Gull clan

on febuary 2 nigel met levi at insutry7. They were bored so they decided to make a clan. They named it the "gull clan" and went to hill5. Nigel would spam different rooms about it to get people. They got about 10, and Greentea(someone who dosnt like him) was jelous. Nigel and Levi stayed at hill5 for a while with the clan until he had to leave.


Nigel, Spring and Jewel 

Nigel fights blu and jewel.

ft Springtrap, Jewel, Blu and Flora

on febuary 3 nigel went to city 5 where he met purple paws and noname. the noname told nigel that he "hated him" then disappeared. after a few minutes the noname came back using nigels name and started spamming that "purple was a sl__". Nigel told him not to copy his name and kept arguing with him until he left. Noname then came back with Nigels old name Lord Shen and they kept arguing.

Nigel got bored and eventually left and went to island1 where he saw there were 2 birds named blu and jewel. Nigel was bored so he decided to start killing blu and jewel(just to troll them because they were naming themselves after the movie "rio" and nigel is the enemy in the movie). Jewel got mad at nigel and continuasly killed him. Nigel kept saying sorry but jewel believed he was lying. So Blu told them both to go to island7. after fighting They finally forgave each other there. Then spring trap came to island7 and started talking to nigel. Blu then had to leave, claiming he had to go to bed, and it was Jewel's little sister Flora's turn to go on FLAB3 so she came on and jewel left. .Flora Nigel and Spring were bored so spring got the idea to role-play that they were watching a movie! They decided on the movie rio(seen as Nigel and Jewel were named after it). Spring was listening to music while flora was passing around popcorn.

after a little while Flora decided It was Jewels turn so she left and Jewel returned(it was her turn again) and watched with them. after a little while the clone of Nigel came back with nigels name lord shen. he kept killing everyone and ruined the night.


feb 4 

ft Stormy the falcon, Lexi the falcon, Springtrap, Anopheles, Dishyan, Blackfire, Kapro, Fluffy, and blackwidow.

on febuary 4 nigel went to city5 where a bird named stormy the falcon was saying stuff about the movie rio and how nigel reminded him of nigel from rio. so nigel started acting like nigel from rio. spring trap then came on and met nigel there where he taught her how to go in a building as a seagull. nigel and another bird named lexi the falcon kept arguing about stuff, mostly from the movie rio. then spring and nigel went to discuss the problem with levi being ace bandit. Nigel still thought that levi was ace bandit claiming that levi was hanging out with another guy, ace did this too.

later that day nigel met spring again and went to island5 with her to "finnish watching their movie" when Dishyan(nigels friend) met them there.then a bird named Anopheles came on and started stalking them. Nigel just ignored her. after a while they went to hills cape 5 to get away from anopheles but she just followed so they kept ignoring her. Nigel told Dishyan about Levi being ace bandit but Dishyan kinda of believed him. Dishyan then asked Nigel if he saw Blackfire. Nigel didn't like blackfire because the other day she killed him and his friends for fun when he was making a swan army. Black fire eventually came on and then left with Dishyan.

after a while Kapro came to hill5, he was one of Nigels best friends. Spring ended up leaving so Nigel stayed with kapro. nigel got bored so he started calling kapro named like Kappy claiming it was "cute". this made kapro mad so he started attacking Nigel. Nigel said sorry so he stopped. Then a bird named jared who was a hyena came to hill5. he started role play fighting with Kapro. Kapro ended up biting jareds head off killing him. then a bird named Fluffy arrived. Fluffy got mad at kapro and tore off his wing, so kapro smacked him. Then blackwidow came on and joined in the arguing. Fluff then threatened to kill nigel but nigel told him he would just come back as a ghost and haunt him. Nigel then killed fluffy with a knife. Nigel then left.


The deal 

ft Ariana

On february 8 2016 Nigel met a noname at hills cape 5 with a bunch of russian people he was lagging out(making everyone depart for fun) Nigel was using the name "felipethemacaw" so people wouldn't know it was him. The noname kept asking why nigel was lagging people out and was getting mad at him. Nigel realized the no name was similar to someone he knew so he asked him who he was. The no name turned out to be Ariana, the person who was cloning people a lot. so nigel told her who he was. Nigel made a deal with her and she told him she wouldn't use his name.


the hidden room.. 

Spring tells nigel about the mysteriouse "cloud" room.

ft Sadness, Berny, Gamerz, Springtrap, Blackfire, Killerswan(angryswan), Kapro.

