2016 august


2016 august
2016 august

The return of the wasp.

ft Frost, Mysterious noname, Vespula, Giggetygoo(now named poltergeist..),Gamerz

August 3 

The noname.

Nigel went to city 1 as usual and met a noname there. for some reason the noname told him "cant talk here go to hill7". Nigel, thinking it was ace or gamerz, headed to hill7. When they got there, Nigel asked who this noname was, so it said "i am for babyhawk". Nigel said "ok. i know him/her" but he then realized what ace had said the day before. he asked noname "wait.. isnt babyhawk the pkgs enemie...?.". Nonme told him "first you must leave the pkg!" so Nigel said "..why should i?" Nigel flew over to the noname, who didnt think nigel could see his/her name. Noname said "you have nn seeing hacks?". Nigel told it " its not a hack, its called stupid nn who and be a nn" Noname said "oh..uh...well............................................thepkg has to die!".  Frost came on as nigel was saying "and, what you doina do? wipe us out when you cant even hide your name properly? i dont think so." he then say frost was there and said "hey frost!". Frost said ":| should i leave."  Noname emidiatly said "yes!!!!!" while nigel told her "uh.. maybe". Frost decided to leave so she did, leaving nigel and noname alone again.  Nigel told Noname "your -going up against me, and 2 hackers, you really think you can stop the pkg?".  Noname said "pkg stole my territoy". Nigel, not believing it, said "so, tough." Noname said "blackfire is now dead" so Nigel told it "shes not dead theres a clone of her if thats what your thinking of".  Nigel then asked  who are you anyways?".  Noname said "thats a long story....." Nigel asked it to say its name, but it ignored him saying "but you pkg will die!".  Nigel said "good luck with that, no ones there to help you". Nigel then told it "wait till gamerz n ace find out, there goina have a good time... killing you".  Noname said "i knew all along you worked for them...". Nigel said "so you better look out.". Noname said "quit the pkg", so nigel said "make me". Noname said "its time to join the...super colony...". Nigel was saying "if your ariana, you will suffer..." but then realized what noname had just said and said "wait what. oh hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  Noname said "no im someone els".   Nigel said "oh no.. your one of the crap wasps... are you..?". Noname said "i never forgot you."  nigel listed off some named he knew, including priso, vespula, and vokun. Noname said "possibly" when he said vespula, confirming who she was.  Nigel said Vespula....." while she said "nigel...."  Nigel then flew at her saying -"die!!!!!!!!", and killed her. When she got back, he told her "you better watch out your on our kill list now. your going to die".  Vespula said "well i could take pkg for myself!". Nigel then left for a minut and went to the pkg website and reported her to gamerz and ace. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.03.18 PM

Vespula.... Nigel.... >:(

WHen he got back he told her "i just reported you to gamerz" good luck". she asked him who that wa- s, so he told her "the person whos goina kill you".   Nigle then asked her if she really was vespula and she admited it this time. he said "you." while she said "why are you still alive" he told her "i had hope that you had died, but i guess thats gone now." he then nswerd her question and said "because im not stupid like you little s__y wasps".  vespula claimed "i came back, and im not leaving this time.". nigel said "i still remember when i killed melicafrons or whatever her name was, you should have seen that other who was with her's face".  vespula said "the others may not return.. but i will end the pkg.."  Nigel told her "well. i wish you luck.". Frost then came back, right as nigel was saying "what you you going to do?? sting us to death?? bahahahahahahahahahahahaa".  Frost said "sorry nigel, have you seen gamerz?" so he told her he hadent, so she left.  Vespula, realizing that nigel had mention gamerz earlier, said "but you said..? "ok nigel no more tricks!". Nigel, realizing what she ment, said "i reported to him on a website dips__".  Vespula asked "was blackfire the quen?" so he told her she wasnt. she asked "who is gamerz?" so he told her "gamerz is the leader".  Vespula said "i dont understand you pkg's very well.  Nigel told her "well, i dont understand you wasps".  Vespula asked "wheres the queen?" so he told her "there is no queen."   she started laughing and asked "no queen??!??!" so nigle told her that they didnt need one. she asked "polygyny?""is that what you pkgs do now?".  Nigel wnet and looked up what polygyny meant, and this is what he got: "polygamy in which a man has more than one wife." 

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.44.19 PM

what kind of sh_t do you come up with!???!

when nigel got back he asked vespula "what kind of sh__ do you come up with?". she ignored him and said "how many queens do you have?".  Nigel told her they had non, so she said "all drones?". he told her that they wernt wasps. she asked "pkg are polybinea? so he told her "we are birds, who protect other birds from trahs like you".  Vespula asked "why did you come back?" so Nigel answered "i could ask the same about you wasps.. you know e.e". Vespula said "your a low life drone! i would never mate with you!" so Nigel said "o.o?". Vespula went on saying "what did the others see it you?" so nigel said "i don't want to.. uh.. do stuff with you. ace had been my friend for a long time and so has gamers!". vespula asked "irregular abdominal spots?" so Nigel said "I'm a bird idiot!!!!!!!!". Vespula then realised Nigel had mentioned ace, so she said "ace...?!?!!?!?! i hoped he was dead?!?!". Nigel told her "no, he's not ;)". There was then a long silence.

After that, Vespula said "blackfires pheromones are weak.. time for a new queen!." so Nigel, not getting what the hell she meant, said "....? we are not wasps." Vespula said "I'm taking the PKG!!!!!!!!" so nigel said "good luck with that. you have to ask ace, then Gamerz, then me. unless we all approve, your not coming near the PKG". Vespula said "your colony is mainly drones? hahahahahha!" so Nigel said "its not a colony. it is a group." Vespula asked "do you still own island 5?" so nigel told her that they owned all of the scapes down from city5. Vespula said "well, not own, but protect from other drones?" "no queen wants to mate with you!". Nigel said "no. we stop trollers, and bad hackers". Vespula laughed at this, and said "not even protecting your own hive!!!!!!", so Nigel told her "we don't have a hive." Vespula said "i own island 5" so Nigel said "i don't care, we protect it. not own it". Vespula, completely ignoring what Nigel just said, said "the pkg will suffer!! queen blackfire is dead from your stupidness!!! she's not b enough!! we will fight!!!!!!"(and this is where you would hear nothing but a "cricket chirp"). Nigel said "you don't even have anyone to fight for you. plus you don't hack". vespula said "i will bet workers!" so Nigel said "good luck.. i killed your last trio.." refuting to Malicefrons, Polesties and Dominula. Vespula said "well. they were pathetic. i will find more!!!!". Nigel said "and i will fly swat em all over again :)" vespula then changed the subject and asked Nigel to "join her colony". Nigel asked her "are you.. retaded? you are worse then Angryswan..(angry changed the subject a lot too)". vespula went on saying "we can be stronger!" so Nigel said "good luck.". he then asked her if she knew who "pristobrycon" was, but she didn't. Vespula then went silent for some reason, so nigel asked her if she was dead. He then ended up killing her, and laughed.

When she got back, she had named herself Vespula(she was a noname that whole time). she said "now nigel!!! the pkg is half dead!!!!" so Nigel said "i don't care. i killed a wasp yesterday, by the way". Vespula ignored this and said "no queues.. consists of drones... we will come back at you!!!!!!!!"(more crickets..). Nigel told her "i stepped on a wasp yesterday. its insides exploded out :)". This made vespula shut up for a while. she finally spoke again, saying "you may have won against one was.... but you will never defeat the swarm!!!!!" Nigel went on saying "i blew up a wasp nest once, that got rid of em good ;)" "nothing like the smell of roasting wasp!". Vespula said "thats it.. you have declared war!!! prepare to die, all of you! pkg!!!!!!"(chirp.. chirp..chirp...). Nigel, after waiting 2 minuts, said "ehem.. 3... 2.. still waiting.

2016 - august

Poltergeist to the rescue!

Giggetygoo then came on, now with the name "poltergeist". Vespula asked "and who is this. another pkg?". Nigel asked Polter if he was friends with Vespula, so he said "no, get your facts straight, twat!"(and here we go.. nice ol polite symon :|). vespula said "i hate all pkg!" so Polter said "asshole!". Nigel asked polter if he wanted to help team up and kill the wasps, so he said yes. Vespula said "no, your colony is weak." polter replied to her saying "bitch." Nigel asked polter "want to help kill it?" so vespula asked "who is she?". Polter said "I'm a he." so Nigel asked him "your giggety goo right?". Vespula started saying stuff like "right? a form? another one?" so polter asked "what is this thing?!" Nigel told him "a wasp." so Polter said "a pest" so Nigel answered saying "yes." and vespula piped in saying a parasite!." Nigel said "do not look up parasitic wasp. it will give you nightmares." so vespula said "I'm a vespine, not a parasitic(wtf she just said she was one..?)". Nigel said "i kill every wasp i see" while polter said "your an it" to vespula". Vespula asked "what?" so Polter said "it". Nigel said "you got that one right" while vespula said "your a drone!". Nigel then left for a few minutes.

when he got back, Vespula was saying "back to your colony, why don't you?" to polter,who answered saying "your a parasite who takes the mick out of other people coz you feel bad about yourself e.g. you have no friends. your parents hate you. ect."(way to go Symon lol). he then said "heres a suggestion.. get a life!". Vespula said "no, ima vespula squamosa" so polter said "your a pest who no one wants, bye". vespula said "and a queen!" while Nigel said "don't leave me with it please!!!!!!" so polter decided to stay. Vespula asked "am i being attacked by drones?" so they told her no.

Nigel then left for a few minuts again, and when he got back Polter asked him "what does she mean by drone?". Nigel told him that she meant a male wasp, while vespula said "you have no queen" for some reason. nigel told her that he didn't need a queen, and polter asked him "whys she so obsessed with wasps?". Nigel told polter "2 words. "f__ed" and "up" :)". Gamer then came on, so Nigel asked him to kill vespula. vespula asked "who is this now?!?!?". Nigel asked Gamerz if he got his message on the Pkg wikia, so he said he had. Polter said "we're here with a crazy b__ who is so obsessed with wasps she thinks she's a part of their colony". Vespula asked "theres a pkg web sight? where?!??!!?".Polter said "she's pretty messed up" while Nigel told her that there was no web sight, to try and trick her. Polter asked Gamerz if he could be a PKG member, so he told hint hat he could and how. Vespula said "no ones joining!". gamers asked wether Vespula was a he or a she, so Nigel said "i thinks i a she", while polter said "nah, its an it". Vespula said "I'm a queen wasp!" so Polter said "no its a nothing. ignore it". While Nigel told Gamerz how to find his wiki, Vespula started going on saying "wheres the queen? i will not be chased away by drones!". Polter told her "go away b_". Nigel then told Polter to add "pkg" to his name, so he did, after telling vespula, "well I'm not being chased away by a wasp obsessed b___ who has no grip on reality!". Polter told nigel that he wasn't a member yet, so Nigel told him that ace would deffinetly let him join. Vespula asked if Ace was a female, so Nigel said no. Vespula said "you have no queen! or workers!" so nigel told her "we don't use slaves, bitch.". Polter said "she's giving em a headache" and nigel left for a minute.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.57.31 PM
2016 - august-0

when nigel got back, they had all left. so he said "they just left me?". They all came back one by one, but not vespula. Nigel asked where she went, so Polter said "i don't know". gamers asked "wheres the thing?" but no one knew. gamer said "oh and polter? if you want to join of corse you can". vespula then returned, now with the name "Wasp queen_pkg". while polter fussed about putting pkg in his name for it would mess it up, gamers asked "e.e is she a member?" Nigel said "she's faking it". gamers said "she's like ariana.. but kinda different" so Nigel said "there the same person i think". Frost then came on and said hi. Nigel said "I've known vespula for a while. i think she is ariana -.-". Nigel then said that ariana was possibly with the wasps., Polter then started complaining about how is name looked horrible, so gamers and nigel told him they thought it looked cool. Frost then left. Vespula asked "do you have any workers at all?" so Nigel said "as i said already, we do not use slaves." Gamerz said "ignoring people is the key nigel" so Nigel said "but its funny". Gamerz said "how is that funny?!?!?!?" so Nigel said "she's so stupid its funny." Gamerz glared at him, so he said "Well sorry.." Vespula said "this pkg nonsense is a joke" so gamers told her "then take it off your name". Nigel said "so is your wasps". Nigel then said "if you don't like the pkg, then do something about it". Gamerz said "like nothing", so Nigel said "like become queen and slowly take over". for some reason vespula didn't answer, so nigel said "she's deaf i think". gamers said "i know, its not goinna happen". Nigel said "last time i killed 3 of her helpers, malecifrons polesties and dominula". Vespula finally spoke and said "where your queen" so Gamerz said "what queen?". he then told nigel that Kidlat ensured duty to Ace to be the leader of the Pkg, so nigel said "kid who?" Gamerz said "the leader of the pkg" so Nigel said "cherie said she was". Gamerz said "thats a lie" so Nigel said "that lying __, she told me a long time ago she was the leader n i couldn't join". Gamerz said "the leader was Kidlat, but idk the founder."(fun fact: kid lat was the founder). Nigel said "never met him" so gamers said "he said he will come back in a time of "need". Vespula then left.

