Vokun can't kill Nigel 

Ft Vokun, Gamerz, Levi, Clockwork, 4949, jeffline.

Vokun tries various ways of killing nigel.   Levi and Gamerz get into a fight.

on march 1 Nigel went to cityscape 1 where he met gamers. The two of them went to Hillscape5 together, but a nonage followed them. Gamerz told Nigel that it was vokun who was the nonage. They tried to get away from vokun, but she followed them to island 6. The nonage insisted that she wasn't vokun, even thought it was obvious that it was. Vokun kept telling Nigel that "vokun needed to talk to him". Nigel told her that it better not be the "i hate you cause i hate ace" crap again". gamer kept telling the noname to admit that she was vokun, but she wouldn't, insisting that she was "not hydra"(hydra is vokuns other name). She then left and came back as "NotHydra". Gamers asked Nigel if she knew some people named "baby hawk" and "Red(something)" because he was going to hack there computers soon. He told vokun he would hack her after she asked him not to, but nigel pleaded gamer to so he agreed. After a while of arguing Nigel told Noname why he hated vokun and all that. He then had to go for a few minutes.

When he got back Gamerz was telling vokun that she had one last chance to reveal who she was. Nigel said he was "whale watching" with he grandma and mom". Vokun started being annoying saying stuff like "whale meat" "think about it". Nigel told gamers to "ignore it, just. ignore it". Vokun continued going on about "whale meet" and Nigel accused her of being the Noname from yesterday. She told him she wasn't, and didn't know what she did yesterday. She then started acting stupid, forgetting everything, even forgetting who Nigel(who had the name "joy") was. She acted like she had just got there, thought Nigel and Gamerz didn't fall for it. Nigel said "are you retarded.." .Nigel and Gamerz still accused her of being vokun but she still insisted she wasn't. Nigel claiming "well, unless you have an identical twin, your vokun." Vokun was then BRB for a minute, and when she got back she accused gamer(who was standing near her)of trying to kill her. Nigel just claimed "wasn't me :) " and vokun told him to "shut up nigel". Nigel then asked her that he thought she didn't know who he was (because she said she didn't know who he was just a minute before). Vokun then randomly started going on about "whale meat" again and tried to throw a piece at nigel. gamers told Vokun not to tell nigel to shut up, but she didn't listen. Nigel got bored and went an watched a tourist that as just walking in one spot. Vokun killed it, pissing nigel off. Nigel told Vokun she was "retarded". Nigel then asked Gamerz if "it" was immortal, Gamerz asked who and Nigel told him stop being stupid. Nigel then tried to kill Vokun but Gamerz had to leave, distracting nigel from that. After he left, Vokun was telling nigel to "sit" over and over again. Nigel asked her "you got nothing els to say..?" she started roleplaying that she had 4 heads, trying to intimidate him into sitting. Nigel mocked her saying "you got 4 heads? oh.. well... i honsestly thought someone with 4 heads would be smarter than you.. but.. oh well ya live n learn.." Vokun finally got nigel to sit and claimed "now its time for the real fun". Nigel just told her "well. this ought to be entertaining…"  

Vokun then tried various ways of killing nigel including: Tunring him into tar, Sticking his head into a bee hive, beating him into the ground with a tree, dumping salt in his eyes, and other stuff.. Nigel would just mock her, telling her that he didn't feel pain, and she could kill him. Nigel still didn't die, dumbfounding her. She then tried smacking him into the ground 60 times with a metal pole. Nigel asked her "you would do anything wouldn't you…."    

Vokun then tried throwing a house on Nigel, But he mocked her saying "Oh Thankyou! i Needed a new house anyways!". "didn't even have to pay rent!". he then sat watching tv in his house while vokun just glared at him. She then tried throwing a baby at him. he called it pathetic, saying the baby died before it hit him. She claimed "you seem to refuse the dying". Nigel just claimed "no.. really..?" Vokun then tried picking up the moon(ya she's a wtf bird) to throw at him but he told her " let me tell you something  if i die.  i will come back as a ghost. and haunt you. for the reast of your sweet sweet little life". She finally gave up and decided to start feeding him(yes this is where you say "wtf"). yes. feed him. He told her he didn't need to eat so she threw a garbage can on him.    

Later Levi and Gamerz came back on, gamers got mad at Levi because he was friends with Vokun.after arguing Levi told them to stop fighting or he would be no ones friend. Vokun started saying garbage as usual(telling Levi and Gamerz to fight) while Nigel and gamers were arguing over over levi being friends with vokun. Levi then told them to stop, saying "Im not being dragged into this childish argument, its stupid and pointless". Levi then told them to start acting there age. Gamerz told Levi that "a friend like Vokun isnt a friend..... its a scum bag". Meanwhile Nigel was talking to a bird named "I'mnotamacaw" who was a macaw. Levi then yelled "dont patronize me" gamers told him to "learn to respect " and levi yelled back "you act like ur 10 so act fu cking age ". Levi and Gamer kept on arguing while Nigel stayed out of it and watched. gamer saying "you and you pathitec little friend" levi replying "ur just a bitter bitch whos upset that I'm not on ur friend.". Levi asked gamers if they were still friends but gamers promised he wouldn't ever be after he called him a "bitch". Gamer claimed that be would chase down all of Levi's friends. Meenwhile Nigel changed his name from Joy to Felipe claiming "guys.. ima just sit here on my island... and watch..... ". Gamerz told Levi " you and your stupid little bitches wont get away so easy " Levi then left claiming that "his day was ruined because of them". Nigel threatened to lag everyone, but didn't in the end. he then left.    

He then went to Snow6 where he found Clockwork who asked him what happened at the island. He explained what hepppend, and told her about how he thought levi was ace bandit. then levi came on. Nigel told levi he would try and sort things out with Gamerz, but he couldn't promis. after a while clockwork left and Nigel Levi and 4949 hung out until he left.         

Later that night he found levi and Eren at snowscape 5. Levi was complaining that *everyone just seemed done with him" and "everyone around him died" and "no one likes him". Nigel tried to tell him to stop saying that kind of stuff but he wouldn't. Jeffiline , Eren and Nigel stayed with levi for a while until Nigel had to go.

note - possibly angryswan? Vokun was doing the "something, then notsomething" thing.?        


Banning people 

ft Gamerz, jeffline

on march 4 Nigel was hanging out with gamers and a bunch of people. Him and Gamerz were making messages saying "your banned" to use against ariana. later that day he met levi at city7 and went to island 5 with him, jeffiline and gamersz. Gamerz said he was sorry for the other day, and they forgave each other.          


Levi's mistake

Levi decides to run away from home, so nigel and eren try to help his brother Colin catch him.

ft Levi, Jeff, Kingwolf, Gamerz, Eyelessjack, Mathew, Colin, Little suze, Death, Edit

on march 5 Nigel had been hanging out with Levi Jeff and a bunch of other people at hills cape 5. Levi had been complaining about how everyone didn't trust him and so on. He claimed he wanted to just play Lif, and that the people on there didn't hate him. Nigel told him that Ariana could just follow him there and clone him, but levi claimed to have hacker friends who would protect him. Later Nigel went back to city7 and found everyone back there. Levi was upset, for something had happened at hill5 when he wasn't there, causing him to think that everyone didn't trust him.

Later Nigel went back to City7. He talked with jeffiline and someone called "king wolf", then all of a sudden levi randomly spammed the chat(not spam really) about how everyone hated him for what he had said and how everyone didn't trust him anymore. Jeff and Nigel told him that they would always be his friends but he still didn't believe them. King wolf started spamming, so Levi had enough and left everyone. Nigel went to look for him and found him at island5. Nigel told levi that he wanted to help him and that he didn't hate him. Levi told him that no body could help him, after what he said back at hillscape5. Nigel told him he wasn't there.Levi claimed that he said something he couldn't take back. while levi was talking about this, a bird named jony came on and refused to leave, so they ignored him. Nigel asked levi what he said. Levi told him that he had told everyone that he didn't care about anyone, not even even, himself, or nick(his best friend). He told Nigel he was sorry for what he said to everyone. Levi claimed he didn't think he should go back to city7, so nigel told him to maybe let everyone calm down, then go back. Nigel told him it wasn't his fault, and that people could get annoying sometimes. Nigel then had to leave for a while claiming "he had to go get pizza with his mom".                    