On February 9 2016, Nigel(had the name joy, the name he uses to spy on people) went to Island2 in the mourning where he met a bird named "sadness" and another one named berny and they hung out together. eventually Gamers found him there and started killing Sadness for fun to piss Nigel off. Nigel then had to leave, telling gamer he would get back at him later.

later that night Nigel met springtrap(his best friend) and they went to island5 together. there Nigel made a "swan army" for spring. He would line up all of the swans, then make different patterns with them. Blackfire then came on But didn't do anything. after hanging out there for a while Nigel and Spring went to industry 5 where spring claimed that there was a "hidden room" that you got to by flying into a building. Nigel didn't really believe her until a noname also claimed to have this "cloud" room. the room was claimed to be an old room that gamevial never used, and had planes instead of cars. A bird named "killer swan" then started killing them so they went back to Hill5 where they met kaprosuchus. Kapro didn't know anything about this. Spring also claimed that she had fly like a bird 4 instead of 3 but found out that it was a fake. after a while they went back to industry5. spring claimed to have forgotten how to do the glitch and only her friend knew how to do it. after a while spring left and didn't come back.


emily the stalker. 

Emily stalks nigel. 

ft Emily

on febuary 10 he met emily at the island5 and argued about the wasp. Nigel claiming to have killed some.Emily didn't believe he could, but he proved it to her. She then stalked him to industry5 and Started making clones of herself to creep nigel out. She then followed him back to Island5 and claimed that he was her mate and he couldn't do anything about it. She then tried to do "stuff"(trust me it nasty..) to Nigel but he left before she could.

A few days later Emily was cloning herself for attention.


feb 11 

ft Levi, Eren, 

On february 11 Nigel met Levi at city6 hanging out with a bunch of friends. he was looking for Eren as usual. Nigel told him to go to hil5 and started accusing him of being Acebandit again, telling him that he did everything that ace would do. levi swore he wasn't ace bandit but that still didn't convince him. Nigel found out that Levi was hanging out with another guy, this was what ace did too. Nigel and levi eventually stopped and nigel left.


valentines day 

ft Springtrap

on february 12

Shen met Spring at island5 where he made a special swan army for her for Valentines day. He linded them all up in Heart shapes.


Vokun gone crazy 

ft Vokun, Eren, Levi, Blackwolfking, 

on febuary 15 2016.

Nigel met levi at hillscape5 with Eren, levi claimed that Ace was back. Nigel started demanding what levi knew about this return. He claimed that vokun knew and she was at hilscape6. Nigel went to hill6 and got Vokun to go to hill4. Vokun said that Ace was indeed back and that he met her 2 days ago. As usual nigel started to go on about how levi might be ace, but Vokun thought different. Voken, not knowing that Nigel was aces friend found out, Getting mad at him. Nigel tried to reason with Voken, claiming thatat he only tied to help ace get out of the madness that he was falling into. vokun then turned on nigel and started to try and kill him, claiming that her new plan was to kill all of aces friends after he took her family. Nigel kept trying to beg vokun not to kill him, saying stuff like "what do you want??? free pizza? i can do anything!! just don't kill me!!!!". Nigel would also constantly try to make it into a joke, saying stuff like "all this over a gay guy who cheated on girlfriends.. jeesh what has this gotten into.." but vokun wasn't falling for anything and kept trying to kill nigel. Nigel kept trying to claim that ace set him up, but again vokun didn't fall for it, and ended up Killing nigel and leaving before he could do anything. (Nigel is still alive, its just role-play.)

Nigel then returned a few minutes later and went to industry6 where he met souf(blackwolfking) again. he told him that Vokun had gone mad, telling him to be careful because vokun was out to kill anyone that knew ace. Souf claimed that he would "take care of ace" if he did actually return but nigel asked him to wait until he could talk to him. Nigel wanted to put a stop to anything before it happened, also claiming that ace hadn't even done anything to anyone yet, if he even did return. Vokun came back and started acting weird. rping that she was going insane and wanted to kill. nigel mocked her because he was still alive, she had failed to kill him so She told him she would kill him again. nigel went to hill 4 . she followed him there and killed him once, so nigel became a swan and went underground. Nigel tried to reason with vokun but she insisted that she had to kill all of ace's friends to get back at him for making her clan fall and killing all of her friends. Nigel told her that killing wasn't the answer but she didn't seem to listen. He then kept mocking her because she couldn't kill him, and then he had to leave.


the discussion | nigel's ghost story 

ft Green swallowtail, Greenswallows mate, Springtrap, Eren, Gamerz, polyboros,  Silverwolf, Faithfirecat, Satan, Levi, Deeznuts and Angryswan.

on february 16 Nigel went to hillscape1 that morning where he met a noname who was arguing with another bird named green swallowtail. the other bird was his mate, She kept accusing the nonage for cheating on her. Noname tried to convince her that it was a different bird but she didn't believe him.. Nigel then left them and went to cityscape2 where he met spring trap. Nigel and Spring went back to hill5 where he warned her about ace's return. She then told him that she saw ace yesterday, he was yet again lying about cancer to people. spring then had to go. Nigel went back to hill1 and met nonage and green again .green swallowtail then decided to go to the "butterfly"game and went. Noname and nigel met her there.

