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the Levi crisis

ft Levi, Eren, Hawky, Cress,

on april 1 Nigel went to Island 7 where Hakwy, Cronus and Kankri were. Cronus was mad for some reason and left. Kanri following. Nigel went to city 7 where Hawky went too. He demanded to know if Cronus and Kapri were Eren and Levi. It turned out it was, and he was mad because they had told him they went yesterday. Nigel was then brb and when he god back Hawky left. He said "back!" "oh, thats good" He then left and found Eren and Levi at Island 6. He yelled at them saying "you two, why the hell did you two trick me yesterday!!!!???" Levi god mad and left. Eren left right after. He then found the two at island 6, and started going on again asking why they hated him. He asked if the cloner had been around, if that was why they were mad. Levi reassured him that they wrnt mad at him, that they just wanted to be alone. Nigel left claiming "fine, i'll leave you two lovebirds..". Nigel then came right back with a russian name and spied on them to see if there was a reason they wanted him gone. all they said was something about ice-cream then left island 7 after levi suspected something. He then found them at industry 7 and used the name "orangewingmacaw" and tried to spy on them. levi suspected it was him, so nigel made a clone of himself to trick them. they still didn't fall for it. Nigel then gave up spying on them and went with his real name to Snow7 where they were. He asked them is they had seen hawky, so not to seem like he had been following them. They didn't know, so he asked why they didn't want him there. They wouldn't tell him so he just said "uhg.. love birds". They then left but nigel followed them to industry 5. Levi finally broke down and started claiming that he only played because of Eren. So nigel thought that meant that he didn't care about anyone els. Levi tried to tell him it wasn't that but he didn't listen and claimed "so its official. you dont care about anyone els". He then claimed "ell fine. i'll leave. hope u two are happy." "lost another friend -_-" Nigel then went to hill5 after a few minutes and found Eren there. Nigel asked him "following me now? eren? so much for a good friend". Eren told him he wasn't following him, but Nigel just claimed "yea right" and left. Later he went to island 6 where they ere and said "levi,  sorry. i just wanted some friends… " he then left after that,

Nigel then went to City 4, still sad about what Levi and Eren did. When he got there someone named "Cress" emidatly said "oh sh*t" and left. Nigel started complaining , thinking that it was Levi and Eren again. He asked "who does everyone hate me now???" But someone named Snow start girl told him that Cress wasn't mad at Nigel. cress came back, and told him it wasn't about him, he only crashed into a building. cress then started randomly listing who she wasn't, after Nigel asked who she was.  


Levi Crisis continued

ft levi, Simplelife, Kathey, Pyscho, Purplelovergirl, Mari, Frost, Felipe clone, Ryuik, Jeff, Lisha, ABC, Cherie, Donna

On April 2 Nigel was at Cityscape 1. Someone named Simple life was trying to kill someone named Kathey. Nigel Killed simple to save her and she thanked Nigel for this. Kathey then told Nigel to Kill someone named Mari who had been killing people. Psyco and Purplelovergirl came on. Mari kept trying to kill everyone so Nigel became a noname and tried to kill her. King de teten then came on. King and Phsyco then when to City 7 to get away from SImple life, who was being annoying. Nigel followed them, but unfortunately simple followed them too. SImple like started pooping on Nigel after they were arguing, so Nigel went into one of the buildings using a glitch as a seagull. He told Simple "Cant kill me!!!" Simple finally admitted that he couldnt kill Nigel, But king told him that he could if he tried. Nigel told King not to encourage "it". They then killed Simple and psyco told them all to g to Industry 3 quick. nigel told them to change there names, so king and and Phsyco went and changed there names to "princess" and "piekonpahkina". Nigel told them "it will look for us, so if it comes here act like you no speak english!!!". Nigel was then brb(be right back) and a Noname started pooping on them. Simple life then came on again but didn't know it was them and was tricked. They then tried going to Hillscape5 and change there names again but the nonage followed them and started killign them again. Finally they gave up at Island 5, King and Psycho were named Lera and Juna. Nigel went under as a swan so nonage couldn't kill him. Noname got underground and nigel told him "nice day down here, aint it?" to mock him seen as he couldn't kill him. Nigel was about the leave when Frost came on. To Nigels surprise Frost was Psycho the whole time.

Later Nigel went to Cityscape 1 as Felipe and there was a clone of him. The clone started getting out of hand, for when Donna came on(for once…) the clone started yelling "i f__ed thug" over and over again to make donna think that Nigel had f__ed her boyfriend. Nigel reassured her that it was a clone and she believed him. Nigel(still as felipe) went and added symbols to his name so that they could tell it was him. Someone named Lonely didn't know who was real until Nigel told him. Nigel talked with people a bird, then someone name "Master" told Nigel he was Angelo after people were asking if he was Mafia or not. Nigel claimed "i was far from right" after he was trying to guess his name. Nigel then asked Donna "you said you went playing no more??" she said she dosnt, only every now and then.  

Later he went to City 7 where he met someone named Malechia. This bird turned out to be Ryuik, but she didn't know it was Nigel for he still had the name Felipe. he told her to guess who he was. He asked "who talks a lot and gets annoying?" She told him she didn't know. So he told her "come on your not that dumb!!!" Jeffeline then came on and he told her not to tell ryuik who he was. Ryuik asked how old he was, he told her 15. Jeff said 0.0 Nigel asked why. She didn't say. Ryuik then asked him "why do you use the name Felipe? He told her "uh… cause i was bored." thinking she found out who he was. But she hadn't. so he have her another clue claiming "my name begins with n and ends in l". She said the only person she knew with those letters was Nazgul, but he was long gone. Nigel then gave her another cue saying "n _ _ _l!". Frost came on and he told her not to tell ryuik. Ryuik said "i know now, your name is Evan?" Once she finally guessed, Levi came on. Ryuik had been looking for Levi, but he left right away. Nigel said "guys? Levi dosnt care about anyone anymore.." after what happened yesterday. But as soon as he said this everyone got lagged out for some reason.  

Nigel came back and found Ryuik again and went to hill5 with her. She told him the lag happened to her too. She then asked him "When was the last time you saw Levi?" Nigel told her just yesterday, "but he told me he only cares about Eren, sorry if that broke your heard." Ryuik had been close to Levi, so Nigel thought that was why she was looking for him, but she said no it didn't. He told her "that was sarcasm." She then asked why he was mad at Eren. He told her it wasn't Eren but Levi he was mad at. She thought this because when he first found her at city 7 that day he said "are you Eren?" and made a -.- face. He told her he would explain and said "yesterday i saw hawk with someone named "cronus" and "kankri", i had seen these two the day before and asked if they were Levi and Eren but they said no, so  so i asked hawky if it was them and it was!!! they were hiding from me so after follwing them around and finally getting them to stop running from me i asked why and dear levi told me it was because he only cared about eren and no one els." Ryuik said she had also hurt Levi pretty bad a few days ago. Nigel said he's annoying, but Ryuik said he wasn't. She told him "my boyfriend dosnt want me to talk to anyone but he made an exception for levi because he's gay, i know Levi cares about me." Nigel asked her "so you shouldn't be talking with me??" She told him yes, but he told her not to listen to him. Nigel then told her "well. i spied on Levi ad Eren after he told me to go, and he was telling Eren he was the only reason he played the game and he didn't care about anyone els!" Ryuik told Nigel "my bf cheated on my sunday 2 weeks ago". She then said "yea i know Levi cares about Eren, but i don't think he dosnt care about anyone els. She then decided to try to explain it better. Ryuik said "you loved cherie at one point, right?" Nigel replied back saying "yea, but she hated me". She said "ok, now think of it like she loved you but you only had an hour every day to talk to her". Nigel just said "yea, i never had time to talk to her because she hated me." Ryuik gave up and said Cherie had actually dated her too. Ryuik said cherie had told her she liked her. Nigel called cherie a lair, so ryuik asked how she was a lair. Nigel told her "She told me she was 17 before i really knew her" "i loved her because i loved her, but i never would have if i knew she was 33!" Nigel then started ranting on claiming "and now she treats me like I'm nothing more than a piece of dog S__t!" Ryuik said she had the same problem, and said cherie had even made her dump people for her. Nigel told ryuik that cherie still playes, Ryuik said "she probably acts sweet and gets a bunch of people the like her!" Nigel told her that Cherie did do this, and told her about a time when he caught her with 3 guys at once. Ryuik said she wasn't fond of cherie, but she hd used her to het hacks. She then asked "baby hawsk jeffs bf." Nige asked "he is?? She told him yes, and he told her "well, i was with spring trap, but now she's magically disappeared…. :| " Ryuik said she had cloned spring before. Hawky was there now, and started telling them stuff about her BF. THey told Nigel "well at least spring didn't cheat on toy". Nigel just said "she did." ryuik said "i cut a lot." Jeffiline who was there now said "cause she's married" Nigel said "she's not married, I'm talking about spring jeff!!!!". Jeff then said "i still smell beans." Nigel said "uh…. ok" Ryuik asked "someone farted?". She said it was her sister or her grandma. Nigel told her "ask them =) " Ryuik then asked Nigel, "how is devonshire?" Nigel told her "weather was crappy, but for better". Ryuik told him she wanted to go there, Nigel was telling them about how he went to a beach every day. Nigel told them about where he lived. He then decided to mention hurricanes, and said "its nice except when ya roof gets blown off!" Ryuik asked "your roofs are made of tin sheets?" he told her "no, hurricanes cane rip a rock roof off. :) "  