Nigel returned and decided to look for levi. He found him, Gamerz, and Eyelessjack at Hillscape7. Gamerz was randomly spamming, for he was bored. Levi wouldn't answer Nigel whenever he asked him something. a bird named "matthew" asked what was wrong with Levi. Nigel told him levi had a bad day. He was then brb ffor a few minutes, and when he returned, Eyelessjack and Levi were fighting. Levi asking "why the hell did you coach him to me??". Nigel, thinking levi was talking to him, told him he didn't do anything, but it turned out it was between Eyelessjack and Levi. Gamerz continued to spam, being annoying.                    

Eyeless kept making fun of levi claiming that levi had locked himself in the bathroom". Just then a Noname came on, and Nigel thought it was ariana. He claimed "oh great, just who we f__ing need". Ariana then just started pooping on people. meanwhile, Levi continued arguing claiming "you had him fish me out of there!  why?". Eyeless again saying "you just locked youself in a damn bathroom and shut everyone out" Levi said "what els can i do??". Nigel told them to stop and for him to leave levi alone. Eyeless told nigel "you think he's the only one having a bad day???" Matthew was again asking where "ryan" was. Eyeless told him to go look for him if he wanted to see him. Matthew claimed that he could find him anywhere. So Eyeless told him to "walk around in all places yelling his name,  seach all places possible!" they then started talking about him being at someones house, and Nigel readlized that this was about real life and not in the game. Nigel asked Eyeless if it was true and he just told him "do you think i would make this up????" Nigel just asked him why they were talking about something like this on a game, Eyeless told him there was no where els for them to. Nigel told him he could talk on the phone. 

Levi, who had been there the whole time, then told Eyeless that he should call the police. Nigel told him "thank you, levi. at least theres one smart person here". Levi then claimed that he wasn't levi. He was Levi's older brother colin. Nigel asked Colin if he wanted him to teach him about the game. Colin didn't want anything to do with the game telling nigel "no i want nothing to do with this game for i am worried about my brothers sanity" Eyeless then started insulting Levi telling him that "you look like a d__ to me". Eren then came on. Meenwhile, a bird named "jeff=(japanese words) came on with jeffiline. Jeff claimed that the cloner followed here. The two then started fighting, trying to kill each other.  

seen as Eren was on, Nigel asked Colin to get Levi, for Eren was his best friend. Colin told Nige that he would try but Levi was shaking horribly at the moment. When levi returned he started yelling at everyone saying "what the f_ do you guys want" and sarted ranting on about how they were going to start accusing him of stuff again. Eren asked what was wrong with him, and nigel told him he had no idea. Nigel tried pointing out that Eren was there, but Levi just ignored him. Eyeless and Matthew left to Industry 7 to discuss something about Ryan. Levi then started accusing Nigel, and he told him that he only wanted him to know that Eren was on. Levi was starting to get out of hand so Nigel and Eren fled to island6. Nigel explained to Eren about what hepppend, telling him "earlier today levi had a break down or something like that (i dont know i wasnt there) and aperently he told everyone that he dosnt care about anyone. not even you, nick, or himself.  so now he thinks that everyone in the world hates him. even though they don't. Nigel then sarcastically told Eren " the joy of being on flab3. eh?" Eren asked if Levi was going insane, and hoped it wouldn't last long. Eren then asked Nigel if he should leave levi. Nigel told him it might be the safest thing, claiming " just kinda edge away from him.  stop going on when he's on". He told Eren " i don't want u fallling into a trap and getting blamed or hated for no reason". Ngel then started going on about how he still thought it was ace behind all of this telling Eren "who els wants to chop there own head off?". Eren told him it was getting very serious". 

After Nigel got back, he told Eren that everything with Levi could just be a lie. Eren agreed saying "so many.... odd things happens to him…" He was aware that everything was probably a fake. Nigel then told what the thought was going to happen "levi probebly going to keep getitng more and more ppl to feel sad for him. then he will kill himself. then return. then get found out and chased away". Eren saying "like ace??". Nige told him that "so far thats the way its going". Eren asked if they should go back, but Nigel decided they should leave levi alone. then Levi came on and Eren randomly left.

Nigel went to hill7, where he asked if anyone had seen Eren, claiming "there gone!" Death claimed "seems like it". Levi, who was there but had dent said hi or anything, asked who was gone, and who are you(nigel was a nonage). Nigel told him it was him, and just then Eren came back on. Nigel telling levi "well there ya go!" Levi just claimed "i can't f__ breathe". just then a random bird named "little Suze" came on saying " in little girl voice,  who wants to get pooed on first?" she then started kiling people. Levi then said "they still haunt found ryan… and its my fault…" Nigel asked him who this "ryan" was. Little Suzan then started pooping on them so they went to Snow4 and changed there names.

At Snow4 Levi told Nigel that he could discuss everything with Colin. He claimed "i need to get out of here". Eren asked if Colin was on Flab3 too, but nigel told him the they used the same name. Colin then returned and asked them "what did you say to him?, he's running down the stairs now!". Nigel told him he only asked who ryan was. colin asked "why is he like this? what happened?". Nigel then asked Colin what his name was(he didn't know yet). Colin told him to just call him colin. Colin, after looking for levi, came back and told Nigel and Eren that Levi wasn't in the house. Nigel replied saying "Ran away from home.. how sweet." Nigel told colin to go look for him, colin told him " its pitch black outside  hes goign to egt hurt.  should i take his phone? " nigel told him he better have a phone, if he got hurt he would need to call someone. Someone name "thunder wing" kept saying her phone number, thinking it would help. Nigel and Eren told her not to. Colin Eren and Nigel continued trying to figure out what to do about levi. Nigel told Colin to go look for him saying "  he could be a mile away at the pace ur taking.." Colin told him that he was outside, but nigel wanted to know why he was wasting time.he told him to go find levi before he was killed. 

After colin was away for a few minutes, he came back and told them that he could see him. Nigel told him to "chase him down, hit him with a stick, and then tell him off". he then said "oh, sorry, that was the old fashion way…". Thunder kept saying her number, and for them to text her, but no one listened to her. Colin then told them "ok, I've got a clear view of where he's going, he's heading towards the end of the neiborhood and to the intersection!" Nigel had enough of this and told colin to call the police, telling him it was the safest thing to do. Eren then asked if he had found him yet(he was brb), Nigel told him that colin was still chasing him. Nigel them started getting fed up, yelling at colin saying "dont waste your time on a computer dammit!!!!!". Eren agreed with this. nigel then said "dont waste your time chatting on a computer. you have a levi to catch!" Colin told them he couldn't call the police and catch levi at the same time. So eren pointed out that he could be on the phone and watch levi at the same time. Nigel just said "your nightly exercise lol". Colin then came back and told them that he caught levi, Nigel told him "ok now is when u hit him with a stick and tell em off". Colin told them levi was almost hit by a car. but someone stopped right before. Nigel talked with thin a bit longer, and then left. 

Later he found them again to say goodnight and levi was apparently safe.


Levi up to no good

ft Eren, love, Zero, Levi.     

march 7    

at hill5 Nigel found Eren and discussed Levi's "incident" the night before. Eren updated Nigel on Levi, claiming he had been out "setting fire to stuff. and trying to burn down houses". Nigel asked how this wasn't in the news yet, so Eren told him I had no idea.    