Later that evening Nigel met Eren and went to hillscape5 with him. he told him about the return of ace bandit, and warned Eren that levi could possible be ace. gamer came on and Nigel told him about Ace and they started discussing it. gamer claiming he was on ace's side and that he would defend him. Eren pointed out that it was like they were discussing world war 3. Nigel told gamers that he would only give ace one chance. if he acted stupid or started the faking again that was it and he would let Voken and Souf have him. Gamers questioned nigel, asking "so you wouldn't help your friend..?". but nigel told him that he had had enough of all of the problems, Gamers agreed. Gamers then told Nigel that he met some of the wasps that had returned. Nigel saying "aw crap, just what i need! both Ace, and Wasps to deal with . double trouble.. Gamer also mentioned that he was a spy for people, not saying who. he also say bady1, one of Nigels old friends at city1 the other day.

Nigel got bored so gamer told him about a ghost he saw that night, and then telling him to say "Blue baby 13 times in the bathroom", and also talking about the "bloody marry challenge". Nigel then told gamer a ghost story: - So one night(late september) i was home alone, my mom was in the pump room trying to fix the gas thing or what ever, it kept going on and off blah blah bla... so  all of a sudden my dog started barking like mad, and ran to the kitchen but stopped dead in her tracks,  i could only see a bit of the kitchen and what ever had scared her was juuust out of my sight..  then for some reason the light flickerd like something passed by it and.. (gamer started spamming randomness) thank you for that gamer.. and then the dog ran like mad into the bedroom and was sitting there shaking. i went to check and saw only a shadow turn around the corner and disappear out the door. then i looked down and my cat was just sitting there staring at me. after that gamers had to leave and Springtrap came on.

Nigel and Spring went to island5 where they made bird armies. Nigel lined up the birds so that 2 swans stood together facing each other then the same with ring necks starling and robins making a pattern. he then lined up a bunch of swans like they were having a meeting. after a while nigel and spring went to Hill5 after the swan army was killed by one of the wasps polyborus. they met satan there. Nigel went afk for a few minuts and a bird named "queen wasp" came on and killed him. When he returned he accused satan of killing him but then found out it was really Queenwasp. spring then had to go, and nigel left too.

Later Nigel went to Hillscape5 where Silverwolf, Faithfirecat and Satan were. there was also a bird named "scary" who was going on about different fears. Nigel realized that this bird was probably "be afraid" from 2 months ago at industry7. be afraid would also go on about how he was afraid of everything. Later on Nigel left after killing scary and satan and the others leaving. Nigel met King macaw who he hadent seen for a while. Levi was also there and started talking about his friend having cancer. Nigel warned him not to talk about that stuff especially since ace had just returned. people might think that levi was ace, seen as ace did the same thing, going on about cancer. Levi then left telling nigel that he would be back at the city. Nigel then told Silverwolf, who had just arrived, about ace and then left.

he then went to city1 where he lagged the game for fun, killing cherie., he used the name felipe. he met angry swan and deeznutz.  

note : This was one of the first times angry actually started trolling city 1. he used the name "angryswan" thus earning the name.   from then on he would troll almost everyone in flab3.  


Sachas return.

ft Sacha, Noname(vokun?), Gamerz, Eren, Levi, Jared, Spring, 

on feruary 17 Nigel went to Island 5 where he met a bird named sacha. Nigel knew her from a long time ago andhad heard of her return. She and a Noname were both arguing over who owned the islands, Sacha claiming to own it , and the no name saying that the wasps owned it. Nigel stepped in claiming that he was the one who really owned it. after arguing nigel told sacha that she could have one side, the side with the volcano and dock, and nigel could have the other side with hill and huts. Nigel left the small island for the noname(and wasps) much to the nonames displeasur.  Gamer later met Nigel and went to the hillscape, where he tought nigel how to swear withought blocking it.  Him Gamers, Bluetailedhawk and frost all met at City7 where they poofight as macaws. Nigel left.

he then returned and found Gamerz again where they talking about stuff at Hill5. gamer asking stuff about death and werid stuff(im not saying anymore for gamerz sake). After that he found Eren and hung out with him for a while. Levi and spring then came on. Nigel went to island4 with spring after she claimed to have seen acebandit at snow1 that morning, but it turned out to be a clone.Nigel was also mad because jared the hyena had tried to r___ spring earlier that morning. Nigel decided he would kill jared when he saw him again to get even with him, Levi decided he would help(they went back to hill4). 

after being with spring, she had to leave, so nigel went to industry7 where he met a bird anmed "icouldntthink". He thought he might know him/her but it turned out that he didnt so he went back to hillscape 5 and found Levi trying to kill Eren. Nigel asked why Levi was so mad at Eren and levi claimed that eren called him a "midget". Nigel claimed that it was a mild insalt compaired to some of the things he had seen said before. They then all went to hilscape4 where they met blackfire. Levi left and eren complained that he was only joking aobut calling levi a midget. a noname then started spamming the server, and everyone randomly left. 