Her name

Nigel asked gamers "so if there is a war, he will return?" so gamers said "he said in the time of need". Vespula returned, and said "you have been warned, pkg trash!" so gamers said "don't worry, i got a plan." Nigel asked what plan, so he said that all of the pkg would meet up for a special event, then he would tell him. Nigel asked how he would get everyone together, pointing out that only ace, blood, and the rest had joined. Gamerz said that Mei mitzaki had also joined, and a few others. poltergeist then returned. Nigel then had to leave.    


ft Donna, Jack, Hawky

Nigel found donna at Island 5, and then left to hill7 with Hawky. he had thought that hawk had left, so she said that ariana was cloning her so she came back. she asked nigel if he had seen jeffiline, but he hadn't,. he then went back to say good by to donna before leaving  


Discussing Vespula 

ft Gamerz

On august 5, in the morning,  Nigel met Gamerz at city 1 and headed to hill5 with him.  He asked gamer if anthing new had happend with the pkg, but nothing much had. only vespula was making fun of them.  Nigel commented on this saying "you really think she wouldnt?". Gamerz said "i knew it already". Nigel said "i hate vespula" "last year her n all her followers went to the flab3 wiki and started deleting stuff and ruining things n putting rude comments". gamerz said omg to this. Nigel went on saying "i had to rewrite my whole page e.e". Gamerz asked if her followers still played, but nigel wasnt sure, he knew he killed one last year but there were others. Gamerz said "so she is back."  Nigel said "yes, sadly".  Gamerz said "i have an idea who she is" while nigel said "i thing she was ariana all along, cause soon ater she dissapeard, ariana showed up, and they are very simmilar". Gamerz said "its her. and i found something in common".  Nigel went on saing "she dissapeard, then someone named "pristobrycon showed up for a few months, then vokun the ariana.   its all her". Gamez said "they both like to end relationships".  Gamerz then said "so its all her". Nigel said "i know its all them cause at one point theve all accidentaly(lol) said something about the wasps  and avenging them and whatnot".  Gamerz started listing what they all did  saying " Ariana: an annoying person who clones people for fun to end relationships, Vespula: someone who likes to make fun of people or things, and Vokun: someone who is always serios".   Gamerz said "they could all be the same person" but then realized nigel wasnt saying anything, so he said "nigel, you awake?". Nigel said "  i think there all one person to tell u the truth.  i have never seen em all in the same room at once,   someone els who she was emily ". Gamerz said "ikr " to this. Nigel went on saying "cause this emily idiot said shes the "wasp leader" too.  Nigel then asked Gamerz if he wanted to hear something stupid the wasps did. Gamerz said he had to go soon, so Nigel quickly told him, saying "when i killed them last year they left then came back claiming they were all "fish". Gamerz then had to go. 

taste of her own medicine 

ft Digital, Ariana,

later on that evening Nigel had been at city 1 helping cherie fight off a clone of herself. Nigel told her that it was probebly ariana. Digital, named sarabi, was also there trying to kill it. Sarabi and nigel then started poo fighting after the clone left.  after a little while ariana came back, now clonning nigel. he decided to leave, and the clone followed him. everywhere he went, it found him. once he got to hill5, he told the clone "if thats you vespula go ___ yourself.".  she asked "who's vespula?"  so nigel said "i guess you not then, thank. god.". the clone said "uh.. ok". Nigel then asked ariana why she cloned him, so she told him "cause i hate you". he told her "not a rea reason" so she said "and... why not?". he called her and idiot and left, after getting an idea.  his idea was to clone ariana and give her a peice of her own medicin. when he got back, he started laughing while ariana said "stop!!!". he told her(she was still named nigel) "hey nigel, i hate you! ima clone you! f__ing a __hole". ariana said "no! dont do that!!!!". so nigel said "why shouldnt it?". Ariana then blerted out some random giberish, while nigel told her "you cloned me, now you get it back!".  Ariana said "i hate you.." so Nigel told her "i hate you too, sweetheart".  she told him "take it off" so he told her "make meh". he then asked her "what you want off? my shirt?" my feathers? be specific idiot!".  Ariana then lagged the game, but it didnt work. he told her "thats not lag, thats poor" "poor poor poor". ariana said "stop....." so he asked her "stop what? walking? i can stop that *sits down*".  Ariana asked nigel "what are you going to do!?!?!?!" so he told her "i dont know? what do you think? hm?". he then flew over to her and started killing her saying "maybe this?". he then killed her and said "go die in a hole". 

when she got back she said "dont clone me!!! so he told her "same to you mother __er". she said "im real!!!""(and, who the f__k is there ot prove it to? just realized that lol) so nigel mocked her saying "eww dont clone me waaaaaaaaaaaaah".  she told nigel "i hate you" so he told her "you too!". he then told her "see how it is to be cloned? maybe this is a lesson to you, maybe your to stupied to comprihend it, idk, but anyways, thats what its like to be cloned".  Ariana said "stop clonning me" so he told her "read what i said". she said "what??" "you didnt say anything.....................". Nigel told her "i did" "think you going dead, maybe check your ears? i highly recomend it".  Ariana said "if you have to clone me pls dont say annything". Nigel told her "i will say everything, how im a ___ who hates all of my friends, how im nothing but a s___". he said this for she had cloned people and did the exact same thing. ariana said "no!" so he said "yes". she then said "Stop!!!" so he told her "nuh uh" "ill go tell fighter and gamerz and all of them to come kill me".  Nigel then told her "thats enough for one night, hope you think about what happend. see how it feels to have someone clone you. bye" and left her.  


Killer Kat

ft Killer kat

Killer kat

august 6  Nigel had been hanging out with fighter, showing him different glitches.  he first showed him the seagull building one at cityscape after they had been poo fighting. nigel had gone in the buuilding to get away from fighter, then ended up showing him howw to get in.  they then went to different scapes showing each other different glitches they knew.   a noname started following them from industry1. nigel thought it was vespula at first, for he had been pooed on by it earlier at city 1, but it turned out it wasnt. once him and fighter got to snow5, fighter had to go so nigel was left with the noname. the noname revealed herself as being "killer kat", someone nigel didnt know.  Kat for somereason asked "wheres your girlfriend?" so nigel told her that he didnt have a girlfriend(he split up with spring a while ago).  She then asked him where fighter had gone, so he told her he probebly went back to city 1. she said "probebly out flirting with the girls", so nige told her its not all about that you know".

2016 - august-2
2016 - august-1

after a little while kat told nigel that she wouldnt kill him, only if he killed her first. she said "im cool as long as your cool".  Nigel was brb for a minut, and kat said "that nn is going to die one second". Nigel  asked her w--hat she meant, so she said "im nn in snow 1, and theres another nn i dont trust noone".  SHe then asked "where ya from boy anyways?". he told her where he was from. she then asked "why you back here?" so nigel asked her "what?". she just laughed. she then asked if he wanted to go the the city, but he said he didnt want to for there were to many birds there. she said she needed something to ___ on. he told her to poo on the "hunter thingys".  she said "i'll sit here.". Nigel then asked he what she wanted to do, seen as it was getting boring. she said "idk, you from the u.s?". Nigel told her where he was from again, and she said she thought he was making it up.  he told her "no. iM NOT" she said "must me lonely" "an island soo far away". Nigel told her that there were quite alot of people there. she said there were only 20k people in her town. she said she lived in quebec, canada.  she then asked nigel a bit about where he lived.  he then had to leave.   

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 6.17.56 PM


ft Topaz lagged(angryswan..),
Angryswan asks Nigel about Cherie and her daughter

Later that night nigel(named felipe) was at city 7 and someone named "topaz lagged" told him to go to hill7. he went and while he was waiting he said "this better not be her" thinking it was vespula or ariana. when it showed up it turned out to be non other then angry swan, for it had now renamed itself "felope". Nigel said "oh wonderful just what i needed". Felope said "its about topaz". Nigel said "angry f off" "and what about cherie". Felope continued saying "and her "daughter". Nigel told him "she has a 16 year old daughter, what about them?". Felope said "she's 48 lol" so Nigle told him "she's 35 not 48". Felope then changed the subject caging "and.. pkg, how can i join?". Nigel told him "are you angry swan?" so Felope said no". Nigel asked "then why is your name Felope". Felope left and then came back as "felipesmother" so Nigel told him "you rally think naming yourself that will get you in the pkg???". Felope said "felipe you should let me in" so nigel said "no, not unless yu tell me who you really are". Felope aid "no?! >:o" "I'm in the pkg". Nigel said "no your not" "and you never will be, you must ask ace if you can join, he's the only person who can add people to the pkg". Nigel then left.  


august 7

ft Eren, Mrok

Hi crow

hi crow ^^

Nigel was at City1 pooping on people, when Eren came on. They talked for a bit about fish and birds, and then about levi. Eren said that levi seemed a bit off, claiming that he was following him around but hiding, not telling him who he was. Eren then claimed that he thought he knew why Levi was mad. Nigel told Eren that levi had the name Beebo, for he had seen him earlier that day. Eren said that levi had asked him to email him, so nigel told Eren not to do it. Eren said he wouldn't, so Nigel told him "you don't wanna fall for that kinda stuff". Eren said that Levi told him he had a friend once who could find anyones IP address, so Nigel said "he's such a liar". Eren said "he told me "just send one email" and i was thinking, just one is enough for him to find me!". Nigel told eden "yup, don't fall for it." Eren said "if his friend can even find ip address's, but anyways". Eren then said that he didn't know Levi in real life, so Nigel told him to be careful, and stay away from him. Eren said "yea.. but its nice to have someone to talk to" so nigel said "but someone like levi......" Eren said that he felt like he was getting close to levi, but not close enough o want to email him. Nigel said that that was just part of the trap, while eren said that levi had moved to florida and was getting into medical stuff to "work with". Levi also told Eren that he wouldn't be back until june next year because of work. Nigel said "good then, he can't bother you". Eren said " but i told him i could stay up late nights to talk to him when i had to go to school " Eren also said "he's a bit selfish, but don't tell him that".

after that Eren asked if Nigel had seen Pruple paws lately, but he haddnt. Eren said that Gamer told him she was looking for him, and levi got mad when he found out. Nigel said "i think levi is a bit too attached to you". Brownwolf then came on, but asked if she should leave after Nigel told eren "one time when u didnt come on he started killing people and going mad". Brownwolf deiced to leave, so Eren said "were spreading gossip here". Nigel then told Eren(who was asking him bout his "fluffy chickens) is he wanted to join the PKG. Eren said he had seen then name around, and asked if it was a good group. Nigel told him what it was for, and who was in it. So Eren deiced he would join. Nigel told him "add pkg to your name" so Eren said "is it just that easy?" so Nigel said "i think so." Eren changed his name, adding the _pkg to it. Someone named "mrok" came on, so Nigel asked who that was. Eren didn't know, so they killed it. Nigel claiming "it could be a spy e_e". Mrok came back, while nigel asked Eren "so, did i tell you my enemy returned?". Eren asked who, so He told Eren about vespula. Eren said "haha, her name sounds like a car". Nigel then told Eren what a wasp was, for some reason he didn't know. Nigel told Eren "she is convinced that shes the queen wasp and she will take over the pkg". Eren asked "how the hell can she do that?" so Nigel said "i don't know? i asked her if she would sting us to death but i got no answer". Eren laughed at this, while Nigel said "i killed her idiot helpers last year ^^".

I'll watch from here

fencepost crow: i'll watch from here

Killing mrok

Mr Not ok

Mrok then came back, so Eren and Nigel said "wtf? stalker!!!!!". Nigel went over to kill it, while Eren said "i'll just watch from here". Nigel killed Mrok,and Laughed while Eren cheered him on. Mrok came back, so Nigel killed it again. Eren said "I'm a cheerleader!" while Mrok said "jou so crule!". Nigel started killing Mrok again, while Eren said "go nigel!!!". Mrok said "don't stopid!" So Nigel asked "does.. does it speak english?" Mrok repeated "dont>:(", so nigel told him "if i were you i would change my name to mr"not"ok". Eren laughed at this, while Nigel left for a minute to stop his dog from eating his cats food. Mrok said "i believe i can fly" for some reason, so Eren asked "are you guys friends now?" . Nigel told him to "guess" whilst pooping on Mrok. Eren said "victory is ours!" while nigel aid "and then they come back. cause there to stupid not to.." . Nigel then got an idea and said "hill7, see if it follows".

At hill7, Eren was commenting on how he couldn't swim. Nigel said "poor crows goina drown", and went into one of the houses. Eren said "you can get in there?" so Nigel said "i used the secrete password ;)". Eren said "i didn't know that." so Nigel said "i always use this way!" Eren then said that he was listening to the song "Full sail" so Nigel went to look it up. Nigel then had to go.


ft Eren, Giggetygoo(poltgiest),

Nigel went back later and found Eren still there with Poltergiest(giggetygoo). Eren, for some reason, was saying "be sure to enjoy your childhood, life gets tougher when you get older". Polter said " i'll be fine e.e". Eren said "my childhood were ruined by Bullies and what not". Nigel said hi to Poltergiest, calling him Polter, So Eren said "i thought you called him Potter". Nigel then asked why Polter wasn't saying anything, so Eren said "he's shy". Nigel said "he's not, trust me.i know him". Eren said "when he have his mouth full of food". Eren then said "my fingers and brain won't cooperate". Nigel then left for a minute.

When he got back, Eren said "oi potter, are you sleeping??". Nigel said "thanks for the idea of calling him potter" so Eren said "no problem bro". Nigel said "now he have to change his name again",while Eren said "pottergeist". Polter, who had just come back, said ye?" not realising what Eren called him. Eren said "nothing ^v^" while Nigel said "ya, nothing!". Eren then had to go, Polter asked to go to City 7 to poo fight. Nigel decided not to, claiming "now I'm stuck with you e.e". Polter said "wow you are fun". Nigel then called him "Pottergiest, so Polter asked what it meant. Nigel said it was a name that Eren made for him. Polter said "in a "mean way". Nigel then called him the name again, so Polter asked what. Nigel said nothing, so He asked "no seriously, what?!". Nigel said "what?" so Polter said "don't say my name if you don't want me." Nigel said "did i say something?:o", so Polter attacked him.

When Nigel got back, Polter asked "give me a reason why i shouldn't.." so Nigel asked "shouldn't what?". Polter said "loo on you!" so Nigel said "loo?". Polter corrected himself saying "poo*", and pooled on nigel. When he got back again, older started chasing him but crashed and died. Nigel said "thanks hill!!!!" so polter told him to shut it. Polter then said "it have to be nighttime now?!!?!? the game hates me!!!!". Nigle then went underground, and said "hahahahahha yes!!!!!!!!". Polter said "underground hack.." so nigel said "its not a hack!". Polter said "no, i mean mine" so Nigel said "ok go ahead!". While polter left to get his underground hack, Nigel said "if he only knew..".

Someone named Bloodwolfgirl then came on, and said hi to polter. Nigel said "you have a gf now? great". Nigel then went underground again, saying "haahahah and this time i aint coming out!!!", for he had accidentally flown out before. Polter called nigel a chicken, and started making chicken noises at him. Eren then came back, so Nigel asked him to save him from Polter. Someone named "pretty odd" then came on, so Eren said "levi??". Prettyodd then left. Polter finally got underground but found he couldn't poop on nigel, so he said "i see i can't get you underground e.e". Nigel mocked him saying "ooh potter? come kill meh!" so polter said "I'm right here". Eren then said he would be at Industry 7, and left.