Nigel got in a fight with a bird named Love. She told people to kill him so he got mad at here, she then said sorry. There was also a bird named "Zero" who kept stalking Eren. He called Eren "pretty". Levi then came on and nigel asked him how his "little walk about" was a few nights before. Levi Eren and Nigel then talked for a while.    


march 11

ft Clones of Levi and Eren. Shontey, Noname, Adriana, Stopjeff and a noname(angryswan?), Digital,muffin, Ryan, Chameleon, Ryuik, Levi, Death, faith, 

Another sighting of angryswan, now named "stop jeff" this is also a possible reason that Angry is not Vokun for they are seen together. Angryswan also appeared as a noname, claiming to do bad things. 

on march 11 in the morning Nigel went to Hillscape5 after asking 2 clones of Eren and Levi to go there. They didn't follow and instead a bird named "Shontey" followed. A nonage also went there, and started pooping on nigel, trying to kill him. Nigel got mad at Noname seen as he wouldn't let him get underground, and accused him of killing him. Noname said he never killed nigel. Nigel suspected it was Ariana the cloner. Shontey claimed to have seen her before, but it turned out it was someone named "Adriana". Noname told Nigel that he didn't clone people, so Nigel half believing him asked if he/she was Vokun. The Noname just said "maybe". Then a bird named "stopjeff" came on, asking where jeffiline was. Nigel said he didn't know where she was. Stopjeff told him to go find her, but nigel told her to do it herself. Stopjeff kept asking but Nigel never did go to find jeff. Shontey, meanwhile was showing off how she could write in color and make the chat big, so nigel moved the chat with one of his chat codes. She asked him how he did it, so he told her it was "magic". She told him she wasn't an idiot, while nigel told her "its true". Stopjeff then left. Shontey, now mad at nigel, called him a "poopie" in small letters. he used a counter code to see what she said, and told her that it was a mild insult. Shontey then realized what <i> did, and started testing it out, not pleasing nigel. Noname then called nigel a fat h__ . Nigel told him he wasn't and called him an idiot. shontey asked was an idiot. Noname tod her Nigel was but Nigel told her that the Noname was. Shontey then asked if Nige was an admin or something, he told him he wasn't but had played the game for a long time. He told him about the chat code page on the wiki, then Shontey left. Nigel then left after that.

later in the afternoon Nigel went to cityscape1 as a Noname. There he lagged the game for fun. After a while of tormenting people Digital(one of his friends) found out that it was him, for he moved the chat with a chat code. She knew he used this so she asked him if it was him. There was also a nonage talking with people. he finally admitted that it was him, no one was really mad at him. He left then came back with his name. He was sitting on a building when a pigeon pooed on him. Digital then had to leave, so Nigel decided to go look for levi and left.    

Nigel found a few people at hill7. A bird named muffin was watching Ryan(who was invisible) at a trash bin. Muffin for some reason started killing nigel. There was also a Noname who would only say the symbols in his name instead of talking. Nigel came back after being killed by muffin, and tried to kill her but she was immortal. Ryan was using super poo and getting egged on a lot by other people. Nigel then left.

Nigel then went to snowscape7 where he met a Noname. He asked him if he knew him, but he didn't. The nonage told him his other name was "chameleon". The Noname wanted nigel to play hide and seek, but nigel told him that he had to go find his friends. The nonage kept begging him so he finally decided to stay. Then a russian guy started pooping on him. Noname asked who he was, but nigel didn't know. The bird just said "I'm russian". Noname then told nigel to hide, so he did (over by a house). While he was hiding a bird named "Hellgate dragon" came on and said hi. The Noname told Nigel not to go underground. Nigel told him he wasn't, and asked if he was looking. Noname told him that it was hard to find a Noname. Nigel replied saying "no…. really??".(she didn't get the joke) Nigel then left for a few minutes then came back. Noname had already found him so it was Nonames tun to hide. Nigel taught him how to be a real nonage seen as he could see his name. Nigel then left.          

Nigel then came back and found a bird named "yossarian" there. He asked who she was, and she turned out to be Ryuik. Ryuik explained where she got her name, while the other Noname asked nigel to keep playing. Nigelw as too busy talking to Ryuik. Ryuik told him her name was from a book called "catch 22". He asked her what it was about and she explained. Noname started to get fed up that Nigel was ignoring her. She claimed that he was betraying her. Nigel told her that he wasn't betraying her, but she went on saying that 4 people had already betrayed her that day. Nigel tried to tell her that he was just talking with ryuik, but Noname didn't listen. Ryuik pointed out that she thought Noname was just paranoid. Nigel left and got his name. when he came back Noname was still going on about people betraying her. Ryuik told her "maybe you just talk to the wrong people". Nigel left a little while later    

nigel found levi hill7   with a few other people. Levi was asking if anyone knew who his celebrity crush was. Death claimed that he knew, so levi asked who it was. death claimed "me" much to levi's annoyance. Nigel started to mock them, saying "levi and death, sitting in a tree….." there was also a nonage there, who was telling nigel weird stuff like "I'm in your room at night" and "i will r__ you". Nigel just ignored him.     Levi finally told them that his "Crush" was Brendon urie, he then left for a minute. Nigel asked everyone "you know he's weird" "right?" jeff told him "were guessing what is personal life is". Levi then came back as Brendon. Nigel just told them "this is the weirdest conversation". The nonage then started guessing peoples ages, trying to get attention. they called Noname a stalker. Jeff told Nigel that she already knew his age, but he knew that. Levi then told them all that no one knew his brothers age. everyone guessed 14 for some reason. Nigel guessed all the numbers between 10 and 20. he told them he was really 25. Nigel then left          

ater that night Nigel had been arguing with Ryans clone. Everyone knew she was ariana, though she kept insisting that she wasn't. He then followed Faith and someone els to "butterfly" game. Ryan followed them there too. They ended up at Jairden de Nuit 3, Nigel had named himself "DamButterfly" for fun. He eventually left them alone.


Nigel and 4949 

ft 4949, Shadowfox, gfn, ariana,

on march 13

Nigel went to Hilscape5 and started pooping on people. There was a war or something going on, and a nonage was pooping on people. Nigel pooed on the Noname trying to kill him. At one point the no name said someone calling nigel shen. Nigel didn't see all of what the no name said, for the chat was being spammed due to everyone trying to kill everyone. Nigel asked the nonage how he knew his other name, but the nonage left. 4949, someone Nigel knows, came on and Nigel was all happy to see him. But he revealed that he was the No name and was mad at Nigel for killing him. Nigel told him to go to hills cape 5 for someone was trying to kill him. So when they got there, someone named "Shaddowfox" followed them. There were only 2 other people there. 4949 got mad at Shaddowfox think she followed them to kill him. She told 4949 that she wasn't there to kill people, but 49 killed her anyways. Nigel told them to stop fighting, and that Shaddow was innocent. 4949 then told her to leave, for he wanted to talk to Nigel alone. Shadow wouldn't leave, so nigel told her to go then come back in 5 minutes. instead of leaving for 5 minutes, she came right back. 49 killed shadow again and they went to hill3 to get away from her.

4949 then asked Nigel why was he with "them"(the people back at h1). Nigel told him he wasn't, and that he was just killing everyone. They apologized and forgave each other. 49 then left and got his name(he was a no name) and Shaddow came back. 49 told he to leave but she wouldn't. Nigel told them to stop fighting. Shadow then told 4949 that she would tell nigel(who was brb) what he did, so when nigel came back she said that "4949 is being mean to me". 4949 told her "Nigels not my father". after a while of arguing, 4949 told Nigel he wanted him to help with a nest. Nigel told him to make his own nest. after a while nigel left.       

ater Nigel found a bird at Island7 named gfn. She told him she would ___ him. he just ignored her, until she told him she was Ariana. Nigel asked her if she was the one who cloned ryan the other day but she said she didn't know and left.              