Nigel, Eren, Levi vs Vokun the crazy bird

ft Levi, Eren, Vokun, Jared, Kapro,

springtrap goes missing?

on february 18 nigl went to hills cape 1 that morning. He met jared the hyena and told him to go to hills cape 5. there he started demanding him about what he did to spring trap the other morning. Jared claimed that he had a bad memory and couldn't remember anything, but nigel accused him of lying. Nigel finally gave up and told jared that if he touched spring trap again he would die. jared then started asking Nigel where Kapro was, seen as he seen him for a few days. Nigel told jared that kapro only came on once in a while and late in the day. Nigel then left.

later that day Nigel met levi and eren at industy3. he then saw that vokun was there. Vokun was still mad at Nigel and wanted him dead after what happened two days ago. nigel started arguing with her, saying stuff about ace. Levi then asked why and nigel told him that vokun hated ace and wanted everyone who knew him dead. Vokun claimed that Nigel was defending ace and Levi questioned him, But nigel claimed he wasn't on anyones side.Levi continued asking Nigel and Vokun about the situation, claiming he felt like "Dr. Phil(a lawyer from a tv show ). Nigel told Vokun she needed to get over it, and that the Ace bandit problem happened a year and a half ago. But vokun didn't even listen claiming  "would u get over it if someone killed ur family in cold blood and ur home was destroyed!". Nigel never even knew anything about Vokun and Aces relationship.Nigel finally gave up and went to levi who was amusing himself by watching a "moonwalking suit". Eren then came over to see and threatened to kill it. Levi got mad telling him "if you kill it i will kill you", while doing this he walked to close to the suit and it ended up killing him while Nigel and Levi watched. Eren then killed it for killing levi. All while this was happening Vokun was still trying to Kill nigel using different methods.Nigel just ignored her telling her to get a life. Nigel then decided to leave and go look for spring trap. but he never found her..


the cloner 

ft Poi,  Sacha, Ariana, Phoridae, mad hatter, nice princes, Thunder, Levi, Eren and Dj

on february 19 Nigel checked the "Gamevial community" and found out that one of the Gamevial people would be on a different game called "Uberthon". So Nigel went to the game and started waiting. Eventually the Gamevial guy came on with the name Poi(nigel already knew he would use this name). So Nigel started telling him about how Flab3 haddent been updated for more than a year. Poi told him they would update it after a few other games were updated. Nigel then started telling him about how he had played flab 1 2 and 3 and all of that.

Later Nigel went to Island5 where he met sacha and levi. Sacha was saying rude stuff about levi and calling him a girl. Nigel asked if she knew he was a boy, and she said she didn't even know him at all. levi told nigel that Sacha knew nothing about him. Nigel then had to go for a minute and while he was away levi started pooing on him. Nigel came back and started demanding levi why he pooed on him, saying stuff like "i thought we were friends????". Levi just said that Nigel was gone so he decided to poo on him, nigel replied saying "i was just brb". levi was then quiet and didn't say anything. Nigel started getting mad asking him things but he still didn't say anything. A bird named Phoridae then entered, and nigel asked if he knew her, thinking it might be a wasp. She didn't know him. Nigel left for a little while.

Nigel came back and went to Snow6 where Levi and another bird named "mad hatter" were. A bird named "Nice Princess cam in and said rude stuff then emidiatly left. Nigel thought this was strange because the bird named "scary" from a few days ago did that. Then a bird named Fluffy Hicue came on. He told Nigel to go to Hill5 where he could talk to him. Nigel Thought that Flulffy was levi, he was confused because levi was in snow6 with someone els. but it turned out that Fluffy was actually levi, He had been cloned by ariana all day. He proved this to nigell telling him he was the deputy of the gull clan. Nigel the asked levi if he had been at island 5 earlier claiming "well someone with ur name was there poopin on me -_-". Levi told Nigel that it was actually Ariana, the person who cloned people all the time. Levi Asked Nigel if he was friends with ariana, remembering that he was said something about her before. Nigel said that he was friends, but that she was a "weird" person. levi claimed that he "hated her" and that he wished that she would be chased away too, like ace bandit was, but he never mentioned ace when saying this. 