After this, ryuik mentioned that Colin(levis brother) didn't trust Nigel. She said Colin told her that he was to nosey. Nigel got mad claiming "I F___ING HELPED THAT BA___ARD THE F___ HE GOT AGAISNT ME??". Nigel then calmed down and said "why does he hate me?". RYuik told him again "he told me you same too nosey". Nigel then said "i thought he was my friend." Ryuik told him "can't be friend with everyone". Nigel said "ya, but he told me he was my friend, plus i helped him with his dear little brother tried to run away!" Jeff then asked "why do people do the c instead of ( ? after nigel used the :c face when describing Colin. Nigel said "i just did it because i saw people doing it :| ". Ryuik then said "i see my grandma" Nigel said "oh, thats nice." she then cut him off saying "she's on the shelf in a box" Jeff said "my great grandma died" Nigel said "aww.. mine died too…" Ryuik said she still had 1 great grandma, Nigel said he had 0. Ryuik then said "i can see the dust in her hair" Nigel asked "dosnt she wash her hair???" Ryuik said she was only joking. Ryuik was then telling them about head lice and how they never went on dirty hair, so nigel said "what if u have clean hair. then get lice. then ur hair get dirty?  if that gets rid of them why do ppl spend time trying to get them off?" Ryuik said "the eggs hand onto your hair, the eggs can't hang onto dirty hair". mean while Jeff said "we should make videos about flab3 secrets!" Nigel said "aw, but then its no fun" he the reassured them it was about the videos and not the lice. Ryuik then told them about how someone had hacked the creators of FLab4. Nigel asked "you mean that Frodo idiot? she was a liar! no one hacked her, the pics were even from other games!!" Ryuik asked "you sure about that?" He told her he was so she asked him to prove it. He did and they talked about it for a while.                

After this jeff mentioned that she saw Nigels color codes for the Holidays. They talked about this and nigel said he would make more. Ryuik then decided to go find Levi. So nigel was left with Jeff, who said "now i smell smoke" Nigel claimed "uh oh, someone cooked da beans to long!". She went to check and when she came back Nigel asked if there was a fire and she said "no but theres lots of smoke and its strong". Nigel said "then dat means there s a fire somewhere" "Smoke = fire!" Ryuik then returned, nigel greeted her saying "no luck, i see?" She told them "no, but i shot on cherie and lagged her dead." Nigel said "its funny to see her beg you to stop!". They then talked about killing Cherie for a little while then someone named xxxxx came on. Nigel found out it was Flower thing from the other day. xxx kept trying to kill them but kept failing. ABC then came on and they talked. Ryuik then asked if she could kill "it" after being told by Nigel not to kill xxxx. He told her yes thinking it was about xxx, but instead she started killing iron hide(ABC). Nigel told her to stop. They stayed there for a little while and ABC talked to jeff about baby hawk cheating on them both. She wouldn't believe ABC. After a little while everyone left and Nigel left not wanting to be left with Lisha.                                      


April 3

ft Skipper, Gaze, Dawn,Chloe, Miku, , Mimi,

on april 3 He met Skipper and Gaze and Dawn again at island 1. After talking with them a bit gaze left for some reason and dawn asked nigel go to Hill7. Nigel Asked Dawn if they should wait for gaze back at island 1 seen as he would probably return and look for them. Dawn told him to go look, so he did, and tried to get people to go to hill7. No one went, so when he got back to hill7 he found no one there. dawn had left. Nigel claimed "uhhg, people are so stupid these days…" but just as he said this someone named "Chloe" came on. Nigel had known chloe before. Nigel told her "ignore what i just said please…" and she asked him if he was ok. He told her he was fine, but she half believed him. Just then a few people showed up(finally) Skipper and Dawn being two of them. He stayed at hill 7 for a while then had to leave for a few minutes. he ended up being gone for longer than he thought, so when he got back everyone was gone.

Later Nigel met two birds named "Miku, and a Noname. he made friends with them and taught them how to be proper no names. Noname told him she was Mimi, someone he knew. Mimi said she was there when Nigel made one of his swan armies with Spring, the day Blackfire killed them all. someone named Emily then came on, but it wasn't the one Nigel knew. kankri then came on, so he went to look for him. Later he talked with Eren and Levi a bit.                                                 


Levi Crisis 3

ft Eviltwat, Ryuik, Levi, Lisha,

on april 4 Nigel met someone named Eviltwat at an industry. He asked if he knew her and she said "why is your named Felipe". As soon as she said this he knew it was Ryuik. He confirmed tho after The bird said "i pissed cherie off again!" Nigel said "thank you, Ryuik". Nigel then asked her "did she swear?" Ryuik told him she said something like "bloody hell". Nigel then started getting annoyed because ryuik wasn't talking. He started getting impatient saying "oi, You there?" She eventually came back claiming "i was watching a show called "Animal mutations!". They then started talking about stuff from the show such as bacteria that ate plastic and how elephants were losing their tusks. Nigel claimed that it was kinda sad what was happening to the elephants, but ryuik said "not really". Nigel told her "yea, but the fact that people could do that, kinda scary…"

They then started talking about Nigels computer, seen as he was always complaining that it was crappy. Ryuik asked how old it was, so he told her it was about 5 to 7 years. She told him hers was 8 years old and acting fine, so nigel said "could be older, 12 or something" Nigel then asked Ryuik what she wanted to do, and she told him she was waiting for levi to come on. Nigel told her levi came on later in the day. Nigel then asked her what she wanted to do while they waited. Ryuik told Nigel she was 18, after he asked her, and he hadent thought she was that old. She asked him how old he thought she was, and he told her "like 15 - 17.." She then told him Levi and Erens ages. it turned out that Eren was 20. As they were talking, Levi then came on. Nigel claimed "and speak of the.." "so much for the "later in the day.." Levi then started saying that he needed Eren now, Nigel told him to give Eren a chance to get on the game. Levi said he needed him because he was in physical pain. Nigel asked "something happen to you?" Levi told him "you know how sore you feel after throwing up?" "my entire abdomen is hurting like i slammed into a table!" Nigel then told him "i know where this is going…" Levi asked him where, and Nigel said never mind. Levi told him "don't mention it if your not going to tell me!" Ryuik then pointed out "again, so many inappropriate answers to that.." Levi then started going on about Colins return home and how he was happy he could watch "golden girls" again. Ryuik then said "omg yesterday sucked major b__" Nigel asked why, and she said "12 pages senior i finished in 4 hours.." "my whole paper is basically citied crap!" She then told them "i pasted a whole article and put it in quotes!" They then gossiped about someone named Jacob for a bit. 

Ryuik then said that Levi was the only reason she played. Nigel claimed "no one plays because of me.." Levi then started complaining about Eren not being on again, While Ryuik recalled one time Nigel stole her name and made everyone hate her(a long time ago). She told nigel "it dosnt bother be, it just makes for good memories to think about". They then started telling each other how long they had played flab3, Levi for a year, Ryuik for 4 and Nigel for at least 6. Levi told them he started playing Lif first. Nigel claimed "eh, Lif you just get eaten every 5 seconds.."

After talking a bit Levi randomly said "why am i made fun of for begin gay" Nigel, thinking it was something he said asked "what did i do now???" Levi told him "I'm being made fun of for being openly gay.." Eren came on and they hung out for a little while. 

After they left, Nigel found Lisha(flower name) and hung out with her. Nigel didn't see any problem with hanging out with her seen as Springtrap had dent been on for a while. he said "well, Springs pretty much dumped me, so i see no danger.." Lisha then started saying "i love you Nigel" over and over again as she usually did. The two stayed together for a while, and Nigel made a big nest in a tree with an eagle he named "Nigelsservent" Lisha then told Nigel she had only been on the game for 6 months. Nigel told her how long he had been on, then a bird named Flutter shy wouldn't leave. Nigel eventually ended up having to leave.  


dear Lysa

ft Lysa

On april 5 Nigel met Lysa at City 2. Lysa was mad at him again for spamming the chat once. just once. Nigel realized she was there and had stopped apologizing to her, but she claimed "mafia said you were a coward, and you are!" This didn't make any sense because the last time she would have seen mafia was 2 years ago. Lysa then started blaming Nigel for using the name "Murrat"(someone nigel had seen before at the cities) and killing people undercover. Nigel told her he didn't, and told her the names he did use but she didn't believe him. Frost them came on and went with her to Island 5, seen as Lysa was killing him nonstop. There he explained what happened between him and Lysa. 


the Levi crisis part 4........

ft Ryuik, Levi, Blackfire, Cash,

On april 6 Nigel met Ryuik at city 7. She told him to leave, and nigel thought she wanted him gone to talk to someone, so he left. he then went back and started spying on people as usual to see why she wanted him gone and found out she wasn't talking about anything to anyone. he god mad about this but didn't tell her. He then ended up going to Hil5 with her and she told him she was lag spamming the game and that was why she wanted him gone. They then talked about Spring, Nigel complaining how he haddend seen her. They then talked about Levi, Nigel saying levi seemed a bit suspicious. Ryuik said he was mentally challenged a bit, so nigel said "no, really?" seen as it was obvious levi wasn't quite right. She then said he had Bi polar and his mood would change randomly, one minute he was happy, the next minute he would break down in tears. Nigel said "oh, well thats why he randomly yelled at me the other day…." Someone named Madhatter then came on. Nigel thought it was Levi but it wasn't. Madhatter then left and came back as Blackfire. He claimed "it was my brother" but Ryuik and Nigel both knew it was mad hatter. Nigel told her "likely story!" Nigel then asked Ryuik "why do i aways have to deal with the stupid people?" Blackfire then said "wow, why do ppl always say this to me? so annoying, I'm outa her!" 