Meeting Vokun again 

ft Vokun, Faithsnowfox, Ariana,

On march 14, Nigel went to cityscape7 where he found Vokun, who was dragging Ariana to hillscape4 to "talk".Nigel, still mad at Vokun, followed them. at hill4, Vokun told Nigel, who was suprized she knew who he was for he was a nonage, that she didn't have any interest in killing him, intact she already gave up. Vokun had mentioned killing ace again, so Nigel warned her about Levi possibly being ace. She told him she didn't think he was, seen as the claimed to have seen ace and levi in the same room. Nigel asked her what name he used, and she told him he used "ace bandit" or was a Noname. Nigel thought this was strange, seen as ace told him he wasn't using ace bandit anymore(last year). Nigel told her how Levi had done everything ace had done, also saying that he knew ace very well, and now knows levi well. He told her they seemed the same to him. while this was happening, a bird named "faithsnowfox" who was really ariana, kept calling nigel names and being annoying. Vokun asked Nigel to leave so she could talk to ariana, Nigel left saying "kill her if u want, everyone will be happy if ya do".

after he left, he kept going back asking when he could stay. Ariana refused to say anything unless he left, so he ended up leaving. he then tried going on as "king eagle" but vokun didn't fall for it.


on March 15

ft Angryswan, Jared, Frost, Levi, Eren ,bird

note: Angryswan is caught trolling

Nigel met jared at city7. Angry sawn was there too, trolling as usual. Nigel wanted to ask jared if he had spring trap, so he called him "Jar" instead of his full name. Angry swan caught on quickly, calling him "Jar-jar-binks". Jared started getting annoyed, so Nigel told him to go to hill5. Unfortunatly angry swan followed them there, and started being annoying. At hill5, Nigel asked Jared about spring, asking if he had seen her. He said he had but wouldn't say where. Another bird named "bird" had followed them and said she/he had seen spring. Nigel asked where but he forgot, saying "who is spring". Jared told her she was crazy. Then she asked who Nigel was, he just called her retarded. Then frost came on, Nigel told her to ignore bird, for had started asking about frost now. Nigel then left, getting annoyed with everyone.

later nigel went to SNow7, where there were a few people. Someone named "seer of blood" then came on, asking for anyone who say Eren to tell him he was Levi. Nigel, who was a nonage, told levi it was him, but he left before he could answer. Nigel then found Eren at island5. He told him that Levi was looking for him, but just then Levi came on. Levi was acting weird, saying stuff as though he were mad at the two. Nigel asked why and he said he was mad, claiming he wanted to " punch someone in the windpipe". Nigel asked what was wrong, and "who died this time…?". levi said no one had died, but his brother was trying to control him to much. Levi said he wanted to kill him. Meenwhile Eren just watched, not wanted to get involved in it. Nigel told Levi he should calm down a bird and levi told him "and you need to shut the fu ck up and let me be". Nigel then said "no offense, but shouldn't you go to a doctor or something?". Levi told him he would stab the doctor, and if he could do that he would rip hs throat out. Nigel then had to leave for a minut, and when he came back everyone randomly left. he couldn't find them after. 


Kappy and Nigel

Ft Kapro, yuki, Levi, Gamerz, 

on march 16 Nigel was at city1 as a noname pooping on random people, when kaprosuchus came on. he told kapro to go to hillscape5, for he didn't want people to know it was him. At hill5 nigel told kapro "long time no see", kapro answers saying "so "long time" is a week for you.." After that Nigel told Kapro that Jared had been asking about him the day before. Kapro claimed that he hated Jared, "for f__s sake i hate that dude". Nigel said he told him he haddnent seen kapro for a while, kapro asked what els nigel told him. Nigel told him he ignored him after that. Kapro told Nigel that Jared was always looking for fights. After a little while Nigel asked what kapro likes doing, seen as they went doing anything. he said he liked "spending time with someone i might not see for a while". Nigel asked who and Kapro said "gf obviously". He told nigel about how her mom was controlling(thats all I'm saying for Kappy's sake).

Kapro then told Nigel he would brb again, he was down to one life again. Nigel asked if he was a bad flying, seen as kapro crashed into everything(nigel started bragging claiming "i never crash into anything") but kapro told him "you always have to moving when your on the hunt". Nigel asked, "your not hunting me.. are you?" Kapro told him he wasn't, that "no offence but ide rather fight worthy prey". Nigel just told him "im glad u dont feel like ripping my head off". Kapro then started bragging about how he killed a t rex with his fists and other animals too. Nigel asked him "how can you kill the poor dinosaurs", kapro told him "for the hunt, its kill or be killed". Nigel thought it was funny, seen as he had just read that in a book that morning. Kapro then started going on again saying "holds up velocerapter skull", when Yuki came on. She told Nigel she didn't know him after he asked her, and left to city1. kapro asked who she was, and said it was odd. Nigel asked "hows that odd?". kapro told him "could be potential prey." Nigel asked him if he wanted to "rip her head off". kapro asked him "you always assume i want someones head?" Nigel said he only said that seen as it was a violent way of killing. 

After talking about that Kapro randomly went underground not even trying to. Nigel went under too to meet him there, but as soon as he didn kapro came up again. After that Nigel died, crashing into a tree. When he got back kapro mocked him, mimicking what he said earlier "I never crash into trees". Nigel told him "I lasted an hour, you lasted what? 2 minutes?". Just then Levi came on. Nigel asked if Levi knew it was him to make sure, and he did. Levi then started going on about how nice his life was again, claiming "I'm so cold i can barely move". Nigel asked him "Oh come on, is all you do is complain about stuff??" Levi got mad saying "f__ you, i was having a good day, don't start sh__!". Kapro pointed out that he had started it. Levi then told them that he didn't hate himself anymore, Nigel mocking him claiming "well thats new". Levi told them "i got really deep into my thoughts yesterday". Nigel said "good for you". Levi continued "and i was told i have to control if i am going to have a good or bad say". Nigel asked him "wait, who told you that?" but levi didn't answer, continuing saying "so whatever happenes, i'll look on the bright side". he then told Nigel that Nick's sister told him that. then Gamerz came on. Nigel said hi to him, and gamers asked if it was him. Nigel told him "what if i say I'm not nigel..?". gamers "o.0 your not?" nigel said "hahahah, I'm just kidding, i am nigel". Then said "or am i…..??". Nigel then realized that Levi had dent said anything, so i asked him if he was still there. Nigel pooed on him to see if he would move, but then moved away saying "wasn't me". Gamer then pointed out that there were 2 no names, Nigel told him that it was Kapro. Levi then randomly left. Kapro had pointed out to Nigel that Levi was brb, but now he was gone. Nigel then left. 


Ariana's cloning again.. 

ft ariana, faithicecat, fawful, springtrapmangle,waterstar, Levi, Eren, Crow and Crow, Habibi, Blackfire, Silver,

march 18 

Nigel went to Island7 where he met faithicecat. He said hi to her, but for some reason she was mad at him. she told him to leave, but he refused. He left and came back as a swan, and went underground so that she and a bird named "hero" couldn't kill him. he asked her why she was mad at him, thinking that ariana had been cloning him again, but she then started going on about how she hated him for "just being alive". Nigel realized that she was ariana, so he started mocking her. He called her a "poor kitty cat". after some arguing and bad language, Fawful came on. faith emadiatly started telling Fawful to kill nigel, but she realized it was the clone. Nigel told her it was the clone. Faith then started telling nigel that they would never be friends, so Nigel told het to get a life, faith told him to make her. Nigel then started calling her "Kittycat". She told him to "shut up", Nigel told her "you shut it first". She then said his name in big letters, thinking that would intimidate him, but it didn't. He asked her "think thats going to do anything…?". She told him "No… but this will!" She then stopped talking for about a minute. Nigel just kept saying stuff like "waiting" "still waiting….." and "*yawns*". She finally came back and spammed the chat with a big o.o face again. Nigel mocked her claiming "oooooo, thats very scary!". Nigel then went and got his "you are banned" sign. when he came back he said "oooh faith? got something for you..". He then spammed the chat with it. SHe didn't seem to even care, and spammed the chat again with a new face, the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) all in red. She then claimed "scary". Nigel replied "ya.. for a 2 year old". She then said she would be right back again and left. While she was gone nigel asked a bird named "Hero" who had been supporting her before, "retarded cat, eh hero?". Hero just did a o.o sign. He then left, to get away from them. 

faith then came back with yet another face but nigel wasn't scared at all. She told him "damn you nigel! this one will work better" and was gone again. When she got back she tried to do another face, but it was too big, and only half of it showed. Nigel mocked her for this claiming "too big, idiot". Nigel then used a face to try and scare her, he used ⊙·⊙ all in black. Fawful came back on, and faith did the face to her, saying "Be afraid". Nigel then realized that she probably was "Be afraid" from a long time ago. be afraid had spammed industry 7 about different parasites a while ago. Nigel told her "you used those named "be afraid" "scary" and "i live in fear" didn't you???". Fawful also realized it was ariana, claiming "your ariana!". Nigel just mocked her claiming "No duh.. eh few?" "of corse its Arish_ta!". fawful and Nigel left to hillscape3 to get away from Ariana, after she was brb. They then went to hill3. Nigel then discussed about Angryswan then left. 

