then came back as "ihatewolfgirl" so ace superegged it to death.  Felipe then said "wait.. you mean populargirl?" but didnt get an answer. i♥ felipe then came back as "felipeismine".  Felipe left for 10 minuts to get away from it asking "take care of that idiot over there pls?".  

ater he went back, and found mei misaki and "✿✿✿✿"there.  ace asked "why the hell is flower thing here?" so felipe told him "its lisha.". Ace said "i didnt see it" . Felipe said "the flower thing, its lisha, my stalker, fires x". he then said "it speeks flower language". ace said "wait, it was with fire?" so felipe told him "that idiot been with 5 people".   ace and felipe then tried to go to hill3, but it followed them. Felipe said "i hate lisha!!!!!!" . ace asked if she spoke english, so felipe told him "she speaks flower language". ace said "this is?" so felipe said "come on lisha, show him". ace said "ye show me".  after lisha didnt say anyhting, felipe said "she speeks with only the symbols in her name, me n eren made up the name". Ace asked if felipe understood the language, but he said he didnt. Felipe told ace that the only words she said were "i need you" "i love you" "i want you". ace said "does flower girl know english? so felipe said "she speaks a bit".  Felipe then asked flo wer thing is she rememberd him, but she still didnt say anything.   Felipe then went over to lisha who was in the house, but ace beat him to it and tried to kill her but it got away. Felipe said "aaaaww you beat me to it :/". Ace said "aaww nigel".  Lisha, who was now running from them, crashed into a fence, so Felipe mocked her saying "hahahah fail". lisha killed him for this.  Felipe then got the idea  to try and make her talk using "flower language" but it didnt work.  ace then had to leave so felipe left, not wanting to be left with flower thing.   

Lesson learned

ft Male owl, Female owl, Ariana

at snow 5 Felipe met someone named "maleowl" who claimed he was sad. when Felipe asked why he was sad, he said his friend had left and not returned. Felipe asked him who this friend was, and he said "ariana". Maleowl then said that Ariana had been using the name "femaleowl". Felipe told him not to be with her, telling him she was a "stalker" and a "cloner". Male owl got mad at him for this, and they started to argue, Felipe claimg that she was using him.  Eventually, Female owl returned, and Felipe emediatly started accusing her of using Maleowl, thinkign she was the real ariana.  She told him she never did that, and demanded male owl to tell her what Felipe had said to him while she was gone. He told her that Felipe called her a "stalker" anda "troller". She got mad at Felipe and the two tried to kill him. Felipe now realized that she wasnt the real one, and apoligized. he told her that he was to kill ariana on sight whenever he saw her and thta was why. She eventually forgave him, after realizing why he did this.   He told her that she shouldnt tell anyone that her named Ariana, for most people kill her on sight.  


ft Glimmer, Boo,

Later at snow 3  Felipe met someone named "glimmer" who was harassing someone named "boo". She was telling someone to "get out". Boo was saying "you were always glimmer" so glimmer said back "what does that mean.".  Felipe asked "why get out?". Glimmer told him "get out" so he said "why?" so glimmer repeated this.  Felipe said "wtf? why?". Boo said "you never changed your name in this game".  Felipe asked boo who glimmer was, but instead glimmer answerd him saying "im glimmer". Felipe said "angry glimmer".  Boo said "i think an owl". Glimmer said "boo is ugly" so boo said "you are too". Glimmer said "no im not!". so boo told her "who said that.".  Felipe said "how can we know that? maybe your ugly as hell". Glimmer said "im beautiful!" while boo laughed at felipes comment.  Felipe said "just cause your name sounds pretty dont mean you are, glimmy". boo agreed.  Felipe said "gliiiiimmmmmmyyyyyy".  Glimmer told boo "your a degenerated slug", so boo said "no im not." Glimmer said "y'all gross n ugly". Glimmer then left after insulting everyone. Felipe said "bahahah she ran away".  Felipe then told boo "dont feed the trolls" and left. 