At in7, Eren said "that was enough of him e.e" refuring to polter, but just as he said this Polter came on. Polter said "hihihi nigel" so he asked "why you followed us?". Polter said "i know what you are doing and its pathetic". Levi then came on as "vegas light" and finally said hi to everyone. Polter decided to leave, and Gamerz came on. Eren said "hi big g!!!!!!", so nigel asked why he called him that.

whoopsies  ive drempt another homestruck dream latelyeren  sweetlevi   kankri and karkat set barn on fireeren   i could expect kar to do but kankir is to innocent wtflebi  in the middle of a snoyflatplaceeren  it was fun thouheren   now gamzee would join in with the karkattbh    gamzee got chainsawed in hald and im madlevi  that deem as funny thougheren    o_ooheren   like eridanlevi im bored     how many times did eredan die?levi    i dunno i think once   u cant die then live   how can u die twiceeren  did u dont even know homestruck everyone dies twicelevi dont dude himeren        i gtg for a while leaves  i7 n blakccat is there  o.o hi?  donna  yes hi? hi   wat u doing here  nothing   waiting for jack?  ues why have u seen him?  no  hes creepy   

later polter did what?

ft Giggetygoo, Bella, Donna, Cherie.

Later on that afternoon nigel met poltergeist again at city 5. he was with someone named "bella" and when nigel asked who she was he said it was his girl friend. Polter had already been with someone named "bloodwolfgirl" earlier that day and had claimed that she was his girl friend too. So Nigel asked polter why he was with bella is bloodwolfgirl was already his girlfriend. Bella overheard this and got mad a polter and started pooling on him saying "how could you" and when polter died nigel told her "he did.". Nigel left the two alone for a minute, planing on going back but when he did they had left.

he went to industry 6, and met donna and cherie there, so he asked the two if they had seen polter. donna had seen him 10 minutes ago. Polter then came on saying "nigel how could you!!" so nigel said "speak of the devil". Nigel told him he did it because he cheated on his girlfriends. Donna tried to help polter telling nigel "i know him well". Nigel told her "i know him a lot more then you do donna". Polter told nigel "I'm going to slit your neck in your sleep!" so nigel told him "go ahead". Donna then randomly said "maybe he's not the same blood(blood wolf) i mated with". Polter was telling "just you wait" while nigel asked donna "wait what. YOU WHAT WITH HIM????". Polter went on saying "thanks nigel. all cause i pooed on you!". Donan said "i was with a blood. not sure it was him" while nigel asked "YOU WHAT WITH HIM????". Polter said "no i didn't do that with donna". Nigel told him "your the only blood around". Donna told nigel "no he aint" so nigel said "you sick people". Polter said "just you wait!" and left. Nigel said "he's so stupid, so he's cheated twice now. good god". Donna said "no he didn't" so Nigel said "he did, i saw him". Donna said "lord it wasn't him" so he said "ya it was". Nigel said "now i know what he's up to." "n i know him, he would do that kinda stuff". Nigel then said "got, ill never look at him the same way again. what a sicko.". Donna asked "he with bella?" so nigel said "he was with bloodwolfgirl this morning then with bella later". Donna said "yes bella cheat on him" so nigel said "they both cheat? what a wonderful couple!". Donna said "at the end of the day it between them". Nigel said "i'll let him deal with it i guess, but bella hates him now". Donna said "yes. best way". Nigel said "i hated him anyways". there was then silence, and eventually nigel said "well, now I've got someone hunting me down. again. yay!" and left.


he did what. e_e

Nigel then went back to in6 and asked Donna what this was all about, her being with Polter and what not. Donna didn't answer, so he said "oi donna, answer me!" Donna said "it was with someone called blood but it wasn't him..". Nigel said "I'm sure it was, i know what he's up to -_- i hate him even more now!!!" "god, and i thought he was getting better? f__ that idea!" Donna then said "he's ok" so Nigel asked "your not rely friends with him are you?" She said yes, so nigel told her not to be, claiming he was a jerk. he said " he tried to murder me for no reason!". Donna said "Aaaww" to this, so nigel said "don't do that aaaww crap with me e.e". Cherie, who was there said "don't start." so he asked her "don't start what?!" . Just then a clone of Donna came on, so nigel said "um.. wtf." Donna asked "did i have a clone?"(i told you she was blind..) so he said "yes, it was just here". Nigel then said "ah fack arianas back."

i got her a few nights ago though lol  good    i cloned her name. you should have seen her face   lmao   she acted like she was dying >:)  yes i bet    anyways, call her ariama if u see her she hates it ;   i gtg by   if u see poltergiest tell him his bff is looking for him ;)    


Angryswan vs nigel and bloodwolf

ft gamerz, Eren, Blackfire, Frost, Chuckyboy, Giggetygoo, Angryswan

on august 8 in the morning he was with gamerz, eren, and someone named "emof___" who turned out to be blackfire.

later Nigel had been hanging out with a bunch of people at city 7 including fighter, gamerz, brownwolf, frost, and a fe others. they got into a huge fight. Nigel just sat on a building and watched the whole thing with some new person named "chuck boy". Nigel asked Chucky if he knew him, but he didn't. Nigel ended up leaving to hill5 with frost and chucky boy. they hung out there for a while. Chucky made friends with Frost and seemed to really like her.  

he then went to island 7 and got in an argument with donna over jack. 

ater nigel met gamerz and went to hill5. angryswan(names hatred) found them there. he followed them everywhere, untill they finnaly lost him. nigel named himself "angrybird" thinking angry wouldnt guess that as a name he would use. gamerz got bored and left to city 1 while nigel found angry(now named feer me) again and told him to go to hill5. he told angry that his name should be "fear me" and not feer me, but he ignored him. at hill 5 they were joined by someone named "mystic" that turned out to be poltergiest(aka bloodwolf aka giggety goo). Nigel appoligized to polter for what he did the the day before, and they were friends again.  Angry was saying "ur meking me mad >:O" so nigel told him to shut up. polter started correcting angry, making him even angrier. angry said "curect me wun mure time!!!!". Nigel said "i cant understand half of what your saying" and then asked poler "can you".  polter corrected angry again on his spelling, so angry started saying random gibberish.  Nigel asked Polter what he should call him, for he now had 5 different names. he told nigel to call him blood.  angry then left,so nigel said "yess it left" but then it came back so he said "nvm..".  Angry then said "aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! and started spamming gibberish again.  blood left saying "im going to be spirit wait here". Angry then pooed on Nigel and laughed.  Blood returned now named "spirit" and killed angry, so nigel told him "hil2 now!!! we can get away from it!!!!!!!". angry came back, and blood didnt go to hill2. so they were stuck there with angry. Blood then left for a few minuts,  while angry said "in u ugely fake bish >:o".  Nigel told him to stop and said "why i have to be stuck with.. you..".  Angry said "no wun correct mi evurrrrrrr >:o".  Nigel told angry "im not". Nigel said "ur an idiot, brb im eating pancakes" and left for a minut. 

when he got back angry said "sut up and take out da garbage!!!!!!!!!" and left.  it then came back as "pancakeupyourface".  Nigel said "rlly" while angry said "Stop eeting ull get fat!". nigel then said "where the hell did gg go, he left us? coward. god, he left me to deal with you.......".  Angry said "u wellcum fatty!" to this. Angry then said "hee caym back!" so nigel said "no he didnt". just then blood came back so nigel said "oh nvm there he is". Blood asked you talking about be?" so nigel told him "i was asking where u went".  Chuckyboy then came on, and said "eeeeyyyy wad up!".  Angry was still saying random gibberish while Blood correcting him.  Angry said "out! get outta me house!" to chuck, not liking him already. Nigel said "why.. why does this thing even exist???". Angry started spamming again, while blood told nigel that the e was mising from his name. Chuck asked nigel where his "sis" was refuring to frost from earlier. nigel told him she wasnt on at the moment.  Angry said " yo moma dont exist" while blood said "i love to anoy you". Nigel asked who he was talking about so he said "feer me". Nigel told him it was angry swan to be corect.  Blood then left so nigel decided to leave too. 

Angryswan clones Chuckyboy

ft Brownwolf, Angryswan
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.52.33 PM

Nigel went to Hill5 after having been at hill3 killing duchess, and Found Brownwolf with Chucky boy. this "Chucky" turned out to be non other then angry swan. Brownwolf said "he's making me ry in real life i need help!!!!" so Nigel told her that it was angry swan and not the real Chucky. Nigel then told Brown about the "Felope" incident with Angryswan. Brownwolf told Nigel that Angryswan had cloned Chucky and claimed that they were breaking up.(wait, Chucky had a girlfriend o_0?). Brown wolf then said "and then i cried.." Brownwol f then continued saying "the reason that i know it was angry is because he was hiding in a building... as a swan.." Nigel asked her "wait, your with Chucky?!!", but it turned out that they were not dating. Angryswan thought that they were so he used that to set them up.

Angryswan then came on, still named Chucky. Brown said "Crap" while Nigel said "perfect timing.. eh?" Brown wolf, having thought that this was the real Chucky, said "its.. its a swan...". Brownwolf then killed Angryswan, who yelled "dye!!!" at her, so nigel told het to go to hill2.

At hill2, Nigel, now named bubba, told Brownwolf to change her name. She came back as "kawaii_girl". Nigel told her "ok if it comes act like u cant speek english." "i will randomly leave to make it convincing k?". Angry then showed up, now named "clown wolf", and killed nigel. The real Chucky came on, and said "Wad up???". Angry said "i know its you." and left. Angry then came back as "Chucky" again, so that now there were 2 Chuckys. Nigel told Angryswan to f__ off, and then realised that he was in his house, so Nigle went underground so he could get to him. Angryswan said "git away from em wife!!!!!!!!!" so Brown said "I'm not your wife!!". Brown then said "I'm more kawaii then u!", so Angry said "wur the last 7 years a lie?!?!?!??" brown said "yes, cuz i aitn your wife". Angry said "i don't care how koweewee you ar!" so Brown told him "I'm kawiii you bish. Nigel, who was just standing there watching the argument with the real Chucky, asked Brown what Kawaii meant. Angryswan told Brownwolf "go kaweewee in ur baby potty!!!". Nigel told them to stop talking, for he needed to "concentrate", he was walking underground(he had failed to get under last time) towards angry's house, hopping he wouldn't notice. Meenwhile, Angry was saying "mommy, i have to kaweewee!".
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.04.44 PM
Finally nigel got to Angry's house and counted to 3. on 3, he flew up and yelled "surprise mother f__er!!!!" and killed angry swan. angry came back, so Brown told him "you little ___". Angry answered her saying "hoe." Brown told him "come back, before i feed you to my hungry pack!". Angry yelled at her, saying "DUM DAWG!!!>:o" "sit!! stay!!!!". brown wolf said :" iwouldn't expect myself to be smart" and started killing angry. Angry had walked to close to the edge of his "house" so brown wolf could kill him. she told him "take that!!!!"

no!!!!   yeeees  ima.. gooo leaves  ok see yakawaii left  now u   what me?     u u .>:o    you think i would leave you all by urself?  hell no.  lmao     wut now  pooed on him is what now    u dye   no :P   brown is back    what u goina do now? hm?  wb   he wont come out kill by brown change to ɴιgєʟ!_ᵖᵏᵍ  sorry  it fine  brown left      u cheeted on me i seeangry  :/  brown back   wasnt me   brown leave  clownwolf!!!!!!!! realize its a mock name on brownwolf lol   not even a funny clwon angry        i gtg out!anry    bye


The next few days 

ft Chucky boy, Digi, Mufasa, Kapro, Angryswan Ariana.

through the next few days, Nigel would often meet up with Chuckyboy and digi and hang out with them. he also helped mufasa when digi was stalking him. she had named herself "sarabi".  Kaprosuchus also returned for a day named "brokenjaw" claiming that he was using that name now. Angryswan also started bothering people at city 1, naming himseld "hoepaz" to mock cherie. one day both him and ariana were on at the same time at city 1. you know how that goes


kidlat meets the one and only angryswan + rain and shan's return   

ft Shan, Crow, Frost, Emma,

On august 12 Nigel met shan at snow 1. he hadnt seen shan for a long time, so he told shan to go to hill5. when he got there he asked shan "are you the one who knew rain?". Someone named "crow" came on and started randomly killing nigel. Nigel asked shan if he was the shan who knew rain, so Shan told him that she was. Crow then killed shan so Nigel told him to stop. When Shan got back nigel asked her "i thought u left?". Shan said "i haven't left" "i play different games with rain". Nigel said that he missed rain, so Shan said "but i wanted to come back". Shan then told Nigel that she had been wither win at hill4 the day before. Nigel asked Shan to tell rain that he was still around. He then told shan that he talked to rain a bit on the SOS website. Shan said that her and rain texted each other a lot. Nigel told shan "she made me the leader n left". Shan then randomly left claiming that she would be on later at hill1, and left without even saying good bye. Frost then came on, so Nigel told her that Shan left. Frost asked where she went, so Nigel told her he didn't know. Frost then told nigel that she knew who shan was but she didn't know rain. Nigel said "rain said she left flab3 over this website thing she made". Emma then came on and said "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!". After greeting her, Emma told Nigel and frost "i been looking everywhere for you guys!". Nigel told her "well you found us now!". Nigle then asked her if she had seen Chucky boy anywhere, for he hadnt seen him in a few days. Emma said she hadn't seen chucky for days. They then talked for a little while then Nigel left for a little while.    

later on

ft Kidlat, Ariana, stare(angryswan), rain, R R

Nigel met Kidlat at city 4 for the first time. he had only ever heard about Kidlat from Gamerz and Ace. Him and Kidlat went to Hill5 After Ariana had been trolling city 4. Nigel went underground incase Ariana decided to follow them. sure enough they were followed by someone named "stare". Nigel then asked Kidlat if he wanted to know all of the "trolls of flab3". Kid said he did so Nigel told him    

"Angryswan: stalks people, mocks peoples names using swear words.  

Lisha: stalks people and says she "wants you". 

Ariana: clones people and makes there friends hate them".  