Later that evening Nigel went on the "Butterfly" game,, another game by game vial. There he found someone named "springtrapmangle" at sycamore1. He asked her if it was the Springtrap he knew, for she had been missing for a month now. No one had seen her and she almost seemed to be avoiding nigel. The spring trap told him that she knew him, but was acting a bit odd, not answering all his questions. She then left and came back with the name "foxy x mangle". Nigel, not sure if it was really her, told her to go to Fly like a bird3, and go to hillscap5. He was already at Hill5(he just pulled up a new window on the computer). A nonage was already at hill5, and he told him he was waiting for Spring. The noname was kinda unsure what Nigel was up to. After trying to convince the Springtrap clone to go to Hill5, he finally gave up. Once he was back to Hill5 he asked the noname, who was still there, who she/he was. He found out she used to use the name "waterstar". 

hat night Nigel found lev and went to hill5 with him. there he accused levi of ignoring him the other day at industry7. Levi didn't know what he was talking about, and said he could remember anything after that morning. He told levi he was sure it was him and Eren because he cloned levi to see what the reaction would be and they said "Little s_" "cloning me again". Levi then said "i bet it was Darren". Nigel asked him who "Darren" was, and levi told him it was someone he knew. Levi dissapeard then came back claiming it was darren. Nigel only half believed him, but told him to Ask Darren if he had seen Nigel the other day.

He came back and met Levi again. There was also a bird named "Crow and Crow. Levi and Nigel tried to guess who she was. Nigel guessing Gamerz, Eren, Ryuik,Clockwork and ariana. But she said she wasn't any of those. Levi then asked if she was Vokun, and nigel said "please say no..". She wasn't any of those people. Crow then noticed that Nigel was a starling and said "aren't you a seagull?". Nigel changed to a seagull after that. When he got back, Habibi was on, along with Blackfire and Silver. Nigel asked Blackfire if she had seen Springtrap lately, complaining how he haddent seen her for weeks. She told him she saw her the other day and would ask her next time. Nigel and Levi then went to hill4, seen as hill5 5 was getting very crowded. when they got there Nigel claimed "Too many damn people". Nigel then was brb for a few minutes, when he got back he claimed "I went outside because i heard a weird noise and a god f_ing cockroach jumped on me!". He had been home alone that night. He then claimed "always nice to hear weird noises outside when ur home alone eh?". After a few minutes, Levi started explaining about a show that he had been watching, and after he had finished typing, for some reason he said "please". he then said "wait, why did i just say please?". Nigel made fun of this claiming "some things we just dont know why we do ?" After a while of hanging out, and making fun of how bad nigel's spelling was(he said "I'm so bred instead of bored") Nigel had to leave.         


Fan Ni Sha returns 

ft Frost, Gamerz, Angryswan, Mallkariss, Hawky, Golden first

On march 19, he was hanging out at Cityscape 1 for a while. Someone, for some reason named them self "Nigalisstupit". Nigel made fun of how they couldn't even spell his name right. Him and Gamerz kept killing Nigalisstupit. After a while he left and went to city7, expecting people to go with him. He was suprized when only Blood showed up. So he left and found a few people at hill5. mallkariss and Hawky(using the name blu) were there, so he stayed with them. Mallkaris was asking Nigel about her english, for she didn't know how to speak english very well. They were all seagulls. after hanging out with them, frost came on. She had been looking for gamers but Nigel haddent seen him claiming "Gamerz had dissapeard so don't ask". She then asked him if he remembered anyone named Fan Ni Sha. Nigel did,, and told her how someone named that had been a "fan" of him on the wiki a long time ago. She then revealed that she was Fan ni Sha. Nigel was suprized for he thought that Fan ni she was long gone. Nigel left and got his old name "Lord shen".

When he came back Mallkaris left and Hawky had already left. Nigel went and found out how long ago frost was "Fan Ni Sha. it turned out that it was  January 31, 2014 that she had been on the wiki. She then asked him if he had Facebook, but he didn't. He claimed that his mom didn't let him go on stuff like that. Frost then told him that her first names were "Marlene" "Francesca" and "Anika". Nigel remembered all of these names. He told her that his first named on the game was "Fasty". Gamerz and Golden then came on named WFW and KTO?. Nigel then had to leave.


Nigels stalker 

ft Fawful, Deadpool, Frost, Angryswan, Lisha, Eren, gamerz, Ariana, Levi.

On march 22 Nigel went to City7, where Fawful and a bird named deadpool was. Deapool kept trying to convince nigel to be a robin and not a seagull. He started trying to kill Nigel. Fawful told him to stop but he wouldn't. meanwhile Angry swan was trolling the server as usual. Frost then came on. Deadpool and his two friends then got fed up and left, after no one would listen to them and nigel went in a building so he couldn't kill him. Angry swan kept trying to lag the game but Nigel stopped her. Nigel then lagged angry out and she came back as a Noname. Fawful kept ruining her name by doing the <i> symbol. Frost then left. Faw and Nigel kept annoying the Noname for fun. after a while he left. 

Later that day he met frost again at city7. She asked how he was doing, but was cut off when Eren came on. Nigel and Eren left to hill5, frost following them. They talked a little bit, Eren telling Nigel that he changed his name. A bird then came on with the name ✿✿✿✿✿✿. She kept following Nigel around saying "✿✿✿". SHe then told nigel that she "loved him" and kept stalking him. She kept speaking in "flower language" and Eren and Nigel kept mocking her. Nigel mocked her saying "when your bored. you become a flower. dont become bored and be a flower.". Flower continued to following Nigel around, telling him "i want you" and "i need you". Eren pointed out how this was like the movie "rio 2"(someone stalks nigel in the movie lol). Nigel then started complaining "Why do i always get the stalkers". This went on for a good half hour. Nigel then asked frost to do something. she asked him "what can i do??", Nigel told her "throw a rock at it". so frost threw a rock at it. Flower spammed the chat saying "GO AWAY" in big red letters. She then went on saying "i love you nigel, i need you". Nigel asked her "what do you mean, need me?" She replied saying "i can't live without you". Frost then left, Nigel telling her nooooooo don't leave me with… with it!!!!!". Flower claimed "oh, yay, now were alone!!!!!!", Nigel said "yay…so happy……." He then asked "so, flower…..thing?, what do you want to do?". She told him "anything". He then asked her "what is your name so I'm not calling you "flower thing". She told him "anything you want it to be!". She then started trying to make nigel to do things he didn't want to do, and kept telling him she loved him. Nigel and her continued talking, then gamers game on. Nigel told him not to ask. and they hung out for a while until Nigel left randomly(his computer died). When he got back, flower thing had left and he never found her again. Gamer told him her name was "lisha".  