Later, Nigel and another bird named Cash were discussing with ryuik about her meeting a guy in real life. SHe had only talked to this guy on a phone before. Cash tried to warn her, telling her "it could be an old man". Nigel told her "i'd be carefull if i were you." Ryuik claimed she had seen pictures of him, thinking this was proof, so nigel told her "could be a boy the old man caught and took pics off….." Ryuik gave and and was brb for a few minutes. Nigel said "well, Cash, if she disappears we will know why" Cash said "yup". Nigel then told him "can't believe people still fall for that crap anyways". Cash said "yup, first meet up with the person in real life". Nigel then said "anyways, Ryuik can meet up with the stalker, not me :) ". Just then Eren came on. Nigel asked Eren "is cash Levi" seen as Cash was acting like him. Before Eren answers cash said "-.-" so Nigel thought this meant he was Levi seen as he said that. Cash then said "I'm not levi." Nigel told him "levi, I'm not stupid..". Just then Cronus came on. Nigel was saying "your sitting with Eren, you act like levi, you are levi!!" but then added "oh, sorry cash, I'm an idiot sometimes" when he saw Real levi come on. Nigel then realized that it might be the same person so he tried to get both of them to fly. They wouldn't so nigel eventually gave up. Levi was confused so Nigel and Cash told him that Nigel thought he was him. Nigel then told levi that Eren had dissapeard to Industry 7. Cash then repeated this saying "he's at in7" nigel said "duh.." cash gave him a =.= face.  

After getting to industry 7 Levi accidentally pooed on Nigel. Nigel pooed on him back, and Levi yelled at him saying "dude" "don't poo on me". Nigel told him "you poo on me i poo on you" "i was only being fair". levi said "it was merely and accident!!" Nigel told him "oh get over it". Ryuik told Levi to stop. Levi the left to go somewhere els. Nigel found him at In6, and said "ya, just all leave me, all of you! you so nice eh?" Levi then got crowded and left again. Nigel told Eren "i hate your bf sometimes.." . Nigel found them all at In5 and Levi said "too many people" Nigel said "levi, its 4 people. 4. people. " Levi said "too many for me". nigel then said "FIne, i'll be at hill5 seen as you don't like me anymore." Nigel went to Hill5 and met Death there. He told her to leave for he didn't ant anyone there but she didn't say anything.  

Meenwhile Levi was telling ryuik "oh don't worry, you would know if i really hated him!." He then told Ryuik and Eren "you two are f__ing lucky i don't hate you…" Ryuik told him "well i could day the same to you." Levi said "you would never get away from me!" Eren asked him "you.. would kill us..?" Levi said "i'd be the last thing you'll here from, the last thing you'll see!" he then went on saying "i bet your blood taste good…" Eren didn't know what to say, but Levi then reassured them that he loved them and never would do that to them. 

Nigel then returned, and Ryuik was saying something about "i want blood". Nigel told her "don't even think about it" thinking that levi would start randomly killing people. Meenwhile Eren claimed "i want my bed.." Levi told ryuik he wanted blood too. Nigel asked Levi why did he hate him, but Both Levi and Ryuik ignored him. Nigel then said "fine, i give up! you never want me here, you two just ignore me all the time! i hate this game!" then left. 

fine i give up. u never want me here. u two just ignore me all the time!!!!   i hate this game. Then left. He then went back 2 minutes later and they didn't seem to care about what he said.  Levi then started saying stuff making it seem like he wanted the world to end. Him and ryuik talked about how nice an apocalypse would be. Nigel caught on and claimed "your just saying that because you want me to feel like I'm annoying you, so you want the world to end!! so nice of you…." Levi just said "f__ck" and Nigel told him "it is, admit it." Levi them claimed "well you have a very lewd vocabulary.." Eren then reassured Nigel that he didn't hate him, but had to do what levi said. Ryuik then started telling Levi that she could leave whenever he wanted her to. Nigel then left, seeing he was ignored again claiming "i'll be back…..  

Springs return

ft Springtrap, Cortika, Whitewolf, Lysa

On April 7, Nigel went to Cityscape 1 with the name "Jespa" trying to hide from Lysa. Someone named "Bloodicewolf" was there and was asking if anyone knew Springtrap. Nigel asked her if she knew Spring or something and it turned out that she was spring. Nigel told her to go to hill5, seen as he still had the name Jespa and didn't need Lysa finding out it was him. When they got to Hill5 he asked her where the hell she had been and she explained she had been at a cabin. She then asked what the deal with Lysa was, and he told her why Lysa was mad. Spring goth he idea to lag Lysa out of Cityscape 1 for fun so they headed back there. Instead of waiting for Nigel to say when to lag, SPring lagged the game and ended up killing herself. Lysa as usual started blaming it on Nigel. Spring didn't return, and Nigel tried explaining it was spring who did it. After a while, he got into a building as a seagull to get away from Lysa and someone els was in there. Someone named "WHite wolf" Lysa told Whitewolf not to talk to nigel but she didn't listen and Nigel told her to F off. She told nigel "your a manipulator!" He told her he wasn't, and she called him a lair. Nigel asked her "liar, really, that all you can say? your mouth broken?" Somone named "Cotika" then killed Lysa and Nigel cheered her on. Cortika asked Nigel to help her, but he told her he was happy where he was, knowing that if he came out Lysa would kill him. Whitewolf then pooed on Nigel accidentally, Nigel got mad at her saying "now i got one life! dam!" Lysa then mocked nigel claiming "thx whitewolf!" Cortika then started lagging the game, and Lysa, thinking it was Nigel, claimed "stupid Nigel! Nigel told her "get it in your head, its not me!!!" Whitewolf then killed Nigel by accident, and when he got back White wolf said "f____" and Nigel said "says you.." He tried to get in the building but Anya started pooping on him with Lysa. She told him she was Lysas friend and Nigel said "lysa's the killer, not me!!! why don't you understand???" He then left soon after.


attack of the Polska, and Bop is back?

ft Polskawarrior, Gamerz,

On april 11 Nigel found Gamerzworld and went to hil5scape 5 with him. He had been having problems with his computer the day before, so he haddent been on at all. Nigels computer died, so Gamerz was left at hill5. After Nigel finally got back after 3 times he explained to Gamerz what was happening and asked him to tell everyone why he might not be on. Gamerz told nigel for some reason that he couldn't. He then said "its my last day". Nigel was going on about how the cloners might mess stuff up but then saw what Gamerz said and asked what he meant "last day". Gamerz said he couldn't play for a while because he had 8 months of exams. A Noname that was there then started to poo on them trying to kill them. Nigel went underground by tricking the no name using the name "spirit wings" seen as the nonage killed him if he had his usual name. Once gamers and nigel were underground the nonage left and Gamerz claimed "now it will clone you, or me". Gamerz didn't notice the Noname come back as a swan so Nigel said "no, it will do something even stupider". just then the Noname got underground and tried to kill them but couldn't. Nigel claimed "See!". Nigel and Gamerz then for some reason were discussing Ariana, after gamers said the Noname was her. Nigel listen a bunch of people he thought were connected to or were Ariana : Vokun, Angryswan, Lisha, Be afraid, i live in fear, Scary and any of the wasps. Gamerz agreed that they were similar. Gamerz then told nigel "by the way, your worst night mare.. Bop is back. Bob was a Russian troller who would often spam cityscape 1 claiming "___ is a b__ __ is a b__ and so on. Nigel wasn't pleased by this. Someone named "Polskawarriorxd" came on and started being annoying. he would keep saying "hahaha lol xd rofl" to anything they said. Polska then left random and gamers said go to hill3 and change there names. so Nigel changed his name to "Bubba" and Gamerz changed his name to "angry swan". Nigel asked why he was using Angrys name and Gamerz said cause it was fun to clone him. Nigel asked "its a he?" Gamerz said "idk i think" and Nigel said "oh, i thought it was an it.." Polska then found them and started asking "wheres nameless?" Nigel told Polska "you left nameless at hill5 idiot". (nameless was the Noname from earlier) Nigel and Gamerz then both changed to no names. Gamerz then left and changed his name to "spagetti" and claimed that naming yourself with slant made you immune to lag. Nigel decided to check if it really worked and lagged Gamerz out. After gamers died he claimed "ya… dat stopped it" to polska. 

Later Nigel met someone named Panda and Ice(something, i forgot) at cityscape 1 and taught them how to use the chat codes and how to swear using the slant code.        


Bop is definitely back. 

ft В.Путин.Bop!, Duchess, Gamerz, Blackfire, 

on april 12 Nigel(i was using the name Felipe but ill use nigel so it not confusing ;) ) met someone named "Duchess" at cityscape 1. He thought that it was cherie, seen as she was using that name at the time, but it turned out that it wasn't her. Duchess claimed to be someone called "Sarah". Sarah then started acting weird, asking people to ___ her. Nigel was a nonage at the time, he was killing people as a crow. She asked if she knew him, so duchess and Nigel went to hilscape 5, for Nigel didn't want people to know it was him. When they got there, Nigel found that В.Путин.Bop! the russian spammer had followed them. Nigel haddent seen Bop for months, or possible a year, so he told bop who he was but Bop just kept saying "no" something he was known for doing. Duchess then started acting weird, trying to r___ nigel for some reason. After Nigel told her to stop, she went to Bop and started asking him. He kept saying "no" and Nigel told duchess,"He is known for the "no" thing". She told him she knew about that. After a few minutes, Nigel left for some reason then came back and found Bop had left. Duchess then pointed out the person named "no" and Nigel understood. 