Stare then told Kidlat "wait kidlat!". Kidlat asked what so Stare said "arnt you as posed to be dead?". Nigel went on saying "i think angry is the worst out of all of them to tell you the truth". Kid said "dead? e.e who are you". Nigel continued going on saying "you know its him cause he says >:o a lot". he then answered kid saying "its ariana". Stare told nigel "not" so Nigel asked him "angry?" so stare said "wrong again...". Kid said "my friends and enemies in the past are haunting me". Nigel went on asking stare "lisha?" so stare said no. Kid asked for a hint, so stare said "I'm kidlats worst enemie!". Kid said "ah.. fox?" so stare told him no. Nigel asked "vespula?" so stare said no. Kid asked "fighter?" but got the same old no. Nigel said "well idk then.. at least its not angry...". Stare said "i grow tiresome of this pathetic guessing game". Kid said "aaahh... your the pizza guy?". Nigel asked him who the "pizza guy" was, but was interrupted by Stare who said "you have awoken me from my 10000 year sleep.". Kid said "shen.(nigel) this guy is creepy.... what do you advise?". stare said "waris will" so Kid said "e.e" to this. Nigel said "er.. i think its ariana.. or angry.. or one of dem wasps... i say ignore it and it will get bored and leave haha".   

Someone named "rainy" then came on so Nigel asked her if she was the real rain. it turned out it was. Meenwhile kidlat asked stare "are you my ex". Stare said "no o_o". Kid told Nigel "shen i think its my ex gf..". Nigel, still trying to figure out who this stare person was, asked stare "hm... is it polska?". Kid asked nigel "what should i do?" while stare said "ima change my name to something fancier soon enough kidlad!". Kid said "you creepy shoo!" to stare. Stare then told kidlat "we will fite >:o" confirming himself as Angryswan. Nigel said "aw hell naw its angry.......". Kid said "shen what do you advise??". Stare said "change of names!" and left. Nigel said "if it comes back as felope I'm murdering myself.". instead of coming back as Felope, which nigel feared, angry came back as "Kidfat" to mock Kidlats name. Nigel told Kidlat "kidlat, i introduce you to the one and only angry swan!". Kidlat said "who da hell is this weirdo". Angry answered kidlat saying "yer werst nitemarir!!!!! >:o".    

While Kidlat and Angry were arguing, Nigel asked Rain if she had banned giggetygoo from the SoS website, for he had been asking her to do this. She calmed that she had, so Nigel thanked her. Angry then started spamming, so kid told Nigel "i think he needs some medicine". Angry asked kid "you wanna dye? >:o". Nigel and rain then went to hill 7 after angry died for a minute. when they got there Nigel changed his ahem to "bubba" and waited for rain. Unfortunatly rain didn't show up so Nigel went back to Hill5 and said "i lost rain". Angryswan was gone, so kidlat told nigel "i lost the creepy dude" but just as he said this Angry returned now named  kidlat_assfat". Nigel told kidlat "no comment". Rain then came back now named "dandelion" so Nigel told her to go to hill4. So Rain and Nigel left, leaving Kidlat to battle angry swan.  

Here there? everywhere ^^

After discussing the banning of Giggetygoo again, Angryswan joined Rain and Nigel, naming himself "nihoethefake1" to mock nigels new name "nigel!tʰᵉrᵉᵃˡ1". Nigel told Rain who angry swan was, and they started fighting with him. Angry then left and named himself "here?there?". Rain started killing Angry repeatedly. Rain left for a minute after being killed by angry, and Angry renamed himself "everywhere^^". Rain came back and killed Angry, so they went to hill2. Nigel changed his name to "happy bird" while rain changed her name to "iwannabe a duck". She asked nigel "remember this name?" "old faithful". Nigel said he did, then said "i hate angry swan :(" Someone named "R R" then asked "can anyone see me? tell me the truth please" for he was obviously trying to be a noname and failing. Nigel ignored r r and told rain "if he comes here act like your not english k?". Rain said she would speak russian if angryswan found them. They then went to hill4 after someone named "Kima" kept pooing on Rain.   At hill4 Nigel said "if angry comes i will randomly leave to make it convincing its not us but you stay here". Rain said she would claiming "good idea, i will speak another language". Rain then started speaking in Russian. Rain then left to get a russian name. wen she got back nigel said "even better". Rain then claimed that she was making a "role play" website, so Nigel asked if she would still keep the SoS one. She said they would, the role-play one was only a new website. Rain then claimed that she had 50 websites, naming a few as "silver sparrows, misty pumpkins, legacy, warrior clan". she said she had a ton of others as well. Nigel asked Rain if she could get more people to join the SocietyofSavers, for it was practically dead, so Rain said that she would remake it. Nigel told her that there was already a group, and told her about the PKG and what they did.         

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.55.46 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.46.10 PM

Later - will not be done

kiled by rain dam lol the pkg was just re made :| fu cking computer we got the website what website? sos website and the pkg dosnt do thay i made a wiki for them :/ wiki isnt as good as our website but thats all plus they have like 20 ppl in it already unless.. we could get the two groups together n make one big website? i will ask gamers later good idea we could ask them to team up with us and ill add the website for us or kl whats kl kidlat ooh me being lazy again :| lol or we just do the rp one? but i dont like roleplay.. after what happen wiht the cats... e.e cause tons of ppl on here love it what heppend the cats joined thumb|link=|118x118pxthumb|link= and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want tthat to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly ememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason 

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.29.57 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.13.22 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.19.45 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.51.53 PM

later on rain and nigels  discusion lol  dont read if ya hate religion. 

go back  baaack  what u want to do now?  btw r u a christian?rain   srry if i type slow i am eating icecream :| and ithink i am. idk   what do u belive?rain   um.. im not sure? :|   cause rlly theres 0 perent proof of evolution  i belive in evelotion     thers not proof  evelotuonist have guess what might have happend  theres not history of it  and why is it not happending now?    well where i live there is a bird that has slowly adapted and evolved to fit in to the island life :/   i dinosours were born with hollow bones why isnt there mutianion like that today?    it is happening. slowly.  its not something that happens quickly  i know    n birds have hollow bones  but how can animals live ha shalf bird half dinosour?  br one sec im eating thnen we discuss it k?     back.  where i live there is a bird that has evolved over time because it now lives on an island.  they have grown shorter wings for there is no need for long dinstance flight needed for migration.  plus there are plenty more examples. look it up.  sure there is stuff like that but the bird or ant animal today has never evolved    because, it takes a long time.    there is no history or proof of it.rain  there i.  no ther eisntrain   what did i just say about the bird.   evolutionist only guess    well. then u have elephants who are evolving to not grow tusks. i heard about that on tv    that dosnt prove that they are dinosurs.       thats a mutaition   but they dont evolve into something els     no animal today has evolved into something els      they have found plenty of fossils of feathers dinosuars and ones with beaks n what not. plys a birds skeleton is very similar.  they havnt because 1 there is no need and 2 it take s a very long time.       the dinosaurs didnt just turn into birds over night. it took millions of years.  for like 100 years they were one species then they sllooooooooooowly changed into another. like each time they changed they stayed like that for 10000 years.  get it?   yes but is the earth that old.  yes.  let me typerain  the thing is humans havnt been around to record animals changing long enough for something like that to happen    look at screenshot of rain and moon     theres proof that the earth is young     well. u can belive what you want. i belive in evelution cause i have seen it happen with different birds.     but answer me this:   ok   what    why dosnt it happen today? human have been around forever  why arnt we seeing more evolution      people are evolving. a long time ago people couldnt drink milk  but we changed. so we could.   :|     it happens  but its very slow prosess      we wernt originoly asposed to eat meat, but we evolved to change our diets   thats why we dont have fangs and what not  ppl didnt hav to eat meet because god told them not to then he allowed us.  brb one second find a wesite for him lmfao  back here ya go  ill watfhch later     its a reading thing :| well  u belive what u want to. i dont belive in god or any of that.   but also   well  u belive what u want to. i dont belive in god or any of that.    half of the dam wars are over made up religon and what not but alsorain   how can humans be so intelligent  so smart and our bodies work so perfectly  some from just... something?    all that isis crap is about that    and just appear one day or out of an explotion     we evolved from monkys over millions of years     but where did everything come from??rain    from small bactiria thingys    look at screenshot ove but how cna all this-     over 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000years       :/ it can happen.   there was a video made and its an evolutionist vs a cristion a debate they answer these wuestions so much better then i did.    u believe what u want.         i dont belive in a made up god that people fight over. because it dosnt exist.  it makes more sense..rain    the video does.rain    thats the problem. people cant take in all of evolution so they make up an excuse called god :|    but then where didwe get the jews?   they made up there religion too    rian said something about the bible not being signed     probebly some random guy decided to start a religion then it caught on and so on.   the bible was probebly written by some really got story teller who forgot to sign his name lmfao       rain ugest watching the vdeio so nigel say he will later         i cant ake you belive something els. so i wont          


the story of the pkg

ft Kidlat, Frost, Icewolf, Giggetgoo(now named spirit....),bendrowned

Nigel, tomoe, choco, and spirit

On august 13, Nigel was poo fighting with Frost, Kidlat(named choco), icewolf and spirit(giggetygoo) at City 7. Nigel and spirit were friends again.   later on at Island 5, Kidlat started telling Nigel the history of the PKG. Kid started saying that he met someone named Chris and they poo fighted. after kid won, he asked Chris if they should make a group for filipinos, for they were both filipinos. Chris said they should, so the PKG was born. Icewolf got bored, so he he said "i shoud go... bye.". Frost asked him to stay, but he didnt want to.  Spirit(aka blood) then came on.  Nigel asked Kid what happend next so he said "everyday we met at island 5, witch was out turf" "anika was enemies by then". Nigel asked who Anika was, so Frost answered by saying "poor me".  Kidlat said "sacha, anika and alex hung out around our island at that time".  Spirit asked what they wre talking about, so they told him. Kid went on saying "we always made fun of em back then".  Kid then said "hmm i think my stor is wrong.. i wish ultra were here". "i think then i met ultra at city1". he then said "aw ___ i forgot peepz" "peepz was my bff". Spirit started saying "btw ace will only be on weekends, hes got a job now". Nigel told him he already knew this, while frost asked "what job?".  Spirit said "oh ok he told me to tell you" while nigel said "he told me hes a cook or something". Spirit said "fry chef or summat(something)". Kidlat then said "and............ ima bad story teller. the end :)".   Frost said that she didnt understand any of it, while spirit agreed.  Kidlat then asked Nigel you know "valerie right?". Nigel said he did know valerie swift, claiming she was his best friend. Spirit inturupted saying "this is random... but my toad is disgusting".  He was ignored, Kidlat said "well the first people i met were valerie, dinosaur and kittyonetwo." Frost said that she knew Kittyonetwo, while Kid said "also lance".  Frost said that she knew Dinosuar but not Valerie. Nigel then told them that he met Dinosaur a few months ago. Kidlat went on saying that they were all enemies a long time ago.  Someone named "bendrowned" then came on but no one knew who he was. SPirit thought it was Brownwolf but he wasnt.  Ben said "omg someone noticed me".  Frost then had to go, and so did nigel. 

yet more drama 

ft Gamerz, Ace, Emma, Chucky boy, Digital, Giggetygoo(spirit)

Later that day Nigel had been hanging out with ace. He followed him to industry6 when he randomly left Him and Gamerz,. Ace started saying that he wanted to kill himself for his memory was gone. Nigel was able to talk him out of it, and told ace that it was not worth killing him self. After a little while ace and Nigel headed to island 3 after wolfgirl kept follwing them. they hung out for a while, until ace told nigel that he liked icewolf. While Nigel and Ace where discussing this, Emma came on and said that the joker had blackmailed her. Joker had asked emma to find digi for him for she knew someone named "sara". when digi showed up but couldnt get sara, joker was mad, so he told Emma that he would tell Chucky boy that she hated him and whatnot. Nigel told Emma that he would try and get to chuck before joker did.  After hanging out with ace a bit longer, he headed off in search of chuck.  

At snow7 he found Chuck, Digital and emma arguing. He asked what happend, so Chuck told him that Joker had found out where he lived, and the only way he could find this out was if Emma or Digi told him. Emma and Digi said they never told Joker anything, but chuck didnt belive them. Nigel tried to tell him that Joker could have been spying on them, but he still wasnt convinced. Nigel said that Joker could be any random bird watching them, he even pointed out that someone named "janson" who was there could be joker. he then tried telling them to stop killing each other and kill joker, for he was the real problem, but no one listend. Chuck then finnaly left, claiming that he thouhgt Emma and Digi were his best friends. Nigel told the two that he would try and talk chuck out of it, and left to go search for him. 

later on nigel went to hill6 where Spirit was spamming the chat about some random giberish(something about the phrase "giggety goo" or something), something about "i will stop now g.." Chucky emma and digi are now friends


the giant chick.

ft Ruis, Chuckyboy, Eren, Jack,

On august 14 nigel met Eren, Frost, Headshot, Chuckyboy, Ruis and a few others all at industry 7. Headshot was going to make a giant chick, so Chucky left claiming that it lagged the game. so Headshot made the giant chick in the air, while Nigel and eren watched him. They then all decided to be swans. Jack came on, so Nigel asks him why he came back. Jack refused to answer. After that they just hung out for a while.

Look at the pictures here

Chucky's last sighting

ft Cucky, Frost, Spirit,

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.49.32 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.58.51 PM

Later nigel hung out with Ruis, Frost, Spirit and Chucky. Chucky was stuck under the ice, using a special hack. the 3 tried to get Chucky to answer them, but he wouldn't talk for some reason. Spirit then started hacking, making giant nests and what not.

Chucky eventually just left, and was never seen or heard from again.


yet another ol problem with cherie

ft Cherie, Shadow, Giggetygoo.

on august 14 that evening, Nigel got into a huge argument with cherie(what a suprize!), someone called shadow, and someone called lol. Cherie had Spirit's(akak giggetygoo) old name "blood wolf" so Nigel asked her why she had it. She said she had it because she wanted to, so Nigel told her to stop using spirits name. The person named shadow said that Bloodwolf was originaly his name, and he gave it to spirit. Shadow also said that he would give the name to anyone he want, as he had already with cherie. Nigel told cherie he would ask Spirit himself before he belived her. so on August 16 he did, and Spirirt claimed that he didnt even know cherie. 


The angry baby. 

ft Angryswan, Giggetygoo, Icewolf, Emma, Vinnie,

August 16 - Nigel had first found Spirit(aka giggitygoo) at City 5 with a bunch of other people. Angryswan was there as well, and had named himself "icewolfs baby". Spirit started spamming the chat for some reason, creating a huge spam war. Nigel finnaly had enough so he lagged everyone out and said "well that shut them up didnt it?". He then told Spirit to go to Hillscape 5 so he could ask him something. 