The _PKG

ft Gamerz, Ace, Angryswan, Giggetygoo(still named bloodwolf)

on july 29 Nigel(named felipe) hung out with Gamerz and Ace for a while. He joined there new group called the "peace keeper group" aka the Pkg. later Gamerz showed them his hack where he could fly upsidedown and what not. Bloodwolf came on and caused trouble as usual.   after hanging out for a while, Angryswan came on. Her first name was "someone" and it tried to lag everyone out but failed. Nigel lagged her and everyone els out (except gamerz he had left) to mock her. When it got back, he said "that worked, didnt it?".  Someone said "aha" and left. When sit got back, it had renamed herself "angryswan_pkg" so Nigel said "god kill me now please".  Angryswan said "as always........" and left again. When it got back, it had renamed itself again, now named "felope_pkg". it asked nigel "what is the "_pkg" you speak of?". Nigel told her  " its called peace keeper group. its for keeping trash like you out of the game". After getting no answer, he told it "well, you asked".  Angry said "why would i join that!!!!!!!!".  Nigel told her "well, your not cause were not letting you" "dont even dream about it". Angry said "you cant make me!". Nigel replied "we dont want you in it". he then told her "you actually on our kill list, you better be carefull". Angry said "oh... idea(^_^".  Nigel asked what idea, but she didnt answer.  Bloodwold came on, and said "oh a clone" seeing angry who was named felope. Nigel told him "meet angryswan the ________".  Bloodwolf said "you just ruined the funny moment" so nigel told him to shut it.  Blood said "dammit stop doing that".  Blood then killed Felope while Nigel cheered him on. Blood laughed after killing angry, so Nigel said "be happy now. it might clone you next".  Blood said "it wont though....".  Angry then came on as "ihateyou_pkg" so Nigel, who had enough, left. 


the rebel 

ft Ace,

On july 31 Nigel met ace. The two went to Hill5, after ace said he wasn't happy. At Hill5, ace told nigel "were sharing our turf with a rebel."". Nigel asked him where there "turf" was, so ace told him it was city5 and down. Nigel asked who it was, and it turned out to be "baby hawk". Nigel had known Babyhawk a while ago, and was friends with him even though most others hated him. Nigel asked ace "wait i thought he left?" so ace said "no". Nigel told ace he hadent seen Babyhawk for a while, but ace and the other pkg's had. Nigel went on saying "last time i saw him was with some barn owl at city 5". Ace only stared at nigel, so Nigel, realising what ace was telling him, said "uh.. is he bad..?". Ace said nothing, then said "nigel.". Nigel asked what so Ace said "are you in my clan?". Nigel, now realising what ace was saying said "um... your enemies with him?". Ace said no, supizingly so Nigel asked why ace hated him. Ace said it wasn't him who hated baby hawk, it was baby hawk who hated him. Ace explained to Nigel what had happened between him and Baby's sister.  

After this, Ace and Nigel started deciding who would be in what group of the PKG. There were 4 groups, as ace explained. First one was the leader, deputy, and an old PKG member. second one was fighters, third debaters and forth was people who teach others about the pkg. Nigel asked ace what the PKG did, so ace said "peace keeper gang, we stop fights and bad hackers". Nigel asked "do you kill killers and bad people?" ace said they did, so Nigel asked if they had a "wanted dead list". Ace said someone was on his, and told nigel not to tell anyone who it was for only him and Gamerz knew about it. Nigel then asked Ace if they should add Ariana and Angryswan to the list, seen as they were nothing but trouble. Ace ignored him and said "i think you'l fit in with the debaters or the teachers." Nigel said "probably debaters". so Ace said "they help the whole clan".  Nigel asked "do you have like an advisor who tells you who you should kill?". Ace said "debate on what ever a person needs debating on it the clan".  Ace then said "you need to know the whole clan". Ace then listed off the people who were in the clan, one of them being "mei", she was decribed as being quiet, but a good fighter.  

After this, Nigel set up a website for ace to use for the pkg. 


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