Later Gamerz met Nigel at Hill5. He was still with duchess and bop. gamers was named "Kec" and didn't tell nigel who he was until later. Blackfire also came on. Nigel was asking them to save him because of duchess, so blackfire told her to stop and leave nigel alone. Then someone els named "Blackfire" came on but didn't have the fancy letters in her name. Nigel had seen this person before. real blackfire wasn't pleased. Gamerz, Blackfire and nigel then left to hill3 after Duchess started going at fake blackfire. Once at Hill3, Bop found them but then left so they went to island 7. fake Blackfire then found them, and they tried to go to hill5 but she followed them. at hills cape 5 Fake blackfire started stalking the real one saying "i love you". Blackfire said "its obsessed" and Nigel claimed "ya, glad its not me this time…". Gamerz corrected Blackfire saying "possessed". Nigel then left for a few minutes after discussing if fakeBlackfire was Lisha or not. 

When he got back, Duchess was there waiting for him, and everyone els had left. Nigel claimed "WHY DID I COME BACK????" and Duchess told him "cuz you love me!". Duchess continued this, and Nigel was brb for a few minutes. While he was brb Blackfire came back with her clone, but then left, seeing nigel wasn't answering. When Nigel got back duchess started saying "i will protect you!" and started asking who she should protect him from. Blackfire then came back and Nigel said "black save meh!!!!" 

go f urself uduches.   blakc say stop.  duches have enough at start stuper poo olol   meet silver fury who was asking for friends and went to island 2 with here       wolverine as asposed to go but never show up.    where the heck is he?    at ity1?  silver then leave to be a macaw.  go to island 1 find wolv there  i said island 2 for a reason....   shes brb  then  i said go to "island 2" for a reason.       it was empty  she said/      she then brb felipe say "well it aint goina be full now. "    someone named br was asking if he was brazilian or not. 

not done. defenetly not done        


The very scary Kapro 

ft Kaprosuchus, springtrap clone, Jeffline,

On april 15, Nigel met someone named "Springtrap" at cityscape 1 in the late afternoon. He thought it was th real one but she wouldn't answer him or anything. So he told her to go to hills cape 5, and she did. WHen they got there she acted weird and didn't say much. Nigel asked her if she knew him and told her who he was, but she didn't know him. Nigel, wondering why the hell someone was using spring traps name, asked her why she had that name and she said "cause i felt like it". He emidiatly thought it was Vokun or Ariana, but she wouldn't tell him if she was or not. Nigel asked her if she could use another name seen as that was Springtraps name, but she refused. Someone named "Broken jaw" had come on and started to kill fake spring trap, seeing that it was a clone. Nigel didn't know who this Broken jaw dude was so he tried to make him stop, but he killed spring anyways. Nigel then asked who he was and he said "recognize me?" Nigel asked "kapro?" just as Broken was saying "name begins with a k." Nigel claimed "Kappy!" his nickname he always used to annoy kapro. Broken jaw just answers "-_-" and nigel knew it was him for sure. Nigel was then brb for a minute, and while he was gone SPringtrap came back with the name "Mangle" and killd him. When he got back Kapro told him who kiled him

Nigel then started complaing about how his computer was a peice of crap, and told kapro why he might not be on. He then saw that kapro was flying fast, so he asked "you got speed hack?" kapro claimed "like always". Nigel then asked him, "so, what ya wanna do?". "Dunno", was kapros replie.   nigel asked Kapro "whats your favorite bird? to try and break the silence. Kapro told him "terror bird".  Nigel said "those are cool, but thre extinct?"  Kapro said "and?"   "whats your favorite living bird?" Nigel asked.     Kapro told him "hunter bird" "thats a secretary bird".  Nigel had heard about secretaries before and claimed "i like them... those are the ones that stamp on other animals to kill them, yup. wonderful birds.   Nigel then started telling kapro how he liked pigeons, and had them as pets. Kapro told him pigeons were just "flying rats", so Nigel told him that pigeons had never done anything to him. Kapro admited they haddent. 

Kapro then said "i like killing people..". Nigel knew how kapro could be violent at times so he said "uh... dont kill me..."  Kapro told him "better not p!ss me off then.."   Nigel said "i never piss ya off kappy! you know that! ;) "  even know he knew that kapro hated the name "kappy". Kapro just replied " -_- ".  Nigel then started going on about how he could say anything(due to the invisible code but kapro didnt know this) . Kapro pooed on Nigel, Nigel yelled "hey!" no kill me!!!!". Nigel then claimed "i dont like bird(kapro pooed on him again).... crap on me...." "Stop!".  Kapro told him "lets not say i did.."   Nigel then flew away from kapro who was standing right next to him claiming "cant poo on me". Kapro said "poor nigel, dosnt know what hes done.. Nigel kept laughing but then realized what kapro had said saying "wait what?" Kapro then pooed on him again. Nigel then got an idea and said "i dare you to catch me with speed hack!". Kapro just said "did". Nigel asked what and kapro just quoted what Nigel had just said. Nigel said …? . Kapro then started saying "well, theres going to be a new skull added to the collection soon". this just got a -.- face from Nigel. As Kapro was chasing Nigel he ended up crashing into one of the hills and Nigel mocked him claiming "hahahahahha fail!". Kapro then killed Nigel, who was on his last life. Nigel then came back to find Kapro saying "polishes skull". Nigel told him "oh shut it.." Kapro then tried to kill nigel again claiming "bad". Nigel asked what and kapro hit him not he nose with a newspaper. Nigel asked him "wtf? what bad???" Just then jeffiline came on, and wondering what the hell Nigel and Kapro were doing just said "um.. hi?" Nigel told her, "don't worry, Kappys just hitting me with a news paper!" Jeff just gave him a .-. face. No one spoke for a good minute after that. Nigel then broke the silence and asked "uh… whys it so quiet…..? Kapro said "gkuan-yte?" Nigel asked what he meant but didn't get an answer. Jeff then asked kapro if he was ice, but he told her he wasn't. Nigel told her to guess who he was, and told kapro not to tell her. Kapro then said "hello, I'm yautja!" Jeff asked "is this ice, or is this another "broken"? Nigel claimed "he's kapri!" Kapro gave Jeff the latin name of "kaprosuches". Jeff didn't believe him for some reason and said "more like abc!" Kapro asked who that was and Nigel told him about alphababycat. 

Jeff then started asking where Ice was and Kapro asked her "who is this "ice" you speak of?" Jef told him "ice wolf, duh.." Nigel was brb for a few minutes and when he came back jeff was telling kapro that Ice wolf was her BF. Nigel had thought that ice was with Blackfire, but it turned out that he was now with jeff. Jeff claimed "they never dated, and besides, he likes me." Kapro, getting bored, asked "we're really talking about this? i don't give a sh*t…" Nigel then said "oi, Kappy? you gotta Girlfriend?" Kapro said "not telling you" but nigel asked him "but, you told me before??" "why not now?" Kapro got mad at Nigel for this and said "silence!" Jeff said "like a king.." Nigel asked "why can't you tell me..?" Kapro then started spamming the chat. and after this Nigel said "oh well.." Kapro then said "thinks nigel wants to die.." Jeff just did a o.0 face. Nigel decided to get out of it and claimed "uh ya.. brb." Kapro was then brb then came back.  

Once nigel was back he started going on about kapros Girlfriend again claiming "you had a gf, she couldn't be with you or something? right?" this just earned Nigel a glare from kapro. Kapro then killed Nigel for this. Once Nigel got back he asked why kapro "t f was that for???" and kapro told him "for not shutting up!". Nigel said "but, its true?" "she couldn't be with you? cause her mom?" Jeff had left for a few minutes. Kapro told nigel "I don't not want to have this conversation with this "jeff person" here. Nigel told him "its not a "jeff person" she has a name.." Jeff then came back, and Kapro said "maybe i should leave and start another war on isle?(a game)" Nigel asked him not to leave, so he stayed. Kapro then flew over and stood right by nigel. Nigel asked him "pls don't eat me.." Kapro didn't answer, so nigel said "uh.. jeff? its just staring at me.." Kapro then spoke saying "id take your skull as a trophy. then eat you!" Kapro then saw what Nigel had said and asked "did you just call me and it..? Nigel said "uh.. no.. i promos!!!" uh.. brb one second!! :) " Jeff, who had been brb for a minute, came back claiming "back!" then said "ty, and brb/afk". Nigel said "back, and not back. can't be simple eh?" Nigel then heard kapro super pooing near him, so he told him "don't you dare.." Kapro said "hm?" and Nigel told him "you were super s____ near me.." Kapro then got mad at him again and said "eating nigel whole". Nigel tried to burn kapro alive, but he said 'fire resistant allosaures". Nigel claimed "retard, you can't change animals.." Kapro said he handent changed, since he was already an allosaures. He then asked "what did you just call me??" "glares".Nigel told him "nothing" but kapro said "you did the one thing i said not to do!" Nigel asked "uh.. what?" Kapro replied "piss me off!!!!" Nigel started trying to apologize, but kapro was deadly quiet. Kapro then randomly said "you get a 10 second head start… 1.. 2.. 3…" Nigel claimed "oh crud.." and then ran off yelling "aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Kapro then got to 10 and said "ten, your f___" Nigel yelled back at him claiming "at least i can swear" and started swearing at him using the invisible code. kapro then stopped finally and aced nigel "have you learned a lesson? Nigel said "uh.. don't piss of a Kappy?" Kapro told him "exactly, *holds claw up to nigels throat*"". Kapr then told him to go look up something called "broken jaw allosaures". so Nigel did.  