As Nigel was telling Spirit about what Cherie did, Angryswan came on named "Angrybaby" and was demanding people to feed him.  Nigel asked Spirit if someone named Shadow had givin him the name Bloodwolf so Spirit told him he haddent been givin the name. Spirit claimed that this was the first time he had eve heard about Shadow or Cherie. Meenwhile Emma was telling everyone that she didnt have a baby because she didnt have a husband, for angry had now named himself "emma's baby". Nigel told Spirit that Shadow was going around giving other people his name now, so Spirit asked "who the hell is shaddow?????".  Nigel told him he didnt know.  After this Emma continued caring for Angryswan, while nigel left for a few minuts. 

When he got back  Vinnie was there, and Angryswan had now named himself "an adult baby". Nigel asked vinnie where spirit went, so vinnie told him he didnt know. Angry said "i am grown up now you cant tell me what to do!!!!! >:o" so Nigel told him to f___ off for once. Nigel then left. 

the hawk that quit pt 2 

ftHawky, Cherie, Gamerz,

Nigel had been at City 1, and cherie was there. so he told her that he had spoken with the real bloodwolf and told her that blood had said he didnt even know her. Cherie said she didnt care(as usual) and would clone who ever she wanted. so Nigel told her he would clone her if she did that. She said she didnt care because he would die if he did that. Donna startd killing Nigel for fun to help cherie. Gamerz then came on so Nigel told him to go to hill5, for he had enough of cherie.

At hill5 someone named "Clover", who nigel had seen around, followed him. Clover said "nigel. im leaving", so nigel asked who he was. gamerz then came on right as clover said "im hawky".  Nigel said "your leaving again?" while gamerz said "dont quit hawky!". Hawky didnt listen to them and said "bye ;-;" and left.  Gamerz asked "why is everyone eaving flab3 all of a sudden?", so Nigel told him "im not leaving, ever". gamerz said "all of my past friends left!!!!!". He then told nigel "remember souf? nelly? shaddow? all of them!".  Nigel said "i remember souf! and nelly! i think shadow still plays..". gamerz said that shaddow didnt play anymore. Nigel said "oh.. im never leaving, not anytime soon anyways....".  Gamerz said "i dont know bout me", so Nigel said "im here to stay.. wait what??? dont leave!!!!".  Gamerz said "idk if i am leaving completely", while nigel said "im sure more people will join... ive seen plenty of people come and go." Gamerz then had to leave for the night


plans for cherie. hehehe 

ft Gamerz, Angryswan, digital.

On august 17,  Nigel had been bored so he was pooing on people at city1 with the name "angrybird".  Later that day he met Gamerz, and went to hill5 with him to get away from angryswan. Nigel changed his name to "bubba" and Gamerz changed his name to "someperson". After a little while Gamerz had to leave so Nigel went back to city7.  Angry was still there, named "im scerry" so Nigel told him to go to Hill5 so that the others could have a break from him. At hill5, he started killing angry for fun and the two argued as they usually did. Angry tried to hide in the house but Nigel attacked him, he went undergorund and went to where angry was while angry was typing so he couldnt see that nigel was right below him. Nigel yelled "saprize madaf___a" and killed him. 

After a little while, Digital came on and for some reason started killing nigel. Nigel told her to stop and told her that it was angryswan he was killing, so she stopped. Nigel accidentaly called her "gigi" so of corse angry caught on. Angry left and came back with the name "gigi" and started trolling digi.  After digi left, Nigel talked with angry for a little bit. Nigel eventually was able to get angry to be his friend instead of enemy.  Angry claimed that he was now vesula's helper, but was proved wrong when he called her a bee and not a wasp.  Angry then asked Nigel to "take his place" for he was going on a vacation to florida for a week. Nigel told him he would, claiming that he had plans for cherie after what she did to blood(giggety).  He then told angry that he could troll Cherie and Donna all he wanted when he got back, so angry hapily agreed to this.  After talking for a bit Angry left claiming "i should be going now! ur job starts now!" so Nigel left.

a warning

ft The joker, Sara
2016 - august-3

Later that day Nigel met The joker and Sara at snowscape 7. he warned joker to never try and harass Emma, Chucky and Digi again. Joker only seemed to half belive his threats and laughed at him. Nigel told Joker he would hunt him down and kill him if he did anything again. he told Joker that he knew what he did to Chucky and Emma.  Nigel then left, telling joker he would be back. Meenwhile Sara just watched. 

who is Champ?

ft Lea°, Hotwolf, Champ
Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.23.15 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8-2.23.29 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.26.40 PM

who is champ.

Nigel met Lea° again at island 5. Lea° was with someone named "hotwolf" who turned out to be her daughter. Lea° and Nigel talked for a little while, lea° started telling nigel about her new pet hamster. After a little while someone named "champ" came on so Nigel asked lea who this was. Champ said lea used to be his mate, so Lea° asked him why they wernt still mates. Nigel got mad, thinking that lea didnt have a mate, and started killing champ. Champ didnt know what to do, so he didnt do anything. meenwhile, Hotwolf started getting confused to who his dad was. Lea said she didnt know now so Nigel said he could be. Lea wasnt sure what to do. While Nigel continued killing Champ, Icewolf came on and watched the argument.  Eventually Nigel had to leave, telling lea to stay away from cham


Nigels "wife"

ft Killer girl, Gamerz, Fighter, Bloodwolf, Digi,

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.06.19 PM

On August 20, Nigel met someone named "killer girl" after he had been haning out with Gamerz, Fighter, Blood, divi anf a few others that morning. Killer girl had been asking around for a "mate so Nigel decided to be her mate. The two made a nest at hillscape 5 together, and talked a little bit.  Gamerz came on, so Nigel told him that Killer girl was his new "wife" but said she didnt do much. Gamerz laughed at this, but then had to go. Killer girl accidentally killed Nigel, so Digi, who had come on, killed her. Killer girl got mad, so Nigel told her they would devorce, but they decided against it.  After forgiving each other, they made another nest(killer girl had said they would make anest but not have another chick).  Digi stayed wiht them for a little while, and helped there nest. Nigel eventually decided to be a robin, for he was fed up with being an eagle for they crash into everything.  After this  Blood(aka giggety) came on, and showed nigel his new name. He asked Nigel to tell frost his new name, so Nigel told him he would

A big lie?

Ft Ace, Icewolf, Noname, Gamerz, Headshot,
Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12-1.41.12 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 1-1.18.55 PM

Nigel met Ace and the two went to Hill5 after Ace claimed he was feeling "horrible". When they got there, Nigel asked what was wrong so Ace said he had a secrete. Nigel asked what it was, and after a little while ace finally told nigel. Ace wasnt Ace. Ace claimed he was really someone called "vent" all along. Ace said "please dont hate me...." while Nigel said "dont worry... im not mad..... but why.... why -- would you?". Nigel went on saying "ace was... my closesnt friend....". Ace said "thats why i did it.." so Nigel said "oh.......". Ace said "yea.... thats why i couldnt tell you...". Nigel said "i see.......". Nigel then told ace to stop using the real ace's name. Ace said "thats why i couldnt tell you.. im using his name..... i honestly wan tto die....". Nigel told this "ace" never to use his name again. Nigel then left after telling ace that they would discuss the whole thing later. 

Later on that day Nigel went looking for ace. He found gamerz who informed him ace was at city1. So Nigel found him and told him to go to hill5. He asked ace "Ae you really not ace!?!?!?!?. Ace said "no" so Nigel asked "are you him or not?!?!". Ace said "i just wanted to see what you would do if i told you that im not myself!!!! and started lauhging. Nigel said "now i dont know what to believe......". Ace said "oh... well dam." for he didnt realize what he had done.  Icewolf then came on named "kai the killer" and said "you cant run from me!!!". Nigel went on saying "for all i know you could just be covering up for what you said before....". Ice, not expecting this, just said "o.o" to this. Ace said e.e while nigel repeated "for all i know...".  Ice asked "did i come at a bad time?" while ace asked if Nigel was the real nigel. Nigel told ace that he was, so Ace told Ice to "watch his grammer".  Nigel told ace all of his names, to prove it really was him, so ace asked Nigel what his first name was. Nigel told ace that he forgot, so Ace said "its dustin". "ace is my middle name".  Nigel told ace "i am nigel, i played forever, i know cherie, i hated cherie, im enemies with vespula, i know blood and all his names i know chucky boy, there happy??". Ace said that was fine.

After a little while, Ace and Ice where both listning to music and talking about it.  Ace asked Nigel what his birthday was, so Nigel told ace that he had never told him.. Ace said "oh, i thought i did..". Nigel then said "atleast i dont think you did.. my memory can be crap". Nigel then said "oh, and i dont got my fancy name cause i lost it and im to lazy to make it again".  Ace asked nigel "you ok bro?" so Nigel said "i really belived you....". Ace said "you did...?" after singing part of a song ("i can feel you all around me"). Nigel said "yes. ace." "and it wasnt funny..". Ace said "damn am i really that good of an actor?" and then said "ik it wasnt... im sorry shen.. for hurting you...".  Nigel said "its fine.." so ace said "trust me.. it hurts more for me then it does for you.". Nigel said "just dont do it again.." so ace said "i wont.. trust me".  Ace then said "oh and shen? heres a secrete i think you forgot... me x ice". Ice said o,o to this, while nigel said nothing. Ice tried to correct ace saying "*fire x ace", but when he got no answer he said "yolo".  After a long silence, nigel broke it saying "if you think that was funny. it wasnt". Ice said o.o?. Just as Nigel was about to continue, Gamerz and headshot came on and yelled "NONAME WILL LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and sure enough a noname came on and lagged the game causing them all to be lagged out.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3-1.24.27 PM

When Nigel got back, everyone had left, so he went and searched for them. he finally found ace and ice at industry7, and started ranting saying "YOU JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THAT!!! WITH THAT... THAT THING!!!!!". Ace was saying "how long did it take me" while ice answerd "5 second". Ice then told nigel "calm. yourself".  Ace said "what happend when i was out?" but no one listend to him. Nigel finnaly answered him and said "noname came on and lagged and ya'll left me!!!!!!". Ice said "you found us now. get over it!".  Nigel said "fine!" while ice sighed.  Ace said "and im in the middle of all this.".  Ace then said "*looks at ice then at shen and facepalms* can you please chill for one hour?". Ice said *frowns and walks away* "somewhere".  Just then the noname came back, so everyone spammed , thecounter code for lag, all at once.  Nigel decided he had enough, after ace and ice started fighting with noname, so he left and went to hill5. he then returned to In7 saying "im bored". Ace said "damn nn!!!!". Nigel then had enough and left. 


August 21 

Gamerz, Goldenfist, Vlad, Ben dog, Shadow,

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.54.56 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.54.43 AM

August 21, Nigel met Gamerz and Goldenfist(named headshot) and went to city 7 with them. the two were poo fighting, so nigel watched.  Gamerz then left to get his hacks, but never returned. Headshot went to look for him but also didnt return. so Nigel started following around two birds who had pooed on him named "vlad ^_^" and "something begining with m i forgot".  He followed them everywhere pooing on them. Eventually he lost them, so he  headed to city 7 where he met Ben dog and someone named "harley puinn". ' when he first got there he started killing a noname who he thought was responsible for lagging the game  but stopped when he realized it wasnt.  Another noname told Nigel he was Shadow, so Nigel asked him which Shadow he was. It turned out to be the one with a fancy name, and not the one who was hanging out with cherie the other day.  They were soon joined by Spirit and Golden. Golden and Shadow started hacking, while Nigel and the others watched. Spirit showed Nigel his new name, which nigel liked.

Ima ghost (• •)
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.54.12 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.54.56 AM

Later today he met frost and they discoverd a new glitch in the industry.  Thye had been talking about life, when Nigel got bored and started flying at the red thing in the industry.

You can see the gallery here


Nigels weird dream (not done)

ft Ace, frost, gamerz

August 22

Ace and Nigel went to hill5 and talked about stuff.   then ace say he had a dreem about nigel,   he stole nigels phone and somehting like that lol    nigel was human and not a giant seegull.     

met ace n talked a bit  nigels weird dreem after ace had a dreem about him    

first i was with my mom and we were at a beach.   then we went home and i had this song stuck in my head.  then we were meeting someone els to go to the same beach :|    then we went to that persons house and met there weird pet cat.     then i woke up.  then another dreem.  i was trying to catch this love bird i was trying to catch in real life   then someone els caught it   then      i was on some kinda bus on some kind of weird carabian island.  then we stopped at this down place, and my dad made friends with this weird guy.  then we went up to some kind of shop place and someone was saying "you cant go on that street" so there child.   then the dreem ended.  ultra is on    hi ultra   why u all here?u    why r u alsways a pigeon?gamer      we like it here =)     i told u alreadyult    shen.. im having a nose bleed...    i show people ima dumb bird ult       pigeons r smart actually   gamer be pigeon   in this game they are dum and so r rignneck     pigeons r smart birds        ima dum bird like u ultragme  change bird or respawn hackult    i still cant get virticalace     o.ogame   virtical bird?ult   no   virtica

l sh(tace       gamer go t try imself                nigel gtg for 5 min

ultra gamerz n ace head to in4 to go away from frsot

why u not go to in4? to frost when she dint go with the others. i didnt want to... see gamerz sorry....... ultrays hback. wb choco ty icey wait hes choco?!?!?!? chocolatelol nicknames = food lol nigel brb and they leave back!!! wait they left?!?!? dafuc they back again why u left????? got a message frost lol some adv popped upult ok wait thye both left again? wtf bored ult well... frost wont go to in4 wounder where the two went...ult who? trace n gameult frost back they wen to in4 ok lolult wb frost ty nigel boredt.tult well idk what to do :/ btw ur seegullxd what? i think its sea not see its a play on word gamerz is back crap ok xd look at frost screen shot - hmm u need sleepult i sleepfrost 8 hour a day i get enough another in the afternoon but i just dont know why i fele like this drink milkult maybe ur sick or smething? what is tracer doing now hes at in4gamer with me donnu i dont think sofrost so ur waiting for him while ur other bird is inhere???? ult well. wen i get sick i feel really tired tracers back same but im not sick wanna go to hill4? at h 4 break the silence - 

nigels dreem - i had a weird dreem las tnight first me n my mom were at a beach. we was just having a nice day at the beahc o_O (the beach was a long beah but we was at one end, and at that end there was a big wooden thingy like a old weal, but without the circle bit around it and only four or 5 things sticking out). we were just swimming and i found something(i silver pice of plastic or something like that) in the water and didnt take it home or soemthing like that.  wen we was walking i found 3 dead seabirds(just skeletons) of some kind under a big woodden thing on the beach, so i took them home. thre was one i couldnt get for some reason my mom said i couldn't it was too close to someone(under the wooden thing)?).  then we left and headed home, i took care of the birds, and then went and sat down in the livingroom.,     for some reason i had a song stuck in my head so i was looking it up but couldnt find anyhting about it like it didnt exsist(wtf)(the song was "distrubia" by rianan).  . then my mom said we was meeting someone(a adult cousin of mine )at the same beach again that evening for a walk. then going to there house. i thought "what luck cause i could get that bird that was still there, so i was happy we was going back.  so we went to the car park above the beach(it had a pink wall that went across and it looked over onto the beach, with a staircase leading down), and the person was there waiting for us in a red car.  we went for a walk on the beahc, then went back to her house where we were to meet her new pet cat she got(my mom wasnt happy bout this for some reason). the cat was a big fluffy cat with blue eyes and black ears. it was mad at us for some reason, and hissed at me. it then started climbing up the wall which i thought, for some reaosn, was completely normal. then the dreem ended.  