Later he went to city7 where there were 3 arianas spamming and fighting. Nigel lagged the game and killed all of them, claiming "well that shut em up, didn't it?". He then left and found Levi at hill7 and hung out with him for a while. 


The magical glowing trees. 

ft Levi, jeffiline, Ariana,

march 22  

Nigel went to Industry 6 where he found Levi and Jeff hanging out. Jeff was confused to why one of the trees was glowing. Levi was telling her about it. Nigel pointed out that they were in an industry, But jeff told him "industries don't have glowing trees!. Nigel told her "well, this industy is special…. they are a factory for making glowing trees! didnt you know?". Jeff then left, and Levi asked "wheres my husband". Nigel, thinking he said that because jeff was gone, said "wait, isn't she a girl?". Levi told him he was talking about Eren. Nigel told him "Well, i haunt seen him today… i also just got on…". Levi then pooed on Nigel by accident, and Nigel told him off. Nigel was then brb, and Jeff(who had come back) told levi "Don't be mean to him" Levi then said "I'm not?" Jeff told him "no, i meant Nigel lol". Then Levis clone (ariana) came on and started pooping on Nigel and killed him. After Nigel returned he talked with them for a few minutes then left. 


Angry swan the liar 

ft Angryswan, Fawful, Gamerz, Levi, MLG bird,

march 24 Nigel met fawful at cityscape 1. people were spamming the game, and Faw was trying to tell him something. So Nigel told her to go to Hillscape 5. At hill5 she told him that Angryswan had been hacking the game, shutting down servers and whatnot. Nigel had been on the day before, and seen this too, all the servers saying "0 people" and every now and then he would be kicked out of the game. He had then gone and checked the game vial Facebook where it said that the games would be like that for they were doing an "anti hacking" thing.

nigel told her that it was actually game vial, he told her about the Facebook page. She said "angry's such a liar", for angry had been going around telling people that he was the one causing the problems with the game. Gamerz, who was there the whole time asked "you guys stupid?". Nigel, thinking it was because of his spelling said "uh… I'm tired". He then asked "you stupid shen?" Gamerz then claimed "the game will be updated" , for he thought that game vial was shutting down the game for a update. Nigel told him that it was only for an "anti hacking" thing. Fawful then pointed out that game vial was probably just getting rid of the chat codes and the lag. Nigel was a bit disappointed that the chat stuff would be gone. gamers claimed that game vial could never get rid of the hackers. Fawful then said that game vial would add a new bird or landscape. Nigel asked her where she heard that, but she never answered.

Later Nigel went to Hillscape7, where someone named "tortie cat" was. Torite claimed "omg Nigel", Nigel at firs thinking it was an enemie just said "uh…." Then Tortie asked him the help few for some reason. nigel asked "uh… whats going on….?" Tortie then told him "its me, levi". Levi then told him that the clone made him hide there. Nigel asked where the clone was, and he told him it was at city7. Nigel asked if people knew that it was a clone, and levi told him "awful said it cloned him, then it left and came back with levies name. Nigel asked him "wait, Fawfuls a boy???" Levi said "idk". Nigel then told levi "sorry if i don't answer, I'm tired as __ right now". Levi told him "i wasn't on yesterday because i was sick". Nigel asked him if he was better today, and he said it was just some random throwing up. Nigel told him "i won't be on tomorrow, its good friday, so I'm spending the day with people at my grandmas house lol". Levi then left to change his name to "Eridatt" claiming he would hide better. Nigel claimed that the cat name made him look like a "dumb role player".

While levi was gone a bird named "Mlg bird" came on. Nigel asked if it was levi, and he told him "what is levi?". Nigel said "god dammit how long can levi take??" for levi had been gone over a minute. Levi then came back, Nigel asking him "how long can you take???   you gone to get an icecream or something???" Mlg bird then asked again "what is levi" and they told him that Eridatt was Levi. Nigel then asked levi " why do we always get the stupid ones… ". Mlg then left, possible hurt by this. 

 m   levi why do we always get the stupid ones...       idk     mlg leave possible hurt   that made him leave!     levi said he needed a "dualscar   i have no idea what that is, but. oh well :|   i was up last night cause i was watchin a movie, then im up tonight :/    levi said he was rereding a comic    nigel then brb    "mom caught me".   levi want to eat a cake can we agree that bec noir is epic?  id who that is  k brb not done .


good friday 

ft Blackcatzcl, Cherie, Blu rio, Pexil, Taylor, Joao(brazil), Levi, Fawful,

march 25  

Nigel had been hanging out at city1, where blackcatzcl and cherie had been. he talked with people for a little while. He then started pooping on a bird named "blu" for fun.  someone els must have caught on for then a bird named "blu rio" came on. Nigel pooed on both of them. a bird named "tiny tim" pointed out how nigel and blu were from rio. Nigel said he was, and that he "killed blu".

He then  went to cityscape 3 where a bird named "pexil" and "taylor" were.   they were poo fighting so nigel just watched.  Nigel then realized that the way pexil was talking was very similar to gamerz. Nigel asked if it was him but he said no. Nigel half believed him.    While Nigel was there, a bird named "joao(brazil) pooed on him. Nigel tried to kill him, but he was immortal.   

Nigel then got bored and headed to industry 7 where levi was. after talking a little bit levi said "o.o". Nigel asked "why did you say o.o?" and levi said "my cat just screamed". Levi then said "it went "meeeeooooowww". Nigel, who was a bit bored, said "well, what ddi you think it would say? woof woof?". after a little while, Joao came on again and tried to apoligise to nigel, but nigel pooed on him anyways. Joao then got mad at him and started trying to kill him. Levi just watched saying "oh my". Nigel then kept pooping on joao, trying to kill him until joao pointed out that he was imortal. Joao then asked fawful, who was there now, to kill nigel, but she said no. Nigel told him to shut up. Joao then said "sorry nigel, so sorry". Nigel said "fine.. i'll stop". levi then said "well this is peacful...  Nigel told him "no kidding... eh levi?".  Levi told him "well ive got a headache". "i came here for peace but.... "  Nigel finished his sentace and said "i was annoying...".  Levi the asked, "can you please..."   Nigel said "please what??"  "stop the pooping". Nigel told him "i did,  ya blind?".   Levi said maybe he was, for his eyes were horrible. after talking about thi for a while nigel left.   

go back and find levi     he said he waited like this every day.  nigel ask why and whats the point an d he say for eren   nigel told him  you know what you 2 should do?   set up a time!   nigel get in a building   i am the amazing magical seagul!   hey watch this.  i can walk throw walls!   how..? glitch for seagulls?   im magical that why!    its not a glitch. then what is it?  you have to stand outside the wall and say"  seagull seagull" three times!   of corse  didnt you know that?   tiny tim, gayryan and erne then came on and nigel had to leave   


Nigel, Skipper and Live. 

Ft Skipper, Levi, Gaze, este fanny, Shotgunsecurityguy, ruis, dj, gamerz,

On march 26

in late morning Nigel went to island 1, where he met someone named "live". he went over to her and tried to be friends but her friend "skipper" pooed on him before he could say anything. skipper had been told by live to kill everyone. Nigel and Skipper got into an argument over this. after a few minutes of arguing skipper randomly asked if nigel would be his friend. Nigel replied saying "you tell me to shut up, poo on me, and you think i will be friends?????" Skipper then started pooping on nigel again, asking "friend or not?". Nigel didn't answer him, he just left and came back as a swan and went underground. He then said "ok skippy, come n get meh!" Skippy realized that nigel was out of reach so he said "fu ck". Nigel mocked him asking if he meant "f-ck"(he used the invisible chat code to swear) and skippy said yes. Nigel told him "then spell it right." He then started calling skipper "skippy dippy". Skipper told nigel "fight me like a man!" so Nigel left and came back as a starling. Nigel started fighting skipper, and a bird named "gaze" joined in. Nigel killed skipper claiming "hahahahahahahahah i win!!!!!!!!!!" gaze then challenged skipper to fight her, but before she could nigel killed skipper a second time claiming "for killing me". Nigel then decided to fight Gaze seen as no one els wanted to. She told him not to hack for she thought he was a hacker. After fighting for a while Nigel gave up seen as it was taking so long. Skipper decided to help, but gaze pooed on him starting a fight between them.