When he came back he claimed "so its just a crappy a__ dino with dental problems?" "didn't even look scary?" Kapro asked "thinks he wants to die again for insulting me!" Kapro then asked him "how about when he's about to eat you??" for the "not scary " part. Nigel then looked at a picture of the "allosaurus again and came back saying "that allothingy dosnt even look scary.." "I've seen worse things.. sadly" Kapro then hit Nigel with a newspaper again. Jeff then came back claiming "what" after seeing that kapro did, and Nigel claimed "it was you, not me… :)" Kapro then claimed "nothing scary about the bird your named after either.." Nigel claimed "So? i sure don't kill you for it!" Kapro then said "tarie hsankapr" so nigel asked him if it was a made up language or something. he said maybe so nigel left to go look it up. Kapro didn't like this and said "lil sh__ don't look it up, thats cheating -.- " Nigel then came back and Kapro spammed the chat. Nigel told him "don't try, i saw what you said" seen as kapro only spammed the chat so nigel wouldn't see that he called him a "lil s__" Nigel then asked him about the "alien language" that kapro was speaking. He then had to leave saying "aw f__ it getting dark out brb. guys, can you wait here for 5 minuts? got to take care of my pet birds before dark..  

When nigel returned he claimed "AAAANND, every things left where i left it :)" "good Kappy". Kapro said nothing, just pooed on him. Nigel claimed "hey, no poo on me!!!!!!". Kapro claimed "my friend had invited me to play isle with him.. I'm tempted to go." Nigel asked kapro if his friend wanted to come to flab3 with them, but kapro told nigel his friend was on steam so she couldn't play. Jeffline then started acting odd, claiming "did he just say "jeffy" to me?" Nigel told her "idk, you was dreaming maybe" seen as Kapro never called her name. Jeff said she was probably seeing things again. Kapro, ignored again claimed "I'm very tempted to go to isle and be a t rex and start f__ing s__ up…." Nigel asked "noo stay here!!" Kapro said fine and Nigel was brb for a minute. When he got back Nigel claimed " my ___ing cat was walking across the counter again knocking stuff down!!!!" Then someone named Kaprosushus came on and Nigel thought that maybe the Broken jaw Kapro wasn't the real one and maybe it was ABC all along like jeff had pointed out. Nigel claimed "wtf dude, i believed you!" Kapro then told then that it was him, he was just on his phone. Jeff said good, for she hated ABC for some reason. Nigel asked why and she said she couldn't tell him. Kapro then told Nigel "you wanted me to stay, well there i am" and left to go play isle, leaving the clone for nigel to stare at. Nigel claimed "wtf man? you cheating little f___!" Nigel then had to leave for the night.     


the hawk that quit 

ft Hawky

on april 17 Nigel went to Cityscape 7 as "b.nyth.bop! the russian spammer for he was bored. There at city7 was someone named "fire wolf" who was doing mid air super poo. Nigel knew only a few hackers knew how to do this, so he thought it was someone he knew like gamers or ABC. She refused to tell him who she really was. There was a nonage there too who told nigel to go to hill5 after he told them who he really was. Once he got to hill5 the nonage told him she was Hawky. She told him she had to tell him something and said she was brb for she was typing. After a few minutes she just said ":/" for some reason, and then randomly left. Nigel had been expecting her to say something that happened or something. After Hawky got back she said she was quitting. He asked her why and she said cause of Jefffiline. Nigel told Hawky to just ignore Jeff, claiming "people hate me but I'm still here.." Hawky then kept randomly leaving. She told him this was because of her keybored, then left.  


let me in let me in let me in! 

ft ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀, Amir, Theyareback!(Angryswan........), camka, supergirl, sweetgirl,frost, gamerz, mounafix

on april 18 Nigel went to cityscape 1 and saw someone named "amir" asking if anyone wanted to go to city7 with him. Nigel decided to go, and when he got there amir asked him to be his friend. After talking a bit with Amir, someone named "♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀" pooed on amir. Nigel killed her for it, and Amir thanked him. Nigel told amir to go to City 5 to get away from the noname, and when they got there Nigel found that she was already there. Nigel asked "wtf why did you follow us??" She said "you said city 5 .-.". Nigel asked "you speak english?" after he thought she was some russian person(there were russians there already). Amir, still mad at Noname for pooping on him said "f c k you! so Nigel told him "say it like this" then sweard at Noname. Nigel then asked "oi, weird name, who are you?" Noname said "um… idk who i am." Nigel realized that this was what ariana would always say so he guessed if it was her. She said she wasn't and he said "better not be…" Noname then asked "i have one question". Nigel asked what and she asked "are you a boy or a girl?" he told her what and she started saying innapropreat things. She asked him if he could r___ her, a thing that Duchess did a few days ago. WHile they were talking Amir was getting annoyed seen as no one would tell him there age. Noname was trying to kill Nigel while he was brb but he was inside the seagull building so she couldn't. When he came back he realized this and asked "having fun trying to kill me?" she claimed she wasn't but nigel told her he wasn't stupid. Nigel then asked who she was to see if she would admit her identity but she still wouldn't saying "i don't know you". Amir then claimed "your stupid" and left. Noname then asked Nigel who he was and he told her al of his names, for he thought that maybe she didn't know him by nigel, seen as he had used the name "felipe" when he met duchess. She still didn't say if she knew him or not. Amir, who was back then said "come heeeeerre" because he wanted Nigel to come out of the building , but Nigel told him "if i come out, she(noname) will just kill me then you will be crying cause you made me come out!!!!!" Noname told him "i won't kill you" but he didn't believe her saying "ya right…" "likely story!" Amir and Noname kept trying to get Nigel to come out, but he wouldn't. Noname kept trying to reassure him that she wouldnt kill him, but he didn't fall for it saying "you really think i would fall for that s__? i am not that stupid!" Amir then left, for he was fed up with being ignored.

someone named "theyareback" came on. Theyareback yelled " they are back, run before we all get skinned alive and our flesh painted blue!!!". Nigel and Noname just stared as Theyareback ran off, possibly to go screaming the message to others. Nigel then broke the silence claiming "well that was… random. Nigel then claimed "if that was one of the wasps i am leaving." Noname just said "uhhh.." while nigel continued saying "i can't put up with that crap again!" Noname then asked him something rude again, and Nigel told her "don't start that crap again! (fun fact: it was probably angry swan)  

Nigel was brb then when he came back Noname was still asking him innapropreat things "how big is ur __". he told her "I'm not falling for that crap!" Nigel then got an idea and claimed "tell you what, if you tell me who are, i'll tell you!" she asked what he meant, and he said "i mean who you are!" She told him "idk who i am" again, and Nigel went on saying "even though i pretty much know who you are.." She asked him "you do?" and he said "I'm not that dumb" She asked who she was and he said "that duchess idiot who was stalking me a few days ago." She said she wasn't and he said "ya right…" "who els complains about the stuff that you do!" She told him "i don't even know who you are". She then went on saying "no one els wants to f__ me!" "please come out". Nigel told her no, and she asked "show me how you did that". Nigel told her to be a swan if she was that deperate. Noname then said "you would kill me!" and Nigel told her "same is you if i came out!" She told him "i won't kill you if you f__ me!" Nigel told her "no, and still no" "why not?" she asked he told her "go f__ a tree if your that desperate." Nigel the saw that two ring necks named camka and super girl were trying to get in the building. he told them "you can't get in, i locked to door…" Noname asked "ya, how did you get in..?" so Nigel decided to have fun with her and said "magic!" The two ring necks were laughing at this, then Nigel got an idea. He told nonage "fine.. i'll tell you" "you go to th door and say "let me in let me in let me in" 5 times." this ultimately wouldn't work, for there was no "door" on the building. but Noname didn't realize this and actually fell for it. Noname said "fine.." and went to try it but only said "let me in" 5 times. Nigel told her that wasn't right and told her it was "let me in let me in let me in" 5 times. She still didn't get it so he told her "let me in let me in let me in 1 let me in let me in let me in  2 let me in let me in let me in 3 let me in let me in let me in let me in 4 let me in let me in let me in let me in  5!, what don't you get?" After this his computer then died for some reason and he was awe for 10 minutes.             

When he got back he she was still there, so he asks her "find out how?" She told him she didn't so he told her "i will show you come here!" as she was flying to him he went in the out again but still in the building enough so that he could walk right through the wall. she couldn't tell that he did this. Nigel stood and said the password and went in. She actually believed him and tried it. He told her to be a seagull, seen as she was a robin. when she got back she started trying again. She asked "now what? and Nigel told her "do it!" She said it still wasn't working and Nigel told her "idk why, works for me?" She said "now i'll never know.." Nigel told her to watch and did it and she still fell for it.

Sweetgirl then came on and was excited to see nigel again. Noname got suspicious and asked "is she ur girlfriend…?" Nigel told her "no, she's a friend idiot." Nigel started talking to sweet girl, whiles nonage was still suspicious. Nigel told Sweetgirl "ignore weird name over there, she's a stalker" Sweetgirl said "hahah, nice to meet you stalker". Noname cried to say she wasn't so Nigel told her "ya right…   the why did u ask me for the last half hour how big my d__ is?" She asked "why wouldn't i?" and Nigel said "cause you a stalker". She told him "i haven't seen you before today" and he told her "ya you have.. duchess" Noname said "idk who that is" and Nigel told her "well, its lisha duchess or ariana.. or all of them!!" Frost then came on and said hi to everyone. Nigel found out that Sweetgirl was her sister.                              