Nigel and Levi then stopped talking about this and Nigel told him that "something weird happened today". Levi asked what and Nigel said "4 fighter plane things flew over my house. so random.". Levi Then told Nigel that "things were still tense in paris after the isis thing happened. Nigel didn't know that levi was levying i paris so he asked him about it. Nigel then reassured levi that "anyways, i live on a tiny island. so they cant realy get away with flyin over. even if it was something....els." Levi asked Nigel where he lived, so he told him he was in Bermuda. Levi was jealous about this. Nigel then told levi a bit about bermuda saying "the joy of bermuda weather.  one minut, blue sky! next minut. scary as hell storms". Levi then started worrying that Eren might find the clone and something bad could happen, so Nigel suggested going back to hillscape5 where it would be easier for Eren to find them. When they got there they were suprized to find the clone levi and Hugo(another person claiming to be levi) there already. Nigel asked levi if they should go somewhere els seen as things were getting a bit out of hand, but levi just told he would "go somewhere els" and left. Nigel then found him at Industry6. 

  later Nigel went to Snow6 where he met Live and Eren, who were hiding from the clone bye using the names Ryan Ross(Eren) and Brendon Uri(levi). Nigel knew that the clone was at island5, and was messing stuff up so he told them that it was there, but found out that they already knew. So Nigel decided to go and see what was was happening. When nigel(he was using the name "felipe" to trick them) got there he found Levi ackerman arguing with Sacha. Felipe told her that Levi wasn't the real one, but sacha knew already. Fake Levi started trying to talk to Felipe but he told him to "shut up, fake". Another bird that was there, crystel, was getting confused but Felipe told her that he was Nigel and she understood(she had known him with both names).

  Nigel then went back to Snowscape 6 after nothing worked to get the clone to stop. Nigel told them that he "tried to stop the clone" but "failed.". After a few minutes a fake Eren came on, but failing to realize that it was them, left soon after. Nigel mocked it saying "a Eren clone came on but left, it didnt know tis us ahahahaha!  " Thunder, a bird Nigel had known before, then came on. Nigel told her who he was, for he still had the name "felipe". Nigel Eren Levi and Thuner all decided to go to Island 5 so that the clone wouldn't find them again. Nigel told them all to change there names, so they did, agreeing with his plan. A bird named Joker then came on, Nigel knew him too. levi then started complaining that it was "too crowded" and he was getting "claustrophobic". Nigels reply was "this is a god damned island how can you feel croweded????". Levi and Eren ended up leaving due to Levis complaining, so Joker and Pancake(thunder) just hung out. A Bird named DJ was trying to lag the server, but nigel stopped him using a counter code. Dj was dumbfounded to how Nigel could do this. Dj then started going on about how he was "gay" claiming that he had 5 boyfriends, to mock pancake because she didn't have any boyfriends. Nigel then told him "so you admit that you are cheating" to get back at him. Dj didn't realize this and shut up. He then started asking about how nigel stopped the lag but he wouldn't tell him. Pancake then left for a little while so it was just Nigel and Joker. Dj left. Joker asked if Nigel wanted to go to City1. but he said no because it was always way to crowed. Nigel then realized he said what levi said and said "oh god. now im getting like levi. f***." Dj Then came back with the name "killer hunter" trying to fool them but they went. Nigel then had to leave.


Vokun again

ft Levi, Diamond, Vokun, Gamerz,

  on february 21 Nigel went to cityscape 6 where Levi ad Diamond were. While he was talking with them a Noname started cursing and yelling at him. Nigel asked why, not realizing who it was. The nonage turned out to be Vokun, The bird who had tried to kill him a few days ago. Nigel decided to ignore her and continued talking with levi and diamond, trying to explain to then why Vokun hated him so much. Vokun then started trying to kill nigel, managing to kill him once. Levi started getting fed up, as Nigel and Vokun contained arguing, threatening to leave. Nigel told him not to leave and "leave him with that "thing"". Levi told them if they didn't shut up and stop fighting he'd go. Nigel kept talking with people, continuing to ignore vokun. Vokun started trying to insult Nigel, Thinking this would start a fight. He called Nigel a "fish guzzling flying rodent". levi was finally fed up with all of this, saying he was leaving if they didn't shut up. Gamerz then came on and started asking nigel why the "Noname" kept pooping on him, not knowing it was Vokun. Voken wouldn't tell Gamerz who he was, thinking no one would tell him, But nigel told Gamerz pissing off vokun even more. Gamerz started asking why they were fighting, so Vokun claimed that Nigel was in "alliance" with ace bandit. gamers started questioning if nigel was really in alliance with ace, wondering if he had been lying and covering up for ace like token had said. Nigel and vokun continued arguing, While levi claimed that "this is getting really stupid now". Vokun then started trying to make nigel leave by throwing stuff at him. Nigel got bored and ignored him. Vokun then started asking levi to help him throw stuff at nigel but levi refused. Nigel questioned why levi was friends with vokun, but levi said he was on no ones side. Levi didn't want to help them seen as they were both of his friends, though he mentioned that Vokun might not be anymore. Nigel then god bored and left.