After a while Skipper pooed on Nigel and started blaming him for doing something to live, even though he didn't. Someone named "Shotgunsecurityguy was there and claimed to be purple guy, someone nigel knew a while ago. A bird named "este fanny" pooed on gaze, so Nigel killed her for it. gaze thanked nigel and then killed Este fanny herself, nigel claimed "good one gaze!". Skipper then apologized for pooping on Nigel.

After getting pooed on by este over and over again, Nigel got everyone to go to island 5. gaze showed up there but no one els did for a minute. gaze then told Nigel he was actually a boy, for nigel thought gaze was a girl. Finally Skipper and Live showed up. Gaze told nigel that they were brothers, and no one could stop them. Skip told Nigel and Gaze "your invited to my flock". live asked him "a flock of what?" Nigel told her "birds… duh.." then added "what do you think? sheep?". Thye then started deciding what birds to be. gaze then told Live "your boring, leave". Live leaved before anyone could stop her, and Nigel told gaze "yay.. look what ay did…" Skipper told gaze that she was getting irritating. 

After a little while, nigel was made leader of the bird flock, seen as he brought everyone together in the first place. Live left to go eat. Skipper was made "vice leader" and said "we need to be one kind of bird". Nigel told him he was always a seagull. Gaze then told Skipper that "you can be the helper". This made skipper mad and he pooed on Gaze telling her "how dare you!". they then started trying to kill each other(again…). After nigel got them to stop, he told them to be crows or robins and he would stay a seagull. They finally decided to be seagull. gaze then said she had to leave because it was her bed time, Nigel was suprized for it was morning where he lived. He asked her where she lived, and she told him that she lived in india. She then left. Nigel then taught Skipper how to be a nonage before leaving. 

later in the afternoon nigel hang out with Ruis at snow 6 for a little while.     

later met gameerz and went to hill5 cause dj was spamming ctity 7.     dj then come to hill5.  gamerz gtg and dj tell nigel to look up black man loves pokemon      i cant play it because my mom be like da hell wrong with you?      


ABC's return 

ft Zoey, babyswan, I❤realzoey(estelle), Alphababycat, jeff, Ryan, Eren, Levi, Noname

On March 27          

Nigel went to Hillscape 1 early that morning using the name evil bird . There he got pooed on by a bird named "zoey". Thye got into an argument and kept pooping on each other. Nigel then left for a while. He came back to hill1 later and met someone named "baby swan". baby swan and nigel made friends, and were talking when Zoey came back named "realzoey". Nigel and Zoey were friends now, and someone named mustang kept pooping on them. He then changed his name back to Nigel. Zoey started pooping on people, and killed baby swan. Nigel told her not to and when baby got back she apologized. Then someone named I❤realzoey came on. Nigel said "Wait, theres 2 of you???". Zoey and Zoey talked a bit then Nigel asked her if i❤realzoey was a stalker. She told him she wasn't. i❤realzoey then told everyone that she was from germany. Zoey said she was from Poland, so nigel told them all that he was from Bermuda. baby swan then randomly said "oh no! that big bird with the gun is back!" Nigel asked him what he meant but then he acted like he didn't say it. Zoey then tried to show Nigel how to go into the house, but he was a seagull so he told her to wait there while he went underground. Once he got to the house she asked him how he did it. nigel told her "magic" and she asked "can you show me your magic?". He decided to teach them, and told everyone to go to the hill where he was. While he was showing them i❤realzoey told them her real name was estelle.          

Nigel tried to teach them how to get underground using the hill as seagulls, but it was too hard and after failing for a while he told everyone to be swans and showed them how using the rock on the hill. After this, he asked if anyone wanted to know how to go underground in the island. Baby swan wanted to know how so Nigel told them all the go to Island 5. He taught them how. He then took everyone to Industry5 and taught them the underground glitch there. He told them it was the hardest trick, but Babyswan and i❤realzoey both got under. Zoey then had to leave. Baby swan asked "so there isn't any ground?" Nigel told him "No, we are under the ground!" "in the underworld… o_o" Baby swan then asked "so you can't poo" after he realized that he couldn't. Nigel told him "thats the nice thing, if someones poopin on u, u go under and then they can't!" i❤realzoey then told them "this is magical".          

Nigel then went to cityscape 5 with everyone and started to teach them that trick. he told them "now this look stupid but it works" because to do the trick you have to walk under a power line. Nigel then had to go, so he told everyone to wait there and he would be back.

When he got back he met i❤realzoey again, but baby swan was gone. While he was asking about where baby swan was ice wolf and a few other people came on. baby swan then came back, and told nigel he got underground but died right after. then someone named "iron hide" told nigel "Nigel, welcome back, ace misses you". Nigel, not knowing what he meant, asked her if ace was back. he then told he to go to Hillscape 5 to ask her about ace there. At hill 5 he asked iron hide and he said he did know ace in real life, and he wass trying to get him back on the game. Nigel asked who she was and She told him "ABC". Nigel then rememberd "Alphababycat" and asked her if that was who she was. it turned out it was. ABC told him not to tell anyone and to just cal her "Ironhide" for now. nigel then realized that Sice wolf was there, but he left before they could say anything. ABC didn't seem to notice this, so nigel asked her "does ice wolf know its u?" He told her he just saw ice leave and that be probably knew who she was now. ABC asked if ice knew gamers, and Nigel told her that Gamerz knew everyone.          

ABC then asked if anyone seemed to miss her, Nigel told her no one really talked about her. ABC said " idk and idc  i will leave this game forever   its the last time I'm on". Nigel then told ABC about levi and how he was like Ace. But abc didn't think it was him. Nigel asked when Ace was coming back, and told her that "everyone still hates him still…..". ABC said "he's here!". Nigel asked where, and she told him undercover. Nigel told her he really wanted to talk to him. ABC then randomly left. after a minute she came back and he asked her where she went. SHe told him "someone phoned me". She then told nigel that ace would be on in 1 hour as a nonage. Nigel asked her to tell him he wanted to talk to him . abc then said "well, i gtg for now. if you see gamerz tel him my revenge wil come soon" and left.

later that night Nigel was bored, so he went to City 6 with the name "shibai" and was spying on Jeffiline and Ryan. Eren then came on so he told him to go to Hill 2. when they got to Hill2 nigel told Eren who he really was. just then a bird named "Ineedsenpai" came on. Nigel had seen this bird earlier. He told him he had seen Senpai at cityscape 1 to try and get rid of him, but he didn't leave. Eren asked if Nigel knew Senpai so nigel tolled him he didn't know him, but had seen him earlier that day. Nigel told Eren that Ineedsenpai looked like a stalker. He said "read its name, thats the first sign." Nigel was then brb for a few minutes and when he came back, Eren said brb. Nigel said "good timing nigel, good timing". After a few minutes Eren came back saying "my cat wanted to play with his string". Eren then decided to go to Indutry 7. When they got there there was someone named Gladiator. gladiator turned out to be Levi. Nigel(still named shibai) told levi to guess who he was. Levi said nigel, and nigel asked him "how????". levi told him "i just know who you are". Nigel was the brb and hen he came back he claimed "i was watching a cool movie it had flying ppl with those wing suit thingys". Levi for some real yelled "apollo is screaming!" Nigel asked him if he was alright, and he said he wasn't claiming "i almost fell down the stairs because of kaneki". Kaneki turned out to be levis cat. A nonage then came on and Levi said "find me somewhere". he then left and Eren left too before nigel could stop him. Nigel went to find them but couldn't. 


populars return 

Ft Popular girl,

On march 28

nigel went to Cityscape 2 where he met a nonage who was saying "i swear this game hates me!". Nigel first thought it was levi for that was something he would say, but it turned out it wasn't. He asked the nonage who he/she was and she told him she was Popular girl, someone nigel knew a while ago. Nigel told her "haven't seen you for a while!" She told him it was because she was hanging out with ace in real life. Nigel told her to go to hill5, seen as there where a lot of people at city2 and he didn't need everyone knowing about ace. At hill5 he asked her if ace would be on any time soon, but she told him he didn't have a computer. Nigel told her that was strange because a few other people had claimed to see him. She claimed "dammit, he better not be cheating on again!" Nigel told her he knew 2 other people who knew him. Nigel then asked her "but, you trust him, even after what happened last year?" She told him she wasn't sure yet. She then claimed "i can't believe you guys still play!" She told Nigel her brother had heard that he left. her brother was Vent. She told him "ya, he uses my tab and yea, u were freaked out by him and left" Nigel told her it might have been a clone. He then told her about Ariana and what she had done. Gamerz then came on and Popular was amazed that he was still around. Nigel claimed "ya.. i told you, everyone still plays .-. 