Duchess then got another idea to kill nigel. She became a swan and flew around the building, to try and trick nigel. But he didn't fall for it and said "i can still see you, if you think your plans working.." but she was quick and killed him. he came back and went in and she said "so thats how you do it?" and he told her, "ya but as a robin only the let me in works". Frost meanwhile was saying Gamerz wouldn't be on because of school. Nigel told her that Gamerz had said it was canceled or something, and she asked "what school thing?" Nigel asked "you just said??" but she said "he never said anything like that?" Sweetgirl then started poo fighting with someone named "mounafix". Frost asked Nigel if he was alright for some reason, and he asked her "what?" she said "nvm.." frost then asked nigel "are you talking about that? he told me he won't be on for 2 weeks but he'll be back?" Nigel told her " he told me he be gone for 8 months for an excame thing  but then a few days later he was on and i ask why and he say "it was cancelled" ???" Frost asked "what do you mean cancelled?" "what did he mean?" Nigel told her "i dk what he meant, he just told me that then acted like he didnt want to talk about it" Nigel then had to leave and everyone said bye. "byyeee!" sweet girl "ok bye nigel.."frost   and Mounafix just said "c ya" Nigel then left.                                                            


Nigel and Blackfire vs the hater

ft Blackfire, Lysa, Silver, babe, epustia, Vikiria, ihatenigel(possibly vokun or angryswan), 

April 20 that morning Nigel went to cityscape 1. Lysa was still mad at him, and was telling anyone who talked to Nigel that he was a "manipulator" and a coward. She kept telling people not to trust Nigel, and unfortunately most of them listen to her. Someone named "babe" had joined in and was telling people that nigel was a coward. Silver was asking why Lysa was mad at Nigel, so Nigel got her to go to cityscape 5 seen as Lysa wouldn't stop killing him. At city 5 Nigel explained that had happened saying: " a few weeks ago, i went to city 2 and i was really bored so a spammed the chat to try out a new spam thing to use against someone who had been cloning me n my friends. now, i know lysa hates spam, and i saw she was there but too late, so i told her i didnt mean it for her, and said i was sorry and what not. but, now shes mad and going around telling everyone she sees that i go undercover to kill people, manipulate people, and that i lie about everyone. and everyone believes her!!!!!!!! Silver didn't seem to know what to say. SIlver then told Nigel she would be right back and left. A few minutes later she came back, and Lysa showed up. Lysa claimed "oh no.. not him.." and Nigel, realizing why she came, asked silver "you brought..her here…?" Lya said she couldn't trust Nigel and left. SO nigel got an idea and told Silver "you go to get lisa and bring her back here, and i will leave for 5 minute so she won't leave!" SIlver left, and nigel left too. After about 10 minutes city5 was still empty, so Nigel went to cityscape 1 and found silver and Epustia there. Nigel and Silver returned to city5 and he asked her "did you talk with her???" Epustia had followed them. Silver said "she said cause your mafias enemie.." Nigel was dumfounded, seen as the last time mafia had been on he had been friends with him. Nigel told silver that mafia had been gone for years now. Meenwhile epustia was telling Nigel how she thought seagull eyes were weird. Nigel asked silver "can you at least ask Lysa to stop pooping on me and let me stay at city 1?" Seen as silver was now brb epustia said she would. SHe then told Nigel "you can quit.." Nigel told her he would never leave, seen as he had been around for 5 years now. Someone named crocodile kept trying to kill nigel. Silver killed crocodile and nigel thanked her. Epustia went to find Lysa to talk to her, but silver said that Lysa had left. Epustia came back and told Nigel that there was a clone of him, so Nigel went to city 1 to see what was going on. Nigel got back to city 5 and said that there was no clone, and Epustia said she must have been mistaken. they talked a bit then nigel left.                                                       

later that afternoon Nigel went to cityscape 1, but unfortunately Lysa was still there. Lysa never had been on in the afternoon, but now she seemed to be on every minute. Nigel decided to go to cityscape 5, and told everyone he would be there. unfortunately the only person who followed was someone named "ihatenigel". ihatenigel told him she didn't really hate him but had to act like she did or people would kill her. Nigel then told ihatenigel he would be back and left for a few minutes.

Nigel had gone on as "birddd" and was spamming about how Lysa was lying and trying to get people to realize what she was doing. He noticed that Blackfire was there so he told her to go to citycape 5. Once she got there she realized who it was. Nigel told Blackfire everything, why Lysa hated him and what she was doing. He told Blackfire that all of his friends hated him now. She asked who and he said it was "white wolf epsutia silver babe nazlu and a few others. Blackfire then left for a few minutes, and when she got back he asked her where she went. she said she only went to kik and her "what did you say? if its any of my business that is.." SHe told him it was just one of her friends that she played another game with. Ihatenigel then asked Nigel to fight him, and Blackfire told him/her "if you wanna fight him you gotta get through me first!" Nigel then realized that ihatenigel was very similar to someone els he knew and asked "your lisha, arent you?" She told him "no.. I'm ihatenigel" Nigel told her "I'm not that dumb". Blackfire tried pointing out that if she was lisha she would have been speaking in flower language, but nigel told her "Blackfire, if you didnt know already, lisha, ariana, vokun. all of them are the same people" Blakcfire told nigel "if that were her she would eb dead by now.. cuz i don't want my own gf hating on my friends.." Nigel realized that Blackfire was talking about Lisha and asked "she's with you…? she said yes and nigel asked "but.. she's my mate…?" Blackfire was getting confused and nigel told her again "lisha is my mate. i thought." he then said "guess she is a cheater too.." Blackfire said "i mean.. i asked her out the other day and she said yea.. so now i hear this and I'm really damn confused". Nigel told her "Lisha told me she followed everyone" so Blackfire said she would ask lisha next time she saw her. Someone named Vikiria  came on and didn't know what was going so she just said :| Nigel said to her "uh… hi?" and Black fire left for a minute. Ihatenigel pooed on nigel and Nigel yelled at him saying "HEY!!" Ihatenigel tried to apologize but nigel told him "oh.. wait till Blackfire comes back.. that will be fun.. hehehe." Blackfire then came back and nigel said "oh, black? he pooed on me." Blackfire, mad at ihatenigel, killed him for this. ihatenigel returned and said "i did not poo on him" "nigel always lies about everything!". Blackfire told him "oh shut the f__ up." "so far nigel hasn't lied about anything" Ihatenigel said "everything they said about him(nigel) at city 1 is true!!!" Nigel and Blackfire tried to get rid of ihatenigel going to hill 5 then 2 then 1 but non of the worked so they stayed at hill1. 

At hill 1 ihatenigel started ranting again claiming "he's just making up lies to tell everyone" blackfire told him "if i know you in real life you would be dead by now…." Ihatenigel then claimed "you(nigel) just got nothing better to do!" "i spy on you with a russian name!" Nigel told him he hadn't seen anyone with a russian name following him, and Blackfire said " thats because he's lies, he dosnt follow you.." Nigel then said "oh well… stupid people will be stupid.." ihatenigel then told nigel "i only do(spy) when you bring your victims to hills cape 5!" "you clone people". He then went on saying "you spam city1 as a clone". he was refuring to Nigel using the name "birddd" earlier that day. Nigel told him that Birddd was infact his name. but ihatenigel didn't listen and went on saying "he clones everyone!!!!!!" Nigel reasured her "not me. thats arianas job". ihatenigel then started going on about how nigel "Stole" island 5 a few weeks ago. at first nigel didn't know what he was talking about but then realized something… the only 2 people with him at island 5 that day was Sacha and vokun. the 3 had been arguing over the fact that sacha claimed to own the island, so Nigel and her split it up. vokun had been going on about how the wasp really owned it. nigel got one half, sacha she other and Vokun was left with the little island to the side of the main one, much to her displeasure. Nigel, having realized what ihatenigel just did, asked him "so you admit it… you are vokun." Blackfire asked "how tf can you steal a server?" and ihatenigel said "vokun left because of you". Nigel told blackfire about what happened at island 5 a month or so ago, and said "he's(ihatenigel) so dumb he admitted who he is." Nigel then told ihatenigel "when i was at island 5 i was with someone named sacha  we were arguing over who owned it. dear vokun came on and said that it was all hers so me n sacha split the island and vokun got the little island by it (lol)   and vokun was the only one there so YOU ARE VOKUN U IDIOT!!!!!!!" ihatenigel tried saying it wasn't vokun, but no one listened. ihatenigel then started saying "so now that vokun is gone you start telling lies about her". Nigel told him "watch what you say next time, you just gave yourself away idiot!" Blackfire then pointed out "vokun argues a lot so a would totally believe its you." Nigel then told them "vokun. ariana. angryswan. lisha. vespula. pristobrycon. and a few otheres.  they are all the same.   they act the same. and they are the same" Ihatenigel was then going on about how nigel was always brb. so Blackfire told him "i am always brb, cause i got to check kik, does that seem suspicious?" ihatenigel ignored her saying "don't insult vespula or vokun." nigel told him to make him and ihatenigel said you just mad cause of the shadow clan". nigel told ihatenigel "your just afraid cause i figured you out, you are the same person, you can't hide anymore :) " Blackfire then said "I've known vokun for a long time, and she was always a bitch, so i do believe nigel that you could be her." 