Nigel and delta 

ft Rio2 Jewel ,bad Noname, Good noname, Jacktheripper,Deltastryke, 

on february 22 Nigel was at city 2 fighting a nonage when he met a bird named "rio2 jewel". he made friend with her and went to island2 to get away from the Noname. there they met a good Noname and nigel taught them how to go underground. He then met sacha there. They then went to hills cape 5 where nigel taught them the underground glitch   

Nigel went to cityscape 1 later that night where he met a bird named "jacktheripper". Jack kept asking nigel if he knew him, but nigel was getting killed a lot so they went to hills cape 5. At hill5 there was a bird named "deltastryke" who was asking if anyone saw the "role play cat people". Nigel told her that he hated the cats and that he was glad they were gone. he told her that "the cats are gone, and shall stay gone..". Nigel claimed that it was just stupid to let cats play on a bird game. Jack, who had been completely forgotten by nigel already, left. Delta told nigel that he was "racist" for hating cats for no reason. Nigel told her to "ask the shaddowclan" why he hated them. Delta didn't believe that nigel knew the shaddowclan and asked him if he knew their leader. Nigel told her it was dapple frost. Nigel told her he had been around since the game was made, seen as she claimed to have too. Nigel then told her why he hated the shadow clan, telling her "I hate them because dear Dapplefrost let me join then hated me because i couldnt "roleplay" enough for her and didnt want to be a cat, so she kicked me out and got all of the clans to go against me. for a long time i was killed nonstop and hated…. because of her!" Delta then told nigel that she used to kill the cats a lot too. she then randomly left. 


Levi and ryuik 

Ft 351, Russian bird, Talha, Rarity, dark saga, dj, deadpool, ema, Ryuik, Blackfire, Levi, .

on february 23 Nigel went to snowcap 7 where there was a bird named 351(i don't remember, something with numbers..) killing a russian bird. Nigel decided to help and killed 351, saving the russian bird from being killed. The russian bird thanked nigel for it, then nigel left.                                                                           

then Nigel went to Island5 where a bird named Talha told him that she knew his other name was "joy". Talha turned out to be Northpole, someone Nigel knew. Another bird named "rarity" kept pooing on nigel and talha. Nigel asked rarity if he knew him but rarity just kept saying "go" and making annoyed faces at him. Nigel just told him "haha.. no. you dont own this place..". Rarity then started spamming the work "F__k and speak in a weird language. talha told nigel to ignore rarity, for she a bit crazy. Rarity then killed nigel, and when he came back he was a swan and went underground, mocking rarity for not being able to kill him. a bird named "dark saga(i think) then came on and asked nigel what rarity was doing, and nigel told him "i think it wants me to go. but im stayin." Rarity then tried to kill talha. nigel asked talha if she wanted to go to hill5 but she decided not to, so nigel left.                                                                  

he then went to city1 where a bird named Dj told him that spring trap had been looking for him the other day.                                                                  

he then went to City5 where he met 2 birds one named "Deapool" and the other named "ema". He asked deadpool if he knew him, he had known someone with that name, but it turned out that he didn't. Ema kept asking him to leave, but he wouldn't, he was asking deadpool who he was. Ema then kept saying "please" so nigel asked her "please what??". Nigel started getting confused. They then went to hill5 where nigel followed then, as a nonage. Blackfire and Gamerz when went there, asking nigel who he was. Nigel told them he was spying on them. He then went to island5 where he was spying on them again. he met ryuik who questioned him about spying.                                                                                                                                                           

later Nigel went back to hills cape 6 where he met blackfire and gamers again. levi and ryuik were there too. Ryuik started acting weird. saying innapropriet things to levi, and gamers left, not wanting to see what they were doing. Nigel then realized what they were doing and claimed "i can see why he left(gamer)" to blackfire. Nigel then realized that Levi was with Eren. So he asked Levi why he was cheating on him. Levi told him it would be fine, thinking nigel wouldn't do anything. But nigel said "and what would eren say if i told him about this little, "meeting".. hmmmm?". Levi ignored him so Nigel decided to go to hill5. Blackfire followed him. Nigel asked her why, claiming it was probably about Levi and Ryuik. But blackfire told him it wasn't. Nigel asked her why and she said she could say. Nigel then asked her if it was because she liked him. She said yes, but nigel didnt know what do to, seen as he was still with spring. Blackfire claimed that spring was her sister. Nigel never knew this. Nigel then started to complain about how ever since he was mates with spring, she was never on. After a little while of chatting, blackfire asked nigel why he was so nice to her, seen as she was rude and mean to him before. He told her it wasn't worth staying enemies with someone. blackfire then had to leave.                                                                                                                                                           


the return of Frodo. 