then the next one was a love bird (yellow peach face)( i was triyng to catch the thing real life).  there were these other people(old fasion i think, they way they dressed looked like it) and they wanted to get the bird too for some reason. for some reason in the dreem it kept saying it was flying back and forth to america, (the other people were over there). eventually the othe people caught it, and i saw it on tv and i said to my mom "we could have got that!!!!!!" and was rlly mad. it  showed the bird in poor health for soem reason. it then got away and got to my hosue again. It kept flying in and house of my house so i tide a sting to the door and used that to close the door when it came in and i caught it. 

next one - we was on some kinda tour bus in the caribean(i saw a sign in the dreem) but it was like more modern houses n what not. we got to this town and went into a shop(it was ighttime by then) and my dad start talking to some old jamacan guy who warned him about something but i forgot what?. we then left that shop after making friends with the guy and went to another shop and this lady(with black eyes and black hair) was telling her kids they couldnt go up to the main street because there was no sidewalk when there rlly was a sidewalk wth. then it ended.

n i feel tried like it really happend i had lots of wierd dreems to but i dont remembr anhting now fros i found the song. its called "disturbia" bu rianna dont ask me why i havnt even heard it for 2 years :|||||| ikd thsi songfrost sooo random aaand now its stuck in my head =( frost left for a min lol she went to put on that song frost back where did u go?!?! to listen to the song haahlol now its stuck in y head im flying underwaterultra o.o how?!?!? ultra leave he drownd??frost i typed in the name of the song n nothing would come up like the song didnt exsixt or something dreams are often so unrelated lots of weird thig happenfrost but it was soooo real. i was in my house on my computer looking up the song while i was waiting to go to this persons house lol gamer on heey nigel have u seen ace or ult? e.e while i waited to go to this car park with my mom to meet this person to go the beach no :/ ok e.engame now uldtras on i was awake for the whole drive to the beach lol error occerdult gamerz look for u lol they will come for sure.ult maybe u go look for them? ummm okleavesult ok good. now game wont come here sighfrost u dont like him? dont u? so why bring him here bring him here? me? i mean he would show up with ultra n ace then we have to leave again can we talk about something els ok brb i just dont get why that dreem was so real bwt soon im goignt ot he beahc againfrost ok what beach?? gamerz on if u say something it not show hi gamer ca u hear me nigel?game omg can u here me nigel???? niiiigeeeeeeell well now i can can u hear me!!!!!! i can!!!! say soemthign!!!! i am pooed on nigel ikd it was joking i can hear ugame :| good frost back i thought u was goin mad gamer poo on nigel "hey" poo on him back its fine poo on nigel its fine ok sorry gamer repeating this frost hes acting weird how am i acting weird? iw dam u tree wanna hear my tree song? okgamer dam you tree. i hate you. ima cutdown all ur friends. if u crash into me again! >:O like my song? its an original!!! gamerz back as a noname ok sing dat songgamr ok sings song for them i didnt know trees had friends?gamer lol is that the whole song?frost yes ok i can add more later lol its name is "dam yo tree" by nigel frost gtg nooo yahoo she is gonegamer :| ok back to normal nigel gamer lol was ur day good or bad? good u heard about ym weird dreem? t 


the return of Angry.

ft gamerz, Eren, Frost, Digi, Nazli, Angryswan

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1-1.34.55 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.27.21 PM

on August 23 Nigel hung out with Gamerz, Frost,Eren and Digi in the morning at industry 7.  he showed them his new glitch he found.  he also had the problem of Nazli, his new stalker who had been following him around the last few days.

Later on, Angryswan returned named "gaymurz"(he wa sighted earlier named "i eat kids".....*god save me*) and started fighting with gamerz.  Nigel took him to Hill4, and asked him to stop telling him there was no point.  He was mad claiming that Gamerz had started it, so Nigel told him to forget it and not take it so seriusly. Angry said he would try, and nigel asked him how his trip had gone.  They went back back to hill5, and he name named himself "gay-merzthehoe" so nigel said "i tried to talk to him.. but.. er.. i failed. to gamerz. Nigel then left, not wanting to get into a fight over failing to stop angry. 

ater nigel tried again, after finding angry still trying to kill gamerz. Nigel told angry "just stop!" so angry said "he called me a kid again!!!!!!". Nigel told angry to leave gamerz alone, claiming "if you left him alone..... he would leave you alone.. you know? just forgive, and leave it. Angry asked "but where the revenge?" so Nigel told him "revenge isnt always nessisary...." Angry said "but.. he started it...." so Nigel said "so just.... stay awa from gamerz.. ok?". Nigel then decided to change the conversation, to keep angry from getitng into one of his rants. he asked angry "anyways, you didnt tell me much about your trip.. how was it?". Angry replied saying "it was.. uh.. fine.". Nigel said "good". Nigel then said eh had to leave, so he told angry one more time to keep away from gamerz. Angry completely ignored this, and asked nigel to "come up with insults for him".  Nigel told him he wouldnt, so angry asked him why, for he thought nigel would go along with it. Nigel ignored him and said "wel.. i wish you luck..  see ya round!" and left angry.

the fake blood

ft robin, Donna, Giggetygoo(now named bloodwolf), Gamerz, Nazli
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4-1.31.02 PM

Later on that day,  Nigel went to industry 7 where donna was accusing Blood (giggety) of not being the real one.  Robin, someone nigel reccently met, had cloned his name, so donna was believing that the fake one was real.  Nigel told Donna that she had it wrong, pointing out that Bloods name was not "symonjoe", the name the clone had used, but "joe symon". Donna belived him for once, and appoligized to blood for what she did.

Later Nigel met Blood at in7, everyone els had left, and he thanked nigel for helping him earlier. Nigel told him he would help him any time, claiming "i know what its like do be blamed by donna....". Nigel asked him what was wrong with donna, so Blood told him that Robin had gone and made a copy of his Kik. This somehow made donna hate him, robin possibly put bad things on this fake kik. Robin was also acting like he was the real blood when he wasnt. Blood claimed that he would "burn Robin in his bed" so Nigel said "and hang him too!". Blood said "both!". Nigel told blood he would help him with that saying "we dont need scum like that on flab3.   and i actually thought he was nice??? stupid me!". Nigel had met this "robin" a day ago, and thought he was reasnobal, even though he did kill nigel for fun claiming "hunting the prey is fun".  Nigel then left, telling Blood he would kill Robin if he met him.

ater on, he met Gamerz and Nazli at city 6. Nazli was now telling Gamerz she liked him, but got mad when he said he was "nothing". She told Nigel and Gamer they "Bins were better then them" meaning they were worth nothing more then trash cans. Nigel told her "say that again!!!!!" so she did and he killed her. Hima nd Gamerz then headed to hill5, where nigel told gamer "I hate nazli!!!!!". gamerz then had to go to eat dinner, so Nigel headed to city1. Nazli was there, and she said "again you?" so Nigel told her "yes nazli, me. your friend the trash can". he then killed her repeatedly and then left.


august 24  unfinished - add pictures.

saw something in the hospital  it looked like gamer...   its soul......     wait.. u know him in real life?!?!?!?! but it wasn't him .. because his smile is scary as fuc  besides  he had a differen ttime zone i dont know if i should tell him gamerz come on   behind u nigelgamer aaaah wtf.      hes a eagle     gamer    ace said ur smiles creepy? is it rlly? lol    yesxd  so i hardly smile.    can i see a picture? from?     but, isnt that how ace sawnoooo i just told him..  game   babe is here    its fine   gamer i litsten when u tell people sh.itace       why the heck r u an eagle    h7  hey ace is this true?game    that ure acutally *****    gamer   noace  o.o what    why r we here     why do u keep askinggamer    curiousgamer   pooed on by ace  hey wtf?!?!?!? imagealgenow   wtf?  ACE IS CRAZYBABE      WHY AM I A STATUREGAMER     NO POO ON DA EAGLE!!! >:( ace poo on gamer sorry its fine.    u didnt say sorry to me e.e   i did.-.ace    wel i didnt see it srry     hi robin. u frozen in time?togamer   yeagame    nazi is on     ah hell naw    gamer?naz  yea?game     was digi here  c1    dont talk to her e.e  go find ace dam              f you nazi and left to get ace   at hill5   hi  yogame   long time no see ^^   yea^-^gamer     :)   gamerz z shenace  its been a second before we saw each othergame    wth ace    tyae.ebabbe n left   what happend to babe? game  where just rping babe. right nigel?game      ur rping? o.o       is that what roleplaying is?lolgame  oh.. ya   ya we just roleplaying   the legind is rping    whats wrong with u ace?babe     dammit the ww followedace     :/  ww followed them   gamer is hovering lol     babe poo on nigel again    sooorrrryyy        one more time -_-        babe poo on ace.       ace speek weird language n they leave?   o.o  at h6   found ya   thanksgamer  np lol ww and babe here     dammitace      do that as a swan lol    ace murder ww n babe   lol   it looks like flaot hack...ace   ya  pooed on by babe   but its not......ace   what its it?gamer    i hate eagles :/   im hding from the swan shen.  lol   the only bird i cant do this with is starlingg    the swan is scaryace  same.   im coming!gamer     go get them lol  noooooooooo   cum at me broace  dat pun doe.   gamer     that just.... wrong :|   arnt we all?ace     babe poo on gamer  owwgamer  o.o o.o ni and ace   babelol   babe is muderurace    eeeee leavebabe   there in the house lol     babe is back  my head cant fit in here toololgamer    swans long neck     so god help shen and i.ace     and megamer    ace make rude joke    damn.. that neck though....   nigel find me  found him.   poo on me.  i cant.  loolgamer      he come out  killed him  you asked    thats wnoughtgamer         frost come on then hang out wiht them fr a while

later on

Nigel went to city 2 and wait for gamer for he said he would be there  but he never showed up. 

so back to hill7. he started killing nazi for fun while frost watch. frost ask why. she called me a trash can!!! i hate her. oh come on.. hating wont help... nazli why u called hi that. and u called me a bich!na ya. after that cause ue isult me. i didnt. liarrrrrrna i insulted u after u called me a trash can!!!!!! saw sorry to each other and forgive.. is it that hard?frost. e.e ahah i want.nazli but its impossiblelnaz why not?frost cuz he dotn want naz i saw sorry if u say sorry first e.e nonaz ok hugggnaz ok who is first?frost ....? gamerz n ace r back U TOLD ME U WAS A T CITY 2 I WAITING HALF AN HOUR WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! noogamer i was at c7 with ace. nigel u wont say say sorrynaz right ace?gamer ace left whata drag...gamer ok byenaz what u mean what a drag? forget it. e.e ringneck name track poo on ppl so nigel kill it hehe o.o whats going ongamer naz pooed on gamer so kill her i said sry nigel u didnt. i did she poo on gamer again i diiiiiiiiiid kill em gamer nigel?naz ya? no answer. aloonaz u said u will say srry if i say srry firt bbut u dont so ur a liar heding u gamer u never said sorry i said.naz well i didnt see it i said sorrynigel.naz fine. sorry. i have a foul tung merdenaz nigel then gtg.


August 25 


Kappy! my old friend! ^_^

ft Kingalbsniper, Lucas, Ammar, Emma, Kapro,

Nigel met Someone named "kingalbsniper" at city 4 and helped him kill someone named "ammar" over and over again. . Kinga didnt like Ammar for he had clonned his name. Ammar left and tried to be a noname, but that didnt work. so Nigel pretended he couldnt see his name, and would kill him when he tried to poo on Kinga.  they then killed someone named lucas too. 