Nigel was then brb for a minute, and Blackfire and ihatenigel started fighting about id nigel was a liar or not. ihatnigel said "this lies have to stop, it has gone to far" blackfire asked "and you havnt lied? everyone on this horrible earth has lied" Nigel then told them he had to go for 5 minutes, for he was eating dinner. he told them he would sort it out when he got back. Ihatenigel then told blackfire that Voken had never done anything to nigel, and black fire said "how can i believe you?" Nigel saw what they said before they left and said "like throwing a house at his(nigel) head?" "sorry, i had to, it happened at island 7" "now brb for 5 minutes" Blackfire didn't know what to say. Blackfire and ihatenigel then were fighting over vokun, ihatenigel saying she was good and blackfire not believing a word he said. When nigel got back he told them "this is the amazing list of wonderful things that vokun has done to me : throw a house at me. throw a baby at me. smack me into the ground with a pole. smack me into the ground with a tree. force me to eat a slug. call me a "fish guzzling rodent" and so on... i had this all written down. so no i didnt make it up" Blackfire said that was weird, and nigel told ihatenigel "i hate vokun because of the wasp, not the shadow clan." ihatenigel said "the wasps are dead.. at least most of them…" Nigel said "yes, cause i killed them!" Ihatenigel said "they were stalked by a hacker until the quit". Nigel then said how he killed malecifrons with a fly swatter. ihatenigel then said "nigel himself is suspicious" meanwhile, someone named lucas and a noname were pooping on them so they went to hill5. Blackfire said "why does everyone i like have to be hated?" when they got to hill5. "nigel listen everyone as vokun, all the people he hates.." said ihatenigel. Blackfire, starting to get sick of ihatenigel said "just shut up…" ihatenigel continued saying "or he is just stupid, but this is highly unlikely" blackfire again said " shut….. up….." "i don't want to hear any of your nonsense" instead of listing, ihatenigel continued, "nigel knows a lot, he is tricking everyone" blackfire started crying and yelled "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" ihatenigel then started saying " he writes lies for everyone to read" "have you read it?" "its complete nonsense!" blackfire was starting to get fed up and said "just go…….. dammit….." ihatenigel went on saying "everyone knows his stories are fake" blackfire then left saying "I'm going somewhere els…". Nigel, who had stayed out of the argument, tried to get her to stay but she left before he could. ihatenigel started telling him "its over nigel.. no ones going to believe you…"  

Blackfire then came back, and started arguing again, for Ihatenigel had told Nigel backfire would never believe him. She told him that she did believe Nigel, so Ihatenigel told her "you should find a better source of information". Blackfire told him "and you should just go..." Ihatenigel told her "he adds ridiculous things to the stories" so Nigel wolf him "thats just a write up, I have proof". I hate Nigel told him "he only one doing the lying here is you nigel. those stories are nonsense. Blackfire told him "lysa is the only liar i know this cuz when i joined she tried doing this to me and she tried messing stuff up. im helping nigel cuz ik what shes doing to him….." Satan then came on, and said " why would all of his enemies be listen at vokun? and all you do is make this situation worse. u just need to leave the whole thing and keep ur mouth shut", so Blackfire said "go ahead blood, be a hater too." . Nigel asked if they were friends, so satan said yes. ihatenigel told satan "until you here this........ nigel is a liar! hes nice to everyone then rights a story about them"

After that, they argued a bit more, and Backfire went to look for Nigel's wiki, while satan tried to make ihatenigel leave. 


Face dude 

ft Levi.

on april 21    Nigel met duchess after arguing with lysa and Ultra. epsutia had been there too.   

Later nigel found levi at city 7 using a face symbol for his name. Nigel knew it was him, but levi wouldnt say anyhting. Nigel asked him "oi, face dude.. i know who you are!  Levi said "i dont want to talk... im not feeling in today.."   Nigel then said "havnt seen you for a week now!" "have you seen eren?"   Levi said eren would be on soon.  Nigel then asked "havnt seen you or him for a while now, you been gone or something?"  Levi said "the reason is, we hide from killers...""i usually take refuge at snow 1".  He talked for a bit then left. 


Not again... 

ft Cherie, Donna, bri, Dovi,

april 22   Nigel met Cherie at city 1. He talked with her for a bit, and after this she asked him "wanna know a secret?"  He asked what and she told him "i might have cancer.."  Nigel told her "dont try pulling that one cherie... ace and levi already tried and failed..."   Cherie asked "you think i lie? i had a test". Nigel told her "i dont know.. just dont bring that crap onto a game". Cherie said her grandpa died of cancer, and Nigel told her he was sorry. Someone named "Bri" came on and for some reason she fell face down.  Cherie asked "lord, why would i lie about that infron of everyone? refuring to the cancer. Nigel told her "im not saying you are.. its just other people did that and were found to be lying.."   Bri then left and came on as Drunkbfire. Someone named "dovy" kept pooing on them and Nigel had to go. 


Icecream at Industy 7 

Icecream enters.-0

I am Chocolate icecream!

ft Cherie, Icecream, Ryuik

Ice leaves

On april 23 Nigel found Cherie at city 7. He was talkign with her when she mentioned that her daughter played the game as well. He asked hwe he name, for he never knew that she came on, and cherie told him it was "hamsterlover". Nigel told cherie that he saw hamsterlover back at city 1 when lysa was getting people to turn on him.   Cherie said that her daughter never knew lysa, but nigel was sure it was her. Cherie said it was maybe a clone.    Someone named "icecream" then came on. Ice finally said hi after nigel and cherie kept asking her. She told them "hello, i am chocolate icecream!"  Cherie answerd saying "o0 yummy.."  Nigel said "oh good, another wise person.."  "i dont know what to say to that.."    Ice then claimed "it very peacful here" and nigel said "yes..  very quiet.."   Ice then claimed "city 1 is like defcone 5 "  Nigel asked "lol, whats that?" and cherie asked ice "umm.. are you a boy or a girl?"  Ice told nigel "just the highest alert in most country!"  "oh, and ima girl." Cherie then asked where she was frome, and she went on saying "or mixed gender as some would say.." she then answerd cherie saying she was from Castledawson in norht irland.  They all talked about this for a little while. Cherie was showing them her floating hack.  Ice then told them that she was new to the game, so  cherie told her welcome and nigel said "welcome to flab3 it can be weird". Nigel then left and got his fancy letterd name, for he didnt have it when he met them. Nigel when started talking with cherie and icecream. Cherie said "well... ppl was asposed to meet me here..."   Nigel asked "and he didnt?"  "yup"  "what a suprize!!"   cherie then said "as long as its not lizzie..."  Nigel asked who that was and cherie told him it was Ryuik. Nigel asked "ryuik? but... shes my friend??"   Cherie told him "shes been clonning me and is now taking the piss.." meenwhile Ice said she would just listen for it was good for her history.  Nigel then said "oh.. welll. ryuik was a bit weird... she made levi cheat on his own boyfriend.."   Ice then said she had to leave, and that it was nice to meet them. She then left.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.12.45 PM-0

After ice's departure Nigel was flying around and crashed into a building. He yelled at it claiming "f__ you building!" Cherie didn't know what to say and just said o0. Nigel told her "the building crashed into me…" She said "lol" Nigel then told her "those building really got to watch were there going these days!!!" Obsession then came on. Cherie, knowing who it was, just said "……." And nigel remember what Ryuik and Cherie had been doing. Nigel said "oh.. right…" to cherie then said "ello ryuik!" She said hi back and Nigel asked her how she was. She told him she was good. Nigel then asked her "seen levi lately?" to try and keep away from Cherie and Ryuik arguing or something like that. She told him no so Nigel told her "i saw him earlier today" "but he dissapeard again.." Ryuik asked "you saw him today?" He told her yes and she said "probebly avoiding me."     Nigel said "he avoids everyone…". Ryuik said she had to ask levi something and couldn't find him. Nigel then had to leave.  


The fight at Cityscape 1 

Watching the poo fight

ft gamerz, F__ refugees(angry swan?), Digi, Tazer, Silver, luigi, Darkgirl, Peridot, Fallen, Jeffline, Levi, eagle noname, Silver, Raven, Frost, Purplenoname, Killer, 

On april 24 Nigel went to cityscape 1 in the morning to check if cherie was there, seen as he left and never got to talk to her again yesterday. She wasn't there so he went and talked to a few people. Gamerz was there, and Nigel asked gamers why he was on, seen as he said he would be gone for weeks. Gamerz said it had been weeks, and Nigel guessed he was right. Someone named "f___ refugees" was there, and was fighting with Digi Tazer and Silver. FR kept saying rude stuff and killing people, but he eventually left after being killed numorus times.  

The war

The reaction to "will you marrie me"

Digi = l

Digital was there, she was poo fighting with Silver, and a few others. Nigel joined in, and poofighted for a little while, but then gave up. After a little while, more and more people joined them. some of the people were " Anya, Fallen, Peridot, Yandere chan and someone named Bolr. The war continued, and Nigel watched from another building. Gamerz was there for a little while but then had to leave.   Nigel started talking with someone  named yandere chan but was killed by someone called Luigi. Nigel asked why luigi was killing him and he said he was mad at nigel because he "pooed on his wife". is wife Darkgirl had pooed on him first, so he tried to tell luigi this, but he wouldn't listen. Luigi kept trying to Kill nigel, and wouldn't let him on the building, telling nigel that he hated seagulls. Nigel left and became a starling, but he still got killed. Nigel tried killing Luigi, but soon found out that he was immortal. Eventually Nigel decided to ignore him. Luigi then started saying that everyone was his wife for some reason. He then started spamming in rainbow colors "DIGI + l(something) . it was too big to fit in the text, but he was too stupid to fix it. After this, he asked Peridot, who had just arived, to Marry Him for some reason. Nigel told her "ooo peridot, you got a stalker!" After a while, Nigel had to leave.    

The bird army 

Raven, Silver , whisper, purplenoname, killer, Levi, 

Later that day Nigel was making a bird army at island 6 when Levi came on. Nigel told levi not to kill them, before realizing who he was. Levi told he would be at Cityscape 6 and left. Nigel continued making his "bird army" then left.

My last bird army
The poo fighters

Nigel then went to city 6 to find levi, and found him there. Silevr was there, and was talking with someone named Raven. Silver asked everyones age, then hobbies. Nigel told her "playing this, lol jk". After talking about this for a little while a eagle no name tried to kill him. Nigel killed it and said "dats one dead eagle!"