ft WrappedupFrodo, Gamerz, Souf, Clockwork, Levi, and Vokun. 

on feb 24 Nigel went to industry7 where to his suprize, a bird named "Wrappedupfrodo" was, along with levi gamers, Souf and a few others. Wrapped up frodo was a bird who, a long time ago, had made up game called the "World of birds". It all started when she told people that she would make a Fly like a bird4, seen as game vial wasn't updating anymore. She then changed the name from that to WorldofBirds. After a while people started realizing that she was copying a lot of the stuff she put on the wiki from other games. After this she ended up blaming someone els for a of it, and abandoning the game.

Nigel told frodo to go to hills cape 5, where he questioned her about the game, demanding answers for her lies. He told her that he knew about the hoax and that she never even started making the game. She again started telling him that it wasn't her and that it was sidonia crow. Nigel didn't believe her. She then told him "so, you believe Ender of the ends(wiki owner) lies too?. Nigel told her that he wasn't one of her followers and infact hated her. Nigel kept asking Frodo about the game. . Nigel then decided to change his name (he was using the name felipe) back to his normal name. When he got back she was gone, he went to in7 to see everyone els, where he found her. he told her not to leave randomly and they went back to hill5. he asked her if she would ever make the game again she told him she wasn't, seen as gamevial had threatend to sew her for copying their game. Nigel found out that she actually worked for gamevial, making bird models, but she was fired for some reason. She told him that they had abandoned the game and were working on a new game called " the vial", wich would bring Lif and Flab3 together. After talking for a while with Frodo and Gamerz(he came to hil5 shortly before) Frodo randomly left. Nigel sent gamers to go back and look for her but he never returned. Nigel and Souf, who had now joined, Talked a bit, Nigel told him about what happened with frodo a while ago. Nigel then left to check where gamer had gone, but when he got back Souf was gone. 

Later that day Nigel went to island7, where Clockwork and Levi were. Nigel handent seen clockwork for a while. Him Levi and Clockwork were talking for a little while. Clockwork asked nigel if she should change her name. Nigel told her he liked the name she had. They were talking about favorite songs and stuff like that when a bird named diamond started asking them to go to island5 and "kill sacha". Nigel knew this birds was the noname from a few days ago, who was arguing with sacha. After a little while Nigel and Clockwork went to Island5 where they met sacha. Vokun was also there, so Nigel told Clockwork to go back to island7. Before leave Nigel told Vokun to "f*** off" and then left. Vokun followed them back to Island7, getting mad at Nigel for what he said, claiming "i was actually thinking about not killing you". Vokun and Nigel kept arguing for a while then vokun finally left. Nigel and Clockwork decided to go to city2 and kill people, unfortunately Vokun was there. So Nigel and Clockwork(using the name syo) went back to island4, with a noname who joined them. They then started making a plan to take over island1. Shen lagged the game there, then had to go.


was ith levi and eren at snow6. levi was saying stuff and they didnt pay attention because nigel had just found out a new trick. levi let, and eren and nigel thought he left cause he was mad.  Just as he came back eh caught nigel saying he was weird. levi ask why and nigel and eren think he was mad at them because they didnt listen. nigel told him he might "hate " them.  levi asked that "did he really think i am that shallow, that i would hate u for not listning" nigel said they didnt know him well so anything could happen as nigel was brb levi left again, nigel asking. he left again?? df is wrong with him????. nigel ask if eren his bf  oh. id dint know. cause he was haning out with ryuik. doing .. stuff..   i told him i'd tell u.  just thought u should know   eren thanks for tellin me he was kidna cheatin on ya   that kinda stuff   oh good. a russian spy..  eren said he only had levi.. and him levi return not pleased levi said he would leave   u have us!!!!! syo come bakc on sayin  levo come and go againshe ship levi and erem(crappy i know, not finished)        


pristo's return 

ft Pristobrycon, Ariana, Death, Levi, Ert, Eren, Angel, Noname, Eyelessjack, and Clockwork.