Later that day Emma came on, so Nigel went with her to hill5. He asked her if she had seen Chucky recently for he seemed to have dissapeard in the last few days. She haddent, so Nigel said "i miss the dancing chucky".  Kapro then came on, so Nigel said "i missed ya!!!!!!!!!!!". Kapro said "i was on yesterday..."  for he was, but nigel never really got to see him. Nigel said "oh..  right...". Kapro said "and somehow i know id find you if i came to hill 5". Emma said "wow"  while kapro left to get a new name.  Nigel told Emma that kapro was his friend, so she said "she seems really nice". Nigel told her kapro was a he. emma said "he* seems really nice". Nigel said "   though.. he sometimes like ripping peoples heads off" "so dont call him kappy". Emma laughed at this, while nigel said "he can be violent".  Nigel then asked "how long can that guy take?!?!?" for kapro had been gone a good 10 minuts now. Emma said "hes got a long name i guess". Emma then said "its probebly goina be supercallifragalisticicexpialadoshus". Nigel then had to go so he told emma "tell him to name himself that, for me ;)" and left. 


august 6 they did what?(not done) - add pictures.

 another f'ed up dreem lol  

wwmet ace to discuss my weird deem. how r ya?  same as yestderday.....   um did i meet u yestdarday  no.   thn how was u? yhorrrible. ur always horrible.  now to tell hi my dreem    shen i had another weird dreem too..... u were in it.........    who was tall, and wearing a black suit,  like as if it was raining    he rove up on his bike   he had blond hair with dark eyes, like brown or get idk he seemed to know my mom then the girl    she had strait long dirty blond hair, and green eyes         . they stayed for a while, talked then had to "be on there way"                    but the weird thing is       i knew i was dreaming? or it was like i was really there. cause i said "i must me dreaming" then woke up like someone turned the dream off       sheh...o-oace        are always over a while day. like its something goina happen in the furture          anyways.. what?      my dreem.. it was like urs but... u where talking to me about something.    :|     ace?   what do u look like in real life.   i have an emo look       like.. what? describe urself.      ace typing    don make it too long the chat dont show long things for some reason    really pale. dark hair black half of my hair covering one side of my faceeyes.      ya it show       what did i lok it? in ur dreem.  ...err.... ace      blond hair green eyes...     wb   had to say good morning to dad lol   ty    also goodmornign shenxd     lol i just got up e_e  its 6:52 where i live.    its 7:50 am where i live or something like that  o.0    i slept in :/   the hrricain is still comming......ace      the one where i live stopped. guess it had a soft side lmao.   or the weather ppl are crap         yea thats right.. u did have one.     can u find the  name of it  i dunno  look it up      the news didnt name it.    

ight now i think gaston  is the one   but there may be other    fiona was the one that quit lol      yesh   wait...ace     what a week storm ;)       what?     god u scare me.  i do?  how?     ace poo on him o.o sorry it fine           how i scare u  when u get pissed.... it scares me.     wanna hide at that pointace     um, u mean todyay? or another day      a few days ago...  oh, when angry followed us?  yes.    he deserved it :)     yupo.o     cause   earlier that day he told me he would leave me n my friends alone. e.e         i bet he didace      so i hate him now        yesh and thats a good thing.. webace     ty    oh well.  i can get mad at people lol      o.o ik   :)    brb ok back   one time i yelled at cherie so much she had to leave o.o    that was when she blamed me for nothing      im in my closet now.... hding.. wiht my pc...        a while ago someone set her n her bf up and she blamed it all on me :/  when i tried to help     why u hiding?   o.o               u said u arE? cause u scare me...       im not goina do anything to u.  its only angry and cherie i reeeally hate.          ik... :)          the amount of times i have to tell cherie to stop acting like a child..    ace left    n there he goes lol       game broke down god fu cking dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!

and when ace get back he tell him that. ace didnt have that problem? o.o they went to hill4 after hill5 started getiing crowded. emma digi and some others came on... at h4 emma then come on while ace was brb be brb back ace? u still deaf wb nvm ty. nuh... im eating. oh lol i had to cook something lol i like cookingemma tel me next time not just leave. ok? i dido.0 u didnt. :| oh oh well. senpai lolemma sorry who is senpai who is senpai i knew someone who played named senpai lilly comes on nigle killed her. ace poo on nigel then nigel caught on trashcan stiring shit. o-o brb wb senpaiace what do senpai mean lolemma senpai= what do it mean??? or upperrank perosonace oh ok :/ or someone u look up tooace rllyemma yesace i knew someone named senpai, but i didnt know what it ment lol lol senpaishenace brb back ow. i hate these trees. senpai sheno-oace what was it u wanted to tell me aceema. ...? do u still have feelings for me emma. wtf ace. do i mena as in friend if so yesemma goodace e.e ok what made u think didnt? people told me lies whatemma who did ace? yea who didemma who told u ....... my cousin. o.o he dont even know her im confusedemma she*ace does ur cosin play this game.emma nopeace how does she know me then.em that makes no sense then yeaemma i tell herthings bout flab3ace oh okayemma and?, she stil dont know emma trueace yeaemma i wounder how she knows..... o.o thats scaryemma no offenseemma yep... ace eh... we got a stalker? yepemma :| yesh se doace. you told em had romantic feelings for me... was that reu..?ace emma wth wait wtf no i didntemma when we first metace for the second time. ima stay out of this :| no thats not trueemma u said if u made amove on me what would i doemma ??????? i said i wouldnt mind but since u had alot of crushes i would remind u of them first em so i did... and things happendace what do o meanemma i made amoce on u and u kissed me backace o.o o.o wait wtf noemma i remember it though where u u getting this from??emma i did not kiss you!emma when did u say thatem about a week ago. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? u changed the subjesct. and then.emma you asked me if i knew what rp wereemma and i said yesemma yesh i remember. but we did not kiss ok?emma ur maybe mistaked with another emma. this is.. akward.... :| but the second timewe met up i sewar i kissed youace no u didnt.em maye it was a clone themace listeh ace i swear we did not kiss. i think it was a cloneemma and i belive u.. most likely a cloneace. i never kissed anyone on this gameemma heh.ace so are we clear now?emma yeshace oh okay:)emma welcome back shenpai lo ace wb nigelemma emma? call me shen k? ok shen kemma ty shenpaiace lol ace shen x emma = not goina happen.ace why u bring thse thing up?!?! lolemma o.oace jokes emma e.e im goina be late for work sh it u gtg? yesh oh noem i be on in more then six hour in more then six say good by see you shenpai bye .  

later that day

The name says it all
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.20.42 PM

c3  met spirit after nigel was asking someone named "charizard king" if he knew him.   they killed a eagle named nxoh together, then started talking  spirit said u are now by bro.  so they are.    later         there was a murder on myy street last    there was?? did you witniss it??????        this women stabbd her husband in the neck then stabbed herself gg      did they both die?      no only the guy      did u see it happen?     spirit then randomly left um ok o.o  find spirit again at c3  spirit  ya left    i said brbs    no u didnt?    spirit fighting with calicocat     that happend with ace it dont show brb   fight with calico     emma on  omg hiiiii   nigel gtg after talking abit  



ft CHara, Life of boris, Wolfie, Frost, ice wolf and others

The meeting

On August 27 Nigel went to Hillscape 7 and met a bunch of people(there were to many I'm not nameing them all). when he went over to where they all were, they were all standing in a circle discussing something. Nigel asked "what the hell is this a meeting?" so they told him it was. it turned out the meeting was about gamerz and Wolfie for some reason. Someone named "lifeofboris" asked "do you love gamerz wolfie?". Chara said "its about....... to celebrate!". Wolfie said "noooooooooooooo" to Lifeofboris. Chara said "yeeeeeeeeeeees".  Boris said "can we do the party".  meenwhile  Digital was fighting with a guy whos name was a gun symbol. she told him "stop cheeting" for he was.  Nigel said "this is so random". Lifeofboris said "wolfie will be gamerz wife"  while chara said "so annoying". Wolfie said "in your dreams". Chara asked "why did you guys left me out" for some reason, while boris said "heh" "wow".  Frost said "why r you talking bout this now" while Chara repearted "i feel left out".

they continued talking for a little while. after that - Chara said "i love being scared" for some reason. Boris said "tell the truth". wolfie said "no" so boris said "its not true". "the truth is you love him". Frost then said "why do you think its not true boris? she can say the truth... but why do you think like this.." Chara said "confusion intensifies".  Boris said "i know everything." to Wolfie.  Chara said "dude chill guys" while Nigel said "i think ima stay up here.." for he was sitting up on one of the hills and refusing to come down. Icewolf then started trying to kil boris, so chara and wolfie told him not to. Ice said "i can if i want" so chara said "fine. do what you want!".  ice said "wolfie said you love him" so Boris laughed at this.  Wolfie asked when she had said this, while chara said "excacly, when was this?". Boris said "she loves him i knew this!".  as they continued arguing, the gun name person randomly said to digi "haha im taking this from a person who eats snails and frogs legs".   Nigel finally got tired of all the confusion so he said "I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE! i am going to hillscape 5 where there is less confusion bye ^^ " and left.  

Ice wolf followed Nigel to hill5, so he said "omg someone actually followed". he then said "that was sooo random" "what where they discussing? someone being with someone?". Icewolf said "i think wolfie likes "lifeofboris", what does she see in him?" and left. 


Blackwolfs return. he is back to his old self. damn. :|

ft Emma, Babe, WOlfie, Boris, Blackwolfking, Giggetygoo(now named spirit... christ, does this guy ever stop renaming himself?), frost

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.19.43 AM

august 28 Nigel met Emma, babe, and a few others. WOlfie and Boris were arguing over her oving gamerz as they uusally did.   Later they left, and someone named "king slayer" came on. Emma and Nigel get into and argument with King when he told Emma she was an "oreo"(and no its not the good kind.). Nigel was emidiatly suspicius for Blackwolfking had also called people oreos for fun.  Emma asked king "so, how many kings have you actually slayed?" so King told her "your mom, bich!". Nigel said "if its "her mom" that means it was a women, so, fail".  Nigel then said "women=queen, big fail hahahahahahahahahah!".  Later on King admited he was Blackwolf, so Nigel got mad at him asking him why he lied. Black wolf wouldnt give an answer, so Nigel told him he thought he was his friend.   they were then joined by Spirit, who kept trying to kill blackwolf. Nigel told him not to bother for Blackwolf was imortal. 

After this, Blackwolf kept on saying he was "f___ing" peoples moms. he was also saying that emma was his "black slave" comfirming that he was blackwolf for sure.  Emma told him "listen mate, your so ugly that when you win the ugly contest they said no profecianols.".   King said "im sorry, did i trick a nerve?". Emma said "listen up, if u wanna ___ something go __ yourself!!! its called...(you know the rest)". SPirit said "he fu@" while Blackwolf called nigel "lordoreo". Blackwolf then asked Nigel to come to him, so nigel replied saying "hell no!".   Emma went on insulting black saying "your the reason hitler was born!!!". Black said "i f__ed his mom too". Nigel told Emma and Black that he would just watch them, he was sitting up on one of the hills. Nigel then left for a few minuts. 

When he got back  emma and Blackwolf werre still at it, emma continuing to insult blackwolf. Spirit piped in saying "mate, you gave ebola to the monkeys!".  Blackwolf said "come to meh my big busty ___".  Blackwolf the saw that Nigle was back so he said "welcome back lords___". Nigel told him "shut it".  Spirit then spammed "fuck you ya pervert".  Nigel then had enough so he left emma spirit and blackwolf to argue. 

some of the insults below : 

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.17.26 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10-1.19.46 AM


ft Ace, Noname,
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.30.45 PM

Nigel met ace at island 7. He was talking to some Noname that ace was trying to figure out who he/she was. the noanme told them she had "dated" ace "back then". She was getting mad at ace, claiming he couldnt remember anything so nigel told her "he hit his head and lost his memory, so its not hsi fault!". Nigel told noname "just tell us who you are, no point in keeping it a secret".  Ace claimed he could "read her", while nigel went on saying "do that and we will just hate you more..".  Ace said "dont hate her" for some reason and then asked noname "dark?".  Noname told him "no", while ice asked if he should leave. Ace said no for ice was a good witness. ace told ice "if things get out of hand you can tell us why".  Nigel asked Noname "are you someone i knew?" so Noname said "yea.. maybe.". Nigel asked "what does your name begine with?"  so Noname told him "not telling you". nigel asked "just the first letter?" so noname told him no.  Ace asked "should i leave for this part? she hates me". Before Nigel could stop ace, he left.

Nigel found him and ice at hillscape 6. Noname had followd to, so Ace asked "why the hell did she follow?". Nigel asked "who the f are you?" so Ice said "i stalker!". Ace said "i know her...... oh god." so Nigel asked "who is it??!!?!!" Noname said "im not telling you so f__ off".  Ace said "im out! i'll be somehwere els" and left so Ice followed him.   Nigel decided to try to ask noname again, for maybe she would tell now that ace was gone. but she refused again.  Nigel left and found ace at hill5. ace was repeating "oka" over and over again.  Nigel told him to stop, but he wouldnt. Noname  had followd them so nigel tried asking again. he said "noname! tell us who you are!!!!!" "no point in lying". Noname refused to, while ace continued saying oka.  Ace then finnaly said something normal, saying "she will never tell us". Ace then said "ice, find me" and left. Nigel said "who was all... nvm" and left to go find ace again.

At snow 7... Nigel found ace, and said "ace stop running!!!". Ace claimed "i have to!" so nigel said "no you dont!!!!!!!".  Ice then found them.  Ace said "she wants me gone!!!" so Nigel said "then dont go!". Ace said "so i'll keep running" and left. again....... o___o. 

the rest is not finished yet

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.27.36 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.26.17 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.45.22 PM

leaves h2 h7 if they come nn keep following themat hil1 noname, leave us alone pls ic anymore!noname ill go somewhere find ace again ace dont leave!!!! its what the noname wants. i want to give her what she wants ace i hope she didnt seethatace i saw it nn ace. dont leave. its what the noname wants. u need to stand up to her, dont give her what she wants! ill go somewhere els-.-ace noo dont he left dam ace stop running please s3 ace i know who it is. its ariana. trying to make u leave dont fall for it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not her ik itice trust me..ace it is....... shes done this.. before she fuucking made faith i remember that ice you cant fall into her trap!!! im not watching you leave again!!!!!! look at acreen shot i cant watch you leave. i need too..... yea u can.. u did it beforeace your my best friend..... i cant wathc u leave..... THEN MAKE ME STAY. OR ARE WE FIGHTING OVER NOTHING?ACE I'LL LEAVE TO THEN!!!! HAPPY? no more nigel. noooice listen carefully to the words i speek.ace just go idc anymore.nn id nevr leave an old friend behind. um. ok ill always come back in the endace when i finally die....that is.ace i just.. dont want to u fall in a trap again. and get chased away i see u comes on angry go away this isnt a good timeice emma leave this is importand leave pls 

hill1 copy ur name. put it in google search. u have it right there. angry here killing ace lol i cant. :/ fak. u would rather keep ur name then get followed around by stalkers :| yep. :| ok. angry is on as ifishyou. ace? find me. lolololol c3 c3 with killer kat n kinga lb sniper what up buttercup kat act h 7 pleeeeeese change ur anme hes mew ace.. poeple know u by that one... katsumi followed this one? how? this is nigel kinga on hai kingkat ace change his name pokemongo lol h3 with ace poopeagle n pokenmongo haha in4 if they come kat. if someone named "ikillu" or "iseeu" comes here we going to industry 4. ok? ace? who the f** was that nn? ikd i think i know. u think its me?.-.ace it was ariana. shes trying to make u leave she has done this before. please dont fall for it ok i wont who?kat she wants pokemon to leave pokemon gotta catch em alllllll!ace hahahahah u dont rlly play that do u? ace left???df ace? he leftkat i see. he back u dont rlly play that do u? no thank god it makes poeple do suicide n shitace yup :| emma and drgzrules come on theredrug uh... 

says ace right as nn comes on now dat my friend is bad timing! where is he??nn at snow6 emma leaves ima go find him at s6 ^^ leaves it worked to hill2 we go hes athill6 lmao i said hill2 dont go though ba ha ha it worked. what an idiot! lololololololololol with the nn and all if he comes go to hillscape 2 ok? got itace emma is here ace amed pokemonizsuicide i cant belive that trick worked lol um ace nigel is that u?emma damn u binace iklol emma it is but dont tell anyone shen can u try to act like me? chaneh name emma u will give us away i wanna see if u canlol emma changed to stella im back!stella wbace ok, so.. act like ace... me act like acestella both of u tryace let me think... hi everyone im ace is tht good? lolstella i wouldnt expose myself but okace lol who u guys hiding from?stella someone.. this nn dude was folowing us saying she knows ace. then angry came on.. u know da rest ahh stella yupstell i gtg for 5 minuts if noname comes here act like u dont speek english  the plan if it comes : act like u dont know each other, one of you depart to make it convincing.

went back

back to h6    shen x icie  shut up nigel to ace     acE?(t_t)ice    resey resti reem.  owace    e.enigel  i have a foul toung oopsice  we knowace e.e e.e e.e   shen? e.eace  what.   shanw mendes  stichesice     meg and dia monsterace           ice left.  

not finnished at all



ft ace, angry swan, emma, giggetygoo(spirit)

On august 30 Nigel spent the afternoon running from Angryswan with Emma. he kept following them, usuing the name "i-kill-you". They eventually got rid of him, and hung out at hillscape 2. they hid from angry by changing there names, Nigel nameing himself "f_ angry" in russian and emma naming herself flora. 