Another nonage who was talking in purple writing said "should of let me kill it…" Noname then came back as "be friends" but Silver killed it before he could do anything. Purple noanme then asked "who's Whisper?" Levi told nonage and nigel that Whisper was frost. Nigel then said "a very quiet frost.." Levi told them that she was AFK, and nigel said "to she's watching us.. o.o" Silver said "she's already watching us so whats the news?" Nigel said idk and Purple no name just said :| . Silver, getting bored, asked "who wanna poo fight?" Nigel didn't want to, but Purple nn wanted to, so she told him to get a name. He left, after saying "pro pigeon!". Levi then said "i live this song!" nigel asked what it was and he said "golden days, panic at the disco" Whisper then got back and the all welcomed her back. Someone named "okillero came on, and Nigel thought it was Pigeon no name. SIlver and Whisper started poo fighting, and Nigel just stat on a building and watched. SIlver told Whisper "sorry if I'm bad." Whisper answers "pft, no need, I'm even worse". Killer flew over to Nigel and asked "what are they doing?" Nigel told him "they tryna S__ on each other!" Silver answered "dancing!" and Whisper asked "what type of dancing?" Silver answers "sh*tty dancing". SIlver then killed Whisper, and Nigel told her "nice one!" She thanked him and Nigel started to count down saying "and 3.. 2.. 1.. she's still not here." Whisper then returned and Killed SIlver. Once silver was back they continued poo fighting. Killer tried to join inbut just got pooed on so he flew away. Someone named "Invisible bird" came on, and Nigel went over to greet him but he wouldn't say anything. He then left.

The killer who wasnt

killer fleeing

Meenwhile, Levi was fussing over how he couldn't draw Cronus ampora. "i can't f_____ing draw him!!!" Levi was yelling, so nigel asked him who while levi said "f___ my life!" Levi told him who, and Nigel said "it dosnt have to be exactly the same.. Levi told him "but.. i can't get his fins right.." Nigel left to see what Levi was trying to draw and saw how hard it would be, so when he got back he gave up saying "ok good luck." Nigel then had to leave after a little while. 


Ace forgotten?

Ft Populargirl,

Nigel and popular
note, this was the last time Nigel ever saw Popular

On April 27 in the morning Nigel was at cityscape 1. He was talking to people when a nonage kept saying "Nigel" over and over again. He asked why, and she said "I'm pop". Nigel knew what she meant(that her she was popular girl). Pop asked him to go to hills cape 4, so they did, Nigel saying "i guess i should leave cityscape 1 before the idiot killer(Lysa) comes on.." Nigel then told her about Lysa and what she had done. After that Pop randomly started talking about Ace, saying that he was now almost homeless.   

She then said that Ace had forgot about Nigel, and Nigel said "how could he??????? She asked Nigel "what did you 2 do together?" Nigel said "i helped ace a lot, and he forgot about me?????" She asked what he did to help ace and Nigel went on saying "when he got chased away, when people were being mean to him, i was always there to help him… AND HE FORGOT ME???????" "i was one of his best friends!!!!!!!!" Pop then asked "do you know why he cheated back then? Nigel told her no, and she said "i been asking that question a lot for a year now…" Nigel, thinking that she had known and was going to tell him said "so you don't know." and she said "it still hurts" She then said "i have a theory on it though." Nigel asked "you do?" and she said "yah, i did it and its no more then like 1430922 and above". Nigel then asked her "do you still speak to ace?" and asked "tell him I'm the guy called evilbird or nigel and i helped him when Kapro and Blackwolfs__ bothered him" Pop pointed out that her brother had been bullied by Blackwolfking and nigel said "admit it, everyone was bullied by Black." Nigel then said "oh, and I'm friends with Kapro now" after she said "and that crapo dude". she said "yea, but he's a role-player and he's dating now". Nigel told her "ya, but i can stop him from killing people now ^^ " Popular then randomly said "i cut of my arm." when she got no answer she said "cause of hawk."(not sure which hawk, either baby hawk or Hawky?) Nigel then had to leave after talking a little bit more.   


The grey. 

ft grey

april 29 Nigel met someone at cityscape 1 named "grey". Grey asked if he knew Nigel, but Nigel wasn't sure, saying that the name seemed familiar. Nigel then told him all of his names and it turned out that grey know Nigel back when he used the named Lord shen. Nigel told grey that he remembered who he was now. Gamerz then came on but didn't say anything. Nigel then left.                                


Lisha did what?!

ft lysa, Digital, Blackfire,odellbechamjr ,Nikidragon54,Blah blah blah,

For some reason, a few days ago the Chat codes stopped working in the name thing. You could use it, but then you would be lagged out of multiplayer 2 seconds after joining. This was possible game vials fault. today, now you can't use fancy names. unfortunately this means you can be cloned easily.

On april 30 Nigel was at cityscape 1 in the afternoon arguing with Lysa as usual. Lysa was now blaming him for killing her and her sister yesterday, even though nigel wasn't even on yesterday. Nigel tried to tell her, but she refused the believe him. He eventually gave up, after a few others (shadow, and someone els) started teaming up with Lysa. Nigel left and came back with the name Felipe, to see if Lysa would recognize him, but suprizingly she didn't. Even though Felipe talked the same and even talked to her a bit about how the chat codes didn't work anymore, she still didn't realize who he was. Digital came on, and Lysa started talking to her, so she forgot about killing nigel. Meenwhile Felipe was cloned by someone, and got in a fight with the clone. Lysa still didn't realize who he was. So felipe and felipe started trying to kill each other, and then someone named "Felipa" came on. so of corse the two started fighting over her. After a little while someone named "Alois Trancy" came on. She said "nigel??" and He told her "oh… um… hi?" She told him she was blackfire so he told her to go to hill4 so lisa wouldn't find out it was him. Just before he left to meet Alois, he said " oi, Lysa?" "i tricked you, its me, your really that dumb?? _nigel_ hahahhaaha" He never saw if she answers, for he left right after that.       

Felipe odell and Alois

Once he got to hill4 he told alois what Lysa was up to saying "she's making people hate me and blamed me for stuff others did.." Alois said "she's such a bitch!" and Felipe continued saying "and goes what?" "EVERYONE F____ING BELIEVES HER!!!!!!!!!" While they were talking about this someone named "odellbechamjr" came on. He said he was new to the game. He also told Felipe that he was with him and not Lysa. Alois was brb for a minute, and while she was Felipe was brb too. When she got back she saw Felipe and Odell standing together and said "are you two dating??" Odell said no, and Felipe came back and told her he was just brb. After this they talked bait about things they liked to do. Felipe wasn't really listing and Alois asked him something. He said "what? sorry, i wasn't paying attention.." Odell then said "brb, I'm going to go look for my girl friend." Felipe asked who, and he said "someone with hearts and girl symbols in her name". Felipe recognized this, and went and got Lishas name. He came back and saw that Odell had left. He asked "Was it ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀?" but then realized he was gone and said "oh.. dam. he's gone. fail…" Odel then came back with the name "camnewton1nfl". Felipe asked him if the name was "♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀" and He said it was. Felipe told him "ya.. don't be with her.. she's a stalker.." Alois just said "lol" to this, for she knew Lisha too. Alois then asked "wait… isn't that lishas name?" Felipe said "one of her many.." Alois said "well.. looks like I'm done with her e.e" She then told Odell "don't get confused, I'm a girl." Odell then asked "she's a stalker?" refuring to lisha. Felipe said yes, and Alois said "I'm actually as posed to be dating her right now, but i guess i made a mistake.." Felipe said "she tried to marry me, i didn't want to…" Alois said "so I'm guessing lisha is a player too.. eh?" Odell then told them "she's 17" Alois knew already but Felipe didn't, so he asked "she's 17???" they told him yes and he said "that b___ told me she was 15??" Alois said "thats what she told me too". odell then left for a few minutes, and someone named "Nikidragon54" came on. Niki wouldn't say anything even though Felipe and Alois both greeted her. Felipe broke the silence first saying "its just… staring.. at us.." Odell then came back and said "did y'all see her today?" refuring to lisha. They both told him no and Alois said "I'm going to spy on her". Odell then changed his name to Kamcellor3.        

Felipe then remembered what he wanted to ask alois in the first place and said " Alois?" "do you have this problem. when u use a fancy name or the <i></i> code for ur name. does the game lag you out 2 second after u go on multi player. cause it do that to me…." While she was reading it Odell asked "should i cheat on her?(lisha). Felipe said "go for it!" Alois then got back to Felipe and said "um.. no". She then answers odell and said "thats what I'm going to do." Odell then asked her "why don't you date me?" "your a girl right?" Felipe said "you only just met him?!?!?!?" And alois said "i know." Felip answered "so don't go with him". Alois only did a ._. face. She then said "i rarely get asked out" Felipe asked "went you with that ice wolf dude?" She said "I'm not the kinda person a guy should like". Odell then randomly said "she asked you out". Felipe said "uh.. what?" and Alois said "0.o" Odell then told him "my girl friend" Felipe said "oh.. you mean lisha?" he said yes. Alois said " oh, um i actually had done asked her out like a couple weeks ago." Odel asked what Lisha said and she didn't answer. felipe then had to leave for a few minutes, so he told them and left.       

When he got back he found thatat Hill 4 was empty. He went and checked cityscape 5 seen as there were people there and found Nikidragon54 there. he asked her where they went but didn't get an answer. He left claiming "dammit!!!" and went to hill4 but they still went there. So he went back to city 5 and asked someone named Blah blah blah if he saw any of them and BBB just said "…." Felipe asked why, but he wouldn't answer, so he left.  

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