Popular then asked them if they knew someone who said "/:-) " a lot, but they didn't know. gamer asked why she haddent been on for a while, and she told them that her tablet broke down. She then told Gamer and Nigel that she was calling ace, gamers asked "the real one???" Nigel said "is there a not real one..?" Nigel told gamer that ace was pops boyfriend. Nigel then asked her to tell ac the said hi, and then had to leave.     


the racist birds 

ft Purpleguy, Dawn,

On march 29, Nigel went to hills cape 3 with the name "Felipe". He met two birds named "purple guy" and "dawn". Dawn asked him what kind of bird he was(her and purple were crows) and he told her he was a macaw. while he was telling her he got a twig and took it to there nest thinking he was being nice. She then started try to kill him, telling him to leave because he wasn't a crow. Felipe claimed "oh great, racist birds, what next?". Purple guy claimed "you know I'm greek, I'm not racist". he told dawn "dont just sh_ on someone when u dont know if there nice or not." She told him "you could poo on our nest". Purple guy finally got her to stop, but she told felipe to "Get twigs and be a crow". He told her he was quite happy being a macaw. She then told him "fine, but you owe me cookies". He told her he didn't have any cookies. He then said "you birds are weird". Dawn said "don't you dare!". Felipe claimed "where the hell are all my macaw friends when i need them?" Felipe then asked Purple guy is he was the "shotgun dude" from the island the other day, and if he knew someone named nigel. Purple guy told him he was. Dawn then randomly said "my little sister of f___ing hell is annoying". Nigel left and got his normal name. When he got back, dawn started laughing at him, telling him he couldn't get in her nest for he was to big. Nigel outsmarted her by going underground and just as she was saying "nigel can't get in!!" he got in her nest and said "ha ha ha…..". He then told her "think before you speak idiot". She got mad at him and started trying to kill him, but she couldn't for he had gone into a rock. Nigel then smiled and purple guy said "….." Nigel asked him "can i not smile now…?". Dawn then started yelling "Nigels a f___ing hacker!"     but nigel told her he wasn't. She told him to get out, but he told her "I'm not stupid you know..". Purple guy then told the two "don't fight or I'm going to kill myself." he told dawn "dont speek like this.. you want to be a family crow right?" Nigel then went on about the rock glitch claiming "if you were nicer i would have taught you, but noooooo". Purple guy then asked "why does everyone speak like this?" Nigel told him "this is Flab3 language, live with it".  Dawn then started begging Purple to kill nigel, but Nigel told him not to claiming "i'll just come back, its not worth it really…" Purple guy then decided to try and kill Nigel but couldn't. Dawn then randomly left, Nigel claimed "peace and quiet!!!!!".    

After dawn got back the two managed to kill nigel, and she told purple guy to go to island 3, but just as she was saying that Nigel came back. Nigel was a swan and went underground before they could kill him, he said "yes!!! come n get me!!!! hahahahahahah!" Purple guy, obviously not knowing about the glitch, said "where the f__ is nigel?" Nigel told him "I'm in the mountain, in my secret hide out" Dawn then tried to get Purple to go to Island 3, but he didn't go. Nigel thought purple didn't see what she said, and told him "she just went to island 5!" but he told nigel "you don't lie.. right?" Nigel said "aw… didn't work.." Dawn then came back and got Purpleguy to go to island 3 finally, but Nigel beat them two it mocking them when he got there claiming "ahahahahhaha i beat both of u morons!" Purple guy told them "Nigel pls stop it, u and dawn really want me to kill myself huh?" Nigel claimed "this is what you get for messing with me!". Purple told Nigel "you don't really know who i am! he then went on saying " im just a stupid criminal all my life since i was 12 and now I'm 16" While he was saying this Dawn got underground and tried to kill nigel but couldn't, because of the glitch. Nigel mocked her for this saying "ello dawn, nice day down here aint it?" Dawn then tried to make nigel go up on a rock where she could poo on him, but he didn't fal for it. He then left claiming "you two are lucky I'm leaving". 


march 30 

Levi, Eren, Ultra, Polar, senpai, gamerz, Jeff, Ash, Dawn, Korra, 

nigel had been using the name "kerja" and was spying on people because he had nothing better to do, or so he claimed. He had been at industry 7 where there were two people acting similar to Levi and Eren. there names were Crounus and Kankri . After demanding and getting no answers on who they were, he left. 

Nigel then went Indutry 5 and met some birds name "polar and "ultra speedy". Nigel started asking them who they were saying "polar, north pole? no?"(north pole is someone he knew). After talking to them for a few minutes, he left. 

Nigel was later at Cityscape 7 with his spy name and got in an argument with gamers over the :/ face. 

Nigel then headed to SNowcape 7 after following Ultra an Polar, for they had mentioned senpai, someone nigel had seen before. He used his spy name again and waited there to see what they would say. He left eventually. 

 Nigel then went to cityscape 7 with his normal name and he said hi to everyone. only jeffiline said hi, so after a few seconds he said "i am not here, i guess?" Gamerz said "fighter, did you hear something?" Nigel started yelling at them claiming "SAY HI ATLEAST PEOPLE! I MEAN COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " gamers said "i think i heard a squeak!" Nigel got mad and left claiming "i hate you people" "hate" then left claiming "HATE". 

he then headed to snowscape 7 and met Polar and Ultra again. Someone named Ash was there, and at first he thought it was ace bandit but it turned out to be a she. He kept asking who she was but ultra told him it wasn't any of his business. Ultra then claimed "you don't know who i am!" but nigel told him "oh well, i gtg" oh, and your senpai? i have my ways ;)  by by birdies" 

 He then left and headed to Hillscape 5 where he met dawn again. she was with someone with Korra and was making a nest. Nigel, still with the name Kerja, asked her if she was the Dawn he met the other day. She wouldn't answer so he started killing her claiming "run little eagle!" Korra fled to Hilscape 4 but Nigel followed calming "i beat you :) " when he got there. Korra told him "I'm sorry please don't hurt me" and Nigel claimed "give me one reason not to!" just as he was saying this Gamerz randomly showed up. Nigel claimed "oh, hi gamers…. i was just, er.. having fun?" Gamerz asked who he/she was and Nigel told him it was him. He told Gamerz "i was just havin fun with these birdies" Gamerz said "you said you are a girl back at city 7?? and, that name….0_0 ." Nigel claimed "well, i had to pick a name people wouldn't suspect"(he had done this before with the name joy which gamers knew about). He then asked Gamerz what the deal was with the face thing back at city7 but gamers said it was aimed at him. they then went to city 7, gamers promised not to tell anyone about him using the name. At city 7 ultraspeedy  fighter jeff and cutthroat where all there. they were all poo fighting so Nigel joined in. gamers told everyone to leave him alone for he was innocent but people kept pooping on him. Nigel told him "we all know what you did!". gamers aced what but nigel only smiled at him. He then had to leave.  


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