Emma then got bored, so she went and found Ace and Spirit.  Ace had the name ;) when he came on, so Nigel was asking if it was him. Ace told Nigel(who was an eagle at the time) he knew it was him for he could tell.  Nigel asked how, so ace said it was because he typed fast. Nigel then started typing fast as a joke. Spirit got mad at Nigel after he called him a dummy for he didnt know it was Nigel and Emma.  Ace then watched as Spirit and Nigel argued. Spirit told nigel he hated him and his only problem was him.  Ace and Nigel decided to get away from Spirit so they 

Typical ace..

They ended up at Snow4 , After finally gettign rid of Spirit. Ace had the name "f__it" when he first got there, but then left and named himself "f_lifebro".  Nigel asked him why he had the name, so Ace told Nigel he wanted to die. Nigel told him not to, and to stop saying that, but ace said he was serious this time.  Ace told nigel "remember this.. dont close your eyes to something that dies..". Nigel told him he would leave fly like a bird 3 and kill himself if ace died.  Ace said "not for my sake....".   Nigel asked what he ment, but didnt get an answer. Ariana(named suzuya juzo)had found them, and was trying to make ace leave, telling him no one rememberd him when he left last time and so on. Nigel told ace not to listen to her, and told him people did remember him.  Nigel asked ace "what you mean not for you?" so ace said "because im not worth dying for..".  Nigel said "you are.." while ariana said "hes not!".  Nigel told ace "your the only person i can trust..." Ace asked Nigel "give me a reason no to.". Nigel said "uh... i will kill myself if you die".  Emma finally found them, so she said "heya". Ariana told emma to "shut up" so emma said "i wasnt talking to you!".  Ariana said "idc" so emma said "you should.".  Emma then noticed that Ace wasnt talking, so she said "ace.. you ok?". Nigel realized this to, so he said "ace...?   ace?!?!?!!?!". he then said "hes not talking?". 

Ace then left, and was found at hill5.  Emma was saying "i dont follow people.. and i dont act dumb" to someone. Ace said "leave before i rip you to shreads!!!!". Nigel asked ace who he was tlaking to, but didnt get an answer. Emma left, while ace didnt say anything. Ariana said "lol hes dead" while Nigel continued to try and get ace to speak.  Ariana then tried to kill nigel, so he yelled "f_ you!". Ace said "sorry" for some reason, so Nigel said "not you, f__ her".  Ace then said "nigel..." and left.  Nigel then left and looked for ace, asking around if anyone had seen him but no one had. Frost came on, so Nigel asked her if she had seen him. She haddent, so he asked her to tell him he was looking for him. 

later nigel found ace. 


The lazy birds'

ft Cherie, Swapsans, Swappapyrus, Kayla, bantom chickon

2016 - august-1479482447

On august 31 Nigel met Chara at island 7. She was playing trut or dare with some others - an eagle named"swappapyrus"(pap for short), a starling named "swapsans" and an owl named "kayla". They were all playing truth or dare, trying to make someone kiss pap. .  Chara said "how did it taste luverboi?" to someone. Chara then said "her kiss is poisonus, so wathc out".  Nigel asked "um.. we playing?" so Chara said "yes". She then said "you guys should all kiss one day" so Nigel said "hell no!". Chara said "all the boys fall in love with kayla!".  meenwhile, Pap had stopped talking, and apperantly fallen asleed, so Chara said "ok pap, wake the f___ up!".  Chara then said "we can play truth or dare, pap is just lazy as ____".  Chara then continued trying to wake pap saying "wake up you mud!". She then asked swapsans(sans for short) to poke pap claiming "mayne he will start talking".  Chara then said "if you dont wana speek i will have no choice but to s___".  Nigel then tried asking chara what thy were doing, so she told him "truth or dare. its paps turn but he wont wake the f up".  Chara said "its my turn then" giving up on paps. She asked nigel what he wanted so he said "dare!>:)". Chara said "are you serious.." so he said "ya!". he said yes he was but then realized she wasnt talking to him for she went back to the others saying "WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!!!!".  she then said "even sans is sleeping!  wake the f up! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!".She then started "slapping the s__" out of sans and pap.  Nigel started getting impateint so he asked chara "can you just tell me the damn dare already?"   Chara told him she had, so he asked her "so. what is the dare?!??!!?!". Chara said "wake the guys up". so he did saying "wakey wakey" and pooed on everyone.  No one responed, so he told chara "it no work." and gave up.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.53.12 AM

Chara decided she would give it a try, so she started pooing on some of them. she started saying "what the f???? are they even online?!??!". she then said "WAKE UP YA LAZY BONES!!!!!!!".   She continued saying "wake up ya bastards!"  "they dont take any s__ from me!".  Nigel joined in and tried to wake them, saying "WAKEY WAKEY PAP! :o" and pooed on pap. pap then died, so nigel said "oh... no." Chara told nigel to stop, while he said "fail.....  um.. sorry.".  Chara started ranting again saying "why dont they realize its not fun anymore? are they bluffin????". Nigel meenwhile said "well. i guess we will know if he survived" about pap. Chara started to kill everyone, so Nigel said "i will watch ^^". Chara yelled "wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!" again while nigel cheard her on. Emma came on, but left after seeing chara murdering everyone.  Chara started saying hi to emma, but she left so chara said "wha-?". Pap then finally came back, so Chara said "finally! your back!". pap said that he was gone for he was "eatin a muffin" so chara said "the other ones never answered no matter how much a yelled at them so i had no choice but to sh*t.  Nigel told Pap "and it only took what.... 5 hours?".  pap asked "do you know what brb means??" so chara said "it means right back, not 10000000 hours".  Nigel said "there is a "right" in there for a reason". sans finally came back, and said he had been talking to someone. Chara started yelling and ranting at the two, so Nigel said "you tell em off chara". 

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7-1.58.40 AM

Finally... kayla returned, so Chara told them all "you guys took sooooooooo long, not even i am that lazy!".  kayla claimed "sorry you wait guys. i had to eat something.". Nigel said "these are the rules. if you have to go, you say you have to go". Sans then asked Chara something, but she wouldnt answer claiming "im dead x_x". swap said "no your not" so she said "yes i am t.t". Nigel said "she just talked, so shes not dead".   pap said "c'mon let play a game" so chara said "it took you forever, and now you say play!?!?!! omfg!!!!!!!".  She then said "im to good to be dead, thats why life lets me talk!".  Nigel said "um. chara...?  calm down... ok".    sans said "some on, lets play".

Chara realized that Pap and Kayla had stopped talking, so she yelled "and now pap and kayla are gone omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake the fu ck up you dirty mud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  pap answerd saying "i dont want to play that game again...". Nigel said "ima watch from up here*^^ for he was sitting up in a tree.  Chara said "oooooh yes we will loverboys, whos turn?".  Nigel asked "someone ask me a dare" while sans sugested "lets just play dares".  Kayla still haddent answered chara so she said "kayla? WAKE THE F__ UP!".  someone named "billy_rst" came on, and asked them what they were doing, so Chara told he to leave.  Chara then started ranting saying "i dont want this game to become all over __aul ok?  yes?".  Kayla finally spoke saying "i swear to god...".  nigel then asked chara "i dare you to kiss pap!" so she said "i cant".  Kayla decided to do it instead, so she did, making pap faint. Chara then said "i know you want it" so nigel said ".......?". Chara then said "c'mon guys where not playign 7 minuts in heaven, lets bring something challenging >:d". Chara then told the others to ask nigel, for she knew he wanted the join in.  Billy said he wanted to ask nigel something. Chara started making fun of Billy saying "billy bob omg!!!! boby".  Billy said "nigel... bantom.....". Nigel realized that he was Bantom chicken from a month ago or so, so he said hi to him.  he then told char to live billy alone for he was a friend.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8-1.11.16 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.13.47 AM

Chara wanted billy gone for there was "to many people" so Nigel told her "never to much :)". Chara said "stop, its getting __ual it discust me!".  Someone said "there cute together" earning a e.e face from chara. Billy was getting fed up, so he said "who wants to die first?".Chara said "i ship them hard but i want something challenging". Nigel said to billy "i dont mind" while Chara, realizing what billy said, said "-_- no bily."  Sans and Nigel then decided to ask chara a dare, Nigel teling her "kiss billy" and sans saying "eat all the chcolate".  Chara said "alright!" while Billy said "oh damn......" and flew away.  Chara caught up to Billy and instead of kissing him she kicked him. she then ate chocolate and said "now that is a challenge! >:o".  kayla said "i miss my kniffy...." so Nigel asked what a "kniffy" was. Chara answerd saying "that knife is full of sinny memories...".  Billy asked nigel "who is the face bird?" so Nigel asked him who he was talking about.  Chara then started getting bored, so she asked everyone to "be social".  Billy told nigel "him" so nigel asked "who is him?". Chara said "throws myself out the window". "im a girl -.-". Billy then accidentally pooed on nigel, so sans said "ooooooooooh sh________t". Chara started swearing and chasing billy, so Nigel hid from her.  Chara then randomly said "and you said what i was doing was bad?" so nigel asked "what.". Chara said "what a good memory!".  kayla said "i want some fun..". Billy said "starlings are bad though" so Chara said "ok your dead". Sans then had to leave. Chara started chasing Billy trying to catch him and kill him. Billy said "get a damn joke!!". Nigel told billy "run billy run!" Chara then realized that san left, so she said "see, even sans gets bored!!!!!!".  Kayla told Chara "na this time he needs to go somewhere", so chara asked her "like?".  Chara then said to everyone "O THATS IT! I AM ___ING DONE WITH TRYING TO BE SOCIAL HERE, BUT ALL OF YOU GUYS DO IS BE LAZY AND FORGET THE GAME!!!!". she then started killing everyone, so Nigel decided to get out of there. 

meenwhile pap took a nap, ignoring everyone. 

kapro dont like sonic

ft Dory, mother dory, Kapro, Sparkly
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hat night, nigel met Cherie at city 1. he got bored so he started harassing two people named "dory" and "mother dory"(i had seen these 2 around for quite a few days). he followed the two around and repeatedly killed him, laughing every time he did so.  he eventually got bored, so he left.

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Later on that night   Nigel met someone named "sparkly" at city7 after pooing on some ringnecks named "dragon" and "dragon gir". he followed the ringnecks around claiming he would "ring there necks" after they pooed on him.  Nigel had seen this "sparkly" dude around before asking people to roleplay as "sonic the hedgehog". he ended up making friends with sparkly after he helped kill the ringnecks.   Sparkly told nigel that he was despretly searching for some sonci rpers but couldnt find anyone.  Someone named "alkric 77" came on and started pooing on nigel. Nigel told him to stop, so he did and said "<---- kapro". Nigel realized who it was, so he said hi. He then intorduced Kapro to Sparkly, who had been describing himself/herself. he said "kapro is the "crocodile thing from hell" as i call em".  Sparky asked nigel "whats ur character?" "its not bad is it?". Nigel told him no, and then asked kapro if he was dead for he wasnt saying anyhting. kapro didnt answer him, so Sparkly asked kapro if he would "rp sonic the hedgehog".  kapro claimed "sonic sucks".  while Sparkly added "pretty please with sprinkles?".  Sparkly then said "but what about shadow?".  Nigel decided to stay out of what ever argument they would start saying "ima let you two talk ;|".Kapro said "anything sonic related sucks". Sparkly said " plz plz plz i looked all night no joy." he then said "did that guy glitch?". Nigel said "idk" so sparkly said "i saw apolice disspapear". Nigel said "hes magical maybe".  Nigel then went to kapro and asked him if he was dead again, for he haddent said anything for a while.  Kapro said he was, claiming he was a ghost, so Nigl said "damit. i didnt want to have to pay for a funural. but oh well".  Sparkly then said "shadows the edgiest" so nigel asked "who is shadow". Sparkyl told him "a hedgehog in sonic, google him". Nigel told him he would later, then asked  "does he kill people?". kapro then said "ive said it twice now and ill say it again . sonic sucks". Sparkly said "its not sonic its shadow!". so kapro pooed on him and said "i really dont care, i also said "anything sonic related sucks"". Sparkly said "no you really didnt". Nigel said "he did, i saw it" so Sparkly said "i missed it then i guess".  Nigel, getting bored, asked kapro "what do you like roleplaying?". Kapro said he didnt rp, so Nigel asked him if he did what would he do. Kapro said he didnt know, so Nigel said "ripping peoples heads off i guess."  kapro said "if i wanted to do that now, i would be playing avp".  Sparkly said " used to have a rper but then we lost touch. i might be able to find him in the future". kapro then told nigel "i have a trophy room that i made in gmod  its filled with skulls and other skeletal renaimes of my victem". Sparkly then randomly left so Nigel told kapro "i think you scared Sparkly away". Kapro said "ha" to this.  kapro then went on saying "and outside my trophy room i have skinned bodies hanging on the trees outside!".  nigel decided to leave then.


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