On feb 29 Nigel went to Hillscape 6 where he mat levi. A noname(who Nigel found out was ariana earlier, she was spamming snow6) came on and nigel told levi to go to hill 4 quick. Ariana got there before both of them. Nigel and levi decided to ignore her. Death came on and started chatting with them. Levi told nigel that he "hit a frog on the road" that day. after a while of talking ariana had left and a bird named "Nigel" came on. Nigel thinking it was ariana accused it of cloning him, but the bird told him she wasn't Ariana and told nigel to go to hill5. Nigel told Death and Levi to stay and went with the other nigel. Nigel then found out that this "other nigel" was pristobrycon, a bird he was enemies with a while ago. Nigel and her started arguing, she told him that she "had to use his name" because she was being stalked by "baby hawk". a Noname then came on and it turned out it was levi. Levi questioned Nigel what he was doing with the other nigel, he just told him he was "sorting stuff out". Levi told pristo to get a different name like "popcorn" or "timmy". Nigel agreed. Pristo said she had to use Nigels name because no one would suspect it was her. Nigel told her to just use a name no one would think she would use. Nigel told pristo to tell levi he was brb.

Nigel returned, and pristo told nigel that he told levi that he had to leave. Nigel was mad at pristo because he told him he was brb not gtg. Levi then came back and Nigel told him that he was not gone. Nigel claimed "oh well… some people will be stupid". a bird named Ert came on and said "hi evil". Nigel thought he was talking to him because of his old name "evilbird". but it turned out he was talking to Levi. Levi told him his name was "levi" and not evil. Ert kept calling Levi "evil". Nigel claimed "and some people will never read". Ert then started acting weird telling levi he wanted to "rape" him. Nigel was brb while this happened. Nigel came back telling levi that his mom was "smacking a cabinet with a wash cloth because she was trying to kill moths". Levi then said he wished Eren was on to save him from Ert. Nigel told him the he would save him. Ert then started saying *r.pes evil* over and over again. Nigel claimed "its levi, so u ra.ped the wrong person idiot". Levi and Nigel ignored Ert while he repeatedly said *r.apes evil*. Nigel told him "role-play isn't that simple". He told levi "dumass, keeps saying "r.pes evil,  they never learn do they?" Ert then left, and a bird named "12345678910" came on. Levi was talking about Eren and 123 asked him "whats Eren?". Nigel told him Eren was a person, not a thing. Levi told 123 that Eren was his bff, so 123, who turned out to be Ert, started saying *kills Eren*. Nigel claimed that Eren wasn't even there. so 123 started saying *kills Eren when here*(yes you get people this stupid on flab3). after a while 123, getting bored, asked nigel "whats a door?". nigel replied saying "are you retarded??". 123 said "no" and asked him again. Levi then started singing a depressing song about people dying in A B C's. Nigel told him it was depressing, so 123 asked him whats depressing. Nigel told him that "depressing is something that is sad". 123 then asked "whats sad?" Nigel told him that "sad is a crappy feeling that makes you feel sad". Nigel then was brb and a Noname killed him.

Nigel returned demanding the noname where levi went. The Noname told a bird named "angel" to "do nigel next". angel said "what? i only have limited time before i have to rise up to heaven again" . Nigel asked what the hell was going on, then angel said "your futrue is you will live until 78  you will be a teacher and will have wife but you wont have kids", nigel mocked her saying "how cute, a fortune teller". Clockwork then came on and nigel asked her to "clockwork.. save me.. weird people here…". She went brb to get speed hack. Angel then told them she had to "rise up" now so she left. Nigel said he would go search for levi, Nonma claimed that levi had to leave but nigel told him "im not falling for that crap again ty very much. brb". he then found Levi,Eren and Eyelessjack at cityscape6. Nigel levi an Eren went to hillscape5. Nigel told levi that "the nonage thing said you left", Levi said "lol "thing"". Nigel told levi that it was a "thing"..

Levi Eren Nigel and Clockwork were all hanging out at hill5, Levi talking about how he had a stalker and whatnot. After chatting for a while levi told them that another person he knew died. Eren pointed out that "everyone dies around him". Nigel claimed that "he wasn't dying". Levi told them he wasn't dying "yet". Everyone said "yet???" at the same time, dumbfounded that levi would say something like that. He then started saying he might die, Nigel asking, "your not going to… kill yourself… are you?", levi claimed that "on new years eve" he would. Nigel was suspicious and told Eren to go to hllscape3 for a minute. When they got there he told Eren that he still thought Levi was Ace and that He was acting just like him. Nigel told Eren how he acted exactly the same. Eren said he didn't know ace but he would trust nigel. Nigel then told him to go back to hill5 and don't say anything to the others.   


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